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"You said that I should never change, and I'm not. Now you never get to see your ending."
—Dakota's last words to Teddy.[src]

Dakota is a main character and later an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is a former member of the Pioneers and is the daughter of the group's leader, Virginia. After her mother's death, Dakota became a member of Morgan's Group until she found a new purpose in life and decided to join a doomsday cult. She served as the tertiary antagonist for the second half of Season 6.


Outwardly, Dakota appears to be a sweet but rebellious girl who is frightened of her sister due to her murderous ways. When Cameron is murdered, Dakota pushes John Dorie to investigate and seems angry when his investigation fails with the false confession and execution of Janis. She's later happy for the chance to flee the Rangers and join Morgan's Group. Dakota also has at least some basic medical knowledge, being able to stitch Morgan Jones up twice, although she was apparently unable to remove the bullet from his shoulder, possibly lacking the knowledge of how to do something so complicated.

However, in reality, Dakota is in some ways as cold, murderous, and calculating as her sister, although she shows some remorse for her actions unlike Virginia. Dakota appears to see this as the way that the world is now, pointing out how her sister and other people do the same thing. Dakota murdered Cameron for reporting her escape route to her sister and thus depriving Dakota of her only means of escape. Dakota encouraging John's investigation was aimed at spreading doubt against her sister by making it clear that she was covering up for someone. However, Dakota never intended for Janis to get killed, having not anticipated that Virginia would take it that far and she murders John to protect her secret, although Dakota shows some hesitation and remorse for the action, having bonded with and come to genuinely care for John. Dakota also saved Morgan for the sole reason that she believed that he was the only one who could stop her sister and goes so far as to demand that he still take her with him to Valley Town even after murdering Morgan's friend.

Victor Strand called Dakota a sociopath which fits her behavior.

Following the death of Virginia and the revelation of her true parentage, Dakota appears to be at least somewhat remorseful for her actions and eager to do whatever she can to help to make up for her actions. Dakota goes so far as to volunteer to join a mission to help Alicia whom Dakota feels that she owes, but although Morgan is willing to hear Dakota out and even let her take part in planning sessions regarding the cult, he informs the girl that they don't trust her enough yet to actually let her help out in the field.

Dakota later betrayed Morgan's group and joined the cult after Teddy offered her the chance to be who she really is for the remainder of her time rather than change for other people. Dakota also claimed that she did not believe that killing John was a mistake and tried to get Alicia to see how easy killing was. Dakota embraced Teddy's view of the end of the world, including that she needed to die as an "ending" to help make the world a better place. However, despite her attitude towards the murder of John and her claim of no remorse, she may actually have harbored some remorse that she kept hidden deep down, telling Teddy that John had started to become like family to her. When John's father offered her forgiveness, Dakota asked if he actually meant that in a tone that suggested that being forgiven for her crime was something that she actually did desire, further suggesting that she felt remorse. After learning of Teddy's betrayal, Dakota killed him for his actions, but nevertheless chose to die as she is rather than change, embracing a nuclear explosion as her end.



Nothing is known about Dakota's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that her mother Virginia had her young. As a result, her grandparents were ashamed and pretended to be Dakota's parents while her mother pretended that she was actually Dakota's sister. On Sunday afternoons her grandfather would let her drive their car in the church parking lot.


Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Although not physically seen, Dakota rescues Morgan Jones from a herd of walkers after Virginia shoots him, patches him up and leaves Morgan with a note stating that although he doesn't know her, she heard his message and Morgan has a greater purpose to live for. Morgan later shows Dakota's note to Isaac and explains what little he knows of how he survived being shot.

"Welcome to the Club"

Dakota is first seen when Marcus threatens Strand and Alicia. Dakota yells at Marcus to leave Strand and Alicia alone. The ranger complies, but after Hill arrives to inquire, Victor and Alicia are taken into custody so Virginia can judge them. As they're being escorted through Lawton, Alicia spots her from earlier and thanks her for saving them, but the latter tells her to think nothing of it, and introduces herself as Dakota before departing. Later, Charlie discovers Dakota hiding in the back of the truck. She pleads with them not to alert her to the rangers, as she heard their conversation, and knows what Virginia will do if they try to kill them. When asked how she knows this, she reveals that she is Virginia's sister.

