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The following is a timeline for the Comic Series, explaining what happened each day. 

According to Robert Kirkman and other sources the year of the outbreak began is confirmed to be 2003, the same year the comics started.

Note: For the Video Game timeline go here: Video Game Timeline, for the Novel Series timeline go here: Novel Timeline. Despite these three media taking place in the same universe, the dates given in each contradict and therefore each timeline page is completely separate and contains different dates. For a complete timeline including all three media go here: Comic Universe Timeline. Special issues are included here.

Before the Global Outbreak

Rick's Family
  • Rick was a police officer, living with his son, Carl, and wife, Lori.

Andrea and Amy

  • Andrea was driving Amy back to college so that they could have some bonding time. Andrea had a job as a clerk at a law firm, and Amy was going for her Physical Education major at college.


  • Glenn was a pizza delivery boy from Macon, who was swimming in debt and nearly had to ask his estranged parents for money.

Allen's Family

  • Allen ran a shoe store in a mall and was also struggling to make ends meet.


  • Jim was working as a mechanic in Atlanta.
  • Dale was a salesman for over forty years. When he retired, he bought a camper and decided to travel America with his wife, Erma. He spent two years traveling the U.S. when the outbreak happened.
Tyreese's Family
  • Tyreese played in the NFL Atlanta Falcons team in the 1998 season. After he was forced off the team due to his injury, Tyreese got a job as a bouncer. However, he quit this job and took on doing odd-jobs for a few weeks. He finally settled into a job as a cars salesman for five years.
  • Tyreese had one daughter, named Julie. Julie had a boyfriend called Chris.
Hershel's Family
  • Hershel Greene was a retired veterinarian. He had seven children who all lived and worked on the family farm together.
  • Axel was convicted for armed robbery and subsequently incarcerated in the Meriwether County Correctional Facility.
  • Dexter was convicted of murdering his wife and her lover While incarcerated, he began a "romantic" relationship with Andrew, a fellow inmate, though Axel believes Dexter was just using Andrew for sex.
  • Andrew was a drug dealer and had been sent to prison at the Meriwether County Correctional Facility. He was also addicted to narcotics, and turned to religion to get clean.
  • Thomas was imprisoned for murdering his wife. Though he initially claimed to be in prison for tax evasion, this was proven to be a lie.
Michonne's Family
  • Michonne Hawthorne a successful attorney and married a man with whom she had two daughters. They lived an average middle-class life in a suburban neighborhood, and often dealt with a troublesome teenager next door who she swore had once killed their cat and destroyed their fence with his katana.
  • She eventually divorced her husband and at some point started dating another man named Mike.
Abraham's Family
  • Abraham lived in Houston, Texas, and had an ex-wife, Beth, an 8-year-old son, and a 6-year-old daughter.
  • Negan was high school gym coach where he practiced a range of sports including billiards and ping-pong. He also worked as a used-car salesman, presumably as a part time occupation.
  • At some point, Negan married a woman named Lucille where they presumably lived together as an average married couple. Negan was involved in at least one extra-marital affair.
  • Beta was a very wealthy celebrity. He was a famous basketball player turned actor, starring in movies and car commercials.

Shootout Day

Shootout Day

  • Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes and his partner, Shane, are in a shoot-out with an escaped prisoner on a highway. Rick is shot in the shoulder during the incident and falls into a coma

The Trials

The Outbreak in the United States

First Few Days/First Month

  • Walker pandemic begins due to an unknown origin, mass panic and hysteria ensues across the United States.
  • The government coordinates and sets up regional safe havens across the country in schools, churches, hospitals and other large community buildings, which are defended by police and firemen. Examples of safe havens were Martinez's school's gym and Alice's college dorm.
  • Local police and firemen are unable to defend the safe havens from the infected; many safe havens are overrun, causing many people to die.
  • With regional safe havens failing nationwide, the government make new plans to evacuate citizens to the large cities, such as Atlanta, so they can be protected by the military. Via radio and other media outlets, the government broadcasts that citizens should relocate to the nearest city.
  • Morgan, his wife and their son Duane ignore the government, deciding they'd be better off in the small town of Cynthiana.
  • Tyreese, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris decide to take shelter in their home to stay safe from the infected.
  • Hershel Greene and his family decide to stay at their farm, believing it to be safe. However, while fortifiying the farm fence, one of Hershel's sons Shawn Greene is bitten by a walker and succumbs to infection.
  • Shane evacuates Cynthiana with Rick's wife Lori Grimes and her son Carl Grimes and heads to Atlanta to stay with Lori's parents, believing Rick would be safe at the then-operational hospital back at Cynthiana. Lori is waiting outside of Atlanta in a jammed line of cars, where she is confronted by Shane. Lori expresses her regret about leaving Rick behind at the hospital, but, expresses comfort about how Shane accompanied them. The two of them end up having passionate intercourse on the grass not far away from their car (Volume 2) Lori, soon after, contemplates her actions and Rick's safety in the hospital. Shane comforts her with his beliefs that the government will sort things out. When asked whether Lori's going to tell Rick what she's done with Shane, Lori is unsure. (Volume 7)
  • Dale and his wife are attacked by a group of zombies on the way out of Florida. Dale's wife dies due to bites and is buried by Dale. Dale then goes to Atlanta to stay with his cousins after a radio broadcast states that it's the safest place around. On the way, Dale meets Amy and Andrea stranded on the side of the road after their car had run out of gas and gives them a ride to Atlanta.
  • Carol's husband witnesses his parents get devoured by walkers, driving him into a deep depression. It isn't long before he commits suicide, leaving Carol and their daughter Sophia to fend for themselves. Carol decides to leave for Atlanta to stay with her sister.
  • After hearing that Atlanta has been established as a safe zone, Donna, Allen and their two sons Billy and Ben head to Atlanta as they believe it will be safest for the kids.
  • The military are overwhelmed with the amount of zombies attracted to the cities, causing Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C, and many other cities to be overrun with the infected.
  • Jim, who was living in Atlanta, makes an escape with his family as the infected start pouring in. He successfully escapes, but not without his family getting devoured by a group of walkers.
  • Glenn hears that Atlanta is overrun and heads there to find his friends.
  • After being unable to reach Atlanta, Otis and his girlfriend Patricia find a place called Wiltshire Estates and stay there believing it to be safe. However, It is soon overrun with the infected. Otis and Patricia then escape to Hershel's farm and are allowed to stay there.
  • Atlanta is completely overrun, with the army blockading all entryways in and out of the inner city. It is impossible to enter or leave the city without being attacked by walkers.
  • A small camp is set up outside of Atlanta for the people that either couldn't make it in to Atlanta or managed to escape Atlanta. The inhabitants of this camp are Shane, Lori, Carl, Dale, Amy, Andrea, Carol, Sophia, Donna, Allen, Billy, Ben, and Glenn.
  • Sometime near the end of the first month, it is assumed that the US government and military had collapsed, were operating at a limited capacity, or crumbled a short time after the first month.

Michonne Special

Day 3
  • Amidst the chaos of the outbreak, Michonne Hawthorne goes to find her daughters, but is unable to find them. She makes it back home from work to find most of her friends and neighbors are either dead or undead. She finds her husband, Mike and his friend, Terry, who are still alive. Roamers make it into their home, and during a scuffle, Mike is bitten. Later that day, Michonne goes to one of the neighbor's house in search for a gun to defend herself, but is only able to find a sword. Outside, the street is surrounded by zombies so she decides to stay the night there. (Michonne Special)
    • Michonne is gone, Mike turns and kills Terry.
    • Michonne comes home and discovers zombified Mike and Terry. She is unable to kill them, so she locks them in a room.
Day 14
  • Losing hope and starving, Michonne notices the zombies don't eat each other. So, she grabs the corpses of Mike and Terry, and uses them to mask her scent.
  • Michonne leaves her home with Mike and Terry chained to her. Both roamers are jawless and armless so they cannot bite or scratch her.
The Alien
Day 21
  • Jeff Grimes wakes up on top of a scaffolding of a construction site to see a Somali boy being eaten by Roamers. Jeff tries stopping them, but fails. He is about to be eaten by another roamer when a woman dressed in knight's armor saves him. The woman named Claudia, takes Jeff.
    • At Claudia's place, her and Jeff has some small talk. Claudia reveals she worked as a museum curator, and thinks this apocalypse won't last. Jeff explains he was he was traveling around the around the world, but found himself stuck in Barcelona once quarantines had begun.
    • Claudia reveals she wants to go to America, as there are rumors they have a cure there. The plan is to go to a private island with a private jet there, and then fly towards America.
Day 22
  • Claudia and Jeff travel through the sewers to find the harbor. They barely make it on, but the undead captain attempts to bite Jeff. Claudia tries to stab the roamer, but she just drags herself and the roamer underwater. Jeff jumps in to save her. While Claudia takes off the armor, Jeff struggles with the roamer. Soon, the two make it back to the boat.
    • Jeff discovers that the roamer has bitten him on the leg. Claudia says they have to stop the bleeding, but Jeff immediately accepts his fate. He asks her to go to America and find Rick, his brother. Claudia begins to cry, and Jeff has a few final words before dying while looking out onto the view of Barcelona.

Tyreese Special

Day 26
  • A survivor named Tyreese looks for a gun, a car and other supplies at a local building. He's only able to find a hammer when a herd of walkers arrive. Tyreese narrowly escapes thanks to the hammer
    • Tyreese makes it back home and is almost hit by his daughter's boyfriend, Chris, as he thought Tyreese was a walker. Tyreese tells his daughter, Julie, that he's never leaving the two of them alone. Julie tells Tyreese they already have a hammer, but Tyreese explains that the hammer he took has saved his life.

Day 123-166: The Beginning

Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

Day 30
  • Rick wakes up in a hospital, but finds it abandoned. After dressing himself, he explores the hospital, finding a corpse which falls backward into the opening elevator, as well as a cafeteria door blocked by a piece of wood. Rick removes the wood and opens the door only to find multiple zombies inside the room. One of the zombies lunges at Rick, which causes both of them to fall down a set of stairs where the zombie's head falls off.
  • Rick locks the door behind him to hold back the other zombies. Severely confused, Rick leaves the hospital and finds a bicycle. As Rick walks toward the bike he sees a zombie that has deteriorated to nothing more than bones. At this sight, Rick temporarily breaks down.
  • Rick uses the bike to return to his home and finds that his house has been looted and that his family, Lori and Carl, is gone. Upon exiting his home, Rick is knocked unconscious by a boy (Duane Jones) with a shovel. The boy's father (Morgan Jones) quickly tells him that Rick is not a zombie, and they bring him inside. Rick wakes up and has dinner with Morgan and Duane . Morgan explains to Rick the nature of the outbreak, explaining it had started just over a month ago. Rick finds out that, before the media shut down, the government told everyone to relocate to major cities in an effort to protect them. Rick decides that Lori would have taken Carl to Atlanta where her parents live.
  • Rick, Morgan, and Duane go to the Cynthiana Police Department in order to get supplies. Rick gives Morgan and Duane some guns and a police car while changing into a police uniform, while filling a bag with guns to take with him. Morgan and Duane decide to stay behind while Rick plans to go search for his family in Atlanta. Morgan thanks Rick for his generosity, while Rick advises Morgan to make sure he uses his police equipment sparingly in order to return it in good condition when the outbreak is dealt with. However, their goodbye is interrupted when a zombie reaches for them from behind the parking lot fence. Rick nearly shoots it, but is stopped by Morgan, who advises him not to waste the bullet. Rick and the Jones' part ways.
  • On his way out of Cynthiana, Rick returns to find the severely decomposed bike zombie and puts it out of its misery before. Shedding a tear, Rick continues to Atlanta.


  • On his way to Atlanta, Rick's car runs out of gas forcing him to scavenge for gasoline at a nearby ranch. Inside the home, Rick finds the remains of a family that committed a religiously motivated group suicide. After throwing up from their smell, Rick continues to explore the property when he finds a horse and hatchet inside the family's barn. Rick takes the hatchet and horse out of the barn, planning to use the hatchet as a weapon and the horse to get to Atlanta in place of his incapacitated vehicle. Rick talks to the horse, reminiscing about how things were before the outbreak. He recounts to the horse the events of the day his son, Carl, was born, stating it was the happiest day of his life. As he continues into the emotional climax of laying eyes on his son for the first time, Rick realizes that thinking about the good old times makes the outbreak seem much worse, opting for silence for the remainder of his trip.
  • Rick arrives in Atlanta and enters the city, only to find it in ruins. As he progresses into the city, zombies begin to congregate and swarm him, knocking him off of his horse. As he sees his horse being eaten by zombies, he begins shooting and bashing oncoming zombies, shouting out "What's the matter with you!?" He runs into an alley where he meets a man named Glenn. Glenn tells Rick to stop using his gun, as it will attract the entirety of the city's zombie population. Glenn advises Rick to follow him onto a building using its fire escape, then hop over an alleyway to another building from which they descend. Rick and Glenn exit the city safely as Glenn explains to Rick that the government's plan to herd everyone into the cities only "put the meat in one place," resulting in everyone in the city dying in under a week. Rick momentarily breaks down, deducing that his family must have been killed. Glenn then explains to Rick that there is a camp outside of the city where a group of survivors live, explaining there is a chance his family might be there.
  • When Rick and Glenn get to the camp, Rick is reunited with his wife, Lori, and his son, Carl. He is also reunited with his partner and best friend, Shane, who has been protecting Rick's family since the outbreak. Shane introduces Rick to the other survivors at the camp; Allen, Dale, Jim, Carol, Sophia, Amy, Andrea, Donna, Billy, and Ben.
  • Rick and Lori mull over everything that has happened, and Rick admits to how scared he has become now that he has reached his objective.


  • Dale warns Rick to be careful around Shane, believing Shane is in love with Lori and disappointed she has been reunited with her husband. Rick brushes it off, muttering to himself about Dale being just a "crazy old man." Rick and Shane go hunting while Lori, Donna, and Carol wash the laundry. The women discuss how Lori first met Rick and have a brief argument about their gender roles. Rick and Shane stumble across a zombie eating a deer, getting up close without the zombie noticing while making observations about its habits. Meanwhile, as the women go back towards the camp after finishing their laundry, they are attacked by a zombie. Dale decapitates the zombie before it bites Donna, but they find that the head is still alive. The zombie that Rick and Shane were studying suddenly attacks them. Rick hits the zombie in the head with his axe. The two men hear a gunshot and race back to camp.
  • Lori cries to Rick and relays the story concerning the zombie attack and how they had to shoot it to kill its head. As Rick and Lori embrace, Shane looks on with a jealous expression on his face.
  • Rick and Shane talk about moving the camp to a safer area. Shane argues that they shouldn't move the camp because if the government starts cleaning up the outbreak, they would start with a major city, resulting in them being rescued sooner. Rick believes that the risk is not worth the reward, as they are very close to a huge zombie population and the weather is becoming colder. Rick finally agrees not to move the camp, but insists they need to find more guns to protect themselves.

Day 33

  • Rick asks Glenn if he could come with him to get supplies in Atlanta to obtain firearms for the group. Jim, who happens to be the sole survivor from Atlanta, tells them the location of a gun store five blocks from where Rick and Glenn first met. Glenn disapproves of the idea, stating that the density of zombies that far into the city is to high for anyone to feasibly walk through. Rick comes up with a solution, taking Glenn to the zombie that he and Shane had killed the day before. Rick explains his theory that zombies don't attack each other because of the stink of their decaying corpses. His plan is to rub the zombie's body parts on their clothes so that they will smell like the zombies, making it appear that they are also undead to the zombie population. The plan works, and they are able to go deeper into the city to obtain the firearms. Unfortunately, while exiting the city, it begins to rain, washing the zombie stench off. This causes an attack by the zombies, forcing Rick and Glenn to sprint through the hordes surrounding them while killing any zombies that get in their way. While Rick fends off the zombies in the city, one of them bites Rick in the shoulder. Safely outside of Atlanta, Rick checks his shoulder only to realize that the zombie hadn't bitten through his jacket.
  • As they head back to camp with the guns, Rick tells Glenn not to tell Lori about the zombie attack. Meanwhile, Shane and Lori discuss Rick's trip into the city. Lori is concerned about Rick's well being, while Shane wants Lori to come inside out of the rain, offering to "keep her company". Lori rebukes him, saying he needs to stop their affair now that Rick is back. Shane asks Lori about the night they spent together on their way to Atlanta, implying they had sex. Lori tells Shane that night was a mistake.

Day 45

  • The group has target practice supervised by Rick and Shane with the guns that Rick and Glenn brought back from the Atlanta gun store. Andrea quickly proves that she is the best shot in the group. Rick allows Carl to practice with guns, causing Lori to become agitated.
  • Rick, Shane, and Dale go to the woods to collect firewood discussing Donna, who has been complaining about how sinful it is for Andrea and Amy staying in Dale's camper. Rick mentions that the weather is becoming colder, causing Shane to yell at Rick to shut up about the worsening winter conditions, leaving Rick speechless. While eating dinner that night Rick asks the others what their lives were like before the outbreak. Dale says that he was a retired salesman who was traveling with his wife in their RV when the outbreak came.
  • Amy goes to the RV to use the bathroom when she sees a zombie, causing her to unknowingly back up into another zombie which bites her in the neck, killing her. The zombies are revealed to be just a couple of a larger herd laying siege to the camp, launching the survivors into a violent panic. Carol and Sophia are saved by Glenn as Andrea grieves over Amy's body, oblivious to everything. Lori is nearly killed by a zombie, but, is ironically saved by Carl, who shoots the zombie. Jim launches into a rage and attacks a zombie while repeatedly yelling that it killed his family. When all the zombies are dead Andrea shoots Amy in the head in order to prevent the reanimation. It is then revealed that Jim was bitten in the arm when he killed the zombie, though he says "it's nothing, it's just a scratch."

Day 46

  • A funeral is held for Amy. Shane, Donna, Dale, and Rick all take turns eulogizing her. Jim has perhaps the biggest speech, saying that nobody deserves this kind of death, especially a nice girl like Amy. Andrea is in a depression and Jim falls desperately ill. Meanwhile, Rick, Shane and Carl go hunting.
  • Carl reminds Rick that they don't need as much food because Amy is dead and that Jim is too sick to eat, provoking Shane to yell at Rick, saying it wasn't his fault. When they return, Donna informs them of Jim's request to leave him outside of Atlanta. Jim hopes that once he turns, he can reunite with the zombified members of his family. The group bring him to the outside of Atlanta to say goodbye.

Day 47

  • Shane tells Rick to get ready to go hunting. Rick tells Carl to stay behind so that he and Shane can talk, prompting Shane to yet again start yelling at Rick about how it wasn't his fault Jim and Amy are dead, punching him. Lori then scratches Shane, yelling "What's wrong with you!?", causing Shane to mentally snap and run off. Rick goes to follow Shane and Carl in turn follows his father. When Rick catches up to Shane, Shane starts yelling at Rick about how he just lost everyone's respect and how Lori would have changed in time and loved him if Rick hadn't returned. Shane then points his gun at a bewildered, defenseless Rick, yelling that he was never meant to come back. However, before he is able to shoot him, Carl shoots Shane in the neck, causing Shane to choke on his own blood until he dies. Rick and Carl embrace each other. Carl saying "It's not the same as killing the dead ones, daddy," Rick somberly replying, "It never should be, son, It never should be."
The Governor Special
Day 33
  • Miles away, a survivor known as Philip Blake AKA 'The Governor' raids a Wal-Mart to grab some fish tanks with a survivor named Scott Moon.
    • The two take the fish bowls back to a community called Woodbury. The Governor places the fish tanks in his room. Scott asks their purpose, and the Governor explains that if he's going to be the leader of this community, he'll need to become accustomed to the world outside, so he's going to fill the tanks with severed heads, starting with Scott's.

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

Day 48
  • The survivors are burying Shane. Rick is still in shock over Shane's attempt to murder him and expresses worry about the mental stability of the rest of the group. Lori spits on Shane's grave.
  • Dale then tells Rick that the group want Rick to be their new leader. Dale talks with Rick about Shane and tells him that Andrea thinks Christmas is coming up. Rick immediately tells Dale that he wants to skip Christmas this year so none of the kids get upset. Rick asks Carl if he wants to talk about what happened with Shane, but, Carl doesn't say anything. The group then departs from their camp using the RV.
Day 49
  • They continue on their journey until they need to clear some cars that are blocking the road. While clearing the cars, the group are surprised by the sudden arrival of Tyreese, his daughter, Julie, and her boyfriend, Chris. Rick nearly kills Tyreese after mistaking him for a roamer, but, the group quickly allow the new arrivals to join them. Lori is not happy about this and tells Rick not to be so trusting of other people, even if they have kids with them.
Day 50
  • Tyreese and Rick are discussing how the apocalypse has drastically changed them and the people they know. Tyreese explains to Rick that a few weeks ago, while scavenging a nearby country store for supplies, an old man who was supposedly the nicest old man anyone could ever meet had been living in the store and attempted to rape Julie. However, he was able to kill the man before he could rape her. This reveals that, similar to Rick, Tyreese is willing to do what is necessary in order to survive, regardless of how gruesome it may be.
  • Tyreese feels that the apocalypse has changed him even more than it had changed the old man as he feels no remorse for killing him. Rick later explains to Tyreese the names they gave zombies which were roamers (who are always on the move) and lurkers (who are content with sitting around all day until they smell or see food nearby) because not far ahead they see two roamers heading toward the group, Rick and Tyreese quickly and quietly kill the zombies, Rick uses his axe and Tyreese uses his hammer.
  • The other group members are quickly warming to Tyreese especially Carol who starts to flirts with Tyreese, he evidently returns the feelings. Lori reveals to Rick that she believes she is pregnant and then she tells the group that she is pregnant. Everyone is happy for the Grimes family, but, they are all worried because of the lack of doctors and medical care. Dale quickly confronts Rick about the fact that the baby might be Shane's based on the timing, but, Rick cuts him off saying that he is aware of it, but, he can't bear the thought or he will lose his mind.
Day 51
  • The group continues on their journey until they come across a group of houses enclosed by a fence, titled "Wiltshire Estates". The group decide to stay there since they think they will be able to start a new life there. Tyreese and Rick proceed to clear a house, but, Rick is attacked by two zombies. Tyreese hears Rick shouting for some assistance and Tyreese football tackles one of the zombies that was about to kill Rick. After they kill both zombies Tyreese reveals details about his past as an NFL player. This house that Tyreese and Rick cleaned out is loaded with canned goods and there are enough rooms for everyone to bunk with their families which leads them to think that they may have found a permanent sanctuary. They end up spending the night inside the cleared house.
  • Lori and Rick discuss whether or not they can make this place a new home. Meanwhile, Donna finds some blankets and hands them out, and when enters a room sees Dale and Andrea having sex, she quickly leaves.
  • The snow begins to melt revealing a sign at the entrance to the enclosure that reads "ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER" (left by The Governor from the novel Rise of The Governor)
Day 52
  • Rick and Lori are discussing how Carl is handling their situation and also about how they are going to give the baby a happy life. Donna talks with Allen about how happy she has been lately, having taken hope from seeing Dale and Andrea overcome their losses, their new sanctuary and that they couldn't have found nicer neighbors. The group plans to split and clear each of the houses.
  • Rick notices the sign while fetching a gun for Tyreese and, shortly after, the group is attacked by a big group of lurkers which had been hiding in the houses. Donna is killed in the attack, leaving Allen devastated. He wants the group to leave him behind, but, is convinced otherwise by Rick who tells him to think of his children, Billy and Ben. Tyreese and Rick return to the house for Chris and Julie (finding them on the verge of having sex) and they all manage to escape the massive horde by jumping on the roof of the RV.
  • The group then narrowly escapes from Wiltshire Estates in the RV. The survivors continue on. Rick and the others show concern for Allen's deteriorating emotional state.
Day 54
  • As the group's food supply begins to diminish, Rick, his son Carl, and Tyreese go hunting for some food. During the hunt, Carl is accidentally shot by a farmhand called Otis who mistakes them for zombies. Rick nearly kills Otis in a fit of rage before realizing that Carl is still alive.
  • Otis informs them that one of the people at the farm where he has been staying has medical experience. Otis leads Rick to the farm with Carl as Tyreese informs the group of Carl's accident.
  • Hershel Greene manages to extract the bullet from Carl and save his life. Hershel invites the group to stay while Carl recuperates and introduces the group to his children: his oldest daughter Lacey Greene, his son Arnold Greene, his daughter Maggie Greene, and his youngest son Billy Greene. Hershel also introduces his twins Rachel Greene and Susie Greene, Otis, and Otis’ girlfriend, Patricia, who live up the road, but, are staying with Hershel and his family since Hershel's home is more safer for them.
  • As the group settle in, Andrea tries to talk with Allen about getting over Donna and not shutting down for the sake of his sons, but, this just makes Allen extremely angry.
  • Sophia is relieved that Carl is fine and Kisses him on the cheek. Dale talks with Lori about the fact that her baby might be Shane's, but, does not want her to tell Rick as Rick is the one stable person in the group and is needed to be their leader.
  • After dinner, Glenn talks with Maggie about how he feels sorry that he didn't try to talk to Carol sooner and maybe start a relationship with her as he doesn't want to be alone forever. Maggie agrees to sleep with him as she doesn't want to regret anything either.
  • Hershel converses with Rick about a permanent place for the group to sleep, but, tells Rick that he doesn't want to sleep in the barn as that's where he's keeps all his dead ones. Hershel explains to an angry Rick about his views of the zombies as still being living people and not wanting to kill them in case they suddenly turn back to normal, and he explains that his eldest son, Shawn Greene, is in that barn with also many neighbors and random zombies that wandered onto Hershel's Farm.
Day 55
  • The group is practicing how to shoot firearms when Hershel stops them because the Thompson house is getting riddled with bullets across the way. A zombie then appears and Hershel attempts to get the zombie inside the barn. As Hershel opens the barn, a zombie suddenly falls through and opens the barn doors all the way, allowing all the trapped zombies to break out. Arnold saves his dad from being attacked, but, is bitten by his zombified brother. The group begins to kill the zombies as Lacey is torn apart by a few of them. Finally seeing that his son will never be normal again, Hershel takes Maggie's gun and shoots his three children to prevent reanimation. He briefly puts the gun to his own temple, but, is stopped by Rick.
Day 56
  • Hershel discovers Glenn sleeping with Maggie and gets into an angry argument with her, but, he leaves them be for the time being. Rick and Allen talk about Donna while cleaning up the barn to sleep in. Rick asks Hershel if they can sleep in the house, but, Hershel angrily tells Rick that he expects the group to leave the farm soon.
  • Lori angrily confronts Hershel, saying that Hershel is sentencing them to death by forcing them out. Hershel maintains that he has to look out for his own family. Lori says that if they weren't there with their guns they would all be dead and blames Hershel's stupidity on his children's deaths causing him to slap her. Rick and Hershel argue and eventually Hershel puts a gun to Rick's head to force them to leave. The group finally decides to leave Hershel's farm.
  • Otis tries to talk with Hershel who is now convinced that he has lost his mind after nearly killing Rick. Glenn stays behind to pursue his relationship with Maggie.
  • Rick leaves and becomes scared that the group could die from starvation

The Prison Story Arc

Morgan Special

Day 49
  • Morgan and his son continue to survive, despite the winter. Morgan estimates it must be Christmas now, so he decides to give Duane a Gameboy and batteries.

