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It'll be okay. We're gonna keep practicing, make sure you're ready. (...) Who's gonna take care of me? Please. We got this. You and me together, remember? It's not a disability, it's a damn... SUPERPOWER!
―Connie comforting and reassuring Kelly about her hearing loss.[src]

Connie is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is a member of Magna's group and Kelly's sister. After being rescued by Judith Grimes from life on the road, Connie and her companions are brought to the Alexandria Safe Zone, before eventually moving to reside in the Hilltop Colony. Following a harrowing ordeal, Connie vanishes for a long period of time, but she eventually returns to Alexandria with a new companion. Connie later joins the Commonwealth and becomes a journalist writing for the Commonwealth Tribune.


Connie is a seasoned, independent, and intelligent deaf survivor. Despite her disability, she uses her other senses as an advantage to read people, situations, and trouble. She acts as her group's eyes and is always aware of her surroundings, keeping one step ahead. She also uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her group and other survivors, and sees her ability to communicate silently without alerting walkers as a strength rather than a weakness. Over time, many of her friends, including Daryl, learn sign language to communicate with their friend.

Connie is shown to be incredibly resourceful, surviving and escaping from the collapse of Alpha's Cave and spending days walking with the Whisperers' massive herd before she could break free of it despite the lack of food, water and rest. While trapped in The Ferals' House, despite her fear, Connie holds her own despite being outnumbered. When cornered, Connie come up with the idea of covering herself in walker guts and letting a herd in to deal with her enemies while keeping herself and Virgil safe at the same time. Despite her ordeal, Connie volunteers shortly thereafter to help deal with the situation in Alexandria and shows no animosity towards Carol for what happened to her. When Pamela Milton's henchmen try to abduct Connie, she is able to injure one, escape and then have the presence of mind to go to the hospital as he will need medical attention so as to follow the man to her missing friends.

As a journalist, Connie is shown to be dedicated to reporting on the truth and exposing corruption to the point that she got Pamela Milton's uncle kicked out of Congress before the world ended. Despite their differences, Pamela goes so far as to call Connie the Commonwealth's best reporter. In the Commonwealth, Connie dedicates herself to exposing Pamela and her family's corruption and plays a vital role in exposing Sebastian's crimes and starting the unrest that ultimately leads to the overthrow of Pamela's corrupt government. A year later, Connie continues her work as a reporter, telling Daryl that she intends to keep the new administration honest.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Connie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she has a sister named Kelly. Connie also mentioned that she was a journalist, while her sister remarks that she was being humble. This is due to the fact she exposed many corrupt politicians and put them behind bars, among those being Pamela Milton's uncle. Connie had also interviewed Pamela at least once before the apocalypse.


At some point after the outbreak, Connie and her sister Kelly met fellow survivors Luke, Bernie, Magna, and Yumiko, among other survivors. The group survived for several years, eventually becoming closer and seeing each other as family. However, as the years went by, several members of the group died.

The group resided in different communities, such as Jones Springs and Coalport, both which eventually fell causing the group's distrust in rejoining any other similar settlements.

Season 9[]

"What Comes After"[]

In the woods, Magna's group take on a herd of walkers. They quickly get overwhelmed but they get saved when the walkers around them get shot from the trees.

Connie and the group escape into the woods to find a 9-year-old girl who asks for their names. They introduce themselves and ask what her name is. The girl picks up her hat and introduces herself as Judith Grimes.

"Who Are You Now?"[]

In the woods, Connie and the group follow Judith as she leads them to Rosita, Eugene, Laura, and Aaron. Wanting to take them in, Judith declares she won't return to Alexandria until they accept them. The others reluctantly agree.

Later, Connie and the group arrive at Alexandria's gates and Judith assures them they'll be safe. They get escorted inside, where Gracie runs over to Aaron. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko's condition and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna and asks Eugene why they're here. Aaron claims it was his call but Michonne reminds him it's not his call to make. "I decided," Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her but Aaron says they're here now and they should decide their fate together, while Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees and instructs her people to put them in holding.

The next day, Connie and the group stand before the Alexandria council for questioning. They ask who their leader is and Magna claims they're a team, while Luke explains their group used to be bigger and that they just lost their friend, Bernie. Gabriel asks about their former professions. Luke was a music teacher, Magna was a truck stop waitress, Connie was a journalist and Kelly was a high school student. Luke says they should trust them, but Michonne isn't done with questions. She stands up and asks Magna to see her left hand, which has a prison tattoo. Michonne then calls her out for the hidden knife on her belt, which she puts on the table. Michonne storms out, saying she'll second any of their motions. Magna tries to question her but is shut off.

Later, in the infirmary, Siddiq updates Connie and the rest on Yumiko's condition. Luke asks him if he has been there since the start but Siddiq confesses that he was also found in the woods, but things were different in the past.

At night, Connie and the rest scold Magna for ruining their chance to stay. Luke asks Magna to hand over her necklace, which also doubles as a knife, but she's reluctant. Magna says they should fight their way through Alexandria to take their supplies before heading out, but Connie tells her to leave Michonne and Judith out of it. Luke says they save the fighting for people who deserve it, and Magna finally surrenders the necklace.

The next day, Connie and the group prepares to leave by thanking everyone for their hospitality. Connie says goodbye to Judith in ASL while she says she will practice. Michonne rides up and says she's going to instead escort them to Hilltop with Siddiq.


On the road to Hilltop, Siddiq tells Michonne she should have let Magna's group stay in Alexandria, but she says she still doesn't trust them and is only doing this for her daughter. In the cart, Magna complains to her group that Michonne has her knives and she wants them back. Yumiko tells Michonne she's just upset about their lost friend, Bernie.

A while later, Michonne and the others arrive at Magna's giant crate of supplies, which have been displaced and destroyed by walkers. Magna's upset at the sight of Bernie's things while Michonne instructs D.J. to gather more of their weapons. This angers them, and Michonne also announces she's returning to Alexandria in the morning while Siddiq and D.J. help them finish the journey. Magna and Luke start to get riled up, but Yumiko calms them down and reluctantly agrees to her terms. They decide to find shelter for the night.

At night, inside a factory, Connie and Kelly sleep side by side. She and the rest wake up after hearing Michonne slice Luke's Stradivarius in half.

Luke gawks at his broken Stradivarius in disbelief and explains to Michonne how old and rare it was. Yumiko lays her head on Magna's leg and playfully recalls the mansion they found it in. Luke says the Stradivarius is the one thing that separates them from the animals and how it brought humans together in the past, leaving Michonne in thought.

