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Clementine Lives was released on July 7, 2021 as part of Skybound X alongside the first chapter of Rick Grimes 2000. It features the character Clementine from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, making her comic debut. The story serves as a bridge between the Video Game series and the upcoming Clementine graphic novel series.


Clementine is seen discreetly leaving Ericson's Boarding School. She goes into the fishing cabin and finds a map. After she hears rustling from a walker, she kills it. She begins to pack supplies until she hears creaking at the door. She goes to attack, only to discover it's AJ. AJ, assuming Clementine is only going on a trip, confronts her about leaving without him and demands to go with her, however she declines him and tells him she's not going on a trip. Alvin lashes out at her for breaking her promise, Clementine tearfully tells him she feels safer with him at Ericson's with The Coalition around, but it's not home for her and she is unhappy and not even AJ can make her happy. AJ kills a walker sneaking up on Clementine and asks her where she's going. She tells him north and the two share a tearful departure as Clementine journeys alone to unknown territory.



  • None


  • First appearance (in Clementine continuity) of Clementine.
  • First appearance (in Clementine continuity) of Alvin Jr. (Unknown)
  • This is the first time Clementine has appeared outside the Video Game series.
    • Clementine appearing in the comic was first hinted at in the Letter Hacks section of Negan Lives, which ended with "PS Clementine Lives".
  • This is the first comic to feature two separate stories.
  • The issue is confirmed to take place a few weeks after The Final Season.
  • In the panel where Clementine says "This isn't a trip", Disco Broccoli can be seen in AJ's pocket.