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I've been thinking about what I told you. And I was wrong -- in some parts. You did save me, you did save my family when the world fell apart. Thanks for The Abigail. (...) Maybe you do remind me of the worst things about myself. I don't know if people like us can act differently. And that's why I have a problem with you, Victor. But, for the sake of others and our sakes... I guess we gotta try to change. (...) (in German) I'm tired of war. All the best.
―Daniel makes peace with Strand and embraces a peaceful life at last.[src]

Daniel Salazar is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the husband of Griselda and the father of Ofelia. Following a near death experience, Daniel becomes Lola Guerrero's chief security officer at the Gonzalez Dam. After reuniting with Victor Strand, Daniel embarks on a mission to find Ofelia, only to be lied to by Strand. He eventually reunites with Ofelia, but it is too late as she died during when the Broke Jaw Ranch was overrun by a herd led by Troy Otto. During the destruction of the Gonzalez Dam, Daniel disappears after being shot in the face by Strand.

Sometime later, Daniel managed to establish his own base in a warehouse and stockpile supplies from traps he inherited from the previous owner. He also found and adopted a cat naming him Skidmark. A few years later, Daniel reunites with Strand, and, although cautious at first, eventually helps him rescue the rest of his group. Daniel then joins the group on their mission to help people to honor Ofelia's memory. He also forms parental bonds with Charlie and Luciana Galvez.

When the group is forcibly split and resettled among Virginia's settlements, Daniel manipulates the Pioneers into thinking he has dementia as a way to lower their guards and infiltrate the settlements without suspicion. After Virginia's death, however, Daniel's mental state begins to deteriorate, suffering from memory issues that causes the group to lose their trust in him. After Teddy's launching of the nuclear warheads, Daniel joins Morgan's group in the war against Strand and his Tower, where he is able to snap back to reality after Luciana used Ofelia to get Daniel to help infiltrate the Tower.

Seven years later, Daniel now leads a resistance group against PADRE. After reuniting with Madison Clark and successfully defeating Shrike, Daniel rejoins Madison's group. He joins the fight against Troy, who is revealed to have survived the events at the dam and is eager to get revenge on the man truly responsible for Ofelia's death. After Troy's death, Daniel embraces the chance at a more peaceful life with Luciana and his beloved cat Skidmark, making peace at last with Strand.


Daniel is a highly intelligent, caring, cautious, and formidable man who is a strong, determined survivor.

Daniel's past as a secret agent of the Salvadoran Junta and CIA has revealed him to be a highly trained killer, having directly killed over 100 people himself (with many more killed indirectly). His training and survival skills have shaped him into a formidable combatant. He is highly adept with firearms and hand to hand combat. Daniel is also shown to be a skilled torturer with extensive knowledge of interrogation techniques and is willing, albeit reluctantly, to use this skill when he feels it is necessary to survive, as seen when he brutally tortured Andrew Adams. Daniel however does not appear to be pleased with the past atrocities he has committed or was forced to commit, and regrets being the monster that he was forced to become. When Daniel embraces this side of himself in a situation, he can become so menacing that he intimidates his enemies simply by speaking to them. Daniel often doesn't directly issue a threat, but does it in such a way that the threat is implied and in such a way that he is usually taken seriously.

Despite his murderous past, Daniel has demonstrated that he cares about his family more than anything else and is a loving husband and father who vowed to give his daughter the best life possible in the United States. He hid from her the truth of his past life, and dealt with the trauma privately with his wife's support. Daniel was shown to be devastated by the loss of his beloved wife, the anchor that kept him stable. He subsequently came unhinged for a time and nearly killed himself. While at first Daniel considers his family to only be his blood relatives who are the only people that he truly trusts, Daniel has expanded his definition of family over time, adopting those that he's closest to as his family.

Daniel is extremely cautious around those he does not trust, such as Victor Strand and appears to be highly skilled at identifying a potential threat from body language and social cues. While under the leadership of Dante Esquivel, he briefly re-embraces his cruel nature, but ultimately turns on Dante and his men, saving his allies from certain death, demonstrating that he will never harm the innocent again and that he is ready to kill a threat without any hesitation.

However, Daniel has displayed a history of mental illness that pops up at times when he's feeling extremely guilty about something or has trouble reconciling his actions. These periods can last from days to years with Daniel only snapping out of it once he faces whatever is driving his break or finding something to live for again. Daniel's mental illness has manifested in the form of hallucinations, extreme paranoia, periods of self-isolation, memory blackouts and an ongoing fugue state during Daniel's demonstrated breaks with reality.

Following the events at the Gonzalez Dam, Daniel isolates himself for two years with only his pet cat Skidmark as a companion, a lesser example of a manifestation of his psychological problems. After being reunited with Strand, Daniel resists helping out due to his distrust of Strand and feeling that his old friends would be better off without Strand's help. Upon meeting Charlie, Daniel finds something to live for again due to the girl reminding him so much of his daughter Ofelia. Although Daniel agrees to Morgan's Group using the supplies in his warehouse, he refuses to join them at first. However, he later comes to their aid in helping to land Morgan's Group's Plane and becomes a full-time member of the group and the Caravan, fully emerging from his isolation.

After being captured by the Pioneers, Daniel suffers from a head injury and apparent dementia as a result, not even recognizing anything or anyone around him and only asking for his cat repeatedly. However, this proves to be an act on Daniel's part so that he can covertly infiltrate the Pioneers without suspicion, one that he pulls off so well that no one suspects him and only Morgan Jones knows the truth after Daniel purposefully breaks his act to him.

Following the defeat of Virginia, Daniel begins to descend into another more extreme break with reality, manifesting at first in memory blackouts and extreme paranoia over the safety of Valley Town. After performing an examination on Daniel, June Dorie comes to the conclusion that Daniel's problems are psychological rather than neurological and may have been triggered by Daniel having trouble adjusting to living in a state of peace. Daniel's initial actions leads to a break in the North Texas Alliance and Daniel fearing for the harm that he may cause to himself or others. As a result of this, Daniel becomes less trusted in the group with the others questioning Daniel's hearing of a voice on the radio giving out coordinates and possibly them taking away Daniel's gun as he has to ask Luciana Galvez to borrow hers. However, Daniel remains as sharp as ever, quickly deducing that Rollie is a spy for the Doomsday Cult after he and Jason Riley use a similar phrase moments apart from each other, acting quickly to execute Rollie without consulting anybody. Riley reveals that it was actually Daniel's own unhinged actions that had caused Rollie to lose faith and betray everyone as an unintended consequence of Daniel's paranoia. After this, Luciana backs Daniel up on the coordinates and Daniel is vindicated when Isabelle arrives to pick the group up, having been sent by Al who was the voice that Daniel had heard. Afterwards, Luciana tells Daniel that he just needs a little help and promises to stick by him.

However, over the next few months, Daniel's mental state only worsens despite Luciana's help, resulting in more memory blackouts and a full fugue state in which Daniel thinks that Ofelia is still alive, and that he has to find her. He also begins seeing signs from Ofelia in little things around him. At one point, Daniel mistakes a boat in Manny's Salvage Yard as The Abigail despite the very obvious differences as the last place that he can remember seeing her is on Strand's yacht. Daniel becomes very aggressive in his search, threatening and killing Sage and Arno for lying to him about the Stalkers having Ofelia and implying that he's willing to kill the entire group to find her. Daniel eventually reveals that his psychological problems stem from his guilt over not being honest with Ofelia before she died. Luciana realizes that Daniel wants so badly to find Ofelia and tell her who he is and apologize that Daniel's mind is telling him that he can. During this time, Daniel forms a father-daughter bond with Luciana, outright referring to her as family after Luciana sees Daniel at his worst and fully accepts him anyways. However, due to needing Daniel's help to take down Strand, Luciana finally resorts to lying to Daniel that Ofelia is in Strand's Tower despite Daniel warning her that if she's lying, it might be the thing that breaks him for good. Once in the tower, Daniel breaks free to find his daughter, focusing only on getting to Ofelia and only reluctantly detouring to the infirmary. After discovering Luciana and Strand's lies, Daniel moves to kill Strand, but Alicia and Strand point him to the dying Charlie who needs Daniel to be there for her like he couldn't be there for Ofelia, reminding Daniel that while Ofelia may be gone, Charlie isn't. With Strand and Alicia imploring Daniel to be the man that he wanted Ofelia to see, Daniel finally remembers the truth and he snaps back to reality.

After returning to reality, Daniel focuses on being there for Charlie, apparently only coming to Alicia and Strand's rescue after Charlie convinces him to go. Despite his confusion over Luciana's lies, Daniel shows no animosity towards her, only telling Luciana rather pointedly that he's not a liar and questioning her motives which Daniel appears to accept. Daniel later jumps to Alicia's defense when the others question her, remembering how awful it had felt when people had doubted him and joking with Sarah in good humor about his recent issues.

Seven years later, Daniel is haunted by his separation from Charlie and Luciana - both of whom were like his own daughters - by PADRE and the likelihood that Charlie had died of her illness without Daniel to be there for her as he had promised to be. Daniel has found a new purpose in using his knowledge and skills to organize a group of desperate parents into a resistance movement against PADRE, fighting with everything that he has to get these people back to their families. He has also started to drink a tea that helps with mental focus. Daniel refuses to risk his people's lives to save Grace on a likely suicide mission, but he is visibly distraught by his need to do this. In turn, Grace is understanding as she doesn't want people to risk their lives for her and she has accepted her own fate. When confronted by the PADRE Prefects, Daniel takes the opportunity to do what Daniel wishes someone had done for him as a child: to stop them from becoming killers and going down a path that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Held at gunpoint by Ben Krennick, Daniel fearlessly reaches out to the children around him, children who have still yet to take a human life. Combined with the efforts of Madison and Morgan, Daniel succeeds in breaking through to the Prefects and keeping them from becoming killers.

Following the Fall of PADRE and the death of Troy Otto, Daniel admits that his constant distrust and dislike of Strand is because he reminds Daniel too much of himself. Declaring that he's tired of war, Daniel finally makes peace with Strand and they part as friends with Daniel looking forward to a more peaceful life. Much to Daniel's elation, he is also reunited with his beloved cat Skidmark who had been found by Alicia in the years since separating from her friends.


El Salvador[]

Daniel Salazar was born and raised in 1943 in the war-ridden El Salvador. As a child, he witnessed the brutal nature of civil war in El Salvador, and was present when many members of his village were forcefully abducted by the military, later to be murdered with their corpses being washed up a river. An unknown man coerced him to mortally shoot one of the survivors, which became his first out of many kills and an event leaving him traumatized that still haunts him even after decades. It is likely that this event led to his involvement with the Salvadoran junta. In his adulthood, he was coerced into the notorious Sombra Negra, a highly-confidential and extremely brutal pro-junta vigilante death squad who is directly backed by the CIA to carry out ruthless extra-judicial tortures, assassinations and murders in the Salvadoran Civil War. He became proficient in combat, murder and torture due to his professional trainings and battlefield experiences, something he is obviously not proud of as he didn't have a choice when he was enlisted. While torturing Adams, Daniel suggested that he was often put into the position of choosing whether he would be the torturer or the tortured in a situation. His inner lips were also tattooed with the mark of the squad as seen in "100". During this time, he met his wife Griselda, who was hardened by the war as he was, and helped keep him stable after the horrors of what he did. Daniel himself reveals that he killed around 96 people in El Salvador and still suffers the trauma of his actions.

Los Angeles, California[]

He left his country after the war with his wife and emigrated to Los Angeles where he came to own and operate a barbershop called "Salazar's Cuts". He raised an "American" daughter, Ofelia, in the hopes that she would not have to become what he had and that she would remain innocent throughout her life. When she was nine, Ofelia asked Daniel about why they left El Salvador and he told her the truth about the war and the violence. The only thing that he didn't tell her was which man he was in the tale. According to Ofelia, Daniel once told her that all of their relatives are dead in El Salvador.


Fear the Walking Dead[]

Season 1[]

"So Close, Yet So Far"

When a riot erupts after the people of Los Angeles think the police are randomly killing people, unaware of how the emerging infection spreads and affects people, Travis Manawa, Liza Ortiz, and their son Chris, enter a shop. Inside, they find Daniel and his family. Daniel orders them to leave, but is persuaded by his wife Griselda to keep them inside due to the riot outside.

"The Dog"

Daniel appears with his family. After a short conversation, Chris notes that the walls are burning, and all six realize that they need to leave. Daniel opens the door, letting looters come in but they leave the six alone. They make a run to Travis' truck, where on the way Griselda is pinned by collapsed scaffolding after riot officers unleash a high-pressure hose on it. After getting to the truck, they head to a nearby hospital but find that it is overrun with the infected, with the National Guard shooting the infected patients coming out of the hospital. Travis suggests to go to another hospital, but Daniel declines and asks him to go to his house, as the other hospitals would most likely be overrun also. He plans to use Travis' phone in their house so he can contact his cousin to pick them up tomorrow.

After heading inside Travis' house, they are attacked by an undead Peter Dawson. Daniel grabs the shotgun and kills him. After watching Travis drag Peter's body out, he suggests burning it but Travis declines, and immediately Daniel knows it is because Peter was a good friend of Travis. He watches as Travis' girlfriend Madison Clark is about to kill a zombified Susan Tran, but stops after Travis persuades her not to, and mutters that she is "weak" as a result.

When the National Guard arrives at the neighborhood, Daniel peers out a window and says that "it's already too late".

"Not Fade Away"

Dr. Bethany Exner examines Griselda and decides that she needs surgery in a military medical facility outside in order to save her foot. Daniel insists that he will go with Griselda, to which Bethany readily agrees.

Madison tells Daniel about what she saw outside the curfew zone. Daniel tells Madison about how naive he found his father to be and why he mistrusts governments, and then asks Madison to promise to look after Ofelia if for any reason they do not return.

As Ofelia says her farewells to her parents, Daniel tells her that he can't guess how long he will be away. At the last moment, however, Daniel is denied leave and the soldiers take Nicholas instead. Liza is reluctantly convinced to go with the soldiers as well.


Daniel first appears when Madison thinks that her daughter Alicia is at the Trans' house again after finding Mrs. Tran's suicide note. Madison opens a door to find Ofelia and Daniel, who have kidnapped Andrew Adams, a soldier with whom Ofelia previously flirted. Daniel supposedly agrees to Ofelia's decision to use him as a hostage to free Griselda and Madison's son Nick. But when she leaves, Daniel tells Madison that he is going to torture him instead as he believes the army will not exchange and ignores her suggestion for a peaceful method.

Daniel talks with Adams about the war in the 80s and what he did to keep both himself and Griselda alive. He takes out some shaves, which Adams immediately recognizes as a torture attempt and discloses her location in an attempt to avoid being tortured. Daniel does not stop there and flays his arm. He knows that Adams is a good person and tells him that the deeper he goes, the more sensitive the nerve becomes, resulting in more pain. He demands to know what the code "Cobalt" means as from his radio, he notes that the word is said often.

Adams tells him more about his experience with the infected and how he still hears the screams of those in the arena. After Ofelia sees what he does to him, she leaves the house crying, and he tells Madison that she will be unable to understand why he had to torture him. Madison then asks if they got the information they needed, possibly surprising him as he thought of her as "weak".