In the morning, Siddiq tries again to convince Michonne to come with them but she says she can't take the risk with Maggie. Siddiq reveals to her that Maggie and Hershel left last fall, shocking her. Before he can explain, D.J. arrives to let them know that there are walkers outside. The group gets out to find several walkers blocking the path to their horses.

Michonne kills several walkers as Magna demands they get back their weapons. Michonne finally relents and orders D.J. to return them their weapons. As Magna's group splits up and take out several walkers, an undead Bernie appears, deeply upsetting them. A heartbroken Magna can't put him down, so Michonne does it for her. The group opens a clear path and leave.

On the road, Michonne empathizes with Yumiko and Magna, saying that she understands their pain of losing a friend considered family. Suddenly, two Hilltop soldiers ride up to them to inform that Rosita's injured and being cared for at Hilltop. Michonne instructs them to tell Hilltop they're on their way. Connie notices something nearby, confusing the group, but tells them it's nothing. As they leave, someone watches them from the bushes.


At Hilltop, everyone runs inside as Michonne and Siddiq arrive with Magna and her group. From the guard post, Dianne makes them all surrender their weapons before entering.

Inside, Tara coldly greets Michonne and updates her on Eugene, Aaron, Daryl, and Rosita's situations. She then informs Connie and the rest of the group that they'll have to wait for Jesus to return before deciding on their future, but they can stay until he gets back. Connie thanks her for everyone.

Later, Magna questions to Yumiko why Hilltop is led by a guy named Jesus but Connie assures her it's probably just a nickname. Yumiko suggests they work on proving their worth so they can stay. Michonne then introduces the new group to Carol, who happily introduces herself through sign language, which Connie appreciates.


In the woods, Connie and her group follow Tara in the search for Alden and Luke. They find a group of walkers feasting on their horses and kill them, while checking they aren't Whisperers. Connie notices that the horses were cut open and skinned with knives. Tara realizes that Lydia lied about it just being her mother out there and decides they should go back to Hilltop until they find out what this is.

Later, in their trailer, Yumiko suggests they leave to search for Luke again but Magna warns they could lose everything if they disobey Tara's wishes. Kelly reveals that she saw some kids sneak out of Hilltop and agrees with Yumiko that they should search for Luke. They take a vote and decide to leave that night.

At night, in the woods, Connie and the rest find a new set of tracks that could be from the Whisperers. As a herd approaches, Yumiko has second thoughts about leaving. Magna and Connie back her up, but Kelly breaks down, reminding them Luke saved her in Coalport. Connie comforts her and tells Magna and Yumiko to return without them and she'll stay and talk to Kelly. Unknown to them, a Whisperer watches them from the woods.

In the morning, Connie follows behind as Kelly is escorted by guards to Hilltop. Suddenly, a small group of Whisperers approaches the gates, forcing Connie to hide in the cornfield while Kelly is brought back inside to the hilltop, much to her protest.


In the cornfield, Connie watches as Alpha signals for more Whisperers to show up and nearly gets spotted by a Whisperer until they walk away.

Later, Connie watches as a herd arrives and Alpha instructs her people to draw them away. Luke spots Connie in the cornfields and signs behind his back for her to keep quiet. Suddenly, a Whisperer's baby starts crying, which attracts the walkers over. Alpha shrugs at the mother, indicating she should leave the baby to die. Alden and Luke scream for them not to but Alpha explains it's natural selection. Luke frantically signs Connie to grab the baby.

Connie runs out of the cornfield, sling-shots a walker, and grabs it. The Whisperers around her unsheathe blades as Connie escapes back into the cornfield. Daryl runs in and kills the walkers around her while Kelly, Tammy, and Earl step in to rescue her. She is then escorted inside Hilltop.

At night, Connie watches in thought as her companions drink and celebrate Luke's safety. A while later, she goes outside and sits by a table to write something. Suddenly, she notices Daryl getting ready to leave and stops him. He explains he is going in search of Henry and she writes him a note, claiming that she wants to tag along. Daryl reluctantly agrees and they set off.


In the woods, Connie and Daryl look for Henry and realize that the Whisperers caught up with him. They kill some walkers and Daryl orders his dog to bring him the bolt back, but he refuses. Connie smiles as Daryl calls him a bad dog. Later, she and Daryl watch from some bushes as some Whisperers draw a herd to devour some corpses.

At night, Connie and Daryl, dressed as Whisperers, lure the herd into the Whisperers' camp. In the middle of the chaos, Connie and Daryl grab Henry, who grabs Lydia, and together they escape.


In the woods, following their daring escape from the Whisperers, Daryl blames Lydia for getting them into this mess and says she can't go with them back to Hilltop. Connie and Henry refuse to leave her behind and run off with her in another direction. Daryl reluctantly follows them.

At dawn, Connie and Daryl devise a plan to use an office building as a means of separating the Whisperers from the undead. Lydia warns Daryl that Alpha's going to send Beta, who's their best fighter. "We'll kill him first", Daryl promises. Inside the office building, Connie reveals to Daryl that her group used the building to hide supplies and they argue about how they should proceed afterwards, with Connie saying Lydia should come back with them because they have more to lose than her.

Later, Lydia spots a group of walkers/whisperers emerge from the bushes. In the middle of the group is Beta, who quietly instructs his people to spread out as Daryl shoots one of them with his crossbow. Beta and his people break in and quickly discover a trap meant to separate them from the dead. Meanwhile, Daryl makes Lydia hide in a closet as the Whisperers creep upstairs.

Henry knocks one of them out as Connie slingshots another, before going to hunt down the others. Suddenly, a Whisperer stabs Henry in the leg, but is then tackled by Daryl's dog. Connie finishes it off as Lydia breaks out and goes to help Henry.

Afterward, Connie draws the herd away with her slingshot and Daryl tells the others they're headed to Alexandria to get Henry help because it's closer. However, he doesn't intend to stay and they will instead keep moving on.


Connie arrives at Alexandria with Daryl, Henry, and Lydia. From a guardpost, Michonne tells Daryl she's skeptical of Lydia but he assures her she's on their side. Inside, Connie tells Michonne that she's thankful to her for everything. At night, Connie, Daryl, Henry, and Lydia leave for the Kingdom.

The next day, Connie, Daryl, Henry, and Lydia encounter Michonne and Judith in the woods and join them on their way towards the Kingdom.

