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"See you on the other side."
—Clementine to AJ.[src]

Clementine, affectionately nicknamed Clem by many of her companions, is the protagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead video game series. She is the deuteragonist of Season One and Season Three, and the protagonist of Season Two and Season Four. A mature, kind, and polite girl, she acts as the moral compass of the group, and tries her best to maintain the humanity of the group in a post-apocalyptic world. After losing the people closest to her, Clementine becomes hardened and more mature in her outlook, but still bravely overcomes the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world head-on and tries her best to maintain some of her previous faith in humanity, hanging on to what Lee taught her and her own values. As time goes on, however, Clementine develops more brash and forceful traits, distrusting others and doing whatever it takes to stay alive. She holds a firm belief that nothing good will come out of being in group anymore, and regularly stays by herself. Now a matured late teen, Clementine is a far more independent individual, making her own choices based on her own beliefs and values.


For a little girl, Clementine displays remarkable intelligence and maturity, presumably due to the seriousness of the environment. When she last attended school, Clementine was in the first grade, which she described as "easy". She is able to be practical and improvise in situations such as helping Lee brace the door with his father's cane when the walkers close in on the drug store. She also picks up on subtle things most children her age would not be bothered by. For example, when Ben was interrogated by Lilly after Lee brought him and his teacher/friend to the motor inn, she quickly drags him away from the argument before he could get pulled in, saving the boy any trouble.

Because of her intelligence, Clementine is a fast learner, quickly adapting to the zombie-infested world. On the train ride to Savannah, Clementine practices marksmanship with help from Lee. Later, in Season Two, Jane taught her how to quickly (and quietly) kill zombies, then loot the bodies for supplies.

Compared to Duck's more oblivious attitude, Clementine is much more aware of the current events going on in the group, such as the power struggle between Lilly and Kenny. As of "Starved For Help", Clementine reveals to Lee that she is aware that her parents are "gone," (Determinant) stating that she'd rather have him lie to her because it is more comforting to hear. (Determinant)

She is also a very kind-hearted and polite girl, as she displays adequate manners when talking to adults. Clementine is not a conformist and is not afraid to speak her mind, believing that everyone should do their best to be a good Samaritan unless threatened otherwise. Evidently, she disagrees with the group's choice of looting a station wagon full of rations left behind by survivors, claiming that the owners may return for their supplies.

However, despite her maturity, Clementine is still relatively innocent in the way children are. For example in "Long Road Ahead", Clementine admits to putting a bug on Duck's pillow and in "Starved For Help" while Katjaa is taking care of Maybelle, she tells Lee not to lick the salt lick and that it's "gross". Lee will ask Clementine, "Did you lick it?" who will reply with, "I don't know." Her view towards how society should react in a zombie apocalypse is often more idealistic than realistic, which can affect her understanding towards a particular event. Another demonstration of her innocence is her lack of understanding about sex; when Bonnie, Mike, and Luke are discussing Luke having sex with Jane, Clementine is given the option to mention she believes she's aware of the topic and assumes they only kissed, and she finds the concept disgusting. A third example is her lack of understanding towards what a period is, though this could also be due to her being very young when her parents died and the apocalypse started, and thus not having a consistent person in her life to inform her of what a period is. Javi can try to (rather awkwardly) explain this to her or tell her to ask Kate, but she is still confused about it.

Even if not agreeing on Lee's choices, or on the way he responds to her, Clementine still sees him as a father figure, trusting him to protect her no matter what happens. It is even possible to see traits on her that resemble what Lee has taught her, not only about survival, but also the way to act towards people. Both having and losing Lee was an essential part of Clementine's maturity.

After seeing her un-dead parents, being forced to either shoot Lee or leave him to turn, and after Omid is shot and killed, Clementine loses most remnants of her childlike innocence. Over a year later, these events have clearly changed her. She no longer holds an idealistic or hopeful view of the world, and instead strives only to stay alive. She's much more ready, willing, and able to defend herself from any attackers and to kill if necessary, though her young age means she has to heavily rely on resourcefulness rather than strength. If the player so chooses, she can also be cold and aggressive to people who do her wrong, even going so far as to resort to blackmail or to agree on killing someone who has deserved it in her eyes. On the other hand, she can also attempt to appeal to the better nature of people, showing that she still has at least some of her previous faith in humanity intact. 

Clementine's maturity is something that can be perceived from her by other characters, as it's possible to see when Rebecca and Sarita ask her for advice, and even the way Walter talks to her, considering her mature enough, for a child, to understand the way life in the apocalypse is. During Season Two, Clementine seems to be more like Lee on occasion, as she is far more blunt and makes humorous remarks at the expense of others. An example of this is when Luke tells her that when he was a kid he and his friends used to jump across rooftops to which Clementine bluntly replies "That sounds stupid". Another is how she reminds Luke of how she took out a walker herself after he and his group locked her in their shed. Season Two shows that Clementine has found an ability to effectively dodge walkers even at a moments notice. 

By the time Clementine had left the New Frontier, she had become much colder and aloof towards others. She no longer travels in groups as she believes that it is inevitable that members will eventually die and the bonds that you make with them will only hurt you further, mirroring Jane's perspective on the subject. Clementine has become much more hardened as a survivor, showing little compunction in harming or dealing with people mercilessly. Despite her cold exterior, she is still capable of showing her prior self to people she has warmed up to such as Javier. She also maintained some of her innocence, such as when she was going through her period, she didn't know what was happening to her, and became slightly afraid before being calmed down by Javier. After the rebuild of Richmond, Clementine went away to find Alvin Jr. after she waited so long for this, showing that his well being is more important than anything else in Clem's mind.


Suburban Georgia

Clementine comes from a loving family with her father Ed and mother Diana. She used to own a pet hamster before the outbreak occurred when one night it escaped it's cage door. The next morning she and her family had found it, but the hamster had already eaten half a box of cookies. When Lee asks Clementine in "A New Day" if she has any food allergies, Clementine brings up the fact that her friend Alfred was allergic to peanuts. She was in the first grade, which she considered to be easy despite her age. She's smart and can hold her own if necessary- known to spend hours building elaborate make-believe tales in her tree house and reading books rather than watch cartoons or play with dolls (however, she determinately mentions to herself in "No Going Back" that she misses watching television). She also played soccer, but admits that she didn't like it. When she went with Lee into the Crawford school, (Determinant) Clementine is seen sitting at one of the desks and tells Lee that she misses going to school, (Determinant) but in "No Going Back", she tells Lee in her dream that she doesn't like math. In Season Two, Clementine also tells Sarah that she likes books. (Determinant) Sometime before the outbreak, her parents left for a trip to Savannah and left Clementine with a babysitter named Sandra. Clementine and Sandra used to play a game where they were "secret sisters." The two discovered a raccoon up on the tree house one day and Clementine asked Sandra to tape the whole thing, as Clementine's parents call. In the conversation Diana tells Clementine to be nice to Sandra, while Ed tells her not to get the hat that he let Clementine borrow get dirty. After that conversation, Clementine says that she is looking forward to seeing both of her parents soon.

In "A New Day", while on Hershel's farm, Clementine will tell Katjaa that she has a pet goldfish named "Peanut". She also tells Lee in "Around Every Corner" that she also had a hamster.


Season 1

"A New Day"

When the plague began, Clementine gathered food and went to hide in her treehouse (possibly on Sandra's orders) and remained there for days. Two nights before her actual appearance, Sandra climbed down to possibly seek help or use the phone but was attacked by a walker. Clementine remained in hiding and saw many walkers being shot at and reanimating. Clementine first appears in the game after hearing Lee Everett shoot the head off of a zombified police officer and deciding to investigate. When Lee tells her to go and get help, walkers arrive and Clementine, obviously afraid, runs back to her hiding spot. She is later in a tree house hiding from the walkers and where she had been hiding for a few days. Sandra, her babysitter, was apparently not so lucky, as Clementine mentioned that she had heard Sandra screaming a couple nights after her taking sanctuary in the tree house. Sometime shortly after, a man arrived and attempted to break into Clementine's house, so he could steal their TV, but walkers scared him away. She was later found by Lee Everett while he was wandering through her house in search of help. She thought about dropping a hammer on his head, in case he had bad intentions, like the previous man. After helping him fight off Sandra, now a walker, he begins to realize her parents may not have made it and decides to look after her. Lee begins to feel affection and concern for the young Clementine.

After leaving the house, they encounter Shawn Greene and Chet or Andre in the street, depending on whether Lee decides to look for help at night or during the day. Shawn mistakes Clementine as Lee's daughter, to which Lee gives Shawn an explanation on how he knows her. Shawn then takes Lee and Clementine to his father's farm. When Shawn tells his father, Hershel, Lee's story, Hershel asks Clementine if she knows who Lee is, to which Clementine responds with yes. The next morning, Clementine and Lee meet Kenny and his wife, Katjaa, along with their son, Duck. Clementine was befriended by Katjaa almost immediately, with her acting like a motherly figure for Clementine. Clementine also witnesses the walker attack that kills Shawn, which causes Hershel Greene to kick the group off his farm as he blames Kenny and possibly Lee for not saving his son. Kenny's family offers to take Lee and Clementine to Macon, Lee's hometown, to which Lee accepts.

The group's pickup truck runs out of gas shortly after arriving in downtown Macon. As they were exploring the streets, they were almost immediately advanced upon by walkers. The group was saved by the intervention of Glenn and Carley, who led them into a nearby drug store owned by Lee's parents. As soon as they met the rest of the group who had holed up in the store, including Doug, Lilly, and her father, Larry. As the adults argue over the fate of Duck, whom Larry believed was bitten, Clementine informs Lee she needs to use the restroom. Lee tells her to just go use the one in the store, but as she opens the door, she is attacked by a walker that had been undetected by the group. Clementine is grabbed, but Lee saves her and in turn is saved by Carley, who shoots the walker.

Clementine was then charged with the task of keeping in contact with Glenn over her walkie-talkie while he retrieved gasoline for Kenny's pickup truck at a nearby motel. While the group waited and attempted to find a way into the pharmacy to obtain nitroglycerin tablets for Larry's heart condition, Clementine helped Lee search the office and asked him about himself and his family. She also asks about the cane Lee finds while clearing the office, to which he responds it was his dad's, and that it was "better at protecting this place than any guard dog." Clementine is also present when Carley approaches Lee and tells him she is knowledgeable about his past. Clementine asks Lee about this later, wanting to know if he is "a bad man."

After the pharmacy's alarm prompted a large scale walker attack, Clementine assists Lee in blocking the doors by retrieving his father's cane and handing it to him, after which he slides it through the handles. She also witnesses either Carley or Doug being devoured by the walkers after Lee chooses who to save. She is tripped and grabbed by another walker as they escape, but Lee saves her a second time.

Later, as the survivors regroup in a motor inn, Clementine expresses her distress to Lee over having broken her walkie-talkie when she fell, which she had used to talk to her parents. She promises she will try to stay strong.

"Starved For Help"

Clementine is seen at the Motor Inn when Lee returns with his hunting party. Sometime earlier, Clementine had lost the hat that her dad had given her and asks Lee if he can find it. Clementine still keeps the walkie-talkie with her even though it is broken, which she admits she only uses to hold make-believe conversations with her parents to make her feel better. When Lee is dividing the rations, he has the option to give some of the food to Clementine. After being taken to the dairy with Lee and the other survivors, she is seen playing on the swing with Duck and Kenny. Lee will have a couple chances to talk to Clementine while on the dairy where he can either be direct with her or give her reassuring answers. When Mark is attacked and impaled in the back by the bandits, Lee comments on Mark being lucky and Clementine tells Lee she wants him to stay lucky as well. Lee will also retrieve Clementine's hat from Jolene's camp, to which Clementine will be overjoyed.

If Lee is fast enough when he discovers the St. Johns' true nature, he can stop Clementine from eating Mark's leg (which she believes is just some type of animal meat). If Lee is too slow, she is seen to be in distress about what she has done. After Lee is knocked unconscious, Clementine is one of the survivors locked in the meat locker. There, she witnesses Larry either being killed by Lee and Kenny or just Kenny, which causes her to break down momentarily. Clementine helps them escape by climbing through an air vent and opening the meat locker's door from the back of the barn. Clementine escapes the dairy with the other survivors after Lee and the other survivors deal with the St. John's.

Clementine shows distress after their escape if Lee had chosen to kill either of the St. John brothers or decided to assist Kenny with killing Larry. When the group finds an abandoned car, Clementine makes it clear she doesn't want to steal from the car because she fears that its owners may return. If Lee chooses to loot the car, she will show distaste at his decision, but Lee can give her a hoodie and convinces her that it is alright to take it. If Lee chooses to not loot the car, she will hold Lee's hand and deny Katjaa when she offers her the hoodie. Clementine is shown to respect this decision while they stand by and watch the others taking the supplies. However, she will accept some batteries given to her by Doug/Carley, and use them for her walkie-talkie.

"Long Road Ahead"

After Lee and Kenny return from gathering supplies, Clementine runs up to him, happy to see he made it back. He tells her that he'll catch up to her in a minute and goes into Lilly's room. While Lee is in Lilly's room, Clementine is forming a leaf rubbing on some paper near the staircase. After Lee comes back out after being informed about the stolen supplies, he asks Clementine if she broke a flashlight. She asks if Duck accused her of doing it because he is always accusing her of things (like putting a bug on his pillow, to which she actually admits she was guilty). When Lee finds the shattered glass from the flashlight, he discovers a pink chalk X on a wall and questions her if she is in possession of any pink chalk. She told him she didn't know where it went as it had went missing.

When Lee discovered the stolen supplies and presented them to Lilly, Clementine and the others (minus Lee and Lilly) were gathered together by the bandits. Once Lilly shoots the leader, the group scatters. As more bandits arrive and begin shooting at the group, she takes cover behind a barricade with Duck and Katjaa. When Lee clears the area of bandits, she runs up to Lee hugging him for comfort before running into the RV. Once the motel is overrun, the whole group escapes in the RV.

While on the road, Lilly begins arguing with Ben and Carley/Doug about them stealing the group's supplies. When Kenny hits a walker, everyone but Duck and Katjaa are outside the RV discussing what to do about the traitor. Clementine is watching the argument from the doorway. Once the walker under the RV had been dealt with, Lilly shoots Carley (intentional)/Doug (accidental) in the head, and can either be left behind or tied up and allowed back in the RV. Once back on the RV, Lee is shown that Duck has been bitten while escaping the motel and he informs Clementine, who says that she doesn't feel good. The two share a close moment together. Lee then has a nightmare about Clementine reanimating and attempting to eat him.

When the road is blocked by a train, the group departs the RV and Lee and Ben investigate, while Clementine is resting with Kenny and his family. When Ben unlocks the train's breaks, Ben goes out to keep an eye on Clementine, Duck, and Katjaa. While Lee is getting the train started, she encounters Chuck, who gives the kids (plus Ben) candy. Once the train is ready, the group heads out along the tracks until Duck spits up some blood and Lee gets Kenny to stop the train. Duck is taken into the woods so that he can be put out of his misery and so Clementine doesn't have to see. Lee explains what is going on and goes into the woods after hearing a gunshot.

While Lee was in the woods, Chuck informed Clementine that she would soon meet the same fate that Duck did. When Lee is informed of this statement, he is angered and storms out to confront Chuck. When Lee returns after Chuck explained himself, he tells Clementine that Chuck had some good points and teaches her how to shoot a pistol, also giving her a haircut so that she is harder to grab by walkers. Lee discovered a map of Savannah in the front of the train and they make a plan of action for when they get to Savannah.

The train is forced to stop again, as the path is blocked by a gas tanker, hanging over a bridge. There are two people arguing on top of the bridge. When Lee climbs up, they introduce themselves as Christa and Omid. When Omid sees Clementine, he is excited and shocked, as he hasn't seen a child in a while.

Clementine will gain a good relationship with both Christa and Chuck. She helps Lee as they are searching the train depot. While they are searching, they are taken by surprise as several walkers emerge from the dark. Luckily, Lee kills them, and also finds a blowtorch to eliminate the overhanging tanker.

Later, when the train gets moving again, Clementine is seen in the engine room of the train sleeping in a chair. Lee then finds Clementine's drawing of Kenny and his family, smiling to himself. Suddenly, Clementine's walkie-talkie activates and a man speaks, saying that he has her parents and she should find him as soon as possible, with or without Lee's consent.

"Around Every Corner"

Clementine arrives in Savannah along with Lee, Kenny, Omid, Christa, Chuck, and Ben. Lee has taken her talkie because of the man she has been speaking to. She asks him if she can just hold it for a little while. Lee will say no but how he presents this to her is up to the player. Soon the group hears a church bell going off which attracts the walkers to the group, causing them all to scatter. Clementine and Ben are cornered against a wall and Lee orders Ben to protect her, but he flees instead, angering Lee and frightening Clementine. Lee shoots the approaching walkers to protect her. As one is about to grab her, Chuck kills it with his shovel, allowing the group to escape into a mansion nearby.

The mansion is locked down tight and Lee attempts to find a way inside. He notices that the doggie-door is locked and the dog's collar remote activates the lock, and is needed to unlock the door. Lee begins to dig up the dog's grave, presuming that the dog was buried with his collar. Clementine will ask what's buried there and Lee's response will either hurt her, or she witnesses the decomposing dog and gets sad. When Lee uncovers the collar and unlocks the doggie-door, Clementine crawls inside and opens the door for the group so they can enter and is either praised or chastised by Lee. Clementine is sitting by Christa and Omid while Lee searches the first floor to make sure it's safe. After Lee goes upstairs to assist Kenny, she notices Lee reburying the dog, along with the boy who used to live in the house, and goes back inside with the others. Lee and Kenny travel deeper into the city towards the docks to find a boat for the group, and Clementine is left in Ben's care. At some point, Omid's leg takes a turn for the worse, and Christa calls for Ben's help and Clementine sets off alone to find Lee and Kenny.

Clementine comes just in time to save Lee from being killed by a woman named Molly, or vice versa. When Molly notices Clementine, she realizes that Lee and Kenny aren't from Crawford as there are no children allowed anymore. After learning about Crawford's philosophy, walkers begin to advance towards the group and Molly flees into a nearby alleyway. Clementine yells for Molly's help and is hoisted up to Molly, where she is safe from the walkers. Lee can't get up the fire escape and is forced to go through the sewer as Clementine yells to him, worried. Lee yells back to go back to the house where he'll meet her. Molly manages to get Clementine and Kenny safely back to the mansion.

Once Lee finds his way back to the mansion with Vernon's help, she is nowhere to be found. Lee ends up finding her in a shed in the backyard. Clementine is overjoyed to see him again and shows him a boat she discovered in the shed that they can use. Later, Kenny informs the group that all the boat needs is some gasoline and a battery and it will be ready for the water. The group ends up deciding to look for what they need in Crawford as that's where all of the living survivors of Savannah are. Clementine asks if she can come too because she believes that's where her parents are. Lee can either say yes or no.

In-Game Decision

If Lee says no, she will pout and go back upstairs to her room. She will be outside to see the group off and asks Lee what she should do if something happens to Omid while they are gone. Lee will either tell her to hide or give her a gun to protect herself and the mansion. While gone, a walker forces itself into the house and attempted to get upstairs, but she was able to stop it by either trapping it behind the double doors on the first floor or shoot it, depending on if Lee gave her the gun or not. She will run downstairs, excited to see Lee made it back. She'll ask him about her parents. She will also ask where Molly is (if Molly was left behind). Soon after, the group will check on Omid and notice that he is fine once he wakes up. Depending on Lee's choice to save Ben or not, Omid will either say he looks worse than him (rescued) or ask where he is (didn't rescue). If Ben was rescued by Lee, when Clementine is back in her room, she'll mention that Ben is different than he was before he left. If Ben was killed, Kenny will reveal what happened and Clementine will look at Lee in horror and run to her room. When Lee goes to Clementine's room, she'll ask what Kenny meant by "he did what he had to do". Lee can either change the subject, say he was a danger to the group, say that he didn't want to be saved, or say nothing.

If Lee lets her come with the group, she will be with the group as they search the school in Crawford where the supplies are held. The group splits into four groups of two, Kenny and Brie will search for gasoline, Christa and Vernon will search for the medication, Lee and Molly will search for the battery, and Clementine and Ben will be left in the classroom where they will all meet up later as a rendezvous point. Clementine is upset that she is being left with Ben, but Lee tells her that he's "leaving Ben with her". After all of the supplies are collected, Molly is attacked by a couple of walkers after Ben's foolishness with pulling out the axe from the door handles. One walker gets in a struggle with Molly, and Lee is offered a chance to shoot it. If Lee misses or does nothing, Clementine shoots it in the head, killing her first walker. Molly tells her, "Nice shot, kid" as Lee, Ben, Molly, and Clementine race back to the classroom to escape the walkers that have entered the school. If Clementine was not brought to the school, and Lee does not shoot the walker, he abandons Molly, leaving her fate unknown.

Once all of the supplies are scavenged, Lee informs the group that walkers are coming and Ben says that it was all his fault and admits that it was his fault that Duck and Katjaa are dead. Kenny attempts to attack Ben, but is held back by Lee and Vernon. Kenny wants Ben out of the group, and Christa agrees. Clementine will ask if she gets a say as well. If Lee says no, she is upset by this. If Lee says yes, she says that Ben is nice, and he is her friend and they don't leave friends behind. Christa is moved by this, and abstains. Lee's vote is determined by the player. If Lee abstains or vote against Ben she is upset with the decision. If Lee votes with Clementine, she is delighted by his choice. Walkers burst through the door and devour Brie. The group escapes up the bell tower and everyone but Lee and Ben depart down a ladder outside. Lee will either save Ben's life or let him fall to his death (which is what Ben wishes).

Clementine will ask if they'll have time to find her parents before going off on the boat. Lee can either be honest with her or lie to her. Regardless of how Lee answers she will begin crying and he can either comfort her, tell her to get over it, or do nothing. Lee rests on the couch near her to watch her, and gives her back the walkie-talkie as a sign of trust and as an apology. Lee then falls asleep, and Clementine disappears with her talkie.

The next morning, Lee wakes up to find Clementine missing. He discovers her hat in the backyard and her walkie-talkie on the sidewalk outside. When reaching for the walkie-talkie, he is bitten by a concealed walker. He kills it, but is grows distressed over Clementine being missing and his now sealed fate. Depending on his prior choices, Lee can have assistance in looking for Clementine (to get Kenny to come, Lee has to either have been very loyal to Kenny, OR respond by telling Kenny that Clementine is his family when asking him for help, or if Lee took care of Duck and Katjaa. To get Christa and Omid to come, Lee must either reveal his bite or have left Clementine with a gun to guard Omid at the house and being respectful to them. To get Ben to come, he must be alive and either Lee was supportive of Ben or mention Clementine that Clementine stood up for him in Crawford. To go alone, Lee has to hide his bite and say that he needs to do this on his own [or not meet the above requirements]). Lee, and possibly others, will depart to Vernon's sewer morgue to find her, believing she was kidnapped by him. Her voice is then heard on the talkie, distressed, and followed by the mystery man who reveals that she is safe and advises Lee to choose his next words very carefully. 

"No Time Left"

Having been kidnapped by the stranger because he thought Lee was "dangerous", she is revealed to have been held in a hotel room by him when Lee arrives. Lee walks in curiously, only to have the stranger appear behind him with a pistol drawn. Though Clementine calls out, hearing the commotion outside her room, the stranger puts the gun to Lee, forcing him to be quiet and abandon his possessions. Using another walkie-talkie, he reveals to have been monitoring Lee and his group since right after the events of "Starved For Help" and has been told much about Lee from Clementine, depending on the decisions that Lee made he confronts Lee about his many difficult choices, from saving Carley or Doug, to going to the St. John's Dairy with Clementine. He also says, "I bet you don't even know how old she is." Lee answers with eight, but the stranger reveals that Clementine's birthday had passed six days before, making her current age nine. In the end, the stranger tells Lee that he will take Clementine and "hurt [Lee], so bad." While he begins talking to his wife's severed head he keeps in a bowling bag, which is shown to be reanimated, Clementine escapes from the room and, using one of several objects Lee laid on a table at Lee's order, sneaks up and attacks him just as he says "she wouldn't hurt a fly." She can also not be directed to use anything, in which case she will simply punch the stranger in the back of the head.

Lee and the stranger begin a fierce brawl, each trying to get the gun which is knocked around the room. In the ensuing fight, Lee can either kill or spare the stranger, and if he kills him, has a choice of shooting him to prevent reanimation or not. If Lee spares him, the stranger attacks him again, though Clementine shoots him in the head before he could strangle Lee. Lee and Clementine reunite, and Clementine apologizes several times for having trusted the stranger like she did. Just as they leave, a walker appears at the door. However, it ignores Lee, going for Clementine instead, despite Lee standing directly in front of it. Lee shoots it before it could get past him. Realizing from a comment by Clementine about the blood on him that the walker was confused by his scent, he takes the guts from the walker and rubs it on Clementine in order to mask her scent as well.

The two initially manage to wade through the walkers outside on the street well, until Clementine sees her parents, Ed and Diana, who are now walkers. Saddened and terrified, Lee tries to calm her, but he passes out once more. Waking up in what appears to be a store of some kind, Clementine had taken Lee there for safety. They find a zombified security guard trapped in an office where an emergency exit lays. Depending on the next few player actions, Lee, on the brink of death now from the bite, whether he amputated his arm or not, tells her to restrain either him or the zombified guard to a nearby radiator in order to keep one from attacking her. After this Clementine attempts to take either his gun or keys based on Lee's decision. Then the walker attacks her. She ends up killing it with Lee's help, and with the gun and in tears, she begs Lee not to become one of them, though she states she does not think she can bring herself to kill him. Lee can tell her to avoid cities, go with Omid and Christa, or remain on her own, and it is said Clementine will remember his advice. They say their final goodbyes in one final, emotional moment, and Lee, with a great amount of sadness, can either have a breaking-down Clementine shoot him or leave him to reanimate. Either way, he closes his eyes, and dies painlessly and quickly.