After Adams relays his story about the civilians in the arena to Travis, Daniel goes to the arena to validate his story. As he approaches the doors, the herd of infected inside senses his presence and begins banging on the doors.

"The Good Man"

Daniel and Ofelia have an argument about the situation with Andrew. She says that he lied to her, but Daniel challenges this by stating that he was protecting her. Daniel's past activities in El Salvador are brought up, and he claims that he did what was necessary to survive and that he kept Ofelia in the dark to protect her.

Daniel wants to kill Andrew, but Travis talks him out of it and convinces him to take Andrew with them instead, pointing out that he will be helpful in finding Griselda's exact location.

As the three families leave in three different vehicles, Daniel has to briefly step out in order to open the gates, which have been left unguarded as the soldiers took their leave.

Andrew convinces Travis to release him, arguing that he can tell him where to find Ofelia and Nicholas and that Daniel will kill him if given the chance.

Daniel later walks casually towards the command post and seeks the sentinels' attention. They order him to stop and threaten to shoot, but he advises them to spare their ammunition, a puzzling statement that is shortly clarified when the infected from the arena are seen following him. Daniel has released some two thousand undead, forcing the soldiers into defense and creating a distraction for his party.

At the medical facility, Ofelia, Daniel, Madison, and Travis search for Nick. They come across his holding cell, but he isn't there. They continue to search for Nick, until they discover him trapped behind some locked doors, trying to get away from incoming infected. Liza reunites with the group, trying and succeeding to unlock the doors with her key card.

As the group escapes from the mess hall, Daniel and Ofelia stop Liza to find out where Griselda is. Liza has trouble answering, and Daniel realizes that Griselda is dead. Liza says that everything that could be done was and that she is sorry. Continuing to flee, Daniel and Ofelia soon pass through a pile of human cinders on the outside that they can't help but see as the resting place of Griselda. Daniel does his best to comfort Ofelia as she starts crying.

Shortly thereafter, the group returns to the parking space where they left the three cars. Alicia and Christopher are there, but their car was taken away by a few soldiers in the meantime. Andrew reappears and threatens Daniel with a gun. Ofelia tries to talk Andrew out of shooting him, but he instead shoots her in the arm.

Travis beats Andrew viciously in return, while Liza tends to Ofelia's gunshot wound, successfully stabilizing her.

The group enters the two remaining vehicles and heads east, Daniel in the back of the truck with Liza and Ofelia. At Strand's house, Daniel is instructed by Liza to change Ofelia's bandages regularly and told that the wound is clotting. Daniel hears the gunshot that killed Liza as he sits with a sleeping Ofelia.

Season 2[]


Daniel is first shown boarding the Abigail as Los Angeles is being firebombed by military jet planes with him noting the massive destruction taking place. He is seen helping Travis and Madison on board alongside Chris with Liza's corpse. When a life raft of survivors is spotted at sea, he takes his double barreled shotgun and keeps it at the ready as a safety precaution, he remains quiet on whether to bring the survivors onto the boat. He later appears fishing by himself. He see's Chris and welcomes him, and encourages him to help him fish. Daniel questions Chris on how he learned how to fish with him explaining he used to do it when he was younger. Daniel expresses his condolences to Chris about Liza's sudden death with Chris offering his sympathies to his wife that also recently died. Daniel catches a eel and explains that they will have it for dinner Travis later walks over to Daniel and asks what him and Chris talked about. Daniel explains it was about Liza and Griselda to which Daniel expresses sympathy to Travis stating what he did for Liza was merciful and that one day Chris will understand why he shot her.

He is later present at dinner when he and everyone else hear Chris jump overboard, for a swim. He later witness the aftermath of the attack on a sailing boat, and stands on guard with the shotgun in hand again.

"We All Fall Down"

Daniel first appears when the group decides to dock the boat at an island to lose being spotted by a nearby hostile boat. Daniel elected to remain on the boat with his daughter once the boat docked, still suspicious of Strands intentions.

During a conversation with his daughter later that night, he said he remained on the boat because he was not "invited" into the house by the Geary family, which seemed strange to Ofelia. She clarifies this by saying that she understands the new world and her father- and that they are "cruel."

The following day, still suspicious of Strand, he begins searching the captains room of the boat, eventually finding a sealed compartment. He successfully picks the lock and discovers a hidden compartment. In the compartment he finds a loaded MP5 sub-machine gun and maps of the Mexican coast.


Daniel first appears this episode alongside Travis and Madison. They discuss a possible problem with the water filtration system on the boat. Daniel watches Strand's increasing stress to get the filtration system up and running. Daniel is later seen with Ofelia, noticing that her wound is infected and expresses concern for her. She notes that they ran out of antibiotics and Daniel sternly tells her not to tell Madison insisting that they have to care for one another. Daniel is later present when they find aircraft luggage on a nearby island. After Chris, Alicia and Nick express that they want to grab supplies on the island but Madison and Travis say its too dangerous, Daniel offers he will go with them and keep watch. As they reach the island Daniel with his M9 beretta in hand tells everyone to remain in eye length with one an another. Daniel rummages through luggage in search of antibiotics for Ofelia. Nick informs Daniel that Ofelia needs Amoxicillin, Oxycodone, or something similar. Daniel tells Nick he will leave the medicine up to him. Daniel quickly realizes that Chris is missing and goes to search for him inland. As Daniel moves inland, he spots a survivor from the plane, Alex, she quickly runs to him informing him to run quickly. Daniel spots a small herd of zombies approaching him over the sand dune and pulls out his M9 and shoots a few of the zombies. Alicia, Chris and Alex help Daniel fight off the herd, but are quickly getting cornered. Nick however joins them camouflaged in blood keeping him disguised from the walkers. Daniel makes it to the life raft and they make it back to the Abigail. Daniel later witness the drama unfolding on the Abigail regarding Alex and Jake and that they cannot stay aboard.

"Blood in the Streets"

After 3 unknown survivors, 2 men and a woman, board the ship, Daniel, Travis and Madison rush upstairs to interrogate the strangers. The strangers claim that Vida is having pregnancy complications. Alicia goes downstairs and recognizes one of the men's voices as Jack from the radio she was talking to. "Jack?" she asks. Daniel asks her what she did, but before she can answer, Reed takes the advantage by throwing a punch to Travis. Vida is also able to overpower Madison. They then tie them all together. Alicia is forced by Reed to bind Daniel. As Alicia is binding Daniel, he asks her how they knew their names to which she just replies "I don't know". Later, Vida brings back a tied Madison to the group. She tells that she heard gunshots and Daniel says that they shot down his boat. Daniel tells Madison to keep talking to Vida as a distraction as he attempts to loose the binds. Madison asks Vida if the baby is moving. She baits her by telling her if a dead baby would turn inside her belly. Angered, Vida threatens to shoot Madison. Reed and Travis return from the engine room and as Vida punches Madison. As Reed stops her from doing any more damage, Travis slips a crowbar behind a seat cushion. After Luis Flores shoots both Ben and Breannah with an assault rifle, this gives time for Daniel to slip his binds and grab his gun back from Reed's hand as Ofelia slams him on the door before Madison stabs him with the crowbar. Upon seeing Luis, he aims him and orders to drop his gun though Nick tells him that he's a friend of Strand. When Luis mentions that they cannot cross the boarder without Strand, Daniel tells him they don't need him as Luis tells him back without Strand they're not going to Mexico.


Daniel treats the wound that Reed sustained from the crowbar. Reed tells Daniel that his brother, Connor, has a dozen men and five boats and will come looking for him. Daniel leaves Reed tied up in a chair. Daniel agrees to let Chris stand outside Reed's door, explaining to Ofelia that its better than leaving Chris alone to think dark thoughts. Daniel tells Madison that they can use Reed's relationship to Connor as leverage over Connor.

Daniel listens into Luis and Strand's plan on how to get across the border and advises Madison to let Nick and Chris help fight Connor's group, urging her to stop treating them like children. Madison ignores his advice.

When Reed turns after death. Daniel stabs Reed and pins him to a wall, leaving him alive. Daniel places a hood over Reed's head, devising a plan to use the undead Reed. "Take the gun, Daniel," says a voice, but the room is empty. He snaps out of his daze when Ofelia arrives, and together they escort Reed out of the room to deliver to Connor's Pirates to save Alicia and Travis.

"Sicut Cervus"

With his wife gone and a lack of understanding and acceptance from Ofelia, Daniel begins to mentally break down during the course of the episode. When the Abigail is attacked by remnants of the Mexican Navy, he stabs several of the attackers in the head to prevent reanimation, but when he comes to Luis, he is startled when the dying man gives him a pendant with symbols on it that Daniel seems to recognize. He angrily tries to put the man down but is stopped by Ofelia and Nick. He grabs the pendant and throws it overboard.

Later on, Daniel is suspicious when the servants working for Celia confiscate the group's weapons. He remains on his guard the entire time, continually observing goings on and the activities of the residents. He searches the premises of Celia's home and discovers she keeps walkers in her basement as she believes they are still alive but changed. Daniel finds Celia praying near a monument with the same symbol on it as Luis' pendant. He is left considerably shaken as Celia tries to get him to contemplate making peace with the dead.


In a flashback, a young Daniel Salazar stands beside a pond full of dead bodies in the Salvadoran jungle. "Take the gun, Daniel," a man tells him. He wakes up to the sound of a gunshot. Daniel runs outside with Ofelia. Ofelia starts to peel the skin off of her face. Daniel wakes up: It was a nightmare. He hears people running in the hall. Daniel finds Ofelia and hugs her fiercely.

The next day, Daniel secretly sharpens a razor blade and pockets it, and he urges Strand not to bury Thomas in such an unholy place. Strand sees that he is clearly unravelling very quickly. Later, he has a mental breakdown and grabs Ofelia, trying to discretely lead her away, believing that Griselda is waiting for them and that they are in danger. When Ofelia resists and tries to calm him down, he becomes agitated and more insistent. Several of the workers immediately intervene and Daniel panics, drawing his barber's blade and slashing one of them across the face. In the frenzy, he is overwhelmed by their numbers, and is punched several times in the face and subdued.

Later on, Celia brings food to Daniel, who is tied up in a storage room, and urges him to seek forgiveness from his Dead. He hears Griselda's voice. After Celia leaves, Griselda's ghost appears before him. He talks to Griselda and reflects on all of the people he’s killed. "What about the one that haunts you now?" Griselda asks. In a flashback, young Daniel looks at the pool of dead bodies and notices one of the men is still alive. A man hands him a gun and tells him to shoot. Daniel complies. "The first victim was you," Griselda tells Daniel.

Jorge unties Daniel to give him some food. Daniel attacks and kills him and escapes. "I'm waiting for you," Griselda tells Daniel. Inside the infected-filled wine cellar, Daniel pours gasoline lights it on fire. Instead of seeing the infected, he hallucinates all of the people he has killed when Griselda emerges from the crowd and smiles. The flames barely start to touch Daniel's feet as he watches the cellar burn, entranced. Because he does not make it out in time to reunite with his family, they think he perished in the fire when in reality he was able to escape. This is the last time Daniel is seen for the rest of the second season.

Season 3[]


At some point between "Shiva" and "TEOTWAWKI", Daniel was discovered by Efraín and Lola, and found refuge in the Gonzalez Dam. After meeting Dante and hearing his accent, Dante realizes that Daniel is from El Salvador. He infers that Daniel is a "sombra negra" and was in the fearsome El Salvadoran military. He pulls Daniel's lower lip down to reveal a tattoo indicating "Sombra Negra". He tells his enforcer he was picking a fight with a killer. Dante is impressed by Daniel’s background and welcomes him as a guest to his place.


Three weeks after the Abigail farm was abandoned, while Strand sits in a cell imprisoned by Dante Esquivel, someone brings him a canteen of water. Strand notices that the person is Daniel, who tells Strand that he told him he'd be his guardian angel, referring to a time he had said as much to Strand while growing suspicious of him on The Abigail.


Daniel, having survived the fire at the Abigail Estate, and barely clinging to his life, hobbles through the streets of Tijuana, skillfully avoiding the Infected. He's searching for water with little luck. When one of the Infected notices him, he flees and hides under a car. A stray dog barks at the Infected, then runs away. The Infected follows the dog. Daniel, who has fallen asleep under the car, awakens to the sound of a growling Infected next to the car. Daniel lays down, laughing. Later, Daniel wakes up and sees footsteps approaching. He thinks it is a walker until the man uses a nail and hammer to put down a walker. A man named Efraín pulls Daniel out and insists he calm down, getting a look at his burnt leg. "You're dying," the man tells him in Spanish. Daniel yells out for water. Efraín is willing to give him water but they have to walk, which Daniel agrees to.

Efraín takes Daniel to a dry water fountain. Daniel is angry and skeptical that the water will come, but at exactly 5 PM, water begins to flow. Daniel laps up the water. Efraín fills a jug and explains that water flows from the fountain at 5 PM every Tuesday. Efraín loads Daniel into a rickshaw and peddles through town, expertly dodging Infected along the way. Efraín delivers water to a family. They hide as a vehicle of armed men drive by. Unable to take the pain in his legs, Daniel passes out. Daniel fades in and out of consciousness. Then the group evaluates Daniel, with a woman named Lola ruling he is going to lose his leg.

Daniel awakens as Lola is pulling out a knife. He screams in pain as Lola scrapes off the charred skin with a blade. After Daniel has had some time to heal, he helps Efraín scavenge for goods. Efraín stops their work to say a prayer before driving a nail into an Infected's skull. Daniel asks Efraín whether he used to be a priest. "I've been many things. But then I found my true calling," replies Efraín, shaking his flask of alcohol.

Efraín and Daniel eat dinner at Efraín's hideout. Daniel wants to repay Efraín for saving his life. The only thing he can offer Efraín is a proper haircut. Daniel cuts Efraín's hair and admits that he's killed many people in his life.

Daniel is carrying guilt of killing 96 people to be specific. Efraín insists this is not what is weighing on him. Daniel recalls leaving El Salvador with his wife and daughter, heading to Los Angeles. He regrets lying to his daughter but Efraín insists it was the best thing to do. Daniel admits he is looking for her. "I woke up in a fire," Daniel said, which is where he heard Ofelia calling for him. "The ceiling was collapsing. I fought, I fought, and I got out. I don't know how but I got out." When he woke up, everyone was dead and burned. Efraín questions what he is saying. Daniel says he doesn't know if he burned his daughter alive and begs forgiveness from Efraín. He has good news and bad news. Good: no one is left to judge him. Just as he is about to say the bad news, he falls asleep. Daniel covers him with a blanket and leaves on the rainy night.

Dismayed, Daniel leaves Efraín's home in the middle of the night and forges out into a rain storm. An Infected attacks Daniel, and he is nearly overpowered, but he is saved when a bolt of lightning strikes the Infected. Daniel is knocked back, unconscious. Two dam workers, Pablito and Everardo, discover Daniel while cleaning out litter from a sewage pipe. They take Daniel to Lola, who works at the Gonzalez Dam. She immediately recognizes Daniel. Lola explains that municipal president Dante Esquivel took over the dam after Tijuana fell. She hints at her disapproval of his water distribution system. At the dam, Lola orders Daniel to pretend that he met her when he came begging for work. J.C., Dante's head of security, questions Lola's decision to hire Daniel as a new janitor. She insists she needs more janitors to help keep the water clean. Daniel and Pablito drag dead Infected out of a sewer. Daniel sees all the people lined up outside the dam exchanging goods for water. He then questions Dante's methods.