"The Calm Before"[]

Connie and the group arrive at the Kingdom as the fair starts. She runs to her sister and hugs her, before embracing her whole group.

Later, Connie says goodbye to Yumiko and Magna as they prepare to leave the Kingdom to go to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a possible attack. She also says goodbye to Daryl and promises him to watch after his dog until he returns.

In the fair, Connie apologizes to Kelly for leaving in a rush and confess she saved the baby because she still hasn't moved on from a past trauma. Later, Connie and Kelly try to help Earl look for Tammy around the fair.

The next day, in the Kingdom, Connie is in the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen.

Season 10[]

"Lines We Cross"[]

Some months after the blizzard, Connie and the Coalition form a militia in order to train the several residents of the communities to face any future treats. She takes part in a training exercise on the Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Connie and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat.

Later on, Connie helps the Oceanside residents pull some fishing nets from the sea. Kelly tells Connie she's worried her gradual hearing loss will prevent her from translating for her. Connie assures her that she'll be okay and they should see their deafness as a superpower. Suddenly, Dog runs over with Daryl following behind. Kelly gives Connie a look suggesting she and Daryl are into each other, but Connie just rolls her eyes.

Connie then walks to the dock to deliver Dog to Daryl with a note saying, "Think you lost something." He communicates with her in ASL. Connie is impressed and tells him that he signs with a southern accent. When Carol arrives on a boat., Connie greets her with a hug.

That night, Connie and the others decide to cross Alpha's border to put out the fire and avoid it burning down Oceanside. They discover the remains of the satellite and start combating the fire. Some use water while others dig a means to prevent the fire from spreading until the morning arrives. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. With their backs to the fire, the group prepares for a fight.

Connie and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. As they keep killing the walkers, Daryl tosses an axe to cut a tree down and have it fall onto some walkers. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. She then helps out Eugene scrap the fallen satellite for any valuable part.

"We Are the End of the World"[]

Connie is remembered by Frances when she saved the baby from the incoming walkers in a flashback to the time she brought her son to the Hilltop in search of Lydia.

"Silence the Whisperers"[]

Connie is alerted to the commotion of a tree falling onto a house and a portion of Hilltop's walls. Luke wonders if the Whisperers are responsible, and Connie is left thinking about that. She then helps the other residents rescue the trapped injured from the rubble. The next day, the residents realize that a small herd has arrived outside the community walls. Connie and a group head outside to fight them off.

That night, Connie and the other residents kill the incoming walkers with the help of the Alexandria convoy when the herd invades the community. The following morning, Connie hugs Luke goodbye advising him to be safe as he rides with the parting group towards Oceanside and watches as they leave the community.

"What It Always Is"[]

Connie helps serve food to the residents as she notices Daryl and Siddiq arriving at the Hilltop. When the hunting group returns back, Connie expresses concern about Kelly's whereabouts. Oscar informs that she volunteered to stay back and she would return later. Connie looks concerned as Daryl listens nearby.

Later that day, Connie and Daryl search for Kelly around the woods. As Connie grows worried for her sister, Daryl tells her a story about how he saved his brother Merle from drowning during a fishing trip but was chastised for not getting the beer off the lake. They laugh over the story and hold hands. Suddenly, Dog finds the remains of a boar. They hear a noise behind them and find Magna.

Sometime later, the group manages to find an exhausted Kelly lying under a tree. As they give her water, Kelly insists to Magna they tell Daryl and Connie about the supplies they've been taking. Daryl is mad about them hiding the supplies and Connie suggests they lie and say they found it in the woods. When the group later arrives back at Hilltop, Connie informs Yumiko of the recent events.

That night, Connie finds Daryl as he is preparing to head back to Alexandria and apologizes for involving him with Kelly and Magna's lie. He claims to understand because they are her family. She then says she considers him family too and smiles as he drives off, however, her smile quickly drops.

"The World Before"[]

Connie is part of the group from Hilltop to meet up with Daryl, Carol, and Aaron in the woods to go find the horde following Gamma's intel. When Daryl thanks her for helping, she smiles and pulls out a pre-written note saying "anything for us". That night, the group crosses one of the borders in the woods to continue their mission.

The next day, the group arrives at the location of the horde in a clearing only to find it's empty, so they leave to go search for the missing Lydia. When Carol chases after Alpha into a dark building, Connie and the others follow her inside. The group then falls below a cave into a trap where they find themselves surrounded by most of the horde.


Having become trapped in the cave with the horde, Connie and the group recover from the fall and realize Alpha is watching them from the top as they look around for a possible exit. She watches as Carol screams in anger and later as Magna tries to climb a wall in vain. The group starts seeking other avenues of escape and eventually they decide to jump from rock to rock onto the other side of the cave in order to find another exit.

As the group moves through the cave, Connie notices Carol is hyperventilating and asks her if she's fine, to which she agrees. Shortly after, Kelly asks Connie if she thinks its dark outside but she tells her not to think about it. When Magna is ambushed by a Whisperer, the group engages in a fight and kills several Whisperers, before deciding to follow the ones who escaped to find the exit. Connie consoles Carol and the group starts to squeeze through narrow tunnels until they find an underground mine station where Kelly discovers a box of dynamite.

When Carol accidentally drops a stick of dynamite in an effort to destroy the herd, the explosion causes the cave to begin collapsing. Connie runs back to find Daryl and Carol, forcing Magna to follow her. They find them and help them escape but encounter more Whisperers coming from behind. Connie and Magna stay back and kill several Whisperers to protect Jerry, but he cannot hold the beam anymore and leaves through the hole. The rest of the dynamite immediately explodes and the cave implodes, trapping Connie and Magna inside with an uncertain fate.

"Walk With Us"[]

After Magna is found to be alive, she reveals that she and Connie camouflaged themselves in the Whisperer herd and exited the cave alongside the walkers. The two were separated, however, when some walkers got between them. Magna was unable to find Connie afterwards and doesn't know if she made it out or not.

"A Certain Doom"[]

Having survived the cave collapse and escaped, a dust covered and exhausted Connie wakes up in the woods near Oceanside where she makes her way to the road where she is found by Virgil before passing out.

Season 11[]

"On the Inside"[]

Connie and Virgil flee from something in the woods. Virgil suggests they seek refuge in a nearby house, but Connie insists they keep running. They sense something approaching and run. Connie and Virgil race up to a house. Connie pushes the front door open, and they hide inside. Walkers swarm the front door. Connie and Virgil search the house and reconvene in the living room. Virgil tells Connie that the house is empty, but Connie shakes her head. Virgil reminds Connie that she hasn't slept in days and urges her to sleep, but Connie worries that the house is unsafe. She decides to search the house again.

