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The Colt MK IV Series 70 was an improvement over the M1911A1/Government Model by redesigning the barrel bushing to grip the barrel and give the production gun much improved accuracy. These "collet" bushings worked well but were prone to breaking due to being smaller than the slide diameter, hence the original bushing was made standard once again in in 1988.

Colt's Patent Firearms Mfg. Co. is well known as the original and most recognized maker of 1911-type pistols. Ever since the design's military acceptance in March of 1911, and the beginning of production in January of 1912 Colt has never ceased manufacturing pistols based off the original 1911 design, known in commercial trim as simply the Government Model.


TV Series

Season 3

Merle-knife-hand-1-.jpg "Walk With Me" Merle Dixon is seen holding a Colt MK IV Series 70 in the woods, while talking to Andrea.
800px-TWDS3E03 06.jpg "Walk With Me" Merle Dixon is seen holding a Colt MK IV Series 70 in the woods, while telling Andrea and Michonne Hawthorne to lower their weapons.
TWD-Episode-306-Main-590.jpg "Hounded" Merle Dixon, while searching for Michonne Hawthorne with an Series 70 in the forest.
Merle tim crowley neil.jpg "Hounded" Merle Dixon, while searching for Michonne with a Series 70 in the forest, from a different angle.
Hounded.1.7.jpg "Hounded" Merle Dixon, while searching for Michonne with an Series 70 in the forest.
Hounded.1.10.jpg "Hounded" Merle Dixon, while searching for Michonne with an Series 70 in the forest.

Season 4

WDSeason4Colt1911.jpg "30 Days Without An Accident" Rick Grimes, as he finds a buried Colt MK IV Series 70 in the Prison yards.
WalkingDeadS04E07RiflePistol.png "Dead Weight" A member of The Governor's militia with a holstered Colt MK IV Series 70.
TWDS04E08CustomM1911A1.png "Too Far Gone" A member of The Governor's militia with his holstered Series 70 while holding Michonne and Hershel hostage.

Season 6

AMC 601 Glenn Aiming.png "First Time Again" Glenn aims his series 70 at a group of zombies.

Video Game

Final Season

Clemklsrdney.jpeg "Take Us Back" Clementine interrogates Rodney after shooting him.
Clmcver.jpeg "Take Us Back" Clementine takes cover with her gun in hand.
Clmklsed.jpeg "Take Us Back" Clementine threatens Eddie with her gun.


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