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This article is about the TV Series group. You may be looking for their Comic Series counterpart.

The Commonwealth Army is an organization in AMC's The Walking Dead. It exists to protect its citizens from any threats, serving as both a military and a police force within the Commonwealth. They serve as the primary antagonistic group for the majority of Season 11.


Little is known about individual members of the army before or as the apocalypse began. It is possible that many had some military or police experience, and had lived around or within areas that would become part of the Commonwealth's territories.


Season 10

"A Certain Doom"

The Commonwealth Army appears at the railyard where Eugene Porter, Ezekiel, Yumiko Okumura and Juanita Sanchez are waiting for Stephanie. They rush in pointing their weapons at them, demanding them to put their hands in the air and drop their weapons. The group is both in shock and worried.


The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"Acheron: Part II"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"Out of the Ashes"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"Promises Broken"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"No Other Way"

The Commonwealth Army arrives at Alexandria, raising alarm before Eugene reveals himself. The soldiers unload supplies for the community while Lance Hornsby offers the Commonwealth's assistance in rebuilding Alexandria as well as the opportunity for the residents to join the Commonwealth itself.

"New Haunts"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"Rogue Element"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"The Lucky Ones"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.


The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.

"The Rotten Core"

The Commonwealth Army will appear in this episode.


Lance, Daryl and a detachment of soldiers investigate the aftermath of the events at Riverbend with the bodies of the dead soldiers having been laid out next to Toby and the dead residents. Despite Daryl backing up Aaron and Gabriel's story, Lance remains dubious and orders two of his men to search the area while the rest accompany him to search for the missing people and their missing weapons, starting at the Hilltop.

On the road to the Hilltop, Lance and his forces encounter a herd, but Lance orders Aaron and Gabriel to deal with it, supposedly to save bullets. Joined by Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel effortlessly eliminate the walkers, impressing Lance and his soldiers.

Arriving at the Hilltop, Lance demands access to perform an inspection for the missing Riverbend residents and the stolen weapons. When Maggie refuses, Lance prepares to order his men to storm the gates, but Daryl convinces him to allow him to try to convince Maggie peacefully. Daryl tells Maggie that no one's leaving until the soldiers conduct their search and he asks Maggie to trust him even if she can't trust Lance. Maggie reluctantly allow Lance and the soldiers access and they search the Hilltop without any success. After Lance tries to intimidate Hershel into talking, Elijah threatens him, leading to a standoff. Daryl joins Maggie in threatening Lance and, having not found anything, Lance reluctantly agrees to take his soldiers and leave.

That night, Daryl, Aaron, Gabriel and some Commonwealth soldiers camp out and Daryl tells the other two that they are being sent out to search for the missing weapons rather than returning to the Commonwealth.

Elsewhere, Lance's men locate Leah's Camp, but Leah ambushes them, wounding two of the soldiers before Lance gets Leah to agree to hear him out before killing them.

"Acts of God"

Using the flip of a coin, Lance Hornsby separates his men into two groups, having one don camouflage in order to help Leah infiltrate the Hilltop and assassinate Maggie.

At the same time, Lance has Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel work with Romano and three other soldiers to search for the missing Riverbend residents. On Lance's order, Romano and his men attempt to ambush and kill Daryl, Aaron and Gabriel. However, the three see the ambush coming and fight back, stealing rifles from their attackers and killing them, forcing Romano to tell them where to find Lance before Daryl executes him and tells Lance over the radio that Romano is dead. The information leads the three men to Leah's Camp where Gabriel kills another soldier, but they find the camp otherwise abandoned. Realizing that the camp belongs to Leah, Daryl splits off from the other two to find his ex-lover.

At night, Leah and her team of soldiers sneak into the Hilltop through the attic, but the soldiers encounter an explosive booby trap left behind by Maggie, Lydia, Elijah and Marco. The explosion kills three of the soldiers, but Leah kills Marco before the four can enter and take the dead soldiers' weapons, forcing Maggie, Lydia and Elijah to flee. After they're gone, Lance and more of his men sweep the Hilltop, putting down one of the soldiers who had ended up reanimating after the explosion. Lance is furious at his losses, but Leah is unrepentant as she has succeeded in drawing Maggie out.

The next day, Lance and a large contingent of soldiers move through the woods, following a trail to Leah's Cabin. Seeing them outside, Daryl shoots at Lance, grazing his face, and exchanges fire with the soldiers. Lance and his men storm the cabin, only to find Leah dead on the floor and Maggie and Daryl having escaped through a window. Enraged, Lance decides to "take it all."

On Lance's orders, the Commonwealth Army takes over the Hilltop, Alexandria and Oceanside, hanging the Commonwealth's banner over the communities walls and lining up the residents of Oceanside for Lance.



Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Commonwealth Army has killed:

  • Jesse (Alive)
  • Hart
  • Ian
  • Many unnamed Riverbend residents (6 Alive)
  • 1 unnamed Commonwealth soldier (Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people



TV Series

Season 10

Season 11


  • The Commonwealth Army is the second professional military encountered in the TV Series, with standardized weapons and armor. The first being the Civic Republic Military.
  • According to Angela Kang in Talking Dead for "No Other Way", the soldiers' armor is made out of a heavy foam material that is very quiet, and any sound of armor clanking heard in the episode is added in the post production process.