Connie searches the house. She opens a medicine cabinet and sees a pair of wild eyes staring back at her through a slot in the wall. She races back to Virgil and tells him they're not alone. Virgil checks the medicine cabinet and doesn't see anything. He wonders if Connie was hallucinating. Connie refuses to stay in the house and leaves the room. Someone slams a door behind her, cutting her off from Virgil. A feral human scrambles toward her on all fours. Connie flees into a room and slams the door behind her. The feral bangs against the door.

Connie holds the door shut until the feral quiets down on the other side. She enters the basement and sees human bones littered all over the floor. The shelves rattle as the feral wakes up and bursts into the room. Connie hides in a crawl space between the walls. Connie peers through a hole in the wall and sees Virgil in the next room. She pounds on the wall, drawing Virgil's attention. A feral sneaks up on Virgil and attacks him.

Connie pounds on the wall, momentarily distracting the feral. Virgil stabs it in the chest. Connie continues pounding on the wall. Virgil plunges his knife into the wall, nearly stabbing Connie. Connie punches her arm through the wall. Virgil realizes that it's Connie and pulls her through. Injured and weak, Virgil gives Connie his knife and urges her to make a run for it. Connie refuses to abandon him. Virgil hears the creatures stir upstairs and the two rush out the room with weapons blazing. Ferals attack from all directions and Virgil is stabbed by one of them. Getting an idea, Connie covers herself in walker guts then flings the front door open, letting all of the walkers inside. The walkers devour the ferals while ignoring Connie, who is blocking Virgil in a corner with her own body, and Virgil due to the walker guts.

Connie and Virgil stumble outside and collapse. Two ferals escape from the house, but Kelly arrives, shoots them with her slingshot and tearfully reunites with Connie. Carol, Aaron, Rosita and Magna arrive and reunited with their lost friend before deciding to quickly return to Alexandria as a storm approaches.

"For Blood"[]

Connie hides out in Aaron's house as the storm rages in Alexandria, tending to the injured Virgil and sees a piece of the perimeter wall blow down the street. When Aaron holds a meeting in the kitchen of his house and reports that the storm blew a panel off the wall and that a fire in the windmill is drawing walkers, he proposes that they split up into teams to fix the wall and stop the fire. Connie volunteers to help which Magna argues against as she just got back, but Connie insists that she's fine and can go and Aaron agrees that they could use Connie's help if she's up for it. Connie states that she wants to go with Carol to put out the fire in the windmill and Carol thanks her. Kelly decides to join the team along with her sister which Connie briefly objects to before conceding while Magna decides to go with Aaron and Virgil is convinced to stay at the house.

"No Other Way"[]

Connie assists in searching for the breach in the wall during the storm. When the group arrives home, she reunites with Daryl, as they state they're happy to see each other.

"New Haunts"[]

After one month into their stay at the Commonwealth, Connie has been assigned the role of a journalist for the Commonwealth Tribune. She is reporting the events of the Halloween street party and fancy dress competition. In a conversation with Daryl, Carol and Kelly, it is revealed that Connie had interviewed Pamela before the world fell, and got her uncle kicked out of Congress, having exposed him for corruption.

Later on, Connie attends the masquerade ball, in which she gets re-introduced to Pamela. She dives straight in with the tough questions, including one regarding the class divide showcased at the party. Pamela assures her that they care for all their citizens, and even introduces her and Kelly to a previous lottery winner.

After the ball is evacuated, due to Tyler's recent outburst, Connie is rushed back inside by armed guards.

"Rogue Element"[]

Connie argues with her newspaper editor about the story they're running about Tyler, the man who threatened Pamela at the masquerade. She insists they tell the truth instead of paraphrasing Pamela's press release, but her editor warns Connie to toe the line. Connie and Kelly try to speak with Tyler at the hospital where he's being held, but a soldier is guarding Tyler's room. Mercer closes the door in their faces.

Connie and Kelly show up for a military ride along for a newspaper story. They are directed into a wagon by the logistics officer while Mercer hops into a military truck. Mercer catches up with Connie and Kelly, and asks if Connie got everything she needed for her ride along story. Connie goes off script and demands to know what Tyler has been charged with. She also asks if Tyler is being punished for the fact that his hostage at the masquerade, Max, was Mercer's sister. Mercer refuses to answer her question and warns her not to dig any further.

At home, Kelly tries to cheer up Connie, who is unhappy about having to write a puff piece about Mercer. Connie finds a note that someone slipped under the door. It's a list of names, including Tyler's name.


Connie, Kelly, and Rosita meet with Eugene at his apartment. Rosita tells Connie that Sebastian has been sending civilians on deadly missions to get him cash. Connie shows them a list of names that an anonymous source left at her door. They spot the name of April, the woman who was trapped in the safe room where they got Sebastian's cash. Connie says they need access to Pamela's files in order to unearth more evidence. Eugene says he might know someone.

"Acts of God"[]

At the Commonwealth, Connie, Kelly, Magna, Eugene, and Max are in a room reviewing the files Max retrieved. They try to figure out what is truly going on behind the scenes and plan to have Connie write an article exposing the Miltons. Connie plans on writing about Sebastian's heist and pin it on Pamela. Someone knocks at the door; everyone scrambles to hide the papers, but Magna stops them and reveals it's Ezekiel, who she invited to help. The all look at each other and agree that they have to do this for the good of everyone.


Back in the Commonwealth, protests outside of Pamela's office are in full swing, with dozens of residents demanding justice for the Miltons' crimes following Connie's article naming the people who have died for Sebastian's heist, such as April Martens, and those who have mysteriously gone missing, such as Tyler Davis. Connie, Kelly, Ezekiel, Magna, and Rosita join in the protests, while keeping an eye on the impact their work on exposing the truth is having. While Ezekiel voices a desire to be ready to help the citizens of the community in case things "go sideways", Magna brings up the need for them to have "options." Kelly asks if she intends to leave. Magna denies the prospect, saying that the people of the Commonwealth still need their help, but that it's only a matter of time before things get worse. Rosita assures them that a decision does not have to be made yet, or until Daryl, Aaron, and the others return.

