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Creative Visionaries Agency, also referred to as CVA for short, is a location that appears in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is an office building located in Dallas, Texas that is used as a shelter by a couple dozen survivors. It is also referred to as "Drop Site Baker" by the Civic Republic Military and the rooftop serves as a resupply outpost.


Dallas, Texas

Prior to the outbreak, the agency employed several dozen people, including a number of salespeople who sold time shares.


Season 6


The Creative Visionaries Agency's offices were turned into a survivor camp for many of the employees who once worked there. When the outbreak reached their city, many workers were at the office when events in the streets below prevented them from fleeing home. Overtime, the offices were turned into living quarters for the couple dozen people remaining. The rest of the office building and nearby buildings were explored and looted in order to make their settlement more comfortable. Tents, cots, clothing, food, lanterns, and other supplies were gathered for the survivors to use and live off in the post-apocalyptic world. Eventually, several years later, Dwight and Althea discovered the office building in an abandoned city, where they found the remaining survivors living in the Creative Visionaries Agency's offices. As told by Nora, a saleswoman who sold time shares, recently many of their fellow survivors and friends fell ill to the black plague after rats infested their building and home. As a result, many people fell sick, died, and reanimated. Nora and her former co-workers didn't have the heart or energy to put them down, so the dead were corralled and kept behind a barricade of office furniture in the upstairs conference room where they once had holiday parties. Meanwhile, more survivors fell sick until Dwight and Althea arrived. Fortunately for the people of Creative Visionaries Agency, medicine was discovered on the building's rooftop and the sick were finally treated. As people regained their strength, the remaining office survivors decided to evacuate the building for good and take up Dwight and Althea' offer in finding a new home. Gathered in a box truck, they were driven out of the city where they were introduced to Morgan Jones, who recruited them to join his newly-established settlement in a former dam basin. Abandoning the box truck, the survivors begin the trek on foot to their new home. The office building remains abandoned and overrun with rats carrying disease and death, and the rooftop is abandoned by the Civic Republic Military after Isabelle reports that the location has been burned.

"The Holding"

The CVA appears in Derek's mural of communities that the Doomsday Cult has destroyed. It is also in his maps and notes listed as high-rise group and Wes realizes that Derek was the one to organize the attacks on the various communities, including the CVA. After finding CRM maps amongst Derek's belongings, Al comes to the conclusion that the cult was not actually targeting Nora's group but rather the CRM drop site which is depicted on the maps. Al points out that if the cult had managed to hit one of the CRM's helicopters, a lot of people could've died.





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