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"You all alone? (...) She will. You believe that. Will there be somebody to catch you once we get to Phoenix?"
—Connie making conversation with Jake, who is upset that he couldn't contact his mother.[src]

Connie is a character that appears in Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462. She is one of the passengers on Flight 462.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Connie's life prior to the outbreak, except that she was a passenger on Flight 462 during the time of the outbreak. She was also religious, as she was heard praying to Jesus and wore a crucifix necklace.


Flight 462

Part 1

Connie is seated next to Jake Powell on Flight 462. She seems a bit nervous at the start, praying to Jesus to soothe herself. During the commotion between Marcus and Deirdre, she looks somewhat frightened at the news that flights are being grounded.

Part 2

As the plane takes off and begins ascending into the sky, Connie calmly knits.

Part 3

As the plane flies through the air, Connie makes small talk with Jake, asking about his parents. She kindly reassures him that they will both be okay and not to worry about anything.

Part 4

Connie witnesses Marcus fall ill as he rushes to the bathroom.

Part 5

Connie waits impatiently behind Suzanne to use the restroom. She complains to Deirdre that Marcus is still in the bathroom and asks Deirdre if she can use the restroom in first class instead. However, the plane was getting ready for landing so Connie returned to her seat.

Part 12

As Anthony attempts to gun down an undead Marcus, Connie is among the passengers to flee their seats in order to get away from the shooting.

Part 15

With the plane beginning to break apart after the window breaks open, Connie grabs an air mask after they are deployed.

Season 2


It is revealed that Flight 462 broke up and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Connie was among the many passengers to be killed among the impact of the plane.


Flight 462

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