At night, despite the curfew going on, many residents attend a memorial service for April in Union Square. Connie, Kelly, and Magna arrive, as well as Henderson and many troopers. With a megaphone, Henderson tells everyone they are in violation of curfew and the herd is getting close. He tells everyone to go to their homes immediately, and while some leave, many decide to stay, including April's parents.

Yumiko arrives at Pamela's house and is offered a drink. Yumiko is angry at Pamela for tear-gassing her friends, but Pamela believes it was necessary to keep everyone safe. Yumiko asks Pamela if she really thinks there is no way Sebastian had anything to do with the crimes committed. Pamela knows that he has some behavioral issues, but says his father and grandfather were the same way, and still is firm in her belief it wasn't Sebastian. Yumiko says she is trying to figure out how much Pamela knew about it, since she might have to defend her. However, Pamela shows her distrust of Yumiko, seeing that she is close friends with one of the biggest journalists in the Commonwealth, Connie.

"What's Been Lost"[]

All of the Coalition members in the Commonwealth are rounded up and made to disappear by Pamela Milton's men, Connie apparently among them.

As Yumiko makes her way out of the hospital, she is intercepted by Connie and pulled into a storage closet. Connie explains that she stabbed one of her attackers in the leg and ran when he let go of her. However, it happened so fast that Connie doesn't know if anyone else escaped. When Connie turned back to help Kelly, her sister was already gone, and Connie didn't know what else to do. Yumiko reassures her friend that she did the right thing as Connie would be in the same situation otherwise. Connie knew that the man that she stabbed would need medical attention, so she came to the hospital. Looking through a vent into the next room, Yumiko spots the injured man being treated and Connie reveals her intention to follow him once he's released as he could lead them to their friends and her sister. However, Yumiko worries that it's too dangerous as Connie could be caught. Rather than allow Connie to risk herself, Yumiko decides to do it herself as they may be looking for Connie, but they aren't looking for Yumiko. Both women know that, if Yumiko's spotted, Pamela's men will know that they spoke, and they can't risk seeing each other again. Connie reassures Yumiko that she has faith in her, and they share a hug before Yumiko leaves. However, Yumiko's attempts to follow the man fail.

Before the press conference to announce Yumiko's intention to prosecute Eugene for Sebastian's murder, Pamela reveals to her that Connie has been captured by her men as well now and Connie has been placed with the others.

"Outpost 22"[]

On a hillside, Daryl and Carol observe several Commonwealth soldiers at a siding by the Commonwealth Train Depot that Lance Hornsby had led them to. The train arrives, carrying two Commonwealth jeeps and motorcycles and Carol asks if they can follow it without being seen. Daryl thinks that if they hang back far enough, they'll be fine before a jeep arrives carrying a captive Connie. Seeing one of the soldiers talk into a radio, Carol turns on their own stolen radio and they overhear the soldier report that he has to put an exile on the train despite it being a cargo transport and thus against regulations. Another man responds that it has been cleared from on high as Connie is going to be Designation 2 rather than a worker. The soldier is ordered to get her there safely, but the reaction of both men to the news makes it clear that Connie being Designation 2 isn't a good thing. Carol wonders what Designation 2 is while Daryl knows that they can't go get Connie as the soldiers will radio ahead and warn everybody. They need to find the kids first, but Daryl is clearly troubled by his inability to help Connie. Carol reassures her friend that they will follow the train to the others and bust them out all at once. Daryl watches the train leave with a conflicted look on his face.

During the gunfight on the train, Jones emerge with Connie as a hostage. Jones forces Daryl to disarm himself and, after Daryl admits that they had disabled the train's long-range antenna, Jones demands to know exactly what they did to it. While the soldier is distracted by Daryl, Connie breaks free and Jones takes off running through the train, chased by Daryl after he makes sure that Connie's alright. Jones takes one of the motorcycles being transported on the train and flees while Carol helps Connie to her feet. Leaving his friends to deal with the approaching herd, Daryl takes the other motorcycle and chases after Jones who crashes his motorcycle after going off-road with it in an attempt to avoid Daryl. Sliding his motorcycle under a fallen tree, Daryl hits Jones, sending him to the ground and knocking the man's helmet off. Daryl stabs Jones in the head, killing him.

Carol, Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita lead Wilson into the building where he refuses to help, stating that he's dead if he helps them. Wilson is shocked to see Nelson's dead body and Maggie warns the man that he's dead if he doesn't help them. Wilson explains that his family lives at a nearby outpost and if the Warden finds out that he helped them, Wilson will end up just like their friends. Rosita explains that the Commonwealth took their children and asks about the family that Wilson had mentioned before suggesting that Nelson had a family too. After a moment, Wilson tells them that there's a map in the train's engine room. Maggie and Carol take Wilson to get the map. Daryl returns and reunites with Connie, admitting in sign language that he was afraid that he wasn't going to see her again. Connie reassures Daryl that she's not going anywhere, causing Daryl to chuckle.

Suddenly, Daryl and Connie hear the sound of Wilson shouting at Maggie and Carol and rush over to see him holding a tool to his own throat while the two women try to talk him down. Wilson is terrified that the Warden will kill his wife and two sons if he helps them. Carol offers that if Wilson helps them, they will injure him, nothing serious, just enough to make it look like the engineer had barely gotten away from them and Wilson can tell the Warden that he escaped. However, Wilson believes that the Warden will know that he lied, torture him once he does and then kill Wilson's family. Despite Carol's efforts to talk him down, Wilson drives the tool through his neck, killing himself in order to spare his family from the Warden's vengeance.

Connie asks Daryl if they don't know which way to go which he confirms. Connie knows that Kelly is at Outpost 22 and scared and Connie can't lose her. Daryl promises Connie that they will find Kelly and Rosita suggests getting the train's long-range radio working again. Agreeing with the plan, the group heads back to the train to get the radio working again.

At night, posing as Trooper 301, Rosita radios in to Outpost 22, claiming that the train was overtaken and she's lost in the woods with the group still looking for her and she needs to get back to the site. Finally, a friendly soldier responds and Rosita identifies her location as Junction 7, stating that she's the last one left. The woman begins giving Rosita direction from Junction 7 to Outpost 22. The soldier informs Rosita that they don't have any spare units to send out her way for a pickup as they have a convoy coming in for colonial processing on Pamela's orders. "Word is that most of the processes used to live here before the Commonwealth claimed the territory and turned it into an outpost, back when it was still called Alexandria." The soldier tells Rosita that the Warden will debrief her when she arrives and to shoot to kill if she has to engage any hostiles. The group is stunned by the revelation that Outpost 22 is actually Alexandria and Daryl informs Connie of this development. "Milton has underestimated us since day one. We are gonna get our kids, take back our home, and make it right. And Pamela is never gonna see it coming," Maggie declares to her friends who are filled with new determination.


