"Floor by floor we fought. Five bloody and costly weeks to clear the entire building. By the time our climb was through and the building was secure, our numbers were reduced to thirty-six. Twelve brave and beautiful souls lost, but their sacrifices were not in vain. We had our home. Our Tower. Word of our success spread like a wildfire. Everyday, more and more survivors found their way to our gates and we welcomed them with arms wide open. We had the room to grow and we grew quickly. In those early days, we were unified and as a result, we were prosperous. One collective mind, one collective vision. They allowed us to regain control of our lives. But as the population grew, dissent found its way into the collective and reared its ugly head at the most difficult of times. And what did we do? Did we crumble? Did we change course? No. We persevered, as we have from the beginning. We knew that our future remained bright if we stayed committed to what brought us to our Tower in the first place. So let's not allow all the noise to knock us back down to the ground from the heights we have already achieved. Let's continue to climb, together. We must cut loose those who burden us with their petty squabbles, their poisonous minds and their freeloading ways. Trust in Mama when I say: We are better off without them. Have I ever steered you wrong?"
—"Mama" explaining the Tower's past and values.

Crescent City Tower is a location mentioned in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. It serves as the main base of the Tower.


Prior to the outbreak, the Tower's base was a 531 ft, 45-story skyscraper.


At some point at the beginning of the outbreak, Mama led a group of 47 other survivors to the Crescent City Tower in hopes of settling it. Unfortunately, the building was heavily infested with walkers, taking approximately five weeks to clear and costing 12 lives as a result. Since then, the community prospered greatly and they ultimately named themselves after their new home. Following the establishment of the newfound settlement, news began to spread around the city and dozens of refugees began showing up everyday in search of a safe haven, all welcomed with open arms by Mama. As time went on, the Tower managed to accumulate nearly one thousand residents in total, and became what Mama considered to be "a collective" of like-minded individuals.



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