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Dallas, Texas is a location that appears in Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is a major city located in Texas.


Before the outbreak, Dallas was one of the biggest cities in the state of Texas.


Following the outbreak, Dallas became home to a few groups of survivors. One group, led by Nora, lived in the Creative Visionaries Agency office building while another group of 15 lived in a funeral home. However, the latter group fell at some point to the doomsday cult and all became walkers. In addition, the Civic Republic Military used the CVA building roof as their Drop Site Baker.

At some point, a parking garge beneath Dallas became home to the doomsday cult who transformed it into a secure bunker. The cult infected the survivors in the CVA building with the bubonic plague, apparently in an effort to get at CRM through their drop site on the roof. Virginia sent her scouts to Dallas looking for the group, having deduced that they'd gone underground in the city.

Season 6


Dwight and Al are sent by Virginia to scout out Dallas for survivors. The two put down the reanimated survivors in the funeral home while Al listens in on Isabelle's radio communications in the hopes of reuniting with her at the CRM drop site. After learning of Al's intentions, Dwight joins her in visiting the Creative Visionaries Agency where they find the survivors infected with the bubonic plague. After Dwight discovers that he is infected too, he decides to search the pharmacies for antibiotics, but Al changes her mind at the last minute and warns Isabelle away. As she leaves, Isabelle directs Al to antibiotics that are located in the CRM supply crates.

Shortly thereafter, Dwight is finally reunited with his wife Sherry on the streets of Dallas just outside of the office building.

"Handle With Care"

Al and Alicia Clark have been sent on a scouting mission to Dallas. Dakota reveals that the last place that her sister sent scouts looking for the mysterious doomsday cult was two days south of Tank Town. Dwight realizes that she's talking about Dallas where Al and Alicia have been sent and where he and Al had first met Nora's people as well as where Dwight and Sherry had finally reunited. Luciana suggests that she and Wes head out to help Al and Alicia with their mission in the hopes of finding the location of this mysterious group.

"The Holding"

Alicia, Wes, Al and Luciana are found by the Doomsday Cult while they have been supposedly cornered by a herd and led to their underground bunker in a transformed parking garage in an effort to infiltrate the group. The four claim that they were scavenging for supplies in the city when the cult found them and several references are made to Al and Dwight's previous trip to the city. It's revealed that the cult was responsible for both the destruction of the community within the funeral home as well as the office building, although Al comes to the conclusion that their actual target was the CRM drop site on the roof.

After Alicia sets fire to the Holding, the others return to Valley Town and report to Morgan that some of the cultists escaped. Morgan organizes a scouting mission to return to Dallas and attempt to find the escaped cultists and Alicia.


  • Eugene Porter (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Many unnamed people (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • At least 3 survivor groups (Post-Apocalypse)


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 6


  • Dallas is located two days south of Tank Town.