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"I wasn't lying when I said I got attacked. We all did. We're the only ones who didn't get shotgun shells to the gut. (...) About a week after the fire at the stadium. (...) We were looking for a place to hole up, to come looking for you, and Nick and Victor and Luciana. Went into a motel off 78, and there were some people in there waiting for us. (...) And you know how that ended. We tried to find you, to do something more than just look out for ourselves. Then, well, most of us were gone. So we found this way and we're still standing."
—Cole explains to Alicia the events that led to the group becoming bandits.[src]

Cole's Group is a group of survivors introduced in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. The group was made up of the survivors of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community. They served as the primary antagonistic group of the episode "Mother".


Nothing is known about the individual members of the group before or as the outbreak began.


Following the fall of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium, the survivors attempted to regroup and search for Alicia, Nick Clark, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez. However, a week after the stadium's destruction, they were ambushed in a motel and many were killed by a hostile group. The 14 survivors decided to become bandits, ambushing other survivors on a road in close proximity to the stadium, stealing their supplies and killing them before leaving their victims to reanimate and wander the woods in the area.

Season 6


After Alicia, Dakota and Teddy's truck is stopped by nails in the road that puncture their tires, they are attacked by a small herd of walkers. Cole suddenly appears and kills several with a shotgun, surprising Alicia to see him again and vice versa. Alicia and Cole debrief each other on what they've been doing after the stadium burned. Teddy asks if Cole knows where they can find a new car. Cole says there's an auto shop nearby and offers to accompany them, due to the presence of local gangs.

They arrive at the auto shop. Cole pulls Alicia aside and suggests they kill Teddy, but Alicia insists on finding out his plan first. She explains that Teddy's group has set up a bunker with supplies to last for years. Inside the auto shop, a gang surrounds Alicia's group at gunpoint. Alicia recognizes Douglas and Vivian from the stadium community and realizes that Cole is with the gang. Cole's gang walks Alicia, Dakota and Teddy back to their truck. Cole explains that they've been killing people who crossed their path ever since escaping the fire at the stadium.

Cole's gang repairs Teddy's truck. Alicia tells Cole he can take the truck if he leaves them alone. Cole demands to know where Teddy's bunker is, but Teddy doesn't tell him. Cole shoots the corpse of Teddy's mother, but Teddy reveals it's not his mother. Cole invites Alicia to join his gang but Alicia refuses. Cole forces Alicia to her knees to kill her. Cole orders Douglas and Vivian to kill Alicia's group. They see walkers approaching the road. Alicia tackles Cole while the group's own reanimated victims kill Douglas, Vivian and all of Cole's gang. Alicia shoves the walker at Cole who puts it down and turns back to Alicia, only to find her pointing the gun at his head. Alicia angrily confronts Cole over throwing away her mother's sacrifice, but he ignores this and suggests that it might be time to listen to her friend and let go. Cole raises his shotgun to kill Alicia, but Alicia shoots Cole in the head, killing him instantly and putting an end to his group. Alicia then puts down the reanimated Douglas and Vivian.


Killed Victims

  • Many unnamed people (Alive and Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of zombies



Fear The Walking Dead

Season 6


  • Ironically, most of the group's members were killed by their own reanimated victims.