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

Day 59
  • After some unsuccessful raids and hunting parties, and the group becoming increasingly starved
    • Dale and Andrea discover a prison while out on a raid
    • Rick announces this is their new home
Day 60
  • Rick Grimes and Tyreese come out of the RV complaining about sleeping there again. Rick divides the group into jobs of cleaning up the prison, exploring the area around the gates to make sure it is secure, and looking after the children.
    • Andrea, Tyreese, and Rick lock themselves in the outer fence of the prison to clean out the zombies in the prison yard. At first they manage to clear it using only their melee weapons however more zombies come out of the prison doors and they need to defend themselves using their firearms.
    • Andrea has to run back to Allen, who is outside the fence on watch on the roof of the RV, crying because the loss of his wife, Donna. Andrea reaches him and asks him to open the door. Inside the RV, Chris and Julie are babysitting Carl Grimes, Sophia, Billy and Ben. Chris starts complaining using insults and is told by Carl he shouldn't curse because he is still not an adult, but, Carl only receives a rude answer. Sophia asks Carl if he wants to be her boyfriend while playing go fish, though he refuses.
    • While patrolling along the fences, Lori and Carol are discussing how depressing life is at the moment and talk about if the prison will be perfect enough for a new life.
    • The trio manage to kill all of the zombies by having Andrea and Rick fire as Tyreese reloads the guns in case any more exit form inside of the prison.
    • Sophia complains she's still hungry, but, they don't have any food left; Rick says tomorrow they'll attempt to find the stockpile of canned food inside the prison, because if they are lucky it was overrun before it was looted. Allen sarcastically points out that "Hopefully it's just full of flesh eating monsters and our baked beans are still intact in there." While on watch on top of the RV, Rick and Tyreese discuss how safe the prison is and how they can't spend another night in Dale's RV.
Day 61
  • The group is awoken by Lori Grimes, who is running outside to throw up, due to her morning sickness. The survivors are divided into groups; Rick and Tyreese will clear inside of the prison, Lori, Andrea and Allen clear the bodies while Dale covers them, and Julie and Chris must babysit again. While clearing the prison Rick and Tyreese encounter a closed door to the cafeteria which is barricaded with a police baton. When they burst in, they find four other survivors; Dexter, Andrew, Axel, and Thomas Richards.
    • The rest of the group gets inside the cafeteria where they eat for the first time in quite a while. Rick informs the survivors about what has happened to the world while they have been isolated and Dexter tells them what occurred in the prison during the initial outbreak a month ago. Contrary to what Rick thought, the four survivors are inmates, not guards. Lori angrily asks what they did to be put in prison; Dexter says murder, because he killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend; Andrew was a drug dealer; Axel was done armed robbery; Thomas Richards said "tax evasion". It is also implied that Dexter and Andrew are in a homosexual relationship. Then Dexter shows Rick and his group around the prison, they reveal they had to use the freezer as bathroom after the buckets were all filled with excrement.
    • While touring the prison, Dexter asks Rick if he is going to get a gun and asks why he should trust the group. Rick says that they haven't killed him yet, so he'll have to trust them. The group open the doors to the gym. Seeing it is full of zombies, they decide to "deal with it later". Then they go to the laundry room, the shower room, the garage with several prison buses, some police cruisers and some motorbikes still inside, then they go to the C-Block. While setting up their rooms inside the block, Rick proposes bringing the Greene Family to live with them, so they can grow food inside the fence and learn how to farm for a long-term life.
Day 62
  • Rick and Dale head to the farm in the RV. The group at the farm accepts Rick's offer and leave for the prison after they have collected their belongings because the farm was getting attacked more often, Otis stayed behind to watch over the farm and all the livestock.
    • Back at the prison, Rick and Lori discuss living with the prison inmates and Lori also has an awkward conversation with Carol about her baby. Hershel talks with Rick to apologize for nearly shooting him and thanks him for the great opportunity to start a new life at the prison.
    • Chris and Julie are having sex then commit to shoot each other in a suicide pact. After hearing one shot, Rick runs to find Tyreese hugging his dead daughter's body and Chris saying they were supposed to kill each other at the same time. Julie turns and attempts to bite Tyreese, who attempts to reason with her to try and get her to not be dead anymore. Rick can't get a clean shot so Chris shoots her. Tyreese then chokes Chris to death in an insane rage and then continues to mutilate the animated corpse of Chris.
Day 63
  • While burning their bodies, Rick is disconcerted by Tyreese because he showed no emotion whatsoever and smiling at him. While discussing it they realize that they don't need to be bitten for them to turn. Rick suddenly realizes that there is something that he needs to do. Rick informs Lori, Carl and the rest of the group that he will be gone a couple of days to do something.
    • Rick returns to the Atlanta camp to kill the reanimated Shane. He tells zombie Shane that he was a good man and he regrets all that happened between them. Then Rick shoots Shane in the head, but doesn't rebury him.
    • Glenn and Maggie Greene start to explore the Prison, Glenn and Maggie stumble upon the barber shop in the prison where they have sex and cut each other's hair. Glenn and Maggie return and Susie and Rachel, the twins, want go to and check it out so Maggie takes the twins to the barber shop.
    • Tyreese, Andrea, Billy Greene and Glenn head into the gym to clear it of all the zombies; however, after forming a plan to stay as a group and kill the zombies by moving out making sure no zombies get past them, Tyreese attacks the zombies suicidally and the rest are forced to leave him inside as he is swarmed.
    • Hershel starts to search for Rachel and Susie, he can't find them and he gets mad, he finally finds the barber shop, he opens the barber shop door and finds the decapitated heads of his twin daughters, Susie and Rachel Greene. Glenn shoots their heads and Dexter is "arrested" because everyone thinks Dexter is the murderer.
Day 64
  • When Rick returns to the prison, he is informed about the death of Tyreese, Rick goes into the gym and find Tyreese sitting in the corner of the gym, having killed all the zombies. Andrew talks with Dexter in his cell about leading a mutiny by procuring the riot armory and arming themselves.
    • While Andrea is in the laundry, she gets attacked by Thomas Richards, who is revealed to be the real killer. Andrea tries to kill Thomas, but he knocks her down and manages to cut her face, also slicing off her earlobe.
    • Dale and Glenn try to find a way to clear the fences, Andrea runs out to the courtyard, screaming for help with Thomas behind her. Rick begins hitting Thomas to the point where he breaks his hand. Rick introduces the new rule "You Kill You Die", though Lori objects to the capital punishment Rick has in mind with hanging Thomas. They lock Thomas in the fridge because of the smell but then he is taken away after Rick tells them he'll suffocate.
Day 65
  • Patricia frees Thomas, but he attempts to kill her and is shot by Maggie. Hershel is the only one to watch as the zombies outside eat Thomas' dead body as a form of closure. Dexter, Andrew and a defecting Patricia use the guns from the armory to threaten Rick's group into leaving the prison by telling them to "Get the fuck out of my house".

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire

Day 65
  • A mysterious woman accompanied by two chained up, armless, jawless zombies. She hears the sound of gunshots and follows it. She finds Otis, who is heading for the prison for safety after having stayed behind at the Greene Family Farm to take care of and manage the livestock. He soon becomes surrounded by zombies. He is rescued by the mysterious woman, Michonne, who kills the zombies.
    • Inside the prison yards, a horde of zombies pour out from Block A after Andrew forgot to close the prison doors while gaining weapons from the armory within. Dexter and the other survivors are forced to work together to wipe out the zombies. Rick waits for an opportunity and shoots Dexter in the head. When the battle ends, he claims Dexter must have caught a stray round. Tyreese saw the shot, but, says nothing. Andrew suddenly runs off suicidally through the open prison gates; Axel allies with the other survivors. The gates are then opened and Otis enters stating that he was saved by Michonne, who asks if the deed has earned her a place to rest. Rick agrees, but, only if she were to hand over her weapon (a katana), and kill the two zombies accompanying her.
Day 72
  • The group continue to adapt to the surroundings of the prison, developing new strategies. Andrea decides to make close from the prison uniforms, and Glenn perfects a way to clean the fences.
  • While cleaning out the rest of the prison, Dale finds a generator that runs on gas. Allen is bitten in the leg. Rick, Axel, Dale and Tyreese carry Allen out to the yard where Rick amputates Allen's infected limb, hoping to stop the infection in time. Hershel arrives and helps by cutting some of Axel's hair to stop the bleeding. Hershel and the others finally start working on the garden while Dale and Andrea promise Allen that they will care of Ben and Billy for him.
  • Andrea enters Michonne's cell and sees her talking to herself.
  • Michonne seduces Tyreese, proceeding to give him oral sex. Carol sees the two together and goes into depression, and even attempts at giving Tyreese oral sex
Day 73
  • Hershel and the group begin farming for the long term. .
  • Carol attempts to commit suicide. She fails, and Rick confronts Tyreese, blaming him for what happened to Carol. Tyreese announces that he saw Rick kill Dexter. The argument soon spirals out of control and the two brawl, which ends after Rick blacks out and falls over a railing. Andrea comes down to tell everyone that Allen has died either from the infection or from blood loss. Rick then shoots Allen, preventing reanimation, Rick soon passes out.
Day 74
  • When Rick awakens, he learns that the entire group now knows about Dexter's murder. They have decided that the pressure of being their leader is beginning to cause him to crack, and they have made him one of four "co-leaders", the others being Tyreese, Dale and Hershel. Rick meets with the others outside to explain his reasons for killing Dexter, and that they are going to have to start acting like savages if they are to survive, and they will have to stop deluding themselves that society can ever be rebuilt the way it was. He finally screams out "You think we hide behind walls to protect us from the walking dead?! Don't you get it?! We are The Walking Dead!".

Volume 5: The Best Defense

Day 75 / Day 105
  • The group assimilate into the prison
Day 106
  • While clearing out A-block, Glenn and Maggie discover the prison's armory, which contains shotguns and full riot gear. Utilizing the new equipment, the group plans to siphon gasoline out of the remaining cars in the prison parking lot to use to power the generator and Dale's RV. Glenn and Rick head out and soon spot a helicopter in the sky, which crashes. Glenn, Rick and Michonne find the crash site, but it is deserted. The only clues are several footprints and tire tracks heading from the wreckage. Rick decides another group that was closer to the site must have taken the survivors, and they decide to follow the tracks.
    • Back at the prison, Carol continues to act bizarrely towards Lori, finally suggesting a polyamorous marriage between her, Lori and Rick. Lori refutes and Carol becomes angry and storms off. Dale and Andrea decide to raise Ben and Billy together.
    • Rick, Glenn, and Michonne eventually reach an idyllic community called Woodbury. They meet a guard, named Caesar Martinez, and an armed, organized group of citizens residing in four walled-off city blocks. Rick and his company come to learn that these people are being led by a man called The Governor. The Governor explains that the National Guardsmen abandoned a nearby station, leaving behind weapons and equipment. The Governor leads the group to an arena surrounded by a ring of leashed zombies, which is used for staging brutal fights between living humans. The Governor tells Rick they feed the zombies people that stumble into Woodbury. Before Rick can respond, Rick is interrogated at gunpoint by The Governor, who wants to know where Rick's camp is. When Rick and the others say they are the only ones, The Governor cuts off Rick's right hand after forcing him onto a table. Michonne tackles The Governor and rips off his left ear with her teeth. Rick is sent to the infirmary for immediate treatment by Stevens so The Governor can continue to extract information from him.
Day 107
  • Glenn is locked in solitary confinement, and Michonne is brutally raped and tortured by The Governor.
    • The Governor returns to his home and it is clear that none of the other survivors in the town know of his true nature, as he acts friendly and fatherly towards them. The Governor returns to his home, where he has kept his undead niece restrained and several aquariums with zombie heads inside them. Later, he talks to Glenn, who has become deranged from his lengthy stay in confinement. He tells Glenn that he plans to question him, but begins by raping and torturing Michonne again, ensuring that Glenn hears her painful cries.
    • In the infirmary, a conscious Rick talks to Dr. Stevens about The Governor, whose pseudonym is also Philip (although his real name is Blake). Dr. Stevens tells Rick how Phillip emerged as a leader. It has become apparent that he is evil but no one challenges him because he keeps everyone safe from the zombies. The Governor then manipulates Rick into revealing that there is indeed a nearby camp, and he wants the supplies it has for Woodbury.

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life

Day 108
  • Back at the prison, the group begins to worry about Rick, Michonne, and Glenn, who have now been missing for two days. Otis tries to patch things up with Patricia. Lori worries about Rick, and when Carol tries to help, she is roughly turned away, as Lori mistakes her friendly comfort for another romantic approach. Tyreese returns to the prison after searching for the missing survivors and tells the others that he found the car stuck in the mud, but it was the only trace of their presence.
Day 109
  • Rick Grimes is bonding with Stevens and his nurse, Alice Warren, when one of the town's gladiators, Eugene Cooney, arrives and kills his opponent, Harold Abernathy, who had accidentally knocked out Eugene's teeth. After the confusion, Caesar Martinez comes to check on the doctor and is surprised by Rick's injury.
  • Low on gladiators, The Governor offers Michonne to fight it out in the arena in exchange for a rest period from her daily torture. He explains that the arena fights are staged to look good, but not deadly. She agrees to fight Eugene, and in the arena, decapitates him and then the surrounding zombies without hesitation. The onlookers protest the extreme violence, and Michonne is quickly knocked out again. Meanwhile, Martinez breaks Rick out, taking Dr. Stevens, Alice, and Glenn with him so that they can escape The Governor as well. When they rescue Michonne, she says she will catch up later and leaves to take her revenge. In the confusion of escape, Dr. Stevens is bitten, but asks to stay a zombie rather than be killed. Back within the town, Michonne arrives and tortures The Governor, using several objects such as a drill, a hammer, her own katana, a torch and even a spoon, to the point of severe mutilation. When she is interrupted by the arrival of The Governor's henchmen, she quickly escapes.
Day 110
  • Bruce gets Bob, the town drunk and a former army medic. After a little fight with Bruce, he's ready to patch the Governor up. (Volume 8)
  • Michonne later arrives at the crashed helicopter, meeting up with the others.
    • After a fight against zombies back to the prison, they return to find the gates open, the prison overrun by hordes of zombies, and Dale's RV seemingly abandoned. Rick's group finds Dale and Andrea hiding in the RV, who tell Rick that the other survivors are hiding in C-Block. Rick kills an undead Otis, but is reunited with everyone else. Hershel says his wound was just a scratch from friendly fire, and Glenn finds a female zombie and takes its ring off, presumably to ask Maggie to marry him. Andrea catches Michonne talking to her other self, and Tyreese takes Rick off zombie duty due to his amputated hand.
  • In the confusion after clearing out the zombie infestation, Rick notices Martinez is missing, and assumes that he has gone back to Woodbury to tell the survivors there where the prison is. Rick immediately sets off after Martinez in Dale's RV. He catches up to him before he makes it to Woodbury and proceeds to ram him with the RV, crippling him. Martinez protests that he wasn't going to bring The Governor, only the people who deserved to be safe in the prison. Regardless, Rick kills him and leaves his body to reanimate.
    • Back in the prison, Glenn asks permission to marry Maggie from Hershel, to which the tearful father agrees. Glenn then proceeds to propose to Maggie and the two become engaged.
    • After Rick's return, he calls for a group meeting where he finally reveals where Glenn, Michonne, and he have been for the past few days. He instructs the group to prepare themselves for the upcoming fight with the Woodbury survivors.
Day 112
  • The Governor wakes up. Gabe is with him, and tells the news. The Governor is surprised hearing Bob patched him up. Gabe informs him that Caesar Martinez left with Rick and the others. The Governor knows that, saying it was all his plan to discover the location of the prison, and expects Martinez to return soon. (Volume 8)
Day 117
  • After recovering in his apartment, Bruce comes to tell him they have found Martinez, zombified. The Governor speaks to the gathered Woodbury people and tells them that the prison survivors are a group of savages who must be destroyed. (Volume 8)

Volume 7: The Calm Before

Day 118
  • Lori confronts Rick about her sexual encounter with Shane and the fact that her baby might be his, but before she can fully admit her mistake, Rick tells her that he knows, and that he just can't hear her say it. Glenn and Maggie are married by Hershel in a small ceremony in the prison cafeteria. Life appears to go on as "normal" in the prison, with the survivors beginning to harvest their garden and even having basketball games.
    • Tyreese, Andrea, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, and Axel go out in the RV to search for the national guard station used by the Woodbury survivors to stock up on weapons and supplies for the incoming onslaught from Woodbury.
Day 119
  • The RV group finds the base and takes several guns and canisters of gas, as well as a large army truck to gather even more supplies in. To prevent the people of Woodbury from taking more supplies, they blow up the depot. They then stop at an abandoned Wal-Mart for additional supplies, where they are confronted by Bruce Cooper, Sam and a few other armed thugs from Woodbury. Glenn approaches the Woodbury men and attempts to negotiate but Bruce recognizes Glenn from his time in Woodbury and shoots Glenn in the waist. A gunfight breaks out, and the Woodbury men are defeated. Maggie rushes to Glenn, thinking he is dead, but his prison riot armor saved him. Glenn's ribs are badly damaged and the group quickly drives away from the site
    • While Woodbury begins searching for the prison, Bruce is found fatally shot by the survivors after they raid the guard station. The Governor shoots his friend in the head to prevent reanimation. (Volume 8)
    • Back at the prison, Lori goes into labor. Billy Greene is sent to keep the generator on. He brings Dale with him, and they realize there is hardly any gas left to power the generator. They leave the prison gates to siphon gas from the cars in the parking lot, and Dale is bitten in the leg by a zombie. Glenn's party arrives at the same time and brings Dale and Billy inside. Lori delivers a baby girl with the help of Alice. Shortly after the birth, Dale's injured leg is hastily amputated by Rick.
Day 120
  • The group live life normally in peace.
    • Lori decides on the name "Judith" for her newborn daughter.
Day 123
  • Dale, despite being bitten, seems to show no signs of turning. Following Dale's injuries, Andrea is spending more time with Tyreese. Dale suspects something, but Rick is convinced he is simply overreacting.
Day 129
  • Outside, the others capture a zombie and hold it hostage for study at Alice's request
    • Gabe finally locates the prison while the survivors are having shooting practice, though the governor plans to wait longer and pull them into a false sense of security. (Volume 8)
    • Carol meanwhile is losing her grip on her sanity. After having sex with Billy, she goes outside talks to it about how the group is judgmental and how they will never accept her again. She then asks the zombie to be her friend and allows the captured zombie to bite her on the neck. Both she and the zombie are shot and killed by Andrea.
    • A funeral is held in the rain.
Day 143
  • The Governor finally prepares his large army and they leave for the prison in numerous cars, trucks, and also bringing a functioning tank. (Volume 8)
    • Dale learns to walk with a peg leg that Tyreese and Andrea made for him. Glenn and Maggie decide to try and have a baby. Just as life is settling down once again, Rick and Hershel look outside and see several cars and army trucks roll up. The Governor exits out of a fully functioning tank and orders his soldiers to 'kill them all'

Volume 8: Made to Suffer

Day 143
  • As the shooting begins, Rick and the others dive for cover while Andrea climbs to the top of the guard tower. The Governor ceases fire to offer surrender to the prison survivors, though he quickly gives up and orders the army to resume firing. Rick quickly runs inside and tells Lori to take Judith and head underground and hide. Andrea begins picking off men from the army. She is however, non-fatally shot in her attempt to shoot; killing many before passing out. The Governor tries to intimidate the group by using his tank to clear away the piled zombies at the gate. Despite superior numbers, the Woodbury army is poorly trained and are forced to fall back as Andrea kills too many of them. Rick's group begins to debate whether they should remain inside the prison or go on the offensive. Before they can decide, Rick emerges from the prison with a bullet wound in his abdomen and collapses. He, Andrea, and a wounded Axel are taken to the prison hospital by Alice.
  • Dale, Andrea, Billy, Ben, Sophia, Glenn, and Maggie Greene leave the prison in the RV in order to avoid the confrontation they expect from The Governor. Rick gets a blood transfusion from Patricia and starts to recover. Tyreese and Michonne decide to tail The Governor and the townspeople in the hopes that if they kill a few more, it will discourage their attack.
  • Tyreese is captured after killing a couple townspeople and is told that Michonne is dead. The survivors still inside begin to prepare, though many of them believe they will not survive another attack. The Governor returns to the prison with Tyreese as his prisoner. He tells them he has Michonne as well and they must let him in or Tyreese dies, with Tyreese selflessly shouting at the survivors not to let them in. The survivors refuse to let him in and The Governor decapitates Tyreese using Michonne's katana.
  • They leave Tyreese's body in front of the prison gates for the zombies as they flee. The Governor tells the Woodbury people a false story about how Rick and his people killed Tyreese, but, Michonne then shows up right behind him with a gun to his head. Gabe opens fire at Michonne, but, she fires back, clips The Governor, kills one of his men and escapes.
  • The Governor and his army return to the prison and launch another attack. Axel is killed, but, the prison survivors are able to successfully defend themselves. The Woodbury army is further destroyed and demoralized by Billy hurling a grenade into their midst, killing several of them. Gabe tells The Governor that Woodbury's army must regroup, but, The Governor refuses. Gabe is shot and killed by a returning Andrea in the RV. One of The Governor's henchmen drives a truck into the RV, injuring Andrea. As his army seeks to retreat, The Governor orders the IFV to drive over the fences. Rick and his group rush to escape while The Governor and his army invade the prison. Rick rushes into the cell-block, looking for Lori and Judith and eventually finds them with Alice pointing a gun at them. Alice explains that it was a ruse in case The Governor found them.
    • Rick, along with his family and Alice, attempt to escape to the truck. Meanwhile, Patricia and Billy Greene are shot and killed by the overwhelming number of invading soldiers. Billy's death demoralizes Hershel to give up. Rick gives up their position by yelling for Hershel. The Grimes family attempt to get to the truck under heavy fire while Alice covers them. Alice is quickly gunned down and executed by The Governor. Shortly after, Lori and Judith are both killed by Lilly Caul, who shoots Lori in the back with a scattergun. Lori falls to the ground, crushing Judith, as Rick watches in horror while attempting to escape with Carl.
    • The Governor orders his men to stop firing at them, as he is certain they will be overwhelmed by the zombies out in the open, and then executes Hershel, who begs to be killed in despair. Lilly is horrified when she realizes that Lori was carrying a baby and calls The Governor a monster. She hits him with her rifle and puts the barrel in his mouth. A horde of zombies, however, break through the hole in the fence and attack the Woodbury army. The Governor gets up, knocks Lilly down, shoots a zombie and urges the group to move into the prison, yelling that they can still rebuild the ruined prison later. As the remnants of the army are overwhelmed, Lilly gets to her feet and shoots The Governor in the head and pushes his corpse into a mass of zombies, buying the Woodbury army time to flee. She then leads the remnants of the army into the prison. They are eventually running out of ammo as the prison is overwhelmed by masses upon masses of undead. Rick and Carl narrowly escape the prison and embrace each other after experiencing such devastating losses. The ruined prison burns behind them as zombies approach.

The Post-Prison Story Arc

Volume 9: Here We Remain

Day 144
  • Michonne returns to the ruins of the prison, and upon finding Tyreese's undead decapitated head drives her sword through it. She investigates the wreckage of the RV, but, finds nothing except footprints leading away from the battle, which she follows.
  • Rick and Carl are seen in a forest looking for some shelter for the night until they come across a small, deserted town. They investigate a nearby store, but, are attacked by a zombie. Rick tries to drive his axe through its head, but, is unable to penetrate its skull. Carl shoots the zombie after Rick lures it outside, and Rick asks Carl for his gun to dispose of another zombie. They hide in a nearby house and Rick takes a huge dose of antibiotics for the bullet wound in his stomach. Carl finds Rick unconscious, his eyes glazed over.
  • After defeating three zombies who were banging on the door of the house all by himself, one of which attacked him from behind, Carl decides that he no longer needs his dad to survive. He blames his father for failing to protect Lori and Judith, as well as the rest of their previous party. Rick momentarily wakes up and pleads with Carl to stay indoors. Carl agrees and holds Rick's head, taking back what he said about not needing his father's protection.
Day 154
  • Rick eventually gets better after many days staying in the house. Just as they plan on leaving, Rick hears a telephone ringing and answers it and talks to a woman who is apparently with a bigger group. After speaking with her, they decide to stay at the house. While hunting, the two encounter an unknown survivor. Before Carl can even get close, the man is torn apart by a mass of zombies. After walking away, they find an open car filled with lots of supplies which apparently belonged to the unknown survivor. Carl realizes that he was setting himself up to die, like Carol.
Day 155
  • Rick and Carl continue to hunt for food. Back at the house, Rick has another phone call from the woman, prompting the pair to stay at the house for another day regardless of the shortage in food supplies, to see if the woman's group can come to an agreement with Rick.
Day 156
  • Rick gets another call on the phone of the house they are staying in. Rick begins to talk to the voice and converse about their ordeals. Eventually, he asks for the woman's name and she answers Lori. Rick then forcefully unplugs the phone, but, can still hear Lori speaking on the line. This causes him to realize that the phone calls were all in his head and that he is trying to console his massive sense of guilt by " talking" to his wife. Eventually, he "hangs up" although he takes the phone with him in his backpack when they depart later that day.
Day 157
  • Continuing their journey, Rick tries to teach as much as he can to Carl, to help him be able to stay alive even if Rick should be killed. When Rick leaves Carl alone, in order to forage for some gas, a zombie attacks the child, who's saved by Michonne. Michonne rejoins the group, revealing that a still unknown survivor from the prison escaped. Michonne was following the tracks to find out if he/she was one of them, or one of the attackers.
Day 158
  • Rick, Carl, and Michonne are reunited with Glenn and Maggie Greene, who are riding on horseback. Maggie learns that her father and brother are dead.
    • Rick, Carl, and Michonne return to the Greene Family Farm where Dale, Andrea, Ben, Billy, Sophia, Glenn, and Maggie have been staying. Carl and Sophia are reunited, where Carl learns that Sophia has repressed her memories of her mother and now thinks that Glenn and Maggie are her real parents. After Rick talks to Carl about Sophia's way to process things that have happened he talks with Dale about the possibility of staying at the farm permanently.
    • Dale comments on how the farm wouldn't be a target and how it is no longer the dead he is afraid of anymore. Rick starts to cry, thinking that Dale did the smart thing by leaving and that they would've been fine if they had left too. Dale attempts to console Rick by saying that he has made many good decisions to keep them all alive and offers to talk to him about losing his wife. Later, Michonne reveals to Rick that she's been "talking" to her dead boyfriend. Rick shows Michonne his phone and explains that every time he picks up the phone's receiver, he talks to Lori. Rick and Michonne agree to keep each other's "craziness" a secret.
Day 159
  • The survivors are woken by a gunshot. Outside, Andrea points her rifle at three new arrivals: Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Eugene Porter. Andrea does not trust the survivors at all and immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Abraham.
    • Ford explains that they are on a mission to Washington, D.C. and have come to the farm for supplies for the long journey. Eugene, a scientist, reveals he knows exactly what caused the creation of the zombie plague, yet reveals little as he deems the details classified. After a discussion of their current situation and an attack on the farm by zombies, the group decides to travel along with the visitors on their way to Washington. Rick decides that he is through making the decisions and does not trust himself anymore. As they are preparing their convoy (Rick's car, Abraham's army truck, and Glenn and Maggie on horseback), Rick pulls Carl aside and talks with him about staying with the group and warns him to never let his guard down, ever. With this in mind, Rick and Carl enter their car with Michonne and the convoy departs the farm.