Outside of Alexandria, Daryl reports that the situation is really bad and he's not sure that any of their friends are going to make it. Gabriel asks if they saw everyone and Carol clarifies that they only saw the adults and that there was no sign of Coco, Hershel and the other kids. Both Maggie and Rosita are concerned by this with Rosita wanting to go in immediately. Daryl, acting as Connie's sign language interpreter so that she understands their conversation, tells the others that they can't go in as there are too many guards and they'll never make it. Gabriel is furious that Pamela had turned their home into a prison after promising to give it back, but Maggie realizes that Pamela had never actually intended to give it back. Daryl comes up with the idea of going in through the sewers and Connie volunteers to go with him while Carol knows a way back into their old house, but she needs some backup just in case the guards blocked it. Maggie decides to go with Carol and Daryl orders them to head for the windmill where a sewer grate is. Rosita wants to go with them too, refusing to stay outside while Coco is inside, but Carol reminds Rosita that she and Gabriel are their best sharpshooters if it comes to that. Carol promises to keep in touch in case something goes wrong, and Rosita reluctantly agrees, although she will come in if takes more than a night. Daryl hands Gabriel his gun and the group separates to enact their plan.

Daryl and Connie enter the sewers and Carol informs them over the radio that they made it and are good which Daryl confirms is the same for him and Connie. Daryl passes on the news to Connie who looks for reassurance that this will work. Moving through the sewers, Daryl puts down a couple of trapped walkers and both he and Connie admit that they're scared.

At night, as Ezekiel and Negan's rebellion succeeds in overthrowing the Warden, the Warden attempts to escape by using Kelly as a hostage. However, Daryl and Connie come up from behind the Warden and Daryl stabs the Warden in the back, incapacitating him and retaking Alexandria from the Commonwealth. Negan prepares to kill the Warden with a rock, but he's stopped by Rosita. Rosita demands to know where her daughter is, but the Warden refuses to answer. Seeing Sanborn reanimate, Rosita grabs him and holds the walker over the Warden's face, once again demanding to know where her daughter is. With a smile, the Warden sadistically tells Rosita that she will lose everything, and Rosita furiously shoves the zombified Sanborn into the Warden's face which Sanborn begins devouring, killing the Warden. Rosita walks away, leaving Sanborn to eat the Warden as her friends, the soldiers and former prisoners watch in shock and horror at the brutal death.


In a reclaimed Alexandria, the Coalition recover their various weapons from a large crate full of weapons confiscated by the Commonwealth.

In front of the windmill, Rosita passes the corpses of Sanborn and the Warden, grabbing an extra clip for her gun off of Sanborn's belt. Gabriel asks Tyler Davis if there's anything that he knows that can help them find the missing children and Tyler reveals that, when he was a soldier, kids without parents would end up at the Commonwealth Children's Home. However, Tyler doesn't know where it is, so he goes to get the location from the captured Commonwealth soldiers at Gabriel's request. Rosita impatiently calls for the Coalition soldiers and freed prisoners to board the Commonwealth's transport bus. Princess asks Magna if anyone actually knows how to drive a train, but Magna reassures her that one of the prisoners apparently used to be an engineer before they board the bus, with Kelly, Connie, Adrienne and Dianne amongst those joining them.

On the Commonwealth's train, Princess works on getting the train's long-range radio working with the help of Tyler who mans the antenna. Tyler notes that it's weird that the two of them are ending up in a place like this again and apologizes for his previous actions. Princess thanks him for it, but she doesn't have time for Tyler's apologies as she's trying to get in contact with the guy who can help them. As Tyler lifts the antenna through the roof, Connie, through Kelly, tells Tyler that she's happy that they finally found him. Kelly explains that they've been looking for Tyler since the night of Pamela's party. Magna sympathetically tells Tyler that society had thrown him away and he was desperate and mad, something that Magna can relate to. Tyler expresses remorse for hurting people in his efforts to get Pamela to hear him, knowing that he shouldn't have done a lot of things. Connie reassures Tyler that he can fix his mistakes and that, while Pamela might not have listened to Tyler, soon the people of the Commonwealth will.

Outside of the tunnel entrance, four Commonwealth soldiers patrol while the Coalition forces hide nearby. Negan tells the others that they are sitting ducks and Mercer isn't coming and they can't wait for him. Carol agrees that it's time for a new plan, but Princess is sure that Mercer is gonna show up. Daryl states that they're running out of time and Carol decides to head around and try to find another way to slip in. Maggie suggests that they could take the four guards, but Rosita warns her that if those guards go missing, the clock is going to start ticking on them. Judith draws the others attention as one of the guards notices something and starts heading their way. However, Lieutenant Rose calls in with orders from Mercer for the guards to report to the East Gate immediately to deal with the incoming herd. Lieutenant Rose confirms that that includes Tunnel H and he reassures the soldiers that the tunnel is locked, and they've got it covered on the other end. Complying with his orders, the guards move out. Breaking the lock on the door, the group makes their way into the tunnel.

A gunfight erupts between Pamela's forces and the Coalition with Rosita desperately trying to get the doors open. One Alexandria resident crawls towards a hiding Connie, Kelly, Magna and Dianne, but he is shot in the head and killed by one of Pamela's men before he can reach them. As the gunfight continues, Pamela herself emerges and grabs a gun from one of her men who is killed by the Coalition. Pamela takes aim at Maggie, but Judith notices and shoves Maggie out of the way just in time, saving her life. Instead, Pamela accidentally shoots Judith, seriously wounding the young girl. Daryl desperately attends to Judith as Pamela watches in horror and the others increase their fire, killing a few more of Pamela's men. Yelling that "you did this," Pamela retreats to her office. Looking for a way out, Daryl spots a fire extinguisher near Ezekiel and signals him to throw it. Grabbing Rick's Colt Python from Judith, Daryl shoots the fire extinguisher, creating a smokescreen.