Daniel eats in the cafeteria. Everyone except Daniel stands as Dante enters the room. J.C. orders Daniel to stand and sticks his finger in Daniel's food. Daniel stabs J.C.'s hand with a fork, prompting J.C. to pull his gun. Dante notices the commotion and grills Daniel about his background. After hearing his accent, Dante realizes that Daniel is from El Salvador. He infers that Daniel is a "sombra negra" and was in the fearsome El Salvadoran military. Dante is impressed by Daniel's background and welcomes him as a guest to his table.

In a private meeting, Dante asks for Daniel's help tracking down a water thief. Daniel demands a Jeep in exchange for his help. Dante obliges, but implores Daniel to stay here, promising to take care of him.

Outside the dam, Daniel is escorted around the community. J.C. tells him someone is robbing them. Daniel sees people nearby as the truck plows through a door and into a seemingly abandoned mall. It's where Daniel got his water from Efraín. The man search the place, guns drawn. The leader elects there is nothing here. Daniel looks at a clock and realizes it is almost 5 PM as the men walk away. Water starts to drip from the fountain, leaving Daniel torn on what to do, if they see the water flow from the fountain they will know that it was Lola's doing. Daniel distracts J.C. from the fountain by directing him to Efraín's hideout.

Daniel tells Lola that he led J.C. to Efraín's hideout because J.C. was about to discover the fountain. He insists that he was protecting her. Lola is appalled by his decision, and is infuriated. Daniel insists they are going to find Efraín and Lola and kill them. She has been running water to them from the dam. He insists when they find her, though, there will be nothing they can do. Lola is disappointed, saying this place is perfect for him.

While on patrol, Daniel is armed and watching the door. He sees Victor Strand getting tackled at the gate, watching with a smirk, and seeing Dante approach. He goes on to give Strand water. Strand is shocked to see Daniel. Daniel goes straight to asking about Ofelia. He tells Daniel she is alive and holed up in a hotel down the coast. It's a day away. "She's waiting for you," Strand lies. Daniel doesn't believe him. "You'd say anything to save your life," Daniel said. "This place is perfect for you. You will rot here, like the dead, Ofelia is dead. Her father is dead. And so are you." Daniel abandons Strand and walks away.

Daniel later finds Dante interrogating Efraín. Dante questions who is helping Efraín. He orders Daniel to torture Efraín until he reveals the person who helps him steal the water, and offers Daniel weapons to torture Efraín with. He asks for space. Daniel quietly advises Efraín against talking and offers to kill him quickly. He punches Efraín repeatedly and commands him to confess. A beaten Efraín is begged to confess. "I don't have anything to confess," Efraín said. Dante orders Daniel to continue. He grabs a hammer for his next act. As he prepares to swing a hammer at Efraín, Lola runs over and stops him, outing herself as Efraín's accomplice. Dante and J.C. take Efraín, Lola, Strand and Pablito to the dam catwalk for execution. Dante pushes Pablito over the edge despite his pleas of innocence.

Lola is next up to be executed, but Daniel has a different plan. He turns on Dante and his men, killing J.C. and two guards. Dante pleads that Daniel cannot kill him as Daniel owes Dante for letting him into the group and pulling him off the streets. Realizing Daniel's mind is made up, Dante insults him by saying that he will always be a "goddamn dog" and is promptly shot in the head. Daniel asks Lola to be forgiven, then hands over his gun to her and kneels before her. Lola holds out her hand to Daniel.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"

Daniel and Strand sit in Strand’s car as a herd crosses the road ahead. Strand warns Daniel to prepare himself in case Ofelia is no longer at the hotel when they arrive. Daniel's suspicion of Strand grows, as he orders him to drive through the herd.

At a pit stop on the way to the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Strand questions how Daniel survived the fire. Daniel says he was spared and suggests it was the devil who helped him. Daniel is still not trusting Strand as he promises to take them to the hotel. Daniel asks Strand why he left the hotel. Strand tells more lies about why he left the hotel; he doesn't mention that he was kicked out and decides to say that he left on his own accord to try and meet up with Dante. Daniel doubts Strand's story, causing Strand to lash out, and tells Daniel to kill him now if he wants to. Daniel is not intimidated and again orders him to drive him to the hotel.

Daniel and Strand arrive at the hotel only to find the entrance abandoned. Strand became concerned when he noticed that the gates were lying open and nobody was in sight, leaving Strand hesitant to enter, but Daniel is determined to find Ofelia. The two survivors entered through the main entrance of the building to find only blood, there were no people around. Daniel sensed Strand's nervousness, working out that he hasn't a clue where Ofelia is.

Daniel and Strand enter the hotel and find blood all over the ground. Daniel points his gun at Victor upon realizing Ofelia isn't here. Victor's attempt to defuse the situation can't stop the wrath of Daniel, as he rings a bell, bringing the Dead upon them. With the dead closing in, Daniel pressures Strand to tell the truth about where Ofelia is. Strand finally admits that she left the hotel while he was still there. He leaves Victor behind and his words echo as Victor watches him speed away: "Let's see how you get out of this one."

The Infected attack Strand. Daniel drives off in the car, abandoning Strand. He runs away on his own.

"Children of Wrath"

While he doesn't physically appear, Daniel appears in a flashback as a hallucination to Ofelia while she is nearly passed out, insisting she stay awake.


At the dam, Daniel and Lola discusses their plans now that Dante is dead. Daniel rules she is the new leader of Gonzalez Dam and is the new "Dante" now. Daniel and Efraín urge her to stay behind for her safety, but she insists on joining them. Daniel observes the people they are helping. They are welcoming new people to the community. They spot a number of infected approaching which sends the group into a chaotic sprint in different directions. At night, Daniel notices more infected have gotten in. Lola elects they will deal with them later. He is thinking about Ofelia but she tells him the world is gone in every direction. Lola counsels Daniel to stop looking for Ofelia. She needs him and is worried his hope will only lead to heartbreak. "Nothing breaks me, Lola," he tells her. "I'm immortal."

The next day, Daniel helps split up the water. Lola and Efraín distribute water to a crowd. People are demanding more and claiming Daniel took it for himself. A man accuses them of controlling the dam for personal gain and scolds them for killing Dante and his group. The angry mob hits Lola on the head, and Daniel rushes Lola to the truck as the crowd turns on them and attacks. Luckily, a truck pulls up and rescues them from the angry mob.

"La Serpiente"

Daniel, Efraín and an injured Everado race down the road in a water tanker with an angry mob in pursuit. Daniel attempts to shoot at the mob, but Efraín orders him to stop. Back at the dam, they rush inside. Efraín admonishes Daniel for shooting at the crowd. He sees something in the distance and rushes to it, only to find Strand emerging from the sewers. He is not happy to see him, but Madison emerges and asks Daniel to lower the gun. Walker lowers his first. Madison is surprised to see Daniel is alive. He tells her he is better now before asking about Ofelia. "She's alive, Daniel," Madison tells him. He is reluctant to trust her because of Strand, but Madison reveals Walker helped her and now they need Daniel's help. She tells them they've come for water. Daniel holsters his gun and brings them inside.

Daniel takes Madison's group to Lola's office. They wait outside as Daniel speaks to Lola. Madison assures Walker, Daniel will help them. Moments later, Daniel invites them inside. Lola offers Madison a seat while the men in the room remain standing. Madison asks Lola for water in exchange for resources such as cattle or guns. Lola refuses to make a deal and orders Madison to leave the next morning.

Later that night, Lola talks with Daniel. She asks about Ofelia. Daniel tells her they have her at their camp and he believes their word. Lola questions whether or not he is going to go back with Madison to see Ofelia but he swears his allegiance to Lola and vows to fulfill his promise to Lola by staying at the dam, and he believes Ofelia is better off without him. Strand helps Efraín treat Everado's wound. Efraín criticizes Daniel for attacking the people, who he believes are merely thirsty and scared. He rejects Daniel's belief that people are plotting to overtake the dam and maintains that Lola should release the water to everyone.

Daniel thanks Walker for saving Ofelia and asks what she does at the ranch. To Daniel's dismay, Walker tells him she is a soldier. Daniel insists he did not raise a soldier. Walker explains that she poisoned their enemies and saved many lives. "By taking others," Daniel says. This deeply upsets Daniel.

In the headquarters of the dam, Lola and Daniel debate plans for preparing for attacks. Lola wants to continue providing water to the people but Daniel wants to be more careful. Lola criticizes Daniel for having killed. He tells her, though, that these people will attack and drag them out of the dam. Lola insists the people will eventually appreciate what she is doing, but Daniel fears he lacks the guns to protect her from those who are disgruntled. There is a clear divide between them on how the dam should be operated.

On the edge of the dam, Strand is joined by Daniel while watching people load the water truck. "I don't know what you're thinking but I'm sure that serpent brain of yours is coiling around an idea," Daniel says. Strand plays dumb saying, "Whatever it is, if it benefits both of us, I'll look the other way. If not, I'll have you in my sights." Daniel walks away singing "down with the water queen" in Spanish.

Daniel and Madison catch up. Daniel tried to change Lola's mind but couldn't, but he won't abandon her because she saved his life and tells her that he plans to stay at the dam to protect Lola. Madison, however, questions whether the truth of it is Daniel being afraid to face his daughter. "Ofelia will always be my daughter, no matter what that man had her do," Daniel said. They walk past the wreckage of the truck putting down infected. Daniel aids their efforts. Lola is down there, now. Daniel says all but, "I told you so." People are heard chanting at the dam as they approach. Daniel calls Strand and Madison over so the crew can fix the fence.

In her office, Lola asks Daniel how many guns and munitions they will need to protect the dam. Daniel writes down a number. Madison agrees to provide them with the required armaments in exchange for 10,000 gallons of water a week until the rains come. Madison suggests they make the first trade in five days at the trading post in Mexicali. Lola also demands that Ofelia show up at the exchange. Daniel sends off Madison and Strand in a water tanker provided by Lola. Madison thanks Daniel before leaving. Daniel warns her Strand will double cross her as he know this.

"El Matadero"

Daniel arrives at a large trading post at a stadium to meet with Madison and Ofelia, who died from her wound before he arrives. Daniel marches toward her asking where Ofelia is. Madison begs him to stop and listen, but he doesn't. He finds Ofelia lifeless and hugs her. He demands to know what kind of sick joke this is and points the gun at Madison as he breaks down in tears, demanding an answer. Madison tells him the ranch was overrun and Ofelia saved them, but she got bit. Daniel is devastated. He lowers his gun. "This is the price," he says in Spanish. He tells Madison to get away from them or he'll kill her. Madison realizes that they’re done and walks away. As she walks away, Daniel shoots Ofelia prevent her from reanimation.

The next day, Madison has returned to El Bazar and finds the empty bag of painkillers. Daniel comes in and looks around. Madison watches as he leans against a pole and tells her that he was walking all night. He carried Ofelia away and buried her. Madison says Ofelia saved Alicia's life, and Daniel asks where Alicia is. She tells him that Alicia went off on her own. Daniel isn't surprised. He asks if Madison was with her when she died and if she said anything. Madison says she wanted him to know she loved him, and that she was looking forward to getting to know him. She tells Daniel their conversation and he says she only saw the real man for a moment. "She never did know the man that brought her to the United States," Daniel said. "She saw him once, for a moment, and it frightened her". He says that she should pack up and come along. Madison asks him to bring her group. He agrees to take the others as well.

"Things Bad Begun"

Daniel is approached by Walker and presented with a cross pendant necklace. Daniel has questions about Ofelia's death. Walker asks himself the same questions, saying he wasn't at the ranch when it got overrun. Then, Daniel informs Madison that Nick has arrived at the dam. Nick and Troy relay what they learned at the Bazar to Madison, Strand, Daniel, Lola and Efraín: The Proctors are planning to raid the dam. Troy offers his help in laying charges despite Daniel's doubts. Efraín proposes using C-4 explosives to blow up the dam and release the water to the people. Daniel suggests they post guards at the dam's entryways and use the explosives as a bargaining chip, threatening to blow up the dam if the Proctors don't negotiate with them.

Daniel corners Nick and demands to know how the horde found the ranch. Nick insists he and Troy tried to redirect the Infected after spotting them on the outskirts. Daniel senses Nick is lying and locks the door to the room.

Daniel asks Nick if he is familiar with his background. He places a chair on the ground and hopes this will go easier, having a conversation and not an interrogation. Nick asks if torture is what Ofelia would want. "No, she wouldn't, but she's dead," Daniel said. "People don't change. We just walk in circles." Daniel orders Nick to sit down and he does.

Daniel continues to interrogate Nick, who is covering for Troy. Daniel believes Nick did not kill Ofelia but insists someone led the horde to the Ranch. "Don't force me," Daniel says before standing up and taking his coat off. Daniel claims either Nick or Troy had to lead the herd to the Ranch. "It was Jake," Nick said. Daniel insists it was Troy. Daniel wants Nick to admit it so he can "get justice for his dead daughter." Still, Nick insists Troy would never destroy the Ranch. Nick finally says that Jake led the herd to the ranch after learning that Nick killed his father. Daniel appears to believe Nick's lie and dismisses Nick to his mother. Nick leaves and Daniel sits alone with his thoughts.

At the dam, Daniel talks with Strand. He notices dam water pumping in the wrong direction. Strand insists Lola has it taken care of. Daniel and Lola rush to the pump room to determine why the dam water is flowing the wrong way. Strand approaches with a gun drawn and orders her to step away. She realizes the entrance in unprotected. Strand reveals his plans and turns the gun to Daniel who says, "You are not a killer, you're a conman." Strand stands his gun while Daniel orders he hand over the gun. Daniel eventually attacks him and they fight for the gun. Strand shoots Daniel in the chin in front of Lola. Daniel slowly rises up with a bullet hole in his cheek, spitting blood and teeth from his mouth. Lola escorts him out of the room.

"Sleigh Ride"

Daniel is treated by Lola. She applies pressure to Daniel’s gunshot wound and she insists he should be dead. She leaves him in an underground room while she goes to find Efraín, while he falls asleep. Later, Daniel awakens in the depths of the dam. Daniel stumbles John's men before taking their gun and killing them all.

Daniel comes upon Lola's body on the bridge with a note on it. He puts a rosary in her hands before continuing on his path. Daniel reaches the group and starts shooting more of John's men. Nick flips the switch and detonates the explosives. The dam breaks apart as John and his men flee. Daniel reaches Nick. They teeter on the dam bridge as water fills the valley.

Season 5[]


It is unknown what happened to Daniel after the dam explosion, except that at some point, he found and adopted a cat named Skidmark and later was interviewed by Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki. He also got his hands on a huge cache of supplies and equipment that Daniel "inherited" from its previous owner and set about disarming his various traps.

"Here to Help"

While Strand is reviewing one of Althea's tapes for information on a second plane, the camera transitions to Daniel, who reveals his name to her. Strand is visibly surprised to see Daniel still alive after the destruction of the dam.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

Following directions from Al's tape, Strand locates Daniel's warehouse. After a walker is killed by one of Daniel's traps, he confronts Strand at gunpoint with Strand immediately trying to talk Daniel out of shooting him given their last encounter. Daniel orders him to turn around slowly. He tells him that his cat, Skidmark, likes him. Daniel then shoots a walker behind Strand before inviting him inside.

