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The Colt Detective Special is a carbon steel framed double-action short-barreled revolver, and is an example of a class of firearms known to gun enthusiasts as "snubnosed", "snubbies", or "belly guns". As the name "Detective Special" suggests, this model revolver was used as a concealed weapon by plainclothes police detectives. Introduced in 1927, the Detective Special was one of the first short-barreled revolvers produced with a modern swing-out frame. It was designed from the outset to be chambered for higher-powered cartridges such as the .38 Special, considered to be a powerful caliber for a concealable pocket revolver of the day.


TV Series

Season 2

Darylsnubnose "What Lies Ahead" Daryl Dixon with the Colt Detective Special as he takes it off a corpse.
Andrearevolver "What Lies Ahead" Andrea with the Colt Detective Special as she passes it to Lori.
TWDS2E06 13 "Secrets" Patricia aiming a Colt Detective Special during shooting practice.
Episode-7-shane-carl "Pretty Much Dead Already" Shane Walsh attempts to give Carl a Colt Detective Special.
TWDS2E09 02 "Triggerfinger" A Colt Detective Special lays in the car.
TWDS2E09 04 "Triggerfinger" Lori aims a Colt Detective Special at a walker.

Season 3

Twd301-000893 "Seed" Lori with a Colt Detective Special as she kills Walkers through the fence at the prison.
Twd304-001281 "Killer Within" Lori Grimes with a Colt Detective Special at the prison, killing Walkers that invaded the Prison.
Walking-Dead-304-01 "Killer Within" Lori Grimes with a Colt Detective Special at the prison killing Walkers that invaded the Prison.
TWDS3E04 01 "Killer Within" Lori Grimes with a Colt Detective Special at the prison killing Walkers that invaded the Prison.
Carolbethrickcarlhershel "The Suicide King" Beth Greene with a Colt Detective Special in her back pocket as she welcomes Rick back.
BethShoots "Arrow on the Doorpost" Beth Greene with a Colt Detective Special after firing it to stop a fight.

Season 4

The-walking-dead-indifference-carol "Indifference" Carol with a Colt Detective Special in her waistband.
600px-TWDS4E14 11 "The Grove" Carol firing at walkers with her Colt Detective Special alongside Lizzie Samuels firing a Walther P22 pistol.
Carolshootinglizzie "The Grove" Carol killing Lizzie with her Colt Detective Special.

Season 5

Carolaimsgun "No Sanctuary" Carol aiming her Colt Detective Special at Martin.


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