The Road To Washington, D.C.

Volume 10: What We Become

Day 159
  • The survivors travel and set up camp along their way to Washington, D.C., but, Rick still feels guilty for the decision that lead to many deaths, but, is primarily tormented by the death of his wife, Lori, and daughter, Judith. He has a long talk with "Lori" on his phone about his dream where he is almost unable to stop Carl from dying. Meanwhile, Maggie Greene is going through depression due to the loss of her entire family, and Glenn is unable to comfort her.
Day 160
  • Glenn thanks Rick for taking his shift, believing that Rick's use of the phone the previous night was just a hallucination of his. Soon after, Abraham questions his trust in Rick not driving off from the group. Carl isn't comfortable with Abraham's demeanor and notifies Rick he doesn't trust him.
Day 161
  • The group scavenges a small town for supplies and discovers a zombie that is too weak to attempt to eat anyone. The group ponders if the zombies can be malnourished or even starve to death.
  • The group sets up camp again, and Maggie leaves to use the restroom. After a while, Glenn sets off to find her and discovers that she is hanging from a tree with a rope tied around her neck.
    • Glenn screams for help and Abraham cuts her down, only to find that she is not breathing. Glenn wants to do CPR, but, Abraham puts a gun to her head and says that she is dead and they have to shoot her or she will come back as a zombie. The group argues and just as Abraham is about to pull the trigger, Rick puts a gun to Abraham's head and says that if he shoots Maggie, he will kill him. Just then, Maggie wakes up and gasps for air, revealing that she was alive. The group goes back to camp, and Maggie does not want to talk to anyone, even her husband, about what she tried to do. Rick is watching over the camp that night until Abraham comes to relieve him and tells Rick that if he ever points a gun at him again, he will kill him. Rick replies that if Abraham ever does something that requires Rick to put the gun to his head, he won't hesitate to shoot.
Day 162
  • Rick is attacked by a zombie, but does not have a weapon and is unable to defend himself, but, can see Abraham pointing a gun in his direction. Rick screams for Abraham to shoot, but, Abraham just watches. Finally, he shoots the zombie and saves Rick's life. Abraham walks away from the group, and Rosita finds him shaking and crying. Abraham tells her he was pointing the gun at Rick before he even saw the zombie. He pleads with Rosita to not let him kill again. Rosita assures him that the people he killed in the past left him no choice and it was not his fault.
  • The group stops at a gas station and tries to decide the best route to get to Washington, D.C. and whether they should take the interstate. Rick tells Abraham that he wants to take the interstate to his hometown to get extra supplies from the police station and to check on "old friends." Abraham agrees, and the group decides to wait while they go. Rick, his son Carl, and Abraham set off, with Michonne stating that if they are not back in three days, she will set off to find them.
    • That night, they are surprised at knife point by three bandits who want to take their supplies. Rick tries to fight them off, but, he is overpowered and beaten. The bandits then say they are going to rape Carl because Rick tried to fight. Rick bites the neck of the bandit holding him back, killing him. This causes the bandit holding a gun to Abraham to get distracted and Abraham shoots him in the head. The third bandit tries to run away, but, Rick chases him down and brutally kills him.
Day 163
  • Abraham tells Rick that no one is the same after doing something like that. Abraham tells Rick that at the beginning of the outbreak, he and a group of friends banded together. During this time, after successfully securing a grocery store, Abraham went out to search for more weapons. While he was gone, his friends raped his wife and daughter while they made his son watch.
    • In a fit of rage, he killed the men who did it. After that, his wife and children were scared of him and decided to run away. After a day of searching, Abraham caught up with them, but, they eaten alive or zombified and he had to kill them. Rick reveals to Abraham how he killed Dexter and Martinez at the prison to protect his wife and son. Carl talks about how he killed Shane when Shane threatened Rick.
  • At long last, Rick, Abraham, and Carl reach Rick's hometown. There they find an unstable Morgan and Morgan's undead son who is chained to the floor. Unwilling to kill his own son, Morgan remained with Duane and killed anyone who came to their house to feed him. After seeing this, Rick has a short discussion with Morgan and hands him a gun, explaining to him that he must kill Duane and move on. A gunshot is heard and Morgan leaves the house with Rick and his party. It is revealed that Morgan fired a gunshot and freed Duane instead of killing him. Morgan, Rick, Carl, and Abraham go to the police station to get the guns. After spending a sleepless night out in the open, they are driving along when they come upon a herd of about a thousand zombies. Rick drives as fast as he can to plow through them, but, hits an abandoned car.
    • They escape on foot and are pursued by zombies. Rick and the others escape the herd by tricking them into thinking they've occupied a house, they do this by searching around the house for electrical appliances that would make a large noise. This plan fails and they are pursued by the herd back to the gas station. In a state of panic, they declare that they must immediately leave and get back on the road. Dale is reluctant, because he's found an isolated farm house and wants to settle down and feels that Rick is continually putting the group into serious danger, however, Andrea manages to convince Dale to leave. Dale adds that he is anxious what Rick will do next to put them in danger.

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters

Day 167
  • The survivors finding a van with mattresses in the back. The van still works, and Andrea is extremely excited and calls dibs on sleeping in the van that night. While on watch, Rick receives a "call" from his wife, who tells him that they should speak about Carl, but, he puts the phone down immediately.
Day 168
  • The twins are nowhere to be seen. Andrea heads into the forest to find them, and stumbles upon the body of Billy, who has been killed by Ben. However, Ben says they shouldn't worry because he didn't destroy the brain and that Billy will come back. Andrea is completely shocked and doesn't say anything. She embraces Ben after he hugs her. The group attempts to decide what they should do with Ben. Abraham suggests that they need to kill Ben as they can't help him or keep him locked up. Andrea storms off angrily, and Dale says that they should be ashamed of themselves. Rick agrees with Abraham, not seeing another option, but, no one is willing to kill him.
    • All of a sudden, a priest, Gabriel Stokes, approaches the group while they are discussing what to do with Ben. The group immediately believes that Gabriel is working for someone who wants to harm them, but, Gabriel continues to say that he has been alone in his church since the beginning of the outbreak. He offers the group temporary sanctuary inside if they can offer him food.
  • That night, Carl sneaks out of the tent, opens the van, and fatally shoots Ben. He sneaks back to the tent without anyone noticing, except for Morgan, who keeps it to himself.
Day 169
  • The group buries Ben and Billy the next morning. The group loads up and departs for the church, unaware that there are people watching them from the woods who decide to follow them.
    • Carl gets into trouble after calling Dale a cry baby for mourning them even though they were never really his kids. He runs off before he is suddenly attacked by zombies emerging from the woods. After all the zombies are killed, they hear Dale screaming for help. He tells the group that a zombie only managed to rip his shirt. Carl tells Rick later that Dale is weak and they would be better off without him in the group. When Andrea goes into the woods to pee, she suddenly sees figures watching her and screams for help, though the group dismisses it as an animal.
  • While everyone else is sleeping, Dale wanders off into the woods to die as he was actually bitten, but, didn't tell anybody. In the woods, Dale is knocked unconscious by someone and carried away by two men.
Day 170
  • In the morning, Andrea goes into a panic and the group begins to search the woods. A zombie surprises Abraham, but, falls to the ground and isn't able to stand up. Eugene notes that the zombie is interesting because of his lack of strength. They decide to spend the night after arriving at Gabriel's church.
    • Andrea goes outside for some air, and once again has a premonition that somebody is watching her. Rick interrogates Gabriel, claiming that his story is completely false. Gabriel confesses how he survived by locking his friends and congregation outside of the church to avoid dying of starvation, and believes that God sent the group to him so that he could be punished. In a neighborhood, Dale wakes up to find his leg being eaten by the group that captured him.
    • The leader, Chris, explains that they are surviving by killing other survivors and eating them. Dale begins laughing hysterically, and reveals to them that he was bitten. The hunters force themselves to throw up after exclaiming that the meat is tainted.
    • Andrea confesses to Rick how much she regrets not telling Dale how she truly felt about him.
    • Outside the church, the survivors find Dale, thrown onto the ground, unconscious. They go out to get him, but, when going back, Glenn is shot through his leg by a hunter. They manage to get inside and treat Dale and Glenn.
Day 171
  • When Dale wakes up, he describes where he was held to the group. They later begin searching close residential areas (guided by Gabriel), and eventually stumble upon The Hunters. Originally, only Rick confronts them, unarmed.
    • They begin talking, and one of them begins explaining why they are doing what they're doing. They believe it is the only way they will survive, as they are terrible hunters. They then confess that they also ate the children that were with them. When they decide to kill Rick, Ricks mimics a pistol with his hand, and Andrea shoots from a bush, injuring one of the hunter's ears, and shoots Chris's finger off.
    • They then spend the night killing and torturing the hunters as Gabriel looks on in horror.
Day 172
  • The survivors return to the church the next morning, feeling extreme remorse for what they did. A dying Dale thanks Rick for keeping the group alive this long, and for giving him the time he had with Andrea and the twins. That night, Dale dies in his sleep and is shot by a remorseful Andrea.
Day 173
  • After they bury Dale's body in the church graveyard, Rick begins talking with whom he believes to be Abraham about the horrible things they did to the Hunters. It turns out, however, to be Carl, who then tearfully confesses to shooting Ben.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone Story Arc Part 1: Life Among Them

Volume 12: Life Among Them

Day 173 / Day 178
  • The group travels to Washington, DC.
Day 179
  • Upon searching for food with Carl, Rick discovers a town overrun by zombies and the two are forced to turn around. Carl and Rick have a heart-to-heart talk about why Carl killed Ben and what they both must do to protect each other. Carl says that Ben was his friend, but, he was a threat to everyone and he pointed out that Rick knew it, yet none of them were going to make the move.
  • After regrouping with the others, Rick wants to test out the long range walkie talkie, because he is convinced they are very close to Washington, D.C.. Eugene is reluctant to do this, claiming that the radio is "very delicate" and that he does not want to "use up the battery power". After a small fight over the device it is dropped on the ground revealing that there is no battery inside. Eugene admits that there were never any batteries inside. Furious, Abraham attacks Eugene in a rage, screaming about how people have died to bring Eugene to Washington because he thought he was important. Eugene defends himself by admitting that he has no positive qualities besides that he is a good liar and extremely intelligent. He begins to cry and apologizes to the group.
    • After cooling off, Abraham and Rick talk about what to do now when suddenly another survivor comes to the group. The man is very calm and polite to them both, introducing himself as Aaron and says that he was just listening in on their conversation to see if they were hostile or not before approaching. Rick does not trust the newcomer and knocks him down and ties him up.
  • When Aaron wakes up, he tells Rick he has a community with walls. He offers to take them there, but Rick is reluctant. Michonne presses for it, the group has deems Aaron safe enough.
Day 180
  • The group is heading towards his safe haven, they meet Eric. Upon his introduction, the group moves closer towards Alexandria, but, find a flare going off in the sky, from Washington. Abraham, Rick, and Aaron take the van down to help out the supply runners, Heath and Scott.
    • Scott has broken his leg by jumping building to building, and zombies are slowly swarming the area. As Rick and Aaron help, Heath puts Scott in the van, a party of Alexandrian survivors drive in and shoot most of the surrounding zombies.
  • The group reaches the Safe-Zone and enter the gates. Aaron introduces Rick to Douglas Monroe, who interviews the group and assigns everyone jobs. He makes Rick the town constable.
Day 181
  • The next morning, Rick shaves and cuts his hair, meanwhile, Douglas has an argument with Heath about an unknown person named Davidson
  • The survivors tour the community.
  • Douglas also informs Rick that weapons are not allowed in the Safe-Zone and confiscates his group's weapons. Rick later tells Glenn to get the guns back from the Safe-Zone's armory.
  • Carl has trouble fitting in, as do some of the other survivors. Rick tells Andrea that the survivors could always just take the place from the Alexandrians, as they have no weapons inside the walls, and they are virtually defensiveness with all the best soldiers outside the walls on construction.
  • Andrea begins to feel nervous when Douglas begins showing signs of having an attraction for her. She quickly tells him they won't work.
  • Michonne hangs up her sword.
  • A party is later held at the community to introduce Rick's group to the residents of the Safe-Zone. Rick meets the Andersons; Pete, Jessie and Ron. Michonne gets angry at the superficial concerns of the residents and shouts, "Worried? This is what you worry?!" at Barbara and leaves the party early.
    • Glenn pretends to get drunk and go home. While everyone is gone, he takes the guns from the armory.
    • Morgan and Michonne get closer, and they have sex.

Volume 13: Too Far Gone

Day 182
  • Abraham Ford settles into work with the construction crew, headed off by Tobin, seemingly one of the only hardened men in the ranks of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community. Tobin reveals to him that there is a feeling of strong cynicism in keeping with the survivors general consensus that there is a 'fakeness' about the Alexandria Safe-Zone. In particular, Tobin expresses a leering distrust of Douglas Monroe, from his interview process to his placement of 'pretty girls' in positions that allow him to see them on regular occasions. The work crew is attacked by a group of roamers. Tobin tells everyone to stay in "formation," but, Abraham breaks off to save a woman named Holly, this bravery and skill impresses some of the work crew. Ford angrily condemned the idea that they had to allow some to die in order to save the larger group. So Abraham spurs the group to work quickly after the attack and put up more walls before more roamers swarm the area.
  • Tobin discussed a change in leadership with Douglas, in which Tobin revealed that he felt very cowardly for allowing others to die and feels strongly that Abraham has earned the right to lead the work crew.
  • Meanwhile, Morgan and Michonne's brief tryst lead to a certain regret for both parties. Morgan felt of himself as an adulterer, and Michonne felt as though he was too heavily burdened by this and many other ill-conceived principles. Elsewhere, Carl bitterly reminisced Lori's motherly love while Rick attempted to unsuccessfully comfort him.
  • Glenn and Heath head into Washington, D.C. to scavenge for more supplies, especially antibiotics, to help Scott. Their trek into the city is a little rough and they are disappointed to find that the alley Heath typically uses is full of zombies. Rick expresses his concerns about Peter Anderson to Michonne, believing he is abusive to his family, and she encourages him to do something about it.
  • Gabriel Stokes continues to struggle with guilt and continues to cry, pray and ask the Lord for guidance.
  • Fr. Gabriel approaches Douglas to try and convince Douglas to expel Rick and his group from the compound. He tells Douglas that they are not good people and that they did horrible things before reaching the safety of Alexandria. Douglas turns him away, saying that everyone did what they had to so they could survive, and that Gabriel should mind his own business.
Day 183
  • Heath and Glenn continue to wait for the roamers to clear out of the roadway, spending the night on top of a building in hopes that they will clear out by morning. Unfortunately, the road is still overrun in the morning and they look on in horror as a group containing men and one woman emerge from a building and push one of their own into the zombie crowd in order to escape.
  • Rick finds Pete sleeping on the porch of his house and becomes increasingly suspicious that all is not well in their household. Rick approaches Pete's wife, Jessie Anderson, to find out if there is domestic abuse happening. Jessie confirms that Pete has been changing and has become increasingly violent. When Rick brings this information to Douglas he is reluctant to act on it because Pete is a doctor. Rick and Douglas argue and Rick storms off to confront Pete. The confrontation dissolves into violence. Douglas tries to intervene, but, Rick pulls a gun on him. Michonne hits Rick over the head and Rick realizes that he is out of control.
  • In Washington, D.C. with the gang (that Glenn and Heath previously saw) hearing the motorcycle engines of Glenn and Heath as they leave for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  • Michonne asks Maggie to keep Carl for the night as Rick has been detained for confronting Pete about abusing his wife and son.
Day 184
  • Rick has a long talk with Douglas. Douglas explains who Alexander Davidson was and how he was forced to expel him from the community, virtually sentencing Davidson to death. He warns Rick not to make him make the same decision again.
  • Rick confesses that he has never wanted to be a leader. He tells Douglas about what happened with Shane outside of Atlanta and that Carl killed Shane to save him after Shane became angry that he was losing Lori to Rick. Andrea heads out for her first day at the bell tower. Rick is released by Douglas and goes to see Carl. Carl is angry that Rick left him alone again and dismisses his father. Douglas tells Rick that he may carry a weapon inside the compound and that he trusts Rick to do whatever it takes to keep the community safe. He tells Rick to feel free to break the rules in order to keep everyone safe, but, never to question his authority again. Michonne tells Rick to get himself together and Rick goes home to sleep.
  • After Carl walks in on Rick talking to Lori on his phone, Rick tries to explain to Carl why he has the phone and talks to Lori. Maggie explains she is still coming to terms with her attempted suicide.
  • Andrea goes on a date with Douglas Monroe's son, Spencer Monroe, but, is unable to kiss the Spencer because of memories of deceased Dale. As they are having dinner they see Pete Anderson walk by with a knife. Pete interrupts arguments with Douglas and Heath over whether Scott should have a funeral. Pete threatens to kill Rick. Regina Monroe, Douglas Monroe's wife, gets between the two men and Pete slashes Regina's throat. Rick pulls his gun then gets permission from Douglas to kill Pete for what he has done.
  • The group of scavengers, that Glenn and Heath had seen, fight off zombies. They are discussing their plans to go the Alexandria Safe-Zone. They decide to settle in for the night, and attack the next day. Back in the Safe-Zone, a gunshot is heard, and Glenn has an argument with Maggie on whether or not he needs to leave and see what the problem is. Glenn then meets up with Morgan, who is also going to see what happened.
    • They meet with the community to see Rick, and other members telling them to go back to their homes. He announces the situation is under control and that what occurred was a police matter.
Day 185
  • Rick goes to Jessie Anderson's residence and talks to her. She reveals that she is relieved by Pete's death. Rick then asks Douglas to have a funeral for Pete, which Douglas isn't too happy about. Rick has a conversation with Andrea next, asking her if she will attend the funeral. She tells Rick that Tobin is going to take her to the tower, as funerals remind her of Dale. She goes on to say that she doesn't like to think about him.
  • Heath appears at the funeral, paying tribute to Scott. The funeral is for Regina, Scott, and Pete. Father Gabriel Stokes introduces Rick to the altar, and Rick makes a speech about how people act differently during these hard times, and does not necessarily define who they are. He says that if it were not for this situation, neither he nor Pete would have done the things that they did, and that ultimately the situation is to blame. As Rick is saying that everybody should remember Pete for what he was, a gunshot is heard. Rick and others go to the gate to see who fired the shot. It is the scavengers. Rick talks to the leader of the scavengers, Derek, as Abraham and others prepare with their weapons. Derek threatens Rick saying they are dangerous and desperate people who need to be let in. Rick refuses. A sniper from the attacking group aims at Rick, threatening him with the red dot on his chest. Then, Andrea shoots the group's sniper, and kills Derek as he's drawing his gun to shoot Rick.
    • A shootout occurs between the two groups. The Safe-Zone community win the conflict, but, attract hundreds of zombies with the sound of the battle. After the shootout, bodies are burned. Rick speaks with Douglas. Douglas says that Rick is the leader of the community now. Douglas says he has nothing left for the community of Alexandria, and the person they really need is Rick.

Volume 14: No Way Out

Day 186
  • Rick looks out the front gate of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. He and Andrea talk about the recent assault to Alexandria and soon Aaron arrives, with Eric on a horse, yelling that he has been stabbed. Rick and Andrea help them find Denise Cloyd, who is with Heath, both scantily clad. Later, Heath explains to Andrea that he and the Doctor are in a relationship. While Eric is being fixed, Aaron tells Rick that an unknown woman stabbed Eric and stole their horse.
  • Aaron tries to explain about the loss of one of the horses to Maggie, but, she interrupts him and forgives him anyway. He goes to talk to Douglas and discuss the decision to put Rick in control. He informs Douglas that he won't bring any more people to Alexandria. Douglas reveals that, in fact, he is afraid.
  • Rick tells that Eric is better and Andrea leaves so Tobin can drive her to the tower, because now is more important than ever to keep an eye on what's going on. Morgan apologizes to Michonne in response to the fact that he can't deal with his wife's death. Carl is pleased with the assault because now everyone realizes that they're still in danger. Snow begins to fall outside of the safe-zone.
  • Abraham rallies a group to take out the zombies outside the walls that were attracted by the gunshots from the previous shoot out. They split up into two groups to take out the zombies on both sides, but, when they gather back at the front, they discover that a massive herd have arrived. One of the zombies bites Bruce, and Abraham kills him in mercy. He and Holly dispute over this, and it ends with her forgiving him, hinting towards an affair.
  • Rick reunites the community and makes a speech about increasing the security. He also suggests consolidating people inside fewer houses to conserve the solar grid during the winter. Michonne invites Morgan to join her night patrol, and also removes her katana from retirement.
  • Rick gives Carl a new gun. Jessie Anderson and Ron Anderson go to Rick's house and ask to sleep there for one night. Ron confronts Carl about Rick killing his father and Carl admits that both he himself and his dad killed only those that they had to. Jessie admits that she admires Rick for his courage and selflessness. Rick goes on his patrol, and retires to bed afterwards. Jessie then enters his room and kisses him passionately. Rick answers to her kiss.
Day 187
  • Glenn wakes up, but, tells Maggie to go back to sleep. Also Michonne and Morgan are awake, and Morgan says he deserves to be happy. Michonne becomes insulting and says he's not the only one who has lost somebody. She tells him how Tyreese died, and says it is horrible that Duane died. She goes get some water and tells him he has to move on.
  • Rick and Jessie have sex, and Rick leaves her to sleep. Rick assures her that Ron did not hear them, and goes away. He goes by his room, where the phone he's been talking is. He says "Lori... You're not even real", and leaves.
  • Outside, Rick discovers the fence is giving up. Zombies are trying to get in. Tobin is holding the fence, and Rick tries to think what to do. Glenn says he, Heath and Spencer Monroe are going to look over Andrea, who needs supplies, like water. At the journey they could also treat some zombies away from the fences.
  • Glenn's group successfully lands in to building's roof, where Andrea is. The fence is giving up, and zombies get in. Tobin tells Holly to get some people, when he keeps them off. Holly runs to Rick's apartment, and tells them that they gotten in. Rick tells Jessie and others to stay there, and tells Holly to get some other survivors. Rick runs for Tobin; only to discover he's been entirely eaten by zombies. Morgan comes to help Rick, and he asks where are others. Morgan doesn't know, and notes there's too many of them. Suddenly, Morgan gets bitten in the arm, and falls down.
  • Rick forces Morgan to get on his feet. He gets, and Michonne arrives to the place. Rick tells her they have to take his arm off, and Michonne cuts it off instantly. Morgan is about to black out, and Abraham with a group of survivors arrives to help them. Abraham tells them to get Morgan to safety, and Rick tells that they have to get him to Rick's house.
  • Glenn, Andrea, Heath, and Spencer notice the zombies pouring into the town, and Glenn comes to the realization out loud that they are doomed. Abraham and the rest start killing off the zombies, and realize with horror that there are not enough people and too many zombies.
  • Denise patches up an unconscious Morgan's shoulder where he lost his arm, and tells Michonne that she has done all she can and does not know if he will pull through. Michonne calls Morgan a fool and sits sorrowfully beside him.
  • Rick is about to walk Denise back to her place when Maggie runs into the house, holding Sophia and ordering everyone to hide and keep quiet. Rick looks outside and sees that the zombies have taken over the streets in town and are wandering around everywhere. Meanwhile, Abraham gives up trying and orders everyone to get back to their houses and hide.
  • Back in Rick's house, Carl is asked to stay with Morgan in case he reanimates. Morgan reveals that he knows he will die, and asks to speak with Carl before he does. He tells Carl that he watched him kill Ben. He reassures him that it was the right thing to do, and praises Carl. He tells Carl of how important this time is for him, growing up and becoming who he will be. He mistakenly calls him Duane, and then cries as Carl cautiously puts his hand on his gun.
  • Outside the town, Andrea tries to plan out how they will get inside the walls and save the townspeople. Spencer suggests that the two of them leave together and abandon everyone else. Andrea punches him and storms away, ending their brief friendship.
  • Rick decides that his group will make a run for it until they are outside the walls. Jessie doesn't want to leave the rest of the townspeople behind, but, Rick assures her they will think of a way to help everyone else once they are out, but, for now, they had to think of themselves and their children first.
  • Michonne sits beside Morgan and apologizes for being so harsh about his difficulty getting over the deaths of his family. She reveals that she cannot open up to people, and locks her emotions away. She tells him how much she cares for him, and asks her to forgive him, but, after no response from Morgan, she realizes that he is dead.
  • Before the group can get packed up, Maggie tells him that she and Sophia are staying behind, because they'll have a better chance for survival. Rick gets an idea to make the escape safer, and pulls in a zombie from outside.
  • Andrea decides that she will lure the zombies away from the walls until they're thinned out. Michonne kills Morgan again to keep him from reanimating, and joins the rest downstairs to tell them. Rick starts to chop the zombie to pieces and explains that it will keep them unnoticed because of the smell. Denise refuses to rub the body on herself, so Michonne goes with her to defend her from the roamers. Rick, Jessie, Carl, and Ron, covered in the dead flesh, walk through the crowd of roamers while holding hands. Meanwhile, Douglas steps out of his house with a gun, planning to commit suicide.
    • On the way through the crowd, Ron panics and draws the attention of a roamer who bites him. Jesse screams in terror as her son is torn apart. Rick orders Jessie to leave him, but, she refuses and the zombies overwhelm her as well. Rick turns away while Jessie screams and begs him not to leave her. Rick hesitates, but, only after he realizes that she won't let go of Carl's hand. He chops her hand off with his axe and he and Carl run away. Michonne leaves Denise and runs to kill some of the riled up dead. Douglas decides to help by shooting them. Rick warns him to stop and Denise runs to safety in her house. Douglas is bitten and he begins firing the gun at random until he dies. Rick looks around and sees that Carl has been shot in the face. He collapses and a horrified Rick picks him up and runs for Denise's house.
    • Denise answers the door and Rick pleads for her to save him. After leaving him there, he runs back out with more energy than ever and he and Michonne continue killing off the dead.
    • While still in hiding, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Aaron, Eric, and others see Rick and Michonne trying to fight off the frenzy and they all decide to go help. With all the help, the fight turns into a battle and the zombies begin to thin out more and more until there are only a few stragglers, to the amazement of everyone. Although exhausted, the town continues to kill them off. Andrea and Glenn make it to the opening in the wall and are stunned at the peoples' success.
  • Rick sits down beside an unconscious Carl after it all and explains to him what he has realized, that the dead aren't much of a threat when there are so many people working as a team, who can prepare and organise like they did today. He tells Carl that he has discovered a chance for hope after all this time, and that he feels as though they are in a new world. He then pleads for Carl to wake up and experience this new world with him.

