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Companion characters are main characters in The Walking Dead Social Game who accompany the Hero Player on camp missions, side stories, and raids. Their names, genders, and physical features are randomly generated by the game.


Nothing is known about any companion characters' lives before the outbreak or as the outbreak began.


Companion characters are unlocked by the player as they reach new levels or achievements. They can accompany the Hero Player on camp missions and side missions, as well as raids. If killed, they will respawn once the mission or raid is over, making their deaths non-canon.

Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Hero Player

It can be assumed that each companion character has a fairly good relationship with the Hero Player they are following, as they appear to be very loyal towards them.


Social Game

As Playable Character

Coming Soon


  • The companion characters do not impact the story in any way and are only there to help the player when facing a big mission.
    • However, as of "Outside Woodbury," companion characters can now accompany the Hero Player on story missions.
  • Companion characters cannot speak; however, they can grunt when striking a Walker or person, and will scream in pain just before they are killed.
  • The player can obtain no more than four companion characters throughout the course of the game.
  • Upon unlocking a companion character, the player will be given a brief description of that character's abilities and personality traits.
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