After the credits roll, a tearful Clementine is seen walking in the rural hills near Savannah. She sits down to rest near an abandoned car. While inspecting some shotgun shell casings off the ground, Clementine looks up and observes two human-like silhouetted figures in the distance. She looks at them for a while, unsure of what action to take, until the two figures stop moving and look towards Clementine. The episode then ends, teasing once more to future installments.

Season 2

"All That Remains"

Several months after the events of "No Time Left", Clementine is seen traveling with Omid and a pregnant Christa, revealing they were the two figures that Clementine saw. Stopping at a public restroom next to Gil's Pit stop, the trio discuss the name of Christa's unborn child before the deciding to clean up. After entering the women's restroom alone and verifying that it was free of threats, Clementine begins to wash her face with a cloth and water from her plastic bottle but accidentally drops it under a stall door. She enters the stall to retrieve it, only to hear someone coming in. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine hides in the stall as the unknown person, Michelle retrieves the weapon. However, Clementine accidentally makes a noise, causing Michelle to coax her out at gunpoint and demand that Clementine hand over her possessions. Suddenly, Omid enters the room and, understanding the situation, begins to slowly move towards Michelle intending to apprehend take her weapon to stop Michelle. However, the restroom door shuts noisily, startling Michelle and causing her to shoot Omid in the chest out of reflex and killing him instantly. Christa then bursts in and kills Michelle with a shot to the abdomen before cradling Omid's body and visibly noticing the fact that Michelle had used Clementine's gun.

The scene then cuts to sixteen months later, where Clementine and Christa (who appears to have lost her baby) are seen sitting around a campfire in an attempt at cooking a weasel they caught and killed earlier on. They had made their way to North Carolina, and evidently in a solemn mood with plans to head towards Wellington where Christa believes it may be safer. Soon Christa heads off to look for more firewood, whilst Clementine is left to the fire. Searching through her backpack, she finds the other half of the Everett Family photo of Lee that he had torn off in "A New Day" and looks upon it sadly, before finding her old drawing of Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck from "Long Road Ahead", and also looking upon it with a solemn attitude, before eventually finding a lighter which she uses to tend to the fire. After fueling it with either a nearby log, the drawing of Kenny's family, or her picture of Lee, Clementine hears a noise not far from the camp and finds Christa being held at gunpoint by three bandits, who demand to know whether or not there is anyone with her. Given the option of either sneaking away or throwing a rock at Winston (one of the bandits) in order to distract them, Winston chases after Clementine and attempts to restrain her, though she is able to break free by pushing Winston into the reach of a nearby walker, which then grabs and eventually kills him whilst Clementine is approached by several other walkers which emerge from the woods. Backing away in fear, Clementine falls into a nearby river and is taken downstream by the current until she passes out.

The next day she wakes up on the banks of the river, and after a brief trek through the woods she encounters a dog named Sam, alongside an abandoned campsite which presumably had once belonged to Sam's owners. After a brief search around the area, Sam begins to bark at a walker tied to a tree with a knife sticking out of its arm. After Clementine remembers some words Lee told her before his demise, she beats it with a large branch and retrieves the knife which is still sharp. There is also a trash can and, after searching it, Clementine finds a can of beans. She then uses the knife to pry open the can, and in doing so, Sam will begin to beg. After a choice to feed him or not, Sam will attack Clementine, biting her on the arm. Clementine grabs her knife and stabs ( or punches, depending on the player's choice ) Sam multiple times until she successfully kicks him where he is pierced by a metal frame in his hind leg, and another through his stomach. Clementine has the choice of killing him or leaving him to die.

Clementine eventually heads off with a severely wounded arm and ends up almost passing out from exhaustion in the woods, only to realize that she's surrounded by several walkers. Attempting to flee, she is almost overwhelmed by a walker only to be saved by Luke and Pete, who begin to carry her off. However, Luke suddenly notices the wound on Clementine's arm and, initially assuming it to be a walker bite, begins to discuss with Pete over what to do, only for Clementine to tell them that it was a dog bite. Still skeptical, Luke and Pete continue arguing before Pete eventually decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and take her to their cabin, where she can be seen to by their doctor. Again exhausted and wounded, Clementine passes out and eventually stirs from consciousness only to wake up as several other people argue over what to do with Clementine fearing she could be in league with an individual named Carver. Noticing someone with an uncanny resemblance to Kenny, Clementine is initially surprised and causes the individual, revealed to be Nick, to become startled and accidentally fire off his gun close to Clementine's proximity. After further arguing between the group and herself over the origin of her wound, Clementine is examined by Carlos who is still unable to determine whether or not she was bitten by a walker.

Ultimately the group decide to temporarily hold Clementine in the shed until the following day so they can see whether or not she will develop the fever usually associated with infection, despite Clementine's requests for her wound to be treated before it worsens. Deciding to find the supplies to treat herself, Clementine uses a hammer to break away a board blocking off a hole that leads outside of the shed and is able to sneak into the cabin through a gap beneath the patio and making her way inside via a trap door. Given the opportunity to eavesdrop on the group's meeting, she finds them still unable to decide over what to do with her and heads upstairs to acquire the necessary resources from the various rooms, including a roll of rags from the main bedroom to serve as a makeshift bandage. Whilst in the bathroom, she is able to acquire a needle but is forced to hide after hearing someone approaching, and notices Rebecca in a visibly distressed state, worriedly talking to herself about the identity of her baby before leaving. Clementine then heads into the other bedroom, only to notice that Sarah is inside and has discovered her. Despite this, she willingly offers her help to Clementine and displays a friendly interest in her, curious as to whether or not she is her friend. Regardless, she offers a bottle of peroxide normally used by her Dad to treat her when she's cut to Clementine and asks that she doesn't tell anyone that she helped her.

Heading back to the shed, Clementine painfully disinfects her wound with the peroxide before using the needle and some fishing wire to suture her wound shut, only to accidentally drop the roll of rags near the hole in the wall. Reaching down to grab it, she is suddenly attacked by a walker which had been attracted by her cries of pain and grabs her by the foot, breaking its way through the hole in the process. Climbing atop her, the walker attempts to bite Clementine (in a similar manner that Sandra had attempted to bite Lee in "A New Day", it should be noted) but is knocked back after Clementine hits it with a brick, before she is able to use a rake to push it back and impale it onto a nearby anchor. Before it is able to pull itself free, Clementine quickly grabs the hammer and begins to bludgeon the walker over the head with it, again shadowing Lee's killing of Sandra in the previous season, just as the others burst into the shed after hearing the noise.

After briefly arguing among themselves, Clementine is allowed into the cabin with them where her wound is examined and bandaged by Carlos and she is offered some food by Luke, who appears to have changed his previously skeptical attitude towards her. The two make conversation, where Clementine is given the opportunity to confide in him about her past and mention Lee, including the lessons he passed onto her. Nick soon enters the room to apologize to Clementine for his earlier outburst against her, and if prompted it is revealed by Luke that Nick's mother had been previously killed by a bite victim they had allowed into the group. Rebecca also turns up and warns that Clementine shouldn't get too comfortable around the group.

The following day, Clementine and Pete are seen out in the woods on a fishing trip where Pete talks about Nick's childhood. Nick soon catches up with them and displays annoyance at one particular story being told, though Clementine can attempt to defuse the situation. Arriving at the river, they are met with the sight of several fresh corpses scattered across the banks and Pete briefly mentions that an individual referred as Carver may have been responsible for it, and decides to investigate the scene for any clues as to who is responsible for it. Whilst searching, Clementine discovers her backpack next to one of the bodies and suddenly realizes that the body is still alive, and belongs to one of the bandits who had previously attacked her and Christa. Injured and weak, the bandit asks for water and Clementine is given the option of refusing or granting his request, but before she can question him further a number of walkers begin to emerge from the woods on either side.

Pete is attacked and bitten on the leg, though he claims that he had merely lost his footing whilst at the same time a number of walkers attack Nick. Clementine is forced between saving either of the two; if she saves Pete, Nick will eventually fight off the walkers but will be seen fleeing into the woods, whilst if she saves Nick then Pete will ultimately be killed by the walkers. The episode then ends as Clementine and her companion quickly flee into the woods.

"A House Divided"

Helped Nick: Clementine is in a shed with Nick, both of them are holding the shed doors in order to keep the walkers outside. Nick leaves Clementine holding the door by herself while he looks for something to hold the door close. He then finds a heavy box and braces it against the door. After making sure the walkers won't pass through Clementine has the option of talking with Nick about her previous actions (helping him and letting Pete die). After that, Nick finds a collection of whiskey bottles and offers one to Clementine. She has the option of accepting or refusing it. However, it becomes clear that Nick will not help her. Tired, Clementine rests against the heavy box and eventually falls asleep. 

In the middle of the night Clementine wakes up to Nick throwing the bottles at the wall because of Pete's death. Clementine then tells Nick they have to go. Clementine can decide whether or not to take Nick back to the cabin. If Clementine leaves with Nick, he opens the door and starts drawing the walkers' attention to him in order to give Clementine time to escape. If Clementine tries to get him he will push her telling her to go. Clementine leaves Nick in the shed or fighting the walkers off no matter what you choose.

Helped Pete: Pete and Clementine are inside of a truck with both of its doors closed and locked. As Pete slides to the floor, exhausted, Clementine stares at the bite on his leg. Pete asks Clementine what is she looking at, and tells her it isn't polite to be staring at someone. Clementine can ask about the bite or say nothing about it. Pete then will tell Clementine to give him the bone saw so he can cut off his leg (even if you give it to him, he will be unable to cut off, saying he will die anyway.) Clementine has the option of giving her opinion about what he's about to do. Clementine then explores the place in order to help themselves to get out from their current situation, when Clementine finds a box full of cigarettes. Pete asks her if she could hand him one. Clementine lights the cigarette for him before Pete tells her that they can do nothing more than wait. 

In the middle of the night Clementine wakes up and sees Pete laying on the floor making pained noises. Clementine goes to check on him to see how he's doing. Pete then sits up and tells Clementine that he doesn't feel good, and that he wanted to live. He also says that he wishes he could say goodbye to Nick and asks Clementine if she can promise him that she'll take care of Nick. Then Pete tells Clementine that no one is coming and that she has to go. Clementine can ask Pete if he needs help. If she does he'll say that he's dead no matter what and that it's too late. Clementine tells him that he should come with her at least to say goodbye to Nick. If Pete comes out of the truck with Clementine they'll find themselves surrounded by the walkers. Pete and Clementine try to run, but Pete falls and tells Clementine to go. Regardless of your choices, Clementine will escape leaving Pete behind surrounded and defenseless. 

When Clementine comes back to the cabin she finds Carlos and Rebecca sitting. Carlos will smile after seeing Clementine safe, if he trusts her. Both of them tell Clementine that they had sent Luke and Alvin to look for them. They ask Clementine what happened to them. Clementine tells them that they were attacked and that she was with Nick/Pete afterwards. Rebecca angrily insists into looking for Luke and Alvin and tells Carlos to get the guns. Carlos complies, and just before leaving he asks Clementine if she could watch Sarah. Clementine then makes her way up to Sarah's room. Once Clementine opens the door, Sarah takes a picture of her with a camera. Sarah then asks Clementine if she can take a picture of her (Sarah). Clementine can either refuse or accept depending on your choice. Afterwards, Sarah shows Clementine a gun she found with the camera. Depending on your choice, Clementine can either train Sarah to use the gun or not. If the former is chosen, Clementine will repeat Lee's advice from Long Road Ahead.

Afterwards, Sarah shouts that Luke has come home and runs out of the room. Clementine looks outside and sees a silhouette and eyes it suspiciously. After walking downstairs, Sarah will confirm Clementine's hunch and state that the man is indeed not Luke. Clementine will approach the door and after attempting to lock it or open it, the stranger walks in. He greets Clementine and asks her what her name is. She has the option of refusing, saying Clementine, or saying her name is Carley. The man enters the house examining it, asking Clementine questions like who she is staying with. Then the man introducing himself as George, optional, proceeds to ask Clementine if she has seen seven of his people. Once he explains who they are, Clementine realizes he is talking about Nick, Luke, Alvin, Rebecca, Carlos, Pete, and Sarah. "George" snoops around the cabin, asking about the group Clementine is currently staying with, while trying to avoid some of Clementine's own questions, and after he believes he sees something, "George" goes to check it out. He goes up to Sarah's room where she is hiding under the bed, nearly being caught. Before he leaves, if a picture of Sarah was taken, "George" will discover it on the floor and, realizing she lied to him, tells Clementine not to trust the cabin group and leaves. 

Carlos, Rebecca, Luke and Alvin (and Nick, if not saved in "All That Remains") enter from the kitchen entrance where Clementine and Sarah tell them of what happened with the man. The group believe it was William Carver and he was looking for them. Luke and Carlos tell the group they will have to pack up and leave for the north, to which they hastily prepare for and leave. Along the way, Rebecca apologizes to Clementine for being hostile towards her earlier, and eventually, the group will come across where Clementine last saw Pete/Nick. If Clementine was with Nick, they will find him inside the small cabin, alive and well. If Clementine was with Pete, the group will find his body, stomach torn open and a bullet in his head. The group then continue on their way. The game skips to 5 days later and the group comes across a bridge which Clementine had scouted through her binoculars.

Clementine and Luke go to clear the path on the bridge and proceed to kill a few walkers, with Luke nearly falling off into the river. After nearly crossing, the duo comes across a man with a rifle who proceeds to ask questions. The man lowers his guard believing they are friendly and offers them food, until Nick comes up from behind believing the man was going to kill Clementine and Luke. Despite their efforts to stop Nick, he fatally shoots the man in the neck and they all watch as he falls off the bridge and into the river.

The rest of the group crosses the bridge and Alvin will ask Clementine to search the small lodge for any food for Rebecca, who insists she is fine. After searching the cabin, Clementine comes across a hunting knife which she uses to pry open a chest with canned food and books within it. Alvin will walk in and ask for the food for Rebecca and to keep the knowledge of said food quiet from everyone else. After the conversation is over, everyone notices a small herd of walkers crossing the bridge and they quickly leave for the ski lodge on top of the mountain.

The group reaches the lodge and notice it is somewhat reinforced. After Clementine checks the view in case of any followers, she finds some lights flashing near the forest and the bridge, until she notices that her group is being confronted by another group that came out from the lodge. She goes through the group to find Kenny, still alive, along with his new girlfriend Sarita and his friend Walter. The dispute is instantly settled after they see Clementine and Kenny reuniting.

After catching up with Kenny, helping Sarita and Sarah hang up some Christmas ornaments, talking to Walter about dinner and talking with Rebecca about the baby, dinner will be served where Clementine will pick if she wants to eat with Kenny's group or the cabin group. The group you choose to sit with will begin to talk about the other, specifically Luke, Nick and Kenny. Eventually, Luke and Nick will sit at Kenny's table or Kenny will sit at the cabin's table and they will begin to talk and argue. Clementine has four options to stop the group from fighting, either siding with Kenny by telling Luke to hear him, "...Kenny is my friend!" she yells at Luke, and the arguing stopped. or siding with Luke by telling Kenny to stop, in the same fashion as if Clementine siding with Kenny. "Luke is my friend!" she yells. After it's over, Kenny accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" and gets visually upset. Walter then asks Clementine if she could help him outside.

Walter will begin to speak with Clementine on how he believes the world is still salvageable and speaks of his partner, Matthew. Kenny joins the two in making one last scout around the lodge, and they see a woman peering into the resort. They wonder if she is trustworthy, but Walter ends up giving her a large box of food to help feed her "family." Going back inside, Luke tells Clementine that the man on the bridge was Walter's partner, Matthew, and that she shouldn't tell Nick or Walter. Nick walks up and can discover who the man he killed was, and Luke takes him away to have a drink before telling Clementine to retrieve the knife she found from her backpack, which was Matthew's. When she goes to take it, Clementine finds it missing and that Walter is inspecting it standing on the porch. Clementine speaks with him where he asks how Matthew died and whether Nick is a good man or not. After Nick walks up to them, Walter begins breaking down and asks for Nick to tell him what happened. He throws the knife away and the windmill begins to spin rapidly due to the oncoming storm, making a loud sound that would bring in walkers.

Kenny, Luke, Carlos, Walter, Sarita, Nick and Clementine go to stop the windmill and fend off walkers. Kenny and Luke go to check on the blown transformer as Clementine shuts down the windmill and the others cover her. However, the noise has drawn a small herd of walkers out of the woods. As everyone fights the walkers, Nick struggles with one near the lodge. However, everybody else is occupied and unable to help him except Walter. Depending on what you told him, if Nick was good or not, he will either save Nick or let him be eaten. After Clementine runs inside, they hear automatic fire as a small group walks out from the woods and finishes off the walkers with assault rifles. This group consists of the man who entered the cabin, the woman, Bonnie, whom was earlier looking into the resort, and two other men, Johnny and Troy. The man is identified as Carver by Carlos, who the former begins to beat. Sarah runs outside to protect her father from harm. Carver orders the group to go inside where he puts everyone on the ground ready for execution. Alvin, Clementine and Rebecca speak of what they should do.

Clementine can then persuade Rebecca to either surrender, or to go in search of Luke and Kenny. If they surrender, Clementine and Alvin will be sat down. If Clementine goes in search of Luke and Kenny, she will jump out of a window and ultimately reunite with Kenny outside, who is watching the lodge with his rifle at the ready. Regardless of Clementine's words, Kenny fatally shoots one of the men. Carver takes over ordering for Kenny to stop. After Kenny fires again and misses the shot, Carver immediately takes Walter and executes him, saying it was for his man. He then picks up Alvin and speaks of someone named George that Alvin had earlier killed. If Clementine tells Kenny to surrender or if she runs to protect Alvin, he will be spared and Kenny gives himself up. If Clementine is silent or tells Carver to stop, Kenny will fire at Carver and hit him in the shoulder, where he gets back up and shoots Alvin in the head, killing him. He will then threaten to kill Clementine or Sarita dependent on an earlier choice in which Kenny turns himself in.

He then orders his remaining people to take the survivors "home," and the episode ends.

"In Harm's Way"

The episode begins Clementine and Sarah go to bathroom supervised by Troy. After Carver finishes his conversation with Tavia, he scolds Clementine for listening in on their conversation. Clementine can either apologize or be impolite and rude. If she is the latter, Carver will smack Clementine across the face, before commanding Troy to tie them up and load them back on the truck with Kenny, Sarita, Carlos, Sarah, Rebecca, Alvin (Determinant) and Nick (Determinant). On the van, during the verbal argument between Kenny and the other cabin survivors, based on player's choices, Clementine can either support Kenny or side with cabin survivors. When Kenny cuts his binds loose and prepares to attack as soon as the van door opens, Clementine can mention she is scared (Determinant).

When they arrive at Howe's Hardware, Clementine and the group walk through the main area of the store until Troy sends them to the "yard" - an area of the store where wrong-doers can work their way back into the main store. Clementine meets Reggie here, as well as Mike and Jane, although they don't interact until later. Clementine will then look around the yard, searching for any possible method of escape, and Reggie will plead with Clementine to "stop touching things". A little while later, Troy returns bringing Carlos back, and the group then go to sleep.

Clementine is woken up by Troy lightly kicking her and stating that Carver has an announcement. During Carver's announcement, Sarah will begin talking to Clementine about their first night. Clementine can either be polite to Sarah, or ask her to keep quiet. Regardless of the choice, Sarah continues talking and it results in Carver's command that Carlos disciplines his daughter. Clementine can claim it was her fault, but Carver disagrees, and Carlos continues to smack his daughter, as ordered by Carver.

Before the group continue to start their chores, Clementine witnesses Jane accidentally dropping soil from a faulty rope crane. As Clementine is taken to her first chore by Tavia, she will (Determinant) pass by Shel and Becca, whom the latter will start complaining.

Clementine then arrives in an armory where Bonnie is working loading magazines. Bonnie then apologizes to Clementine for her untruthfulness and Walter's death. Clementine can either blame her or Carver or stay neutral saying "a lot of people are to blame". As the discussion continues, Tavia talks to Bonnie over a walkie-talkie, asking if Clementine is still there. After Bonnie gives Clementine a "cool" jacket, Tavia will then come down to collect Clementine and take her to do more work with Reggie and Sarah in the greenhouse.

Once she reaches the greenhouse, she finds Sarah cowering in a corner and has a conversation with her about Carlos hitting Sarah earlier. Afterwards, Reggie will be brought to the greenhouse by Tavia, and Reggie will explain that they are "picking berries". As they begin work, Clementine will notice that Sarah is unable to do anything, and Clementine can either continue her own work, or help Sarah.

Whichever option is chosen, Carver will come to the greenhouse, causing Reggie to panic as either Clementine or Sarah would have failed to get their work done depending on the above choice. As Carver becomes angry at Reggie's failure to do the task, Clementine can say that it was her fault, but Carver dismisses her response. Carver will then ask Clementine and Sarah to wait outside the greenhouse, which they do so. As Clementine asks if Sarah is okay, Carver will push Reggie out of the greenhouse and then off of the roof, killing Reggie. Both Clementine and Sarah witness this and are instantly shocked and saddened, and Carver will then warn the two about weakness and incompetence, before Carver orders Clementine to return to Bonnie for more work.

As she returns, Bonnie will give Clementine the task of running supplies to the workers at the expansion. Clementine can tell Bonnie about Reggie's death, and she will then let Clementine outside to deliver the supplies, after signaling Troy that Clementine is to be allowed outside. Clementine will briefly look at Reggie's corpse on the ground, before walking to the expansion.

Inside the expansion, Clementine finds Kenny and Mike fighting one another, which leads to a window becoming breached, allowing walkers to enter the area. Clementine flees behind a shelf, and then towards a room. However, a walker pins her down, but Troy arrives and kills the attacking walker before sending her back to work.

On her way back, she is snatched into a comic store by an unknown person. Clementine manages to escape the clutches, and discovers the person to be Luke. He tells Clementine how he managed to get inside and then ask her to bring him a pair of walkie-talkies so he can help the group to escape. Troy calls out for Clementine, and Luke tells her to go back outside. As she exits the comic store, Troy questions her about what she was doing before saying that Carver wants a word with Clementine in his office.

As Clementine walks towards Carver's office, Rebecca will exit from it in tears and Carver will call Clementine inside. He discusses the reason as to why he killed Reggie earlier that day, and will then say that it is up to "people like us" to lead the weaker people. Tavia will then talk to Carver over the radio about Troy, and Carver allows Clementine to leave for dinner.

Clementine arrives back at the yard where the group are discussing the herd of walkers that is approaching. Clementine can talk to the group about Luke, discovering that they already know is here, and the group continue discussing on a plan to escape. Jane joins the conversation, and Clementine can agree with her on covering themselves in walker guts to escape the herd. With this, the group decide the plan.

Mike then lifts Clementine onto a rope, which she begins to climb, but then a guard arrives at the yard, forcing Clementine to jump onto a ladder and continue climbing towards the roof. As she climbs, she notices the large herd of walkers closing in on the hardware store. Whilst on the roof, she sees Hank patrolling and enters the hardware store through a skylight. Within, Tavia is guarding the walkie-talkies, but Clementine manages to steal two of them and return to the roof through the skylight, heading for the ladder. When Clementine jumps off of the ladder into the yard, Mike catches her. She can show the walkie-talkies to the group and Jane will congratulate her before they go to sleep.

The next day, Clementine and the group discuss who will take the walkie-talkies to Luke, and the job falls to Clementine as the group are taken to their chores by Tavia and Troy. As Troy is escorting Clementine to her work, Bonnie arrives and has Clementine come and work with her. The two talk about Reggie and Carver before Clementine becomes anxious. Clementine will either talk about Luke, Kenny or show her distrust towards Bonnie, through which any option will have Bonnie allow Clementine to go elsewhere.

Clementine will return to the comic store and find out that Luke is not there. She continues searching but Troy will begin calling out for her. If she leaves the store immediately, Troy will see her and take her to the yard. If she stays searching in the comic store, Troy will come inside the store enraged and smack Clementine before sending her to the yard.

Once at the yard, she finds Carver standing beside a captured Luke with the rest of the group watching helplessly. Carver holds up a walkie-talkie and requests that whoever holds the second one should give it in immediately. Clementine can choose to conceal it or give it in, but either option will result in Kenny swiftly snatching the radio and handing it in himself, taking the blame. Carver reacts angrily to this and begins to brutally beat Kenny, and Sarita will desperately try to help Kenny but Carlos attempts to restrain her. Clementine can choose to either help Carlos restrain Sarita, help Kenny, or do nothing.

If Clementine helps restrain Sarita: She will help Carlos to holding Sarita back and Carver continues to beat Kenny.

If Clementine chooses to help Kenny: Troy will bash Clementine down with his rifle as she rushes to Kenny's aid, resulting in a cut on her cheek.

If Clementine does nothing or tries and fails to restrain Sarita: Sarita will free herself from Carlos and attempt to run to Kenny's aid only to be bashed by Troy's rifle and receive a cut.

Eventually, Bonnie appears and ceases Carver's beating by warning of a breach, to which Carver will go and investigate. Bonnie will then tend to Clementine if Troy had punched her and state that she can help them escape that night.

Clementine either wakes up or watches Kenny unconscious and being treated by Carlos while the remainder of the group discuss the escape plan. For the plan to work, someone would need to turn on the PA system, and the responsibility for this falls to Clementine. Kenny eventually regains consciousness and the group begin to execute the plan.

