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This article is about the characters in the comic that appear and have names. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in Image Comics' The Walking Dead. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearance.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.

Grant County, Kentucky

Grimes Family

Carl Grimes (Comic Series)
Andrea Grimes (Issue 193)
Rick Grimes (Comic Series)
Judith Grimes (Comic Universe)
Lori Grimes (Comic Series)

Grant County Residents

Shane Walsh (Comic Series)
Reggie (Comic Series)

Jones Family

Morgan Jones (Comic Series)
Duane Jones (Comic Series)

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Camp Survivors

Glenn Rhee (Comic Universe)
Dale (Comic Series)
Jim (Comic Series)

Carol's Family

Sophia Grimes (Comic Series)
Carol (Comic Series)

Andrea's Family

Andrea Grimes (Comic Universe)
Amy (Comic Series)

Allen's Family

Ben (Comic Series)
Billy (Comic Series)
Allen (Comic Series)
Donna (Comic Series)

Atlanta Outskirts

Tyreese's Group

Chris (Tyreese Special)

Tyreese's Family

Julie (Comic Series)

Greene Farm

Greene Family

Maggie Greene (Comic Series)
Billy Greene (Comic Universe)
Rachel Greene (Comic Series)
Susie Greene (Comic Series)
Lacey Greene (Comic Series)
Arnold Greene (Comic Series)
Shawn Greene (Comic Universe)

Patricia's Family

Otis (Comic Series)

Meriwether County Correctional Facility

Axel (Comic Series)
Dexter (Comic Series)
Thomas Richards (Comic Series)
Andrew (Comic Universe)

Michonne's Group

Terry (Comic Series)
Mike (Michonne Special)

Woodbury, Georgia

Woodbury Survivors

Calvin Deets (Comic Universe)
Bob Stookey (Comic Universe)
Lou (Comic Universe)
Denny (Comic Series)
Gloria Pyne (Comic Series)
Earl (Comic Universe)
Austin Ballard (Comic Series)
Lilly Caul (Comic Series)
Tom Blanchford (Comic Series)
Jared (Comic Universe)
Smitty (Comic Universe)
Red (Comic Universe)
Hap Abernathy (Comic Universe)
Megan Lafferty (Comic Series)
Alice Warren (Comic Series)
Johnny Pruitt (Comic Universe)
Daniel (Comic Series)
Rudy Warburton (Comic Series)
Eric (Comic Universe)
James Steagal (Comic Universe)
Andy (Woodbury)
Arlo Simmons (Comic Series)
Bruce Cooper (Comic Series)
Sam Curtis (Comic Universe)
Eugene Cooney (Comic Universe)
Harold Abernathy (Comic Universe)
Wes Strunk (Comic Series)
Caesar Martínez (Comic Universe)
Scott Moon (Comic Universe)
Mike (Pilot)

Blake Family

Brian Blake (Comic Universe)
Penny Blake (Comic Universe)

Post-Prison Survivors

Abraham's Group

Eugene Porter (Comic Series)
Rosita Porter (Comic Series)

The Marauders

Jud (Comic Series)
Craig (Comic Series)
Andy (Marauder)

Church Survivors

The Hunters

Chris (Hunter)
Albert (Comic Series)
David (Hunter)
Greg (Comic Series)

Alexandria Safe-Zone

Aaron (Comic Series)
Heath (Comic Series)
Lola (Comic Series)
Annie (Comic Series)
Siddiq (Comic Universe)
Anna (Comic Series)
Carlos (Alexandria)
Darius (Comic Series)
Paul (Alexandria)
Erin (Comic Series)
Olivia (Comic Series)
Denise Cloyd (Comic Series)
John (Alexandria)
Holly (Comic Series)
Eric (Comic Series)
Tobin (Comic Series)
Bruce (Comic Series)
Scott (Comic Series)

Nicholas' Family

Mikey (Comic Series)
Paula (Comic Series)

Vincent's Family

Julia (Comic Series)
Josh (Comic Series)

Monroe Family

Regina Monroe (Comic Series)

Anderson Family

Jessie Anderson (Comic Series)
Ron Anderson (Comic Series)
Peter Anderson (Comic Series)

Washington, D.C.

The Scavengers

Carlos (Scavenger)
Sandra (Comic Series)
Derek (Comic Series)
Liam (Comic Series)

Hilltop Colony

Hilltop Residents

Paul Monroe (Comic Universe)
Earl Sutton (Comic Series)
Wesley (Comic Series)
Harlan Carson (Comic Series)
Alex (Comic Series)
Marco (Comic Series)
Dante (Comic Series)
Louie (Comic Series)
Brian (Hilltop)
Wes (Comic Series)
Samuel (Comic Series)
Oscar (Comic Series)
Larry (Comic Series)
Ken (Comic Series)
Doug (Comic Series)
Kal (Comic Series)
Ethan (Comic Series)

Brianna's Family

Johnny (Comic Series)

Harlan Family

Rose Family

Morton Rose (Comic Series)
Tammy Rose (Comic Series)

The Saviors

Negan (Comic Series)
Laura (Comic Series)
Martin (Here's Negan)
Tara (Comic Series)
John (Savior)
Mark (Comic Series)
Gavin (Comic Series)
Paul (Savior)
Angela (Here's Negan)
Tory (Here's Negan)
Rich (Here's Negan)
Sandra (Here's Negan)
John (Here's Negan)
Amber (Comic Series)
Carson (Comic Series)
Donnie (Comic Series)
Mike (Savior)
Davis (Comic Series)
Gary (Comic Series)
David (Savior)
Connor (Comic Series)
Seth (Comic Series)

Dwight's Family

Dwight (Comic Series)
Sherry (Comic Series)

The Kingdom

Gus (Comic Series)
Taylor (Comic Series)
Brian (Kingdom)
Marcus (Comic Series)

Richmond, Virginia

Magna's Group

Magna (Comic Series)
Yumiko (Comic Series)
Kelly (Comic Series)
Connie (Comic Series)
Luke (Comic Series)
Bernie (Comic Series)

The Whisperers

Beta (Comic Series)
Joshua (Whisperer)

Alpha's Family

Lydia (Comic Series)
Alpha (Comic Series)

Joshua's Family

Joshua (Mike's Son)
Mike (Whisperer)


Pete (Comic Universe)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth

Elodie Hawthorne (Comic Universe)
Mercer (Comic Series)
Kapoor (Comic Series)
Elias (Comic Series)
Conner (Comic Series)
Frost (Comic Series)
Lance Hornsby (Comic Series)
George (Comic Series)
Rufus (Comic Series)
Matt (Comic Series)
Kayla (Comic Series)
Jerome (Comic Series)
Nancy (Comic Series)

Milton Family

Pamela Milton (Comic Series)


Cloris (Comic Series)
Curtis (Comic Series)

Barcelona, Catalonia


Josh (Here's Negan)
Paul (Here's Negan)
Jeremy (Here's Negan)

Derick's Group

Lucy (Negan Lives)
Derick (Negan Lives)
Barry (Negan Lives)


Apple (Comic Series)
Shiva (Comic Series)


Front (Comic Series)