Continuing their conversation in a tent, Dakota explains that others have tried to escape before, and that Virginia will either hunt them down or, if she can't find them, kill the people they love. Victor realizes that Virginia is going to come looking for her sister, and Dakota acknowledges this, but claims that she wanted to get away from her sister and find people that could help her do that. She picked them since she saw the tapes they left. Victor asks how they're supposed to help her escape if they can't. Dakota claims that there is a weapon in the warehouse they're supposed to clear, and Virginia wants to use it against someone she's been trying to kill. Dakota doesn't know anything more about the weapon, but believes that they can use it against Virginia if they recover it. Strand asks why they should believe her, to which Dakota replies that she hears everything that goes on in Virginia's house since she lives with her. As an example, she cites the deal Strand made with Virginia. Puzzled, Alicia asks Strand about this deal, before angrily storming off.

As the walkers begin to pile up, however, the structure begins to give way. Victor orders Sanjay to close the door, but the latter is nowhere to be found. Strand instructs Charlie to close the corridor gate instead, while Janis and some others rush to reinforce the corridor wall. Just as a walker is about to bite her, Dakota saves Charlie in the nick of time by killing it. The workers are able to close the gate, and Charlie thanks Dakota for saving her. Just then, two rangers arrive and discover Dakota. They alert Hill to her location, and order the workers to drop their weapons. Victor and the others comply after some hesitation. As the rangers try to apprehend Dakota, Janis yells that the barricade they're holding up is about to break. Alicia quietly tells Victor they need to finish this, and he agrees, ordering the others to pick up their weapons and Janis and her group to let go of the barricade. The walkers come tumbling out, as the rangers radio their collogues to prepare for evacuation.

As the rangers attempt to contain the breach, Strand and the others open the gate once more and start killing the walkers, using the pellets as makeshift shields. The rangers try to drag Dakota away, but she wriggles out of their grasp and escapes. While trying to apprehend her, the rangers are grabbed and devoured by the walkers. Alicia signals Strand that there are too many walkers, and that they need guns. Strand yells that he thinks he can get them, before running with Dakota to the a nearby RV. They find Sanjay cowering inside, too afraid to face the walkers. Strand murders Sanjay for being a coward and together with Alicia, Janis and Charlie, they manage to subdue the walkers with success. Inside, however, they find no trace of the promised weapon. They grill Dakota over this, despite her insistence that she wasn't lying. As they hear Virginia arrive, Alicia cautions Victor that they can't fight her off, which he agrees with, telling the others it's over. They meet Virginia and her escort outside. After the sisters are reunited, she sends her away while she praises Strand for his work of eliminating the walkers from the warehouse and gives him a key and a very important position for the community.

"The Key"

Dakota is seen at the funeral for Cameron. After the ceremony, John gives Dakota a coffee sweetener, which he can't consume until he gets his cavities treated. He asks her if she knew Cameron, and she confirms, saying that Cameron was always on the ranger detail when they'd travel outside of the walls. Before she can answer and further questions, she is cut off by Virginia, who asks her sister to go home.

John is greeted by Dakota, who asks if John was a police officer and if he ever killed anyone. John confirms both facts, although he adds the latter was by accident. Dakota tells him not to listen to her sister, as she believes Virginia is protecting someone. Their conversation is interrupted again by Virginia, who orders Dakota to get back into the house. Later that day, Virginia holds a town meeting, commending John for his actions. As a reward, she bestows upon him a golden key. As the crowd claps and disperses, Dakota glares at John, seemingly disappointed.

"Damage From the Inside"

Dakota travels as a passenger in a convoy with Strand and fellow rangers. Dakota asks Strand when he will make a move against Virginia, although he denies knowing what she means. She insists Strand does something now, mentioning that two scouts are dead, Tank Town has been destroyed, and John has been missing for a week.

"The Door"

Dakota and Morgan, who is wounded, are found by John at the general store. Dakota and Morgan explain that they barricaded the walkers while fleeing from Virginia's rangers. They hear someone outside and hide. Marcus, one of Virginia's rangers, enters the store and sees John's name on the DVD check-out list. He goes outside to alert Hill via walkie. Dakota tells John that he should have shot Marcus, but John argues that there was no need.

