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"I'm sorry, Alicia. I really am. I know what your mother did for us, so I'm gonna do something I normally wouldn't. Come with us. [...] Why? [...] Who? Victor? Then why isn't he out here looking for you? That truck, that gas--we can get the hell out of here. We drive smart, we can get halfway across the country, far away from whatever he's doing. And you know Victor would be doing the same thing. I gotta warn you, Alicia, you don't take me up on this, we got no choice but to kill you, too."
—Cole offering Alicia a chance to join his gang.[src]

Cole is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He was a resident of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium community.

Presumed to have been killed following the stadium's fall by his colleagues, Cole managed to escape thanks to Madison's sacrifice and formed his own group out of the stadium survivors until encountering Alicia Clark over a year later. He served as the primary antagonist of the episode "Mother".


Cole is initially a friendly and helpful man. He is a trusted member of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium, helping out wherever is needed. He becomes a trusted friend of Victor Strand who seems to take an interest in Cole. At one point, Strand invites Cole to run away with him but he declines.

After the fall of the stadium, Cole went missing and was presumed to be dead. However, it's revealed in Season 6 that he and some other stadium members had survived and formed their own group. Upon reuniting with Alicia Clark, he appears to be the same friendly person as he was before. However it's revealed that he and his group had become ruthless bandits who steal and murder other survivors. Cole seems well-aware of the immorality of his actions, calling his group "unsavory types" and saying Madison Clark probably should have let them die. He does show remorse for his actions and is genuinely grateful for Madison saving his life. He offers Alicia the chance to join him and his group, something he doesn't normally do with his other victims. However, Alicia declines and Cole orders for her, Dakota, and Teddy to be executed. Cole would die a ruthless and cunning survivor, a farcry from what he started as.


College Station, Texas

Nothing is known about Cole's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was a student at Texas A&M University, located in College Station, Texas. He stated that while there he spent more time smoking, but he still studied plants and learned which ones are safe to eat.


Season 4

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Cole appears right as the main crew is having dinner. He appears behind Strand and acts friendly enough with all of the breakfast members, cracking up jokes and such.

Later, he expresses a desire to go out on the run which Madison wants to go out on, but he is unable to, the cause later being revealed when Luciana mentions that Strand didn't want him to tag along for unspecified reasons.

At night, as he helps Strand and Douglas push the truck that was wrecked by Nick earlier on in his attempt to go out of the stadium's shelter, he gets taken by surprise as Luciana frantically tells him to ditch it and to run back to the stadium.

Inside, he arms himself and then is seen at the stadium's gate as Madison confronts Mel, the leader of what looks like a hostile gang, to find out what his intentions are.

The next day, he helps Madison, along with rest, to construct the shelter that was going to be originally intended to become a housing unit for Charlie.


Cole and Strand scavenge a greenhouse for supplies. As they search around, Cole talks about his time at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He is disheartened and upset when Strand reveals that he has been secretly gathering supplies in a car in case things go bad at the stadium. Cole is invited by Strand to run away with him, but he rejects his offer and returns to the stadium alone. When Madison asks about Strand, Strand arrives in his secret car before Cole can answer Madison. He watches on as he shares the goods in his car with Madison.

"Just in Case"

Cole is seen glaring at Strand when he concocts a story Strand thanks Cole for keeping his escape car a secret. Cole explains that he’s merely keeping quiet because he’s worried Strand might harm him if he talks. Cole later congratulates Strand on helping accomplish their mission.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

Cole is among the stadium residents to help prepare the soil on the crop fields for replanting. Later, he helps fortify the stadium walls with lumber and other materials in preparation for the Vultures' imminent attack. When the Vultures finally arrive, he is armed and on the wall with other residents, watching in horror as the Vultures unleash hundreds of zombies from their trucks towards the stadium.

"No One's Gone"

As the horde of zombies approached the stadium, Cole and the other residents decide to flee since they did not believe the walls would hold. He, along with everyone else, gathered in the remaining vehicles and drove out into the parking lot. They were quickly overrun and feared dead as hundreds upon hundreds of zombies swarmed the caravan, though unbeknownst to Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Victor, Cole and the other stadium survivors managed to escape alive after all.

Season 6


After Alicia, Dakota and Teddy's truck is stopped by nails in the road that puncture their tires, they are attacked by a small herd of walkers. Cole suddenly appears and kills several with a shotgun, surprising Alicia to see him again and vice versa. Cole explains to Teddy that Alicia's mother is the reason that he's not also a walker. As Teddy and Dakota head off to find a better radio signal, Alicia asks if he's been on the road and he confirms that he has for a long time. Cole explains that "we spent weeks looking for you all and when we didn't find you, well we just though you must've died in the fire too." Cole reveals that thanks to Madison's actions, Douglas, Vivian and many others from the stadium survived and escaped. Cole asks about Nick and realizes from Alicia's reaction that he's dead. Alicia fills him in on Strand and Luciana and Cole questions her about Teddy and all of his supplies. Teddy's return interrupts their conversation and Cole reveals that an old auto parts shop is located nearby, but it's not safe to go there on their own as there's a hostile group setting traps, taking whatever they want and killing people, many of whom are the walkers in the area. Cole promises to take them where they need to go over Alicia's objections and gives Alicia his shotgun when Teddy demands that he hand it over as a sign of good faith.