Daniel guides Strand through the warehouse full of cars and trucks, demanding he not touch anything and saying he inherited this place. Strand asks if he could borrow his plane to find his friends. Daniel asks if it’s for Madison and Strand breaks the news about her and Nick to Daniel's visible sorrow. However, Daniel doesn't believe him and claims Strand just wants the plane for himself because he is always self-serving. He reminds Strand that he once shot him in the face and left him for dead on a dam which he rigged with explosives. Strand desperately explains people can change and gets Daniel to help him better tune the radio.

That night, Strand makes contact with Luciana and informs her that the man with the plane is going to help them, but the radio feed cuts out. Daniel believes that the others need help and tells Strand to follow him. However, Strand is escorted off of his property. Daniel is confident the group will survive just fine and that Strand's interference will only make the situation worse for them based on their past history with each other. Daniel fires a couple of shots into the air, insisting Strand to leave now. "If you come back, the next one will be in your face," he tells him.


It's October 12 according to a calendar. Daniel works with his cat, Skidmark, to lure the dead away from a store. He is aware of a rig made to shoot him when he opens a door, so he taps it and dodges the bullets, taking the keys to a car from a walker that emerges before heading out with a bunch of new supplies and Skidmark. Back at his warehouse, he puts away the rations, tears off a day from his calendar, and cooks dinner with Skidmark.

That night, Daniel hears Skidmark meowing at a hiding Charlie, send by Strand to steal his plane, and investigates. He approaches and loads up the truck with guns, before leaving the warehouse. Unknown to Strand, he takes some instruments of the plane along.

In the morning, Daniel is called by Strand over the walkie and assures him he’s far from the warehouse, but when he gets back he'll kill him. Sarah radios Daniel next and he advises her to stay away from Strand. He then tells Charlie to show herself, which she does. "I am going to save her from you," Daniel tells Strand. On the road, Charlie asks if Daniel set up the traps in the stores and he says he hasn't, so she asks why he's been disarming them. "You ask too many questions," he says, as he plays a cassette on the boombox. Charlie recognizes it and the two begin to bond.

Arriving at the next trap location, Daniel is left stuck when he finds a herd of people in the store who had fallen victim to the trap. Charlie offers a suggestion on how to avoid the trap based on her own experiences and Daniel explains that the man he inherited the warehouse from set the trap and agrees to her plan. He starts breaking in from the back as the walkers become interested with Skidmark. One of the walkers sets off the gun, which shatters the glass and allows the walkers to break free. Daniel, Charlie and Skidmark rush back into the car and slowly drive away.

Daniel then is radioed back by Strand, who begs him to bring the instruments back. He says he will, but they're bringing a herd of walkers with them. He gives him instructions about returning but Sarah says she broke their fence down to free the plane. Daniel stops the truck and tells Charlie to drive the truck back to Strand to give him the instruments while he deals with the walkers. She leaves as he leads them away. However, Strand contacts Daniel and tries to talk him out of his plan. Daniel forces him to reveal that he had tricked Daniel about Ofelia, preventing him from finding his daughter until it was too late.

On the road, Daniel continues to lead the herd away as Sarah and Wendell arrive in Al's truck and release the machine gun lever but it doesn't shoot, so he hides underneath. Strand and Charlie then arrive in a truck with the plane in the back. Strand leads the walkers towards him, turns on the propellers, and watches as the walkers kill themselves until the plane engines stop. Strand confronts Daniel, who tells him he won't shoot him after all, apparently forgiving Strand or at least accepting that he really has changed.

At the warehouse, Charlie asks Daniel what he would have said to Ofelia and he says, "Every day brings a chance to start over." He admits she could use that advice and then reveals he has to leave to take care of something. Charlie asks if she can come along but he says her friends need her more. He hands her Skidmark and says they can have everything in his warehouse except for a cigar, which is for when things get better. He then nods in acceptance at Strand before leaving to continue his task.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

Daniel, having heard their radio transmission, arrives at the airstrip to help Sarah and Wendell light the runway for the plane's arrival with some tools from his warehouse. That night, they finish setting the lights on the tarmac as the plane gets closer. Suddenly, Wendell spots a walker and kills it with his wheelchair spikes. Then another walker approaches and trips the runway lights. On cue, the plane runs out of fuel and Wendell's forced to jump out of his chair to fix it. The plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Daniel meets Morgan and smiles when Alicia runs up to hug him. He apologizes to her for what happened and she promises to make things better. She introduces him to Dwight, who Daniel says needs a haircut. Charlie then hugs him and Daniel explains that he has finally been able to make peace with the loss of Ofelia. As Strand approaches, Daniel tells Strand he was wrong and the two men make peace with each other. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells Daniel and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Daniel and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio.

In an interview by Althea, Daniel admits he is glad to have joined the group full time jokingly saying that is better than being alone with his cat. He is also revealed to be the lookout for the caravan alongside Dwight, whom he has formed a close bond and spends time playing chess. Daniel then tells Dwight he wants to cut his hair, claiming it will make him look more presentable.

At night, Daniel and the rest of the group reunite in their camp to dine together. Al then asks the group what each want, with Daniel hoping to become a dad Ofelia would be proud of. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"210 Words Per Minute"

Daniel leads the caravan of survivors around to find Logan. They find fresh bullet rounds by a gas station. Tess asks Daniel if the coast is clear. After receiving an answer from him, she waves on the rest of the caravan to keep moving before returning to her assigned vehicle. Daniel plays music over the radio as a storm approaches.

The next day, Daniel arrives with the caravan at the mall. He asks Morgan if there is any Cinnabon roll but gets disappointed. Dwight updates them on his run-in and suggests they should be more careful. Tess then mentions they could settle in at a ranch they passed on the road. They agree and the group begins loading the mall supplies into their trucks. Daniel also finally cuts Dwight’s hair and beard, giving him a new look.

"Today and Tomorrow"

Daniel talks with Grace and gets happy after she confesses to him that she is thinking about the future and wants to stockpile the panels for use at any future community they might establish. Suddenly, she gets a call over the radio from the convoy about losing the oil fields and updates Daniel.

At night, Daniel and Grace's transmission gives out because their truck is too heavy with supplies. She suggests they hole up in a place nearby in the meantime. On the road, Daniel tells Grace that for a while, Skidmark was all he had. Suddenly, walkers show up and overwhelm them, ruining his vinyl collection. They then manage to find shelter inside an abandoned restaurant.

Later, Daniel tells Grace he got those records for Charlie, who helped him get out of his state. He asks her to look after Charlie if anything ever happens to him, and she agrees. Grace then reveals she wishes she could help Morgan more but Daniel assures her she already has. She then spots a guitar and suggests they teach Charlie with it. Together they sing the chorus of "End of the Line".

The next morning, Daniel notices Grace is succumbing to her illness as Morgan radios her. He tells Grace they need to talk, but Daniel picks up and says she has become terribly ill. Grace tells Morgan she hopes to see him again and watch him smile, but doesn't think there's much time left. Daniel gives him their location and starts comforting Grace.

"Channel 5"

Daniel and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. At night, Daniel and Grace teach Charlie how to play guitar. Later, Daniel and the group camp as Dwight kills a walker from one of the original western towns and John suggests that could be the settlement they've been searching for. Suddenly, Charlie calls out for June to run over and help Grace, who has passed out. Later on, Morgan decides the group should leave in the morning.

The next day, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. However, no one listens to Virginia and she orders her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away.

Daniel and everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too. Later, Daniel and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

On their walk, Daniel encourages Morgan to say things he has to say because no one knows how long they have left in this world, implying he confesses his feelings to Grace. Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. Daniel and the others then hear as Morgan radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Daniel and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After a while, Dwight arrives with some horses and explains if they're alive then there must be water nearby. They argue over whether to stay or not and eventually decide to stay, where they'll deal with the walkers and Virginia. Daniel and a group break open the fence and use the horses to lead the massive herd to ambush Virginia and take their supplies while the rest moves into the gulch.

On the road, Daniel and Strand leave to find water while the rest continue to lead the walkers down the road. In the woods, Strand tells Daniel they should consider joining Virginia, but Daniel reminds him she's not giving them a choice and that's all they need to know. Suddenly, they spot Luciana among Virginia's people so Daniel radios the group to abandon the plan while Strand goes to talk to Virginia.

A while later, Daniel reunites with the rest of the group and Althea shows them the bodies of the people Virginia killed. She insists that they will die fighting Virginia, but Alicia wants to fight back. Morgan just wants to make sure everybody survives and reminds them despite their failures they still made a difference in the world, and they should keep living their lives.

Later, Daniel attends John and June's wedding in the chapel. He sings along with Grace at the end of the ceremony. Suddenly, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan to take the group into different settlements.

That night, the group gets separated and driven away. Daniel assures Charlie everything will be fine and is separated from Skidmark.

Season 6[]

"Welcome to the Club"

Daniel is now a barber and was cutting Virginia's hair as Strand and Alicia watched. Both of them were shocked as Daniel claimed he doesn't remember them. Virginia explained that Daniel was putting up a fight over wanting his cat and Charlie and he was punished.

Once Virginia departs, Strand questions Daniel only for him to feign ignorance. He gives him a necklace that belonged to his wife.

When the group returns with Charlie, she attempts to play some music for him. Daniel continues to deny knowing her.

Later that evening, he hears a whistle and tells a guard that he left something. Once Daniel is alone, he tries to find the whistler and Morgan appears. Daniel smiles and drops his act, commenting that Morgan needs a haircut.

"The Key"

While searching a trailer, Morgan finds a letter from Daniel alongside Grace's jumper. In the letter, Daniel explains that he found the jumper inside one of the Pioneers' vehicles.

"The Door"

Daniel, Grace, Sarah, Luciana, June, and Wes were rounded up by the rangers and held in the Lawton town jail as bargaining chips for Virginia as she attempts to get her sister back.

"Things Left to Do"

Daniel is rounded up along with Luciana, Sarah, June and Grace. Virginia aims her gun at their heads and demands to know where Morgan is. When no one answers, they beat Daniel up and Virginia decides to kill Grace. Morgan shows up on horseback and reveals to the rangers that Dakota killed Cameron and that Virginia covered it up. Strand backs up Morgan and says that the rangers will die like Cameron if they follow Virginia. A gunfight ensues as Strand's rangers fire against Virginia's loyalists, including Hill. She manages to take Grace hostage and Hill grabs Daniel hostage and the pair back their way to a station wagon where Hill is ordered to take the captives to a rendezvous.

Later, Virginia orders Hill over the radio to surrender and bring Grace and Daniel back to Lawton. Daniel, June, Luciana, and Wes arrive at the dam on horses. Morgan announces that he wants the killing to stop, despite Sherry's demand that they hand Virginia over. Morgan invites everyone to join his community.

"Handle With Care"

Daniel sits in a jail cell and performs a cognitive test. He answers someone's questions and says he felt hopeful on the day it began. In a flashback, residents of Valley Town work in harmony to build the community. Daniel serves soup to Morgan. From his cell, Daniel tells his interrogator that the community would not have come together if he and Morgan had initially told everyone what they were building.

Daniel tells his interrogator that he was glad to see everyone together. Charlie stands guard outside Valley Town and tells Daniel that the visitors have arrived. Daniel tells his interrogator that everything changed after that moment. Daniel feels the baby kicking in Grace's belly. She says it feels like a contraction.

Daniel tells his interrogator that he wanted Valley Town to be a community where Grace's baby could grow up. He says this is the reason they played it safe and required everyone to check their weapons at the gate. Strand and Sherry's groups hand their weapons to Daniel at the weapons depot. In a voiceover, Daniel explains that each weapon was logged and locked away, and that only he and Morgan had keys. Strand brings Skidmark to Daniel and says they found him at the Super Lanes. Daniel is grateful for the return of his beloved cat and the peace offering and the two men acknowledge that they were both playing a game that they couldn't let the other in on while under Virginia's rule, but one that worked out well for both of them.

Daniel and Morgan sit by Grace's side as she experiences contractions. Sarah estimates it will take at least one day for June to arrive and says they need a fetal monitor. Morgan says he knows where to find one and promises to return within a few hours. Morgan instructs Daniel to oversee Valley Town until he returns. He takes the SWAT truck to get the fetal monitor.

Daniel calls a group meeting so that everyone can share what they know about the enemy. Dakota recalls Virginia saying that the enemy was laying low. People argue as suspicions mount against each other. Daniel tells his interrogator that anyone could have been a traitor. An explosion goes off in Valley Town. Daniel and the others race over and discover that someone set off some dynamite. Sherry calls it an inside job.

Walkers begin showing up outside Valley Town's walls, drawn by the sound of the explosion. Sherry and Strand demand their guns back, but Daniel insists they wait until Morgan returns with the SWAT truck and other guns. Daniel tells his interrogator that he had to prepare for the worst. Daniel unlocks the weapons depot and discovers that someone took all the weapons during the explosion. A herd of walkers approaches the dam.

Daniel tells Grace that Valley Town isn't safe. He instructs her to hide out at a nearby fishing shack. Daniel tells his interrogator that he needed to find the weapons. Charlie helps Daniel look for the weapons inside everyone's tents. Rollie catches her snooping around. Daniel invents an excuse for her. Daniel tells his interrogator that he sent Charlie to accompany Grace while he tracked down the weapons. Walkers claw at the gate to Valley Town and reach the tunnel entrance.

Walkers infiltrate Valley Town. Strand guns them down. Daniel admits he let some walkers inside to force the weapons thief to use one of the guns. He accuses Strand of stealing all the weapons. Daniel locks Strand in a cell and demands to know where the other weapons are. Strand admits he secretly kept a gun but insists he didn't take the other weapons. Daniel doesn't believe him. He threatens Strand. Walkers reach the inner gate. Everyone argues over a course of action and begins to turn on each other. Daniel guesses Strand had an accomplice.

Daniel threatens to torture Strand if he doesn't reveal where the weapons are. Strand insists he doesn't know. They hear gunfire outside. Daniel exits Valley Town and finds that Morgan has returned and gunned down the walkers. From his cell, Strand asks Daniel why he is so intent on protecting Valley Town. Daniel tells his interrogator that he wanted to make Valley Town the kind of home that he had wanted for Ofelia in Los Angeles.

Morgan radios Daniel and says that Grace isn't at the fish shack. Daniel joins Morgan, Sarah and Jacob as they look for Grace in the woods. They finally find her. The group checks Grace with the fetal monitor. Daniel asks why she didn't go to the fish shack. Grace and Charlie tell Daniel that he told them to go to the caverns, not the shack. They show him a map where he had clearly marked the caverns. Lucy radios Morgan and says they found the weapons. Lucy shows Morgan the weapons in Daniel's shed. Daniel insists someone moved them there, then admits he is confused. Morgan suggests he talk to someone.

