The Commonwealth Army is an organization within the Commonwealth that exists to protect its citizens from any threats, serving as both a military and a police force. Members of the army are referred to as "officers".


Little is known about individual members of the army before or as the apocalypse began. It is likely that many had some military or police experience, based on the Commonwealth's class system.


The Commonwealth Army was formed mainly to protect the routes between the communities inside the Commonwealth, and to ensure internal peace and stability. Those that were assigned to the army were equipped with assault rifles and standardized, white-colored armor. The leader, Mercer, was equipped with red-colored armor, to signify his status. Day-to-day patrols are assigned to new recruits, while the more experienced soldiers are tasked with eliminating herds, protecting high-ranking Commonwealth officials, expeditions etc. The soldiers are apparently placed quite low in the Commonwealth social hierarchy, and are looked down on by the elite, including high ranking soldiers like Mercer.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Commonwealth Army has killed:


  • None



  • The Commonwealth Army is the first professional military encountered in the Comic Series, with standardized weapons and armor.
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