Mike hoists up Clementine to the dangling rope once more, and she climbs to the roof. Once there, Clementine will descend into Carver's office through a skylight and turn on the PA system, which results in Carver's group running around trying to discover the problem. If Alvin was saved in "A House Divided", Alvin, whom was sitting unconscious in a chair in Carver's office, will now wake up and talk with Clementine. He will ultimately sacrifice himself so that Clementine can escape Carver's office back through the skylight.

Clementine reaches the roof and descends through another skylight into the stock room, which was the area the group agreed to meet. However, much to her shock, she finds the group being captured by Carver. Clementine will then distract Carver, allowing the group to overpower him. Afterwards, Kenny disables Carver by shooting him in both of his legs, and all but Kenny and Rebecca will leave outside. Clementine can either choose to stay as well, or go outside with the others, but either option will bring Carver's death.

When outside, Clementine discovers that the herd of walkers has reached the hardware store. In order to escape, the group begin to cover themselves in walker guts. Clementine will help Sarah with this task, before Troy appears and attempts to stop them. Jane manages to shoot Troy and the group leaves him to the walkers. Clementine and the group begin to escape slowly through the herd of walkers.

As they walk through the herd, Carver's group appear on the roof behind them and begin to shoot down the herd. Carlos asks Clementine to calm Sarah down, before he is shot and killed. Clementine can shout for Sarah to run, before Sarah begins to break down and flee the scene. Clementine then deals with some attacking walkers before finding Sarita struggling with a walker. Clementine notices that Sarita has been bitten, and Clementine can either choose to kill the attacking walker, or chop off Sarita's arm. Either option will result in both Clementine and Sarita looking shocked, before the episode fades to black and ends.

"Amid The Ruins"

The opening scenes of the episode differ depending on how you saved Sarita at the end of "In Harm's Way":

If you hacked Sarita's arm off: The episode starts with Sarita screaming in pain. Staggering, she asks Clementine why she cut her hand off, before the walkers surround and attack her. Hearing her screams, Kenny comes to her aid, alongside Mike. He is able to kill all of the walkers, but Sarita collapses and is already dying of blood loss. Kenny becomes angry at Clementine, blaming her for what happened to Sarita, and tells her to stay away from both of them. Clementine will then have to choose to either axe Sarita to end her suffering, or persuade Kenny to leave. If the latter is chosen, Kenny still refuses to leave, and Clementine can choose to axe Sarita or do nothing. Doing nothing will result in Kenny leaving Sarita to reanimate. Kenny is still angry at Clementine and blames her even more with increased hostility. Mike grabs Kenny, and the two run off, leaving Clementine behind to escape on her own.

If you killed the walker that attacked Sarita: Sarita will panic at the sight of her infected arm. Kenny and Mike arrive to assist, and the four escape the herd together, though Clementine is left behind to escape on her own.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of how you rescued Sarita: Clementine gets left behind and manages to fend off some walkers by herself. She then sees Luke and Nick (if the latter was saved in the events of "A House Divided") and calls out to them, but they run away from the herd and try to catch up with Sarah. If Nick is alive, then she will see him being shot at the back of his shoulder by the members of Carver's group.

Clementine kills more walkers as she searches for her group, applying more walker guts on her in the process. Clementine can shout for Kenny, Luke or keep quiet, but someone grabs her from behind. startling her. However, she is relieved when she sees that it is Rebecca. Rebecca is thankful that she found Clementine and tells her that Luke was with her but was separated from him. Not so long afterwards, the two realize that they have to get out from there; Clementine sees an opening far ahead, and so they both attempt to run forth to escape, only to be surrounded once more and retreat back to where they were. Jane stumbles across them, telling them to stay calm and walk slowly, but Rebecca begins panicking, running to a tree and hiding behind it, pleading Jane for her help. Jane suggests they spread out in order to avoid getting caught and Clementine could say she agrees with Jane, or stay with Rebecca's side. In either choice, Jane returns to where she left Clementine and Rebecca, and devises a plan to help them to get through the herd. Jane then asks Clementine to get a walker's attention so that Jane could use it as a 'cow-catcher'. Clementine  successfully draws the attention of the nearby walker, while Jane sneaks up behind it and removes its jaw from, thus preventing it from biting them. Jane uses the walker as a camouflage and pushes through the herd, with Rebecca and Clementine walking behind her. The three manage to successfully escape the herd into the forest.

Later, the three are seen walking through the forest towards Parker's Run, but Rebecca begins to lag behind, and so Clementine asks Rebecca how she is doing. She notes that her pregnancy is increasingly draining her energy, and Clementine is seen to be visually concerned about Rebecca's well being. Rebecca thanks Jane for saving them back at Howe's Hardware, but Jane also allows Clementine to receive some of the credit. Jane persists to keep them moving forward, but allows Rebecca to rest for a minute when she asks. A conversation about Rebecca's baby ensues, and when Jane asks about what she will do with the baby, Rebecca takes offense, even though Jane apologizes. The group have a short argument, with Jane revealing that she once had a sister, later known to be Jaime, and the argument ends ultimately with Jane storming off ahead with the other two following towards Parker's Run.

Clementine, Rebecca, and Jane reach Parker's Run and are delighted to find Bonnie and Mike waiting for them. They discuss the fact that Nick, Luke and Sarah are yet to arrive at the meeting place, and that Kenny is sitting nearby seemingly broken. Mike states that Kenny flipped out when he attempted to talk to him, and so Mike and Bonnie suggest for Clementine to talk to Kenny and see if he is okay.

Kenny is heard talking about Sarita and asking for her forgiveness as Clementine approaches. Clementine attempts to talk to him, but he remains silent and becomes hostile towards her, stating that "just because she is a little girl, it doesn't mean people won't care if she kills someone". He becomes increasingly hostile, and this forces Clementine to back out and leave him alone, becoming visibly saddened by his reaction. She returns to the others and continues to discuss their plan of action, with Mike being skeptical about bringing a baby into this world without food or water. Clementine suggests they should go find Luke, Sarah and Nick (Determinant), to which Rebecca agrees. As a result, Jane volunteers to search for them, asking Clementine to go along with her. Rebecca thanks Jane for this decision, and the two head out into the forest.

While walking, Jane says how she is not sure they will be able to find Sarah or the others, but Clementine can choose to disagree. Either way, Jane will mention that Clementine must be smart, otherwise she would not have made it this far. The two discuss whether or not being in a group is the best option, and if surviving on ones own is the more pragmatic solution, ending with Jane giving Clementine some advice about her group, claiming that it is "cracking" and won't last for much longer with only "broken decisions". Jane then reveals more of her previous life with her sister, Jaime, recalling the memories of having a little sister and annually visiting an amusement park in Virginia during the Summer.

Momentarily, Jane spots an area ahead, and the two come across the Sunshine Mobile Home Park where two fresh corpses lay dead on the ground. Jane teaches Clementine to make sure the corpses are dead, and that only fresh corpses or walkers contain useful loot. They search the corpses and discover bullets and a nail file. Further, when they push a walker corpse to the side, Clementine discovers Sarah's glasses on the ground underneath the walker, signaling that Sarah had once been here. Clementine can call out for Sarah's name, or discuss what to do with Jane, but before they decide what to do, Sarah's screams are heard from within the trailer park, as well as Luke's voice.

Together, they discover a hole in the fence allowing entry into the trailer park, but (If saved in "A House Divided") they discover that a zombified Nick is caught in the fence. Jane requests that Clementine should be the one to end him, which she does so momentarily afterwards with three hatchet blows. Jane gives Clementine more advice not to hesitate if she has to do this to other members of her group, and she also gives her a more agile weapon - a scratch awl. After entering the trailer park, they discover two walkers close by. Clementine defeats one of them, and Jane decided to attack the other, while also demonstrating a new tactic to Clementine; to kick the walkers in the knees and then stab them in the back of the head. They press onward and discover two more walkers blocking view of a trailer where Sarah and Luke are hiding. As they advance towards these walkers, Clementine gets caught by a nearby walker that jumps on her. Clementine manages to defeat this walker as Jane takes care of one of the other walkers. Clementine finishes off the last walker, using the tactic that Jane just taught her, to which Jane will be pleasantly surprised and merit her use of the tactic.

Ahead, they find the trailer park where Sarah and Luke are hiding, but discover that the trailer is surrounded by walkers attracted to Sarah's screams. The two decide they need to find a way to lure the walkers away, and Clementine decides to use the horn of a nearby car to do so. Together, they drag a walker corpse to the vehicle and leave it on top of the steering wheel, creating the monotonous horn sound which manages to successfully attract the walkers away from the trailer. Jane and Clementine quickly enter another trailer to the side in order to get around to Sarah and Luke's trailer. However, there are two walkers which they must dispose of first, which they do so with ease. The two manage to reach the outside of Sarah and Luke's trailer, but discover the door to be locked. It turns out that the walker that was left on the steering wheel had fallen off, resulting in the horn being silenced and the walkers beginning to return to the trailer in which Sarah is screaming. Running out of time, Clementine attempts to open the door while Jane defends her from the walkers. Clementine eventually manages to break open the door by kicking it down, and once inside, the two immediately pull over furniture to block the door from walkers.

Once inside, Luke comes out to find them, and Clementine can reveal Nick's death to Luke (If Nick was saved in "A House Divided") to which he is horrified and saddened. Luke then explains the situation, and that Sarah had run to this trailer park for shelter and hasn't moved since. Clementine rushes over to find Sarah huddled in the corner of a room in shock, presumably over her father's death. Clementine attempts to talk to her in order to get her to move, but time begins to run out as the trailer is surrounded by walkers. Luke notes that the only exit is now a skylight. Walkers begin to break the main door down, and Jane rushes to help block it, also asking for Luke's help in doing so. After failing to get Sarah to move, Clementine will go help Jane and Luke, looking for something they could climb on top on to reach the skylight. It turns out that the furniture they used to block the door is the only item they can use to do so, and together they quickly move it over to where the skylight is, with Jane defeating the attacking walkers that can now easily walk through the door. Luke is the first to exit the skylight, and it is then up to Clementine to convince Sarah to leave or to let her stay. If she convinces her to leave, Clementine will ultimately have to slap Sarah in order to get her to move through the skylight, but if she leaves Sarah, the latter will start screaming for Clementine and become engulfed by walkers as Clementine and Jane exit through the skylight. Depending on Clementine's choice, all four, or only three of the survivors can return to Parker's Run.

On returning, they discover that Rebecca is in increasing pain from her pregnancy, and that Kenny is residing within a nearby tent. Clementine decides to talk with Kenny and asks for his help with Rebecca's pregnancy as Kenny is the only person that has had experience with a birth in the past. Kenny, although resentful at first, agrees to help. The group decides to look for supplies and a safe shelter nearby, and so Jane goes towards the local observation deck and gift shop, while Bonnie and Mike head towards a nearby museum. Clementine will ultimately go with Jane to the observation deck.

Upon reaching the deck, Clementine will find Jane sitting on a bench, and the two will discuss the situation more whilst walking to the observation deck. At the top, they discover an ideal safe location for Rebecca to give birth, however, it is locked under a padlock and will take some time to open. Without warning, Clementine spots a stranger approaching the observation deck from afar, and this forces the two to hide. The man climbs to the top and attempts to stuff a bag into a garbage bin, but Clementine startles him by talking to him. The man reacts with hostility and points his gun at her, saying he will not hesitate to shoot her. As Clementine begins talking to him, Jane sneaks up behind him and disarms him, forcing him to drop his bag. The man reveals his name to be Arvo, and Clementine discovers the bag to be filled with medical supplies. Clementine can choose either to keep the supplies for themselves, or give them back to Arvo. Either option will result in Jane threatening Arvo to never come to this area again, before sending him away. Jane returns to breaking the padlock while Clementine returns to Parker's Run.

She discovers that Rebecca is in great pain, and can offer her the medicine she acquired (if she chose to steal it from Arvo) to ease her pain, to which she is grateful. Kenny will question the fact that Bonnie and Mike still aren't back from the museum, and he suggests that Clementine should go and check up on them, to which she agrees. If Sarah was saved from the trailer park, Clementine can talk to her, and Sarah will claim that she is waiting for Carlos to come back, making Clementine appear visibly worried about Sarah. After the conversation, Clementine will continue towards the museum.

On arrival, she finds Bonnie and Mike squabbling due to finding no supplies yet, but they welcome Clementine to join in their search. Clementine manages to discover a Civil War Confederate coat that could be used as a blanket. She also later discovers two water barrels in a locked room. Bonnie and Mike join her, as she manages to open the window gate partially, allowing herself to squeeze through into the other room to unlock the door. To her shock, Clementine gets stuck half-way through, but suddenly a walker rises up from the locked room and grabs her. Mike begins to kick down the door as Bonnie attempts to pull Clementine out. If Clementine refuses to squeeze through, Bonnie will reach in the window gate in an attempt to unlock the door, and she gets grabbed by the walker instead, which will result in her getting her head hit, leaving a bruise around her eye. Mike manages to successfully kick down the door and knocks down the walker which Clementine then finishes off. Mike grabs the water barrels, and as they head outside, Bonnie notices a raccoon. The trio suggest capturing it and eating it later. After trying to capture it, the raccoon heads outside where it is revealed to have a family, and Clementine can either show that she is content or disappointed that it managed to escape. The three then head back to Parker's Run with the water barrels and coat.

As they return, Rebecca begins screaming in pain, attracting a herd of walkers nearby. The group quickly try to move Rebecca to the safer observation deck that Jane was working on earlier. Kenny and Mike (if Clementine asks Mike to help) will fend off the approaching walkers as the others get Rebecca away. Upon arriving at the observation deck, Clementine discovers that Luke and Jane had just finished having an affair, and Luke becomes shocked when Clementine arrives. Kenny instantly snaps and becomes hostile towards Luke as it was Luke's job to be on the lookout for walkers. Regardless, the walkers begin to climb the observation deck, and the group prepare for it. Kenny stays with Rebecca and deals with her birth, while the others secure the gate to ensure the walkers are unable to enter the deck. However, the gate begins to break, and Luke asks for Clementine to find something they can use to block the gate. She decides to use a nearby cannon to secure the gate, and Luke helps her wheel it over, but to their horror, the increased weight of the cannon causes a portion of the deck to collapse underneath them, causing both Sarah and Jane to topple over, as well as several walkers. Luke manages to clasp Jane's arm, but Sarah is trapped on the ground underneath piles of rubble and is unable to escape. Clementine can either help Jane up, or ask Jane to rescue Sarah. If the latter or silence is chosen, Jane will drop down and attempt to lift the rubble off of Sarah. However, a plank from the damaged deck falls and dazes Jane, causing her to stumble away, and by the time she regains consciousness, the walkers are already devouring Sarah. Alternatively, if Clementine chose to pull Jane up, then Sarah will be devoured regardless. Jane manages to get herself back onto the top of the deck as Clementine watches in sorrow at the death of Sarah.

Rebecca continues screaming from giving birth as Jane apologizes for the death, but she quickly notices that the walkers are using the collapsed deck to climb up towards them. Clementine or Luke will quickly decide that they need to collapse the rest of the deck, to which Clementine discovers that she could collapse it if she cut the remaining cable with her hatchet. Mike boosts her up in order to reach the cable, and Clementine manages to dislodge the mechanisms after three swipes, causing the remainder of the deck to collapse and crush the walker herd. The group quickly scurry and return to Rebecca, only to discover the lifeless baby in Kenny's arms. However, as the child seems lost, it begins to cough and breathe, and so the group retire for the night within the observation deck.

Later that night, Clementine talks with Rebecca about her baby, and offers Clementine to hold him, to which she can accept or decline. Kenny will then arrive and offer to look after the child for the night in order to allow Rebecca to get some rest. They will then decide the next plan of action, with Kenny suggesting that they head out northwards in the morning, but Luke disagrees, claiming that Rebecca is in no state to travel and that they should leave after a couple of days. Clementine can decide which options is to be taken, before she heads out onto the remaining small portion of deck to find Jane escaping. The two have a final conversation, with Jane giving Clementine some useful advice about survival, as well as offering the nail file to Clementine which she can accept or decline. Jane then takes off, as Luke comes to ask Clementine how she is doing. Luke breaks out in anger as he discovers that Jane had fled without saying goodbye, and Kenny arrives to continue arguing with Luke as the night ends.

When the group decide to leave, they head northwards as the location becomes coated in snowfall. Rebecca becomes visibly weak and collapses, halting their travel as she rests on a car tire. As Kenny and Luke persist arguing over the decision to leave earlier or later, the man that Clementine and Jane attacked earlier arrives, along with three other Russian people that hold Clementine's group at gunpoint. The man, Arvo, will ask where Jane is, and when Clementine tells him that she had left, Arvo believes it to be a trap, causing both groups to become hostile and aim guns towards one another. Clementine begins to hear the sounds of a walker, and turns in a horrified glance to find that Rebecca had died and zombified in mere minutes, still holding the baby in her arm. Clementine can either decide to shoot her, or call out for help to which Kenny will then shoot her. Either option will result in the groups being startled and the episode ending with several gunshots being fired.

"No Going Back"

The episode starts with Clementine falling to the ground as a result of the conflict between her group and the Russian group. She looks around and sees Luke shouting for her to come to cover beside him behind a wall. At the same time, Clementine sees Natasha lifeless on the ground with Arvo attempting to resurrect her, and she also notices that the baby is left alone on the ground with gunshots close to him, and so Clementine makes a choice:

Save the baby: Clementine races towards the baby, grabbing him and running back to Luke. Luke says he didn't see the baby on the ground and thanks Clementine. Luke tells her that they can't just sit behind the wall and wait until the Russians runs out of ammo. Luke will then tell Clementine that if he runs to the side of the wall Clementine is behind of, he could get a good angle on the Russians. He will ask Clementine to cover and distract the Russians. Despite the distraction, Vitali shoots Luke in the leg as he runs to Clementine.

Run to cover: Clementine runs behind a wall, next to Luke. Luke then tells Clementine to keep her head down. He looks around the wall and sees the baby on the ground. Luke runs toward the baby, grabs him, and as he was running back to cover, Vitali shoots Luke in the leg.

This next part is non-determinant and happens whether or not you protected the baby:

Kenny shoots Buricko in the head from behind a tree while in conflict with Vitali in order to save Luke. As Vitali screams at Kenny for his killing of Buricko, Kenny grabs Arvo and pulls him into the line of fire as his dead sister starts to reanimate. Unbeknownst to Arvo, Natasha turns, then tries to attack Clementine, forcing Clementine to shoot the walker dead, much to Arvo's horror. In a sudden cry of despair, Arvo breaks free from Kenny and rushes to his dead sister, crying out her name. He glares at Clementine, who he believes to have murdered her. As the fight between Kenny and Vitali continues, it is cut short by Vitali suddenly gasping, as Jane had thrown a knife into his neck from behind. As Vitali is choking on his own blood, Kenny walks over and shoots him in the head, and the Russian group is officially defeated. Kenny announces that it is safe to come out, and Bonnie takes AJ from Clementine. Jane mentions to Clementine that she had never killed anyone that hadn't wronged her in some way before, and that the killing of Vitali felt uneasy. Nonetheless, Clementine shows her respect for Jane returning to the group. (Determinant) Together they all mourn over the death of Rebecca, while Kenny tenses up and heads over to Arvo, still crying over his dead sister. Kenny verbally and physically attacks Arvo, but Mike quickly breaks up the conflict, claiming Arvo is no longer a threat. Arvo quickly mentions that there is a house with food and shelter that he knows of, but Kenny is not certain of Arvo's sincerity after his group's death, since Arvo had no motive to help his friends' killers. Clementine can voice her opinion, but it is ultimately Bonnie's words about food for the baby which convinces Kenny to cease the violence, and the group begins their trek to the house.

On their way, Jane talks with Clementine about why she returned as well as what is happening to Kenny. Further on, Luke's leg wound causes him to loose energy, and he asks if he could rest for a minute. The group all agree to stop for a short while, but Kenny, after seeing that Arvo was still walking ahead without stopping, pushed him down and insulted him once more. Once again, Mike interrupts this argument and halts the conflict. Bonnie then gives Mike the baby to look after while she tends to Luke's leg wound. With Clementine, they have a conversation about Kenny's recent rages and Lee. Bonnie then asks Clementine to keep pressure on Luke's wound while she goes to find some bandages. After a short while, the two have a talk about everyone they lost in the past before Bonnie arrives with a bandage. She asks Clementine if she could change the bandage on Kenny's head wound as he refused to let Bonnie do it when she offered, and Clementine agrees.

Heading over to Kenny, Clementine notices he is holding the baby, and together they decide to name him "Alvin Jr.", or "AJ" for short, before Clementine starts to tend to his wound. She successfully manages to take off the old bandage, sterilize the wound and attach a clean cloth which would last a lot longer, during which they talk further about how Alvin Jr. will be tough when he grows older. Kenny shows that he feels partially responsible for Alvin's death, before the rest of the group are finished and they continue towards the house.

The group stumble across an abandoned power station, only after Kenny argues with Arvo, thinking that he is leading them into a trap. Arvo exclaims that the house is a few hours distance away, and so Jane and Kenny go and scout the station to ensure it is safe, whilst Clementine looks after AJ before handing him to Bonnie. Soon after, Kenny and Jane return and call the rest of the group to get settled at the station.

The group are later seen sitting around a fire, with Arvo tied up close by and Jane standing away watching outside of the surrounding fence. Luke states that today is his birthday, to which Clementine can congratulate him, and the group have a regular talk about their past memories. Bonnie takes out a special bottle of rum which she had been saving for a special occasion, and she passes it to Luke and asks him to make a toast. Afterwards, Kenny volunteers to take first watch with AJ, while the others try to invite Jane to join them, but she refuses. They then discuss Jane and why she returned, as well as a humorously mocking conversation about Luke's sexual encounter with her. Bonnie then passes Clementine the bottle of rum and asks her to use it to tempt Jane and Kenny to join them by the fire.

Heading over to Jane, Clementine waves the bottle of rum in her view and Jane says that joining them by the fire might be awkward. Nonetheless, Clementine convinces her to take a sip of the bottle, and the two have a conversation about Jane's past memory of being drunk before she offers Clementine a sip, which she can accept or decline. She then gives Clementine the bottle to offer to Kenny, and she joins the rest of the group by the fire, to which Bonnie had offered her a seat but she refused and sat nearby instead.

Clementine can optionally talk to Arvo, but no matter what she chooses to say, Arvo will continue weeping over the loss of his sister and remain silent.

Clementine will then head over to Kenny, and if she had taken a sip, Kenny will lightly scold her about that decision. He then apologizes about his harsh reactions to Clementine after Sarita's death, before going on about Katjaa and Duck and that he didn't raise his son like he should have. He recalls past memories and then states he would do anything just for one more second with them. Kenny then vows that he won't make the same mistakes raising AJ, before asking Clementine to return to the fire. Clementine can then either convince him to join them, or leave him on watch with AJ. Either option results in Clementine returning to the fire.

Upon returning to the fire, she finds everyone having a joking conversation about Luke and Jane's sexual encounter, but the sound of Arvo weeping quickly takes the attention of Mike, and he gets up and takes the bottle over to Arvo while the rest of the group continue the discussion. However, they are quickly interrupted by Arvo screams to leave him alone and Mike backs off quickly. If Kenny didn't join the group by the fire, he will come over to Arvo and beat him unconscious, to which Mike retaliates and once more calms Kenny down. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, then he will simply stay by the fire and leave Arvo untouched. After they agree to get some rest, Kenny goes back on watch and the group retire for the night.

By morning, the group are following Arvo towards the house. Kenny unknowingly walks past a walker, which instantly gets up and attacks him. Clementine can shoot the walker dead and save Kenny, but Bonnie hopes that the gunshot sound doesn't draw more walkers. Arvo says that the house is very close, and they continue walking. The group eventually see the house from afar, seeing that it is unfinished and barely fit to be a shelter. It stands across a frozen lake which doesn't seem thick enough to hold all of them. Kenny rages towards Arvo once more about the unfinished house before the group decide to cross the frozen lake. Soon after, walkers appear behind them, presumably drawn from the sound of the earlier gunshot, and the group notice them as they also begin to tread across the lake. Several walkers break the ice on the lake and fall within, causing the group to panic. Arvo, seeing the group distracted, quickly runs towards the house but Kenny runs after him. With the new stresses on the ice, it breaks beneath Arvo and he plunges in, struggling to get back out. Kenny catches up to him and pulls him out, and the two make it to the other side.

Mike, Jane and AJ also make it to the other side, but the remainder of the group on the ice freeze as they hear it cracking. Clementine and Bonnie turn to see Luke standing on top of fragile and cracked ice which could shatter at any moment. They call out for him to move, but it soon collapses beneath him and he nearly falls into the lake. Bonnie asks Clementine to save Luke while Luke asks Clementine to stay put and shoot the approaching walkers to give him some time. Clementine can either choose to do one of two options:

Help Luke: Clementine will slowly approach Luke whilst Bonnie shoots the incoming walkers. As Clementine gets closer, the ice beneath the two of them collapses and Clementine and Luke plunge fully into the water. She quickly goes back to the top only to find a thick roof of ice above her. She persistently bangs her hand in an attempt to break it, but a walker quickly pulls on her leg, pulling her away. She will manage to kick the walker away, only to see another one closing in. Luke quickly appears and pulls the walker away from them, but much to his despair, it grabs onto his leg and begins pulling him down. Clementine can do nothing but watch as Luke is pulled to the depths of the lake. Jane will then pull Clementine out of the lake and rush her to the house.