In the present, Daniel sits in the cell. It's revealed that his interrogator is June, and she is asking questions as part of a psychological evaluation. Daniel completes some psychological tests for June. She concludes that his problem is psychological, not neurological, and says it's treatable. She promises to read more about his condition and return. Strand's group and Sherry's group start to leave Valley Town. Dakota runs up and says she recalls Virginia saying that the enemy went underground. She describes the last location that Virginia sent scouts to look for the enemy. Lucy volunteers to scout the area with Wes, Alicia and Al.

Daniel packs his things and decides to leave Valley Town. Charlie runs after him, wondering why he’s leaving. Daniel thinks he’s too dangerous to stay with them. He gets upset because the last time these things happened, he set a house on fire. He says he’s going to the warehouse, but Strand offers to take Daniel in at Lawton and keep an eye on him. Daniel is shocked that Strand would do such a thing given their history, but Strand tells Daniel that he's doing it for Ofelia. Daniel ultimately accepts Strand's offer. Morgan asks if Strand really plans to keep Daniel safe after Daniel put a gun to his face. Strand thinks Daniel is safer with him than with Morgan. Daniel says goodbye to Charlie and Morgan and tells them not to worry, and rides off with Strand while taking Skidmark with him.

"In Dreams"

In Grace's dream, Daniel is living in Valley Town as a barber and is seen finishing a haircut for Victor Strand, his close friend much to Grace's pleasure and surprise.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Daniel joins the rest of Morgan's group in traveling to the beached sub near Galveston, Texas in order to stop the Doomsday Cult's plans to launch the Pennsylvania's compliment of nuclear missiles. Daniel remains outside with most of Morgan's friends and watches in horror as the cult manages to get a nuclear missile with ten warheads off before Morgan and Strand can stop them.

"The Beginning"

At the naval base, Daniel hears someone's transmission over the SWAT van's radio, just as the others rush outside. The basement is infested with walkers, so they have to find another place to shelter at. Just then, Rollie and Wes rush to the scene, having captured Riley. Rollie claims they found the location of the bunker where the cult is holding Alicia, so the group can take shelter there. Luciana is surprised Riley would divulge this information, but Rollie nonchalantly comments that it's easy to get a true believer to talk when you separate them from their leader. Daniel doesn't trust this information, and suggest they instead go to the coordinates he wrote down after hearing a voice broadcast them over the radio. Although Daniel doesn't know who was broadcasting, he is certain that he recognizes the voice. Rollie asks Daniel if he is sure he isn't "confused" again, with Luciana firmly asking him if he is sure what he heard was real. Daniel can't say that he is, so Luciana decides they will go to the place Rollie wants.

Daniel questions why Riley would reveal the location of the bunker now so close to the end. Before Riley can answer, the van comes to a screeching stop was the breaks malfunction. Sarah and Jacob go outside to fix it, while the rest of the group protects them from walkers, save for Daniel and Charlie who stay to watch over Riley. Sarah is worried about Wendell, but Jacob assures her that they will reunite, one way or another. Continuing his interrogation, Daniel wonders why Riley would stay alive if destruction is the whole point, to which the latter replies that it's only to see their faces when everything turns to ash. He goes on to state that he is aware Daniel's group thinks the cult is insane, but assures him that it's only the beginning, as the phoenix will rise quicker than he thinks. Right then, Sarah finishes her repairs.

As the group prepares to leave, Rollie comments that they will get out of this yet, "like a phoenix." Hearing this, Daniel suddenly realizes something, and asks Luciana for her gun in Spanish. When she hesitates, he asks if she thinks the traitors in Tank Town should die. When Luciana finally hands him the gun, Daniel executes Rollie without hesitation. Daniel explains that Rollie was a cult member, and that this was how the cult found out they were coming to the sub. Riley suddenly reaches for the gun, but is shot in the back by Charlie. Luciana asks Riley if Rollie was really a traitor, and the latter confirms, stating that Rollie lost his fate when he saw them turn on each other at the dam. He adds that they were driving them someplace they'd have a prime view of the destruction to come. Their conversation is interrupted by a loud bang. In the sky, they see that a warhead has dethatched from the missile. Daniel thinks they can still make it to the coordinates. Sarah is hesitant, but Luciana points out Daniel was right about Rollie, so he must have really heard the coordinates on the radio as well. With that, they drive off towards the marked destination.

Finally arriving at the coordinates, Daniel and the rest of the group exit the SWAT van, but find no one there. Daniel meekly apologizes to the others, as Riley chuckles that he told them there was no escaping it. Angered, Daniel grabs the wounded Riley and drags him out of the van, but Riley is dead by the time he hits the ground. Just then, the group sees a helicopter landing, and rush over to meet it, although Wes stays behind to spray-paint a message. At the helicopter, the pilot doesn't speak but holds a walkie, from which Al speaks to the group. Al tells the group that she would have come herself, but they're low on fuel. She also tells them not to ask the pilot any questions, but assures them that she's there to help. As the helicopter flies off, Daniel thanks Luciana for believing in him. Luciana reassures Daniel that he just needs a little help and that if they stick together, they'll be fine.

Season 7[]

"Breathe With Me"

Daniel is in Fort San Vicente with the rest of Morgan's Group that were rescued when Sarah finally wakes up. He still appears to be suffering from his psychological issues, but Luciana promises Daniel that they will continue to work on it.


Along with the rest of Morgan's Group, Daniel has been moved from Fort San Vicente to the sub by Morgan and Sarah.

Morgan finds a video tape of Al interviewing each member of the group during their trek from the fort to the sub. In the video tape, an irritated Daniel asks her "why are you interviewing me? Don't you ever stop," before moving on.

"Follow Me"

In Alicia's dream, she sees Daniel following her alongside the rest of Morgan's Group with Daniel standing in between Luciana and Sherry.


In the sub's Mess Hall, Luciana and Daniel use a set of cards to test Daniel's memory with Daniel successfully picking out the matching Boat card. Although Luciana is pleased, Daniel accuses her of letting him win which Luciana dies. Luciana notices Daniel staring intently at the Boat card, and he explains that he's seen it before. Luciana points out that they've played this game about ten times, but Daniel is certain that that's not it. Watching from nearby as he packs a bag, Wes warns Luciana that the others are going to leave without them. Luciana orders Daniel to keep at it until she gets back as she can see a difference and that's it's helping him. Unconvinced, Daniel tells Luciana that he should be the one helping her, but he calls Luciana by his dead daughter's name, Ofelia. Noticing Daniel's slip-up, Luciana reminds him of who she actually is and that Ofelia is no longer here. Daniel recalls that Ofelia left and instructs Luciana to be careful outside too. As Luciana leaves, Daniel continues to stare intently at the Boat card.

Daniel subsequently takes a protective suit and leaves through the front hatch which Wes reports to Luciana, Morgan, Sarah and Sherry as Morgan and Luciana argue about Luciana pushing Daniel further as they need his help to stop Strand and take the Tower. Luciana orders the others to go after the weapons while she goes after Daniel. Morgan wants them all to go instead, but Sherry objects that if they don't leave now, they won't get to Dwight before dark. Wes refuses to let Luciana go alone and Morgan orders them both to go after Daniel and to send up a mayday if there's any trouble while Morgan, Sarah and Sherry go to help Dwight recover the weapons cache that he found.

Daniel wanders an abandoned playground, calling out for Ofelia. Investigating a moving spinning wheel, Daniel only finds a badly burned walker trapped on top of it. Daniel is attacked by another burned walker, losing his protective mask before he manages to put it down. Daniel switches to calling for his daughter over the radio before Luciana and Wes emerge from the fog looking for him. In his confused state, Daniel fails to recognize his friends for a moment, ordering them to take their masks off and firing off a warning shot before calming down. Wes determines that the air is clean anyway so it's safe to go without their masks and Luciana demands to know what Daniel's doing out here.

Showing Luciana the Boat card, Daniel explains that Ofelia needs him. The last time that Daniel remembers seeing his daughter, he was on a boat, and he's now convinced that Ofelia is sending him a message. Daniel is out there both because of the card and because Luciana had told him on the sub that "Ofelia isn't here" which Daniel has taken to mean that she's outside on the boat. Luciana tries to tell Daniel that his daughter's dead, that Ofelia had died in Mexico years ago, but Daniel's insistent that Ofelia is still alive and that he saw her the day before, refusing to accept the truth. Wes and Luciana insist that Daniel's confused and while he's doing better, Daniel is wrong about Ofelia. Daniel continues to deny that Ofelia's dead and states that while he cares a lot about Luciana, Ofelia is his daughter, and he cares about her more than anything. Luciana's continuing attempts to convince the increasingly irrational Daniel that Ofelia's gone only cause him to accuse Luciana of trying to take Ofelia's place in his life, telling her that "I'm sorry that you're alone, but you will never replace my daughter, Ofelia," and that he means it, leaving Luciana visibly hurt by Daniel's words.

Luciana refuses to translate the Spanish for Wes and instead decides to just go back to the sub. However, hearing a noise, Wes spots what he believes to be walkers closing in and Luciana guesses that Daniel's gunshot must've drawn them. Daniel refuses to leave without Ofelia, but Wes realizes that it's not walkers but rather the Stalkers. Armed, the Stalkers surround the group and Arno sarcastically greets Luciana. Another Stalker spray-paints over their masks as the Stalkers prepare to take the group with them.

The Stalkers bring Daniel, Luciana and Wes to their base at an old salvage yard where Daniel accuses Luciana of causing their predicament by stopping his search for Ofelia, but Wes sarcastically points out that they wouldn't be here if Daniel had just stayed in the sub. In Spanish, Daniel suggests that they can take the Stalkers, but Luciana points out that there's three times more Stalkers than them. Stating that he's a soldier trained by the CIA who's done things before and after, Daniel is not afraid of Arno's people, "what's scary is what I'm gonna have to do to them." Daniel simply laughs at his companions' looks of shock and Wes concludes that they're screwed. Arno orders the group to remove and hang up their gear, allowing them to test for themselves that it's safe. Arno explains that the Stalkers are lucky as the wind hasn't brought anything nasty their way and they want to keep it that way. Daniel insists that they can take them, but Luciana recognizes Sabrina amongst the Stalkers and asks if Wes recognizes these people too. Wes explains that they're Teddy's people from the Holding and Luciana knows that that won't help them make friends.

Outside, Arno, who now has an amputated left hand due to being shot by Paul, Sabrina, Sage and several other Stalkers show Daniel, Luciana and Wes around the Stalkers' base on the interconnected vessels of the salvage yard while a herd growls up at them from the ground. Arno blames Alicia for the Stalkers being forced to abandon their previous two homes and live here and Wes recalls that he and Luciana were there the first time, but Arno already knows who they are. Daniel asks why the Stalkers don't use the walls to keep the dead out, but Arno explains that although they tried, the walls didn't hold. Letting the walkers roam the ground keeps the living away at least with Arno noting that Strand at least got one thing right at the Tower.

Arno decides to question them each one on one, but Daniel is only interested in finding Ofelia against Luciana's objections. Luciana suggests that Arno let them go and that they can help the Stalkers with whatever they need, but Arno finds it to be unlikely. Noticing Arno's gun, Daniel grabs it and turns it on Arno, while Sage and Sabrina hold back Luciana at gunpoint. Daniel demands to be allowed to go look for his daughter while Sage aggressively orders Luciana to back away from Daniel, but Arno orders him to stand down. Arno challenges Daniel to kill him, but when Daniel pulls the trigger, the gun is revealed to be empty. Another Stalker restrains a laughing Daniel while Wes realizes that the Stalkers are actually out of bullets and had only been bluffing them with the guns. Daniel tells Luciana that he was right that they could've taken the Stalkers while Arno explains that bullets are hard to come by these days and that while empty clips work on people, the dead aren't scared that easily and it won't help the Stalkers get the Tower.

Arno reveals that they heard radio chatter from the sub, and he suggests that they stop broadcasting their plans. As a result, the Stalkers know that they've found a weapons cache, but they don't know the coordinates. Luciana refuses to tell them where to find it, but Arno warns her that they'll end up with the dead below if they don't. Staring at a nearby boat, Daniel mistakes it for Strand's destroyed yacht, The Abigail, despite the very obvious differences between the two boats, and he believes that Ofelia is on board. Arno orders his men to save Daniel for last and that Wes will go first and the Stalkers shove Daniel and Luciana into a cell on one of the boats. Luciana tries to get Daniel to stop trying to escape, but Daniel no longer believes that they have to. Stating that the Boat card spoke to him, Daniel points to the other boat and tells Luciana that Ofelia is on it. Daniel ignores Luciana's attempts to convince him otherwise, calling for the guard and telling her that all he has to do now is let the Stalkers know where the weapons are, and they'll return Ofelia. Although Daniel doesn't have the coordinates, he knows where Dwight is more or less.

Sage arrives and Daniel tells him that he has some information for the man in charge that he needs. Sage threatens to throw Daniel to the walkers if he's playing another trick while Luciana objects to Daniel's course of action. Daniel fiercely tells Sage that he doesn't play tricks with his daughter's life and Sage relents. Luciana convinces Sage to bring her along as well, claiming that Daniel's English isn't as good as it used to be and that she will be needed as a translator. Daniel warns Luciana that she won't be able to stop him, but Luciana tries in vain to convince Daniel not to make things any worse. Daniel knows that he was hard on Luciana earlier, but he's convinced that he's right. Luciana admits that Daniel was right that she doesn't have anyone, and she hasn't since Luciana lost Nick. However, meeting and listening to Daniel has made Luciana feel as if she's not alone and she doesn't want to lose Daniel. Daniel asks if she really means that, and Luciana explains that she's worried about what could happen to him when Daniel discovers that Ofelia is dead. Daniel reassures Luciana that he's going to find his daughter and that none of them will be alone again when he does. Sage returns with another Stalker and leads the two out of their cell.

Arno locks Wes in a large cage over a pit of walkers and demands to know where the weapons are, threatening to lower Wes into the walkers when he refuses to answer. Wes refuses to betray his people, so Arno brings up Wes' brother Derek, reminding Wes that he had betrayed Derek and revealing that it was Derek who had found Arno and brought him into the Doomsday Cult. Arno is angry that Wes had killed his friend, but Wes tells him that Derek was his brother and Wes loved him, but Derek killed a lot of his friends, and he was going to kill a lot more. Arno states that Wes would've been alive if he'd joined the cult, but he obviously chose wrong. Reiterating his demand to know where the weapons are, Arno partially lowers Wes into the pit, but he continues to refuse to betray his friends.

Arno admits that he would've done this anyways and goes to lower Wes all the way in, but he is stopped by the arrival of Sage, Sabrina and another Stalker with Daniel and Luciana. Sage reveals that Daniel wants to make a deal and Arno raises Wes back out of the pit, although he refuses to release Wes from the cage as leverage. Daniel mockingly tells Arno that he knows how to make people talk and Arno's tactics aren't going to work. Arno states that it's worked so far and Daniel guesses that Arno probably kills everyone that gets in there, which he silently acknowledges, but if he kills Daniel and the others, he has nothing. Conceding the point, Arno asks if Daniel really knows where to find the weapons which he confirms over Luciana's objections in Spanish. In return, Daniel asks for his daughter Ofelia and points to the boat that Daniel thinks is The Abigail. Arno correctly tells Daniel that he has no idea what Daniel's talking about, but Daniel angrily grabs him and demands his daughter back as Sage and another Stalker try to restrain him.