Volume 15: We Find Ourselves

Day 188
  • The zombie invasion in Alexandria Safe-Zone has ended. Abraham, Glenn, Spencer Monroe, Aaron and the rest of the residents are cleaning the yard. Abraham states that the process will take forever. Glenn says they have to pile a new fire on. Abraham agrees and tells him to keep it away from the yards. Suddenly, Glenn notices zombified Jessie Anderson.
    • Undead Jessie stands up, and tries to reach Glenn with her hacked arm. Abraham tells Glenn to kill her before Rick sees her. Glenn isn't sure, and Abraham takes out his gun and shoots her. Abraham moans about having to do everything. Glenn asks where Rick is anyway, and Abraham thinks he's with Carl.
  • Rick is with Carl. Denise Cloyd tells Rick he should eat something. He states he's not hungry. Rick then begins telling Denise about how Ron and Jessie died. He starts by recognizing that Jessie's actions were made in an attempt to save her son. On the other hand, Rick attempts to rationalize the action he took in response, stating that he had to do what he did in order to prevent them from all being killed. He confesses to Denise the details of what occurred, telling her that he had to hack off Jessie's hand in order to save Carl and give them a chance to escape. Denise is shocked and starts to cry. Rick further laments that the actions he took to save Carl may have been in vain, given that Carl ended up being shot moments later. Rick asks Denise to not tell anyone about their discussion, and Denise agrees.
  • At the yard, Andrea and Spencer are talking. Spencer asks Andrea out on a date, but she is dismissive of the topic, indicating that she doesn't want to discuss the matter now (given that she is in the middle of disposing of bodies). Spencer apologizes and helps her. Glenn and Maggie finally see each other. Glenn apologizes for leaving her, but Maggie understands. She feels bad for anyone they lost, and Glenn says it's survivor's guilt. They hug and Glenn says he loves Maggie.
  • Abraham attempts to have a conversation with Rosita about the events that occurred that day. Rosita is non-responsive, and Abraham asks what's wrong. Suddenly, Rosita confronts Abraham over his affair with Holly, leaving him speechless.
Day 189
  • Everyone is having a funeral for Tobin, Morgan, Douglas, Jessie, and Ron. Rick says they'll be missed. Afterwards, Rick, admits to the group that he's been thinking about things all wrong. He remarks on how he originally thought that he would be better off alone and was wary of larger groups. Rick states that it was only "safety in numbers" that kept him around in the past. Now, however, Rick's mind has changed. He now recognizes the true potential of the group, and believes that they can accomplish a lot together as a community.
    • First of all, Rick recommends building a maze for roamers. Eugene says they could make walls more secure by packing some dirt against them. Michonne adds that if the dirt is packed high enough, then a walkway could be built around the perimeter to take care of roamers. Abraham recommends that everyone carry weapons from now on and receive training on how to use them. Rick confirms that these all are good ideas, and suggests that the group meet regularly to discuss these sorts of matters.
  • Aaron tells the group that he's done with recruiting because it's too dangerous. Heath suggests to have more people on the supply runs so they could reach more areas. Glenn says it might be good to have more community events. He would like to know everyone by name. Rick thinks these are more good suggestions, and thinks they could later make the Safe-Zone larger, and farm. Rick tells everyone to focus on the re-established civilization. He thinks the very first steps have been taken today.
  • Abraham arrives to his house, only to see Rosita is leaving. Abraham tells her he's sorry, and Rosita sarcastically tells him she hadn't realized that a simple apology would make it all better. Abraham tells her that he is not sorry about cheating on her, he is just sorry that he hurt her in the process. Abraham goes on to explain that when he first met Rosita, she fulfilled a need for him after his wife had died. Eventually, however, he found himself thinking about the possibility that Rosita wasn't the last woman on earth - now, of course, he's realized that she is not. Rosita curses him and leaves.
  • At Eugene's house, Rosita knocks on the door. and says she needs a place to stay for a while. Eugene lets her in and asks why. Rosita says she had to get away from Abraham before she "kills" him, because he's been cheating on her with Holly. Eugene apologizes and asks why she wanted to come over his house. Rosita states that though he caused many deaths and lied all the time, he's the only friend that she has.
  • Rick sits beside Carl's bed in the infirmary, telling him about the possibilities with the community, and how he is taking this new approach in hopes of providing Carl with a better future. Rick then questions himself for telling this to Carl when Carl is still not conscious and probably can't hear him anyhow. Andrea interrupts and Rick apologizes to her for talking to himself. Andrea assures Rick that she understands, and that no apology is necessary. Andrea gives Rick some food, and they talk about Carl's condition. Andrea thinks Carl is healing. Rick, however, says that he can't imagine Carl waking up, and even thinks that Carl will die. Suddenly, Carl starts to cough.
  • Rick and Andrea have noticed that Carl has coughed and moved. Rick asks Andrea if she saw it and she did, but says he's not coming back yet, he barely moved. Rick is happy he didn't imagine it and runs for Denise, who is with Heath outside Carl's room, and tells her Carl moved. Denise asks in what manner was he moving, goes over to him and says it could mean anything. Denise asks Rick and the others to leave for a minute. They leave and Rick tells Andrea he's fine.
  • Heath is going to get some water for Andrea and Denise returns. Rick asks her about Carl and she says he's stable but still comatose. Carl was lucky, the bullet didn't hurt him badly. She doesn't know yet when he'll wake up and what condition he'll be in. Carl still isn't out of the woods.
  • Rick is still with Carl in the evening. Denise tells him he should go sleep on his own house and that she'll wake him up if Carl makes a move. Heath pops in and asks if everything is okay. Rick apologizes and leaves the two alone. He makes a trip to the graves, and meets Michonne sticking her katana into Morgan's grave. Rick apologizes, but Michonne says he doesn't have to. Rick says he missed Morgan too, but wasn't able to say goodbye to him. Michonne says she doesn't want to see people reanimate, and would have lived with Morgan rest of her life. She asks if that is funny, but Rick says everyone wants a relationship. Michonne disagrees and doesn't think she'll ever be happy, starts to say something about Rick and Jessie, but stops short of that and says it's getting late.
Day 190
  • Rick, Abraham, Nicholas, Spencer, and Eugene are outside of the walls. While Rick is complaining about people being chased, Eugene asks about the dirt in the walls, and it might take its own time. Rick says time isn't their biggest problem, and wants to live in the safe-zone when Carl is in his thirties. Spencer thinks Rick's a good leader, and they hear shooting. Rick tells everyone to stay put and sprints to see what is happening.
    • It's Andrea, Heath, Maggie, Olivia, Aaron, and Eric shooting zombies. Rick didn't remember Andrea was there, when the rest of party were mapping defenses. Andrea says they'll stop shooting soon, but Rick thinks they should fire a few more shots when they see an approaching crowd of zombies.
    • Everyone in the line gets scared and Andrea tells them not to panic. Olivia says she's not ready, and Andrea tells her get ready. She says this is about life and death. Zombies are not dying, and Andrea says she'll take it from there. She shoots all the zombies. She kills the final zombie and says they have to let it get close to shoot it more easily. Everyone is impressed about her shooting skills as they pack up and leave.
  • As Rick and Andrea walk he asks her if she can believes she's become a teacher of shooting. Andrea doesn't believe it even herself. When she first used a gun, it felt alien. She thinks aloud wondering what Shane would say if he could see her today. She apologizes to Rick after she said it. Rick says she doesn't have to, Shane was his best friend, and even with all that happened, he still misses him. Rick says he doesn't dwell on the past, because it's painful. If they just dwell and dwell, they're going to get killed. Lastly, he says he still misses Lori. Andrea says it's okay. Rick says he's so accustomed to the moment, and living day by day. that he became blind to how difficult it makes life.
  • While Rick is talking about safety in numbers, he starts to think he isn't making any sense, but Andrea understands. Rick keeps talking. He goes on to say they have been through a lot together, and that Andrea has been there for him. Andrea says they have been there for each other. Rick says keeping Lori and Carl safe is what drove his decisions. He's not saying he disliked any of the original group, but he just cared more about his family. Andrea understands, but he says his actions were inexcusable.
    • Rick says he has overlooked the most important thing in this world; community. If he watches the group, they help keep Carl alive. Like the new barrier they made, it's the key, and that is how they are going to live in this world. Rick says he's going to be a better person from now on. Andrea agrees, and asks if he thinks things are going to go well. Rick tells her to look at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and says it's going to work.
    • Andrea hopes Rick is right, things are going to work here. Rick tells her if they're not going work, they will make them work. Rick asks if Andrea is going to pick back up tomorrow morning, and she agrees. Rick is going to see Carl, who's still in coma. Andrea asks Rick if he minds if she tags along.
  • Abraham asks Aaron and Eric to cover the gates so they are fully secured and locked. Abraham tries to speak to Rosita, but instead she ignores him and curses him. She goes right to Eugene and tells him she's making some food for them. Eugene thinks it's a good idea and they leave. Aaron is surprised that Abraham and Rosita aren't in a relationship anymore. Abraham says it's not an issue, but Aaron thinks Abraham is staring at Rosita's butt like it's an issue. Abraham glares at him and Aaron apologizes and says he took it too far.
  • At Denise's house, she tells Rick and Andrea Carl has a good heart rate and that his vitals signs are just where they are supposed to be. She says 'things are looking good.' Rick is confused by this, and asks when he's waking up. Denise tells Rick she's not a brain surgeon, but she says Carl's brains are developing. She's optimistic that he will wake up, but doesn't know when. Andrea tries to comfort Rick and says she would like to have Rick to dinner.
  • Abraham goes to his house, and discovers Holly. He tells her that he's been busy, and that he saw her today. Holly said she hasn't seen Abraham in days, and didn't mean seen by twinkling. Abraham tells her that a lot is going on, but she knows this. Holly says why didn't he tell her Rosita has moved, she had found out from Olivia that Rosita is staying with Eugene, and she asks if he's feeling lonely on his own. Abraham, in a furious rage, tells her he's dealing with a lot here, and just needs some time. Holly is about to leave and says Abraham could take all time he needs.
    • Abraham tells her to wait and says Holly was perfect when he was with Rosita, and strong, and she didn't need protection. Abraham says he was dying to be with Holly, and feels guilty about cheating on Rosita. He feels sorry for Rosita, Holly yells at him about wanting her back. Abraham didn't mean that, what he meant was that he feels pity for Rosita. He feels good right now, but he shouldn't feel that way. Lastly, Abraham holds Holly's hand and tells her to get inside.
  • Rick is eating with Andrea. Rick thanks her, but Andrea says it's nothing. Andrea asks can't Rick taste what the food is, and he says it's beef jerky. Rick thinks it's good. After eating, Rick goes to Jessie's and Ron's graves. Rick apologizes them both and tells he should have not dragged them in to outside. Lastly, he says every child is not like Carl, and leaves.
  • Again, Rick goes to his house, and grabs the phone, to hear Lori's voice. He hears it, and wants to hear her voice. Lori doesn't want to talk to him, and Lori says he should look at what happened to Carl and it's his fault it happened, and it's his fault Lori and Judith died. Lastly, she says it should have been Rick who should have got shot in the head. Rick gets surprised and closes the phone "call".
Day 191
  • Michonne, Abraham and others are cleaning the zombie horde. After all are killed, Rick tells everyone to go get the signal. Rick asks Eugene if he's up for this, and he is, hoping he might lose some weight. Rick tells Glenn to keep an eye on the things, they can get dangerous very fast. Glenn says he's on it.
    • Rick praises Michonne of the good job, and she thanks Rick. Rick asks her feelings, and she asks how long does it take that Rick realizes he already knows the answer. Michonne lastly answers, that she's getting by. Rick agrees. Michonne thinks it's nice that someone cares about her.
  • Abraham gathers up some people, for digging. He tells not to get too focused on the digging. He tells where to dig and where to put the pile-ups. All gets started. Nicholas asks Heath what are they doing, and why are they taking orders from Abraham and others. He asks who died and left them in charge. Heath reminds him Douglas did. Heath says the things weren't fine before they arrived, and asks what is wrong with Nicholas. Nicholas thinks they were better off them, and reminds Heath of Rick stealing gun.
  • Heath says Rick was just protecting his people, and reminds Nicholas of the scavengers. The "Crazy assholes" saved their life. Nicholas still thinks they could have handle that. Heath disagrees, and reminds him of Andrea, who has perfect sharpshooting skills. Heath thinks they were just waiting for death inside of the walls. Heath is happy of that Douglas put Rick on charge. Abraham asks is everything okay, and Nicholas says it is.
  • Olivia calls Rick into her house, and tells the news. Maggie and Sophia are checking the food situation. Olivia says the food is going low, and winter is starting. Olivia thinks they should send a team to find them food and equipment. Rick thanks Olivia and tells they might send a team maybe tomorrow. Maggie catches Rick and tells him not to send Glenn out, he's been gone far enough. He agrees, and Rick says Heath knows better the places than he does, and he won't send him. Maggie is relieved.
  • Rick asks for news about about Carl, and she says he's still asleep. Andrea feels guilt for not being on the over-watch, and Rick tells her Abraham and others got it covered. Denise rushes out of her house, and tells Rick to get in, Carl has moved.
    • Denise can't say nothing for sure, but Carl starts to speak. He asks "dad", and Rick is relieved to hear his voice. Denise tells him not to touch his wound, and Carl asks what happened to him. Everyone seems to be happy, until Carl asks "Where's mom?" Rick, Andrea, and Denise look at him. Carl asks Denise who she is, and she then identifies herself. She also tells Carl that he had been shot. Carl seems sad before his father hugs him and tells it's okay. He tells Carl things are little 'fuzzy', and that he'll explain everything to him later. Rick is then relieved to see Carl alive.
    • Later, Denise asks how's Rick is doing. Rick swiftly asks how is Carl and Denise tells him that he is eating with Andrea. After an awkward silence, Denise tells him that Carl's cognitive skills seem intact. Denise has tested him extensively and says there is no cause for alarm. Denise thinks his memory gaps might come back on its own. Rick asks what he is supposed to do.
    • Denise asks what he means, then Rick answers how he's going to tell him Lori is dead. Rick says he's happy to see him alive, but to get him back the way he was he would have to turn around and break his heart. He asks her if it is ever easy.
  • Andrea walks to her home. Spencer is at her door and tells her it 'sucks' when the phones don't work. Instead of that, he came over to talk her and asks how does she announce herself now. Rather than looking for her, he decided just to wait at her doorstep. Spencer then mentions he fell asleep.
    • Andrea asks what does he want. Spencer wants nothing more but to talk, but Andrea has nothing to say to him. Spencer asks why and thinks it's the comment he said in the middle of the Alexandria Safe-Zone chaos. Also, he thinks she thinks Spencer cared more about their lives than the others lives in the Zone. Andrea tells Spencer she gets that, and she mentioned a lot to him, but it's over. Spencer still thinks they had something special, but then Andrea tells him they didn't. Spencer asks what makes her say that, and says he could show in a matter of time they have something compatible. Andrea tells him to get off of her porch, and he leaves.
Day 192
  • Carl asks Rick how long does he have to stay in his bed, and Rick tells him Denise is keeping an eye on him for a while. Carl is starting to remember things. When Carl asks where's his mother, Rick responds she died. Carl doesn't seem very surprised, and asks how she died. Rick says she and Judith were shot. Carl asks who's Judith, and Rick says she was Carl's baby sister.
    • Rick asks Carl is he sad, but he isn't. He feels like Lori were always just gone. He doesn't remember Judith, and says it's sad she died. He says he misses Amy, Carol, Tyreese, Morgan, Jessie, and Ron. Rick is surprised to learn that Carl remembers Jessie and Ron. Rick says he was with them, when they got attacked. Carl says he's tired, and Rick leaves him to sleep. Abraham comes to see Rick and tells him he heard the good news. Rick says he's sleeping and he needs sleep also. Abraham tells him to sleep. Rick can't, because Olivia told him they're running low on food. They need to gather up group, and go get some. Rick asks him to gather up a group, but Abraham thinks they're not running out of food today, so they could go find some tomorrow, or they'll send Glenn and Heath. Rick tells him Glenn can't be send, and he wants to go with the group. Abraham asks why, and Rick tells him Maggie told him not to, and says she's right.
    • Rick wants to go, because he wants to search the area around them for residences and food. He wants to go in a safe, big, and secure group who could watch each other's backs. They won't need any more than a day because they will only search the few blocks around them. The trip needs to be done now or it yields nothing. Besides, Carl is sleeping, so he could be away for the time he sleeps, and he has forget a lot of things. Abraham understands.
    • Rick asks Denise to keep an eye on Carl, and tells he's going to search food. Denise reminds Carl is his son, and asks why would he do this. Rick becomes speechless, and leaves and asks her to watch over him.
    • Glenn asks Rick why he said to Abraham he can't go with. Rick tells him it's Maggie and she wants him to sit this one out. Glenn understands. Rick explains what they're doing, and would feel better if he'd sit this one out. Glenn says he'll 'do a patrol or something'. Abraham comes to tell gate is ready for them. Rick thanks Glenn.
      • Andrea, Michonne, Holly, Aaron, Eric, Abraham, and Rick are ready to go. Spencer wishes them good luck, but Andrea don't feel comfortable. Rick asks what's going on between them, and Andrea tells him absolutely nothing.
    • Rick thinks most of the zombies are frozen as well at the last winter. Rick tells everyone to check out the stores, and stay in shouting distance of each other. Abraham reminds how dangerous zombies can be. Eric finds a bag of potato chips, and Aaron finds nothing. Andrea goes to see what Rick's doing and finds him crying in the office private-room. Andrea asks what's wrong.
    • Spencer and Nicholas are in a truck, and parking it. Nicholas tells Olivia to get in there. Nicholas tells them Heath is 'overly trusting' Rick more than he thought, and tells what he was talking about. Spencer asks what he's saying, and Nicholas tells they have to make their move so Rick's group won't win everyone else on their side. Nicholas says if they leave them in charge long enough they'll be the death of all of them.
      • Nicholas, Olivia and Spencer (mostly Nicholas) conspire to kill Rick. Glenn hears everything, and Nicholas notes "this shouldn't go down this way". Rick notes to Andrea if it was worth to keep Carl alive this much, because he fears for his mental health as he displayed no emotion over hearing that his mother has died with his sister.
      • Glenn tries to protect himself from Nicholas with a gun (Glenn had no intention to fire the weapon). Nicholas grabs his weapon and starts to hit him. Olivia tries to stop him, but Nicholas keeps hitting Glenn. Lastly, he pulls Glenn's gun to his head. Glenn kicks Nicholas in the stomach and is able to escape. He runs to his house and tells Maggie and Sophia to lock themselves into the bathroom.
      • Heath asks Nicholas what he is doing. Nicholas calls him a traitor. Nicholas notes he's the only one thinking clearly. Nicholas says everything was perfect before Rick, who 'took the place over'. Spencer and Heath aren't very pleased about Nicholas' speech, and Nicholas says "if you're not with me, you're with Rick." Glenn tells Nicholas not to threaten his family and pulls Maggie's gun to his head. Rick and the rest arrive and asks why is Nicholas trying to take the place back. Rick points a gun to Nicholas' head and tells him that he has no idea who is he talking to.
    • Later on, Andrea and Rick are alone, and to Rick's surprise, they kiss.

Day 572-623: The Alexandria Safe-Zone Story Arc Part 2: All Out War

Volume 16: A Larger World

Day 193 / Day 233
  • Alexandria experiences relative peace. Food and supplies, however, slowly go down
Day 572
  • It have been a few weeks since Carl Grimes has woken up from his coma, and Nicholas gives up on the thought of taking over the Alexandria Safe-Zone from Rick Grimes. The story arc begins when Glenn, Maggie, Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, Aaron, Eric, and Heath are looking for supplies in the city nearby, when the Safe-Zone is running out of food.
  • Rick and others are complaining about the food problem, and reveals it's been almost two years after the zombie apocalypse began. Carl and Sophia are spending time in the couch, and Sophia tells Carl she isn't afraid anymore. She knows her parents are dead and it makes her feel happy when she pretends Glenn and Maggie to be her parents. Andrea tells Rick, he needs her. Rick says the relationship would never work, and everyone he has loved has died. Andrea stops finally talking to Dale's hat pretending he's still alive.
  • Glenn's squad gets back from the journey for food. Aaron is worried about Eric's bottle of alcohol he found. Lastly Aaron still forgives the bottle.
  • Carl is reading a book in his bed, and Rick comes in. Rick recommends him switch the lamp off, because it's taking too much power. Rick asks does Carl's "eye" hurt. Carl says it's not an eye anymore, it's just a "hole" in his face. Rick understands his son's situation, but, reminds him there's no reason to be snabby to him. Carl says Rick doesn't know anything, and Carl yells to him he doesn't know how gross is it to see himself in the mirror. Rick apologizes Carl, and agrees with him. Meanwhile, someone is watching Alexandria Safe-Zone through binoculars.
  • The unnamed overseer takes a flare gun out of his pocket.
  • Carl wakes up, and tells his father he had a nightmare. In the dream he kills a kid, which is possibly a reference of him killing Ben.
Day 573
  • Rick doesn't get any sleep and goes to Olivia's house for coffee. Coffee has unfortunately ran out and Glenn's group didn't manage to bring any with them. Abraham is going outside, and tells Rick he's taking Michonne with him only.
  • Abraham and Michonne leave Safe-Zone. Michonne tells Abraham she's lonely, and Abraham says she can come to his and Holly's place whenever she wants. After killing a couple zombies, the armed overseer shows himself. Michonne puts her katana in front of overseer's face, which doesn't please him. After a minor fight, overseer appears to be good self-defender, and takes Abraham as a hostile, and tells Michonne to get their leader, Rick.
  • Rick arrives and overseer introduces as Paul Monroe, commonly called Jesus. Jesus tells he is from a community called Hilltop Colony, and lives there within 200 survivors or possibly more. Jesus is surprised that Rick and his people thought they were the only living ones left in the new world. Jesus explains to Rick that their community would like to trade and communicate with other communities. Jesus is ready to lead the group to Gregory (incorrectly named as "Kenneth" in this conversation), leader of Hilltop. Rick offers his hand to Jesus, but, pulls him down from the car he was standing and kicks him in the face until he blacks out. The group takes him to Safe-Zone and ties him up.
  • Rick gives the other residents various instructions for protecting the zone from possible attacks. Andrea asks Rick what if the group are going to get mad about them keeping Jesus tied up. Rick doesn't answer, and goes to talk to Jesus. As he tries to convince his people are not dangerous, Rick says he doesn't believe him. Rick, Michonne and Abraham go to see the town themselves. Rick says if the people are bad, they're going to take everything they have and leave them for dead.
Day 574
  • In the zone, Carl is checked by Denise. Carl asks who the man is in the backroom, but, Denise only answers he is kept here for safety. Carl knows he is a prisoner, and leaves. Carl goes to see the man, and Jesus tells him to come in. Jesus introduces himself to Carl, and says he's going to tell anything he wants to know to Carl.
  • Rick gets back and notices Carl is talking with Jesus. Rick tells Carl to leave. Rick informs Jesus he is going to have to lead Rick and some others to Hilltop, and if he tries something he will be shot. Andrea tells to Rick he needs her, and she is not going to get herself killed.
  • Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Glenn and Jesus start to head north. Jesus is tied up in the back of their van. After getting dark, the group holes up in a gas-station. Rick tells Jesus to get up, and notices that Carl is in the same van. Rick is threatening to shoot Jesus if he is moves a muscle. Carl gets out of the van, and Jesus convinces he didn't do anything to the boy. Carl says he didn't want to stay behind, and Glenn asks if they have to drive him back to safe-zone. Rick isn't able to say anything, but, he isn't satisfied.
  • A bunch of zombies are reaching the group. Jesus tries to escape, but, in fact, he's helping the group by kicking the zombies down, so others can "brain" them. After they beat the zombies, everyone has to sleep in the van. Jesus says it's only a half day trip to his home from the gas station.
Day 575
  • Jesus tells Andrea to pull over so he can "go to little boys room". Rick pulls down his pants, and Jesus shows his hands, which are untied. Jesus could have free himself at every time, but, he was testing Rick - who passed the test. Both start to earn each other trust, and Jesus welcomes everyone to Hilltop Colony.
  • Rick isn't ready to go inside, and he thinks they're outnumbered. Jesus however convinces Rick that if he wanted to kill him would have done in the van. Carl convinces his father that Jesus and his people are not bad, Rick finally agrees and along with Jesus and the others decide to walk to the Hilltop Colony. At the entrance there are two guards called Kal and Eduardo they did not want to pass Rick and the others as these were armed until Jesus tells them to answer the door until they come finally.
  • Jesus, once in shows to others the Hilltop community, then goes to the Barrington house where Gregory tells Jesus that he wants to talk to Rick. Then Wesley, a Hilltop resident, informs Gregory that Ethan, another resident, had returned to Hilltop. Gregory asks Ethan where Andy and David are but Ethan replies saying that Negan had killed them and says he has of Crystal hostage and he will release her if Ethan delivered a "message" to Gregory, Ethan whispers the "message" to Gregory. Ethan then stabs Gregory, Rick then attacks Ethan and slices his throat. Once this was done, all of the Hilltop residents stared at Rick in shock and Rick simply replies, "What".
  • Jesus explains to Rick the whole story. Ethan was sent by The Saviors, a large group of nasty and mean people. They are led by man named Negan. As the Saviors kill every zombie nearby Hilltop, they require half of Hilltops supplies. Carl asks if they kill all the Saviors, they could get half of Hilltops supplies.
  • Later Rick stumbles across Ethan's funeral. A resident named Samuel lashes out on Rick for showing up after what he did and punches Rick in the eye. As Samuel starts to beat up Rick, Jesus intervenes and then calls out Ethan for being a coward who deserved to die.
Day 576
  • The next day Glenn sees Rick with the swollen eye and asks that happened. Rick told him what happened at the funeral. After, Glenn tells Rick that Hilltop is a pretty good community where people are very united. Andrea then wakes up and asks if Glenn and Rick lost something. Rick tells her nothing in particular, and Andrea then hugs and kisses him on the cheek. Then Kal calls saying that Rick wants to talk to Gregory. Gregory tells Rick that agrees with the plan to face off against Negan.
  • Then the group begins to drop supplies in the van. Jesus finally says goodbye to the group and tells Rick that the day they are faced with Negan would go with Kal and others more. Then Andrea and Michonne disagree with helping people in Hilltop. Michonne tells Rick that people paid tribute to murderers. Andrea tells him that they were so frightened that when Ethan attacked Gregory they did not know what to do and said these people are pathetic. As leaving the Hilltop Colony, Rick states their people can finally start living.

