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"I found her camp. She's with some guy who knew Michonne. They left in a hurry. Something's not right."
Kelly to Magna.[src]

Connie's Camp is a location seen in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is where Connie briefly lived with Virgil following her escape from Alpha's Cave.


After escaping from Alpha's Cave and being found by Virgil, Connie settles into this location with him for a short period of time. However, they are forced to abandon the camp and flee due to the threat of the Ferals stalking them.

Season 11

"On the Inside"

After learning of Connie's survival from Keith and where his group had last seen her, Kelly goes looking for her sister in the area and manages to locate Connie's abandoned camp where she finds a dead, partially devoured horse and Connie and Virgil's belongings. Amongst the belongings are Connie's slingshot and a notebook that Connie and Virgil had used to communicate, revealing that something was watching them and that they were planning to pack up and leave. With no further sign of her sister, Kelly leaves the abandoned camp.

After being found by Magna, Carol and Rosita, Kelly shows Magna the notebook and reveals that she had found Connie's camp and that Connie and Virgil had left in a hurry. With Connie in danger, the other three agree to help Kelly find her sister.




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