Cover Luke: Both Bonnie and Clementine will shoot the oncoming walkers. Eventually, Bonnie will approach Luke, causing the ice beneath the two of them to shatter. Both Bonnie and Luke to plunge into the lake. Clementine puts her gun down in shock, but then hears a soft banging a short distance away. She investigates to find Luke trying to pound on the ice above him to freedom. If Clementine attempts to break the ice in order to save them, she will also collapse into the lake as she manages to crack the ice. However, she will then see a drowned Luke floating helplessly within the lake, saddening her before Jane manages to pull her out of the lake. Bonnie will manage to get back out of the lake, although only if Clementine managed to break the ice, as if she fails to bash on the ice, then both Bonnie and Luke will perish in the lake. Nonetheless, Clementine will then rush or be rushed over to the unfinished house.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of which option you picked:

The group make it to the house and discuss what just happened. Kenny bursts out in violence towards Arvo once more and beats him to near death. Clementine can choose to intervene, to which Kenny will then accidentally hit her instead, much to his horror. Alternatively, she can verbally ask Kenny to stop beating Arvo or ask Mike to stop Kenny, but either option will result in Kenny ceasing his attack. Jane then returns with a bag of supplies and explains that Arvo wasn't lying, much to Kenny's surprise. Kenny is reluctant to admit that Arvo was honest, and tries to blame Arvo for Luke and Bonnie's (Determinant) deaths, but is shut down by the other members of the group while Clementine frightfully looks on. He then proceeds to tie Arvo up while Jane tends to starting a fire. If Clementine took the file from the end of "Amid The Ruins", she will give it to Jane to start a fire. Otherwise, Jane will find matches in her pocket and use them. All of the group then rest for a short while.

Upon waking, Clementine sees Mike tending to Arvo and asking if he was alright, while Jane offers Clementine some food. The two of them discuss Luke and whether or not Jane coming back was the right choice. Mike then leaves, disgusted by what Kenny had been doing and saying to himself that he can't handle what is happening to the group anymore. Kenny then arrives and asks Clementine to help him fix the truck outside of the house. Clementine agrees to help, leaving the care of AJ to Jane.

On heading outside, Kenny accuses Clementine about talking of him behind his back with Jane, and the two of them attend to the truck. Kenny gives Clementine the keys and has her sit in the driver's seat while Kenny works under the hood. Whilst working, the two discuss Jane and Lee. After failing to start it once, they start a conversation about Wellington and continue working. After failing to start the truck a second time, Kenny gets angered and asks Clementine to return inside. Kenny continues the work alone. If Bonnie was saved on the frozen lake, Clementine can then have a conversation with her about Luke and their first interaction before Bonnie ends the conversation and Clementine returns inside, or alternatively Bonnie will declare that she has nothing left to say to Clementine if she chose to cover Luke on the lake instead of helping him.

As she enters, she finds Jane and A.J. in a different room. Jane had moved A.J. elsewhere as Mike and Arvo were talking too much, and she wanted A.J. to remain asleep, as she had no idea how to handle him should he wake up. From where they are seated, they can see Kenny working and struggling to fix the truck. The two of them discuss Kenny and Jane states that he is changing for the worst. A.J. begins to cry and Clementine comforts him, giving him some baby formula. She exclaims that they are running out of the formula and Jane will go on and talk nostalgically about an experience she once had during the apocalypse. She talks about how she was part of a group near Washington D.C. and how they had tried to save another one for their members who was trapped by walkers beneath a car. She bluntly states that four people had died to save him, but it was all for naught as they did not know he was bitten. He reanimated during the dead of night and ripped the throat out of an elderly member of the group. Jane then indicates that she believes Kenny could get his group killed like the man under the car had to her group before dying himself, warning Clementine not to make the mistake she made of saving one by sacrificing more. Clementine, not willing to accept Jane's implication, can ask Jane if she wants to hold A.J. momentarily, to which she hesitantly agrees. (Determinant) A.J. will quickly puke on Jane, resulting in her passing him back to Clementine. (Determinant) As Jane is about to tell her something, they hear the sound of the truck starting up, and Clementine rushes outside to Kenny.

The rest of the group assembles outside to find that Kenny had fixed the truck, and they quickly discuss what they should do next. Kenny thinks that they should continue heading to Wellington, while others think they should return southward to escape the biting sting of winter. Kenny gets angered by this and claims that since he started the truck, he gets to decide where they should go, and that they're "going fucking north". Clementine can side with either option or move to make decision later, but any choice will result in the group deciding to sleep for the night and decide where to go the next day. Kenny enters the truck in frustration and checks his head wound as the group heads inside. Mike cautions Clementine to "talk some sense into him", then follows everyone else inside. Clementine creeps around the side of the truck as Kenny yells at himself inside. She enters the truck in the front, and the two discuss the group's reluctance to continue north, as well as past memories and how a lot of people had died for them to get where they are. The two are unable to decide where they should go, and so Kenny suggests they should get some sleep and figure everything out in the morning. Clementine agrees, and the two return to the house.

Clementine awakes to an unusual sound banging on the house. She gets up and looks out of the window to see a loose cable swinging into the house with the wind. Upon exiting the house to fix it, she hears a noise and discovers Mike and Arvo attempting to leave with the fixed truck. She can call out to them, after which Arvo will draw a rifle towards Clementine, resulting in her pulling out her weapon. If Bonnie was saved from the lake, she will then appear with the remainder of the supplies, also planning to leave with Mike and Arvo. Clementine will question them all about leaving, and she can choose to ask why they are doing this, or ask to leave with them. Either option will result in Mike approaching Clementine slowly to get her to drop her weapon. She can choose to threaten Mike or give him the gun, but either option will result in Clementine giving Mike the gun nonetheless. However, Arvo then shoots Clementine in the shoulder and she falls to the ground in pain. Mike, Bonnie (Determinant) and Arvo will flee on foot as Kenny can be heard rushing out of the house towards Clementine.

A dream sequence then ensues as Clementine awakes within the RV that she was traveling within during "Long Road Ahead". Lee is sitting next to her as he makes sure that she is alright. The two will then have a conversation about the events that occurred shortly before Clementine had "fallen asleep", namely about Duck being bit and Lilly. Lee asks Clementine her opinion on whether he made the right choice in leaving Lilly behind (if she was left behind in "Long Road Ahead") or letting her get on the RV (if she was taken in "Long Road Ahead"). Clementine's answer, regardless of whether or not she supported his decision, saddens Lee, as he realizes that he should not be troubling her with his problems. Clementine asks Lee about why Lilly murdered Carley/Doug. Lee explains that Lilly had gotten been depressed for a long time, leading to her getting angry at the world for her problems, and she chose to take her anger out on someone else, to which Clementine remarks is a stupid reason. Lee tells her that people do not always make sense, and Clementine asks Lee if he had ever been as mad as Lilly was. (Determinant) Lee reassures Clementine that this wouldn't be a problem for her, but she is unconvinced. Lee asks what he could tell her to make her feel better. Clementine could ask him to say that she will never have to hurt anyone, to which Lee will be unable to answer honestly. Alternatively, Clementine can ask him to tell her that everything would be alright in the end, to which Lee will say that she will make it okay. Alternatively, Clementine can ask Lee to say that he won't leave her, to which he will smile and assure her that he would never do that. Regardless of what she chooses to ask, Clementine begins to cry in despair, but finds Lee's warm smile to give her strength. She presses herself against him and lets "sleep" take her.

In the next sequence, Clementine opens her eyes to find herself within the fixed truck alongside Kenny, Jane and AJ with some snowfall outside. Jane notices that she has awoken, and the group discuss the events that just passed before getting into an argument about where they should head. No matter what Clementine chooses to say, the argument between Kenny and Jane will continue to worsen before Kenny halts the truck in front of a barrier of stationary cars. After asking if everyone is alright, Kenny will point at a rest area sign for them to meet there should anything happen before exiting the truck in search of diesel. Clementine will climb into the driver's seat and start a conversation with Jane about Kenny. Jane also debates whether they should leave right then and there in the truck, but then gunshots are heard from Kenny's direction and walkers begin to approach the truck. Panicking, Jane tells Clementine to drive the car ahead, which she manages to do momentarily.

They don't travel far before Clementine hits a walker in the road, causing them to swerve and crash into a roadside ditch. The walker becomes wedged into the windshield, forcing Jane to exit the car with AJ, leaving Clementine inside the car. She will manage to shoot the walker dead, but more approach them, triggering Jane to flee the scene with AJ in her arms. Clementine will manage to climb out of the vehicle only to be pinned down by another walker which she quickly disposes of. After getting back up, Jane is nowhere in sight, and so she draws her weapon and continues slowly into the snow.

Clementine trudges blindly through the snow avoiding several stationary walkers along the way. After tripping over and getting back up, she finds herself walking through a sheltered sitting area with benches. Upon progressing forwards, she arrives at the rest area mentioned by Kenny as a meeting place. As she enters, she sights Kenny looking out through a window in search of them, and he quickly turns towards Clementine. He questions her about AJ's whereabouts, and after she replies that Jane took him, he breaks down and rushes outside of the rest are in search of them. Clementine peers out through a window and sees Jane approaching through the snow towards the rest area, and Kenny will return and greet her inside, questioning her about AJ. When she replies with silence, the group fear the worst and Kenny rushes outside in search of AJ, denying Jane's silence. With Kenny gone, Jane will quickly tell Clementine to stay out of the conflict that is about to ensue, saying that she wants Clementine to see him for what he really is.

The two of them then stare as Kenny approaches back into the rest area, fists clenched. Clementine can choose to stand in Kenny's way, but he will push her out of the way towards Jane and begin violently fighting with her. For the duration of the fight, Clementine has the option to intervene or stay put and watch the fight entail. Eventually, the fight takes all three of them outside, and after Kenny stabs Jane in the leg, the latter will flinch backwards and knock Clementine over. Upon regaining her sight, Clementine will see a gun next to her with Kenny and Jane continuing a vicious fight. Clementine will have an option to pick up the gun, and if she does so, she can either choose to shoot Kenny or look away, resulting in Kenny stabbing Jane in the chest. If she does not choose to pick up the gun, she will simply watch as the fight ends with Kenny defeating Jane. There are then multiple outcomes:

Shoot Kenny: In tears, Clementine will shoot Kenny in the abdomen, causing him to collapse backwards. After asking if Jane is okay, both her and Clementine will stand back up as they approach the dying Kenny. Kenny softly tells Clementine that she did the right thing. Kenny claims that he asked for death several times, but now that it is upon him, he is scared. Clementine will then say a final sentence to him as he dies in the reddened snow. Jane and Clementine will then hear the sound of a crying baby in the distance, and the latter will rush towards the sound and discover AJ safe within a car. After retrieving him, she will question Jane about why she lied about AJ. Jane will explain that she hid AJ in order to provoke Kenny and show Clementine what he was truly capable of, thus saying that Kenny's death was futile. Clementine can either be extremely angered by this, or agree with Jane. If she agrees with Jane, then she will stay with Jane (leading to the ending, "With Jane" below), but if she was angry with Jane, then Clementine will continue onward with AJ in her arms (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). Jane will plead towards Clementine in an attempt to persuade her to stay, but it does not succeed. Both outcomes are explained below.

Don't Pick Up Gun/Look Away: Kenny will succeed and stab Jane to death. As he comes to his senses with what he had done, Clementine has the option to talk to him or shoot him. If the latter is chosen, Clementine will come across AJ and continue alone with him (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). If she merely talks with him, the two will together hear AJ crying in the distance, and Kenny will instantly tell Clementine to go find him. Clementine will follow the sounds and find AJ safe within a car. After retrieving him, Kenny will come over to them and they will discuss why Jane had lied about AJ. Clementine can either agree with Kenny, after which she will continue towards Wellington with him (leading to the ending, "With Kenny" below), or alternatively she can claim that Kenny is dangerous, resulting in Clementine pressing on alone with AJ (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). Both outcomes are explained below.

With Jane

Nine days later, Clementine, Jane and AJ are both back at Howe's Hardware, now seemingly abandoned. They stumble across the corpse of Carver, which Jane can question how Clementine managed to watch his death if she chose to watch it in "In Harm's Way". Jane will then discover some baby formula and other supplies left at Howe's, as well as the greenhouse still remaining in good shape. She will then suggest that they should stay for a while at Howe's, but Clementine then notices a group of three survivors approaching them; a man, woman and boy. They head down to greet them through a fence, and the other group will claim that they need help and had been walking for weeks looking for food. One of the men will ask Clementine if the baby she is holding is hers before having a short conversation about whether they tried to head north. The group then explain that Howe's needs a lot of work and that they would be willing to work there if they were allowed shelter inside. Jane will explain to Clementine that there is not much food left, leading to two further possible outcomes:

Invite them in: Clementine will allow them to come in through a side entrance. Jane will question Clementine about whether that was the right choice as they head to meet them at the entrance. Upon opening the entrance, the group will enter and the woman will introduce themselves as Patricia, whom will then thank and hug Jane tightly. Another one of the group members turns his back to Clementine, to which she then notices that he had hidden a gun in his back pocket. After silently signifying this to Jane, the boy will compliment Clementine's hat, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Make them leave: Clementine will demand them to leave, much to the groups' surprise. They then question whether Clementine really wants to do this, questioning about whether they might be dangerous. As a response, Clementine will draw her weapon in their direction stating "What if I am?", and the other group will turn around and begin to leave. As they leave, Clementine notices that the man had a hidden gun in his back pocket, and Jane thanks her for making that decision. Clementine will state that they have to lookout for themselves now, as the boy of the group turns and stares at Clementine. Jane says that they might return, to which Clementine states that they will be ready, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

With Kenny

Nine days later, Clementine and Kenny are beginning a walk up a hill with smoke trailing from the other side of it. They will race one another up the hill, and upon reaching the top, both will be stunned as they witness a gigantic wall of metal stretching for miles. Kenny exclaims that it has to be Wellington, and as they approach they are quickly halted by a gunshot purposefully hitting the ground in front of them. A woman's voice on a speaker then demands for them to stop, drop their weapons, and approach the gate, which they do without hesitation. Upon nearing the gate, the woman reveals herself on a small risen outlet on the wall. They will introduce one another and after Kenny asks what they should do in order to get in, the woman, now known as Edith, gives them the bad news and drops a bag of supplies outside of the outlet. Kenny, confused and broken that they won't let them inside, questions Edith but she replies that they are overcapacity as it is. As she continues explaining, Kenny will interrupt, asking her to just take the children. Edith will go and ask someone if it is possible, as Clementine questions what Kenny is doing. Edith will quickly return and say that she can take the children inside, and Kenny deeply thanks her and begins a conversation to convince Clementine to enter Wellington without him. He claims that he can't be trusted to protect them anymore, and that her and AJ would be safe within Wellington. There are then two further subsequent endings that can occur here:

Enter Wellington: Clementine will accept the offer and hug Kenny tightly as he says this is the right decision. He further asks Clementine to tell AJ about his family and all of the people who tried to keep him safe, before he takes off his hat and hands it to Clementine, saying that she should give it to AJ when he grows up. After Kenny asks Edith to keep an eye on them and for Clementine and AJ to live a good life, Kenny turns and begins walking in the other direction, taking the bag of supplies with him. The gates open up into Wellington with Edith standing to bring Clementine and AJ inside. As they enter, Clementine turns to watch Kenny leave and she sees him pause briefly before continuing further away. Clementine turns and enters into Wellington as the gates begin to close, focusing on Kenny walking away before the screen begins to fade to black and the episode ends.

Leave with Kenny: Clementine will refuse the offer, explaining to Kenny that they are leaving together. However, Kenny will continue in an attempt to convince Clementine to enter Wellington, but she will stop him in his speech and ask for them to leave together. Edith, torn by their conversation, will throw out a second bag of supplies, saying that she was told to only give one bag per group, and after saying they can check back in a few months and wishing them luck, she departs. Kenny and Clementine will have a short conversation before picking up the bags of supplies and walking away from Wellington, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Alone with AJ

If you allowed Jane to die then shot Kenny (or then abandoned Kenny); or if you shot Kenny then abandoned Jane; then nine days later, Clementine, out of the snowstorm, will be walking in an unknown area with AJ in her arms. After walking upon a small hill, she will spot a walker herd in the distance. She will finish off a dying walker nearby with a hatchet that Luke gave to her and cover both herself and AJ in walker guts, thus allowing the two to safely travel through the herd. As she walks off towards it, the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Season 3

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

Clementine first appeared when she collapsed a tree to crash a truck. She witnessed a man and another person exit the van, watching as the cuffed man either kills or let the other one flee (Determinant). She approached and pointed a gun at the man's back, making him drop the gun; she starts searching him for anything useful, finding a candy bar. The man, revealed to be Javier, begs for the bar back as it is his for his niece, Clementine complying. He then asked why she crashed the truck, Clementine stating she needed it to drive.

Clementine tells Javier to close his eyes and start counting to a hundred, but Javier protests, wanting to know the location of the junkyard, explaining that he was separated from his family and that he needed to get back to them. Clementine knows the location and tells Javier, if she takes him there, he will give her their van. Javier can agree or refuse (Determinant) to which Clementine confirms he has no other options.

Clementine starts leading Javier to the junkyard with his hands tied, not trusting him. However, Javier opens up to her, causing her to reveal her name to him. Their conversation is cut short by the herds wandering through the road. Seeing no other option but to seek shelter, Clementine cuts Javier free of his binds and gifts him the pistol back.

The duo heads toward the gate of Prescott, but walkers are already at the gate. Clementine urges Javier to run toward the gate, telling him that they will open up. As they reach the gate, Tripp (who is guarding the gate) tells them that he can't risk opening the gate due to the walkers. He urges them to kill the walkers so he can open it without too much risk. As both Clementine and Javier fight the walkers, she switches to her handgun and starts firing, only to find the bullets are unable to fire, allowing a walker to grab her. Javier shoots the walker off her and she finishes it off.

Tripp opens the gate and tells them to get inside. As they run through the gate, a horse rider barges through. Tripp scolds the rider, Francine. Tripp asks Clementine if she will be staying long-term this time, to which she objects. Once Javier and Tripp became acquainted, Clementine and Javier enter Prescott. She explains to Javier that it was built from an old airstrip, admitting it is a nice town but she isn't a fan of the people living there.

She brings Javier to a bar in order to confront the person who sold her faulty bullets. Before she goes to meet the person, she advises Javier to make some friends. After finding the man who sold her the bullets, Eli, she begins arguing with the man. Hearing their argument, Javier approaches and asks what the problem is. Clementine explains that Eli ripped her off: she traded him batteries for bullets that don't fire. Eli refuses to go back on the deal, so Clementine demands that he give her back what she owes him, pointing her handgun at him. She claims that his lack of fear of her gun is proof that he knows that the bullets won't fire, even pulling the trigger to prove her point. This angers Eli, who draws a knife, slicing just above Javier's right eye as Javier subdues him. The argument soon escalates to the point where Clementine, thinking the bullets will continue to not fire, accidentally shoots Eli through the forehead, killing him and gaining the attention of the residents of Prescott. Conrad, the bartender, demands that she drop her gun as Tripp comes in to take her away. Clementine frantically asks Javier to tell them that it was an accident and that it was self-defense.

After either getting locked up or going to Eleanor's medical station, Clementine and Javier decide whether they will leave to get Javier's family with Eleanor at night, or with Tripp in the morning. Clementine goes to bed and has a flashback.

Kenny flashback (If you chose to let Kenny kill Jane, stay with him and then leave Wellington): After the events of season two, Clementine is shown inside a car with both Kenny and Alvin Jr.. Kenny teaches Clementine to drive a stick shift car while discussing their plans in Florida. After losing control of the car and crashing in a ditch, Clementine wakes up with a cut above her right eyebrow and sees that Kenny has flown through the windshield and ended up in the road. After finding out Kenny's legs have been broken from the crash, they witness the car becoming surrounded by walkers. Kenny tells Clementine to go get A.J. and leave him behind. Clementine runs with A.J. in her arms as she hears Kenny's screams of pain in the background, getting devored alive.

Jane flashback (If you chose to kill Kenny and stay with Jane): Clementine gets a tattoo from Jane of A.J.'s name. The two talk about the family Clementine either let in or turned away during season 2. Clementine gives A.J. a middle name. Jane tells Clementine to patrol the surrounding area while she goes inside. After patrolling, Clementine notifies Jane that she's done it. When she doesn't hear a response, Clementine enters Carver's office to find that Jane has hung herself. As Clem steps closer and she sees that Jane has turned, she steps on a positive birth control test, indicating that Jane was pregnant. Clementine either shoots or leaves a zombified Jane in the office.

Wellington flashback (If you chose to let Kenny kill Jane, stay with him and stay at Wellington): Clementine is seen spending time with Alvin Jr.. Edith barges in and warns Clem about angry scavengers at the gates, then runs back to check on the developing situation. Clementine is forced to pack some things from the shelf. Edith returns and picks up A.J., and together they run from Wellington. Edith is shot in the head during the escape and falls on A.J. Clementine discovers he is okay, but is shot in the right cheek in the process. She picks him up and they leave Wellington behind.

Alone flashback (If you chose to let Kenny kill Jane, then abandon/kill Kenny or kill Kenny and then abandon Jane afterwards): Clementine and Alvin Jr. are seen traveling on the train tracks when Clementine sees a rabbit and decides to shoot it. A.J. makes a sound and scares it away and is scolded by Clementine. She then sees the same rabbit from before and decides to follow it. To not risk the rabbit being scared away again, Clem leaves A.J. in the car, which makes him cry. Before she can shoot the rabbit (who is joined by its child), she hears walkers who are starting to bang on the car A.J. is in. She shoots two walkers and takes A.J. from the car, but is surprised by another walker, which makes her drop A.J. and have her left hand stuck in the car door. She protects herself with a rock and opens the door, only to see that her ring and little finger have been broken, forcing her to remove half of her ring finger.

Afterwords, Clementine, Javier and Tripp/Eleanor arrive at the junkyard to find it in ruins as the herd has passed by it, although they manage to eliminate the remaining undead and reunite with Kate, Gabe and Mariana. As they leave the junkyard, the hostile group returns, killing Mariana and injuring Kate. Javier is given the decision to accompany Tripp or Eleanor and Gabe back to Prescott to help Kate, or help Clementine hold a standoff against the group.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

If Javier chooses to stay with Clementine, they succeed in defeating the attackers. Clementine watches as Javier buries Mariana before driving back to Prescott so Javier can check on his family. Clementine proceeds to wander around town until the attackers return, revealed to be the New Frontier.

If Javier left with his family, Clementine will not be seen until the New Frontier arrives as she drives back to Prescott.

Clementine goes to the balcony with the others, arguing they should open fire while they have the chance. If Javier surrenders, Clementine will shoot one of them to save Javier. (Determinant) After the ensuing battle at Prescott, the group escapes. While on the road to Richmond, the group is forced to stop when the road is blocked. Walkers soon arrive, forcing the group onto a roof of walker surrounded building where they argue about their situation only to notice a figure on the building opposite to them watching them.

Clementine covers Javier as he goes to investigate only to end up wrestling with a stranger named Jesus. Clementine intervenes by pointing her gun at Jesus, forcing him to capitulate. Jesus reveals Kate and Eleanor are heading into a trap in Richmond as it is controlled by The New Frontier. Clementine is disturbed by this.

In a flashback, Clementine and AJ become trapped in a deserted bus. They encounter Ava, who desires them to come meet her group: the New Frontier. In the present, Clementine reveals to Javier that she was indeed a member of the New Frontier. After encountering a group of walkers in a subway tunnel, the group pushes their way to a train, Clementine holding the door so Javier can block it as the others flee. Just as they go to escape, Conrad pulls a gun on Clementine having heard what they were talking about and takes Gabe as a hostage. He brings it up that if they have Clementine with them they can use her a bargaining chip for Eleanor and Kate, Javier must make a choice:

Shooting Conrad: If Javier decides to shoot Conrad to protect Gabe, Clementine will thank Javier for not giving her up but reveals she must leave them in order to avoid The New Frontier.

Surrendering Clementine: If Javier agrees to surrender Clementine over to Conrad, she will grow hostile towards him. After meeting up with the rest of the group, Tripp questions as to why Conrad has a gun pointed at Clementine's head. Javier or Conrad (Determinant) reveals that she was a member of the New Frontier. Once they find Kate and reach the gates of Richmond, the group encounters the New Frontier. Max recognizes Clementine and greets her only for the girl to reply by sticking her middle finger up at him.

"Above The Law"

If you Shot Conrad: Clementine doesn't appear until Javier and the others are travelling to the warehouse David sent them to. As Javier gets attacked with walkers and gets pushed to the ground, Clementine takes Javier's baseball bat and kills the two walkers that are attacking him. Javier tells Clementine that David is his brother and she is shocked.

If you Accepted The Plan: Clementine and the others get sent into quarantine where Jesus asks Clementine if she knows David, and she says that she does and that he isn't a good guy. Later, when Clementine and the others get kicked out of the New Frontier she takes a gun and a knife from the duffel bag, and everyone leaves to the area David told them to go to.

After Clementine saves Javier from the walkers, she explains her history with The New Frontier. A flashback appears with Clementine and AJ sneaking up on The New Frontier's camp due to AJ needing medicine. As Clementine grabs the needle and the vancomycin for AJ, Paul Lingard wakes up from his slumber, and he is stoned. Paul Lingard tells Clementine to put the drugs back.

Clementine injects AJ: He starts to cry and David, Ava and the others run over and Clementine gets caught.

Clementine put the drugs back: Ava catches Clementine with drugs before she can put them back. Clementine then tries to put the drugs back, but somebody grabs her and she drops and breaks them.

After these events, David kicks Clementine out of The New Frontier, and takes AJ away from Clementine causing Clementine to be very angry, and after Clementine either says goodbye for AJ, or spits in David's face, she leaves The New Frontier.