Volume 17: Something to Fear

Day 578
  • Gabriel Stokes is keeping a church service for survivors outside. After it, Abraham asks Maggie if everything is alright, as he sees her holding her stomach. Maggie convinces him that she is fine. Abraham goes to see Eugene, who begins planning to create more bullets for everyone. Abraham asks how Rosita is doing. Eugene tells him that she's fine and she doesn't want to see him, implying that they are in a relationship. After Abraham leaves, Rosita tells Eugene that she and him are not together. Eugene admits he was just trying to mess with Abraham.
  • Meanwhile, Heath is keeping watch for any zombies at the gate. Abraham hopes Rick and others will be back soon. On the way to Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick and his squad hear a motorcycle from behind their van; a squad of Saviors are following them. An unnamed member tells them to stop their vehicle. After noticing that they aren't from Hilltop, the man claims that they "must give a different tribute" to Negan and demands that they give up all their supplies as opposed to just half. Rick assumes the one talking is Negan; the Savior claims everyone in their group are "Negan". Rick doesn't grant his command and has Michonne and Andrea kill three members of his group, still leaving the one speaking alive. Rick tells him to report back to Negan and tell him to stop harassing the Hilltop Colony. As the savior leaves, Carl says he remembers his father murdered one of the Marauders with a knife before Rick tells him to get back in the van.
  • Rick and others arrive back at the Safe-Zone with the supplies. Maggie goes to hug Glenn. She reveals to him that she is pregnant.
  • Rick holds a meeting and tells everyone what happened outside. Rick says they have to put some people in danger in order to defeat the Saviors, but not to make an army. He asks that if anyone objects to the plan, they are free to speak their mind; no one objects to the plan. Later, in Rick's house, Andrea talks to him about starting a relationship and says that she is happy Rick stopped being a coward.
Day 584
  • Abraham and Eugene leave the Safe-Zone without telling anyone, in order to find some ammunition. They are watched by three unnamed men, assumed to be Saviors.
  • Abraham tells Eugene that he's noticed that the latter has lost some weight, possibly to attract Rosita. Eugene says she sees it, but doesn't believe that he has a chance with her. Abraham says he just needs to be less unusual than other guys to get her to like him. He also says that although he still has some feelings for Rosita, he just wants her to be happy whether he is with her or not. Then, Dwight, one of the Saviors, shoots an arrow into Abraham's head, killing him. Eugene grabs Abraham's gun, but is taken as a hostage by Dwight and three other Saviors. Dwight says that if Rick and the others had not killed their friends along the way back from the Hilltop, they wouldn't have killed Abraham. One of the saviors tells Dwight that Eugene is not in a situation of power; they still decide to use him as a bargaining chip and has him lead them back to Alexandria.
  • Meanwhile, Carl goes to Rick's room and finds him along with Andrea, indicating that Rick and Andrea had sex. Carl then says Rick does not have to say anything about sex, Rick replies and says that it would be uncomfortable for both him and Carl. Then the two hear Abraham's machine gun and Rick goes to see why and who was shooting and tells Carl to stay at home. Dwight appears outside the Alexandria gates and demands Rick let him in with a large group of saviors. Rick asks Dwight, what the response was to his message he gave to the savior on the road. Dwight says that Negan did not take kindly to the message and once again demands Rick open the gate or they will kill Eugene. Eugene then bites Dwight in the crotch, injuring him. One of the other Saviors tries to get at Eugene but Rick shoots him and tells Dwight to leave or they will all die. Refusing, Dwight tells the others to attack; one Savior tries to kill Rick's group using the machine gun they took from Abraham but gets shot in the head by Andrea. She then instructs the others to make a line against the wall so they can pick off the Saviors. Dwight then instructs the remaining Saviors to flee to avoid further casualties.
  • Rick tells Andrea to accompany him to kill Dwight and the Saviors who survived. While Rick and Andrea are pursuing the saviors, they are surprised to see the corpse of Abraham. Rick says that there's "no fucking way they're going to escape." While still pursuing the Saviors, Rick and Andrea get cut off by a group of zombies, Andrea is going to kill them when Rick tells her to save the ammunition. The two then turn back, taking the body of Abraham so it can be buried back at the community. Andrea enlists the help of someone to take the body of Abraham; Glenn and Heath arrive to help her. Holly becomes distraught when she sees Abraham's corpse. Glenn asks Andrea if Abraham needs to be shot in the head so he won't come back as a zombie, but she tells him that the arrow impaled him through the brain and that he will not reanimate. Andrea then asks Rick what they should do, and Rick says, "I don't know."
  • Glenn, Heath and Nicholas are seen fighting zombies behind their car barrier just outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  • Andrea walks into Rick's home and they discuss the situation with The Saviors. Carl walks in on Rick and Andrea hugging, without them knowing, and backs out of the room and smiles.
  • Glenn is telling Maggie about how he wants to leave the Alexandria Safe-Zone and move to the Hilltop Colony. Sophia exits the kitchen so Glenn and Maggie can discuss the topic alone. Glenn explains that it is much safer for the baby that Maggie is having. Maggie shouts at Glenn but then hugs him. While hugging she explains that she just doesn't know what to do.
Day 585
  • The citizens of the Alexandria Safe-Zone mourn for Abraham Ford in the church with a service by Gabriel. Many of the group members are crying. When Rosita tries to talk to Holly, she snaps at Rosita while crying over Abraham's covered body.
  • Rick, as well many other survivors, are about to leave the Alexandria Safe-Zone and travel to the Hilltop Colony. Rick tells Andrea to stay so that she can watch the Safe-Zone to keep it safe.
  • After Rick tells Andrea that she has to stay behind and protect the survivors, a band containing Rick, Carl, Michonne, Heath, Glenn, Maggie, and Sophia leave the Safe-Zone and head for the Hilltop Colony. All the while, three saviors are watching from a nearby building and say that they will attack at dawn.
  • The same three Saviors are complaining about the plan to attack at dawn, wondering why they can't attack now. One of them says that he is going to get a man named Jesus, whose group is the farthest away.
  • The Alexandria Safe-Zone citizens are seen praying for their lives. Spencer reveals to Andrea that he's happy for her and Rick. Eugene is seen mourning over Abraham's grave, while Gabriel is in the church, praying. Aaron and Eric are preparing for the Saviors, making an inventory over the Safe Zone's guns.
  • On the road, Michonne worries that the group will not make it to the Hilltop Colony in time. Glenn is still optimistic about it. They stop the van for the night.
  • Michonne and Rick are talking nearby the van. Rick thanks Michonne for everything, and says they'll have to be on the road by dawn. Rick then says goodbye to Glenn, and states that he is happy for him. Rick then begins his shift on keeping guard. A group of Saviors sneak up on the group and subdue Rick by surprise. They line up all the survivors from the van (Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath), kneeling them down. Then, Negan appears and tells how he wants revenge for the saviors that the survivors killed. Without an agreement from Rick, Negan makes a deal; Everything that belongs to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, now belongs to The Saviors. He introduces his weapon of choice; Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. After a long talk about who he should kill using Lucille, he finally picks his victim at random: Glenn. Maggie panics, as Glenn tries to talk Negan out of it. Negan ignores him and begins to crush Glenn's skull with Lucille. Everyone cries, glaring at Negan. After Negan finishes killing Glenn, Rick states, "I'll kill you. Not today, not tomorrow, but I will kill you." Negan tells them the Saviors will be back in one week to collect half of everything in Alexandria, then turns around and leaves with his men, leaving the survivors with Glenn's body.
  • Maggie begins hitting Rick, calling him a coward, but stops as Carl points a gun at her and tells her to stop hurting his father. Sophia bites and tackles Carl.
Day 586
  • The group continues to the Hilltop, where they tell Jesus Monroe and Gregory about what happened. Glenn is buried there, and Maggie and Sophia stay behind as the group and Jesus return to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. They return to find several crashed vehicles and dead bodies outside of the Safe-Zone. Nicholas tells Rick that the Saviors attacked that morning, but none of the Alexandria residents were killed. They killed about a dozen Saviors, and the remaining Saviors retreated without entering the Safe-Zone. Andrea says that it's not even the best part, taking Rick to a house. Inside, she reveals a tied-up Dwight and asks if he could be useful.
  • Dwight yells to them that they will all be killed when Negan shows up. Andrea punches him in the face and tells him to shut up. Rick stops her and she tells him that he killed Abraham, attempted to kill Eugene and was going to kill them all. She threatens to ruin his other eye if he keeps running his mouth. She wants to talk, to which Rick replies, "Not here."
  • Andrea and Rick are back at the house when she asks him what the hell that was. He tells her they killed Glenn and she tells him all the more reason to kill the Saviors. He tells Andrea about how they were attacked on the road at about the same time the Alexandria Safe-Zone was attacked. Rick is afraid because of how low on ammo they really are and tells her he is open to suggestions. He doesn't want to piss off Dwight more than they already have.
  • Jesus and Heath are talking about how the Hilltop is a much better community than Alexandria. Jesus apologizes about Glenn and tells him he will try to help them go after Negan.
Day 593
  • Rick tells Carl that Jesus is staying in a vacant house. Carl asks if Andrea has Dwight in the infirmary and tells Rick to kill Negan to show him they're "not to be fucked with." Rick replies that he doesn't know and that they are all mad about Glenn. Carl tells Rick they have to do something. That night, Rick and Andrea are talking about Glenn. He tells her that Glenn and Maggie were a symbol of hope to Rick. Rick is blaming himself for the death of Glenn. She yells at him that he can't blame himself and it is not his fault. She says that maybe he would have picked her instead if she had been there. The walls held because of the defenses, not because of Andrea. It is not his fault when someone dies, it is his fault when the rest of them live. He then says that they aren't prepared and that he can't protect anyone from this. He won't let anybody else die because they've come too far and he doesn't think he can fight Negan
  • Rick lets Dwight go, much to the disappointment of Andrea.

Volume 18: What Comes After

Day 593
  • After Rick's plan is set in motion, Jesus is seen following Dwight. Jesus kills a zombie and it tumbles off a bridge. In the process, Dwight nearly spots Jesus. However, Dwight carries on his walking, while unknowingly being followed by Jesus.
  • Andrea is about to move out of Rick's house because she isn't satisfied with his decision of letting Dwight go free. Rick stops her at the last minute and tells her about his plan, about how he is letting The Saviors think that they are scared so they can strike back. Andrea wonders why Rick didn't tell her earlier, and he says he didn't want anyone to know.
  • Negan is seen outside the gates of the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the other Saviors. Negan and his men are clearing the gates of roamers, when Negan notices Rick, hesitating to open the gate for The Saviors. He eventually allows them inside.
  • Negan enters the Alexandria Safe-Zone, mocks Glenn's death, and orders Rick to hold onto his bat, "Lucille". Negan is surprised to find that the Alexandria Safe-Zone has plenty of houses and notices that many of them are vacant. Negan makes a comment to Rick, mocking the fact that the ration tracker is "a fat lady". Negan says that he doesn't want to take food, for now, because the Safe-Zone is low and if he took their food, they wouldn't be able to survive. However, he informs Rick that he and his men will take some other supplies. He then orders Rick to show him around the Safe-Zone, while his men go and gather the supplies.
  • While Negan is leaving the armory, Carl shows up and says, "You should all go home, before you learn just how dangerous we all are."
  • Rick tells Carl to go home, but Negan tells him not to be so rude and not to interrupt their conversation. Negan asks Carl if this was a threat and Carl stays silent. Negan tells him to do what his father told him to do and go home. While the Saviors are taking the supplies to their trucks, Heath urgently runs out towards Rick, informing him that Denise needs help.
  • At the infirmary, Denise is aiming a gun at one of the Saviors who is taking medical supplies. Negan tells Denise not to misunderstand his associate, but she replies that all the morphine, Oxycontin, and anything that can be abused are taken by the Saviors; all they are left with is aspirin, penicillin, and cold medicine. Negan says that his man only took half of the supplies from the medicine stockpile, as was promised. Rick tells Denise to put the gun down and let the Saviors take the medicine. Denise tells Rick that they need that medicine in case something serious happens to any of them, like what happened to Carl. Rick attempts negotiating with Negan into leaving the medicine, but Negan objects, saying, "Your big walls are all the medicine you need."
  • As Negan is leaving, he remembers that he left Lucille, his baseball bat, with Rick. He comes back, asking if Rick wanted to keep the bat with him. Negan retrieves the bat from Rick and states, "In case you haven't caught on, I just slid my dick down your throat...and you thanked me for it."
  • Negan and The Saviors depart the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the seized medication. Afterwards, Rick informs Denise that Negan is in command from now on. Rick states that anybody can leave the Safe-Zone if they are not satisfied with the new world order. He says the community should gather up their resources into one place for Negan's next visit.
  • Rick then goes home to talk to Carl, who does not respond. As Negan and The Saviors are driving back to their base, Carl is hiding under the mattresses that the Saviors took, holding Abraham's rifle.
  • Meanwhile, Dwight is checking his supplies in a Saviors' outpost when another Savior startles him. The Savior informs Dwight that he has been followed since he left the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and gives orders through a walkie-talkie for another group of Saviors to capture the follower, Jesus. The other group of Saviors then arrive with Jesus captured. Dwight arrives with the other Saviors, ordering Jesus to be tied up, stating that, "He is more use to us alive. Negan's going to have a lot of questions for you." This suggests that Dwight knows about Jesus being sent by Rick and that the Zone is not actually abiding by the Saviors' demands.
  • The Saviors take Jesus to their base, a factory surrounded by a wall of mutilated and chained zombies. As Dwight goes to get Jesus, he discovers that Jesus had managed to escape. "Not one word to Negan about any of this", Dwight urges to another Savior, who agrees.
  • Negan and the rest of The Saviors arrive later with the supplies from the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Negan is surprised to see Dwight alive. "There is always a next time, I suppose," he says, much to the disgust of Dwight. Negan orders the Saviors to unload the supplies from the truck. "I'm going to fuck some of my girls tonight, get it?" asks Negan. Just as they are retrieving the supplies from the truck, Carl is spotted by a Savior. Carl shoots and kills two of them. The other Saviors around Carl surrender immediately as he demands to speak with Negan.
  • Negan arrives, stating that Carl scares him. Carl fires the rifle again, killing several of the Saviors in the process, until he runs out of ammo. Dwight kicks Carl in the stomach and screams, "You little fuck, --KILL YOU!", but Negan orders Dwight to stop attacking a defenseless child. "Is that any way to treat our new guest?" Negan asks.
  • Negan helps Carl to his feet. Negan tells Carl he will show him around while he orders the rest of the Saviors to burn the bodies of the dead. Negan nonchalantly tries to start a conversation. Carl blows it off and asks what he is going to do to him. Negan asks that Carl not shatter his image as a badass. He refuses to disclose what will happen because he doesn't want to ruin the surprise. Negan knocks on the door of the building and they enter.
  • They are greeted by a man who asks Negan if everything is okay as he heard a commotion outside. Negan tells the man he has dealt with it. Savior asks what medicine the Saviors got on the run to Alexandria as someone named Molly has a bad cough. Negan explains they have all kinds of good stuff and the guy can take his pick as he has enough "points", the apparent currency here.
  • A Savior named Carson appears to greet Negan home and explains there has been a situation with a girl called Amber while he has been away. Negan tells Carson to find a guy named Mark and to keep tabs on him, and he will speak with Amber himself.
  • There is the building is a foundry of some sort. All the Saviors see Negan approaching with Carl and get on their knees. Negan tells them to carry on their business and then mentions to Carl about them showing him respect.
  • Negan and Carl enter a room that can only be described as resembling a brothel. There are at least five women in expensive looking lingerie doing various activities. While Negan talks to Amber, another girl, Sherry, interrupts saying Amber knows that she has messed up and for Negan to go easy on her.
  • Negan tells the girl to calm down. He points out he has never hit any of them before even if Amber has cheated on him. Negan can tell Carl is impressed with what he sees and can look at all the women as much as he wants, as Alexandria is full of women who dress like "elderly lesbians".
  • Negan tells Amber that she doesn't have to be scared as her position in Negan's harem is voluntary. If she wants to go back, she can go back to Mark and be with him, but forfeit all her privileges that come with being Negan's wife. However, the one thing she cannot do is cheat on Negan. He tells her that she has had plenty of time to think about going back to Mark and earning "points" or staying with him. She blurts out that she is staying, and "I love you, Negan". Negan tells Amber that in order for her to stay, she knows what has to happen. He then orders Sherry to find Carson and tell him to prepare the "iron".
  • Carl and Negan enter his personal quarters, which is very well furnished, and Negan tells him to close the door. Carl asks him if they are all his wives. He answers that he always wanted to have sexual relations with a whole bunch of women and there was no reason to follow any rules anymore. Negan asks Carl if he know what fucking is. Carl says "yeah, kind of-sex stuff". Negan replies that he isn't going there and that it is time to get started.
  • Negan and Carl take a seat opposite each other, he explains he would like to get to know Carl a bit better. He wants to know how smart the boy is, as any other child Carl's age would have tried to make a break for it by now, where as Carl had stood right at Negan's side the whole time. Carl has killed five or six of his men and thus his actions could not go unpunished.
  • Negan says he cannot carry on talking to Carl like this while he has the bandage around his face, so he tells Carl to remove the bandage and the hat. Carl declines. Negan threatens him and Carl does what he asks. Carl's un-bandaged face reveals a gruesome eye injury. Negan is delighted. He asks Carl if he's ever looked into a mirror, then comments on how he can see his eye socket and skull. He asks to touch it. Carl doesn't answer and then starts to cry.
  • Negan apologizes, saying that it's easy to forget that Carl is just a kid and he didn't mean to hurt his feelings but he is interrupted by a Savior knocking at the door. He apologizes and tells Negan that he has brought Lucille as he left it in the truck during the earlier ruckus. Negan tells Carl that all joking aside, he shouldn't cover it up. He may not be a hit with the ladies but no one will mess with him either since he looks so badass. Negan takes the bat off the Savior and asks him if the Savior treated Lucille like a lady and "ate her pussy like a lady". The Savior looks confused and scared until Negan exclaims he was just messing with him because baseball bats don't have pussies.
  • Negan turns back to Carl and tells him that as punishment for Carl gunning down his men he wants something in return for being more than pleasant - he tells Carl to sing him a song. Carl says he doesn't know and Negan calls bullshit on him. Carl starts to sing "You Are My Sunshine" while Negan flexes and swings the bat dangerously close by in the background, telling Carl not to let him distract him from his singing. He finishes and starts to cry. Negan says that was pretty good and that there is nothing more Lucille likes than being sung to, and bashing in heads.
  • Negan asks if Carl's mother sang that and asked about her current whereabouts. Carl doesn't reply and Negan correctly guesses that she was dead. There is a knock at the door and Carson informs Negan that the iron is ready. Negan tells him to gather everyone and that he will join them shortly.
  • Down on the foundry floor all the Saviors have gathered. Negan asks Carl to hold Lucille, and he then tells everybody present that what they are about to witness isn't going to be pleasant and didn't even have to happen but he cannot ignore the rules. "Why?" asks Negan. All the Saviors reply in unison "The rules keep us alive!".
  • Negan puts a thick glove on while another Savior gets to work on the fire and molten metal in the background. Negan explains that what makes them civilization-what makes them the Saviors-is rules. No matter how small or insignificant, they must be followed. When Negan chooses a new wife the process is voluntary, it is an honor to be with him. But it comes at a price-total devotion. But others seem to find this hard to swallow, but it must be swallowed.
  • Negan grabs a heated Victorian era looking iron. He tells Mark that it is the iron for him and that he is sorry but it is what it is. Negan suddenly lunges at Mark, who is tied to a chair, and holds the red hot iron to the side of his face while he screams in agony. Negan pulls it away and the flesh sticks to it like melted cheese while Mark passes out. Negan says the matter is settled and all is forgiven - Mark will forever bear the shame of his actions on his face and all will know what he has done.
  • During this speech, Dwight and Sherry look longingly at each other and it is evident this has happened before and possibly involving them. Carl gives Negan Lucille back and they head upstairs. Negan says to Carl that was pretty crazy and that he probably thinks Negan is a lunatic. Negan then leads Carl away, contemplating on what to do with him.
  • After Negan burnt Mark's face, he is escorted away by Carson and another Savior. Amber is going to go after Mark, but is stopped by Dwight. Sherry helps Amber to get away and is about to ask something from Dwight. Dwight angrily tells her to be quiet.
  • Carl asks if he can wrap up his head, which Negan denies. Carl angrily curses him as to why, and Negan smiles. He asks Carl if he thought he'd be off the hook just by singing a song to Lucille, and then asks Carl if he has any ideas on what Negan should do. Carl suggests that Negan should jump from a window to save him the trouble of killing Negan. Negan laughs and says he is having a hard time to figure out a suitable punishment for Carl, but he'll eventually think of something.
  • Meanwhile, Jesus is fighting some zombies and manages to hot-wire a car back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Near Alexandria, Rick, Michonne, Andrea and Nicholas are fighting a huge group of zombies in the search for Carl. Rick doesn't want to give up but in the end is convinced to try again tomorrow.
  • Spencer looks through the gates of the community, and asks a survivor named Erin what they are doing out there. She says that even though she has only ever said things to Rick, he seems to have their best interests in mind and Rick shouldn't be expected to do nothing while his son is missing.
  • Spencer seems to think Carl's disappearance is a distraction to the community at a time when they don't need it. Erin replies Spencer seems more critical of Rick since he stole his girlfriend. Spencer says she never was. Erin leaves, telling Spencer he is a good man and not to let all this drive him crazy.
  • Aaron and Eric have an argument over whether to leave the Safe Zone or not. Eric doesn't think it's as safe anymore since the arrival of Negan and The Saviors and that they should maybe be prepared to go at a moment's notice if necessary. Aaron however, wants to stay; he knows the safe-zone is special and they can get through this.
  • Rick and the others arrive home late and go to bed for a well deserved sleep. Rick is awoken in the dark by Jesus at the foot of his bed. He and Rick go for a talk where Jesus explains he knows where Negan and his men are hiding; Rick then tells him about Carl's disappearance. Jesus explains as he was escaping he heard gunfire from an assault rifle and Rick tells him Abraham's machine gun is missing. Jesus offers to take him there in the morning but Rick wants to go now.
Day 594
  • Rick, Andrea, Michonne, and Jesus leave in the van for Negan's stronghold. Jesus explains that they have a "killing zone" of zombies as a defensive measure that are either chained up or impaled into the ground. He says getting in could be a problem but Rick says he knows a way.
  • Rick eventually decides he will just knock, much to the shock of the others. Rick explains that Negan wants them submissive and working for him, not going to war. It will be enough of a 'fuck you' to Negan to show him that Rick knows where he lives and it might catch him off balance enough to give up Carl.
  • On their way to the Saviors compound they run across Negan and his men in a truck, who explains they were heading to Alexandria and it was mighty convenient to meet Rick and crew. Rick replies that they were headed to see him actually. Negan mentions that it's strange that they were heading in the right direction but Rick cuts him off, asking where Carl is. Negan says that's the reason he was heading over, if he can believe it and that he can't wait for Rick to see what he's done to his little boy.
  • Out of rage, Rick punches and kicks Negan, demanding to know what he has done to Carl, but after a few seconds of beating, Negan furiously retaliates, grappling Rick. He taunts him saying that he'll be sorry, and reveals that nothing has been done to Carl, and that Negan was just lying to Rick to see him breaking.
  • Rick then learns that Negan can be reasonable, and they leave. Elsewhere, Eugene finds a location for his ammo-crafting plan. Later on, Rick tells the community that Negan can be reasonable and that the future is bright, and say that they must work hard for the next Savior pick-up of supplies. Carl reveals valuable information about the Savior's base, prompting Jesus to tell Rick that it is time for him to meet Ezekiel.
Day 601
  • Rick and Jesus are traveling to The Kingdom. Elsewhere, Michonne and Carl are fighting zombies. A zombie almost kills Carl, later, he says he's worthless due his missing eye. Arriving at The Kingdom, Rick meets Ezekiel, who introduces him to his tiger Shiva. Dwight then arrives at the Kingdom in an attempt to convince Rick, Jesus and Ezekiel that he can help them in the fight against Negan. Rick proceeds to punch Dwight in the face accusing him of being a liar. Dwight manages to convince Ezekiel that he is on their side but Rick and Jesus are still unsure of his true intentions.

Volume 19: March to War

Day 601 * Maggie is seen at Glenn's grave. A woman, Brianna, appears and tells her a story of how she lost most of her family 8 months ago. Brianna and Maggie get along, and Brianna welcomes her to have dinner with her and her 12-year-old son.
Day 602
  • Dr. Carson is checking Maggie's unborn baby, when Gregory steps in. He introduces himself to Maggie.
  • Sophia states that she doesn't like being at the Hilltop Colony. Suddenly, Jesus steps in and informs Maggie they need to talk.
  • Gregory and Jesus talk about Ezekiel. Gregory says he doesn't like him, but Jesus confirms that they need him to defeat Negan. Jesus meets up with Kal and tells his plan of taking down Negan.
  • Meanwhile, Rick tells Andrea his plan to take Negan down. Carl listens and assumes he won't be allowed to get involved. Rick disagrees, and says Carl's all grown up now, and wants him by his side. Carl smiles.
  • Michonne finds out Rick was lying all the time about Negan. Michonne isn't satisfied because Rick didn't trust her.
  • Rick and Olivia meet up. They discuss the weapons. Rick says that he will go on a run with a larger group. Spencer walks in and thinks Rick is a weak leader who is afraid of Negan.
  • Maggie and Jesus meet up with Earl, a blacksmith. Jesus asks Earl to make Maggie a knife, and says he's meeting with Kal. Earl replies that Kal isn't at the Hilltop, and that he was going for a perimeter check and will be back before dark. Jesus replies, "How could I be so stupid..."
  • After questioning Earl about how long ago Kal departed, Jesus pursues him with a horse, eventually catching up with Kal and changing his mind. However, a group of Saviors reach the location after Kal launches a flare. Jesus tells them that Hilltop will give them less supplies and the group leader, Connor, angrily punches and taunts him.
  • Elsewhere, Rick and the others arrive at The Kingdom, where Ezekiel meets them. Michonne is aggressive towards "The King" and almost starts a fight. Later, Ezekiel and Rick talk about the plan, and then a feast is held celebrating The Kingdom's new allies.
  • Leaving the feast earlier than the others, Michonne is alone on the balcony where Ezekiel greets her. She is initially aggressive, but as Ezekiel starts telling her about himself and his tiger, Shiva, she seems to believe him. In the end they lightly flirt with each other.
  • Rick and Andrea are both settling in at The Kingdom. Rick tells Andrea that not everyone wants to kill them and that she needs to learn to trust people. Carl is later caught by Rick who tells him that he knows Carl wants to visit Ezekiel's tiger, Shiva. He tells Carl to go to bed, as he can visit Shiva in the morning.
Day 603
  • At the Hilltop, Jesus informs Gregory that he is taking twenty of the Hilltop's most able fighters for the upcoming battle with The Saviors. Gregory disagrees with this idea and argues with Jesus. Jesus accuses Gregory of being a coward for not wanting to fight Negan; Gregory disagrees and says his actions were to keep the people of the Hilltop safe from Negan.
  • At The Kingdom, Andrea is training people from The Kingdom to shoot while discussing with Rick how many people they have for the war. Jesus arrives at The Kingdom with the Hilltop fighters and discusses battle plans with Rick, Ezekiel, Andrea and Michonne. Rick says he needs to return to the Alexandria Safe-Zone as The Saviors' next supply pick-up is happening in a few days.
  • Back at Alexandria, Negan and a couple of Saviors arrive early. Olivia informs them that there are practically no supplies left for them to take. Negan states that he and his men will be staying in Alexandria for the night and instructs Olivia to show him to the community's finest house. Negan is later approached by Spencer, who tells Negan he has a proposition for him. Spencer asks Negan to kill Rick and appoint him leader of the Safe-Zone. Negan taunts Spencer, saying Spencer has no guts and then cuts open his stomach, allowing Spencer's intestines to spill out onto the floor. Negan says he was wrong and that Spencer does have guts. He then asks one of his men, Seth, to clean the mess up before a kid sees it.
  • Denise comes along and sees Spencer's dead body on the ground with his guts hanging out while Rick and the others arrive back at the Alexandria Safe-Zone to find the gates locked and no one on watch duty. Denise rushes to the group and hugs Heath, blurting out what Negan did to Spencer.
  • Rick confronts Negan, screaming, "I THOUGHT WE HAD AN AGREEMENT?!" The two have a very heated conversation and neither backs down. He mentions to Rick that he has been more than reasonable, specifically referring to Carl's earlier surprise attack. He reveals that he would never have had Carl raped, as he hates sexual violence.
  • Negan eventually asks about the supplies, but then informs Rick that he can keep all of them. Rick declines, saying that "A deal is a deal" and gives Negan his agreed-upon half. As Negan and his eight men begin loading supplies, Rick rushes into his house and tells Andrea to get to the bell tower. He tells her that this may be their best chance to kill Negan. He tells her to get anyone who can shoot to the walls.
  • Negans notices Rick has come outside the gate of Alexandria in the truck's rear-view mirror and wonders what he's doing. Suddenly the truck driver is shot in the head by Andrea. Negan is in disbelief and jumps out the truck, grabbing Lucille. Seth comes out of the truck and is also shot by Andrea.
  • Rick, along with Holly and Nicholas, order the remaining Saviors not to move and to drop their weapons. As Rick raises his gun to shoot Negan, gun fire rings out and the Safe Zone survivors guns are shot out of their hands. More Saviors had been hidden outside the wall with guns all along.
  • Negan walks up to Rick face to face with Lucille and tells him that they are now all "fucked fuckers"
  • Jesus and Aaron sneak towards a Savior outpost but find it empty. Jesus explains that Dwight informed Ezekiel that the outpost was still being used but then notices something, exclaiming "Oh, damn."
  • After Rick's failed attempt to attack the Saviors on their way out of the Safe-Zone, Negan tells his men to line Rick's people up. Rick again tries to attack Negan. Carl suddenly shoots a chunk out of Lucille, infuriating Negan. Negan calls Carl a "skull-faced little fuck" and says that Lucille is the "only bitch [he] ever loved." Negan warns Rick that he'll execute Heath, Holly, and Nicholas if he doesn't hand Carl over to him.
  • Andrea tells herself that Rick and the others won't die. Connor suddenly appears behind her in the bell tower and asks "is that so?" Connor beats Andrea and even sympathizes with her while doing so as she attempts to grab her knife. Andrea manages to slash Connor's arm before he pushes her toward the tower window. As Connor prepares to force her out, Andrea flips him over the ledge and he falls to his death.
  • Just as Negan begins his "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" technique to decide whom his first victim will be, Jesus appears out of nowhere and holds him at gunpoint. Negan instructs his men not to shoot, but not before Ezekiel and Shiva show up. Shiva attacks and kills one of Negan's men, causing The Soldiers to retreat. At this point, Rick runs over to what he thinks is Andrea's body, but realizes it is Connor and that Andrea may still be alive. He rushes to find her in the tower and takes her to Dr. Cloyd. Jesus, Rick, and Ezekiel agree that they need a plan. In the meantime, Negan tells his men that they will be going to war.