Looking at the boat, Arno orders his men to let Daniel go. Arno lies that the Stalkers do have Ofelia, but Luciana tries to convince Arno not to go through with it, telling Arno that Daniel not only doesn't know where the weapons are, but he's having problems remembering what's real and what isn't. Luciana pleads with Daniel in Spanish to think of their people who are searching for the weapons and not to trust Arno who is only using him. In fluent Spanish, Arno tells them that it's not true and asks if they thought that they could fool him by speaking Spanish, but Luciana insists that they weren't trying to trick him, that speaking his native language grounds Daniel. Daniel reassures Luciana that he knows what he's doing, and Arno lies that Daniel is right and the Stalkers have his daughter on that boat. Daniel is ecstatic to have been proven right and he warns Arno that he'd better not have harmed Ofelia and asks to see her. Arno asks for the weapons first and Luciana chides him for using Daniel in such a way. However, Arno is unrepentant, as he's unwilling to be consigned to a life like this. Wes states that he's seen a hell of a lot worse places than this.

"You do know what's coming, don't you? Alicia and Morgan -- they're gonna get you all killed," Arno warns ominously. Luciana asks what's coming, but Arno refuses to elaborate and instead asks Daniel where the weapons are again. Luciana asks if knows Arno what's going to happen when Daniel finds out that he's lying, but Arno reiterates that he's protecting his people, the same ones that Alicia couldn't. Arno promises that if Daniel gives him the coordinates and they're correct, Daniel will get his daughter. Luciana tries a final time to convince her friend that Arno can't give him back his daughter, but Daniel doesn't think that he has any other choice, and he writes the coordinates down on the back of the Boat card. Satisfied, Arno orders Sage to send a patrol to check it out and he warns Daniel that if Daniel is lying to him, all of Daniel's group will end up with the walkers and he finally releases Wes.

Returned to their cell, Wes reassures his friends that he's alright and that he hasn't been bitten and he would die before giving Arno what he wanted. Daniel calls Wes a fool in Spanish, elaborating in English that Wes would've been a fool if he'd died at Arno's hands. Wes tells Daniel off for using his problems to keep hurting people, but Daniel states that he's always done what he's needed to do and no one's gonna get hurt. Luciana angrily tells Daniel that their people can get killed if the Stalkers get to the weapons cache first. Daniel reveals that he gave Arno the wrong coordinates causing Arno to send half of his people 20 miles in the wrong direction. Wes worries that they'll just be killed when the Stalkers return, but Daniel insists that they won't be here when they get back: Arno sent half of his patrol to the site, and it takes around 24 hours just to get there and back. Wes realizes that they're facing half as many guards now and Daniel draws a knife, stating that without weapons, the Stalkers can't stop them. Daniel explains that he stole the knife off of the Stalker that had shoved him up against the wall, noting that the Stalkers are very badly trained. "I know my memory isn't improving. But when I think about rescuing Ofelia... everything becomes clear. The problem with my memory is because I didn't tell her the truth about my past. When she found out the truth, I didn't give her an explanation or apologize for all the lies I told. For my mind to be clear... I need to find her and talk to her. That's why I'm looking for her," Daniel explains in Spanish. Daniel refuses to accept that it won't happen and promises Luciana that he and Ofelia will thank her and she'll be welcomed into their family. Now prepared, Daniel tells the others that it's time to get the hell off of this boat.

As Daniel lays on the floor, apparently unconscious, Wes and Luciana yell for help, drawing Sage's attention. The two tell Sage that Daniel collapsed and isn't breathing, reminding the young man that Luciana had warned the Stalkers that Daniel wasn't doing well. After Luciana tells Sage that it'll be on him if Daniel turns, he finally enters the cell to check on him. Daniel effortlessly overpowers Sage and orders the frightened young man at knifepoint to take them to the boat. Sage admits that Ofelia isn't there and he doesn't know where she is, but Daniel refuses to believe him. Wes wants to leave, but Daniel refuses to go anywhere without Ofelia. Luciana orders Sage to take them to the boat, explaining to Wes that Daniel won't leave unless he sees the truth, believing that it's the only way that Daniel will understand so that they can leave.

Heading to the other boat, Luciana questions Sage about Arno's warning and he reveals that the dead are gathering in one of the blast craters. There's bad stuff in the crater and the walkers are more dangerous now, but Sage doesn't know why Arno's so scared of them when they're stuck in the crater. Finding the boat empty, Daniel demands to know where Ofelia is, but Sage reiterates his earlier statement that Ofelia isn't here. Daniel holds Sage over the edge of the boat as the walkers below reach up towards him and Sage admits that Arno had lied about Ofelia being there because he wants to know where the weapons are. Daniel insists that everyone is wrong and are liars and that the card was a message from Ofelia who is on the boat. Sage and Luciana both insist that she's not while Wes warns them that they haven't been very quiet so their actions will be noticed soon.

Luciana pushes Daniel to accept the truth that Daniel had told her, that Ofelia had died in Mexico and that he'd buried her himself. Daniel sadly tells Luciana that he was looking for Ofelia to tell her who he is and apologize for his lies. Luciana knows that that's what Daniel wants so much that his mind is telling him that he can, but he can't. In a moment of clarity, Daniel realizes that this is why he's so confused. Sage swears that it wasn't his idea to lie to Daniel and that he didn't know what Arno was doing. However, Daniel is furious that Sage still went along with it, telling him that the mind is very fragile, easy to break and very hard to put back together. Sage pleads with Wes that he knew Wes' brother and Wes tries to ask him if Derek knew that he was at Tank Town when the cult destroyed it. Daniel slits Sage's throat before he can answer, killing Sage, and telling Wes that he's better off not knowing the answer as the truth about people is always disappointing. After crossing the connecting plank to the bridges throughout the salvage yard, Daniel tosses it into the walker pit, leaving Luciana and Wes stranded. Daniel refuses to leave before dealing with Arno, stating that while he's upset, he's not confused. Daniel intends to make Arno pay for what he did, and he doesn't want Luciana and Wes to stop him from doing it. Daniel knows that Luciana doesn't want anything bad to happen to him, he feels the same way about her and promises to be back before walking off, ignoring Luciana's protests.

Standing near the cage, Sabrina uses a boat hook to put down a radioactive walker on the ground below her and Arno. Arno states that it's the third one today and Sabrina informs him that the walkers are building up at the east gate. Arno instructs Sabrina to draw the walkers away and to get rid of the body. Putting down the boat hook, Sabrina leaves to follow Arno's orders as he thanks her.

Left alone, Arno is ambushed from behind by Daniel at knifepoint who mocks Arno's earlier greeting when the Stalkers had ambushed his group. Daniel locks Arno in the cage over his protests that Daniel is making a mistake, but Daniel states that Arno's mistake was lying to him. Arno desperately protests that Daniel would do anything to his daughter and Arno was doing the same thing to protect his people. However, Daniel states that they are not Arno's family and lowers Arno into the pit full of walkers as he had done to Wes earlier. Arno pleads with Daniel in Spanish, but Daniel only compliments his Spanish. As the cage reaches the ground, Arno furiously yells that, whoever Daniel's daughter is, she's better off without him. The walkers grab at Arno through the cage, finally pulling his legs through the bars and they begin devouring him as Daniel watches.

Luciana and Wes run up and see what's happening to Arno in horror. Daniel yells that Arno made him do this as Wes lifts the cage holding the leader of the Stalkers out of the pit. Arno emerges from the pit barely alive and with his legs badly chewed up. Arno tells Luciana that there's no beginning and the people Alicia was supposed to take care of are all going to die because of them, the people that Arno had promised to protect. As Arno begins to lose consciousness Luciana yells at him to wake him back up and she promises Arno that she will make sure his people are okay, but Arno needs to tell her what's coming so that she can help them. With the last of his strength, Arno reveals that "the dead in the Pit, they're -- they're escaping. Someone -- someone's letting them out. You can't touch them. You can't even go near them. You -- You -- You have to -- have to get everybody to the Tower. There's -- There's nowhere else -- There's... nowhere else... nowhere else." Arno dies of his injuries and Wes stabs him in the head with the boat hook to prevent Arno from reanimating.

Daniel defends his actions as being because of Arno's lies about Ofelia being alive. Luciana expresses understanding over his actions while Wes tells Daniel that he wouldn't lose sleep over Arno's death since Arno had tried to do the same thing to him. Daniel tells Luciana that this is the second time that he's almost gotten her killed and Luciana should leave him here. Luciana refuses, telling Daniel that she understands why he did what he did, but Arno manipulated him which is why Daniel still needs her help. Daniel states that no one knows his real background, the part of his life that Ofelia never knew and that he couldn't explain to her. However, Luciana does, she's seen it and she's still here and Daniel wants to know why. Luciana tells Daniel that we all make mistakes, and an emotional Daniel proclaims that "even though we're not blood relatives, as of today, we're family," which an equally emotional Luciana thanks him for. Wes asks Luciana what they're going to do about the Stalkers and the radioactive walkers, a few more of which are in the pit, reminding her that Arno had said that they can't touch or go near those walkers. Luciana proclaims that everyone needs to leave immediately.

Luciana addresses the remaining Stalkers, acknowledging that they've been enemies in the past and that they've each hurt people that the other has cared about. However, they all need each other now more than ever to escape this land and the dead. They need to fight Strand and take his Tower and only then will they have a new life and a new beginning together. After a moment's hesitation, Sabrina agrees that it's what Teddy would've wanted, and the Stalkers begin packing up to join Morgan's group, the conflict between the two groups finally at an end. Wes wonders if they can really trust the Stalkers as they killed the group's leader, but Luciana reminds her friend that these are the people that Alicia had wanted to join them. While Alicia couldn't convince Arno, Arno's dead now and the rest are more agreeable to the idea.

However, a more pessimistic Daniel tells Luciana that none of it will matter when the Stalkers realize that Luciana can't deliver what she had just promised them. Luciana denies this, sure that they can take the Tower with the Stalkers' help. Daniel points out that the Stalkers couldn't get it when they had a nuclear warhead, but Luciana tells Daniel that they have something that the Stalkers didn't: Daniel, someone who knows what Strand is thinking before Strand does. Daniel is dubious as he can't even get simple things straight, revealing that he lost Skidmark before this mess began and he almost got them killed when he left the sub. Luciana points out that Daniel freed them from that prison and made it to the boat and she asks how Daniel did that then. Daniel states that it was his need to get to Ofelia that made everything become clear and gave him focus.

Realizing what Luciana is thinking, Wes pulls her aside and Luciana tells him that all of these people and everyone else back at the sub are depending on them to make it to the Tower. Against Wes' objections, Luciana insists that this is the only way as Strand has outsmarted everyone else so far and Daniel will get himself killed if he's out there any longer. Wes refuses to have any part of it and he leaves. Reluctantly, Luciana lies to Daniel that Arno had told her before he died that Ofelia's alive and where she was. Daniel reminds Luciana that she had told him that Ofelia is dead, but Luciana claims that that was what she had thought, and Arno knew where she is: the Tower. Luciana claims that she didn't tell Daniel before because she was afraid that Daniel would go to the Tower alone and get himself killed trying to get in. Luciana is only telling him now because of what Daniel did here and if knowing that Ofelia is alive gives him clarity, then Daniel can lead everyone and take the Tower from Strand. "I want to believe this, but my mind is not clear. You must be certain, Luciana. Because if you're wrong, if this is not true, if this is another lie... it could break me--for good. Are you sure?" asks Daniel. Despite the potential consequences of her actions, Luciana lies to Daniel that she's telling him the truth. Daniel promises that they will get into the Tower and Daniel, Luciana and Ofelia will be together always. While Daniel is excited by this, Luciana is visibly haunted by her deception and manipulation of her friend.

Outside, Wes informs Luciana that the Stalkers are ready to go. Wes recalls his and Derek's saying that people are people which means that people suck. Strand and Alicia had tried to make Wes see things differently they found him and they succeeded for a little while, but they are now at each other's throats while Morgan hasn't done much better. While what Luciana was doing for Daniel had made Wes want to question his beliefs and that he might've been wrong and that there might still be some kind of hope left for everyone, her actions just now proved that they are no better than everyone else. Wes hands Luciana his Geiger counter so that she can get everyone to the sub, and he reveals that he's not coming back with them. Wes wishes Luciana luck, admitting that he doesn't know where he's going to go. Wes just knows that he can't be around someone who is pretending to be something that they're not. While Daniel is confused and not right, he can't help it, but Luciana knew exactly what she was doing. Wes leaves and Luciana decides not to go after him, knowing that they're unlikely to change his mind.

In the sub's Mess Hall, Dwight, Sarah and Morgan unpack the impressive arsenal of weapons that they've retrieved from the weapons cache that Dwight had found. Dwight is just glad that it worked out, but Morgan tells him that it more than worked out, these weapons could make all of the difference and Dwight calls it a start for sure. Morgan wants to do an inventory of the weapons while Dwight notes that they just need soldiers to carry them. Sherry enters with Luciana, Daniel and the Stalkers with the news that the Stalkers want to help them. Morgan asks about Wes, but Luciana informs him that Wes isn't coming and while she hopes that Wes is okay, Luciana thinks that he needs some time. Daniel is pleased that they've found the weapons and tells Morgan that now all they need to do is start planning how to overthrow Victor Strand.

"The Raft"

Due to a radiation leak, Morgan's Group is forced to abandon the sub.

At the sub's emergency raft, Daniel finishes loading up supplies for Morgan and the baby and Morgan recalls that Grace said that the weather patterns might've been affected, and that the fallout could hug the coast for hundreds of miles. Sherry tells him that Maya came from someplace clean, but Morgan worries that he won't be able to find it, so Sarah jokingly suggests that he "take her out, drive her around the block a few times," getting a laugh out of Morgan. Morgan is conflicted about leaving just as Alicia is about to face Strand, but an emotional Alicia, knowing that this is likely the last time that she'll see her friend, tells him that Morgan needs to do this for Mo, Grace and himself. While they're both doing something that they don't want to do, Alicia admits that Morgan is right and she's going to be okay, and she can do this. Promising to see Morgan again and that she's got this, Alicia orders him to go.

Hugging Alicia goodbye, Morgan takes Mo from Dwight who suggests that Sherry could go with him too. Sherry tells her husband that Strand doesn't know about her pregnancy, and he can't use this against them, but they can use it against him because now they have something to fight for and Dwight agrees. Morgan shares a hug with Luciana and thanks her before Dwight gives him the auto-mobile that he'd created for Mo, much to the amusement of Daniel and Sarah who exchange a smile. After thanking Dwight, Morgan wishes Alicia good luck and Luciana, Alicia, Dwight, Sherry, Daniel and Sarah - Morgan's closest remaining friends - push the raft into the water and Morgan sets sail.

Turning to her gathered forces, Alicia announces that "we gotta move! The sun sets in a few hours! Follow me." Alicia and her forces move out, finally ready to take the Tower from Strand.

"Divine Providence"

In the Tower, Strand shaves his beard off as music plays in the background. The Lead Ranger brings the news that Alicia is here for him, which a pleased Strand calls divine providence. On the roof, an excited Strand tells Wes that today is one of those days where one must wipe the slate clean, and Wes warns him that Alicia didn't come alone. Through binoculars, Strand sees Morgan's Group - now including both Alicia's Group and the former Stalkers - surrounding the platform with Alicia, Daniel, Luciana, Sarah, Jacob Kessner, Dwight, Sherry and several others gathered on the platform itself.

