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"I used your computer. I got on that job website you wanted me to try. I found these emails. Are you a faggot? 'Because you are? Are you? Get out of my house. Get out of my house... right now... and don't come back... I don't know you. No, you're not. Yeah, I will. We don't need your help."
—Cliff after finding out that his son, Felix Carlucci is gay.[src]

Cliff Carlucci is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the father of Felix Carlucci.


Lincoln, Nebraska

Cliff Carlucci lived in Nebraska, married his wife, Mrs. Carlucci, and had one son named Felix. Cliff, possibly due to the recession, became unemployed. While his son was accepted into Nebraska State University, Felix had to get a job as a salesclerk and often work overtime to help pay his father's bills. Cliff became increasingly depressed as he felt no one believed in him except for his son. Felix then researched websites for Cliff to use to help find a job. While Felix was at work one day, Cliff used his son's laptop to use the site his son found. Instead, he found Felix's personal romantic emails to another boy and discovered that his son was gay. When Felix returned home, he revealed to Felix the emails he found, ousted him while calling him a faggot, and kicked him out of his house.


Season 1

"The Blaze of Gory"

Cliff appears in a flashback where he confronted his son for being gay and kicked his son out of his house, and refused to take his son's money.

During the beginning on the outbreak, he refused to let his son in or even to accept his help.

He died and turned at some point still inside his house, his son Felix went to the house once again but was unable to put him down.


Felix Carlucci

Before Cliff knew about Felix's sexuality they had normal father/son relationship. His son had to step up after his father was unemployed. However, after Cliff found out his son was gay, he kicked him out of his house and disowned him as a son.

Felix was heartbroken but still cared for his father offering to help pay the bills and wanted to help him during the beginning of the outbreak, but Cliff still wanted nothing to do with him.

A decade later, Felix returned to the house finding his father has turned. Felix was unable to put him down, showing that he might still care about his father despite how his father felt towards him.


Killed By
  • Unknown Cause (Alive)

Cliff died of an unknown cause. He then turned into a walker.


World Beyond

Season 1


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