Morgan tells John they must lure Virginia to their turf before she harms their friends. John refuses to kill anyone but offers to help Morgan and Dakota cross the bridge. Dakota and Morgan load up a car. Marcus gallops toward them on horseback and shoots, then lassos Morgan and drags him through the woods. Dakota tries to drive after Marcus but the engine is damaged from gunfire. John shoots Marcus dead. John and Dakota salvage parts from an abandoned truck at a nearby cabin. John explains that his father moved to a secluded cabin when he was a child and was barely a part of his life.

John removes the front door of the neighboring cabin to use at his cabin, which lacks a front door. Dakota tries to assuage John's guilt over Janis' death and points out that people kill each other and die all the time in their world. John accuses her of sounding like Virginia. Morgan confronts John about his suicide mission after decoding John's suicide note from the Scrabble tiles. John is not dissuaded.

Dakota, John and Morgan drive onto the bridge. John and Morgan kill walkers from the back of the truck as Dakota slowly drives through the herd. The truck stalls. John fixes the engine, narrowly avoiding walkers. Dakota slams the gas pedal and crashes through the barricade, sending walkers over the bridge.

Dakota and John search the bridge for a missing truck part. Dakota stabs a walker when it grabs her. John recognizes the knife and realizes that Dakota killed Cameron. Dakota tearfully explains that she killed Cameron after he told Virginia about her secret passage out of Lawton. She defends her actions and insists that killing Cameron was no different from what other people do to get their way. She aims her gun at John. John urges her to lower the gun and promises to keep her secret. Dakota ignores this and shoots him, then pushes him into the water.

Morgan rejoins Dakota on the bridge. Dakota turns her gun on him. Morgan sees the knife and realizes Dakota killed Cameron. Dakota orders Morgan to bring her to his community as planned. Morgan grabs the gun and holds his axe to her neck. Dakota reveals that she was the one who saved him at the gulch and nursed him back to health. She says that the only reason she saved him was because she wanted him to kill Virginia.

"Things Left to Do"

Morgan tells Virginia that Dakota saved him at the Gulch in the hopes that he would kill Virginia and shows Virginia Dakota's letter to him as proof. Virginia breaks down in tears and reveals that Dakota is her daughter, not her sister and she needs to explain the truth to her. Morgan agrees to bring Virginia to his community, where she can reunite with Dakota. Virginia begs to run away with Dakota, but Morgan reminds her of all the evil that she has brought upon his friends. They arrive at the dam.

Morgan brings Virginia to a church where Dakota is and leaves them alone. Virginia tells Dakota that she is her mother. She explains that she killed her parents because they didn't protect her and Virginia, and that everything she has done since then has been to keep Dakota safe. Dakota screams at Virginia for bringing her into the world.

After deciding to exile Virginia and Dakota, Morgan and Alicia head out to bring Dakota to her mother, only to have June execute Virginia and leave. Rushing into the church, Dakota stares in shock and horror at Virginia's dead body.

"Handle With Care"

Dakota is seen when Daniel calls a group meeting so that everyone can share what they know about the enemy. Everyone is weary of her. Daniel and Morgan thought Dakota might have some insight about the spray painters. Dakota recalls Virginia saying that the enemy was laying low. People argue as suspicions mount against each other.

Later, Dakota tells the group that Virginia had said that the cult had gone underground which Dakota now believes that she may have meant literally. Dakota explains that Virginia had sent her men to search two days south of Tank Town which Dwight recognizes as Dallas, Texas where he and Al had encountered an office building that had been infected with the bubonic plague by the cult. It's decided to send Al, Alicia, Wes and Luciana on a mission to Dallas to check out Dakota's lead.

"The Holding"

At Valley Town, Al, Wes, and Luciana tell Dakota, Morgan, Dwight and Rachel that Teddy's community is planning something big. Morgan says they must help Alicia before they bring Teddy down. Dakota tries to offer her help as she had been the one that had supplied the information that had sent Alicia to the Holding and Dakota feels that she owes Alicia for vouching for her. However, Morgan refuses Dakota's help as they aren't to the point of trusting her that far yet.


Outside, a school bus pulls up with new recruits. Dakota gets off the bus. Alicia scowls and tells Teddy that Dakota killed one of her friends. He gives Riley the key that they obtained from Morgan. Dakota privately tells Alicia that she's trying to rescue her and proposes they kill Teddy. Alicia refuses Dakota's help. Teddy, Dakota and Alicia drive down a road. Alicia realizes they are near the stadium where she lived with Madison. Teddy takes Dakota and Alicia to a cemetery and pulls a casket from a tomb. "Hello, mother," he says. He declares that his mother will be a part of their new beginning.