Back in the present, Clementine hugs Javier (Determinant) and Javier, Clementine, Tripp, Paul Monroe and Conrad (Determinant) all travel inside of the factory. After they all get inside of the factory, David comes to help Javier so he can help him get set up with a vehicle. As Javier either lets David in, or backs away, Clementine accuses David of him letting AJ suffer, but David tells everyone that AJ is alive, and that Paul Lingard knows where AJ is. Javier and the others hear Badger, Lonnie and Max so they go and ambush them. The three attempt to escape, David goes after Max, Javier goes after Badger, Clementine and Jesus go after Lonnie, but Lonnie gets away. If Javier killed Badger, Clementine will back him up against Jesus about the fact that Javier did what he had to do, and everyone but Jesus travels back into Richmond. Clementine is last seen going to Paul Lingard to find AJ.

"Thicker Than Water"

Clementine first appears in Paul Lingard's medical office, rummaging through a bag when she's startled by Javier who's entering. Clementine reveals she is looking for sanitary items, as she has started her period, but does not understand what it means. Javier can make her understand or not. Clementine offers to stitch up Javier's shoulder injury, showing her own scar, from "All That Remains". Clementine then has another flashback.

Kenny flashback

Clementine plays shadows with AJ as Kenny is busy getting firewood. They're attacked by a walker which Clementine quickly kills. Kenny will then have a talk about family, AJ and future plans with Clementine. He mentions how good of a mom figure she is, and that Rebecca would be proud of her. They discuss past events, and Kenny says that they can't survive out there waiting for Wellington to take them in, mentioning they should move on to Florida, saying they could use some company, especially AJ. Clem will have the option to say she loves him or hug him. Kenny will later play with them, making shadows.

Jane flashback

Clementine and Jane are shown clearing out the walkers. Clementine and Jane have a heart to heart discussion about life and AJ. Jane can save Clementine if the player fails to select the quick time events. Jane states that Carver and Kenny are just the same, dark past and nasty. Jane states to Clementine that she doesn't need her anymore, Clementine can say that she is family or does not need her. The trio walk off to the sunset, set thirteen months before the events of "Ties That Bind". 

The next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

A month shortly after her exile from the New Frontier and separation from AJ. Clementine is shown walking back to the trailer where she met Ava. Saddened and sympathetic of her situation, suddenly, Ava appears and hands her a bag of supplies as well a drawing that AJ made after Clem's departure. Regardless if Clem warms up to her or maintains her guard, Ava tells Clem that AJ will be safe in their care and tells her about a place Prescott where she can take refuge in, wishing her well before she herself returns back to Richmond.

In the present, Clementine finishes up Javier's wound, and he asks Clem if Lingard was passed out and attempts to wake up, after a while Lingard wakes up and tells Javier and Clem that he wants to die if David is being removed from his position. He tells Javier to euthanize him as he doesn't want to live anymore. If you agree to euthanize him, he will tell Clem where AJ is located. If you refuse, however, Lingard will cancel the deal, angering Clementine. After some time Gabe and Ava reunite with Javier and Clementine, the latter of which he's happy about.

The four return to the apartment. Back at the apartment, Gabe hands out guns to everyone, and the group plan on their next move. Gabe becomes headstrong and foolish, disregarding the fact he played a role in getting Javi hurt and disregarding other people's ideas all for the single-minded sake of going in, gun blazing and saving his father, repeatedly being shut down by Tripp, Kate and Javi. If Javier had killed Conrad in Episode 2, he'll spitefully lash out at Javi by revealing that he killed Conrad back at the subway, resulting in Tripp and Eleanor feeling angry and betrayed, never wanting to anything with Javi ever again. When they arrive, Gabe becomes problematic towards Javi, but backs down when Clem interferes. They get the truck and they later arrive at the town square.

Joan notices Javier, and invites him to speak publicly in front of the crowd. She reveals that she has had a conversation with Eleanor, with her revealing the group's plan - which she has either done intentionally or accidentally, depending if you killed Conrad or not back in "Ties That Bind - Part 2", and knows Javier's plan to take her out/rally the people against her, and commands two of the guards to bring out Ava and Tripp, which have been both captured.

She places an ultimatum on Javier - choose one of them to spare. Clint is reluctant, but stays silent after Joan defends her actions. After either choosing to spare Ava or Tripp, Joan betrays Javi's choice, and shoots the person you chose. Either Ava dies by being shot in the head, or Tripp dies by being shot in the neck.

Clint, after witnessing Tripp/Ava's death, attempts to resolve the conflict and urges to strike a deal with Javier - take David and the rest of his group out of there, and do not come back. Joan disagrees, but Clint forces her to cooperate. David, enraged, tells Javier to shoot Joan. At this point, the player is presented with a choice, negotiate and accept the deal, or shoot Joan dead. Either choice will result in a shootout.

After Javier managing to find Clementine and take cover, Kate contacts him on the walkie-talkie and asks what is happening at Javi's location. She asks if she can come, and regardless of the player's choice, she will proceed to drive the truck towards them. A Richmond guard throws a smoke bomb at Javier and Clementine, making them come out of their cover. If Conrad did not die in Ties That Bind - Part 2 and Above the Law, he helps Javier with the guard, shooting him. Kate appears with the truck, as another guard throws a molotov cocktail at the truck's engine. As the smoke bomb reduces Kate's vision and the fire from the molotov spreading, she begins to uncontrollably maneuver the truck, driving towards the group. If Javier does not manage to evade the truck in time and has saved Conrad, Conrad will sacrifice to save Javi, being hit by the truck. Kate then crashes into a fence, as gas starts leaking out of the truck. The truck explodes, and the fence has been broken, letting dozens of walkers inside. Clementine, Javier and Conrad watch in horror as the screen cuts to black.

"From The Gallows"

Clementine appears right where the previous episode left off. She and Javi are looking at Kate's crashed van and walkers are beginning to enter through the hole in the wall. Clementine runs off to find Gabe. When she finds Gabe, she teaches him the knee trick Jane tought her and Gabe says she's a good teacher. They then meet up with Javi, Kate and David and take shelter in an apartment building.

After Javier, David and Gabe have an argument, David, Gabe and Clementine go check the other entrances in the apartment building to make sure they are secure. When they are finished, they meet up with Javi and Kate in one of the rooms. Clementine and the group then witness David lose control again. David breaks Fern's arm, disarming her, and shoots Rufus (Determinant). He then almost shoots Fern, but is stopped by Gabe. David shotly afterwards, walks away angry. Javi goes after him, while Clementine and the rest stay behind and wait for David to cool down. While waiting for this to happen, Clementine and the group run into Tripp or Ava (Determinant). After they are done waiting, they go up to the roof and meet up with David and Javi. On the roof, they figure out that the walkers have taken over Richmond and that the only way to stop them is to fix the hole in wall. They figured they could do this by using the construction vehicles over by the motor pool at the water tower. Clementine and the group then uses a fire escape to gain access to roofs that lead to a highway overpass. The highway overpass is how they will get to the water tower. 

The group walk on the overpass until they come across some blockage. The overpass is completely blocked and the only way to get around the blockage is to walk across a narrow ledge. If you chose Tripp in the previous episode, all will make it across the ledge except Ava. Ava will get pushed off the ledge by a walker. Clementine will show remorse for her now deceased friend or old acquaintance (Determinant) then her and the group carry on. They then discover a helicopter crash on the overpass. The crash resulted in the overpass having a large, uncrossable gap. Gabe goes to look down the gap, but is pulled away by David because Gabe is too close to the edge. Gabe shrugs him off and walks away. Clementine will then talk to Javier about how Gabe doesn't know that David is just looking out for him. She will then ask if David really thought he was helping AJ by letting him go. David will then enter the conversation saying that AJ was a brat. He reveals that AJ lived with him after they kicked Clemintine out. He says he gave AJ away because they had a bad winter that killed all their crops. David couldn't leave Richmond, but AJ couldn't stay. So David gave him to Lingard and told him to do whatever it took to save AJ's life. David will then say how much he misses that brat. Javier will then come up with the idea to use the propeller of the helicopter to swing across to the other side of the gap, one by one. Everyone will cross perfectly fine, until the Javier. The propeller breaks and Javier barley crosses the gap alive. If you chose Ava in the previous episode, Tripp will be left on the other side of the gap, since he went last, with no way to cross. He will try to fight off the walkers, but they eventually push him off the overpass, losing his life in the process.

Clementine and the group finally reach the water tower and they hop down on to it. They see that the area where the construction vehicles are is covered with walkers. Gabe comes up with the idea to use the generator in the area below to distract the walkers and sneak past them. The only problem is how to get to the generator. This is when Clementine teaches the group that covering yourself in walker guts allows you to walk among them, undetected. Clementine and the group nominate Javier to do it and he does, successfully. They all make it into the garage and look for the right vehicle. David wants to take the truck so they can leave Richmond and Kate wants to take the construction vehicle to save Richmond. The whole group becomes divided and then Kate says that she is done with David and depending on Javier's choice, she will kiss Javier in front of David or say that she can't even believe she ever loved him or Javier. Either way will result in David growing violent and then begins to fight Jaiver. Javier will then either fight back or tell David that he loves him. (Determinant) As David is about to kill Javier, Clementine will either point a gun at his head or shoot him in the shoulder, either choice will have David stop. No matter the choice David will take Gabe and drive away with him. They find a motorcycle to go after Gabe with, but Kate says she has to go now and save Richmond. So Javier and Clemintine have a choice. 

Depending on your previous choices, Clementine will do the following:

If you accept Ava's offer and inject AJ, your Clem will be loyal and she will follow Javi's lead.

If you accept Ava's offer and obey them with AJ, your Clem will be understanding and will go after Gabe.

If you reject Ava's offer and inject AJ, your Clem will be levelheaded and will go wherever Javi doesn't. 

If you reject Ava's offer and obey them with AJ, your Clem will be forgiving and will, again, go after Gabe. 

If you reject Ava's offer, inject AJ and spit in David's face, your Clem will be cold and will go with Kate.

If you reject Ava's offer, obey them with AJ and spit in David's face, your Clem will be honest and will, again, go wherever Javi doesn't. 

If you accept Ava's offer, inject AJ and spit in David's face, your Clem will be bold and will, again, follow Javi's lead. 

If you accept Ava's offer, obey them with AJ and spit in David's face, your Clem will be just and will, again, go with Kate.

The next part is determined by your choice as Javier:

Go with Kate:

With Clem: Javier and Clementine shoot walkers with guns while Kate drives a bulldozer. On the way to the gate they encounter Jesus. Javier jumps into the busket of the bulldozer and is lifted up to the top of the gate, where he presses the button and opens the gate. After that Jesus' group decides to get walkers which managed to get inside into one large group and lead them out, while Javi's group decides to plug to breach to stop more walkers from entering. When Javi's gun is out of ammo he changes positions with Kate and uses the truck from "Thicker Than Water" to plug the breach. They meet Jesus after that and Kate stays behind, while Javier and Clementine go after Gabe and David. They discover their car overrun, David dead and Gabe nearby, bitten on the wrist. While they say goodbye to him, Gabe gives Clem his cards to teach AJ euchre and then depeding on the endings of season 2, Clem kisses Gabe (if you went with Jane), hugges him twice (if you went with Kenny), holds his hand and tells him to be strong for whatever comes next (if you went alone) or says that him dying is wrong and that he deserved better (if you went to Wellington). Javier then has the choice to give the gun to Gabe so he can kill himself or Javier can shoot Gabe himself.

Without Clem: Clementine takes the motorcycle and leaves Javi and Kate behind. Clementine will then save Gabe from a crowd of walkers, but is unable to save David. She then will comes back to Richmond with a slightly injured, non-bitten Gabe and informs Kate and Javier of David's death. Javi and Kate then go to the place where he died.

Go after Gabe:

With Clem: Javier and Clementine go on the motorcycle and eventually find their car, with both Gabe and David inside and alive. Javier tells Clementine to kill walkers from the David's side while he does the same from Gabe's. They manage to save both of them. After talking to David, David decides to part ways with everyone since he can't change. Javier can chose to convince him to go back (depeding on your relationship with David, he says that he won't do it (he comes back later anyway) or disagrees, (resulitng in the keep walking choice) or to keep walking, leaving David's fate unknown. Others go back to Richmond, where they meet Jesus. With the help of Gabe, Javier pushes the button on the top of the gate to open it. After that Javier, Clementine and Gabe start looking for Kate, eventually finding her as walker. Javier will then either choose to shoot her or leave her as walker.

Without Clem: Clementine goes with Kate and plugs up the hole, but during that time Clementine loses Kate. Javier will return with Gabe and Jesus and she informs them that she has lost sight of Kate. Nobody is able to find her, making Kate's fate unknown, but for the characters she is presumed dead.

The next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

Three days later. If Lingard is alive, he tells Javi and Clem the location of AJ. After that Javi chats with Clem while giving her a haircut. If Gabe is alive, she says that she will miss him and if Javier says that Gabe has a crush on her, she will blush and confirm that she has a crush on him too. After that he can choose to tell her to leave AJ alone if he's happy or take him back to Richmond. After saying goodbye to Javi and survivors of Garcia family, she leaves Richmond. After credits shows a scene of Clem going from the train tunnel from "Ties That Bind - Part 2", while killing walkers. She says that she will find AJ.

Season 4

"Done Running"

Over the years, Clementine has cared for Alvin Jr. greatly. She taught him how to read, how to shoot a gun and how to handle walkers with her. They stayed on a ranch for a while but left, taking a car and driving across America. In the car, Clementine tried to put Alvin Jr. off his hunger by playing with a Disco Broccoli toy and giving him a magazine to read; she even fed him crisps.

The two eventually came to an abandoned train station. They broke in to search for food where they found two walkers tied to a chair, the couple having killed themselves with a desire to be left alone. Clementine either kills the two walkers to get the keys to the storage room or respects their wish by having the smaller AJ crawl inside instead. (Determinant) However, a door trips a jerry-rigged grenade, the resulting explosion destroying most of the food and attracting walkers. Clementine rescues Alvin Jr. and the two try to flee in the car. However, it is overrun by walkers, causing them to crash. Losing consciousness, Clementine sees a man kills the nearest walkers and take Alvin Jr. despite her pleas.

When she awakes, Clementine finds herself in a bedroom taped to a bed. She breaks free of her restraints, find a knife and begins a search for AJ.

"Suffer The Children"

Clementine appears in this episode.

"Broken Toys"

Clementine appears in this episode.

"Take Us Back"

Clementine will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Clementine has killed:

  • Sandra (Caused, Zombified)
  • Stranger (Determinant)
  • Lee Everett (Indirectly Caused; Out of Mercy, To Prevent Reanimation, Determinant)
  • Omid (Indirectly Caused)
  • Winston (Caused)
  • Father (Zombified)
  • Sam (Accidental; Caused, Assumed, Determinant) (Accidental; Caused, Out of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Beth (Zombified)
  • Matthew (Caused, Determinant)
  • Nick (Indirectly Caused in "A House Divided") or (Zombified, Out of Mercy in "Amid The Ruins")
  • Alvin (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Reggie (Indirectly Caused)
  • William Carver (Caused)
  • Sarita (Caused, Determinant; Zombified, Out of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Sarah (Caused, Determinant) (Caused, Accidental, Determinant)
  • Rebecca (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Natasha (Zombified)
  • Luke (Caused, Accidental, Determinant) (Indirectly Caused, Determinant; Caused, Determinant)
  • Bonnie (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Jane (Caused, Determinant) (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Jane's Unborn Child (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Kenny (Determinant) (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Rufus (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Eli (Accidental)
  • Bandit 3 (Determinant)
  • Francine (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Bandit 2 (Assumed, Determinant)
  • Chris (Zombified)
  • Paul Lingard (Caused, Out of Mercy, Before Reanimation, Determinant)
  • Tripp (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Brody (Zombified, Out of Mercy)
  • Marlon (Indirectly Caused)
  • Ms. Martin (Zombified)
  • Yonatan
  • Abel (Caused, Alive; Out of Mercy, Determinant)
  • Michael (Determinant)
  • Armando (Determinant)
  • Dorian (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • James (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Lilly (Caused, Determinant)
  • Many unnamed members of the New Frontier (1 Zombified, Determinant) (1, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.

Non-Canon Deaths

Season 1

If Lee fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Clementine to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Clementine can die.

"A New Day"

"Long Road Ahead"

"No Time Left"

Season 2

If Clementine fails to complete a certain objective, it is possible for her to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and will result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Clementine can die.

"All That Remains"

"A House Divided"

"In Harm's Way"

"Amid The Ruins"

"No Going Back"

Season 3

If Javier/Clementine fails to complete a certain objective, it is possible for her to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and will result in a game over. Javier/Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Clementine can die.

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

"Above The Law"

"Thicker Than Water"

"From The Gallows"

Season 4

If Clementine fails to complete a certain objective, it is possible for her to be killed. These deaths are non-canon and will result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Clementine can die.

"Done Running"

"Suffer The Children"

"Broken Toys"


Alvin Jr.

"l love you, Goofball. I love you."
—Clementine to AJ. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine is saddened when she thinks the baby died in labour, but when the baby is revealed to be alive, she warmly smiles to the new born baby and gathers around him along with the others. Later that night, Rebecca offers her to take the baby, because they are family, to which Clementine can choose to accept or decline. If Clementine accepts Rebecca's offer, she is seen smiling as she rocks the baby. When the group decides to leave the observation deck and is ambushed by Arvo's group, Clementine has an option to tell Arvo that they have a baby, showing that she is very protective towards the newborn.

In "No Going Back", Clementine has the option of rescuing Alvin Jr. after the Russian group ambushes them. If she fails to do so, Luke will rescue him instead. Later in the episode, Kenny hands the baby to Clementine in order for him to search the power station. As AJ starts crying, Clementine will be able to calm him down with multiple methods, showing that the two are starting to build a connection. Later as the group rest at the power station, Kenny takes care of AJ away from the fire, and Clementine can invite Kenny to return to the fire in order to keep the baby warm, showing her care for AJ. Further on, at the unfinished house, before Clementine goes outside to help Kenny, she will turn towards AJ showing her concern for him, but Jane reassures her that she will look after him. Later when Clementine returns, she finds Jane and AJ in a different room and AJ begins crying. Clementine will pick him up and he will instantly quieten down, further enforcing their growing connection. Clementine will then feed AJ but become worried that they are running out of baby formula. After the events of the blizzard, Clementine arrives at a rest area to find Kenny, and the two quickly worry about where AJ and Jane were. When Jane arrives without AJ, the two of them appear shocked and horrified, with Clementine requesting what Jane had done to him. Later after the fight between Kenny and Jane, Clementine will hear AJ crying from afar, and will instantly dash to find him. As she does so, she quickly picks him up and cuddles him, further proving their bond. No matter what options Clementine chooses, it is possible that Clementine had a thought that AJ would become her half-brother, that is also hinted by Kenny. Clementine will be with AJ at the end of the episode.

In Season 3, Clementine is shown to be very protective of AJ. Clementine takes a liking and gives him the name Goofball. Clementine care for AJ deeply, even considering him as her own son, as this was proven in Above the Law. When AJ was taken, Clementine makes her mission to find him.

Lee Everett

"I used to have Lee. (...) He took care of me for awhile. Every time I would look at AJ, I could hear him in my head... Helping me, guiding me."
—Clementine to Ava about Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Lee's affection towards Clementine was readily obvious the moment he met her. While their relationship starts off as nothing more but a helpful stranger and a little girl, the bond strengthens over the course of the episodes. When they first meet, Clementine saves Lee's life. As Clementine is the closest person to Lee in the apocalypse, both of them came to form a symbiotic relationship, Lee seeing Clementine as a daughter of his own while Clementine considering Lee as her guardian, and later on as a father. Lee protects her no matter what, even when his own life is at risk. However, the relationship eventually takes a toll for the worse when it was revealed that Clementine had been secretly communicating with the stranger on her walkie-talkie. The act of hers has greatly strained the relationship between the two. Although Lee still cares about her, Clementine starts to show slight distrust towards him, sometimes by taking matters into her own hands, ultimately abandoning him to reach the Stranger, who supposedly has her parents. Their relationship is improved however when the two reunite at the Marsh House after Lee saves her from the Stranger. The two end on a warm but emotional note, as Clementine, in tears, is forced to either leave Lee to reanimate or shoot him.

Lee is without a doubt Clementine's greatest influence throughout the series, and his legacy and advice, along with his decisions, went on with her, Clementine able to affectionately reminisce that Lee taught her how to survive when speaking to Luke. Clementine still keeps her photo of Lee with her, indicating she misses him very much. When Kenny mentions that he half-expected Lee to walk up next to her in "A House Divided", she becomes visibly saddened by the memory. Clementine can express survivor's guilt to Kenny and Luke through certain dialogue options, stating that she feels she's to blame for Lee's death, though Kenny assures her Lee made a willing choice. In "In Harm's Way", Clementine can also tell the group of how Lee rescued her from the Marsh House using zombie guts to get the two through a large zombie herd. In "Amid The Ruins", Clementine can mention Lee's love of the American Civil War while in the museum. Jane also comments on her shorter haircut, calling it "smart". Clementine can mention it was Lee who gave her the haircut. In "No Going Back", Clementine can again mention Lee or have Lee mentioned to her by Kenny. After being shot and rendered unconscious, Clementine will dream about Lee during the RV ride in "Long Road Ahead".

If Clementine went with Jane, she can pick Lee as a middle name for AJ, while stating that he would've loved AJ. Also, while Clementine and Ava are talking about people who they needed to rely on, Clementine talks about how every time she looked at AJ, she could hear Lee in her head helping, and guiding her. Also, during a flashback if Clementine left Wellington with Kenny (Determinant), Clementine talks about how being around Lee made her feel part of a family, showing that Clementine indeed viewed Lee as her family.


"Clementine? Baby, if you hear this, call the police. That's 9-1-1. We love you... we love you... we love y-"
—Diana to Clementine over a voice message.[src]

Diana is Clementine's mother. Although their relationship was not explored, it can be inferred that they had a stable relationship, due to Diana calling Clementine in a desperate attempt to warn her to call the police and Clementine's desire to find her parents throughout Season 1. Clementine was saddened when she discovered that her parents were walkers.


"My dad gave it to me."
—Clementine to Lee about her hat.[src]

Ed is Clementine's father. Although their relationship was not explored, it can be inferred that they had a stable relationship, due to Clementine's desire to find her parents throughout Season 1. It can be further implied that they had a positive relationship as Ed had given Clementine his hat for her to keep while he and Diana travelled to Savannah. Clementine was saddened when she discovered that her parents were walkers.


"AJ will be safe with me. I'll take great care of him. I promise."
—Clementine promising to Kenny she will look after AJ. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine met Kenny and his family near the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, and the two instantly show a degree care towards each other.

Throughout Season 1, the two are hardly ever seen together, though Kenny states that he cares about Clementine as much as he does for his family.

Kenny takes on a larger role with Clementine in Season 2, frequently showing concern for her though retaining his harsh temper at several moments. Through her dialogue, Clementine can either show care and confidence in Kenny or mistrust and disdain.

Despite his words of considering her family, when Clementine is kidnapped by The Stranger, Kenny's choice of whether or not to look for her largely depends on Lee himself and their relationship, especially whether or not Lee tried to save Duck at the farm, defended Duck in the pharmacy, gave food to him or his family, shot the woman on the street, and generally cooperated or went against Kenny's wishes. If Lee was agreeable and friendly with Kenny, he will show a more neutral and concerned attitude. If Lee was disagreeable or hostile with Kenny, he will say he hopes he finds her but will berate Lee for his perceived attitude against him and state that neither he nor Clementine is his problem.

In "All That Remains", it is revealed that Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Kenny and his family, clearly showing that she misses them very much. She can choose to burn the picture or keep it at the campfire, though it is inevitably lost along with the rest of her belongings.

When Kenny and Clementine finally reunite in "A House Divided", it is clear that they have a strong friendship from their time together and is willing to trust the group based on her opinion, as well as surrendering to Carver when he threatens Clementine. It is also shown that he may even think of Clementine as his own child, demonstrated when he accidentally refers to Clementine as his son, Duck, which causes Clementine to worry about his mental health. Sarita asks Clementine if Kenny has "always been this way" after he snaps at her, and Clementine's optional response can show her fondness or lack thereof for him. If Clementine suggests searching Bonnie for weapons, Kenny will support her.

During the events of "In Harm's Way", Kenny shows his protectiveness and trust toward Clementine. He entrusts her with the vital tasks in order to escape and selflessly takes the blame for the stolen radio in order to protect her, which makes Carver beat Kenny. This causes him to lose the use of his left eye in the process. He doesn't blame Clementine for his injuries and told her that it wasn't her fault, and tells her not to blame herself either.

In "Amid The Ruins", Kenny's friendship with Clementine becomes greatly strained after Sarita's death. Kenny acts aggressive towards Clementine, blaming her for causing Sarita's death (regardless if you did or did not cut off Sarita's forearm) and loses his temper towards her. Clementine becomes emotionally hurt though it makes her worried for Kenny's mental health due to the severe losses around him. After isolating himself from the others, whether ending Sarita's suffering (if Clementine did not cut off her arm) or wanting to be alone, Clementine can either get through Kenny telling him that she needs him or can stand up to him saying that he's not the only one that's lost people, saying that she lost her parents or that she had to shoot Lee, and tells Kenny not be an asshole, this will cause Kenny to angrily exit the tent saying that he can't even look at her, showing slight anger and hostility towards each other. Later Kenny forgives Clementine though would never forget her actions.