Volume 20 & Volume 21: All Out War

Day 617
  • Rick wakes up and Andrea and Rick talk about the first day of the war. Rick tells her how many doubts he has, and how the other day he had almost got himself killed. He tells Andrea that he never tried to rebuild society: all he ever wanted to do was protect his family, and the ones he loves, and even then, he thinks he didn't do a good job. Andrea reassures him. Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Michonne, now having slept with each other talk about their potential relationship. Ezekiel's head of security, Richard, comes and informs him that the men are here with the buses. Ezekiel tells him to spread the word.
  • Rick visits Eugene and sees he has a lot of progress with casting bullets. The communities have a meeting in Gabriel's church, making sure everything is read to go. They set up to leave, and Rick gives a speech, telling them they HAVE to defend their lives and take back what's theirs. Andrea decides to stay with Carl, and tells him he's the new leader while Rick is gone after all the things he's done lately.
  • Rick and the army show up at the gates of the Sanctuary, all armed with guns. Negan is shocked, but Rick tells him his days are over, and this is an offer of surrender. Rick informs Negan that all the children and innocents will be saved, but every Savior will get the punishment Rick made hundreds of days ago: You Kill, You Die. Negan refuses, but instead of letting them storm in, brings out Gregory, who informs the Hilltop soldiers that Hilltop stands with Negan and if they fight, they will be kicked out with their families. Jesus tells Rick he's here till the end, and only eight members leave the army. Negan yells and Gregory who told Negan, the Hilltop was half of the army, Negan kicks Gregory off a ledge.
  • Negan tells the survivors he isn't taking their offer, and a soldier is sniped down, Rick yells for them to get behind the buses and look for the windows. Rick tells the Kingdom to get the windows and snipers while everyone else to open fire. Negan tells Dwight to go out back and inform the outposts to bring more people, Negan runs off and Dwight sarcastically says "he'll get right on that". Negan informs the men to shoot before all the snipers are taken out, before realizing all the snipers are taking cover and they're just shooting the windows, and he gets confused. Meanwhile, hundreds of roamers begin coming to the Sanctuary, from all the noise.
  • Rick notices their plan is working and tells their group to go home, winning the battle, and having the Sanctuary trapped with all the roamers. Rick is about to get into a car to drive through the gates, convinced Negan will never kill him, but Holly stops him, kicks him in the crotch, and does the job for him. She crashes the car, and lets the roamers seep into the compound, she wakes up to see Negan above her.
  • The army celebrates but Rick arrives and tells them not to celebrate as the war has only just begun.
  • Negan talks to Holly, thinking he finally can end the war now that he has captured Rick's lover. Holly informs Negan her and Rick have no feelings. She informs them she did it so she can see the Savior's suffering.
  • The army sits by the campfire, and Rick is filled with regret for letting Holly do his part. Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Michonne defend the camp while Shiva eats the roamers left behind. Rick tells the communities they'll have to destroy the outposts while they don't have Negan.
Day 618
  • Negan and the Saviors attempt to wipe of the horde, but it doesn't work and he instructs a crew to try cleaning a bit every 2 hours.
  • David enters Holly's cell and attempts to rape her, but Negan walks in, gets furious and reminds David that they don't rape. He stabs David in the neck, and apologizes to Holly telling her they're not monsters.
  • The Hilltop soldiers return home, and gets angry when he finds out Maggie knew about the Negan rebellion, even though most of the community knew as well. Gregory goes on and on about how he was saving them from a suicide mission. Maggie freaks out at Gregory for siding with Negan, and how he's a coward, Gregory is persistent, saying that Negan is reasonable, so Maggie punches him in the face, screaming that Negan killed her husband. Maggie tells the people of the Hilltop to take back what's theirs and not let some madman rule over them and that she believes in Rick Grimes.
  • Michonne returns home and informs the Safe-Zone of Rick's current plan
Day 619
  • The remaining army splits into 2 groups: one led by Rick and one by Ezekiel. In Rick's attack against the most fortified one, Eric is sniped right in front of Aaron. They storm the outpost, and eliminate all inside.
  • Meanwhile, Ezekiel's does not go well. Richard dies in Ezekiel's arms, and the battle was lost. Most of his fighters were dying and turning, He put down one of his friends when a couple of Saviors come to capture him. Before they can do so, a herd plows through and Ezekiel runs for his life, seeing the few remaining men run away. He falls down in a small creek and is about to be devoured before Shiva comes to the rescue, sacrificing herself for Ezekiel.
  • Ezekiel tells Michonne he wishes he were dead, and how much he's lost from his people to Shiva.
Day 620
  • Meanwhile, Rick's group burn the bodies of the dead. Jesus asks Rick if the dead are laughing at them, making their jobs at killing humans easier. Rick asks Aaron if he's okay and he tells him not until they're all dead.
  • Michonne wakes up to see a mourning Ezekiel, losing for the first time in his life, people he cared for. Ezekiel beings to questions his leadership skills, so Michonne punches him in the face, and tells him to at least now show his community how much of a pussy he is, and that they need to succeed for all the deceased's families.
  • Rick's group make back to the Zone, and finds out all but 5 of Ezekiel's men made it.
  • Rick calls a meeting and tells the survivors he thinks Negan is planning a counterattack at Alexandria and they must prepare. Suddenly, a shot goes out and an explosion goes off shattering the church's windows, from a grenade. Rick peers out the wall to see Negan and his men, wanting to talk. Negan brings out Holly with a bag over her head. She walks over, and Negan tells Rick this is a peace offering. Denise takes off Holly's bag and sees that she has turned, Holly bites her and Negan tells his men to attack.
  • Rick shoots Holly and yells for Heath to get a hatchet to cut off Denise's bitten arm, but Heath takes the impact of another grenade explosion and has his leg blown off.
  • The Safe-Zone quickly erupts into flames, people running from explosions left and right. Another grenade is thrown but Jesus throws it back over, killing a Savior. Dwight shoots his group of Saviors, with Jesus looking by. Rick scrambles to find Carl and Andrea, he finds them, and they begin to run. They get a grenade behind them, Carl stunned. Suddenly, the Hilltop attacks the Saviors, and they retreat back to the Sanctuary. Rick runs Carl to the hospital and finds Andrea and Maggie, the new leader of the Hilltop. Rick tries to talk to them but faints.
  • Negan looks back at the flames and tells his men they've won the war
  • Eugene and the crew are nervous about the gunfire, one man goes outside to take a piss, and he opens the door too far and all the roamers start pouring in, the group runs away and runs into Negan and his men
  • Jesus, Nicholas and a few others begin to fight off the roamers, who are coming in packs.
  • Rick wakes up in Denise's house, Carson telling him he suffered a mild concussion, and goes to see Denise, who's fever is beginning to kill her. Heath is back to good health, Denise saving him before she could cut off the arm.
  • Michonne tells Rick Ezekiel's men are ready to pack and might be done with this war. Rick goes outside and see's Alexandria in ruins, half the houses gone, a family, and 4 others including Holly and Denise. Nicholas asks Rick if he can go the Hilltop, and he announces they're all going there. Rick asks Ezekiel to keep considering to stay, and he says he will. Jesus wishes to go after Eugene, but Rick dismisses it.
  • Michonne puts Denise down and a burial is held.
Day 621
  • Rick and Andrea pack up, and Rick decides not to take the telephone.
  • Negan informs Eugene he'll be making bullets for him, and if he doesn't, he'll torture him until he does.
  • Dwight tells Eugene he's working for Rick, Eugene isn't convinced, and Doctor Carson's brother, living in the Sanctuary tells him he's on Dwight's side and he can get some other Saviors too.
  • The Survivors spend an evening in peace; Rick sleeps on Andrea's lap, Ezekiel apologizes to Michonne and tells her he's getting his shit together, and Alex and Jesus are reunited.
Day 622
  • Negan reveals his new plan to eliminate their threats; weapons gunked up with roamer bits, killing anyone it touches.
  • Rick plans a defense for Negan's next attack: 1/3 of the army with the innocents in a rendez-vous point if the Hilltop falls, and for the innocents' protection, and a strategy if they breach the walls.
  • Negan looks at the Hilltop and tells his men to attack at dawn, and tells his men to prepare.
  • Eugene with Doctor Carson, and his bullet crew and 2 Sanctuary residents escape the Sanctuary.
  • Dinner is served, and Carl has trouble talking to Sophia. Rick and Andrea talk, and suddenly Negan's men show up at the front door. Kal tries to talk down Negan but is sniped down. Negan asks for Rick, but the Hilltop refuses, so Negan orders his men to gunk up their weapons and a truck busts through the gate. The truck is obliterated by bullets. A few Saviors on motorcycles drive by and begin shooting the place up, but are quickly killed.
  • The battle begins, and death is everywhere. Dwight and Negan see Nicholas, Aaron and Rick nearby and Negan orders Dwight to shoot Rick with an infected bolt, and with no choice but to shoot him in the abdomen. Negan gloats thinking the war is basically over.
  • Eugene runs into trouble when they're trapped, roamers and a Savior sniper nearby, and Eugene devises a plan to escape.
  • Rick, Aaron and Nicholas make a run to the house, Nicholas is scratched by an infected knife, but they make it. Negan and his men are about to bust through and kill everyone inside when the lights from abandoned cars turn on, and Negan's men are annihilated by the army's snipers, and Negan tells his men to retreat.
  • Eugene sneaks up on the Savior sniper, and kills him, the first time he's ever killed someone.
Day 623
  • Michonne and Jesus go to clear out the Walkers who came overnight, but find one of the gunked knifes and reveal to the group anyone hurt might be infected. Negan decides he's care-free with Rick's death imminent as well as the surrender of everybody.
  • Eugene and the crew make it to the Hilltop and help Michonne and Jesus deal with a mini-herd. Nicholas gets the fever, but Rick doesn't, making him suspect Dwight really was on their side, and hit him with a clean arrow. Rick gets Jesus and Michonne to take a group outside to talk to Dwight, or ambush the Saviors if there's an early attack.
  • Nicholas dies. Rick plans for the end when Negan shows up on their front door again. He tells them he accepts their surrender as long as they send the terminally-ill Rick to talk to him. Rick comes out healthy and normal, but Negan suspects he's really faking it. Rick tells Negan he's the stupidest man he's ever met with all the potential in front of him; the potential to re-establish humanity: get a barter system, every community regulates their own resource, regulate the roads between them, and together, through hard work begin to live again. Negan is shocked when he finds out he agrees with him, and that together they could live. Rick says "good" and slashes him in the throat.
  • Rick and Negan get into a scuffle, Dwight ordering the Saviors to stand down and let them fight. Meanwhile, Michonne's group gets ready to fight. Negan gets the upper hand and snaps Rick's leg, breaking it. Jesus's group attacks, and Negan gets knocked out from blood loss. The fight gets bloody, but Dwight picks up Lucille and orders everyone to stop: the war is over, and they'll be going home now under the rule of Dwight.
  • The Saviors leave, and Rick orders Doctor Carson to save Negan first, even if it costs him the ability for Rick to walk.
  • Rick gives a speech, telling the communities it's time to deal with the problem of the dead and live together. He leaves and finds Carl trying to execute Negan. Rick convinces him to go outside, and Rick informs an awakened Negan he'll be trapped in a jailhouse for the rest of his life: "He's fucked".

Day 1400-1425: A New Beginning

Volume 22: A New Beginning
Day 623

/Day 1399

  • Society is more or less rebuilt: a barter system is established with each community producing their own special item.
  • A secure road is built, using armor-clad guards on horseback regulating them.
  • Michonne goes missing, but shows up later, having went on a journey back to Georgia to find her daughters.
  • The communities decide to hold a fair in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
  • A new community is found, called Oceanside. They establish a trade, and the communities begin to get fish
Day 1400
  • A survivor named Magna tells her group to be quiet when a herd appears out of nowhere. Her group's makeshift carriage is tipped over. The group prepares to fight their way out, when an armored clad Jesus comes on a horse and tells them "MOVE!". One of the members of Magna's group is devoured. Heath arrives and the group gets on horses and run off and see the herd in the distance.
  • Other members of Alexandria arrive and steer the herd away using a system developed by Eugene. The herd is steered away and Jesus offers Magna to come to Alexandria.
Day 1401
  • A buzz-cut, long bearded Rick awakens, puts on a prosthetic and grabs a cane. Rick tells Andrea him and Carl are gonna have "the talk" today, about Carl moving to the Hilltop to work for Earl. Rick walks outside to see a busy Alexandria, prospering with farms on every corner. Andrea visits a man named Siddiq making a building for a fair between communities.
  • Magna and her group meet Rick. They decide to stay.
  • Eugene tells Rick his system to take out Herds has been perfected and they can begin to teach other people.
  • Rick and Carl and talk about going to the Hilltop, but Rick is unsure, and he tells him he'll think about it.
  • Carl and talks with Negan, and talk about girls. Negan asks if Carl would still kill him, and Carl says yes. Negan is upset and offended by the comment.
Day 1408
  • Rick and Eugene discuss Rosita, as Eugene is scared she'll leave him any day now, since he thinks he isn't good enough for her. They visit the mill and see fresh bread and decide to put it on the market, predicting it will sell well.
  • Andrea interrogates Magna, and finds out they lived in a nursing home, farmed all year long with a green house, but when too many people joined the group and things got complicated, Magna left with about half of their group. Most died from roamers. They claim to have never encountered any people before seeing Jesus.
Day 1422
  • 2 survivors named Marco and Ken see a group of horses and go beyond their charted regions to take them home. They're suddenly attacked by roamers and one of the horses flips over and lands on Ken. Marco quickly kills the roamers and gets the horse off his friend. The duo quickly escape with roamers behind.
  • Carl continues to develop his trade of making wooden sculptures and makes a deal with a boy named Josh to give him one and in return, Carl gets a sweater. He gets upset he hasn't gotten a trade but Rick tells him they'll be going to the Hilltop tomorrow. Carl is rejoiced.
  • Magna suspects the group is hiding something.
Day 1423
  • Carl packs his stuff. Rick visits Negan and Negan smiles rejoicing Rick has to clean his shit bucket, Rick tells him he's leaving early today, and Negan tells Rick he knows, since he's been talking to Carl still. Negan tells Rick he won't be in prison forever.
  • Magna is suspicious when she learns that there is a person being held prisoner for life.
  • Carl is given a note by Anna, who tells him to open the letter at the Hilltop. Jesus always asks Carl to deliver a letter to Alex. Carl and Rick leave the Safe-Zone. Carl and Rick travel for a bit and notice there hasn't been a patrolman in a while. They stop for lunch, and roamers emerge from the forest. Rick tells Carl to cover him, and he gets out his old hatchet. Rick has trouble, and Carl shoots the last of them. The patrolman comes, and Rick hits him over the head with his cane. He tells him to never mess up again, or he'll be reassigned to another job.
  • Ken falls off their horse, Marco goes to get him and the horse runs off. They begin walking with roamers closing in.
  • Meanwhile, Magna and her group break into the prison and meet Negan, who tells them to free him, and that "these people are animals". Magna is unconvinced and Negan says you can't blame a man for trying.
Day 1424
  • Ken and Marco begin to lose energy, as it rains. Ken falls down into a ditch, Marco goes to get him but falls in as well. They decide to let the roamers walk along and wait until the sun comes out. While waiting they here the Roamers whispering.
  • Rick and Carl make it to a prospering, rebuilt Hilltop. Rick informs Maggie of Carl's transfer, and they discuss the difficulty at letting a kid leave your side. Rick runs into trouble when he's bombarded with fans/admirers of him. They quickly leave to the house and visit baby Hershel.
  • Carl is shocked to find out Earl already has an apprentice. Carl leaves, and sees people dragging a man to Doctor Carson from outside the walls
  • In the infirmary, it's revealed the man is Marco. Marco awakens and says he needs to find Ken, abandoning him somewhere. He left him at a barn out west. He reveals he heard the dead whispering. Maggie doesn't believe him, but she gets Dante, the man who found Marco to go on a search party for Ken.
  • Sophia stops a few bullies from beating up an innocent kid, Carl sneaks up on Sophia, scares her, and he gets a fist to the eye. She apologizes, and the two talk.
  • At dinner, Carl tells Earl he's upset he missed his opportunity at apprenticeship, but Earl tells he can have more than one.
Day 1425
  • Dante and the search party go out. Dante tells his friends he's been wanting to get with Maggie, though his efforts have been unsuccessful, but it keeps him going day to day. They keep going west, and find a barn. Inside, they find Marco's hat and they suspect Ken left it there. They hear a noise, and outside are a small group of walkers.
  • Rick and Maggie discuss finally being happy. Meanwhile, at the Safe-Zone, Eugene is advised by Andrea to talk to Rosita, he leaves, she enters her home and finds Magna's group holding her captive, requesting she answer their questions. She accepts, they let her go, and decide to discuss things, knowing if Andrea's hurt, they're all dead.
  • The Grimes and the Greene family watch the sunset. Meanwhile, Dante's group gets in formation. They begin hacking away at zombies. While fighting, they hear someone whisper something. One roamer tries to slash one of them. Shocked, they go back into formation, and the roamers begin defending themselves, and basically attacking the survivors. Dante's men are killed by the roamers using knives. Dante decapitates one, and begins fighting one, and the roamer tells him they whisper and the dead don't mind. Dante kills it, and looks down and sees the roamer was a person wearing a mask made of the skin of the dead. He picks up the head of the person he decapitated, and behind he sees the roamer leader pointing a double-barreled shotgun to his face, telling him "DON'T. MOVE."
  • The talking roamers, or Whisperers, take Dante captive.