Strand contacts Alicia, noting that although she brought company, Morgan isn't amongst them. Alicia reveals that Morgan is somewhere safe where Strand won't find him with Mo and Strand accuses Morgan of being a coward who ran for the hills. Strand tells Alicia that it's auspicious of her to show up like this as Strand was already going to call Alicia to talk. Strand invites Alicia in to have a drink with him and she asks if this is him waving the white flag. Strand simply states that they'll talk about that on the inside and he again invites Alicia in for a drink, just the two of them. With a look at her friends, Alicia accepts Strand's offer, and they hang up. Wes questions what Strand is doing, but Strand simply claims that he has it covered. Wes looks doubtful, and reminds Strand that he drove Alicia away for a reason and Strand could lose everything that he built by letting her inside of the Tower. Strand promises Wes that he won't, and he orders Wes to retrieve a bottle of wine for them from cold storage. As Wes leaves, Strand orders one of his guards to be ready when the sun goes down.

Strand greets Alicia and a struggling Daniel in the lobby, noting that Daniel wasn't invited. The Lead Ranger explains that Daniel pushed through the barrier and nearly broke Stern's neck. Alicia reassures Strand that she didn't ask Daniel to come while Daniel demands to see Ofelia. Strand is confused and Alicia admits that Daniel isn't doing well. Strand orders Daniel taken to the basement, reassuring Alicia that he won't harm Daniel because "that's what the roof is for. We're just gonna put him on a little time out." Alicia explains that Luciana had lied to Daniel and told him that Ofelia was in the Tower, but Wes reveals that he had already told Strand.

Over the comms, Wes orders the Lead Ranger to kill Daniel, telling the confused man that Strand's not in charge anymore. The Ranger questions what's going on up above, but Wes states that he's got it handled and that they can't take any chances, so the man needs to take Daniel out. However, Daniel sneaks up behind the Ranger and begins strangling him with the chain of his handcuffs. Daniel mockingly tells the Ranger "do you know why this is happening to you? It's never too late to learn new things. When you handcuff a person, you put their hands in the back, not the front." Daniel digs his handcuffs into the side of the man's neck so hard that his jugular vein is ruptured before he dies. Daniel then uses the man's keys to remove his handcuffs and he takes the Ranger's gun.

Strand and Alicia enter Daniel's cell and Daniel aims his gun at Strand. Alicia tells an incredulous Daniel that Strand's helping them, but Daniel believes that Strand is lying to them. Strand warns Daniel that the beacon light is drawing a herd to the Tower and, if they can't turn it off, everyone outside is going to die. Daniel tells Strand to call off his dogs, but Strand reveals that they no longer work for him, and Alicia explains that they need Daniel's help to get past the Rangers to the roof. However, Daniel refuses to help anyone until he sees Ofelia who he believes is in the Tower. Alicia tries to remind Daniel what happened in Mexico, how Strand had helped Daniel to search for Ofelia and was going to reunite them, but Ofelia got sick and Daniel didn't get there in time. Daniel experiences flashbacks of going to Mexico with Strand and he remembers that while Ofelia was sick, Strand never reunited them, and they never found her because Strand kept lying. In his delusional state, Daniel continues to believe that Ofelia is alive and in the Tower and that Strand knows where she is. Strand finally lies that Ofelia is on the top floor, pleasing Daniel that his daughter is in the penthouse, annoying Alicia. "She's there. We just need you to help us get to her," claims Strand. Finally, Daniel lowers his gun and agrees to help them.

As they ascend a stairwell, Daniel kills a Ranger that he encounters and continues on alone to take out anyone that heard the shot while Strand and Alicia hang back. Alicia questions what the plan is and Strand reveals that he had locked June, Grace and Wendell on the top floor after Mo's escape. Alicia asks what Strand thinks is going to happen when Daniel realizes that Ofelia isn't in the Tower, but Strand believe that it won't matter because when June, Grace and Wendell are freed and on their side, Daniel will have to relent. Strand insists that he's only finishing what Luciana started and he's willing to continue the manipulation of Daniel if it's what keep the Tower standing despite Alicia's protests that it will destroy Daniel. "Alicia, I know you must think I'm a monster, but I'm the same man I've always been. I've just stopped apologizing for it." Alicia asks if Strand actually believes that, and he insists that he does and that so will Alicia which is the reason that Strand is willing to turn off the light: Strand wants Alicia to see that everything that he's done is worth it. Daniel kills another Ranger, but Alicia nearly collapses from her illness and Strand insists upon getting her to the infirmary for treatment rather than continuing up. Although reluctant, Daniel agrees to the change in plan.

In the infirmary, Daniel exchanges fire with two Rangers as Strand treats Alicia, killing both Rangers. Strand finds epinephrine which June used when Strand was poisoned which will be helpful to Alicia. As Strand gathers medicine, Daniel notices a list of the Tower residents which doesn't have Ofelia's name on it. After a moment, Strand admits that Ofelia isn't on the top floor and that he'd only told him that because he knew that it was the only way that Daniel would help him. Claiming that he can help Daniel now and, Strand leads Daniel to Charlie, claiming that she's his daughter. However, Daniel is not fooled, and he continues to demand to know where Ofelia is.

Strand reiterates that Ofelia had died in Mexico and that Luciana had lied to Daniel for the same reason that Strand did: so that Daniel had something to fight for. Daniel is disgusted by Strand's lies, but Strand insists that "I'm trying to save the closest thing I have to a daughter. Surely you can understand that, Daniel. Ofelia's gone. But it's not as if you have nothing left. Charlie. She means something to you. She's sick. She doesn't have much time left." Angrily yelling that Charlie isn't his daughter, Daniel pistol-whips Strand and prepares to kill him. Alicia weakly calls out to Daniel to stop, suggesting that Daniel can do for Charlie what he couldn't for Ofelia and be there for her. As Daniel starts to cry, Charlie calls out to him as well and Daniel orders her to look away, not wanting this to be what she remembers of him. Strand and Alicia implore Daniel to be the man that he wanted Ofelia to see, and Daniel has several flashbacks of Ofelia, including embracing Ofelia after her death. Finally snapped out of his fugue state, Daniel relents and lowers his gun.

Strand injects Alicia with adrenaline as Daniel sits with Charlie. Strand thanks Alicia, knowing that Daniel would've killed him if Alicia hadn't appealed to his better angels. Alicia asks what happened to Charlie and Strand explains that it's radiation exposure that's worse than what Alicia was exposed to. They think that it was alpha particles from the same walkers that are on their way to the Tower. According to June and Grace, Charlie may only have a couple of weeks left to live. Strand sadly confirms that there's nothing that can be done for Charlie. Strand calls it even more reason to preserve the Tower so that Charlie can spend those weeks in here rather than outside. Strand and Alicia prepare to go, but Daniel refuses to leave Charlie's side because she needs him. Daniel asks if they can still go up to the roof, and Charlie encourages him to go, but Daniel wants to be with Charlie and Strand and Alicia leave without him. Charlie apologizes for not being Ofelia, but Daniel tells her not to be. Charlie helped him remember why Daniel wanted to find Ofelia before she died and being with Charlie is helping Daniel to think more clearly.

Later, as Wes prepares to execute a captured Strand and Alicia, Suddenly, Daniel appears and shoots the two Rangers dead before Wes shoots Daniel in the left shoulder, causing Daniel to drop his gun, giving Alicia the chance to grab one of the Rangers' machine guns and enter into a standoff with Wes. Daniel reassures Alicia that he's fine and she tells him he has to warn the others with Strand directing Daniel to where June, Grace and Wendell are locked in an apartment on the 6th floor. Alicia orders Daniel to free their friends and then to warn the others to get away from the herd. Moving closer, Wes threatens to kill Alicia if he does it, unwilling to let Alicia stop the herd. An emotional Alicia reminds Wes that she and Strand had saved his life once before and he'd used to believe in them, and Alicia asks Wes to believe in them again. Suddenly, Strand stabs Wes through the chest with his sword, killing Wes. A shocked Alicia asks why Strand would do that and Strand tells her that it was "the same reason I built the Tower the way I did. So you wouldn't have to. He wasn't gonna stand down, and we're running out of time. Let's go turn that light off." Strand runs off and, after a last look at Wes' body, Alicia follows him, leaving Daniel behind to warn the others.

Outside, Dwight puts down a walker that is drawn to the Tower by the beacon. Dwight is worried since Alicia should've been out by now and Luciana points out that they can't wait much longer with Sarah agreeing that as long as the beacon is on, walkers will be on them. Sherry notices that someone is coming as Daniel arrives with June, Grace and Wendell. An emotional Sarah reunites with her brother for the first time in months and Dwight and Jacob question what's going on inside of the Tower and how the four got past the Rangers. Daniel tells everyone that while he doesn't have time to explain, they all need to get back inside of the Tower immediately. Grace asks about Morgan, but Sherry reassures her that Morgan had followed Grace's request and took Mo somewhere safe, but they don't know where.

Daniel warns everyone that they need to hurry as the beacon light is drawing the dead from the crater to the Tower. In Spanish, Luciana asks if he's sure and Daniel confirms it, telling Luciana rather pointedly that he's not a liar. Dwight asks how far they are, but Daniel isn't sure, revealing that Alicia and Strand are turning the light off as they speak. "Vic and AC are on the same team? What the hell did we miss?" quips Sarah. Daniel begins leading everyone inside of the Tower and brushes off June's attempts to patch him up, wanting her to tend to Charlie first. Daniel explains to a confused Luciana in Spanish that Strand had tried to convince him that Charlie is Ofelia, continuing what Luciana had started. Luciana apologizes for her actions, and a confused Daniel asks why she did it. Luciana admits that she thought that it was the only way before three Rangers open fire from the roof, killing two members of the group and sending the rest ducking for cover behind the platform. The group desperately returns fire as Wendell notices the herd approaching and he realizes that the Rangers are trying to box them out, forcing them to move out of cover.

On the roof, Strand kills two of the Rangers from behind while Alicia kills the third, ending the gunfire from the roof. Strand and Alicia notice five Rangers below charging at their friends and Strand guesses that the Rangers guarding the tunnel must've circled around. Knowing that the others are sitting ducks and seeing that the walkers are almost here, Alicia orders Strand to turn off the light while she gives the others as much cover as she can. Alicia shoots the five Rangers, but Strand hesitates to turn off the light. Strand realizes that Alicia is never going to forgive him, that even if Strand turns it off and helps Alicia to save everyone, the damage has already been done.

Stating that they don't have time for this, Alicia charges Strand, but he throws her into a cable, severing it and damaging the light. Strand angrily states that it was never going to be enough to make Alicia love him, but Alicia tells him that it could've been, but Strand ruined it by killing Wes. An emotional Strand insists that he didn't have a choice, but Alicia angrily accuses him of always having a choice and making the wrong ones. Although Strand tells her that he had killed Wes to save her life, Alicia believes that Strand was only trying to save himself and he didn't care who he had to kill to do it. Alicia kicks Strand backwards and struggles with him, telling Strand that "the person you used to be -- the person you said you wanted to forget -- that was never you!" In the struggle, Alicia punctures a gas can with the blades on her prosthetic arm and breaks another cable in the process, sending the antenna falling and shattering the light. The herd arrives, devouring a few members of Morgan's group as the rest rush inside of the Tower and barricade the doors against the radioactive walkers, watching them through the glass in horror.

Alicia climbs the platform holding the light with her transmitter and she hooks it up to the antenna. A despondent Strand tells Alicia that it's too late and there's no way out of here, but she ignores him. Stating that there's one, Alicia begins her broadcast. "This is Alicia Clark. If you're listening to this, you're not alone. The place you've been looking for, the place you've heard about, PADRE, it's here -- the Tower. Coordinates 29 degrees, 20 minutes, 14.1 seconds north, 94 degrees, 59 minutes, 25.7 seconds west. We're gonna build the new home you've been looking for. We can help you. But first... we're gonna need a little help from you." Sparks from the broken light suddenly set the spilled fuel on fire and it quickly spreads. Strand warns Alicia that the fire is going to spread through the whole building, but Alicia passes out as the fire spreads across the roof and Strand calls out for her.


A massive number of gas mask covered and frantic survivors carrying supplies make their way through the Texas landscape. Barely conscious and extremely feverish, Alicia is carried on a stretcher by Dwight and June and experiences flashbacks of various walkers attacking before passing out again.

On a beach, Alicia notices a bird landing next to her stretcher and Jacob Kessner alerts everyone else that she's waking up. June warns Alicia not to stand up as she's low on fluids and febrile, but Alicia ignores her orders, so June sends Jacob to get saline and the epinephrine. Alicia notices the frantic survivors prepping the rafts, and June explains that Strand's Tower is burning and Alicia notices a large cloud of smoke rising in the distance. "The walkers from the Crater -- when they breach those walls, when they burn, everything's gonna be released into the air," meaning that Texas is going to be flooded with all of the radiation stored within the radioactive walkers, rendering Texas completely uninhabitable. The group doesn't know where they're going yet, and Morgan hasn't made landfall himself yet either. Knowing that it could be just as dangerous out there, Alicia gets up. June warns her that if they can't get it under control, the fever could kill Alicia, but Alicia reminds June that it's been like this for months. Strand isn't with them as he didn't want to come with the group and, as far as they know, he's still in the Tower. As Alicia looks around, Jacob brings over the packed med kit in which he has included adrenaline in case Alicia needs it.

Alicia notices the young girl that she had encountered before nearby and guesses that she heard the message that Alicia had sent out. However, when Alicia gets to where she had seen the little girl, she's gone. The little girl catches Alicia's attention again and tells Alicia that she needs to find her friend who is out there somewhere. The girl asks Alicia to help her find him as her friend knows how to get to PADRE. The girl runs off towards the Tower and, after a moment's hesitation, Alicia follows her.

Alicia awakens on a stretcher carried by Sarah, June, Luciana, Dwight and Daniel. Luciana explains that they wouldn't leave her behind and the four put down the stretcher at Alicia's request. Dwight explains that they had heard her SOS and Josiah LaRoux introduces himself, with Sarah explaining that Josiah is a friendly who got to Alicia before they did. "Good thing, too, or you'd be part of that herd." Alicia sees no sign of the little girl, mentioning that she can help them find PADRE, surprising Sarah that Alicia actually found her. Alicia tells them that the little girl had radioed them for help, but Luciana reveals that it was Alicia herself who had radioed them, and she points out that they don't even know if PADRE is real. Although Alicia believes that the little girl had helped kill the walkers, Dwight asks if she's sure about that and he points out the blood on Alicia's arm blades as proof that she had killed them herself.

Alicia insists that the little girl was there and that she had saved her twice while the blood is from before. June notices that Alicia is still burning up and Alicia admits that she had taken the adrenaline shot and that the little girl is real, but Josiah informs Alicia that she was alone when he found her. Alicia guesses that the little girl must've gone back to the Tower in order to send a message to find her friend that can help them find PADRE. Alicia insists upon going back to the Tower, but her friends are dubious, wanting to bring her back to the rafts. "I get it. I do. I would be doing the same thing if I were you, but... I'm not leaving without her." Dwight points out that they don't even know if the little girl is real, and Luciana asks why saving the little girl is so important to her. Alicia believes that it's not just how she's going to save her friends, but how she's going to save herself too.