During "No Going Back", Kenny (close to tears) apologizes to Clementine for the way he reacted to her during "Amid The Ruins" over Sarita's death. Later on, he lets her treat his eye wound after refusing to let Bonnie do it, showing he still trusts Clementine more than the others in the group. Later that night, while at the power station, after Kenny decides to take the first watch, Clementine joins him and Kenny starts to reminisce about his life with Katjaa and Duck and how much he misses them. He also comments on whether or not Clementine had a drink of rum with Jane and states that he thinks that Jane is a bad influence on Clementine, or that he asked Clementine not to have a drink, showing the fatherly protectiveness he has over Clementine. He also mentions Wellington and asks Clementine if she believes it is a good idea or not; agreeing that it is will cause him to be more confident in his decision, though disagreeing will cause him to nearly show anger at her, stating he "needs her loyalty".

Near the end of "No Going Back", during the vicious fight between Kenny and Jane, he will shove Clementine aside, similar to Jane, if she attempts to stop him. Clementine has the option of either defending Jane, Kenny, or neither during their fight, though in the end Kenny will tackle Jane and attempt to stab her, during which Clementine can either shoot him, look away, or do nothing. If Clementine decides to shoot Kenny, he will tell her that she made the right choice. Clementine tearfully looks at him, and hold his hand before he passes away. If Clementine looks away then shoots Kenny afterwards, she will leave their bodies upon hearing AJ's crying. If Clementine doesn't shoot Kenny and allows him to kill Jane, Kenny tries to console a very shaken Clementine, though the two hear AJ's crying and reunite with him, proceeding on to Wellington. This leads to two outcomes:

If Clementine chooses to stay in Wellington: Kenny begs for them to take Clementine and AJ in, showing he cares for her safety more than his own. As they say their last goodbyes, both of them start to break down in tears and embrace one last time. Kenny tells Clementine that he's glad to have met her, and then takes off on his own.

If Clementine refuses to stay in Wellington: She will tell Kenny that there is no way she would stay without him. Showing she has the same affections towards him as she had for Lee. As they were about to leave together, Kenny looks at Clementine and says "You're as stubborn as a damn mule." To which Clementine replies: "Yeah? Wonder where I got that from?" The three then leave Wellington, walking down the road and out of sight.

In "Ties That Bind - Part 1", if Clementine chooses to be with Kenny, after a couple of years after leaving Wellington, Kenny is teaching her how to drive as they're heading down south. Clementine ends up crashing and breaking Kenny's legs. Clementine desperately tries to help him as walkers went after AJ. Kenny tells her to leave him and to look after AJ. Clementine, heartbroken, runs away with AJ.

In 'Thicker Than Water', Clementine will have a flashback about Kenny. The two will have a talk about future plans and about family. Clementine will have the option to hug him, say that he is family or that she loves him, showing Clementine might see him as a father.


"I'm... I'm so sorry."
—Clementine finding Jane as a walker (Determinant).[src]

Clementine initially felt hostility from Jane due to her scaring her, though Jane later compliments Clementine on what she did during the mission.

After escaping Howe's, their relationship begins to grow, Jane helping Clementine escape the herd. Further, Jane gives Clementine advice on survival, as well as a brief conversation about her past, implying she trusts Clementine enough to share useful survival tactics, showing that Jane wants Clementine to survive.

Towards the later parts of the episode, if Clementine asks Jane to rescue Sarah, she will do so, although hesitantly. However, if Clementine chooses to neither pull Jane up or ask her to rescue Sarah, Jane will drop down and attempt to rescue Sarah regardless, revealing that Clementine has had an effect on Jane's view of grouping together. Jane will be genuinely sorry for Sarah's death, apologising to Clementine for her failure. Before Jane leaves that night, the two share a conversation, and Jane continues to give Clementine final pieces of advice as well as offering her the nail file she discovered earlier, which Clementine can accept or decline. As Jane departs, Clementine will sit down and watch her exit the observation deck, and she will become visibly saddened by her departure.

After Jane rejoins the group, Jane mentions to Clementine "90% of the reason she came back" was because of her. At the power station, the two will can have a conversation during which Jane shows insight into her past. This personal conversation further proves that the two are very close and open to revealing their past. Jane continues to show a great deal of concern for Clementine, especially when she falls into the frozen river near the unfinished house. Within the house, the two have another conversation with Jane giving Clementine advice about Kenny, showing her concern for Clementine's safety from him in the future. Later on, Jane lies about the baby's death, which sends Kenny into a fit of homicidal rage. The two fight and Clementine can either choose to kill Kenny to protect Jane or let Kenny kill her. If saved by Clementine, she will be extremely remorseful about lying to Clementine, but the reason that it was "the only way she could show who Kenny really was". Clementine has the option to forgive or to not forgive Jane. If forgiven, the two venture back to Howe's and begin a camp there, the two content with their friendship. However, if she is not forgiven, Clementine walks away from Jane, ignoring her pleas for her to stay.

If Clementine went with Jane, they appear at Howes she inks AJ's name on Clem's hand they talk about a few things like Jane being sick and the family that stolen supplies from them. Clementine will find Jane and is horrified to see that she killed herself and was heartbroken to find out she was pregnant. Clementine can choose to put Jane down or leave her as a walker.


"I have to look for Christa."
—Clementine to Luke about Christa. (Determinant)[src]

When Christa first meets Clementine, she takes an immediate liking to her and becomes a sort of motherly figure after Carley dies. Although she may have disagreed with Lee on how he watched over Clementine, Christa always tried to protect her and displayed a great amount of concern for her welfare, going so far as to offer to take care of her in Lee's absence. Later in "All That Remains", she is seen as having helped take over the role of guardian alongside Omid, yet it appears that their relationship is strained after he is killed with Clementine's gun. When seen, later on, she appears to be more concerned about Clementine's ability to take care of herself and constantly worries about her safety. Clementine is dismayed about Christa's fate after they are separated after the attack in the woods and wants to find her. During "A House Divided, Clementine can ask to Carver and Matthew if they have seen Christa, and is sadden to hear they haven't. Also, she can tell Luke she wants to find her friend. When she reunites with Kenny, when she tells how Christa got lost and that "she's gone", she sounds really sad. In the finale, "No Going Back, if Clementine supports the idea of going north, to find Wellington, she will tell the group her friend Christa talked to her about it. If Clementine leaves with Kenny and the baby AJ to Wellington, she can ask Edith if Christa is there, but is saddened to know no one named like that is living there.


"I used to make my babysitter, Sandra, play a game that we were secret sisters. It was... stupid kid stuff."
—Clementine to Jane about wanting a sister. (Determinant)[src]

Sandra and Clementine are never seen interacting each other, and their relationship is unknown aside from Sandra's job as her babysitter. Also during "Amid The Ruins" when Jane is talking about her sister, Jaime, Clementine states that she would pretend that her and her babysitter were "secret sisters".


"That little girl is a puzzle."
—Katjaa to Lee about Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Katjaa and Clementine meet on Hershel's farm and quickly become friends. Katjaa shows concern about Clementine's well-being on numerous occasions and looks after her fairly often, along with Duck. When Lee volunteers to shoot Duck to end his suffering, Katjaa agrees with him so that Clementine doesn't have to see it happen. Katjaa's death affected Clementine, and she fell into a temporary depressed state. In Season 2, it is revealed that Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Katjaa and her family, indicating that she misses them to an extent. Clementine can also share her opinion of Katjaa when talking to Kenny at the power station in No Going Back stating that she really liked her and was one of the nicest people she'd ever met.


"I miss Duck too...he was a good friend.. and I haven't had too many of them."
—Clementine to Kenny, about Duck. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Duck become friends through the zombie apocalypse. They get along for the most part and play with one another as children typically do. Clementine occasionally pulls pranks on Duck, such as when she put a bug on Duck's pillow When Clementine finds out Duck is bitten, she becomes dispirited and finds comfort in Lee. After Duck's death, Clementine clearly misses him, shown by her drawing of him and his family, while in "No Time Left", Clementine stills remembers the death of Duck. In "All That Remains" when Clementine is searching the cabin for medical supplies, Clementine has the option of looking at a portrait of a duck, to which she will whisper Duck's name with a sad tone in her voice, making it clear that the death of her friend still upsets her greatly. In Season 2, it is revealed that Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Duck and his family, indicating that she misses them very much. She also becomes saddened in "A House Divided" when a recently-returned Kenny mistakenly refers to her as 'Duck'. When Clementine is dreaming, she sees Duck in his mother's arms and admits to Lee that she feels bad for calling him a crybaby.


"Here, you can have some too, for your walkie-talkie."
—Carley giving batteries to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Carley and Clementine seemed to have had a close friendship and she was a motherly figure to Clementine. In A New Day, she worries for Clementine, as Lee, a convicted murderer before the apocalypse, is taking care of her. Carley trusts Lee in taking care of Clementine and tells Lee not to make her wrong on it. In "Starved For Help", Carley gives Clementine batteries for her walkie-talkie. After Carley was shot by Lilly, Clementine, having witnessed her murder, will become distraught and sink into a temporary depressed state. When Lee tells Clementine that Duck was bitten, Clementine asks whether Carley will come back as a walker. Lee can then decide what to tell her.


"It was a guy called Doug. He was sweet. He helped protect the group"
—Clementine talking to Violet about how Lilly had killed Doug. (Determinant)[src]

Doug seemed to care for Clementine, despite the fact they rarely talked on screen. Doug mentioned that he liked Clementine and vice versa. Doug is seen to care for Clementine, as he asked Lee how she was after they left the St. John's Dairy Farm. Doug also gives her batteries for her walkie-talkie. Clementine also mentioned that Doug was "cool". After Doug was shot by Lilly, Clementine, having witnessed his death, will become distraught and sink into a temporary depressed state. When Lee tells Clementine that Duck was bitten, Clementine asks whether Doug will come back as a walker. Lee can then decide what to tell her. Clementine speaks warmly about Doug in Suffer The Children, showing that they had a good relationship while he was alive.


"Hey there, this is Glenn and uh, I'm kinda in a jam here. Uh, little girl, if you're there, can you put your daddy on the phone? Or on the talkie, or whatever?"
—Glenn asking Clementine for help.[src]

Glenn is kind and caring to Clementine, as shown when he risks himself to save her and the others when they are surrounded by walkers. In the pharmacy, Glenn defends her and the others from Lilly and Larry, stating that he couldn't bring himself to leave her out there for the walkers. Later on, Glenn contacts Clementine with her walkie-talkie and asks her for help in a friendly manner.


"Is Mark going to be okay?"
—Clementine voicing her concern for Mark to Lee. (Determinant)[src]

As a good friend of Lee's, it is assumed that Mark cares for Clementine as well. When Lee pushes Clementine on the swing, Clementine asks if Mark will be okay, showing her concern for him, to which Lee replies that he got lucky and it could have been more worse. Clementine then asks if Lee will find the people who hurt Mark, and tells Lee to be as lucky as Mark. After finding out that Mark's legs were chopped off by the St. Johns, Clementine is horrified by what happened to Mark and feels extremely guilty if she ate part of his legs.

Ben Paul

"Ben's nice. He's my friend. We don't leave friends behind. That's my vote."
—Clementine giving her vote to the group about Ben being able to stay or not. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Ben were seen to have a stable relationship. She has called Ben her friend and says that he's nice. He also calls her his only friend. However, when the two of them are surrounded by walkers in "Around Every Corner", he abandons her. However, she bids no ill will towards him and voted for him to be allowed to stay in the group after his confession of giving supplies to the bandits. If Lee chose to remind Ben that Clementine voted for him to stay in the group, Ben is willing to go along on the search for Clementine, stating that he owes it to her.


"She'll die a little girl if you treat her like one. You gotta consider her a living person. That's it. You're either living or you're not. You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong or smart. You're alive."
—Chuck, giving Lee advice on taking care of Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

While not seen interacting with her much, Chuck seemed to care about Clementine. He gave her candy when they first met and advised Lee on how to properly care for her. After Duck was killed, he told Clementine that she would meet a similar fate, trying to prepare her for the harsh world she would have to live in. Chuck mentions that if he sees another little girl get eaten, that might destroy Chuck's sanity and will to live. After the group arrived in Savannah, he risked, and ultimately gave, his life to save her after she was surrounded by walkers.


"I wish Omid was here."
—Clementine to Christa about Omid. (Determinant)[src]

Omid seems to have taken an immediate liking to Clementine, as seen when he introduces himself in a friendly manner when they first met on the bridge. Clementine seems to like Omid due to his optimism and his sense of humour. She allows him to swear openly (unlike with Lee, whom she calls on swearing every time). Lee even has the option to mention this to Omid on the hospital rooftop in Savannah. If Clementine wants the baby to be named Omid, Christa will say that Clementine always agrees with him. When Clementine was held hostage by Michelle, Omid attempted to save her, only to get shot in the chest. While Christa cradles Omid's body, Clementine breaks down in tears. Sixteen months later, Clementine states that she misses Omid.


"And you be sure to take care of that little girl. You know she thinks the world of you."
—Molly to Lee about Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Molly first meet near the docks of Savannah. When Clementine first sees her, she is about to bash Lee's face in with her ice pick. Clementine begs her not to hurt Lee, and Molly, awed by Clementine, lets Lee go Clementine was friendly towards Molly and said hi to her, treating her as a friend rather than a stranger. Molly, at first, wants to leave Clementine, Lee and Kenny for the walkers, but eventually decided against it when she is given "the puppy dog eyes" by Clementine. It can be assumed that Clementine and Molly bonded and got to know each other while on their way back to the mansion. When Lee brings Clementine along to Crawford, Molly tries to convince him not to and that it is a bad idea, showing she cared for Clementine's safety. Later; if Lee misses the shot, Clementine shoots a walker that grabbed Molly, in which Molly will praise Clementine's shooting skills. Before leaving on her own, Molly tells Lee to take care of Clementine, saying that she thinks the world of him.


"Just go. I'll keep her safe."
—Lilly to Lee about Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Although they are not seen interacting much, Lilly and Clementine seems to have a positive relationship. Lilly agrees to protect Clementine in the St. John's Dairy regardless of how she feels towards Lee. Kenny can remark that Clementine is one of the few people Lilly seems to care about after the meat locker incident. She is seen keeping Clementine company on Jolene's camera, and also gave Clementine her hairbands. Lilly's concern for Clementine's well-being is also one of the reasons she is extremely paranoid over medicine being stolen. In Season Two, in Clementine's dream, Lee will ask her if she would have left Lilly behind. The player can choose how to respond.

However, after reuniting in "Suffer The Children", their relationship has greatly changed, despite not having seen each other in years. Despite Lilly's changed, ruthless personality, she still cares for Clementine, as shown in their initial interaction in the episode and how Lilly is unable to bring herself to shoot Clementine during the raid despite her being the biggest obstacle to the raid's success. In Clementine's fight with Abel, much to his annoyance, he implies that Lilly wanted Clementine to work with them instead of killing her. Lilly compares Clementine to Lee, particularly in regard to her relationship to Alvin Jr., and warns her that she'll end up sharing Lee's fate if she doesn't abandon the boy; saying that Lee would still be alive had he abandoned her.


"I know who you are, and I don't give a shit about what happens to you, but if anything happens to my daughter or that little girl you got with you, you watch your ass!"
—Larry to Lee.[src]

Although they are not seen interacting much, Larry and Clementine seem to have a neutral relationship. At the motor inn, Larry warns Lee to be careful of him if anything happens to Clementine, showing that he cares for Clementine's well-being. Despite Larry's harsh and judgmental attitude, Clementine doesn't seem to dislike or hate him. Larry shows disgust when Andy St. John grabs her, and she is shocked when he collapsed in the meat locker. She is also horrified at Kenny's desires to kill him for fear of his reanimation. After Larry's head is smashed in by Kenny, Clementine is saddened by his death and cried. If Lee helps kill Larry and does not respond to Clem's doubts she will say she did not want him to die.

In Season 4, when talking about Lilly, she mentions Larry in passing. She refers to him as a 'racist' regardless of whether or not Lee said this, implying that she believes that Larry's disliking of Lee was racially motivated.


"I'd come back for you..."
—Clementine to Luke. (Determinant)[src]

Luke and Pete save Clementine from a walker attack in the woods near their cabin and bring her back to the group. Luke initially thinks Clementine's dog bite is a walker bite and acts in panic and distrust when he discovers it, though Pete and Clementine both convince him it is merely a dog bite when she meets the group. Like Pete, Luke is friendlier to Clementine than the others at first, but regrets being unable to help her or let her escape when she is locked in the shed. He reassures Clementine that he was on her side when the rest of the group discussed her bite. When her wound is treated, Luke brings her food and explains Nick's past and his actions, speaking to Clementine about her past as well. In "A House Divided", Luke shows a protective nature towards Clementine, evident when he shields her during Nick's and Matthew's confrontation, and again when she nearly slips climbing the ladder with Luke being ready to catch her. The same goes for Clementine towards Luke; when Luke almost falls from a bridge, Clementine tries to pull him up, though she can't reach him. Similarly, when Luke goes missing at the end of "A House Divided", Clementine has an option to ask Kenny about his whereabouts, showing that the two care for each other's safety. The two become closer in the episode "In Harm's Way", as evident by Clementine having the option of hugging Luke when they reunite.

During "Amid The Ruins", Clementine is continually friendly towards Luke. This can be seen when the two discover one another at the trailer park, as the two hug one another upon meeting. However, after Clementine discovers Luke and Jane after having a sexual encounter, Clementine can be angry with Luke for failing to be on the lookout for walkers. Nonetheless, their friendship is restored later during the events of "No Going Back". The two will often talk about past memories to one another, which is especially present at the power station where Clementine has the option of saying that she would return for Luke if he was ever left behind, and Luke returns the same compliment. Further, during the events on the frozen lake, Clementine becomes horrified as Luke nearly plunges into the lake and she will either attempt to help him or shoot the walkers approaching him. If she attempts to save him, both will plunge into the lake, and moments later, a walker will near Clementine only to be stopped by Luke, showing that he is willing to risk his safety for hers. However, the walker he pushes away clings onto his leg and drags Luke to his death, sacrificing himself to save Clementine. As Clementine escapes the lake, she is saddened and heartbroken for a while afterwards, blaming herself for his death.

If Clementine went with Jane, she can pick Luke as Aj middle name showing she still misses him.

Peter Joseph Randall

"You want to hear somethin' funny? I've been thinking, and I don't want to die. Never thought I'd be the kinda idiot to say somethin' like that, but there it is. I'm scared, Clementine. Jesus, I'm scared."
—Pete to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Luke and Pete save Clementine from a zombie attack in the woods near their cabin and bring her back to the group. Luke thinks Clementine's dog bite is a zombie bite and acts in panic and distrust when he discovers it, though Pete and Clementine both convince him it's merely a dog bite when she meets the group. Like Luke, Pete is friendlier to Clementine than the others at first but does not disagree with Carlos on locking Clementine in their shed, fearful of Carver's involvement. Nevertheless, he showed Clementine a certain level of trust, by trusting her words that it is not a walker bite. The next day, Pete takes Clementine and Nick fishing, appearing friendly to her and apologising for Rebecca's rudeness. If saved, Pete's condition rapidly deteriorates while the pair waits in the truck due to his bite. He confesses to Clementine his fear of dying and asks her to take care of Nick when he's gone. Realising that his fate is sealed, he offers to distract the walkers so Clementine can get back to the cabin. She either solemnly accepts this offer, leading to him repeatedly starting the truck's engine to get the zombies' attention, or insists that he accompany her, so he can say goodbye to Nick. Pete will begrudgingly go along with this, but regardless he will be unable to outrun the walkers and sacrifices himself for Clementine. She is visibly saddened at the sight of Pete's corpse the next day when the group arrives at the cigarette truck.


"Hey, Clem... I just wanted to say thanks... for not giving up on me."
—Nick to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Nick is initially very hostile towards Clementine when informed of her bite, still scarred by memories of his mother's death. His itchy trigger finger leads him to shoot at Clementine, which the group scolds him for though he later apologises. Clementine can either forgive him, remain indifferent, or chastise him over his attitude to her. (Determinant) If Clementine saves Nick, he will be angry as she could have saved his uncle Pete over himself. Later, if Clementine gives him Pete's watch, he is incredibly grateful for it. If Clementine watches out for Nick, he becomes extremely loyal, and protective of her. While they are caught in Carver's, Clementine talks about Luke leaving "them" behind, but Nick replays and says "us", showing how Nick is glad to have Clementine with him and the others and considering her part of the group. When Nick dies and reanimates after escaping Howe's, Clementine is shocked to find Nick as a walker and puts him down with her hatchet.


"And your dad protected you because he wanted you to live. He would still want that."
—Clementine to Sarah. (Determinant)[src]

Carlos initially seems rather indifferent to Clementine, explaining that he will not waste supplies on a lurker bite. However, once it is proven that the bite was indeed from a dog, he treats her wound as promised, though he resents the way that Clementine manipulated his daughter into giving her hydrogen peroxide. If Clementine apologises for this, Carlos will accept the apology and warn her not to make any more mistakes. If Clementine does not reply, he'll tell her that this may not matter to her but it matters to him. (Determinant) If Clementine tells Carlos that Sarah has to grow up some time or telling him he has no right to threaten her, he will respond by warning her that the one thing he knows for sure is that Clementine is not to be trusted.

Carlos soon accepts Clementine as a member of the group, tasking her with responsibilities such as looking after Sarah and gathering information on Kenny's group at the ski lodge. Carlos also shows concern for Clementine, suggesting she shoukdnt scout the bridge with Luke because of how dangerous it is and encouraging her to stay with the group after Carver meets Clementine at the cabin. He protected her when she ran out of bullets during the walker attack on the ski lodge and urged her to run to safety, and starts to informally address her as 'Clem'.

Carlos trusts Clementine by putting her in charge of Sarah and believes Clementine is capable of getting the radios, supporting her idea for the escape plan. When the group tries to escape Howe's Hardware, Clementine is shocked when Carlos is shot in the neck by one of the member's from Carver's community, and devoured by walkers.

After escaping Howe's, Clementine shows her respect towards Carlos by stating to Sarah that he died to keep Sarah safe and that he would still want that.


"You say that like it's so easy... Not everyone can be like you."
—Sarah to Clementine on her ability to stay strong despite her losses. (Determinant)[src]

Sarah's initial curiosity towards Clementine's sudden appearance at the cabin turns to excitement at the possibility of making Clementine her "best friend". Despite Clementine initially being put off by Sarah's childish nature, Sarah forms an attachment to Clementine. Clementine becomes loyal towards her, vouching for her trying to keep Carver out of the house and quickly covering for her for taking a photograph that Carver identified if Clementine tries to accept the blame.

During "In Harm's Way", Clementine looks after Sarah frequently, especially when she is forcibly separated from Carlos by Carver and his men. After Carver forces Carlos to smack Sarah as punishment for her talking over adults, Clementine comforts her and later has the option to help an upset Sarah with her gardening work. Sarah will also bravely stand up to Carver for the first time if he smacks Clementine, angrily telling him to leave her friend alone. After Carlos' death, Clementine is visibly worried as Sarah runs off into the herd of walkers but cannot do anything to stop her.

When Clementine and Jane find Luke and Sarah in the trailer park in "Amid The Ruins", Sarah responds to Clementine even after she would not respond to Luke. Clementine tells Sarah that she wants her to live, despite Jane's assertion that she will only pull the group down. Depending on the player's choice, Clementine can even slap her to get her to escape with the others. If Sarah is left behind, Clementine feels guilty and falls to her knees as she watches Sarah die, her last act being to call out Clementine's name in confusion.

If Sarah is saved, back at Parker's Run, when Sarah has a break with reality and believes that her father was not killed, Clementine is visibly concerned for her sanity.

After Sarah is pinned under the observation deck, Clementine can tell Jane to risk her life to helping Sarah. Sarah's death upsets Clementine greatly and she is shown to be melancholy, though she understands that nothing could have been done.


"You're a good kid, Clementine. I'm glad you'll be there to watch out for this baby. (Determinant)'"
—Rebecca to Clementine.[src]

Rebecca is initially extremely distrustful of Clementine from the beginning, even going so far as to tell Nick to shoot her as she lays unconscious before the cabin survivors. Though she initially seems more sympathetic to Clementine, suggesting that the group "put her out of her misery" for a potential walker bite and opposing the choice to cut her arm, she soon becomes hostile and distrusting, thinking Clementine was sent by Carver to find her, despite Clementine saying otherwise. She doesn't believe Clementine's claims of her bite being from a dog, or that she has no idea who Carver is. Even after the veracity of Clementine's claims is proven, Rebecca remains antagonistic, implying that the young girl won't be welcome for much longer. Clementine has the opportunity to let Rebecca know that she is aware of her baby's unknown paternity, to which Rebecca will respond by saying "I knew you were going to be a fucking problem."

Starting with "A House Divided", Rebecca apologises for her antagonistic behaviour and develops a much friendlier relationship with Clementine, including asking her for baby name ideas and saying Clementine reminds her of herself. Clementine later has the opportunity to develop a friendship with Rebecca further at the ski lodge, where Clementine can offer encouragement on Rebecca's ability to raise a baby in the apocalyptic world, and Rebecca, in turn, lets Clementine feel her baby's kicks. If Rebecca has not revealed her knowledge of the baby's unknown paternity, Rebecca will confide this to Clementine and express her fears of what Alvin would do if he found out.

Rebecca is relieved upon finding Clementine safe. After Rebecca successfully gives birth, she allows Clementine to hold her son, saying Clementine is family. Clementine is the first to notice that Rebecca has succumbed to hypothermia and is visibly shocked and saddened. Clementine has the choice either to put her down or to let Kenny do it. Later, when the group mourn over Rebecca's death in "No Going Back", Clementine is heartbroken. Further on, Kenny and Clementine will name Rebecca's child after Alvin, stating that it was what Rebecca and Alvin would have wanted.

If Clementine went with Jane, she can pick Rebecca as a middle name for Aj showing she still misses her.


