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The Cottonwood inn is a location in Texas that appears in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


The Cottonwood Inn was an establishment in Texas. Not a lot is known about the Cottonwood Inn before the apocalypse except that it provided motel services to travelers.


At some point after the apocalypse, the Cottonwood Inn provided shelter to two survivors. The two later shot each other to death over a can of baked beans and their reanimated corpses remained in the office.

Season 4

"Just in Case"

While on the road, Madison, Strand and June stop at the inn for the night and come across the reanimated remains of the two survivors who they put down. Madison deduces that the people killed each other over a can of baked beans. The trio then spend the night here.




  • 2 unnamed people (Alive and Zombified)


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4


  • The real world location can be found here.