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"I've seen these before. And how they set them for people passing through. (...) Unsavory types. Take whatever they want. I was out on a food run, ran into a bunch of them. Been trying to get back to my people ever since. A lot of the dead you see around here, they killed them, left 'em looking like Swiss cheese. After they took what they wanted."
Cole's explanation to Alicia, Dakota and Teddy about the ambush site.[src]

Cole's ambush site is a location that appears in Season 6 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a roadside location in Texas used by Cole and his group to ambush other survivors for their supplies.


Nothing is known about this location's history before the outbreak except that it was a simple road in Texas.


Following the destruction of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium and their descent into hostile bandits, Cole and his group began using this location to rob other survivors of their supplies. They would kill the people with their shotguns and leave their reanimated corpses to wander the nearby woods as a warning to other survivors who might pass through the area.

Season 6


While driving down the road, Teddy, Alicia and Dakota's truck hits a makeshift spike strip and is brought to a stop, sending the corpse of Teddy's mother flying out of the back. As they load the body back onto the truck, a small herd made out of Cole's group's reanimated victims is drawn to the spot and Alicia and Dakota begin using a tire iron and a board respectively to put them down. Cole arrives and he puts down the last few walkers with his shotgun, shocking Alicia to see him again as she had thought that Cole had died when the stadium was destroyed.

Cole explains to Teddy that Alicia's mother is the only reason that he's still alive and Teddy attempts to call Riley for help without any success. Teddy and Dakota head up the road in search of a better signal while Alicia remains behind with Cole. The two discuss what has happened since they parted ways and Cole attempts to get information on where Alicia is coming from with all of the supplies that the truck is carrying. Alicia admits that Teddy has been stocking up supplies, but she doesn't know much about him yet. Unable to reach Riley on the radio, Teddy asks if Cole knows where they can get another car. Cole offers to lead them to an old auto parts store nearby and, pointing to the spike strip that they hit, warns them about the ambushes his group make there, leaving out his own role in it. Cole notes that many of the walkers in the woods nearby are the people that the "unsavory types" have been killing. Teddy accepts Cole's help after Cole gives up his shotgun to Alicia.

After getting the new tires that they need for the truck, Cole's group reveals themselves to Alicia, Dakota and Teddy and force them back to the ambush site at gunpoint. At the site, the group repairs the truck while Cole demands to know the location of Teddy's bunker and attempts to convince Alicia to join them. However, Alicia is disgusted by the way the stadium survivors have squandered her mother's sacrifice and she refuses. Even after Cole shoots what is supposedly Teddy's mother's corpse, he refuses to give in, revealing that he'd lied about it being his mother's body.

Finally fed up, Cole, Douglas and Vivian prepare to execute the trio, although Cole promises to put Alicia down and bury her while leaving the other two to reanimate and be a warning to others. However, the long period of time that the group has spent in the spot and all of the noise that they have been making draw another herd made up of the group's reanimated victims. Alicia attempts to talk the three down without success while Teddy taunts Cole. As Cole turns his shotgun on the cult leader, Alicia attacks, causing him to fire into the ground. The walkers swarm the bandits that had killed them, devouring Douglas, Vivian and the other eleven members of Cole's group as Teddy, Dakota and Cole successfully fend off the walkers. Armed with one of the group's guns and using a walker as a shield, Alicia approaches Cole and finally gets the upper hand on him by shoving the walker into Cole, forcing him to put it down and giving Alicia the chance to get the drop on him. When Cole tries to raise his shotgun to kill her, Alicia shoots her former friend in the head, killing him instantly. She then takes Douglas' knife and puts down the reanimated Douglas and Vivian.

With Alicia having earned the truth with her actions, Teddy reveals his plan to use the nuclear missiles on the USS Pennsylvania to end everything that is left. Holding Teddy at gunpoint while Dakota aims a shotgun at her, Alicia uses Teddy's radio to call Victor Strand and have him pass on the warning to Morgan Jones. Riley finally arrives with more cultists to help, but Teddy keeps them from killing Alicia. The cult, accompanied by Alicia, then depart the ambush site, leaving behind the bodies of Cole's group and their victims.



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