"Everything that Alvin did, was for you and the baby.Back at Carver's, in the office, he stayed behind to stop the people chasing us. He died to keep us safe."
—Clementine to Rebecca about Alvin. (Determinant)[src]

Alvin is initially neutral to Clementine when they first meet but doesn't show any hostility to her, unlike his wife and Nick. Clementine can appeal to him during the group argument and he readily takes her side, and can also give Clementine juice and bandages if convinced to help her. He seems to be relatively friendly in his disposition to her, although Rebecca often cuts him off from verbally supporting Clementine. Their relationship is further explored during their journey to the mountains, where Alvin thanks Clementine for keeping food for Rebecca and expresses his gratitude that Clementine is with them. In the ski lodge, Alvin thanks Clementine for looking after Rebecca for him. After being taken a hostage, Clementine is shown to be worried for Alvin when he is dragged out by Carver to force Kenny to surrender and is saddened if is executed. Clementine also has the choice to save his life. Alternatively, he is taken to Carver's office and beaten into unconsciousness. Clementine is shown to be concerned for him and can tell Carver to let him go. When Clementine later sneaks into the office, she finds Alvin unconscious and tries to wake him up, to no avail. When she activates the PA system, Alvin regains consciousness and asks Clementine to look after Rebecca and their baby before buying time with his life to allow Clementine to escape. In "No Going Back", Kenny and Clementine will name Rebecca's child after Alvin, stating that it was what Rebecca and Alvin would have wanted.


"You can talk to me, Clem. There's almost nothing you could tell me that would surprise me. I promise you that."
—Walter to Clementine.[src]

Clementine and Walter hold a positive relationship after he allows her group to rest at the ski lodge. He takes a liking to Clementine due to the fact that she reminded him of his students back before the outbreak. He seems concerned about her and empathises on how difficult it must be to grow up in the apocalypse. The two came at odds when Walter found Matthew's survival knife in Clementine's backpack. Walter states that he knows Clementine's group killed Matthew but doesn't show outright anger towards Clementine, instead focusing on Nick, whom he suspects is the culprit. If Walter doesn't save Nick from getting killed by the walker, Clementine will have the option to hit Walter, showing her hatred at his omission. If Walter saves Nick, Clementine is shown to be glad towards him for making the right choice. Clementine is later shocked and saddened when Walter is executed. After being captured by Carver, Clementine mentions certain lines about him at some points in the episode that shows that she still considered him a friend regardless.


"Maybe we should have done something else. Sarita might still be..."
—Clementine feeling guilty about Sarita's death. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Sarita are very friendly towards one another. She invites both Clementine and Sarah to help in decorating the Christmas tree. Sarita also brings up the conversation about her relationship with Kenny, asking what he was like before and that it must be amazing to see him again. In "In Harm's Way" Clementine interacts with Sarita more, and near the end, Clementine has the choice to kill the walker biting her hand or chop her arm off, it is unknown if Sarita and Clementine are still friends after/if she chopped her arm off.

If she cut her arm off, Sarita will be free, but will begin staggering in great pain and will scream really loud, causing other nearby walkers to notice her and start devouring her, resulting in Sarita collapsing to the ground as Kenny rushes in to defeat the walkers. Afterwards, Clementine can then either axe her to prevent her reanimation and to end her suffering, or convince Kenny to leave her. Alternatively, if Clementine kills the walker rather than cutting her arm off, Sarita begins to panic but Clementine can try to calm her down. Later, in the Park, Clementine is worried about Sarita and is sad when she finds out that Kenny had put her out of her misery. Either way, when Clementine is with Rebecca and Jane she is saddened about what happened to her and feels guilty for causing her death as well as hurting Kenny. Kenny can also claim that Sarita's death is entirely in Clementine's head, but Jane will state the opposite, saying "you did what you thought was right".


"Nice running into friendly faces out here."
—Matthew to Clementine and Luke.[src]

Clementine and Matthew only interact for a short time, but they managed to become friends with one another, with Matthew offering her and Luke some food. Clementine is shocked and saddened by Matthew's death


"I'm... I'm so sorry, I... I didn't mean for this to happen."
—Bonnie to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Despite lying about her reason for being at the ski lodge, Bonnie takes a liking to Clementine when they first meet and helps her up if Carver smacks her during "In Harm's Way". Bonnie immediately apologises to Clementine when they work in the armoury together, expressing guilt to her over leading Carver to their locations. She also gives a jacket to Clementine which she had found at the lodge.

Throughout the series, Bonnie looks out for Clementine's well-being and tends to her if she is ever injured, such as if she is hit by Troy for trying to stop Carver from beating Kenny. During the escape from Howe's Hardware, when Sarah's screaming alerts nearby walkers to herself and Clementine, Bonnie will try to assist them by shooting at the walkers approaching them.

After escaping Howe's, Bonnie remains friendly to Clementine. Though Clementine can remain distrustful of Bonnie or forgive her for past actions. She apologises to Clementine if crawls through the ticket booth, only to end up getting attacked by a walker, showing that she cares for Clementine and her safety. After the shooting, Bonnie remains positive and trusts Clementine to keep Kenny under control. When sitting by the campfire, she tries to hide the event of Luke and Jane having sexual intercourse from Clementine, believing her to still be too young and naive to know.

During "No Going Back", their relationship will become strained if Clementine decides to cover Luke instead of saving him, resulting in her going to save him. If Clementine does not break open the ice for Luke and Bonnie, the both of them will drown, leaving Clementine devastated by their deaths. If she does survive the ordeal, she will hold a grudge at Clementine for not saving Luke. If the two hold a positive relationship, Bonnie will offer Clementine a cigarette, to which she can either accept or refuse. Bonnie recalls the events at the ski lodge, where she first met Clementine and says that she liked her as soon as they met. Bonnie states that she feels bad that Clementine believed her, and questions her whether she regrets her decisions in the past. Later on, when Clementine catches Bonnie trying to escape, Bonnie states that she is sorry for what she discovered them doing. When Arvo shoots Clementine, Bonnie is shocked and rushes to apologise to Clementine, even though Mike is urging them to escape, showing that while she is betraying Clementine in leaving the group, she knows what she is doing is wrong and still holds a friendship towards Clementine. When Clementine awakens in the truck, she can immediately ask if Bonnie is okay, showing she may still care for Bonnie.


"It's very nice to meet you Clementine."
—Reggie after Clementine introduces herself to him. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine is initially cautious about Reggie, with the option of asking Sarah whether she trusts him. When they first meet, Clementine has the option to tell him her name, and Reggie will happily shake her hand, commenting it was nice meeting her. As the two get to know one another, they build a friendship. When Clementine and Sarah are about to pick the berries, Reggie pats Clementine on the head for understanding that he has to do his own work. After Carver asks the girls to wait outside, Reggie thanks them for their help in a sad tone. As Reggie is pushed off the roof by Carver, Clementine appears saddened and shocked by the sudden death of Reggie by Carver. This sadness and shock turn into anger, and later on in the episode Clementine has the option of being hostile towards Carver for killing him.


"No offence, but-- c'mon, that's crazy, she's a kid."
—Mike to Kenny about Clementine.[src]

Initially, when the two first encounter one another, they are cautious of one another, as Mike becomes annoyed at the group's conversation while he attempts to sleep. However, later in the episode, "In Harm's Way", the two form a friendship after the group hatches a plan to escape. Mike helps Clementine by lifting her up to the rope in order to escape and aids her again by catching her from the ladder, showing that their friendship has developed. Further on, Mike offers to deliver the radios to Luke rather than having Clementine do it, showing Mike is willing to help out should Clementine decline. He is also shown to be worried about Clementine's safety, which is part of his motivation for delivering the radio instead of Clementine. However, after seeing her successfully deliver the radio, his confidence in her increases. After arriving at Parker's Run, they have also shown a good sense of teamwork where they work together to defend the group. If Clementine crawls into the ticket booth, Mike saves her from a walker inside and comments on her toughness. Mike confides in Clementine between the two of them that Rebecca isn't in good shape, showing a great level of trust between the two. Their connection continues to grow during the events of "No Going Back" until Clementine finds Mike sneaking away from camp with Arvo and Bonnie (Determinant) due to Kenny's increasing rages. Although he still appears shocked and shows some level of concern for Clementine after she is shot by Arvo, he ultimately leaves her wounded and unconscious, suggesting her cares more for his outcome than Clementine's.

William Carver

"Atta girl... she ain't afraid to look it in the eye. You go with that feelin' ya got right now, Clementine. It's what makes you stronger than the rest of 'em."
—Carver's last words to Clementine if she decides to watch him die. (Determinant)[src]

Depending on her actions, Clementine can either be disdainful and curt with Carver or polite and compliant. When they first meet at the cabin, Carver enters, armed with a .357 Colt Python revolver. Though appearing polite on the exterior, his mannerisms display hostility to Clementine and distrust of her. When the group is taken hostage at the ski lodge, Clementine tries to help Alvin who is held at gunpoint by Carver but is hit in the stomach with the butt of his revolver by Carver. Carver then holds her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her if Kenny does not surrender. Though Clementine shows an intense hatred and fear of Carver, he is manipulative of her, trying to persuade her from trusting the cabin group and instead to trust him.

After being captured by Carver, Carver reveals to Clementine that he considers the two of them alike, in that they are strong enough to be capable leaders. He implies a desire to prepare her to be a future leader of the Howe's Hardware community. Clementine, on the other hand, can choose to be obedient towards him or be hostile towards him for his role in Reggie's death. During the escape, Kenny cripples Carver by shooting him the legs and urges everyone to leave. If Clementine stays, Carver will act as if he's proud of her, stating she's not afraid to look it the eye and that she's stronger than the others for staying. When Kenny is beating Carver, she shows disgust initially and closes her eyes, but then decides to watch coldly as Carver's face is beaten in brutally. At the end of "No Going Back", if Clementine returns to Howe's with Jane, the two will come across Carver's corpse and discuss him.


"Get up! Get outta there, come on! Make me save your ass, Jesus."
—Troy to Clementine after saving her life.[src]

It is shown in "In Harm's Way" that Troy heavily dislikes Clementine and does not care if she is just a kid, as he keeps her in line and is not concerned about her safety unlike some of the other survivors at the camp. At the beginning of the episode, if Carver smacks Clementine, Troy can be seen smirking. When Clementine, Kenny and Mike get attacked by walkers, Troy saves her life, much to his dismay. If Troy catches Clementine in the comic store for the second time, he will smack her around the face without hesitation. Additionally, if Clementine chooses to help Kenny when Carver is beating him, Troy will interrupt Clementine by hitting her with his gun in her face. This was a heavy blow that causes her to fall to the ground with a visible cut, showing Troy's relentless hostility to Clementine. This event causes the hatred between the two to be solidified, eventually ending up with Troy being shot by Jane and then devoured by walkers, ending the conflict between them permanently. Showing how much hatred Clementine had for Troy.


"Oh, there you are.What's with the ugly jacket?"
—Tavia about Clementine new jacket[src]

While not seen interacting much, Tavia had a mostly neutral relationship. She leads Clementine to her jobs around Howes, having a controlling nature over her. Tavia makes a rude comment about Clementine's new Jacket, though the hostility between the two never seems to go beyond this. She had a tendency to refer to her as a prisoner despite it not being intentional.


"I'm sorry about your sister."
—Clementine to Arvo at the power station. (Determinant)[src]

Initially, the two distrust one another, with their first interaction resulting in Arvo drawing his gun and aiming towards Clementine. It seems that Clementine merely wants to talk to Arvo, thus showing that she does not want to show any hostility towards him, however, Jane quickly interrupts their interaction, and this cements Arvo's hatred towards them both. Further, this hostility will be increased significantly if Clementine decides to keep Arvo's medical supplies for herself, with Arvo saying that she "will wish [she] hadn't done this". If Clementine decides not to steal the medical supplies, Arvo will appear marginally grateful to Clementine, but as Jane disarms him and then threatens him, his hostility towards them both increases once more.

Towards the latter end of "Amid The Ruins", Arvo and his group return and ambush Clementine's group. Arvo can say, depending on Clementine's earlier choices, how she had robbed him, giving perfect reasoning to this ambush. However, the fact that Arvo becomes increasingly worried when Clementine says that Jane had left signifies that this hostility is largely built from Jane's actions, rather than Clementine's actions. Nonetheless, Clementine has the option of being hostile in response to his ambush.

During "No Going Back", Arvo's hostility towards Clementine continues to grow as soon as she shoots his zombified sister, Natasha. Clementine can attempt to apologise for doing so, but Arvo will ignore all of her apologies. No matter what choices Clementine makes towards Arvo during the episode, after she discovers him, Mike and Bonnie (Determinant) trying to escape, a panicking Arvo will shoot Clementine with a rifle in the shoulder, even if she drops her weapon (Determinant). This shows that Arvo was desiring to get some form of revenge on Clementine for her murdering his sister, proving that his hostility towards her is extreme.


"Smaller then my dog"
—Buricko about Clementine (Translated from Russian)[src]

Buricko displayed little care about Clementine when he attempted to rob her and her group or when she got caught in the gunfight. Clementine had no qualms with Kenny killing him.


"He deserved it. He was trying to kill us."
—Clementine to Jane about Vitali's death (Determinant) [src]

Vitali is hostile to Clementine and the rest of her group, as he attempted to rob them. During the gun fight, Clementine tried to shoot him to cover Luke, not caring if she hurt him. Clementine had no remorse when the man was killed by Kenny and Jane, optionally saying he deserved to die.


"I'm... I'm sorry about your sister."
—Clementine to Arvo (Determinant)[src]

Like the rest of the Russian group, Natasha was hostile to Clementine and her group, as she tried to rob them. During the gun fight, Natasha was killed and returned as a walker so Clementine killed her with a bullet to the head.


"Look, I know you don't know us. And I know a lotta people out here say lotta things. But I'm askin' you. As a father. Please don't turn us away."
—Randy to Clementine and Jane. (Determinant)[src]

Although hardly seen interacting, if Clementine invites them into Howe's, Randy will be grateful towards her, thanking them. Alternatively, if Clementine decides to force the family to leave, Randy will be angered at her decision, posing the question "what if we're dangerous?" to which Clementine will reply "what if I am?" creating a hostility between the two, as Randy walks away with a scowl on his face.

Later on Randy will ether betray or get revenge on Clementine by stealing supplies from her.


"Please. We'll die out here."
—Patricia pleading to Clementine and Jane. (Determinant)[src]

Although hardly seen interacting, if Clementine invites them into Howe's, Patricia will be grateful towards her, thanking them several times. Alternatively, if Clementine decides to force the family to leave, Patricia will be saddened at her decision, but will not show any hatred in her expression.

Later on Patricia will ether betray or get revenge on Clementine by stealing supplies from her.


"Cool hat."
—Gill to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

The two are seen interacting for only a brief moment and only if Clementine chooses to allow the family to enter Howe's. If she does so, Gill will compliment her hat, showing that he intends to be friendly towards her. If she instead denies the family entry into Howe's, the group will begin to walk away, but Gill will stop and turn to look at Clementine.

Gill will ether betray or get revenge on Clementine by stealing supplies from her.


—Clementine about Edith's death. (Determinant)[src]

If Clementine went with Kenny, she will meet Edith at Wellington. Edith spoke to Clementine nicely and was genuinely upset they couldn't take her in. Edith will ask someone behind the walls of Wellington, and they will agree with taking Clementine and Alvin. If Clementine chooses to enter Wellington, Edith will be genuinely sorry that she had to leave her friend. If she stays with Kenny, Edith will admire Clementine's loyalty and bravery and side with her over Kenny's request to let her stay.

If Clementine went inside Wellington, Edith takes in Clementine and Aj for two years. So they probably had a strong friendship. When Wellington was attacked Edith will help then escape but is killed, Clementine is upset about her death.


"I'm... I'm sorry, Sam."
—Clementine to Sam before mercy killing him. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Sam have a short relationship but Clementine initially enjoys having Sam around. She is able to throw a disk for him, and he seems to enjoy this. However, when Sam is denied food, his feelings towards Clementine quickly change to anger and aggression, causing Sam to attack. Clementine feels sorry for Sam, whom she kicks into metal spikes in order to defend herself. Tearfully, Clementine says she is sorry. She can either stab Sam in the neck to end his suffering or leave him to bleed to death on the tent spikes. Clementine leaves and cries over Sam's fate.

Shawn Greene

"How about you help us clear the way, and we'll take you and your daughter out of here."
—Shawn mistaking Clementine for Lee's daughter. (Determinant)[src]

Although Clementine and Shawn meet and knew each other briefly, Shawn cared for her well-being, accidentally believing her to be Lee's daughter when they first met. Shawn is eager and willing to help Lee and Clementine escape to the farm, showing that he cares for her safety. Clementine was shocked and saddened by Shawn's death.

Hershel Greene

"Can't imagine what you've been through, Clementine."
—Hershel to Clementine.[src]

Although Clementine and Hershel meet and know each other briefly, Hershel seemed to care for Clementine's safety, as he asks Clementine if she "knew" Lee, to make sure he isn't a danger to her. After Shawn's death, Hershel, lost in grief, doesn't take consideration for her safety and well-being and kicks her along with everybody else off of the farm.


"It was nice to meet you both."
—Chet to Clementine and Lee. (Determinant)[src]

Although Clementine and Chet met and knew each other briefly, Chet is friendly to Clementine and kneels down to her height to introduce himself to make her more comfortable. After arriving at Hershel's farm, Chet bids farewell to Lee, Clementine and Shawn in a friendly manner.

Andre Mitchell

"Oh damn, you've got a little girl."
—Andre about Clementine.(Determinant)[src]

Andre was worrisome for Clementine, concerned Lee wasn't right to be looking after her. He rescued her from a group of walkers, driving her to Hershel's farm.


"I know you care for Clementine. Anyone can see that. And I know that you want what's best for her. But this plan of yours, putting everyone on a boat, with no destination... do you really think that's her best chance of finding somewhere where she can be safe? Because I don't. So I want to make you an offer. (...) I'll take her back with me, to my people. We're well-supplied, well-hidden, and a lot of us have had kids of our own. And now Crawford's fallen we have got nothing left to fear from them. She'll be safe with us. Safer than she'll be if she stays with you. I promise. That's what you want for her, isn't it? To be safe?"
—Vernon to Lee about Clementine.[src]

Vernon cares for Clementine's safety and her well-being, despite the fact they rarely interacted with each other. When Lee brings Clementine along to Crawford, Vernon tries to convince him not to and that it's a bad idea. During their private conversation, Vernon offers to take care of Clementine for Lee, saying that she is safer with his group rather than Lee's. Aftnoner stealing the group's boat, Vernon leaves a note behind, saying that he is very sorry for abandoning and leaving the group and Clementine for dead in Savannah.


"You're back!"
—Clementine to Brie and Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

While the two didn't know each other for long, Brie shows concern if Lee brings Clementine to Crawford, feeling concerned for her safety. Clementine will show concern for Brie when she go's off to look for fuel along with Kenny, and is relieved that she returns safely. Clementine is shocked and upset over her death.


"You need a momma, sweetheart."
—Jolene to herself while stalking Clementine.[src]

Although Jolene doesn't interact with Clementine directly, it is shown that Jolene wanted to keep Clementine with her and to treat her like her own daughter. She stole Clementine's hat, having something of an obsession with her. It is unknown if Lee ever made Clementine aware of this.


"Lee, I need you to hear this before what happens next. I can take care of her. We can have a family."
—Stranger to Lee about keeping Clementine after the latter turns.[src]

The stranger talks to Clementine on the radio for weeks leading up to his kidnapping of her. In his delusional state, the stranger actually cares for and loves Clementine, due to her being the only one (Determinant) to disapprove of raiding his station waggon, and saying he wants to "save her" from Lee and his group.

Regardless, the stranger clearly frightens Clementine when he abducted her and begins to threaten Lee through his radio, eventually going as far as to lock her in a dark room and use her as bait for Lee. The stranger's actual care for Clementine seems little more than an extension of his own desires to torture Lee and lead his group into oblivion, making it very questionable if the stranger truly wanted to take care of her. Due to these circumstances, along with stranger lying about the true whereabouts of her parents, Clementine does not return the favour and appears to dislike him, despite initially believing the man was nice. If Lee fails to kill the stranger, Clementine will choose Lee over the stranger and kills him.

Andrew St, John

"Hope you kids like swings!"
—Andrew to Clementine and Duck after he or Lee fixed the swing.[src]

Clementine doesn't say much about Andrew, but it appears that she thinks is was a nice man. Andrew fixes the broken swing mainly for the kids' amusement, implying he cared about them, Clementine included. After Lee exposes the St. Johns for who they really are at dinner, Andrew grabs Clementine by her hair, having no qualms about hurting a child. He even tells Danny, while he is guarding the outside of the barn not to keep Clementine alive, as there isn't "enough meat on her to trade." When Lee spares Andrew, Clementine seems to be grateful to Lee for making the right choice. On the other hand, Clementine becomes shocked when Lee kills Andrew and is saddened by his death. This shows that Clementine cares for Andrew, even though he is a bad man.

Danny St. John

—Clementine if Lee chooses to kill Danny. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine doesn't say much about Danny, but it appears that she thinks he is a nice man. After Lee exposes the St. Johns for who they really are at dinner, Danny holds Clementine and the others at gunpoint, having no qualms about hurting a child. When Lee spares Danny, Clementine seems to be grateful to Lee for making the right choice. On the other hand, Clementine becomes shocked when Lee kills Danny and is saddened by his death. This shows that Clementine cares for Danny, even though he is a bad man.

Brenda St. John

"It was a person! They tried to make us eat a person!"
—Clementine to Lee about the St. Johns.[src]

Clementine seems to trust Brenda and views her and her family as kind people. Clementine is also very polite to them. Clementine is later shocked when it is revealed that the St. Johns are cannibals and that they chopped off Mark's legs, ruining any friendship she had with Brenda. In the meat locker, Clementine is shown to be disgusted by the cannibalistic nature of Brenda and her family.


"Thank you... thank you..."
—Victor thanking Clementine for giving him water. (Determinant)[src]

For the short time Victor and Clementine interact, Clementine dislikes him for separating her and Christa. When Clementine finds Victor severely injured at the riverbed, she was shocked and sorry for him and asked what happened to him and the bodies at the riverbed. Clementine gives Victor some water, and Victor is grateful to her and solemnly thanks, Clementine.


"Kid, you are on my LAST fucking nerve!"
—Winston while attacking Clementine.[src]

For the short time Winston and Clementine interact, he is irritated by her lack of co-operation when he is trying to grab her, and bemused by her evasiveness. Clementine severely injures Winston in many ways before causing his death and is shocked about what she has done.


"Christa and I were together for a while, but these guys caught us. She's gone..."
—Clementine to Kenny about Ralph and his group. (Determinant)[src]

Ralph doesn't interact with Clementine in the game. Ralph plan on robbing Christa and her, Clementine seems scared when he has Christa at gunpoint. Clementine despises him along with the rest of his group for separating her from Christa.


"You're just a little fish. You gonna cry, little fish?"
—Michelle taunting Clementine.[src]

For the short time Michelle and Clementine interact, Michelle taunts and insults Clementine repeatedly, and holds her at gunpoint, having no qualms about hurting a child. Clementine is nevertheless horrified that her own carelessness has caused the deaths of both Michelle and Omid.

Javier García

"Javi, you've been willing to do some crazy stuff for me before. I know shooting Conrad wasn't easy. But it showed me I can always depend on you. "
—Clementine to Javier. (Determinant)[src]

Javier and Clementine's relationship was initially rather hostile, the girl making him her prisoner in order to help her secure a working vehicle. As time progressed, she opened up more to him and let him handle a gun. Their friendship becomes closer if Javier supports her claim she shot Eli to defend him. (Determinant)

However, she still saw their relationship as one of business, claiming she only came with Javier to find his family if he secured her a working vehicle. Clementine did still care about him to a degree, shooting Javier's would be killer if the man surrendered himself to Badger. (Determinant) Their friendship only grows closer if Javier defends her from Conrad's attempts to make her his hostage, though she becomes more hostile towards him if he complies with Conrad's demands. (Determinant)

In Thicker Than Water, Javier runs into Clementine in New Richmond's hospital, she offers to stitch up Javier's wounded shoulder, and admits to him that she has began her period, and asks Javier what it is. Javier can attempt to explain it (albeit poorly) or say she's growing up, and tell her that Kate can help her. He can optionally find pads in the hospital room, and give it to her.

Gabriel García

"I'm really gonna miss Gabe. I mean-- he's super annoying sometimes, but... I've gotten used to having him around. At least to have someone to talk to. Even if he is a total dork."
—Clementine to Javier about Gabe. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine and Gabriel were seen casually chatting with each other. Javier then has the choice to express his opinion on this, whether it is unhealthy or good that Gabriel is talking with her. While searching for something to help move the car blocking the road, Javier can talk to Gabriel about him chatting with Clementine, with Gabriel saying he thinks she's cool.

Later on when Conrad restrains Clementine and demands that she should be used as a bargaining chip, Gabriel is clearly upset. After Clementine constantly resisted, Conrad grabbed Gabriel and threatened to shoot her "boyfriend". If Javier didn't shoot Conrad and accepted his plan, Gabriel calls Javi a loser, saying that he should have helped "Clem" and himself.

In Thicker Than Water, during when Javier, Kate, Clementine, and Gabriel are waiting in the truck, as Clementine and Gabriel play a card game of euchre, Kate reveals to Javier that Gabriel has a crush on Clementine.

If Gabe is bitten in From The Gallows, Clementine will either kiss him, hold his hand, or hug him twice, depending on the players choices in No Going Back.

If Gabe survives, in the end of the episode, Javí will help Clementine cut her hair short. They talk about Gabe, and how he's got a crush on Clem. She denies it, though the way she gets nervous implies she's got a crush on him too. Javí just says they've got his blessings.

