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Everyone is just supposed to go to... what was it? (...) Right, so we all go to Alexandria and live next door to the guy that torched this place? Same guy who killed her husband, that right?
―Cole to the rest of the group regarding having to live next to Negan Smith.[src]

Cole is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Wardens who joined Alexandria after their previous village was destroyed by the Reapers.


Cole is a courageous man, who is one of Maggie's most trusted allies. He isn't afraid of voicing his own opinions even if they contrast Maggie's, such as convincing her to stop for the day when she wants to keep going to Alexandria. Cole is also a skilled fighter, enough so that he is recruited to go to Meridian to take out the Reapers. However, when the Reapers attack the group, he ends up being one of the group's first victims to the Reapers when his hand gets cut off and throat slit.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Cole's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Location Unknown

Several years into the outbreak, Cole joined a community called Meridian. A few years later, Meridian was attacked by a hostile group of raiders, forcing him and the remaining survivors to flee.

TV Series

Season 10

"Home Sweet Home"

Cole accompanies Elijah when going to meet Daryl and Carol with Maggie, and is introduced to the two by the latter as her companions. Cole joins the four when Carol shows Maggie the remains of Hilltop, and explains how Negan was both there when the Whisperers attacked and the reason Alpha died. Cole asks if they're supposed to just live alongside Negan in Alexandria despite the fact that he burned down the Hilltop and killed Maggie's husband, to which Daryl replies that they're still figuring things out.

As Carol leaves to head back to Alexandria, Cole, Maggie and Elijah begin to lead them to where the rest of their group is camped. Daryl trails behind Maggie, Kelly catches up and volunteers to help with the mission, as she also wants to look for Connie. The group walks for most of the day, until Cole informs Maggie that there is only half an hour of daylight left. Maggie wants to keep going, but Cole convinces her to call it a day and find some shelter. Maggie decides to clear out walkers from nearby a parking lot, which Daryl and Kelly are uneasy about but go along with. Things go well at first, until Maggie notices a group of walkers coming out of a container and attempts to close the door, injuring herself in the process. Luckily, she manages to close the door with Daryl and Elijah's help.

In the morning, the group wakes up and prepares to leave, when they're interrupted by a walker. As Elijah dispatches it, Cole wonders where Kelly is, since she's supposed to be on watch. Just as they're about to arrive to the rendezvous, they see a smoke cloud rising in the distance. Horrified, Maggie runs ahead, closely followed by the others. Maggie desperately searches for Hershel in the burned-out building, but doesn't find anything apart form the corpses of two of her group members.

Cole is sure that this is the work of the Reapers, a group that attacked and destroyed their former home and apparently followed them to Virginia. Maggie is determined to find the rest of the group and her son. Daryl finds some footprints, including Hershel's, and determines that the group fled north. He also assures Maggie they will find the group responsible. After a while, the trail splits, so the group decides to split up as well, with Daryl and Maggie heading in one direction and Elijah, Cole and Kelly in the other. Cole hears some noises, so instructs Elijah and Kelly to take cover. When they decide to move again, Elijah remains still.

Later, as Maggie and Daryl are struggling to fight against a highly tactical and well-adapted survivalist Reaper, Kelly manages to shoot the man with Daryl's dropped crossbow, incapacitating him as Cole and Elijah join up with her and surround him. As Maggie tries to get the man to tell them who he is and what his group wants, he merely responds with "Pope marked you" before pulling the pin on a grenade in his satchel. Maggie, Daryl, Kelly, Cole, and Elijah all duck down and away from the ensuing blast, with blows the man into a red mist.

Maggie later manages to find Hershel hiding in a tree, and the group heads back to Alexandria. They stop at the same storage yard from before for the night. As they finally reach Alexandria, they find it in near ruins, with many of the walls destroyed and knocked down, buildings burnt, and crops trampled by the Whisperers during their initial assault on the settlement. Cole subsequently joins the community with his comrades, as Maggie glares at a watching Negan.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Cole is chatting with fellow Wardens Frost, Agatha, and Duncan when Maggie and her group's return to Alexandria after their mission at Fort Connors. She is overjoyed to see her friends again and chats with Cole and the others. Later during a meeting, Cole listens as Maggie explains that Frost, Agatha, and Duncan were separated and believed to have been killed after Reapers attacked their village. Cole and his fellow Wardens agree to accompany Maggie and a group of Alexandrians to Meridian to take out the Reapers and secure the food and water supplies to feed everyone in Alexandria.

Part of a group consisting of Maggie, Daryl, Alden, Frost, Elijah, Gage, Negan, Agatha, Duncan, Roy, and Gabriel, the survivors utilize Negan's familiarity with the DC area to travel to Meridian. Due to the heavy rain storm, the survivors are forced to head into the subway tunnels to complete the journey. While in the tunnels, they come across hundreds of body bags, many containing walkers in them. At some point while dispatching the body bag walkers, Gage and Roy go missing, along with the group's ammo and supplies. Shortly after this realization, a large group of walkers appear, forcing the other survivors to move forward in the tunnel without being able to search for Gage or Roy. He is able to make it into a subway car before the walkers are able to catch up with his group.

"Acheron: Part II"

Cole and the rest of the Meridian mission survivors make their way through the subway tunnels and successfully fight their way through the undead to safety, despite losing Gage, who was killed after running away from the group and becoming separated. With the storm subsided, Cole and the rest of the group traverse down a road when suddenly Roy is shot and killed and a flying knife severs his hand clean. The Reapers have launched an ambush on the survivors.


After the Reapers attack his group, Cole attempts to defend himself and avoid getting killed. With the members fragmented into smaller groups, Cole is suddenly killed by Jenson.


Killed By

While fleeing from the Reapers, Jenson comes up behind him and slits his throat. It is possible he reanimated, as his brain was not shown to be destroyed.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Cole has killed:

  • Montanio (Caused)
  • Gage (Caused)
  • Many unnamed mass grave victims (Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of zombies





TV Series

Season 10

Season 11

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  • Cole appears in the archival footage shown at the beginning of "Family" as Judith narrates past events of the show to the audience before the episode's story begins.
  • Cole appears in the final flashbacks of the last episode "Rest in Peace".

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