In Union Square, Yumiko and Max observe the heavily guarded doors to Union Station from across the street. Hearing twigs snapping, Yumiko spots a hooded Eugene sneaking around a train car, armed with Brooks' rifle and she tells Max that they are going to go around. Inside, under cover of the smokescreen, Daryl and the others manage to break the chains sealing a side door. As a trooper approaches the doors, Eugene ambushes him and knocks the man out with the butt of his rifle. Magna finally breaks through the doors, and everyone is reunited with Eugene, Yumiko and Max before quickly making their escape.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

"Rest in Peace"[]

In the streets, the Coalition desperately fights off the herd as they try to escape from the walkers swarming around them, those armed with guns shooting the undead while the rest stab at them with knives, including Max. However, Jules misses the head of one walker, instead stabbing it in the shoulder. The walker bites Jules in the arm and Luke rushes to his girlfriend's aid, stabbing the walker in the head and yelling for help as he supports Jules. However, walkers swarm the couple from behind with one tackling Luke to the ground and biting him in the leg as Jules is dragged down and devoured. Seeing Luke's predicament, Connie shoots the walker in the head and Luke is dragged to safety by Kelly and Yumiko, yelling in desperation for his girlfriend as Jules is devoured, beyond the ability of any of her friends to try to save her. Shooting at a smaller group of walkers coming down an alleyway, Carol orders her friends to follow her down it and everyone flees as the herd overruns the streets.

At the hospital, a bandaged and bruised Daryl regains consciousness in a bed with Carol at his side and Magna's group nearby desperately trying to save Luke's life, having amputated his bitten leg. Near death from the bite and blood loss, Luke has his friends remove a harmonica that he's kept from his pocket and Yumiko promises him that they'll keep the music alive for him. With his last words, Luke asks everyone to promise him, and they all do so. Luke dies in his friends' arms as they all sob at losing him. Taking a knife from Kelly, Magna stabs Luke in the head to prevent him from reanimating and the group sobs over his corpse. Watching the others' grief, a determined Daryl decides to give Judith a blood transfusion, explaining that he's a universal donor and that Merle had used to make him sell his blood when he was a kid as a way of making money. Carol helps Daryl set up the transfusion as they watch the others cover Luke's body in a sheet. Hearing loud noise and shouting, Carol and the others leave to sweep the hospital for walkers and to make sure that the others are okay while Daryl remains with Judith.

After walkers breach the hospital, Daryl begins wheeling Judith's stretcher out, but stops after seeing walkers pounding on the glass at the front doors of the hospital. Disconnecting the blood transfusion, Daryl barricades Judith in the room and rushes to help in the lobby where walkers drag Adrienne outside and devour her while the group barricades the doors again. Looking at the numerous walkers outside of the windows, Carol and Daryl shocked to see a variant walker breaking the glass with a brick while Connie spots more walkers coming down the hallway from the other direction. The variant breaks through the glass and is immediately stabbed in the head by Carol, but more walkers break in from the other side and drag a man outside and devour him. With walkers converging from the three sides, the group attempts to fight them off, only to have more walkers break through the barricaded door as well. Racing down a clear hallway, the group grabs Judith's stretcher while Magna radios the others to warn them that the hospital has been breached and they're leaving out the back. The group races through the hospital towards an exit as walkers close in on them from multiple directions.

At night, outside of a loading dock, Mercer observes a crowd of desperate Commonwealth residents demanding to be let into the Estates. Mercer reassures Maggie that they will be able to move soon while Aaron tells Ezekiel that he saw people on the higher floors and rooftops begging for help, but he wanted to make sure that Lydia was safe first. Ezekiel reassures his friend that he did the right thing. Hearing screams in the distance, both men are determined to do more, but they need to take care of Judith first. Lieutenant Rose arrives in another truck and reports to Mercer that they're all set: everyone is in the back and there's no one to check. The doctors have set up a safe house, but they have to hurry. Mercer calls for everyone to go, stating that they need to get Judith to Tomi. Everyone boards the truck with Princess, Max and Dianne pushing Judith's stretcher.

At the safe house, suddenly, there's shouts outside and two gunshots. Looking outside, Mercer sees a man trying to climb the wall, only to be shot by Commonwealth soldiers on Pamela's orders. Mercer tells the others that the soldiers are shooting anyone that climbs the gates and grabs a gun, unwilling to just stand by as people are dying. Mercer informs the Coalition members that the truck is gassed up with enough reserves in the rear to get them home. Mercer and his men can sneak them out the back as Mercer believes that this isn't their fight or their people. "Yes, they are. And so are you," states Ezekiel. Addressing the others, Ezekiel tells them that "you may not think this place is worth saving, and I get that, given how they treated us. But it's worth it to me. The people are worth it, and I'm not gonna allow them to fall without a fight. Not today. I'm with you. Who else?" Aaron immediately agrees, stating that they can do more than just save themselves and they need to. Following Ezekiel's lead, everyone agrees to fight to save the Commonwealth.

At the gates of the Estates, the crowd desperately begs Pamela to be let in, amongst them Mr. Martens, Mrs. Martens and Mei. On a balcony, Maggie lines up her shot on Pamela, but Negan tells her to hold on as Mercer and his loyalist forces move in, ordering Colonel Vickers and her men to lower their weapons. Pamela orders Vickers to arrest them, but the Coalition forces join Mercer's troops from another angle, creating a standoff. Pamela accuses Mercer of being a traitor, but Mercer states that she's the true traitor and lists Pamela's crimes: disappearing hundreds of citizens, leading the dead to their doorstep, shooting a child and now leaving thousands to die.

The banging on the gates grows more frantic as the herd begins to approach the Estates, meaning that the people will die if they're not let inside. Gabriel moves towards the gates despite Vickers orders to stop. Gabriel announces that they're opening the gate and letting everyone inside, threatening to kill anyone who tries to stop him. Vickers threatens to shoot him, but Carol warns her that they will fire back if she does. Pamela orders her men to shoot Gabriel as he reaches the gates and one of them points a gun at his head. Suddenly, Daryl yells for them to stop. "What the hell you doing?" Daryl demands. "We all deserve better than this. You built this place to be like the old world. That was the fuckin' problem." Pamela states that if she opens the gates, the dead will get in too, not just the living. Daryl tells her that if she doesn't, Pamela will lose everything anyway. "We got one enemy. We ain't the walking dead."

Realizing that Daryl is right, Vickers orders everyone to lower their weapons and give Gabriel the key to the gates. Everyone stands down and Vickers defers to Mercer's command who places Pamela under arrest for high crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. As everyone rushes to help let the people in, Maggie informs Negan that Pamela is getting arrested and Negan tells her that prison is a fate worse than death for someone like Pamela, causing Maggie to relent in shooting her.