Walkers emerge from the woods. Dakota and Alicia start killing walkers. They are found by a gang, led by Cole from the stadium community. Teddy tells Dakota he was in prison for 30 years for killing people who didn't see the world the way he did. Dakota says she has only killed people who she needed to kill ­– and that people seem scared when she tells them that killing is part of the new reality. They arrive at the auto shop. Cole pulls Alicia aside and suggests they kill Teddy, but Alicia insists on finding out his plan first. She explains that Teddy's group has set up a bunker with supplies to last for years.

Inside the auto shop, a gang surrounds Alicia's group at gunpoint. Alicia recognizes Doug and Viv from the stadium community and realizes that Cole is with the gang. Cole's gang walks Dakota, Alicia and Teddy back to their truck. Cole explains that they've been killing people who crossed their path ever since escaping the fire at the stadium. Cole is determined to take the truck and go, claiming that Strand would do the same and warns Alicia that they will have to kill her too if she refuses. Alicia refuses and Cole orders her onto her knees, promising to make it fast. After Dakota, Alicia and Teddy are put onto their knees, he offers Teddy a final chance, but he refuses and prepares to execute them, but walkers are shown approaching the road. Alicia tackles Cole while walkers kill Cole's gang. Alicia tells Cole that Madison died to give everyone a chance, and that Cole threw that chance away. She shoots him dead.

After the fight with Cole's group, Teddy reveals that his plan is to use the keys to launch at least one nuclear missile from the USS Pennsylvania to destroy everything. Dakota betrays Alicia and converts to the cult's cause, but Alicia grabs Teddy's radio and manages to make contact with Strand as Riley, Mike and a number of other cultists arrive in response to Teddy's earlier radio call for help. Alicia passes along a warning about the cult's plans to Strand before Riley takes the radio, but Dakota tells Teddy that Strand will simply run away rather than pass on the warning, Teddy is convinced that Alicia is in fact the person he has been looking for and takes her with him.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Dakota is seen being interviewed by Teddy. Teddy observes that Dakota saved Morgan's life so that he would give her a fresh start and a family, and asks if he did. Dakota denies this, and explains that Morgan founded a settlement where she could live, but that her mother did the same thing ten times over, and yet Dakota never felt comfortable there. Teddy concludes that this was because both of them wanted Dakota to be somebody she isn't, and remembers that what she really wants is someone to love her the way she is. Dakota asks if she can find that person in Teddy's new world, but he assures her that she already has, pointing to himself. Dakota wonders why Teddy trapped Alicia in the bunker if he saw something special in her, and Teddy confirms that he did, but explains that he loves what Alicia will become. He adds that this is something neither of them will ever be, as they are both "conclusions", so there is no room for them in the new world. When Dakota asks what will happen to them, Teddy calmly reveals that they will die with everyone else on the surface.

To ease Dakota's worries, Teddy asks if she would rather pretend she is someone else for a chance at a longer life, or spend whatever time she has left as herself. She chooses the latter, much to Teddy's satisfaction. Just then, the power comes on as Riley enters the room. He says that they will need to power the diesel motors for the sub to have full functionality. When Dakota asks how he knows this, he reveals that he served as a weapons officer on the sub. When Teddy shows the keys around his neck, Dakota chuckles to herself, as the Pioneers also used keys symbolically as something that will "unlock the future". Dakota asks if Riley and the others know they will die, but Teddy says that they are aware. She asks how he got the cult to follow him to their doom, but he claims that it's easy to get people to follow you by offering them something they really want to believe in, and be wiling to die with them.

As Victor carefully approaches the control room, he is held at gunpoint by Dakota, who orders him to disarm. Victor observes Dakota is with Teddy now, and she confirms that he gave her something they never could. Victor implores her not to make the same mistake with him she made with John, but Dakota doesn't believe it was a mistake, and tells Victor that he won't change her mind, especially after what he just did. Victor acts puzzled, which prompts Dakota to open the comm system on the wall and make an announcement to the rest of Morgan's group, since she needs them to understand why they won't stop what's coming. Dakota says that she saved Morgan so that he could free her from her sister and give her a fresh start. And while June did the first part, the second part required something else. If she lived with them, Dakota says that she'd have to be a whole different person and fall into the ways of what Morgan wants, like all of them did. She, however, claims that Morgan's way doesn't work, as none of them even believe it. Victor asserts that isn't true, but Dakota asks if he really wants to be the person Morgan wants him to be.

