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"Damage From the Inside" is the seventh episode and mid-season finale of the sixth season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the seventy-sixth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 22, 2020, the same night as "The Sky Is a Graveyard", the eighth episode of the first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It was written by Jacob Pinion and directed by Tawnia McKiernan.[1]


When Dakota goes missing, Strand sends Alicia and Charlie on a search and rescue mission to find her. Meanwhile an unlikely ally provides a new possibility of escape from Virginia.


Strand leads a convoy of rangers to escort Dakota to a safe house. Dakota asks Strand when he's planning to rebel against Virginia and points out that Virginia is in a vulnerable position. Strand feigns ignorance of any insurgent plots.

The convoy encounters dead bodies on the road. Strand and Samuels ride ahead to investigate.

Strand and Samuels discover a tree blocking the road. Riderless horses from the convoy gallop toward them. They race back to the convoy and find the rangers dead. Dakota is gone. They gun down the rangers as they turn.

Alicia and Charlie man a remote watch tower. Strand repeatedly radios Alicia but she refuses to answer, still upset by Strand's parting words at the molasses plant. Charlie convinces Alicia to respond. Strand asks to meet Alicia in person.

Strand meets Alicia and Charlie on the road and asks Alicia to find Dakota, since Dakota looks up to her. He says that if he delivers Dakota safely, he will be well-situated to mount a rebellion against Virginia. Alicia agrees.

Alicia and Charlie track Dakota through the woods. Alicia reveals that she wants to ally with the group that attacked the convoy and Tank Town. They kill some walkers and notice grotesque stitching on the bodies. They spot a hunting lodge in the distance. Alicia tells Charlie to stay behind while she goes inside to look for Dakota.

Alicia enters the lodge and finds a man performing taxidermy work on a walker. The man finds Alicia and injects her with a tranquilizer.

Alicia wakes up strapped to the man's workshop table. She cuts her bonds and tries to escape. Dakota and the man, Ed, enter the room. Dakota says that Ed helped her in the woods and explains that she did not see who attacked the convoy.

Ed plays chess with Dakota and says that his wife and daughter are dead. Dakota mentions that Virginia killed her parents. Alicia suggests they leave but Dakota refuses to go anywhere. Alicia goes to get a blanket and finds Charlie hiding in the hallway. Charlie says that Ed boarded up the house after he found Alicia. Alicia tells Charlie to stay hidden.

Ed and Dakota find Alicia searching for a weapon in Ed's workshop. Alicia demands to know why he locked up the house. Ed insists he's just trying to keep Dakota safe. Alicia reveals that Dakota is Virginia's sister and that Virginia will come looking for her. Ed agrees to let them leave at dawn. Alicia privately tells Dakota that Ed probably attacked the convoy and plans to kill them. She agrees to find a place where Dakota can escape Virginia.

Alicia secretly radios Virginia and informs her that she found Dakota after the convoy was attacked. She offers to deliver Dakota to the safe house on the condition that Virginia release her and Charlie. Virginia agrees.

Ed blares music to attract a herd to the lodge and make it a safe haven for Alicia and Dakota. He explains that Virginia's rangers killed his family while he was on a supply run and that he created the walker monsters to scare people away. He leads them upstairs at gunpoint.

Alicia and Dakota wait in a locked bedroom. Charlie unlocks the door and says that she stole the keys after tranquilizing Ed.

Alicia, Dakota and Charlie turn off the music. The herd begins to dissipate. Ed wakes up and accuses Alicia of secretly contacting Virginia. Alicia fights Ed and he gets impaled by an antler. The herd hears the commotion and returns to the lodge.

Alicia tries to help Ed. He urges them to flee and implores Alicia to abandon whatever deal she had made with Virginia. He admits that Virginia didn't kill his family. Instead, they were killed when one of his walker creations got loose in the house.

The walkers break down the door. Dakota and Alicia watch in horror as Ed offers himself up to the walkers.

Charlie pries wood off a boarded window as walkers flood into the house. The walkers hear a noise outside and follow it. Morgan appears and helps Alicia slay the walkers. Alicia hugs Morgan.

Morgan invites Alicia, Charlie and Dakota to join him at a community that he's been building. He says that Al and Dwight are already there.

Alicia admits to Charlie that she made a deal with Virginia to deliver Dakota in exchange for their freedom. She reveals her plan to take Charlie back to the stadium. Charlie refuses to turn Dakota in to Virginia.

Alicia asks Morgan if Dakota can join his community, then realizes that Morgan attacked the convoy in order to use Dakota as leverage. Morgan insists there's no other way to save their friends from Virginia but changes his mind when Alicia starts to walk out. He invites Dakota to join his community.

Strand finds Alicia's group at the lodge and tells Alicia he's taking Dakota back to Lawton. Alicia and Morgan declare that Dakota is coming with them. Morgan invites Strand to join them but Strand warns that Virginia will pursue them for the rest of their lives. Everyone draws their weapons. Strand stands down but says he'll no longer be able to protect Alicia.

Back in Lawton, Strand tells Virginia that Dakota is with Alicia, Charlie and Morgan. He declares allegiance to Virginia.

Virginia takes Strand to a secret room. Grace sits on a bed, still pregnant. Virginia tells Strand that she wants to hunt down everyone from his group.

Other Cast



  • Unknown as Terry
  • Nikki[2] as Charlie's Horse
  • Jenny Biggs as Lawton Ranger
  • Julie Barret as Lawton Ranger
  • David Smale as Lawton Resident
  • Drake Touve as Lawton Resident
  • Erin Ryan as Lawton Resident
  • Laura Cabaniss as Lawton Resident
  • Stephanie Lenz as Lawton Resident
  • Trinity Adams as Lawton Resident


  • Terry (Zombified)
  • Nancy (Confirmed Fate)
  • Emily (Confirmed Fate)
  • Ed
  • Virginia's Parents (Confirmed Fate)
  • 10 unnamed Pioneers (Alive and Zombified)
  • 1 horse (Confirmed Fate)


  • First appearance of Samuels.
  • First (and last) appearance of Terry. (Zombified)
  • First (and last) appearance of Ed.
  • The title of the episode, "Damage From the Inside", refers to Victor's repeated assertions to Alicia to follow his lead so he can sabotage the Pioneers from within.
  • The eighth episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is played directly after this episode.
  • Alicia reveals that she's been intending to return to the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium which isn't far away and retake it from the herd. However, Alicia now recognizes that she was only trying to hold onto something that's already gone. Alicia nevertheless attempts to leave with Charlie and Dakota for the stadium after an argument with Morgan, but ultimately changes her mind.
  • This is the second mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead that is not the eighth episode of the season, the first being "Shiva".
  • There are several songs that Ed plays over the intercom throughout the episode. These songs include:
    • "Tonight You Belong to Me" by Nancy Sinatra plays in the background of the lodge while Alicia enters.
    • "Jeepers Creepers" by Bing Crosby plays right afterwards, until the sequence in which Ed tranquilizes Alicia and she passes out.
    • "Going Down the Road Feeling Bad" plays when Dakota and Ed play chess in the lodge.

Episode Highlights