The crowd rushes in just in the nick of time, amongst them Jerry and Elijah, before the gates are closed, keeping out the herd. Elijah reunites with a relieved Lydia while Jerry desperately looks for his family before Ezekiel reassures his friend that they're safe back in Alexandria and that they will get back out there to help the people that still need their help. Approaching the gates, Pamela notices a zombified Lance Hornsby, Carol's arrow still in his neck, at the front of the herd, reaching through the gates. Pamela approaches Lance, baring her neck and intending to have Lance bite her as a form of suicide. Judith begs Pamela not to go through with it as it's never too late and they have to help everyone still out there. Before Lance can bite Pamela, Maggie shoots him in the head with her sniper rife, putting Lance down. Maggie states that it's time to take the Commonwealth back.

With the variants being too dangerous to just lead away, Mercer outlines a new plan as everyone rushes to carry out his orders. As they need to get a vehicle out of the Estates, a mixture of Coalition forces, Commonwealth soldiers and Commonwealth residents, led by Aaron, rush out of the Estates, armed with melee weapons and riot shields with the aim of drawing the herd away and clearing a path, although Mercer warns them not to engage the walkers more than absolutely necessary. Working together, the group holds the line against the herd while Mercer calls in that the vehicle is out of the back gate and on its way to the town square, asking them to let him know when they're clear. Magna reports that they've diverted the walkers and its clear as it's going to get, ordering them to move out. As the combined group continues to fight the walkers, the truck by through the cleared path to the fuel depot where Vickers, Ezekiel, Jerry, Dianne and several Commonwealth soldiers collect the fuel. Max reports in that they've got fuses running to the private sewers under the Estates and they'll finish wiring the rest once they get the fuel back while Princess goes to start the PA system to draw all of the walkers to the Estates.

Using Pamela's record player, the song "Cult of Personality" is blasted throughout the Commonwealth from the Estates, drawing all of the walkers overrunning the Commonwealth towards it. Elijah helps set up speakers throughout the Estates as Jerry, Ezekiel and Lydia pour fuel down into the sewers and the walkers fighting the forces outside of the Estates begin moving towards it as well. Mercer brings out some dynamite which Eugene and Yumiko help to wire up to drums of fuel placed throughout the Estates and Connie helps to wire up more speakers, unharmed by the loud music due to her deafness. As Max helps to coordinate the efforts, Mercer calls in that they're prepared to open the gates and to let him know when they're ready. Max calls in that they're good to go before she joins the others in retreating to the rendezvous point, the two women acknowledging that they're dead if this plan fails. The gates are opened and the herd floods into the Estates. Once the song ends, the fuses connected to explosives inside of Pamela's house are ignited, detonating the fuel in a chain reaction that obliterates the Estates and the entire herd, saving the Commonwealth.

In Alexandria, everyone enjoys a celebration and feast, joined by Mercer, Max and Tomi. Judith gives Dog some of her food and Yumiko raises a toast to Luke. Looking out the window, Daryl sees Negan walking away and the two men exchange a smile and a nod, parting on good terms. Yumiko turns to Magna, telling her "same" and Magna kisses her, the two women resuming their romantic relationship. Sitting down, Rosita smiles as she watches the celebration before becoming somber. Noticing Rosita's somber mood, Gabriel joins her, and Rosita tells him that she just wants to remember this perfect moment. In a whisper, Rosita reveals her bite and impending death to Gabriel. Noticing Rosita's behavior and crying, Judith realizes that something's wrong with her and becomes upset, apparently deducing the truth.

A year later, Eugene visits a memorial plaque for those lost in the walker invasion bearing Luke, Jules, Rosita, and Marissa Berot's names and lays down flowers for his lost friends before pressing a kiss to Rosita's name. Eugene joins Max, who is now his wife, and takes their daughter Rosie from her and puts Rosie in her stroller. Ezekiel, now the governor of the Commonwealth with Mercer as his deputy governor, gives a speech attended by Eugene, Max, Princess, Daryl Judith, Kelly, Connie, Magna and Yumiko amongst many others, the latter two now happily married to each other. When Ezekiel introduces Mercer as his deputy governor, Princess loudly cheers for her boyfriend, much to the amusement of Ezekiel, Mercer and the crowd.

Spotting Daryl, Connie rushes over and hugs her friend. Connie asks Daryl how the frontier is and Daryl, now completely fluent in sign language, responds that it's quiet for now and asks how work is. Connie tells him that it's great and she's keeping the new administration honest which Daryl agrees has to be her. Daryl notices that Connie seems to be happy, and she confirms that she is, causing Daryl to laugh with pleasure.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Connie has killed:


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  • Connie is the first named deaf character in the entire franchise, with the first overall being a deaf survivor featured on one of Althea's tapes in "... I Lose Myself".
    • Lauren Ridloff, the actress who portrays Connie, is deaf in real life.
  • Lauren Ridloff believes Connie had a baby and lost it before or during the apocalypse due to the dialogue in "The Calm Before", when Connie admits to Kelly about having "feelings" for Adam Sutton that she thought she had dealt with.
  • Connie is one of eight characters who know ASL, the others being her sister Kelly, who interprets for her, and their fellow group members, Magna, Yumiko Okumura, and Luke Abrams, as well as Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and Gabriel Stokes.
  • Connie's signature weapon is a slingshot.
  • Lauren Ridloff revealed that a prop in Season 11 bore Connie's full name. While it was never shown on-screen, the writers had selected a surname for Connie and Kelly.
  • Connie is one of five main characters in the TV Series to be recognized with a relative "celebrity" status prior to the apocalypse (as a journalist who broke a huge corruption scandal). The other four are Tyreese Williams who was a former NFL linebacker, Deanna Monroe who was a congresswoman from Ohio, "Beta" who was formerly a musician, and Pamela Milton who was an influential politician.
  • Connie, along with Rosita, Magna, and Alden, are the only surviving main characters of Season 10 to not appear in any of the six bonus episodes at the end of the season.
  • In an interview following the release of the episode "On the Inside", it was confirmed by Angela Kang that the reason for Connie not appearing much in Season 10B was due to Lauren Ridloff's filming obligations for the Marvel film Eternals.
  • In "Lockdown", Pamela Milton calls Connie the best reporter in the Commonwealth.
  • In "Deux Amours" of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl lists Connie as one of his friends that he misses in America when Laurent asks Daryl about his friends. Laurent later names Connie in his prayers since Daryl doesn't pray.