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The Commonwealth Hospital is a location seen in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Located in the city, the hospital serves as the primary medical facility for the Commonwealth, receiving most of its resources from an opium poppy farm.


Nothing is known about this hospital prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 11

"Out of the Ashes"

The hospital is briefly shown in the orientation video with a shot of an elderly woman receiving care from a nurse.

"New Haunts"

Carol infiltrates the Commonwealth Hospital to find out what the status for Ezekiel's treatment is. She sneaks into the medical records room and retrieves Ezekiel's file from a drawer until she is caught by Dr. Okumura who tells her that the chances of Ezekiel getting treated are close to none, much to Carol's dismay.

"Rogue Element"

Connie and Kelly visit the hospital with plans to interview Tyler Davis. Instead, they are stopped by a soldier stationed outside his room. When they question the soldier about Tyler, the door opens, revealing General Mercer to be inside. Later that night, General Mercer returns to the hospital to inquire about the location of Tyler, as his room is now empty. The on-duty nurse informs Mercer that Tyler was taken and it was done by someone who was able to bypass his authority as General of the Commonwealth Army, to which an angered Mercer punches the wall and leaves the hospital.

"The Lucky Ones"

Carol and Jerry visit Ezekiel at the hospital as Tomi and Theo perform a pre-operation check in preparation for surgery. Theresa is also at the hospital for a check-up with a nurse. A few days later, Ezekiel is back in the hospital for surgery.


Tomi is in his office drinking from a bottle when Ezekiel knocks and enters. Tomi quickly hides the bottle before speaking with Ezekiel, who senses that the man is upset. Tomi reveals that he lost a patient that morning. The conversation then turns to how Tomi can help Ezekiel with a friend of his who needs an emergency procedure, but they also need medicine. Tomi agrees to help Ezekiel steal the needed supplies and manage to avoid soldiers on duty at the hospital before bumping to one near the lobby. The two men are detained but later freed by Carol thanks to her connections with Lance Hornsby.


TV Series

Season 11


  • In "New Haunts" as Carol is going through the medical records, several names of other patients can be observed in the filing cabinet including Sarah Ripley, Jim Send, and Felipe Stureo.