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"The world, the dead, out there, eating people... I see what everyone's gone through to last this long. I always feel bad about punching someone's ticket after they've lived through so much shit to get to this point... By the look of your face... you've lived through more than most. So I'm sorry."
—Connor, while choking Andrea.[src]

Connor is a character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 99 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a high ranking member of the Saviors. He serves as the tertiary antagonist of Volume 17: Something To Fear and Volume 19: March To War.


Even among fellow Saviors, Connor is shown to be particularly bloodthirsty. He is very short-tempered, responding to annoyances with either crude language or physical violence. He seems to enjoy violence and mayhem, seeing it almost as a sport. This can be seen when he opts to beat Andrea to death rather then quickly killing her with his knife (which proves to be his undoing). Despite displaying traits of a sociopath, Connor claims to feel bad about killing survivors, thinking it unfair after everything they've lived through.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Connor's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he is of British descent.


Something To Fear

Connor is a member of the Saviors. His first appearance is in Issue 99, where he and two other Saviors had been posted at one of the various locations outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone to watch the community and its movements.

Connor spotted Rick and his small group's departure to the Hilltop Colony following Abraham's death, and soon after called for the rest of the Saviors in the area for an attack on the Alexandria Safe-Zone at dawn. Connor's volatile nature is rejected by his two comrades; one expresses disdain at Connor's profanity and the other decides to go to join the furthest group led by a Savior named Paul just to get away from him in the beginning of Issue 100.

Connor's rally is heeded as Andrea reports the Saviors' attack on the community when Rick returns from his confrontation with Negan, though they were repelled and the majority of the attackers were killed.  

March To War

Soon after Kal left the Hilltop Colony, he sent a flare to contact the Saviors. Paul showed up on horse and successfully convinced Kal not to betray the plan to attack the Sanctuary and take down Negan. Connor is the Savior that leads the group that answered the call. Paul stopped the revelation of the plan by telling Connor their next payment of supplies might be a little low. This infuriated Connor, who subsequently punched Paul in the gut and left with his group in Issue 110.

Later on, Connor volunteers to be part of the back-up team sent by Negan to surround Alexandria's walls while Negan and his team go in to wait for Rick's group to return. After Seth and two another Saviors were killed by Rick, Andrea, and Heath, it is presumed that Connor either saw Andrea or the flash coming from the rifle she used because he is later seen inside the bell tower sneaking up on her. He ambushes Andrea by surprise with a knife and proceeds to beat her. As Connor begins to choke her to death, he laments that he feels bad for having to kill her after she's gone through so much more pain and loss than other survivors he's met. Andrea manages to grab Connor's knife and slash at him. He reels in pain, before pinning Andrea against the church window. He sarcastically asks if she really thinks she can slit his throat before he pushes her out.


Killed By

As Connor and Andrea fight on the bell tower, Connor is about to push her out of the tower as she attempts to slit his throat. Andrea manages to throw Connor out of the tower, likely after slitting his throat.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Connor has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Savior 4

"Because it'll take that long to gather everyone and get them to position. Because Dwight's group underestimated these fuckers and got a whole bunch of themselves killed for it. Because fuck you."
—Connor insulting this Savior.[src]

Connor and this Savior have a negative and deplorable relationship. When Connor calls him a name, they apparently don't get along, it is unknown how this Savior responds to Connor's death.

Savior 3

"Fine. Whatever. Come this time tomorrow we'll be knee deep in the blood and thunder. These pitiful fucks won't know what hit 'em."
—Connor to this Savior.[src]

Connor and this Savior's relationship is unknown, it's been assumed that they had a poor relationship, it is unknown how this Savior responds to his death.


Connor seems to be one of Negan's top lieutenants, implied by his role as middle man between the Hilltop and the Saviors in issue 110, and a strict follower of Negan. 


Connor and Seth most likely have a good relationship. Connor was unaware of Seth's death.

Paul Monroe

"It's nine more fucking days until the drop--make it not fucking light!"
—Connor to Paul[src]

It is revealed the two have met before and that neither of them care very much for each other. The latter punching the other in the stomach after being told that supplies would be "low" on their next pay.


"Well...the thing is...your name is Connor, right? Connor...we really wanted to talk to you because..."
—Kal to Connor, after he sends the distress flare.[src]

Kal was shown to be very intimidated by Connor and his group as they arrived after being signaled to meet him. It can be implied that they have a poor relationship.

Andrea Grimes

"Don't worry about what's going on out there! Worry about what's in here...with you."
—Connor to Andrea, after ambushing her at the top of a small tower.[src]

In Issue 113, Connor sneaks up and ambushes Andrea in the bell tower. While choking her, he sees that she has experienced more loss and hardships than most other survivors he's encountered and admits that he feels bad for having to kill her.


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  • It is implied that Connor was a high-ranking member of the Saviors as he was the one who ordered the first failed assault on the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
    • Connor is also implied to be an outpost head, as he seems to be in charge of collecting tributes from the Hilltop Colony and is also part of Negan's back-up team (which consisted of Saviors from a nearby outpost) that foils Rick Grimes' plan to ambush and kill Negan.
  • Connor, Dwight and Paul are the only known, seen and named top lieutenants of Negan.
  • In Issue 113, Connor proved he is very good at hand-to-hand combat, since he repeatedly subdued Andrea Grimes, even when she had a knife and he was weaponless.
  • The shirt Connor wears bears an logo closely resembling the one of British punk band "The Adicts."
    • This along with the fact that he uses the word 'twit' could possibly be hinting that he is of British origin. This is unconfirmed however.