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Cooper's House is a location seen in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was the house that Cooper and his father lived in before the apocalypse. Cooper's father built a panic room with a safe containing a lot of money as well as placing a generator in the garage.


At some point in the outbreak, the house becomes surrounded by a massive herd.

Season 11

After his mother cuts off his line of credit, Sebastion Milton begins sending in groups of desperate Commonwealth residents to retrieve Cooper's father's money, in total around 30 to 40 innocent people. Of these groups, only April Martens and two men from her group of a dozen make it into the house and get the power on. The two men end up killing each other while April becomes trapped in the panic room when the power goes out again.

"The Rotten Core"

Sebastian, Alves and Castle take Daryl and Rosita to a hill overlooking Cooper's house where Sebastian explains his intention to have them steal the money from the panic room for him since Alves and Castle can't do it without drawing suspicion. After Sebastian threatens their kids, Daryl and Rosita reluctantly agree to help.

Covering themselves in walker guts, Daryl and Rosita successfully sneak through the surrounding herd and into the house where Rosita puts down April's two reanimated companions. The two discover April still trapped and are shocked and horrified to learn of Sebastian's despicable actions. Daryl goes to get the power back on, but his repairs to the generator draw the attention of several walkers that he is forced to put down. Rosita gets the door open, but the three accidentally set off the alarm while trying to open the safe, drawing some of the herd inside of the house before Rosita destroys the alarm panel and stops the noise.

Cornered and now possessing the money, the three prepare to try to use the walker guts to sneak back out before they are joined by Carol and Mercer who shoot their way in through the herd outside, Carol having gone to Mercer for help when Daryl had failed to show up for a planned lunch date. Although Alves and Castle had directed the two to the house, they had lied and claimed that Daryl and Rosita were going there to rob the place. Low on ammo, Carol and Mercer join the others in covering themselves in walker guts and trying to sneak out. However, a panicked April puts down one of the walkers, drawing their attention to the group, forcing them to put down all of the walkers in the house while April is devoured. Rosita sadly prevents April from reanimating and then she, Daryl, Carol and Mercer successfully sneak out through the walkers outside and escape with the money.

On the nearby hill, the pleased Alves and Castle reveal that 30 to 40 innocent people were sent to their deaths trying to get the money from the house, resulting in the enraged Mercer executing them for their role in it. Sebastian is left elated to get his money, uncaring of those who had died in the process, while Lance Hornsby is just happy that no one else has to die on the suicide mission when Carol informs him of it.




TV Series

Season 11


  • It's unknown exactly how long Sebastian was sending groups of people to the house for money, but a flashback in "The Lucky Ones" has Pamela ordering her son's credit cut off at around the time of the end of "Promises Broken". As a result, there is approximately a six month period of time that people could've been sent in.