When Victor doesn't answer, Dakota supposes that he doesn't, and this is why he killed him. The revelation horrifies Grace. Dakota goes on to say that it is because of people like him that the world needs to end. Victor implores the others not to listen to Dakota, while the latter laments how, right before she shot him, John told her it wasn't too late and that the world still had to have meaning. She morbidly notes that he was right, as she will make it mean something, just not the way he thought. Victor tries to appeal to Dakota once more, saying that Teddy is going to kill everyone. Dakota denies this, as she reveals that Alicia will be spared since she is a "beginning", while Victor and Dakota are "endings", so when things start again, it won't be with assholes like him. Just as Dakota is about to shoot Victor, Morgan suddenly attacks her, so the bullet only grazes Victor's arm. Morgan swiftly disarms Dakota and knocks her out.

"The Beginning"

Dakota and Teddy travel to an overlook where Teddy intends for them to die. Hearing Morgan on the radio stating that he's going to try and stop the missile, Dakota apologizes for saving him as he has ruined Teddy's plans, but Teddy brushes off her apologies.

At the lookout, Dakota discusses with Teddy how he'd encouraged her to be who she really is and Teddy embraces her. John Dorie Sr. arrives and reveals that he has come to forgive Dakota for his son's murder. Teddy insists that Dakota has nothing to feel sorry about, but she questions if John really means it, apparently pleased that she is being forgiven despite Dakota's claims that she feels no remorse. John drops his gun in a gesture of his honesty, but as Teddy goes to shoot him, June shoots Teddy in the arm, causing him to drop his gun which lands with a metallic clanking sound. June reveals that she also forgives Dakota and that her husband was right about it not being too late even if they only believe it for however long they have left. Dakota questions why June would've killed Virginia if she truly believes that and June explains that she lost what John believed when she lost her husband but she found it again and she encourages Dakota to do the same thing.

Kicking away Teddy's gun, John uncovers a hidden trapdoor leading to a secret bunker. John confronts Teddy on his claims that he intends to die at the end and suggests that it was "just a bunch of hot air to get your lambs to march to their slaughter" and June insists to Dakota that they aren't lying to her and are only doing what they believe. Dakota demands answers from Teddy who states that as they didn't shoot off all of the missiles, they will go back to the sub to finish the job once the dust clears. Dakota demands to know if Teddy even meant it when he said that he understood her and demands to know why he didn't reveal the existence of the bunker. Teddy claims that he couldn't take the risk of anyone else finding out and that he wants it to be about the two of them. However, John reveals that Teddy is only keeping Dakota alive as he needs two people to launch the remaining missiles, the two launch keys needing to be turned simultaneously. Shaken, Dakota insists that she and Teddy are family and he doesn't want Dakota to be something that she's not, but John attempts to convince her that Teddy will kill Dakota once he's done with her. June tries to get Dakota to see the bunker as a sign that she can have a second chance, but they are interrupted by the missile's warheads breaking apart in the sky. Teddy pushes Dakota to make a choice: die with him bringing about the end or go with John and June into the bunker and pretend to be someone that she's not, leaving Dakota conflicted over what to do and suffering an emotional breakdown. John distracts Dakota by firing his gun into the air and as she shoots John in the arm, June shoots Dakota's gun out of her hand. Entering the bunker, June tries one last time to convince Dakota to come with them, but she insists upon seeing the end. John follows and locks the bunker door behind them.

Left alone with Teddy, Dakota retrieves her gun and turns it on Teddy, demanding to know if he ever actually cared about her or if he just needed Dakota to turn the key. When Teddy's only response is to chuckle, Dakota shoots the insane cult leader in the chest before killing him with a point-blank headshot. Dakota declares that "you said that I should never change, and I'm not. Now you never get to see your ending." Moments later, seeing one of the warheads coming down off in the distance, Dakota stands at the edge of the overlook, arms outstretched, eyes closed and accepting her fate. Dakota is engulfed by the blast and instantly burned to a crisp, leaving behind only her charred corpse standing in the exact same position that she had died in.

Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

After emerging from the bunker, John Dorie Sr. finds Teddy's corpse and a severely-burned walker on the ground nearby. Next to the walker, John finds Dakota's knife and sadly realizes that the walker is Dakota herself. Calling her another girl that he couldn't save, John puts Dakota down with her own knife. John later tells June that he had put Dakota out of her torment while he was on the surface.

While chasing one of the Stalkers, John trips and falls near Dakota's body. Haunted by hallucinations of some of Teddy's victims, John eventually breaks through it and sees that its a small herd instead. John grabs Dakota's knife out of her head where he had left it and uses the knife to put the walkers down.


Killed By

Deciding to die as herself rather than change, Dakota allows herself to be incinerated in a nuclear explosion caused by Teddy.

After finding Dakota's zombified body outside of the bunker, John puts Dakota down with her own knife to the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dakota has killed:


John Dorie

After meeting the young girl, John quickly befriends her, looking after Dakota.

In "The Key", after Cameron is murdered, Dakota encourages John in his murder investigation while Virginia does her best to cover up the crime. After Janis' execution, Dakota is visibly upset with how things turned out.

In "The Door", John is surprised but elated to find Dakota with Morgan at McNeill's Bait & Beer. The two continue bonding with Dakota helping to lift John out of his depression somewhat. While fighting through the herd on the Route 185 Bridge, John gives Dakota instructions on driving and one of his guns with which she saves John's life. However, he also discovers her to be Cameron's killer and tries unsuccessfully to talk Dakota down without success. Dakota ultimately murders John and callously tells Morgan what she did.

Following John's murder and her joining Morgan's Group, Dakota shows no apparent remorse for her actions, particularly after bonding with Teddy.

In "The Beginning", John Sr. and June offer Dakota their forgiveness for murdering John. Despite Teddy's insistence that she has nothing to be sorry about and Dakota's apparent sociopathy and repeated claims that she has no remorse, John Sr.'s words give her pause and she asks if he really means it. When John Sr. confirms that he does, Dakota appears to be relieved, suggesting that she had at least some remorse after all despite all of Dakota's claims to the contrary.

Theodore Maddox

Teddy is shown to be highly manipulative of Dakota, successfully convincing her that she has no future outside of his group and that the world is inherently deserving of destruction. He expresses a fatherly affection towards her, nicknaming her Sioux (after Sioux Falls, his favorite city in South Dakota). It is later revealed that he was using her and, at gunpoint, Dakota demands to know if he ever actually cared about her or if he just needed her to help him launch the rest of the missiles. When Teddy's only response is to chuckle, Dakota shoots the insane cult leader in the chest before killing him with a point-blank headshot.

John Dorie Sr.

Despite the fact that Dakota had murdered his only son, John Dorie Sr. forgave her for her actions. After finding her reanimated corpse, John is visibly saddened and puts her down, later telling June that he had put Dakota out of her torment. Despite her murder of his son, John is shown to see Dakota as yet another girl that he had failed to save from Teddy.


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  • Dakota is the one who rescued Morgan Jones following the events of "End of the Line".
  • Dakota is the third main character who later becomes an antagonist, with the first being Christopher Manawa, the second being Jeremiah Otto, the fourth being Victor Strand, and the fifth being Wes.
  • Dakota appears to display signs of sociopathy, such as not understanding why people don't trust her after murdering John Dorie and not having remorse for her murders, believing them to be necessary.
  • Dakota is affectionately referred to as Sioux by Teddy, in reference to Sioux Falls, his favorite city in South Dakota.
  • Dakota is the last named character to die in Season 6.
    • She is also the third main character who dies in a season finale. The first being Elizabeth Ortiz and the second being Lola Guerrero.
    • With her death, there are no known named members of the Pioneers confirmed to be alive, excluding Victor Strand.
  • Dakota is one of eight kids/teens in the franchise to become an antagonist, the others being Ben, Lizzie Samuels, Ron Anderson, Christopher Manawa, Minerva, Gage, and Mason Beale.
  • Dakota is the third main character to become a walker, the first being Jake Otto and the second being John Dorie.
  • Dakota is the second main character to commit suicide, the first being Travis Manawa and the third being John Dorie Sr.

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