In the very end, when Clementine leaves, she hugs Gabe without hesitation. He's the only one she hugs. Gabe watches her leave for longer than the other characters, smiling at her.

Kate Garcia

"You’re gonna need as much help as you can get, Kate. I’ll go with you."
—Clementine to Kate about going with her to save New Richmond.[src]

Kate and Clementine have a friendly positive relationship. They first meet at the junkyard Kate’s asks who Clementine is and they speaking and introduce each other in episode 1. The pair rarely speak to each other in episodes 2 & 3. In episode 4, when Clementine gets back to Eleanor’s apartment, she speaks to Kate in private about her period. When some of Javier’s groups are outside the construction area, Kate stares at Clementine as she knows that Clementine and Gabe are a thing and she feels embarrassed and goes to question Kate. When Kate and Javier flirt in the truck, Kate mentions how, with Clementine with them, it reminds her of Marianna. Lastly in episode 5, when Gabe & David run off in the truck, Kate states that Gabe wanted to go and Clementine agrees with her. Clementine can decide to go help Kate in Richmond with Javier or Clementine go with only Kate. If Clementine goes to save Gabe and Javier goes to save Richmond, with the confirmation of David’s death, Kate is relieved that Gabe and Clementine are alive. Kate asks Clementine where David is. If Clementine went with Kate alone to save Richmond, they both successfully seal the breach but then Clementine loses Kate. Clementine, Gabe and Javier search for Kate but she is know where to be seen and she thinks that she is just gone. If Javier and Clementine does not save Richmond, they search for Kate and they see her zombified, Clementine is sad about her friends demise. If Kate is alive she will wave goodbye to Clementine outside the gate of New Richmond.


"Groups aren't really my thing."
—Clementine refusing Ava offer. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine's relationship with Ava is either filled with caution or acceptance, (Determinant) but regardless of the player's choices, Ava always keeps a neutral relationship with her. Ava also offers Clementine and Alvin Jr. to join The New Frontier, to which Clementine can agree or disagree with.

After The New Frontier discovered Clementine stealing medicines for Alvin Jr. Ava is shown clearly disappointed and ashamed, though not nearly as much as David. When AJ is being taken away due to Clementine's actions, Ava insists that Clementine should be able to say goodbye, and is clearly unhappy about taking AJ away from Clementine.

Despite her recent exile, Clementinecan shows no doubt or mistrust Ava's good intentions when they met where they first met each other, showing that she still trusts her or blames her AJ being taken. Ava was there to secretly give her a bag of supplies without the consent of The New Frontier.

Clementine is shown to be sick and angry at Joan's plan to kill Ava or Tripp, and is sad by her death.


"Not long enough."
—Clementine to Max. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine has a hostile relationship with Max. If Clementine is taken as a hostage by Conrad, she will swear at Max while he is guarding New Richmond.


"He went out fighting. I hope I do, too."
—Clementine about Tripp. (Determinant)[src]

Tripp and Clementine had a mostly neutral relationship. While Tripp distrusted her due to her volatile act in killing Eli, Tripp passed it off due to her still being a child. He trusted her enough to let her return to Prescott and rescued her from walkers. However, he was prone to become verbally aggressive towards her and - if Conrad wasn't killed - (Determinant) he has little qualm with using her as a hostage. In episode 5, if Tripp alive, she and Gabe will save him form a herd. Later on when Tripp is fighting of walkers, Clementine shows concern saying they need to him. Clementine is upset over his death, but also admired his bravery and hopes that she go out fighting like him.


"I still trust Tripp more then I trust her."
—Clementine to Javier about Eleanor.[src]

Eleanor and Clementine have a negative and distrusted relationship. Eleanor stated to Javier that Clementine has something cold behind her eyes. Clementine says to Javier, that she trusts Tripp more than Eleanor, implying that the two knew each other before Javier appeared. If Javier took Eleanor to the junkyard, when Kate gets shot, Eleanor shouts at Clementine and tells Javier to go with her and his family to help an injured Kate. Whilst on the road, Eleanor says to Javier that Clementine and Gabriel, implying the two look like a young couple. Clementine is angered by her betrayal.


"They won't bargain with you."
—Clementine to Conrad about The New Frontier.[src]

Clementine has a poor and hostile relationship with Conrad. When Conrad heard Javier and Clementine's conversation about The New Frontier, he wanted to take Clementine hostage as a bargaining chip so that the group could enter Richmond. There relationship seems neutral after this, as the two will barely interact anymore and keep there distance from each other.




"Oh, no...Oh, no!"
—Clementine about accidentally killing Eli.[src]

Clementine had a hostile relationship with Eli as he gave her bullets that wouldn't fire. Clementine was furious when she discovered this, going as far as to threaten to kill him, accidentally doing so.

David García

"Don't you dare let that fucking baby killer in!"
—Clementine to Javíer about David.[src]

Clementine has a negative relationship with David, hated the man for taking AJ from her. Throughout the season, Clementine shows she doesn't trust David and tries to get Javier to not trust him as well. She will threaten and even try to kill him to get information about AJ. Later, David will reveal what happened to AJ and that he is still alive, at which Clementine will show a little more respect to him. If Javier goes with Clementine to save Gabe and David, Clementine will kill the walkers on David's side of the truck while Javier kills the walkers on Gabe's side.

Paul Monroe

Clementine was initially distrustful of Jesus. When Javier and Jesus were fighting, Clementine appears to the former's aid, holding the latter at gunpoint, however once Clem and the group realize that Jesus is not a member of the New Frontier and that he knows the way to Richmond, the two settle down and begin to cooperate on their journey. If the player accept's Conrad's plan of using Clementine as a bargaining chip, Jesus does not bear any ill towards Clementine and the fact that she was a member of The New Frontier, but neither does he disagree with Conrad's plan of using her to get them into Richmond. In Above The Law, if Clementine is with the group at the beginning, Jesus asks Clementine what does she know about David, trusting her to tell the truth about him.

Paul Lingard

"He's at McCarroll Ranch. It's not too far from here. That's... That's where we left him, at least."
—Lingard revealing AJ location to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Dr. Lingard and Clementine look to have a neutral relationship. Unlike the others at the camp, Lingard does not act hostile towards her when she is caught stealing and even suggests that David gives her a second chance. Clementine might have some respect for him, as she almost always refers to him as Doctor Lingard. Clementine will be hostile to Lingard demanding to know where AJ is, and kills him to get answers if Javier fails to make a choice. Later if Lingard lived, Clementine will beg him for AJ's location and will be grateful for his help.


The two barely had any interaction, though it is apparent that neither of them trust one another. Joan had no problems ordering her soldiers to point guns at Clementine to intimidate Javi.


"Yeah, right."
—Clementine following orders from Fern.

The pair have presumably met before Javier’s group walked through Richmond. As Fern speaks to the group outside the gates of Richmond, Clementine makes a joke about Ferns rules. As David breaks Fern's arm, she looks sympathetic.







Louis seems to have taken a fancy for Clementine as he tries to flirt with her and even asks her if she had a boyfriend. Clementine can either be annoyed or charmed by his overtures. (Determinant) However, Louis does not yet have an especially strong relationship with Clementine, as he hesitates/refuses (Determinant) to protect her from Marlon if asked for help but when Marlon is about to shoot her, but steps in anyway steps in to protect Clementine, when others rally to her side. When she tells Marlon that it is not to late to make things right, he supports her. (Determinant) 

After the death of Marlon, Louis votes to kick Clementine out and AJ out of the group, being very frustratef and sad. Clementine (based on dialogue) can ether be understanding or be mad about voting them to leave.

However, Louis immediately went out to help injured Alvin Jr to get inside despite the fact his left arm might be injured (Deterninant). Feeling guilty and he cares deeply for AJ as he was by his bunk when Ruby patched him up and giving AJ new clothes to wear.

Dependent on player choices, Louis is either Clementine's friend or is romantically involved with her. If the player chose to confess Clementine's feelings for Louis, he is surprised but happy, having hoped she did. He then devotes his new song, 'Clementine', to her. Clementine either kisses him or remarks positively about their new romance. (Determinant). Clementine can so hold a grudge against Louis for kicking her and AJ out of the group, blaming him for what happened to Aj and just belittle him, which causing a strain relationship between the two.


Violet initially treats Clementine as an annoyance, but soon begins to take a liking to her. Violet reveals a shy, insecure side when they are alone together; and Brody is surprised at how quickly she opened up to Clem. Violet also expresses irritation when Louis flirts with Clem during the game of War. If turned to for support in the final confrontation with Marlon, (Determinant) Violet will initially refuse, but ultimately sides with Clem.

In Suffer The Children, Violet stands up for Clem when Mitch, Louis, and several of the others push for her and AJ to be exiled after their actions led to Marlon's death; and is relieved and overjoyed when Clem returns. Taking over the position of Ericson's leader, Violet comes to rely on Clem as her second-in-command and strategist. (Determinant) If Clem accompanies her to inspect the fortifications, Violet will awkwardly attempt to confess her feelings for Clem, stating that she's seen people like family and friends come and go and that they never came back, but Clem was the only one that came back to her, and that she can no longer imagine life without her. If Clem does choose to reciprocate Violet's feelings back, she tells Violet that she's developed romantic feelings for her, and that she hopes that they're more than just friends. If Clem tells Violet that she wants to be her girlfriend, to take things slow, or that she's unsure of what she wants, Violet is understanding and happy that Clem feels the same way. If Clem kisses her, they are both initially shocked by the kiss, but Clem affirms their romance, with Violet in awe, placing her hand on Clem's to reaffirm their new relationship.




In the short time they knew each other Brody and Clementine grew friendly by bonding over where they would like to drive to. Brody will also ask Clementine if she could help her to mend her friendship with Violet and will be very greatful towards her if she does. (Determinant) When Clementine came back with food from the train station and running into Abel however, it exasperated Brody's paranoia, who chided Clementine for potentially luring Abel to their school.

When Clementine came to Brody's defense against Marlon, Brody felt secure enough to reveal to her Marlon's actions with the Delta, though this leaded to Brodys death due Marlon's hands. Before she dies Brody will warn her about Marlon's plan to sell her and AJ to the Delta and also expresses remorse for not being able to get to know Clementine better. (Determinant) Brody's death saddened Clementine and made her determinant to expose Marlon to the others.


Tenn's relationship with Clementine is either amiable or hostile. If Clementine attacks him at her room, Tenn will be wary of her, and when seen later at his sister's graves, he becomes nervous. However, if she does not attack him, he likes her. Their relationship can improve if Clem gives him the Policeman toy and Sophie's art supplies back. Tenn further likes Clementine if she allows him to draw him and Alvin Jr. in one of his pictures. (Determinant) When Clem and AJ are exiled, after the death of Marlon. Violet mentions that Tenn was left inconsolable by the decision and is refusing to speak to anyone, but that he voted to let them stay, showing how upset he was.

When Clem and AJ return, Tenn resumes his friendship with the latter and they frequently work together on lookout duty.


Aasim and Clem have a normal or good relationship, thanks to Clem saving Aasim from a walker. Clementine later talks with him, where he is talking to her about his doubts about Marlon's decisions and also showing her his  "history book", which she thinks about as a nice thing. When Alvin Jr. tries to read Aasims book and Clementine doesn't stop him, they will find out that Aasim felt like a fool when Clementine had to save him, however he will be extremely annoyed by this. Alternatively if Clementine orders AJ to give the book back he will be appreciating to both of them. When Clementine comes with him and Louis to hunt (Determinant), there relationship can become stronger when she decides to hunt with him. (Determinant) When Clementine let's a trapped baby rabbit go, he will also be grateful towards her, if she snaps it's neck however he will be disappointed.

Like Violet he seems to be annoyed by Louis' flirting attempts towards her, especially when she does it back. (Determinant)

When Clementine returns full packages of food, he is impressed. Despite this, when Marlon tries to pin his crimes against the group on Clementine, Aasim initially believes him, even refuting Omar's objection about her bringing them food saying that there is no use to it "when a group of outsiders just comes and takes it". However, when Louis or Violet (Determinant) join Clementine against Marlon, Aasim supports her again. Their relationship later fractures slightly after AJ shot Marlon, as Aasim was annoyed to see them at the funeral. When Mitch suggests that they vote for them to either leave or stay however, Aasim said that his idea is "bullshit" and also called him a "fucking hypocrite", still showing some affection for Clementine and Alvin Jr.

After living with Clementine for two weeks, their relationship repairs, as he willingly played Louis' version of "Truth or Dare" with her. When Violet asks Clementine who she would "marry-flip-kill" and and gives her Ruby, James and him as options, he gets embarrassed, even more, when she says that she would marry or flip him. (Determinant) When she says that she would rather kill him, he is relieved but gets nervous, when Louis asks him if he would really rather die than marry or flip Clementine. (Determinant) When Aasim gets captured by the Delta, alongside Omar and Violet/Louis, Clementine becomes determined to find them.


"Wait. Make her go first. We send in the one we don't mind losing."
—Mitch to Ruby about Clementine before entering the greenhouse.[src]

Clementine and Mitch had a rather bleak relationship after Marlon's death. Mitch was indifferent about putting her in harm's way given his swift attitude to threaten her and exile her from the school. He also voted her out of the group and is outrage when she returns.

He grew to respect her though after she killed three walkers by herself, and helped him test out his bombs. He also followed her commands during raider's attack at the Boarding School. Clementine can choice to be understanding to Mitch, or dismisses him as someone who will die. Clementine seem to not to shock about his death as she probably accept he was going to die.


Clementine is shown to initially be afraid of Rosie thanks to previous experiences with another dog. With Marlon's help, however, she can bond with Rosie, slowly overcoming her fear. (Determinant) When Clementine sees her lying on the graveyard, she has the option to comfort her by either petting her or calling out for her. It can be assumed that Rosie became Clementine's pet during the two weeks. Rosie also later saves her from Abel during their fight, biting and tugging on his arm, showing her loyalty for Clementine.


Ruby starts on sour terms with Clementine given her relationship with Alvin Jr. although she warms to her when she convinces Alvin Jr. to apologize and secures many supplies for the group after a day's hunting. After Marlon's death however, their relationship gets strained as she was uncomfortable to see her AJ at the funeral, due to them being responsible for Marlon's death. When Clementine returned with a wounded AJ however, she showed compassion for the and took care of AJ for her.

When Clementine and Mitch are send to the greenhouse to gain the barb wire, Ruby volunteers to come with them to keep the peace. When Mitch than suggests that Clementine should go first, as she is the one they don't mind losing, she scolds him for saying so but will show approval when Clementine accepts his decision without starting a fight. (Determinant) When Clementine is forced to fight off three walkers, she continuously calls her name out of worry and is relieved to see that she's okay. When they discover the deceased Ms. Martin, Clementine can show sympathy with Ruby. (Determinant) Clementine can later help Ruby bury Ms. Martin, much to Ruby's gratefulness. (Determinant) Alternatively if she decides to burn Ms. Martin's corpse alongside Mitch, she will be disgusted. (Determinant)


Before Marlon's death they had a neutral or positiv relationship. When she checks on him while he makes dinner, he will appreciate it, but still tells her that the dinner isn't ready. If she talks to him again multiple times, he will get slightly annoyed by this. He was also amazed when Clementine brought foot to the group and later brings it up, when Marlon tried to pin his crimes on her, showing that he holds her in high regard for doing so. However after Marlon gets shot by AJ their relationship fractures, as he felt unconfortable around her when she showed up on the funeral and sided with Mitch about a vote to kick them out. It's indicated that he was one of the 5 people who voted her and AJ to leave.

When she comes back to the school with a wounded AJ, he is surprised but also showes concern for them.

After they spend two weeks together, their relationship slowly repairs, but it's still possible that it will never be the same. When Omar gets shot in the leg during the Delta's attack, Clementine draggs him to safety showing that she cares for him. Omar will then yell at her to let him lie there so she can deal with the raiders, after she saved him. When he got kidnapped by the Delta alongside Aasim and Louis /Violet (Determinant) Clementine becomes determinant to find them.


Willy is first shy and nervous around Clementine after she threatened him, politely said hello, or asked him to stop staring. Willy will freeze in fear before running away. Later, Willy slowly warms up to Clementine, although he is still as timid as before.

When Clementine brings food to the group, he will call her their savior, showing that he admires her. However, when Marlon tries to pin his crimes on Clementine, he remains mostly neutral, though he does blurt out about how the situation is "fucked up".

The day following Marlon's death, Willy is strictly on Mitch's side and it is assumed he votes for AJ and Clementine to leave. When the two return, he is clearly angry at their presence.

After they spend two weeks together he seems to have forgiven her. Clementine can later agree with him about his log trap which fills him with pride. (Determinant) If she agrees with Aasim however he will be annoyed. (Determinant) During the raiders attack, he willingly follows her orders, showing some respect for her.


Abel and Clementine have an antagonistic relationship that begins when Abel steals some food from Clementine at gunpoint. If Clementine tells AJ to shoot him, Abel will kill her - but this is a non-canonical death. Clementine can choose to attack Abel, shoving him into a herd of walkers and costing him his left arm.

In "Suffer The Children", Abel returns bearing a grudge against Clementine; and during the raid on Ericson's he relentlessly pursues her and AJ. After temporarily overwhelming her, he pins her to the headmaster's desk and mocks her about how many people have died to ensure her survival, but she blinds him in one eye and knocks him out the window before he can do anything more.




  • Clementine's character design was inspired by art director David Sakai's daughter.[2]
  • In "A New Day" Clementine said to Katjaa that her favourite color is purple. In "Broken Toys" is while choosing the color of the party's lightning, is revealed that is also her father's favourite color.
  • Clementine has a goldfish named Peanut as pet, as confirmed in "A New Day"
  • In "Around Every Corner" Clementine can mention that she had a hamster once. (Determinant)
  • It's hinted that Clementine always wanted a dog but didn't get one due her mother's dislike for dogs. In Season 4 however Clementine's wish can be fulfilled with Rosie. (Determinant)
  • In "Starved For Help" if Lee gives her the half apple she will say that she loves apples.
  • Clementine is one of the three survivors who appeared in all of the Season One episodes, the others being Lee and Kenny. As of Season Three, she is now the only survivor that, regardless of player decisions, survives in all episodes (not including "400 Days" and the Michonne Mini-Series).
    • Clementine is also one of three characters to appear in all five episodes of Season Two, the others being Rebecca and Luke, though Rebecca only appears as a corpse in "No Going Back".
    • Clementine is also one of the eight characters to appear in all five episodes of Season Three, the others being Javier, Kate, Gabriel, Eleanor, David, Tripp (Determinant), and Conrad (Determinant).
    • Clementine is one of four characters to appear in at least three seasons, the other being Kenny (Determinant), Lilly (Dream, Determinant), and Alvin Jr.
  • If Lee gives her nothing to eat in "Starved For Help" and later stops her from eating muman meat, she can be one of three characters that doesn't get anything to eat in this episode, the others being Lee (Determinant) and Mark (Determinant).
  • Clementine has 19 total appearances in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, the most out of any character.
  • If Lee remains silent when he is given the option to have Clementine either shoot or leave him, Clementine will make the decision herself, with Lee's past actions determining her choice.
  • In Season 2, Clementine has the torn photo of Lee from "A New Day" and her drawing of Kenny's family from "Long Road Ahead", which she keeps in her backpack from the same episode. It is unknown if she had convinced Christa and Omid to venture to Macon with her to retrieve the former after the events of "No Time Left", or if she had secretly kept it since "A New Day".
  • Clementine has kept more physical mementos of people she cared about than anyone else: her father's hat, a photo of Lee, a drawing of Kenny, Katjaa and Duck, hair clips from Lilly, a gold watch from Pete (Determinant), a jacket from Bonnie, Sarah's glasses (Determinant), Jane's nail file, (Determinant) Kenny's hat, (Determinant), Gabriel's playing cards (Determinant) and Violet's button (Determinant).
    • Lilly's hair clips and her fathers hat are the only mementos she still has regardless of the player's choices.
  • When walkers attack on the bridge in "A House Divided", Clementine says "Oh, shit". This is actually the first and only time she will swear in the first two seasons if player choices make it so.
  • When attacked by a zombie in the shed in "All That Remains", Clementine's fight with it is almost identical to Lee's fight with Sandra in "A New Day" of Season 1, following a trend within the Video Game to symbolically mimic previous scenes.
  • In "All That Remains", at Sam's camp, if Clementine checks the barbecue and then the cooler, in that order, she will grumble that she hates scavengers.
  • If Clementine fails to get help from Alvin and rejects Sarah's friendship offer, later in the shed she will have the option of saying "Screw you guys!"
  • In "A New Day", Lee and Clementine spend the night in a barn the night of getting to Hershel's farm. Whilst there, Clementine comments on the fecal smell in the barn. Due to lack of descriptive words, Lee is given the chance to finish her sentence with "shit," "manure," or " know..." This has a lasting and goofy effect.
    • In "Starved For Help", she will repeat Lee's choice of words (or lack thereof) to Duck when describing the smell in the barn.
    • In "All That Remains", when Clementine accidentally knocks over her water bottle in the pit-stop bathroom, she will instinctively curse "Oh, shoot" or "Oh, shit" depending on Lee's words.
  • Clementine's first alcoholic drink was a single swig of whiskey (moonshine) shared by Nick (Determinant) or a swig of rum with Jane. (Determinant) She will comment that the rum was better than the moonshine if she tasted both.
    • Clementine's first cigarette was shared with Bonnie. (Determinant)
  • It was given by Telltale that supposedly the game would involve Clementine and her brother, but due to the pre-existing relationship before the apocalypse her brother was cut off from the game, replaced by Lee Everett. It was also given that Clementine almost got cut from the game. Telltale was concerned that the players wouldn't care about her.
  • Clementine is one of the sixteenth characters with confirmed ages. The others being Lee Everett (37), Glenn (22), Sarah (15), Anna Correa (28), Luke (26-27), Duck (10), Alvin (43), Alvin Jr. (Season 2: 0, Season 3: 1-2, Season 4: 4-6), Samantha (22), Paige (22), Greg (16), James (13), Alex (7), Mariana García (10), and Gabriel García (14).
  • Chris Rebbert has said Clementine and AJ do not have confirmed ages in the final season, however it has been a few years. (Few: typically being 3).
  • Melissa guessed Clementine to be around 17 years old, but said it was not confirmed. She later said Clementine was 16 and AJ was 5.
  • Clementine has her first walker kill in "Around Every Corner".
  • Clementine says to Lee during her dream in "No Going Back" that her greatest fear is to take a life. (Determinant)
  • In unused audio, Clementine reveals that Kenny taught her how to ride a motorcycle if you left Wellington with him and AJ.
  • If Clementine went to Wellington, she would work as a hunter on Tuesday and Thursday and worked as a patroller on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Clementine's strength drastically increases throughout the series.
    • In Season 2:
      • In "All That Remains", she struggles to fight Winston while fleeing in the woods.
      • In "A House Divided", she is easily knocked down after firing a rifle.
      • In "In Harm's Way", she struggles to get a walker off of her.
      • In "In Harm's Way", she collapses after being slapped by Carver.
      • In "No Going Back", she is knocked down while Kenny and Jane fight and has difficulty getting back up.
    • In Season 3 (A New Frontier):
      • In "Ties That Bind Part 1", she is able to chop down a tree in order to stop a truck.
      • In "Ties That Bind Part 1", she is able to run through herds of walkers while firing a shotgun.
      • In "Ties That Bind Part 1", she is able to defend herself and AJ from walkers despite having a finger stuck in a car door. (Determinant)
      • In "Above the Law", she is able to physically knock David down when jumping on him, and hold him at gunpoint. (Determinant)
    • In Season 4 (The Final Season):
      • In "Done Running", Clementine is able to easily beat Marlon in a fight at the end of the episode. (Determinant)
      • In "Suffer The Children", even if Abel maintains both of his arms, Clementine is able to beat him in a fight, causing him to fall off the balcony of the boarding school, however, he is able to pull her down with him.
  • As of "No Going Back", Clementine is the only cabin survivor still alive.
  • As of "Suffer The Children", she and Lilly are the only motel survivors confirmed alive.
    • However, if you kill her in "Broken Toys", if you tell AJ to shoot her, then Clementine will be the only motel survivor confirmed alive.
  • Clementine is one of five characters, alongside JavierEleanor, Paul and Fern that are alive at the end of Season 3, regardless of the players choices.
  • Depending on your choices, Clementine can be directly/indirectly responsible for the deaths of the three original leaders of the motel survivors: Lee, Kenny, and Lilly.
  • Depending on Clementine's response to Tenn in "Done Running" she does or does not believe in an afterlife.
  • Clementine is one of ten LGBT characters to appear in the game, the others being Violet, Minerva, Walter, Matthew, Zachary, Jonas, Paige, Javier and Paul Monroe.
    • Clementine is one of two [3] LGBT protagonists in the game series, the other being Javier.
    • Clementine is also one of two bisexual characters in the game series so far, the other being Javier.
    • Clementine and Violet have the option to be the fourth same-sex couple in the game.
  • Depending on the player's choices Clementine can kill no one directly during the first 2 Seasons and a maximum of four, The Stranger, Lee (Out of Mercy), Sarita (Out of Mercy) and Kenny. There was a cut content where she had the option of shooting Mike during "No Going Back" after discovering his betrayal.
    • Eli and Yonatan are the only two character to be directly killed by Clementine while being alive, regardless of the player's choice.
  • Clementine can be in three separate car crashes, one during "No Going Back", one with Kenny during Clementine's flashback in "Ties That Bind - Part 1" (Determinant) and one early on in "Done Running".
  • Clementine mentions to Violet that she doesn't remember chicken nuggets that well.


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