Cole leads the group to Mable's Parts auto shop and suggests that Alicia use his gun to kill Teddy. However, she refuses until she knows what Teddy is up to, explaining that Teddy's group will finish the job whether or not he's dead. Alicia admits that while she doesn't know what it is, it has to be big as Teddy's cult has been setting up a bunker with supplies to last them for years. Cole invites Alicia to join his group once she's done, suggesting that it could be his way of finally paying back Madison for what she did for him. As Cole and Dakota go through tires for the truck, hostile survivors enter and Cole reveals that he's one of the people that he was telling Alicia about. On Cole's command, his men take off their masks, revealing them to all be stadium survivors, two of whom are Douglas and Vivian, much to Alicia's shock. Teddy asks if they're going to do this after Alicia's mother saved their lives and Cole coldly comments "maybe she should've let us die."

Making their way back to the truck with the supplies, Cole explains to Alicia that the stadium survivors had gotten attacked a week after the stadium's destruction. Cole reveals that they were looking for a place to hole up and regroup so that they could search for Alicia and the others, but the motel they chose had people waiting for them who killed most of them. Cole reveals that his people are all that's left and in order to survive, they have been doing the same to any survivors that cross their path. Teddy uses Cole's group as proof of why the world needs to be destroyed, but Douglas insists that they aren't proud of what they've become, but they feel that they have no other choice. Alicia reminds the group that they'd shown them a better way which Cole admits that they had tried, but it got most of them killed until they started following their new way. Alicia accuses Cole of becoming the people that they were trying to stop, but Cole is unapologetic. Teddy urges Alicia to kill them, but Cole turns his shotgun on Teddy before forcing him to continue on.

Cole's group fixes the truck and Alicia urges him to just take the truck and leave them alone, but Cole refuses as the last time they tried that, the people came back and nearly killed them. Cole demands to know where the bunker is, but Teddy refuses while Douglas and Vivian urge him to leave before more walkers show up. Cole refuses to give up, but Teddy is unmoved and threatens the body of Teddy's mother, blasting it with his shotgun. However, Teddy reveals that its not actually his mother's body. Cole orders his people to fix the tires and offers to take Alicia with him, but she refuses as she knows that people will die if she doesn't. Cole is determined to take the truck and go, claiming that Strand would do the same and warns Alicia that they will have to kill her too if she refuses. Alicia refuses and Cole orders her onto her knees, promising to make it fast.

After Alicia, Teddy and Dakota are put onto their knees, he offers Teddy a final chance, but he refuses and prepares to execute them. Alicia presses Cole, but he reminds her that he gave her an out and promises to put Alicia down and bury her once she's dead although Dakota and Teddy will be left as a warning to others. More of the group's reanimated victims emerge from the woods and Alicia tries to convince Douglas and Vivian not to do it. Cole apologizes, but refuses to stop. Teddy tells Cole that "killing people you know can be hard if you're weak" and Cole turns his shotgun on Teddy. Alicia takes the opportunity to attack Cole while the walkers swarm Cole's group, killing Douglas, Vivian and the others. Cole puts down several walkers, but as he turns towards Alicia, she uses a walker as a human shield while aiming a gun through the shotgun wound in its chest. Alicia shoves the walker at Cole who puts it down and turns back to Alicia, only to find her pointing the gun at his head. Alicia angrily confronts Cole over throwing away her mother's sacrifice and he suggests that it might be time to listen to her friend and let go. Cole raises his shotgun to kill Alicia, but Alicia shoots Cole in the head, killing him instantly. Staring at Cole's body, Alicia tells Teddy that he's wrong and he doesn't have to destroy everything to make it better, just people like Cole.


Killed By

As Cole raises his gun to kill her, Alicia shoots him in the head, killing Cole.

Killed Victims

  • Numerous unnamed people (Alive)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


Victor Strand

Cole has a one sided friendship with Strand. While Cole is warm and friendly to Strand, trying to have a conversation or tries to make a joke to Strand. Strand is cold, distant, and doesn't want to open up to him. It's heavily implied that Cole has a romantic interest in Strand, but after Strand reveals that he was hiding supplies, Cole seems to lose this interest.

In "Mother", Cole appears to have lost all positive feelings towards Strand and instead speaks of him with obvious bitterness.


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  • Cole is the third LGBT character featured in Fear the Walking Dead, after Victor Strand and Thomas Abigail and before Althea and Isabelle.
  • It was revealed the reason Cole never became a couple with Victor is because Colman Domingo and the producers didn’t think it was right for Victor at the time.[1]
  • While all of Cole's appearances in Season 4 were in flashbacks, Cole's appearance in Season 6 marks the first time his character appears in the present day in the current timeline.

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