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"Looks like he got shot in the attack and bled out in here. The man was fucking unarmed."
—Jinx after putting down Clint[src]

Clint Sturbridge is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy. He is a newcomer in Woodbury and described as "a big, pear-shaped man with pork chop sideburns".


Macon, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Clint's life prior to the outbreak except that he was an electrician in Macon with a teenage daughter and an ex-wife.


Shortly after the turn, Clint's ex-wife and teenage daughter were killed due to riots in the cities. In the years that followed, it can be assumed that Clint met and married Linda.

Woodbury, Georgia

At some point during the year timeskip after Jeremiah's death, Clint and his wife, Linda, were recruited by Lilly to live in Woodbury. Clint proves himself to be a hardworking man and a major asset in Woodbury’s recent renaissance of rebuilding and reinvention.

Search and Destroy

After Woodbury is raided by Beau Bryce's Militia, Lilly sees no signs of life beyond the town's gates. After discovering Harold's body, they hastily search for the kids and discover Clint's corpse along with his wife Linda, May, Rudy, Ian and Jack. Shortly after finding David Stern, he asks if anybody else survived to which Lilly informs him he's the only one.

While searching, Jinx opens a Port-o-Let and finds Clint has reanimated inside. He lurches out at her and she stabs him in the frontal lobe with her bowie knife. She wipes the blood onto his pant leg. She realizes he was shot in here and must have bled out. He wasn't even armed which shows the type of monsters they're dealing with.


Killed By

While in a Port-a-Lot, Clint is shot to death by Bryce's militia and bleeds out inside.

Clint reanimates as a walker, and lunges towards Jinx. She slams the tip of her bowie knife down into the hard shell of bone above his frontal lobe, blood and fluids effervesce around the hilt.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Clint has killed:


Novel Series

Search and Destroy

Stone Soup