Day 1426-1481: The Whisperer Story Arc

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams - Volume 24: Life And Death
Day 1426
  • Carl wakes up and reads Anna's note, basically revealing that she has feelings for him. Meanwhile, Magna and the others finish catching up with Andrea. Jesus informs her he's heading out. Meanwhile, Eugene and Rosita have that talk. Rosita tells Eugene she's having a baby and she doesn't know whether or not it was his or another man's. Eugene tells her to never tell the other man, and that he will raise the kid like his own.
  • Rick leaves the Hilltop, and promises to meet Carl at the fair. He begins working with Earl. On the outside, Jesus meets up with Darius, who informs him that Nathaniel hasn't checked in for hours and he was about to check on him, Jesus and his crew go with him, and they end entering uncharted territory, knowing Nathaniel usually did so. But, the Whisperers lurk behind. They decide to circle back, when Darius is stabbed by a Whisperer. Jesus prepares to kill the "roamer" but behind him he sees his other men getting killed as well. Jesus defends himself, and the Whisperers tell him he's not where he belongs. Jesus defends himself and sees Darius is still alive. He goes after him and helps him up. Jesus kills the rest of the Whisperers, but right before he executes the last one, she pleads for mercy. Jesus accepts the plea.
Day 1427
  • Gregory tells Maggie to be a better leader and send a search party for Dante's men, but Maggie insists they wait. Meanwhile, Carl and Sophia talk when the bullies from earlier come out of nowhere and hit Carl with a brick. Carl runs off, and Sophia tries to defend herself but is overpowered. She is quickly getting beaten, but Carl comes back with a shovel and beats them until they're almost dead.
  • Jesus comes back to the Hilltop with the Whisperer and Darius, and Carl and Sophia run to Maggie and tell her Carl thinks he might've killed the boys. Sophia faints and Maggie and a few others take her to the hospital. Jesus notices the mask on the Whisperer for the first time. Sophia is fine, but the bullies' parents come sobbing, telling them Carl tried to kill their kids. Carl tries to defend himself, but the parents are too stubborn to listen. The parents make some outrageous demands, but Maggie won't have it. Carl puts the dad in his place, the dad outbursts, Maggie breaks it up and takes Carl away.
  • The Whisperer wakes up and tells Jesus she's a 16-year-old girl named Lydia. Lydia reveals they use the skins as a way to mask themselves from the dead. Their society thinks they must live among the dead, and if you don't learn that, you die. Maggie takes Carl to the holding cell next to Lydia's. Maggie explains what Carl did wrong, and shuts the door. Next door, Lydia tells Jesus they live "everywhere". Jesus brings Maggie up to speed, and she takes Jesus to see Ken, now realizing his story added up. Carl and Lydia begin talking.
  • The bullies' families suggest doing something to get Maggie out of power, thinking she's not suited to leave. Suddenly, Gregory tells them they can always just kill her. The families are unsure, but Gregory is persistent that she is a menace to their community.
  • Jesus and Ken's story match up. Meanwhile, Lydia is scared that the Hilltop residents will execute her.
Day 1428
  • Sophia wakes up and her story matches with Carl's, and the boys are planned to be punished. Jesus meets with Alex, and the two kiss, but agree that they need to stay friends. Lydia and Carl discuss the Whisperer's life when Maggie releases Carl. Carl tries to get Maggie to treat Lydia like a newcomer, maybe release her. Maggie denies, but Carl is persistent.
  • The Whisperers wait outside the gates of the Hilltop, waiting for their leader. Back at the Safe-Zone, Magna and Andrea develop a bond, and while talking Rick returns.
Day 1429
  • Earl gives Carl the day off, and tells him rumors have been going around. Carl goes to Lydia who reveals she's feeling alone and scared. He leaves to go get her something. He gives her his hat, and tells her it helped him survive in a way, a good luck charm. She puts on the hat and thanks him. Lydia tells Carl she feels better, not from the hat, but from talking to him.
  • One of the bully's dad tells Gregory they must kill Maggie and Carl.
Day 1430
  • Maggie and Jesus come to the holding cells, and Carl tries to convince them that they need to let her go, and that they're scaring her. They tell Carl to go back to Earl. They try interrogating Lydia and ask who their leader is, but she refuses to say. Suddenly, Alex comes and tells them that the bullies have woken up.
  • Tammy, one of the mom's freaks out at Carl not being held in a cell. When Maggie tells her it's time to discuss relocation, she snaps. Gregory breaks it up and has the boys go home to their parents'. Gregory asks Maggie if she can sit down with him later and talk this conflict through, and she agrees. Jesus tells Maggie that the longer Lydia stays locked up, the less co-operative she is.
Day 1437
  • Ezekiel kills some Roamers with Michonne's sword. Gun fire is heard, and Rick along with Magna, Aaron and Heath arrive. Ezekiel and Rick exchange greetings, and the 2 groups head to the coast.
  • Sophia thanks Carl and gives him back his sunglasses, when Maggie asks to speak with Carl and tell him that's he's going to be responsible for Lydia now, and she'll be free. But, Carl reminds her if she tries anything, Carl will kill her, but she promises not to. They tour the Hilltop, they stop near a chicken coop and talk about life outside the walls. Carl and her begin getting intimate, and have sex.
  • Maggie and Gregory meet up, and he gives her a poisoned wine glass. Maggie begins to feel bad, and Gregory informs her he did it. She collapses, and he begins gloating, but behind him, the door opens and Jesus sees and hears everything. Jesus kicks Gregory, and Gregory tries to persuade Jesus he's innocent, but Jesus tells him he's a dead man. Maggie wakes up, and Gregory is locked up.
  • Meanwhile, Carl and Lydia lie on the grass, and Lydia tells Carl the Whisperers often had forced sex, Carl calls it rape, but Lydia tells him there is no rape in nature. But Lydia tells him she doesn't want to go back to her people and Carl promises he'll never let that happen.
  • Rick and Ezekiel wait for a fishing boat to come back at Oceanside, and talk about the communities. The boat arrives, and Michonne steps out, Ezekiel sweating, still having feelings for her. He tries to give her sword back, but with no success. Michonne and Rick talk, and Michonne apologizes for leaving. She tells him that she left because she thought she didn't deserve to be happy, having abandoned her children, and she thinks she doesn't deserve to be happy. Rick tells her she does, and she needs to go home. She agrees, but says this is the reason why she isn't coming back. Michonne tells Rick to get off her ass. Rick is preparing to leave, with Dwight maybe already at the Safe-Zone, and Rick convinces Michonne to come back for the fair.
Day 1438
  • Maggie and Jesus sit by the holding cells, when Oscar runs and tells Maggie she has to come outside. She comes outside and sees dozens of Whisperers. The leader from earlier, Alpha, takes off her mask and reveals herself to be a bald, middle-aged woman. She asks for her daughter back. Maggie asks if it's Lydia, and tells Alpha that no harm was done to their daughter. The Whisperers bring out Ken and Dante, and Maggie goes off to get Lydia. Carl gets angry and tries to keep her here, but she tells Carl she needs to go back to her people and she leaves. She leaves with Alpha and the Whisperers, and Carl gets sad.
  • Carl gets angry at Maggie, but she tells him to drop it. Dante and Ken inform Maggie that group fed them meat, and it sounded like there were thousands of them. Sophia goes to check on Carl and finds his room empty. The Whisperers continue to go back, and Carl looks at them from a distance, outside the walls.
Day 1439
  • Maggie learns of Carl's disappearance and is pissed. Maggie is worried the Whisperers will take Carl's leaving the wrong way. During all of this, the Whisperers find and take Carl with them, knowing the Hilltop had not sent him.
  • Dante goes on a search party for Carl.
Day 1446
  • Gregory tries to convince people that he's innocent, but no one believes him. Maggie and Jesus discuss killing Gregory, even though, they know they can't, with all that Rick's done. But, Jesus tells Maggie that Gregory can have an influence on the people, like he had earlier with Tammy and the others. They're unsure, and Dante comes back with no news of Carl. They tracked him to the edge of their area, but they didn't go beyond the border, scared of the Whisperers. Maggie decides not to risk any people like they did with Michonne and not send out anyone beyond the borders.
  • Carl begins to realize he made a mistake leaving the Hilltop. The Whisperers make it to the camp, and Carl sees them making new suits, bonfires, animals and dozens of tents, and maybe four dozen people.
Day 1447
  • Tammy (called Claudette by mistake, an error by Skybound) tells Maggie the truth. She cries, and Maggie thanks her. Tammy believes the families are still loyal to Gregory. Maggie makes up her mind and thinks they should kill Gregory, but that will have consequences on its own. But Jesus and Maggie both know, Gregory HAS to die.
  • Back at the Safe-Zone; Negan is washed, and given a haircut and a shave. Olivia asks him about his scar along his right side, and he tells her he'll tell the story one day. Andrea comes down and sees Negan looking like his old self during the war. Olivia puts Negan back in his cell, but struggles with the keys, but she "locks" it. She leaves, and Negan goes back to his normal life, but the door is unlocked, and Negan swings it wide-open. He's free.
Day 1448
  • Rick and his crew arrive back at the Safe Zone. An arrow hits a post, and Rick sees it's Dwight hiding in the distance. Rick goes to him, and Dwight asks Rick to appoint a new leader for the Saviors. Rick tells him he should have a formal vote with the Saviors to determine a new leader, if he wants to go that bad. The Saviors leave while Aaron and Heath discuss how the Sanctuary have been the black sheep of the four communities.
  • Rick reunites with Andrea, and he goes to the prison to see Negan. He sees the door wide open, but Negan is still inside. Rick pulls a gun, but Negan taunts him, saying he can easily overpower him. Rick asks why he didn't leave, and Negan says it's to build trust between them. Rick says they will never have trust, and Negan says he did nothing wrong, just did everything we could to keep 70 people alive. Rick locks Negan up, and begins to leave as Negan goes into a rave about how Rick just wants to be the greatest person in the world.
  • At the dinner, Rosita announces her and Eugene are having a baby. Rick takes Olivia and tells her the weight of the mistake she's made, she begins to cry and Rick tells her to go home.
  • Rick and Andrea go to bed, and Andrea tries telling Rick that Negan is too much of a threat to keep alive. Rick explains that everyone wanted to kill him, but by showing the communities that he's better, he connected the communities and kept them whole. He tells them how they're in a new civilized world. He tells her that if they lose that, everything falls apart.
Day 1455
  • Andrea wakes up and sees the fair construction is nearing completion, with the fair tomorrow.
  • Maggie and the Hilltop hang Gregory. They cut him down, and Maggie announces that this will be the last person they kill.
  • The Whisperers cut a new skin for Lydia. Carl complains to her about the Whisperers being savages that she must abandon, but Alpha interrupts. They talk about how they survived, but Alpha quickly gets to the point and asks Carl to go back to his people and tell them not to go near the Whisperers. He says he won't leave while Lydia is with them.
Day 1456
  • The fair begins.
  • Maggie and Jesus go to inform Rick about the Whisperers and Carl. He quickly gets angry, but calms down. He goes to Andrea, asking her to go with him and find Carl.
  • The two begin to leave, and Michonne requests to go with them. Maggie gets Dante to guide them through the area, and the 4 set off.
  • Earl talks to a woman in the fair, who is revealed to be Alpha. Earl tries asking her name, and Alpha leaves.
  • Ezekiel meets Pete from Oceanside, and discuss Michonne, and he encourages her to go after her.
  • Meanwhile, Dante continues to take the group further away. All of a sudden, a Whisperer comes out with a few dozen Whisperers, and he tells the group that he will only take Rick to Carl, and the rest must stay behind.
  • Carl begins yelling, requesting information about where Alpha went, and the Whisperer from earlier brings Rick. They begin talking about an escape plan, but Carl wants to stay with Lydia. Rick is confused, but Carl says it's because she's the only person he's met since he was shot that didn't flinch when they looked at him, and the only person that accepted him for who he is.
  • Alpha arrives with a bloodied knife. She puts on her skin, and takes Rick at gun point to an abandoned building. At the roof, Rick looks down and sees tens of thousands of roamers. Rick asks what Alpha wants from them, and she's says she doesn't want anything. She begins talking about how the society Rick has built is "fake" and make-believe, and how the Whisperers are living in the real world.
  • Back at the Whisperer camp, Lydia is terrified about what might happen. Rick and Alpha return and Rick tells his son he'll be leaving with Carl no matter what, but Carl tells his father he's staying, as Lydia is regularly raped by the Whisperers. Rick is appalled and Lydia begins crying, but Alpha just says emotions are a weakness. Alpha begins raving about Rick's society is weak, she steps out and begins crying. Lydia tries to comfort her, and Alpha slaps Lydia on the face. Alpha goes up to Rick and whispers to him that he can give her the life she deserves. Alpha banishes Lydia with Rick's group, and Lydia leaves with Rick and Carl, with Alpha telling them she has marked her territory.
  • Rick returns to the spot where the rest of his rescue party was, and discovers 2 horses still there, and some Whisperers beaten or dead. They get on the horses
  • The trio keep travelling and they arrive at the point where Alpha marked her territory. There, Rick sees a row of sticks, zombified heads of some of the survivors on all of them including: Olivia, Josh, Carson, Tammy, Luke, Erin, Ken, Amber, Oscar, Louie, Rosita, and Ezekiel.
  • Rick falls to his knees from shock as Andrea, Michonne and Dante appear from behind with the other 2 horses. Andrea asks Rick what they should do, and Rick has no response.
Volume 25: No Turning Back - Volume 28: A Certain Doom
Day 1456
  • Michonne, crying, goes to put Ezekiel's head down, but Rick tries to stop her, saying she doesn't have to do it. She gets angry, and pushes Rick down. She apologizes and hugs Rick, while handing the knife to Andrea. She leaves Rick and tackles Lydia asking her if she knew this would happen, and she says no.
  • Michonne says they should bury them there. Rick says to leave the poles, and Michonne is confused, as she expects them to go out and kill all of the Whisperers. Rick says they can't, and she goes off into the treeline by herself.
  • Rick is scared at the reaction of his decision not to do anything will get, and he fears that this one event could ruin everything. Meanwhile, Lydia comforts Carl after he sees the head of his friend, Josh.
  • Eugene, back at Alexandria finds out Rosita is missing from Maggie and Jesus. He runs out, looking for her.
  • Rick announces to the communities of the horrific news, and the families mourn in their respective ways.
Day 1457
  • A funeral is held for the deceased.
Day 1458
  • The fair grounds are dismantled in the rain
  • Families and friends get angry at Rick for him not doing anything right away. Marco tells Rick that he's a pussy now, and that Maggie would be a better leader because she at least knows how to deal with threats. Rick questions Maggie about what Marco meant about the comment. Rick suspects Maggie executed Gregory, and she admits she did. Rick is furious and starts yelling. Dante tries to calm him down, but is pushed by Rick. Jesus tries to grab Rick from behind, and Rick accidentally hits Maggie. Maggie snaps at Rick, continuously punching him, until she calms down and the two make up.
Day 1459
  • Rick leaves his home to find the Alexandrian citizens distant. Rick meets with Eugene and Andrea, and Eugene opens up about Rosita's baby not being his. He says he's angry but not stupid, and they need to kill the Whisperers in a smart way. So, he brings up the idea of using Lydia.
  • Eugene says they should threaten Alpha with hurting Lydia. Rick says Alpha will call the bluff, but Eugene says then they don't need to bluff. Eugene blasts off getting angry saying the community member also feel that way, so Rick and Andrea get him to leave the room.
  • Andrea and Rick agree Lydia isn't safe in the community, so they come to a solution: At night, Andrea will take Lydia and Carl to the Hilltop.
  • The plan is set in motion, and they leave at night. Rick goes back to bed, but is awakened by Michonne wearing her old outfit from years ago, sneaking into his house with a sword. Rick points a gun to her head, thinking she was here to kill Lydia, but Michonne explains she's here to save her, and take her to another community.
  • Rick gets dressed, and the two friends take about their losses, Michonne losing Ezekiel and Rick having lost Lori and Judith. Michonne says she blames herself and tries to leave, but Rick stops her and tells her that it's time to stop running away. Rick explains that he's always understood why Lori slept with Shane, but there hasn't been any secrets or lies between Rick and Andrea, and that he's closer to Andrea than he's ever been with Lori. Rick explains that through the loss of his wife and daughter, he's slowly gained happiness, as messed up as it may seem. Michonne breaks down, and the two embrace.
Day 1460
  • Andrea, Lydia and Carl continue to travel to The Hilltop. Lydia is distrustful of Andrea, saying that the communities don't hurt anyone, so they wouldn't have a reason to hurt her. Things get tense, and Lydia pulls a gun on Andrea. Andrea tries to calm her down, but ends up pulling a gun on Lydia. Carl points his gun at Andrea, and then at Lydia after realizing what he'd done. Lydia puts down her gun and Andrea explains the tense situation in the Safe-Zone
  • Alpha goes off into the woods by herself and cries over Lydia. Another Whisperer comes and asks her if she's okay. The two talk, and the Whisperer says he'll keep her secret. Alpha responds by slitting the Whisperer's neck making sure she has no challengers.
  • Dwight and the Saviors return to the Sanctuary. Dwight and Laura talk about Dwight quitting, with Laura saying that he must stay.
  • Rick holds a meeting that goes wrong right away. Rick proposes guards patrolling the border and sending a few people to sneak into the enemy territory and see how their operation works. The people want more, and ask about Lydia. Rick admits moving her before anyone did something stupid. People get angry and refuse to calm down. People begin throwing plates and glasses at Rick demanding more of a plan, and Jesus tries to stop them. Punches are thrown and soon the entire room erupts into chaos. Rick gets his gun and fires a shot in the air, threatening to kill anyone who continues fighting. He tells the people to go home, as they'll discuss more tomorrow.
  • At nighttime, Rick leaves his house to visit Negan in the jail, asking for help. Negan expects Rick to let him out to kill someone but Rick quickly dismisses the idea. Negan explains to Rick that he's doing everything wrong. In order to get the people in line and rally behind him like Negan did with the Saviors, he has to relieve the people's fears and he should use this situation with the Whisperers to go to war. He also suggests manipulating people as it wouldn't kill anybody anyways. Rick leaves.
Day 1461
  • Dwight announces to the Sanctuary that he's stepping down as leader and leaving. Laura tries to stop him saying that Dwight is the only thing keeping the Sanctuary from attacking Alexandria and re-taking the community Negan once had. Dwight says he can't do it, and Laura says it's because of Diane (possible misprinted, as Dwight had a relationship with Sherry). Laura says that Dwight shouldn't care about her and the two kiss. Laura tells Dwight she appreciates him, but Dwight still leaves. He packs up and takes Lucille. Dwight leaves the Sanctuary with the Saviors criticizing him. He leaves on horseback, and Laura joins him.
  • Andrea, Carl and Lydia arrive at the Hilltop. The residents are unaware of what happened, so Andrea tells the guard to make sure no one knows they're there, and that no one finds them. Lydia and Carl exchange a few words, and Carl says he's always wanted to be as kind as his Dad.
  • Eugene continues to work the radio.
  • Josh's parents Vincent and Julia mourn over the loss of their child. They get a knock on their door and see Morton and his child.
  • Rick tells Eugene to call the communities to pool resources of bullets to start and train an army. Eugene understands this tactic, as he understands Rick is using the army as a distraction while the leaders think of the real strategy.
  • Rick goes home at night and is attacked by Morton and Vincent. Morton quickly gets very violent and accidentally reveals the duo's identities. Morton tries killing Rick, and Vincent tries to stop him. Morton pushes Vincent back and goes to kill Rick, but his neck is bit by Rick and he dies. Vincent leaves leaving a bloody Rick and a dead Morton behind.
  • Andrea finds Carl and Lydia having sex, but leaves them alone.
Day 1462
  • Maggie finds Rick.
  • Dwight and Laura arrive at Alexandria.
  • Rick awakens in the hospital, and he immediately asks Michonne to find Vincent. Michonne leaves and a weak Rick goes to make a speech to Alexandria. Rick says that he remembers the days before Alexandria and how brutal they were, and tells the community they can never go back to those days. He reminds the communities that they must go forward, and killing each other won't work. Rick mentions the fact that Rick isn't the person who put heads on pikes, and that killing each other will ruin everything. Rick tells the communities that they will band together and wipe out the Whisperers. Michonne arrives with Vincent, and Rick says that Vincent won't be killed. He says it's not time to kill each other but to come together and "Silence the Whisperers!". The crowd cheers Rick.
  • Negan hears the cheering, and smiles.
Day 1470
  • Rick has a shooting lesson with some of the survivors as they attract and shoot roamers.
  • A roamers sneaks up on Vincent, but Rick kills him with his cane. Roamers approach them. Rick picks up a shotgun and completely misses. Dwight, from behind, kills the approaching roamers, and the two are saved.
  • The Roamers are all killed. Rick tells Dwight he's learned that he's a liability in the field, and that Dwight is their best military leader.
  • Eugene gets the radio to work and he begins to try to communicate with someone
  • Rick returns to Alexandria and finds that Maggie will return to the Hilltop, but Jesus will stay.
  • Rick exchanges some words with Vincent and Rick says that in this life doing bad things doesn't make you a bad person. Rick suddenly becomes upset and visits Negan, but doesn't say anything to him, and he quickly leaves.
  • Gabriel joins the army.
  • Rick convinces Michonne not to go back to Oceanside and instead take up leadership of The Kingdom. She agrees, but asks who will lead the Sanctuary. Rick says he doesn't know, and Michonne brings up the idea of Carl being the leader.
  • Eugene's radio picks up a responder. Eugene talks with the person on the other end, and they begin to build trust, but agree to keep the conversations solely between the two of them
Day 1471
  • Gabriel begins his training. Dwight says he's worried about him, as Gabriel might be able to kill the dead, but he has no idea what he'll do with the living
  • Rick meets with Morton's son: Brandon. Rick tells Brandon that he can help him out, and Brandon responds by knocking him out and begins beating him up. Rick hits him on the head with his cane, and tells him that his entire family were idiots, and he's one too. He threatens to choke him out, but Michonne arrives interrupting the battle. Rick leaves the boy alone, and tells him to stay in line or Rick will shoot him
  • Dwight and the trainees arrive back at Alexandria, and Gabriel prays
  • Maggie and the Hilltop residents leave Alexandria. Brandon avoids them, and entes the prison and offers Negan to escape by sneaking onto the Hilltop transport and to make a deal with the Whisperers
  • Rick puts up propaganda posters on the Alexandria wall against the Whisperers. A woman runs up and tells Rick the keys to the prison are missing. Rick and Michonne run up to see what happened, and find an empty cell: Negan's gone.
  • Paul finds out from Siddiq and Annie that the gate has been closed all day. Rick and Michonne join the conversation, and they decide that Negan must've slipped into one of the Hilltop carts in order to escape, as jumping from the walls would've led to injury. Michonne and Aaron decide to search for Negan around the wooded area around the path where the Hilltop were going. Rick is unsure about it, but Michonne tells him that Negan must know about the Whisperers, so searching that area is their best bet. Aaron and Michonne leave
Day 1472
  • The Hilltop continues to move away from Alexandria, led by a stressed Dante. Brandon leaves the group to give Negan his old leather jacket. Brandon tells Negan they need to hurry, but Negan says that they're not going with Brandon's plan. Brandon reminds Negan how much he hates Rick, so they keep moving towards the Whisperers
  • Eugene talks with the other person on the radio and they share some information on their communities, but they still keep an air of secrecy. Suddenly, a shot goes off outside, and Eugene runs outside to see and finds that Paul, one of the Alexandrians, has shot Marco, thinking he's a Whisper. Jesus grabs him, and Eugene helps disarm Paul. Jesus and Eugene help Marco get to the hospital as Paul realizes what he's done.
  • Dwight and some soldiers go through a forest infested with walker to see how well they are at a sneak attack, but it ultimately fails. Dwight orders everyone to go home, and he and Laura have a conversation about what Lucille means to Dwight
  • Magna's group begins to believe the war is stupid as they shouldn't be fighting another group's war, but Magna reminds them of what they did to Luke, and the conflict is settled.
  • Paul meets with Rick to explain the situation, and Rick realizes his propaganda and messages against the Whisperers have started to get to people's head.
  • Michonne and Aaron find Negan and Brandon's tracks.
  • Negan and Brandon reach the border. Brandon begins to feel sad seeing the place where his mother died, but Negan tells him to get over it. Brandon begins to cry and Negan apologizes and hugs him. Brandon tells him he wants the Whisperers dead for his mom's death and Rick dead for his dad's death. Negan hugs him, telling him that's the plan. He the says "or rather...that was your plan" and he kills Brandon. He then enters the Whisperer territory
  • Andrea leaves the Hilltop to find Maggie riding ahead of her group. The two talk about how it's so crazy they've made it this long. Andrea is about to leave, but decides to join Maggie.
  • Michonne and Aaron find Brandon's corpse, which hasn't turned yet, and they go into Whisperer territory.
  • At night, Negan meets with a small group of Whisperers. They assume he's part of Rick's group, but Negan quickly tells them that it would be stupid for them to attack him, and that he wants to join their group. During this conversation, Negan meets the Whisperer's 2nd in Command, Beta, a tall Whisperer with a mouth opening.
  • Eugene tells the person on the radio about the Whisperers. The person makes a comment about how they might need to think through the Whisperer's perspective, consider whether or not they're actually good people, but Eugene reveals that they killed a pregnant Rosita. Feeling bad, the person on the radio reveals her name: Stephanie
  • The Hilltop residents return home. Earl finds Carl hard at work inside of the blacksmith shop, but he leaves. Carl is found by Maggie, and Maggie requests that Carl go back to Alexandria to be with his father, but Carl rejects.
  • Andrea returns to Alexandria and is angered to find the propaganda signs. When she storms into the council room, she discovers the bandaged Rick. Andrea asks what happened, and Rick solemnly explains he became a better leader. Andrea says that this system is going to get someone hurt, but Rick explains that he's doing this so the attention is not on him, but on the Whisperers. If he does this, they'll be focusing their time on the thing they need to fight, so it benefits them. Andrea says Rick is reminding her of Negan.
  • Michonne and Aaron talk about relationships, when suddenly, the Whisperers attack. Maggie and Aaron try to explain that they're only here for Negan, and they don't want to fight. Beta, who's leading the attack, stabs Aaron. Michonne fights some roamers and Whisperers, and prevents Beta from stabbing Aaron. Michonne is pinned down and right before she is going to be killed, Dwight's team arrive and save her. Beta runs off to the woods. Michonne leaves on horseback with Aaron to the Hilltop, while Dwight's group unload and prepare to go back to their territory.
  • Negan arrives at the Whisperer camp, and meets Alpha, who he "falls in love" with. Negan attempts to flirt with Alpha but it goes nowhere. Negan says he never knew about the Whisperers, and that he was just a leader of a group who's been travelling ever since. Beta arrives and accuses Negan of lying about not knowing about the Whisperers. Alpha gets Beta to release Negan, and Negan explains he thinks he can offer them something.
Day 1473
  • Lydia tells Carl how much she appreciates Hilltop life.
  • Maggie asks Brianna to go to Alexandria, but before they can discuss, Michonne arrives with the injured Aaron.
  • Dwight's group makes it back to their territory, and Dwight comments on how what they just did was an act of war.
  • Beta almost challenges Alpha after advising her to get rid of Negan, but he quickly stops and drops the argument. Negan is then accepted into the Whisperers, is given a knife, and is told he'll be given a skin suit when he proves himself.
Day 1474

