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The Cornfield is a field of corn stalks located next to the highway near Gil's Pitstop, a gas station and rest stop that appears in the DLC, "400 Days". It served as the main location for Bonnie's Story.


Rural Georgia

Very little is known about the cornfield other than it was located next to a Georgia highway near Gil's Pitstop and belonged to an unknown farmer who left some of their tools and equipment out in the field when the outbreak started.


Bonnie's Story

When the apocalypse began, the farm and the cornfield were abandoned and any remaining survivors made their way to Gil's Pitstop. Two hundred and twenty days into the apocalypse, Dee, Leland, and Bonnie were forced to run and hide in the cornfield when being chased by unknown assailants which turned out to be members of Roman's group. Getting separated from Dee and Leland, Bonnie hides behind a tractor to catch her breath. She reaches for a piece of rebar to use as a weapon when a shadowy figure approaches her. She unknowingly delivers a fatal hit to Dee and exchanges a few last words with her before she dies. Leland finds Bonnie looking over Dee's corpse and mourns her death before either staying and dying with Dee or running away with Bonnie.


  • Possibly numerous counts of farmers. (Pre-Apocalypse)



  • Dee - Struck in the head by Bonnie.
  • Leland - Shot by Roman. (Determinant)



  • After the short introduction to Bonnie's story, the rest of it takes place in the cornfield.
  • The piece of rebar found in the cornfield was most likely from the nearby highway.
  • Similar to Eddie, Bonnie unknowingly deliver fatal blows to actual victims due to the environment and not being able to see clearly.