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This article is about Comic Series character. You may be looking for her physical appearance in the Video Game or her Road to Survival or TV Series counterparts.

Colette Hawthorne is a character first mentioned in Issue 177 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Michonne and Dominic and the sister of Elodie.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about Colette's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except she lived with her sister Elodie Hawthorne and her father Dominic Hawthorne.



Colette, along her sister, was separated from Michonne during the early days of the outbreak. About a year into the apocalypse they were surviving in Kentucky, and were moving up north. Having lost their father, they were living with a group of bad people, who protected them in return for sexual favors. When Colette refused, she was killed by them in front of her sister. Later her sister avenged her by killing all the group members.


Killed By

Colette is killed by a rapist group after refusing to perform sexual activities for them in exchange for protection.


Michonne Hawthorne

It can be assumed that she and Michonne had a stable mother-daughter relationship. Michonne lives with the guilt of not finding her daughters for the rest of her life, often plagued by hallucinations.

Dominic Hawthorne

Dominic is Colette's father so it can be assumed that they had a normal father-daughter relationship. She was with her father around the start of the apocalypse. Dominic packed supplies and told her they had to leave.

Elodie Hawthorne

Elodie and Colette are sisters so it can be assumed that they have a good relationship. Colette and Elodie are seen together in Michonne's hallucinations. Elodie was devastated by Colette's murder at the hands of a group of bad men, resulting in her avenging Colette by killing all the members of the group.