/Day 1476

  • Negan assimilates himself into the Whisperers
  • Negan kills a wild boar on a hunt with the Whisperers, and is given a lecture by Alpha not to be loud.
Day 1477
  • Negan continues to work. He's attacked by a few roamers and has to fight them off by himself to prove his worth. He kills two, and the Whisperers are impressed.
  • At night, Negan has dinner with Alpha. While going to bed, he hears someone calling for help. He finds the source, and it's a woman about to be raped by two men. Negan fights them off and says he'll kill them, but Beta quickly knocks Negan out and tells him to stop. Alpha explains that the woman had to prove she's strong by going against the men who attacked her, and Negan interrupted her right to prove herself.
  • Negan goes to bed pissed, and Alpha goes to him to alleviate the situation. Alpha explains that this is their way, they aren't human, and civilization is a lie. They're animals and they must act on instinct. Alpha once again tries to explain her thoughts on survival of the fittest, but she breaks down. She turns away from Negan, but he convinces her to talk to him. Negan says he knows Alpha is only in power now because Beta defends her, Alpha denies it saying she has to be strong, but after giving her daughter to Rick, she realized she isn't. Negan comforts her by saying he lost someone at the start of the Apocalypse (according to the Here's Negan comic, it's his wife). Afterwards, he felt nothing, but just being here has kept him alive. Negan does what he has to do for survival. Negan says it's wrong for them to pretend emotions aren't real. Alpha says that Negan might belong here, to which Negan says maybe. However, he slits Alpha's throat, saying he doesn't want to be here. He decapitates Alpha, commenting on what Rick will think when he sees this.
Day 1478
  • Magna, Heath, Dwight and Laura wait for Negan to return from Whisperer territory. Negan approaches them with Alpha's head in a bag. Dwight orders him to be shot down, but Magna convinces him otherwise. Negan wants Lucille, but Dwight refuses to give it, and they all travel back to Alexandria.
  • Beta discovers Alpha's dead body. Some of the Whisperers ask who the new Alpha shall be, Beta or Negan, but Beta says there won't be another Alpha. They must use her teachings and avenge her by killing everyone in the communities.
  • Negan brings back Alpha's head to Rick. Negan convinces Rick he did this to earn his trust, explaining what happened to Brandon and his plan to act as a random survivor before Rick messed it up by getting involved. Rick is convinced, and tells Negan he call live in an outpost away from Alexandria. They will provide food if he contributes. The only catch, is that Negan will have to prove himself, will be watched, and will be in the front lines of the war with the Whisperers.
  • Rick and Dwight discuss battle plans. Every soldier from every community will create a perimeter around the communities, strike the Whisperers, and hunt them down when they're separated from each other. Eugene's strategy of moving herds will be used to move their mega herd away. Dwight will be keeping an eye on Negan.
Day 1479
  • At the Hilltop, Alex encourages a relationship between Aaron and Jesus. Outside, Jesus, Michonne the soldiers prepare to move to Alexandria. Maggie, Dante, Carl and Lydia, however, stay behind.
  • Dwight sets up the possessions of his men and women.
  • At the Kingdom, citizens like Zachary believe they're relying too much on Rick and shouldn't deploy soldiers to help them out with the Whisperers. Zachary also believes that Michonne will be a weak leader. The temporary leader, William, begins thinking about the situation and what it might mean for the future of the Kingdom.
  • Eugene tells Stephanie he lives near Washington, D.C., and Stephanie reveals she lives in Ohio.
  • Scouts are sent to the remaining communities to help gather arms; Vincent to the Sanctuary and Siddiq to Oceanside.
Day 1480
  • Dwight's group moves out. Magna's in position, but Gabriel is taking a little longer.
  • Rick makes a speech in Alexandria. Afterwords, he's congratulated and given some men for the war. Rick spots Eugene who claims to be working on a "secret project".
  • Gabriel reaches his position at a water-tower. Moments after situating himself, he sees hundreds of Roamers approaching him. He races down the ladder but trips, falls, and hooks one of his legs to the rail. This causes his leg to tear up, and leave him hanging a few feet above the ground. Suddenly, Beta appears from within the horde and guts Gabriel, killing him, releasing him from his pain. The Herd passes by, eating Gabriel to the bone on their way out.
  • Vincent reaches The Sanctuary where Tara, John and Sherry make decisions for the group upon Dwight's absence. Tara informs Vincent that they're not sending any men and Vincent is upset by this. Threats are made by Tara and John explains that the alliance with Rick left with Dwight. They tell Vincent to leave, and when he does, John commands him to leave his horse with the Saviors. After he leaves, tensions begin to rise between Sherry and Tara & Jon.
  • At the Kingdom, the coast is clear. Zachary complains to William about sending men, and William shuts him down. Zachary storms off, claiming he'll regret this, forming a rivalry between the two.
  • In Dwight's group, Negan isn't allowed a gun. After a conversation with Negan, Dwight is informed of enemies moving ahead. Dwight's group takes their positions and suddenly the herd appears. The battle begins as Negan watches on. Through the herd, Whisperers move, ducking to miss bullets and leading the herd to the enemy. Once the herd reaches Dwight's line, the Whisperers spring from the herd and stab soldiers. Mayhem strikes the group as Dwight barks orders, soldiers are stabbed and Negan yells for a weapon. Negan grabs a gun from a fallen woman, however.
  • Magna's group appears in an attempt to draw attention away from Dwight. Some Whisperers come out of the herd to finally attack directly, but they're cut down by Kingdom soldiers who arrive on horseback. This doesn't stop the Whisperers, however, who stab the horses.
  • At the Hilltop, things are peaceful. Dante acts as a "guardian" for Maggie and Carl watches along the wall for any signs of attack. Aaron attempts his first steps again.
  • At the bullet factory, Eugene returns for the first time in a while, trying to increase production.
  • Pete declines Siddiq's offer to send men from Oceanside.
  • Jesus and Michonne's group approaches the battlefield and witness the absolute chaos as the Survivors are surrounded by hundreds of the dead. Michonne and Jesus come to the rescue.
  • Through the herd, Beta quietly stalks and kills survivors. He runs into Dwight and tries to kill him, but is knocked on the head by Negan, who challenges him to a fight to the death. Beta kicks Negan back and leaps for a knife, but Negan hits him in the head with his gun. Beta takes the gun and hits Negan back. Dwight throws Lucille towards Negan who regains his old weapon. Negan tries hitting Beta with his bat, but Beta is holding off. Beta comes in to stab Negan, but Negan gets behind him and begins hitting him with Lucille in the back. After enough hits, Beta lives and Lucille breaks in two. Before Negan can take revenge, zombies swarm him. The Whisperers take Beta with them.
  • The battle ends-all the roamers and whisperers are dead. Negan is in disarray at the death of Lucille. From the forest, another herd emerges. Dwight decides to split the group in order to divide the herd and then use a secret strategy Dwight is holding back.
  • While running sway, one Whisperer try to take off Beta's mask, and Beta responds by killing him, and then passing out.
  • At the Hilltop, Lydia warns Carl that his group is weak because of their caring and then tells him she doesn't love him anymore. Meanwhile, Aaron begins to walk again.
  • Vincent struggles to make it back to Alexandria. At the Safe Zone, Rick maps the area for any weak points in the Whisperer's herd and Eugene continues to make bullets.
  • Tara leaves the Sanctuary to go get to Vincent before he makes it back to Alexandria, to make sure Rick doesn't know about them acting up.
  • At the Kingdom, William threatens Zachary's life, telling him that everything he does is for the Kingdom, and he would kill Zachary to save his people. William reminds Zachary to never threaten him again.
  • In the Whisperer's herd, they have trouble steering. One Whisperer goes to the edge and is shot down by Dwight's arrow. The body is carried over, and Dwight begins to put on the Whisperer skin, part of his new secret tactic. Inside the herd, the Survivors maneuver through Roamers and Whisperers. They sneak up on Whisperers and quickly execute them. Now having the attention of the Roamers, the Survivors quickly kill what's left of the herd.
  • Beta re-awakens and announces they will attack the Hilltop and take Lydia back. Minutes later, he finally is able to walk again.
  • Vincent is picked up by Heath. A solemn heath comments that a new with the Saviors is ahead of them. Meanwhile, Tara tries catching up to Vincent.
  • At the Hilltop, Dante finally reveals his feelings for Maggie, but is rejected.
Day 1481
  • Tara catches up to Vincent to discover he was taken by Heath. Heath doesn't accept Tara's apology after finding out they still won't send Saviors into the War, increasing tensions between the Saviors and the rest of the communities.
  • The Whisperers attack the Hilltop. While hiding behind a herd they shoot flaming arrows into the Colony, almost hitting Carl and killing a guard. Walkers breach the wall and Dante leads a defense. Barrington house begins burning down, and Maggie begins running towards it to save Hershel and Sophia. Carl follows.
  • Lydia encounters a Whisperer trying to get her on their side. She quickly silences this however, by shooting one Whisperer in the head. She then proceeds to shoot and stab her way out of a herd.
  • Sophia saves Hershel and meet up with Carl and Maggie. Despite her protests, Carl goes to save anyone still in the house. Carl is soon knocked out by falling debris while trying to save Brianna and Johnny. Aaron quickly saves Carl afterwards.
  • Sophia, Maggie and Hershel make it outside and regroup with Dante. With Barrington house evacuated, the battle begins. Everyone fights while Carson revives Carl. The Whisperers draw back and the remaining survivors take out the herd.
  • William is informed about the attack on Hilltop and decides to send his men.
  • Heath and Vincent return to Alexandria with the grave news of the Savior's betrayal.
  • Magna cuts of Connie's bitten hand to prevent her from turning back at Dwight's camp. Dwight is disgusted by Negan's lack of empathy, as he simply sits to the side, grasping what's left of Lucille. Dwight leaves and tells Laura it seems they've won the war. From only a few meters away, Beta stalks the group and tells the Whisperers to end this war.
  • Eugene talks a cart full of ammunition and begins a journey back to Alexandria.
  • Andrea and Rick loom over the news of the Saviors.
  • Tara returns to the Sanctuary and expresses her anxiety to Sherry, who is seemingly the new de facto leader of the Saviors. Sherry reassures Tara by saying Rick has no chance of losing. Once the war is over, the Saviors will come and take over from the weak communities.
  • The sun rises, and Negan buries Lucille, mainly as a tribute to his dead wife of the same name. Dwight's group leaves to return to Alexandria.
  • William leads the Kingdom to the Hilltop and discovers it's destroyed. The Kingdom finds the Hilltop survivors nearby. Maggie and William discuss the future and Maggie reassures William that they will rebuild.
  • Lydia and Carl bond over their dark pasts, coming to an understanding.
  • Beta continues to hobble on towards Alexandria, not stopping for anyone.
  • At Alexandria, Eugene returns with ammunition and Dwight's group returns. Right when it looks like the war has ended, Dwight reveals they only encountered a few hundred walkers within the Whisperer herd. Rick realizes what's coming towards them and tells the community to prepare for war.
  • Beta releases the Whisperer mega horde towards Alexandria. Andrea, Dwight, Michonne, Jesus, Eugene, Magna, Laura and others leave the Safe-Zone to attempt and draw the mega horde away. They split up, each attempting to diverge a portion of the herd. Michonne and Jesus resort to simply killing walkers within the herd while they steer them away.
  • The horde reaches the gates of Alexandria. Initially, many are stopped by the various traps and moats set up by the survivors, but the walkers pile up inside the moat, letting the herd continue. At the gates, Negan begins killing walkers, and the rest of the survivors join him. The pressure gets too great, however, and the gate collapses, Walkers pore into the community, killing Paula. Negan saves Rick at the last second, and the two escape deeper into the community. They find themselves trapped in the prison.
  • John and the Saviors watch the horror from the distance.
  • Maggie and the Hilltop arrive near Alexandria, witnessing it's fall. Michonne and Jesus meet with the community. Maggie, Dante, Jesus and Michonne leave to steer the herd while Carl and Lydia stay behind with the people.
  • Trapped inside the prison, Negan and Rick bond, finding common ground. They talk about their survival of the situation, surviving while others have died. Negan talks about killing Glenn and others in similar fashion became right in his head, and how he left his wife to rot because he couldn't kill her once she turned. After some time, Rick decides he's had enough, and tries to go out and fight. Negan stops him, however, and picks off the roamers around the prison himself. Negan is almost bit, but Rick saves him last minute.
  • Outside the Safe-Zone, the survivors continue to steer the herd. Andrea uses the horn, while Laura fires shots into the air. Andrea, Dwight, Laura, Magna, Heath and Eugene all meet up to steer the large herd approaching them.
  • Carl rallies the Hilltop, preparing them to pick off any walkers left in Alexandria.
  • Siddiq discovers Stephanie on the other end of the radio
  • The Saviors attack Alexandria, eliminating the nearby zombie threat. John picks up Dwight and begins to choke him out.
  • Throughout all of Alexandria, the Survivors fight. Meanwhile, Eugene and Andrea lead the walkers to the ocean, permanently dealing with that problem. Suddenly another wave comes in. Andrea and Eugene try steering the horde, Eugene trying to distract them. He's overwhelmed and falls over. Andrea goes over to save him. The two barely escape. When they return to Magna, Andrea discovers what looks like a bite on her neck.
  • At Alexandria, Negan, Rick, and the other Alexandrians are mopping up the last roamers. They are aided in their efforts by the Hilltop refugees, led by Carl. Shortly after Rick and Carl are reunited, the survivors are about to clear out the rest of the roamers at the gate, but are surprised by the Saviros aiding them by gunning the roamers down. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that the Saviors aren't friendly, as they hold Dwight and Laura hostage. Sherry declares that the Saviors are seceding from the rest of the communities, and want no part of their affairs. Dwight and Laura manage to free themselves and steal some of the Saviors' guns. Dwight has the rest of the Alexandrians hold the Saviors at gunpoint, but before a shootout can errupt, Rick calms the situation and invites Sherry inside to negotiate.
  • Inside, Rick asks Sherry to explain what she wants. Sherry, however, becomes increasingly erratic. Negotiations finally break down when she attacks Rick and attempts to kill him, causing the latter to accidentally kill her in self-defense. Just then, Andrea walks in and collapses on the ground, revealing that she was bitten.
  • Michonne arrives and explains what happened, before helping Rick carry Andrea to bed. Dwight also arrives to the scene and is frantic upon discovering Sherry dead. Although Rick explains what happened, Dwight does not seem satisfied with this answer, and angrily glares at Rick.
  • Andrea says goodbye to all her friends and family. Rick doesn't think he is strong enough to go on, but Andrea urges him to. Once she passes, Rick initially gets into bed with her and cradles her corpse. Once she reanimates, he nearly lets her bite him, but ultimately stabs her in the head. He then heads outside to join the others.
  • John approaches Rick and tells him the Saviors assisted them one last time out of respect for Andrea. When Rick reveals Sherry is dead, however, the Saviors draw their guns. Negan steps in and asks the Saviors if they want to put him back in charge and go back to the way things were. When only Mark comes forward by kneeling, Negan strikes him in disgust. He then tells John that he knows he didn't really approve of Sherry's plan. With Negan having successfully talked them down, the Saviors leave.
  • After saying goodnight to everyone, Rick goes inside and gets ready for bed. Once undressed, however, he goes outside and sleeps on Andrea's grave.

Day 1482-: The Commonwealth Story Arc

Volume 29: Lines We Cross
Day 1482
  • While visiting Andrea's grave, Carl tells Lydia about how he killed Ben and eventually revealed it to Andrea. Despite her sorrow, Andrea still told him she loved him, after which Carl started calling her "mom".
  • Maggie confronts Rick over releasing Negan. Rick explains that he doesn't think he is so different from Negan, so he doesn't want to kill him or lock him up for the rest of his life. He, however, assures Maggie that Negan won't be allowed to live near any of the settlements. Maggie doesn't seem pleased with this answer.
  • Eugene talks to Stephanie, who reveals that she spoke to Siddiq. Their conversation is interrupted by a knock on the door. Eugene is confronted by Rick and Siddiq, the former demanding to know about the radio. Once briefed, Rick insists he talk to Stephanie. Eugene tries to convince her, but Rick grabs the radio from his hands and asks Stephanie for her community's help in rebuilding. He proposes a meeting which would see a small team from his community travel to an area near Stephanie's. Stephanie thinks she can convince her superiors to go through with this, and asks for a day.
  • Eugene and Rick talks afterwards, and both agree Eugene should be on the team. Rick then greets Dwight, but the latter seems angry at him, saying that Rick is only making the rounds to make it seem like he is the one holding Alexandria together. Taken aback by Dwight's attitude, Rick asks to talk later, which Dwight agrees to.
  • Carl finds Maggie and the other Hilltopers packing up. She reveals that she is planning on leaving in the next day or two, and then begin the reconstruction of the Hilltop. Carl says that he will help. Maggie is surprised by this, but Carl assures her that Hilltop is his home now, and he needs to live his life somewhere other than Alexandria.
  • Rick asks Jesus to be on the expedition, but the latter refuses, as he wishes to stay behind with Aaron. Rick congratulates him on his newfound relationship.
  • Later that evening, Rick goes to talk to Dwight and asks him to be on the expedition. Dwight bluntly refuses and, in fact, wishes to stay and run things instead of Rick, much to the latter's shock. Dwight believes that Rick has been acting too impulsively, stemming from his decision to kill Sherry. Rick protests that Sherry attacked him, but Dwight doesn't quite believe him. Dwight goes on to say that he could have forced Rick out of power with his soldiers, but wants to show that he is reasonable. Before Dwight can finish, Rick simply cuts off the conversation and prepares to leave. He, however, warns Dwight that he will be watching him, and for Dwight to not bring this matter up again, as Rick has a rage boiling inside him and could kill Dwight.
Day 1483
  • Michonne finds Rick mourning at Andrea's grave. Despite Rick's protests, she wishes to go on the expedition, and reveals she has already recruited a team. Carl then comes over to say goodbye, revealing that he is leaving for the Hilltop. To Carl's surprise, Rick isn't mad, but proud of him. The two hug eachother.
  • Dwight supervises Negan as the latter packs some food for his trip. Negan tries top make friendly conversation, but Dwight coldly tells him just pack up and leave. After escorting him to the gates, he also lets Maggie's caravan through, as well as Eugene's expedition. Michonne and Maggie say goodbye, as do Magna and Yumiko  to Connie and Kelly. Maggie then tasks Dante with following Negan.
  • Rick asks Jesus to keep an eye on Dwight. Annie then arrives and asks Rick to talk to Mikey, as he has been struggling to cope with his mother's death.
  • As the Hilltop caravan make their way home, Maggie is distracted with thoughts of Negan. Meanwhile, Dante follows Negan to his new home.
  • Dwight and Laura have a conversation about Rick. While Laura thinks Dwight shouldn't have threatened Rick, Dwight is concerned he didn't go far enough, even comparing Rick to Negan.
  • Rick talks to Mikey. The two bond over their mutual losses.
  • The expedition reaches the edge of the safe zone, and ventures into the unknown.
  • William catches up to Maggie and her caravan, with supplies from the Kingdom in tow. He wishes to assist Maggie in rebuilding the Hilltop.
Day 1487
  • While they are camping out, Eugene and the expedition is attacked by walkers in the middle of the night. They fight them off, but Eugene is concerned about the noise they made, so they move on.
  • Jesus is talking to Aaron, and thinks they should go back to the Hilltop, since he's been watching Dwight for four days and the latter hasn't done anything suspicious. Jesus goes on to confess his feelings for Aaron.
  • The expedition arrive to Pittsburgh, and find it completely empty. They make camp on a roof of a building. While there, Siddiq confesses to Eugene that he was the person Rosita was having an affair with. Despite his anger, Eugene forgives Siddiq. In the morning, the group gets back on the road and discuss scavenging some of the buildings for supplies. They encounter a survivor named Juanita Sanchez, although she prefers the nickname Princess. She takes them back to her place where she claims she has supplies. When there, Princess plays a practical joke on the survivors by pretending to stage an ambush, much to their chagrin. She fetches her spear and joins them on their trip.
Day 1490
  • Rick welcomes Annie at the gate. She reassures him that their lookouts will let him know as soon as the expedition is back, before telling him that Mikey is waiting for him. Rick then meets Mikey and teaches him gardening.
  • Eugene's expedition decide to ford a river to save some time.
  • Carl helps with the rebuilding of Hilltop.
  • Rick visits Andrea's grave once more.
Day 1491
  • Dante shows Maggie Negan's location on a map.
  • Jesus and Aaron agree to leave for Hilltop the next day.
  • The expedition fight off some walkers.
Day 1492
  • Jesus and Aaron find Rick sleeping on Andrea's grave, and inform him that they are leaving.
  • The reconstruction of Hilltop continues to progress rapidly. Maggie thanks William for his assistance. William notices something is distracting Maggie, but she brushes it off.
  • Carl works on the roof, and then goes to have a lunch break. He brings Lydia a sandwich, and the latter expresses gratitude for the way Carl treated her, even after she told him she didn't love him. The two embrace as Sophia looks at them with envy.
  • Despite Magna's reluctance, Yumiko reveals to the rest of the expedition that the pair are gay.
  • Rick sees Jesus and Aaron off at the gate.
  • In the middle of the night, Carl sneaks out of his tent and finds Sophia sitting alone. She complains about not being able to spend more time with Carl. He agrees to talk more regularly. Meanwhile, Maggie is unable to sleep.
  • Rick once again falls asleep on Andrea's grave.
  • While Jesus and Aaron are camping for the night, Beta sneaks up on them, blades in hand. Beta attacks Jesus and is able to pin him to the ground, but is shot and mortally wounded by Aaron. The two recognize Beta as a celebrity after pulling his mask off, only for the latter to leap back to life and frantically scream that he doesn't have a name, before collapsing dead on the ground.
Day 1493
  • Dante comments on how well the Hilltop renovation is coming along. Maggie, however, is preoccupied thinking about Negan. Dante decides to leave her in peace, but Maggie tells him to wait.
  • Carl and Lydia are having lunch, when Sophia drops the tiles she is carrying. Carl immediately rushes over to help her, much to Lydia's jealousy.
  • The expedition climb a hill, now close to their destination.
  • Negan finds a new baseball bat, and takes it back home with him.
  • Maggie confronts Negan as he is wrapping the new baseball bat with barbed wire and holds him at gunpoint. After a heart-to-heart conversation, Maggie decides to spare Negan, condemning him to live with what he did instead of killing him like he wanted. She kisses Dante and leaves with him. Later that night, Negan burns his new baseball bat.
  • Jesus and Aaron spot a campfire glowing in the night. This turns out to be the encampment of the remaining Whisperers. When three new recruits fail to adapt to their way of life, the Whisperers prepare to kill the family, but are killed by Aaron and Jesus instead. The pair decide to take the family back to Hilltop.
  • At Andrea's grave, Rick says goodnight to his deceased wife, this time choosing not to sleep on her grave. Dwight and Laura watch him from a distance. Laura observes that Rick is in pain, but Dwight is unsympathetic. Fed up with Dwight's attitude, Laura leaves him.
  • The expedition have finally arrived at their destination, but initially find it deserted. After some exploration of the train yard, they are blinded by lights and confronted by heavily armed and armored soldiers, who order them to drop their weapons and put their hands in the air.
Volume 30: New World Order
Day 1493
  • Eugene and the rest of the expedition are interviewed by Lance Hornsby, an official from a new community called "the Commonwealth". After a tense conversation, the group agree to accompany Lance to the Commonwealth.
  • On the way, they are attacked by a heard, but the Commonwealth soldiers are left to deal with it while the group continues on.
Day 1494
  • The group finally arrives to the outskirts of the Commonwealth. Michnne assumes they've built a community inside the nearby stadium, but Lance claims the stadium is just for concerts and football games, and reveals the population of the Commonwealth to be almost fifty thousand.
  • The group passes by a large board plastered with photos. Lance reveals that it's their "Wall of the Lost", a place where their residents can put up photos of their family members in hopes of reuniting with them one day. Michnne is shocked to find her picture on the wall, put up by her daughter Elodie. She demands Lance take her to see Elodie, but he refuses, as he doesn't know if Elodie is still there. He claims that they can get that information at the place they are going to, so the group continue their journey.
  • In town, Stephanie rushes over to meet Eugene, but is reprimanded by Lance, who warns her that she doesn't have the authority to interact with the new guests.
  • In the lobby of the building they arrive to, they are greeted by Maxwell Hawkins, who selects one of them to speak with their leader. Despite Eugene being the leader of the expedition, Maxwell selects Michonne, based on her previous profession.
  • Michonne is introduced to Pamela Milton, the leader of the Commonwealth. Pamela gives a lengthy introduction and description of how the community functions, but Michonne cuts her off, wishing to be reunited with her daughter. Pamela apologizes for keeping her, and takes her to see her daughter right away.
  • Pamela takes Michonne to the bakery where Elodie works. The mother and daughter are shocked to see each other after all these years, and tearfully embrace each other.
  • Mikey reads Rick a poem he made about his mother, and encourages Rick to do the same for Andrea.
  • Marco relieves Eduardo from his shift. When the latter goes to the armory to replace his spear, he catches Maggie and Dante in a state of undress, much to Maggie's embarrassment.
  • Sebastian seduces Kayla into having sex with him, but the pair are interrupted by a pair of walkers. The walkers are swiftly killed by Mercer, Sebastian's personal bodyguard, but Kayla is outraged that Sebastian had Mercer watching them, so she leaves. Sebastian scolds Mercer over his negligence, despite the fact that the man actually killed a much larger group of walkers.
  • Elodie takes her mother back to her apartment, where they embrace once more. Elodie reveals how her sister Colette died.
  • Pamela speaks with the rest of the expedition, telling them that Michonne is with her daughter right now, and will speak with them later. After this, their weapons will be returned to them. Sebastian storms into the hallway angry about Mercer, so Pamela scolds the officer.
  • Mercer goes to the locker room and plots with George to overthrow the ruling class of the Commonwealth. Siddiq accidentally overhears this, so they assure him they were not being serious, and were just blowing off steam.
  • Sophia catches Maggie and Dante together, and is distraught. Maggie explains that, while she will always love Glenn, she has been alone for a ling time and thinks she deserves to be happy.
  • Elodie tells Michonne that she had blamed her for what happened to her and her sister for a long time, due to Michonne abandoning them, and still might harbor some resentment towards her. Michonne is undeterred by this, and tells Elodie that she is her mother and will always love her, causing Elodie to embrace Michonne and finally forgive her.
  • Carl and Sophia have a chat about Dante and Maggie.
  • Michonne is finally reunited with the others, telling them that she thinks they can trust the Commonwealth. While Eugene asks to finally see Stephanie, Pamela wishes to accompany them on their return trip to see Alexandria for herself.
  • The group are given their weapons back as promised, and Eugene finally meets Stephanie. She apologizes for not being at the meeting, explaining that she overstepped when she requested it, but Eugene thinks she has nothing to apologize for. Pamela asks Stephanie to show the guest around, before leaving. Michonne finds it odd that Pamela didn't reveal all that much while also not asking too many questions herself, but Stephanie supposes she wishes to speak to their leader directly.
  • The group is greeted by Pamela's son, Sebastian. He attempts to flirt with Yumiko, but becomes upset upon being rebuffed, and shoves Magna to the ground when she attempts to intervene. Princess steps in and threatens Sebastian with her spear. She proceeds to knock down the Commonwealth soldiers that attempt to apprehend her, but is finally disarmed by Mercer. Sebastian demands Mercer arrest the new survivors, but Michonne explains that Sebastian assaulted them. When Elodie tries to help him up, Sebastian slaps her, to demonstrate what "assault" looks like. Michonne is about to attack Sebastian, but Elodie stops her, claiming that it's important they know their place. When Michonne asks Elodie what she means by that, Sebastian boasts that they owe his family everything. When Mercer scolds him, Sebastian slaps the officer, but backs down and leaves after being intimidated by the look on Mercer's face. Mercer apologizes to the guests and explains the status quo of things.
  • At Elodie's apartment, Siddiq tells the others about how he overheard Mercer in the locker room. Elodie believes Mercer's claim that he was just blowing off steam, and Stephanie adds that the upper class rarely causes problems like they did today. When Michonne inquires about this, they explain that the Commonwealth's social hierarchy is based on people's old world status, and that everyone's income is proportionate to what they would have made before the outbreak. Once a year, people get to apply for a job outside their current position, and most see it as something to strive for. While most survivors seem accepting, or at least understand this system, Magna is disgusted by it. Michonne observes that a similar social hierarchy has developed at Hilltop, as not everyone gets to live in the Barrington house.
  • Elodie and Stephanie show the group around town.
Day 1495
  • Stephanie shows Eugene and Siddiq around town some more, while Michonne cooks dinner for Elodie.
Day 1496
  • Elodie and Stephanie take the group to see a football game.
  • Lance tries to convince Michonne to stay in the Commonwealth with her daughter.
Day 1497
  • The group prepares to travel back to Alexandria, along with Governor Milton and her escort. Pamela says goodbye to Sebastian while Michonne informs Eugene she will be staying in the Commonwealth, and hands him her katana as proof for Rick that the Commonwealth is a good place.
Day 1498-1503
  • The group travels from Ohio to Virginia.
Day 1504
  • The group finally arrives to Alexandria.
  • Lance gives Michonne a fancy apartment to live in and practice law.
  • Dwight apologizes to Laura and, upon seeing Pamela arrive, rushes away to get the troops ready, just in case.
  • Eugene tells Pamela to wait while he announces her arrival to Rick. He presents Rick with Michonne's katana and explains that she stayed behind since she was reunited with her daughter.
  • Rick and Pamela discuss their communities, and debate the merits of the systems under which they operate.
Volume 31: The Rotten Core
Day 1505
  • Rick takes Pamela to Oceanside. She admires the view of the ocean.
  • Michonne informs Elodie that she has accepted Lance's job offer. Elodie plans to go on a trip to celebrate.
  • Carl introduces himself to Joshua. Meanwhile, Maggie allows the recently rescued family to stay, and goes on to discuss the reconstruction of Hilltop with Jesus and Aaron.
  • Rick's tour runs into a small herd. Dwight and Rick decide to steer the herd away, with the help of the Commonwealth troops. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry when Pamela beckons her carriage forward to get a better look, instead of staying put as told. This results in Princess falling off her horse. Luckily, Mercer is able to rescue her, and the herd is killed by Alexandria's military when it arrives on the scene. Despite the success, Rick is angry with Dwight for having his troops follow them instead of allocating them to patrol duty, as they might have avoided the herd altogether.
  • At the Sanctuary, John supervises the Saviors working in the gardens, and gives advice to Christopher. They are interrupted by the arrival of Rick and Pamela. Despite the tense introduction, John welcomes them to the Sanctuary.
  • John expresses interest in an alliance with the Commonwealth and is very hospitable, much to Rick and Dwight's surprise.
  • After the meeting, Pamela tells Rick her thoughts on Jonh and the Sanctuary. Rick, in turn, tells her about Negan.
Day 1506
  • The group departs from the Sanctuary. On the way, Rick and Dwight reconcile.
  • They arrive to the Kingdom, where William takes Pamela on a tour of the community.
Day 1507
  • On the way to the Hilltop, Rick tells Mercer about the system under which their communities opperate.
  • Upon arrival, Rick is shocked to find that Hilltop has been almost completely rebuilt. Maggie is pleased to see Rick, but is less enthosiastic about Governor Milton. Rick is also reunited with Carl.
  • Despite the tense discussion, Maggie agrees to an alliance with the Commonwealth if Rick likes what he sees there.
Day 1508
  • Rick, alongside some of his companions, accompanies Pamela back to the Commonwealth to assess the community.
Day 1509
  • Michonne and Elodie travel to Greenville. On the way, they are attacked by a group of walkers, and Michonne saves their guard, Jerome.
  • They are welcomed to Greenville by Cloris, the community's leader. Michonne and Elodie spend some quality time with each other for the rest of the day.
Day 1510
  • Michonne and Elodie prepare to head back to the Commonwealth propper. Before they leave, Michonne gives her gift basket to a poor family, much to the disapproval of Cloris.
  • When they arrive, they find a Commonwealth citizen being brutally beaten by the guards. Michonne intervenes and is shocked when she identifies one of the guards as Jerome.
  • Lance informs Michonne that the victim, Anthony Keith, attacked one of the officers for having an affair with his wife. Furthermore, he tasks Michonne with defending the guards in court, much to her chagrin.
  • Michonne has dinner with Elodie and debates on what to do. Lance joins them to inform Michonne that Anthony Keith has died from his injuries.
Day 1511
  • A protest forms outside of Michonne's apartment.
Days 1512-1514
  • Protests escalate in the Commonwealth.
Day 1515
  • A full-fledged riot breaks out in front of Michonne's apartment, culminating in a trashcan being thrown through her window. Michonne and Elodie are saved from the rioters by Jerome.
  • Rick and Pamela arrive to the Commonwealth and find it in chaos.


  • The comic is set in the same universe as the video game series, made by Telltale Games.
  • Although we evaluated the many dates given for the cause of the outbreak in "Around Every Corner", we found out that the start of the outbreak was July 19th, 2003. However, Robert Kirkman has previously stated in his letter hack that signs of the virus started in October 2003. The novel series by Jay Bonansinga also imply the outbreak date being in late September or early October of 2012.
    • It appears that the outbreak date was retconned from October to July after Season 1 of the video game was released in 2012. The following year the Morgan Special issue was released which further supports this date.
    • With the exception of the Jay Bonansinga novels, all media set in the comic universe supports the outbreak year as being in 2003 either explicitly or implicitly.
  • At the end of the series, there is a 25 year time skip between issues 192 and 193, thus the current year would be 2033.
  • Robert Kirkman has said he didn't want to be specific as far as when the outbreak started so it is unconfirmed.


  • The comic series was set in 2003, but in early drafts, it was going to be set in the 1960s, be called Night of The Living Dead, and most likely pay homage to the original Night of The Living Dead material that started the zombie genre.
  • The comic series is the farthest ahead into the apocalypse, at over twenty five years.
  • The longest lasting location is the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The survivors have lived in it since Day 408, and it was established somewhere between Day 0-90. This makes it 1000+ days old for the survivors and 1350+ days since established.
  • The longest time skip was between issues 192 and 193, with a span of 25 years.
    • The second longest time skip was between Volumes 21 and 22. It totalled at 777 days.
  • The most issues to take place in one day was day 264, which had every issue from Volume 8 (issues 43-48, marking the end of the prison and Governor story arcs.