June believes that going back to the rafts is Alicia's best shot, but Alicia reveals that the little girl got bit and she survived because her friend helped her. However, Luciana has seen someone tell the exact same lie before, and Alicia admits that she's been dreaming for months about dying and turning into a walker. Alicia doesn't want to die and turn into a walker, and she's convinced that the little girl can help her to live. June suggests that Alicia is just seeing the little girl because she wants to, but while Alicia knows how it sounds, she's convinced that the little girl is real. Daniel notes that when people doubted him, it didn't feel good, and Sarah points out that Daniel wasn't operating with all of his faculties, causing Daniel to joke that he might still be not. "Alicia helped me to see things more clearly. And I can't leave her to try to do this on her own. So, I'm coming with you," declares Daniel. Telling Daniel that she owes him one, Luciana agrees to help too, with June agreeing that Alicia will clear the tunnel faster with help and Dwight commenting that Sherry will kill him if he lets Alicia go alone. Commenting that she doesn't want to be the only asshole who said no, Sarah agrees to help, and she pulls Josiah in too.

Near the tunnel entrance, Alicia tries to raise the little girl on the radio while her friends work to clear the tunnel. Alicia doubts herself about the girl being real for a moment before the girl answers her. The girl reports that she's moving up the stairs and that she thinks that she can get to the roof from here. Alicia orders the girl to stay where she is as it's too dangerous to do this on her own, reporting that she's coming, and her friends are clearing the tunnel for her. Before the transmission breaks up, the girl tells Alicia that, once she's through the tunnel, the stairs are clear. Taking her single bullet, Alicia loads her gun in preparation for what's coming.

Luciana reports to her that they've cleared a path through the tunnel and, if the girl is in the Tower, they can get to her. Alicia tells Luciana that the girl is, Alicia talked to her, and she's going in after her. June and Sarah refuse to let Alicia go in alone, while Josiah reports that although they opened the tunnel up pretty good, they can't be sure that it'll be stable for long. Addressing her friends, Alicia orders them to get back to the rafts and prepare to leave, promising to radio them if she learns where PADRE is. Alicia tells Dwight that Sherry needs him, Sarah just found her brother, Daniel has to be there for Charlie, and Luciana has to show Arno's people the way while Alicia has to do this on her own. Reluctantly accepting this, Luciana promises to see Alicia and the girl at the shore and Alicia dons her gas mask and enters the tunnel.

As everyone gets the rafts ready for departure, a deeply concerned Luciana looks towards the burning Tower for Alicia. June orders everyone not to leave anything behind as they don't know how long they're going to be out there. Charlie looks around worriedly as Daniel comforts her and Josiah throws his stuff into a raft. June tells Luciana that they're ready and they can't miss the tide, reassuring Luciana that Alicia will catch up, but they can't be here when the radioactive walkers burn. Luciana reluctantly orders everyone into the rafts as they're shoving off, before a weak Alicia suddenly radios in, needing help. Alicia reveals that they're in the SWAT van, but they need help getting the rest of the way and Luciana promises to meet them there. Alicia admits that she found the little girl, but she found someone else too.

Alicia passes out again and she wakes up in a raft on the beach. June tells Alicia not to move, that the fever's still rising, and they have her on fluids and will try to make this raft as comfortable as they can. Grace reports that they need to move now as radiation readings are spiking and the walkers must've breached the fence. Alicia asks Grace if she's heard from Morgan. Grace reveals that the current took him in a different direction, but Morgan cleared the radiation. Alicia asks Grace to give Morgan a message for her, but Grace hands Alicia a radio and tells her that she can tell Morgan herself as Morgan had wanted to talk to Alicia too.

Alicia contacts Morgan, still floating on the ocean in his life raft and holding Mo, and apologizes to him for not doing what she said with the Tower. However, Morgan tells Alicia that she got everybody onto the rafts which is what matters. Also, Morgan thinks that Alicia might be right: he's been hearing some chatter on the radio that Morgan thinks might be PADRE. Morgan thinks that PADRE is real and that they might actually have some place to go to. Concerned, Morgan asks Alicia how she's feeling. Alicia tells Morgan that, no matter what happens to her, he needs to know that he won't be doing this alone. Morgan states that he won't be doing this alone because Alicia's going to be alright, but he loses contact with Alicia. Grace promises Alicia that if Morgan didn't hear her response, she'll make sure that he knows.

As the raft that she's on is dragged by, Charlie calls for it to stop and approaches Alicia who apologizes that she wasn't able to stop this from happening to her while Charlie is sorry that she wasn't there for Alicia either. Alicia tells the dying girl that Daniel's going to look after her, and Charlie tells Alicia that it's okay because Charlie finally got to do something that she never thought that she would and they finally got to see a beach. Daniel calls Charlie back to the raft and tells Alicia that he wasn't there for Ofelia at the end, but he will be there for Charlie. Daniel tells Alicia that he will see her again and leaves before Sherry thanks Alicia for taking Sherry and Dwight in like she did as they might not have made it this far without Alicia. Luciana tells Alicia that, if she didn't have to look after everyone else, she would be in the raft with Alicia, but Alicia tells Luciana that it's too dangerous and she has to do this alone.

However, Strand joins Alicia telling her that she won't have to do it alone. Strand jokes that while the raft might not be The Abigail, they can rough it out together. Against Strand's protests, Alicia climbs out of the raft telling Strand that she doesn't know much longer she has left or how fast she'll turn. While Strand is willing to take that chance, Alicia isn't. It's now up to Strand to make sure that everything they've been through means something. An emotional Strand refuses to go, but Alicia insists that he has to while people may have heard her message and are heading to the Tower. "You did make it mean something. You saved all of them. You saved me. You did what I asked you to do back at Lawton," Strand tearfully tells Alicia. Alicia pushes Strand's raft into the water and tells her old friend that she didn't just save him so that Strand could do what Alicia couldn't, Alicia did it because she loves him too. Alicia watches as the rafts leave, sharing a final wave with Strand. Falling to her knees as the rafts move out of sight, Alicia grabs her gun, but she passes out again before she can use it.

Season 8[]

"Blue Jay"

Daniel calls Adrian over the radio asking for his location. Daniel's radio call distracts Adrian long enough for Dwight to disarm him and Sherry to smash the radio.


Madison, June, Mo, Dove and a captive Shrike emerge from the train and Shrike warns Dove that she's making a big mistake and whatever Dove wants, it's not what she thinks. Diane and an armed group of adults surround them, demanding answers. Madison recognizes Diane, although she can't place where from, and she recognizes a man with her as someone who had been living in an auto yard running out of food with a baby that he couldn't feed and a woman as someone who had a sick son that she thought had pneumonia. Madison realizes that the group is made up of parents whose children have all been kidnapped by PADRE's Collectors. Diane stares intently at Dove for a moment before asking where their kids and Adrian are. While Madison doesn't know any Adrian, June knows who Diane is talking about and she reveals that Adrian was at the train and that he is dead. Diane tells June that Adrian had just wanted to find his daughter and June sadly admits that Adrian did find Hannah who had died too, a long time ago. Shrike states that Hannah died because of June, but June corrects that it was because of what Shrike made her do.

The group disarms Madison and the others, but Mo tells them that Madison is no longer with Padre, and she can help them to find their kids. Diane is dubious, but Dove tells her that Padre has lied to everyone, and Shrike is his daughter. Together, they might be able to find out what else Padre has lied about. Diane decides to let the Commander decide and the man emerges from behind his group. Madison is shocked to recognize the Commander as her old friend Daniel Salazar whom she hasn't seen in almost 12 years while June is surprised that Daniel is still alive. Diane is surprised that Daniel knows Madison and June and he orders their weapons to be returned to them, wryly noting that "it looks like we all have nine lives" and Madison agrees that they're going to need them.

Walking along the road together, Daniel admits that he had often considered the possibility that Madison was still alive, but he'd never thought that it would be like this. Daniel identifies his drink as Yerba Mate which is good for keeping his mental focus, but Madison rejects his offer of a sip. Madison admits that she's not proud of what she did and who she became, and Madison just wants a chance to make it right. Daniel feels the same way about himself, and he suggests that they can help each other as Daniel's group has been looking for the island for years and, if what Madison says is correct, she's the best and only shot that the group has to get their kids back from Padre.

Daniel explains that seven years before, Morgan had told Padre that his group were out there and they found the rafts and brought everyone to a ship to assess them before deciding where they were going to be sent according to their skills and usefulness. Some people went to the mainland, others went to the island, while others Daniel doesn't know where they went. In Daniel's case, he was thought to be too old to be useful and so Padre's forces dumped him in a swamp. Daniel knows that Padre was right about him being old, but he was wrong about the fact that being old meant being useless as Daniel could take care of himself and so could everyone else in the group except for Charlie. Madison asks what became of Charlie as Morgan didn't get to tell her much before Padre figured out what they were doing and separated them. Daniel sadly explains that Charlie was very sick and that Charlie had become like a daughter to him. Daniel had promised to stay with Charlie until the end so that she wouldn't have to die alone like Ofelia did. Daniel broke his promise, and he wasn't there for Charlie or for Luciana either whom Daniel had also considered to be a daughter. Madison offers her condolences and that of Morgan, sure that he would also be sorry for Daniel's loss. "I had no purpose. And then I found these folks, this angry, desperate group of people in search of their kidnapped children. It motivated me. It gave me a reason to stick around. So, I organized and trained them, turned them into an army. Strong, getting stronger, because there's more of them out there. I lost my family, Madison. But I'm gonna fight with everything I got to help these folks get back to theirs," Daniel explains. Madison suggests that Daniel may not have lost everyone and that he can use Padre's files to find out what had happened to Charlie and Luciana.

As they approach the Prefect transport boat, Dove states that they can use it to get back to the island. Shrike asks if Dove is sure that she wants to go down this road, but Daniel suggests that Shrike start answering some questions instead asking them. Madison asks who else knows that Shrike is Padre's daughter, and she admits that not many people do. Daniel questions why her father separates children from their parents while not doing the same thing himself. Madison calls Padre a hypocrite, but Shrike tells her that the way the island is run and they do things is something that Padre has believed in for a very long time. June demands to know why Padre is sacrificing people for an experiment that will never pay off, but Shrike tells her that, not only will it pay off, but it already is and to look at Finch. Madison questions what happened to Shrike's father to make him build a place such as this, but Dove interrupts as they need to get moving. Diane questions who the girl is and where she came from before she went to PADRE, but Dove admits that she doesn't know. Diane asks if Dove knows her, but she's never seen Diane before in her life.

A group of Prefects led by Hawk emerge from the woods, armed with guns and staffs and demand that they let Shrike go. Madison reveals that Shrike has been lying to them and that she is Padre's daughter while Daniel points out that Padre has been ripping families apart, but he has kept his daughter by his side this whole time which Mo confirms Shrike told them herself. Shrike suggests that he should focus more on getting her out of this and Hawk tells Dove that she and Mo don't have to go along with this anymore, but Dove and Mo are determined to go to the island to get answers from Padre. Although Hawk doesn't think that Dove has any right to question Padre, she has seen too many things today that Padre has to explain for her to just let it go. Hawk is too brainwashed to relent, but Daniel tells him that everyone present has lost their children to Padre and there are more of them, possibly including the parents of Hawk and the others. Hawk believes that their parents abandoned them, but Diane tells him that they didn't, and they have been fighting this whole time to get back to their kids. Daniel offers a visibly shaken Hawk the chance to join his group, but he asks Dove to just hand Shrike over to him. Dove refuses so Hawk goes to radio Padre, prompting Madison to hold a knife to Shrike's throat, knowing that the files will be destroyed if Padre knows that they're coming. Madison reveals that the files tell them who everyone is, where they came from and who their parents are, but Hawk refuses to let them get on the boat. While he's willing to shoot Daniel, Mo challenges Hawk to shoot her. Daniel and Mo order Madison to go while they hold Hawk and the others off, telling her that if Madison can show Dove the truth, the rest of the kids will follow. As the parents, Daniel and Mo form a human blockade against Hawk's group, Madison, June, Dove and Shrike leave for the island on the boat.

Daniel reports in that his group got away from Hawk and his friends and he asks if Dove is still with her. When Madison confirms it, Daniel reveals that one of his people thinks that she might be Dove's mother. Taking the radio, Diane admits that she didn't think that it was possible, but a mother knows. Shrike tells Dove not to fall for it, but Diane identifies Dove as her daughter Alex who was taken away from her years ago by a Collector at a campground outside of Baton Rouge. Diane thinks that the Collector was probably Madison and she's sure that Dove is her daughter. An emotional Diane tells Dove that she's searched for her for a long time, and she sang "You Are My Sunshine" to her as Alex was taken away from her and she never stopped looking. Shrike insists that Diane is not Dove's mother and that she is just trying to get into her head. Madison orders Shrike to stop lying to her, but Shrike insists that she's not lying. Madison asks Padre for Dove's file so as to find out for sure while Shrike continues to insist that she's making a mistake. Madison threatens to tell everyone who Shrike really is, something that's overheard by all of the guards at the dock and Finch, and Padre relents and orders that Madison be brought inside and given what she wants.

On the boat back to the train, Madison asks June what Nick and Alicia were like after her supposed death and June doesn't think that Madison would've recognized them. On shore, Daniel, Diane, Mo and the others emerge from the trees to surround Shrike and her forces. Daniel demands that Shrike let their people go, promising to walk away in exchange and no one has to get hurt. Daniel claims that they have another 12 soldiers deep in the woods with Shrike's Prefects, implying that they will kill Hawk and the others if Shrike doesn't agree to the deal. When Shrike doubts Daniel, he asks if she really wants to take that chance and Shrike relents, ordering her men to stand down. Daniel's people move in and disarm the PADRE forces and Diane addresses Dove as Alex, only to learn that Dove isn't her daughter and that Dove's mother is dead because of Madison. June tells Dove that she can still have a family even if it's not the one that she thought that what Madison made her believe in is still there. However, Dove chooses to stay with PADRE and Shrike tells the gathered parents that the rest of the kids will all make the same choice. Mo tells Shrike that the other kids won't, and Shrike will see, causing Shrike visible concern for a moment.

Madison apologizes to Daniel, while Diane tells him that this was a mistake and Madison can't help them. Daniel is sure that Madison can still help them, but she knows that Diane is right, and the kids will never follow her after everything that Madison has done. Diane makes it clear that the adults won't follow her either which Madison silently acknowledges. While Madison isn't the leader that they need, she thinks she knows who might be: Morgan Jones. Madison, Daniel, June, Diane, Mo and the others depart on the PADRE boat, leaving Shrike, Dove and the others on the shore.

On the boat back to the train, Madison asks June what Nick and Alicia were like after her supposed death and June doesn't think that Madison would've recognized them. On shore, Daniel, Diane, Mo and the others emerge from the trees to surround Shrike and her forces. Daniel demands that Shrike let their people go, promising to walk away in exchange and no one has to get hurt. Daniel claims that they have another 12 soldiers deep in the woods with Shrike's Prefects, implying that they will kill Hawk and the others if Shrike doesn't agree to the deal. When Shrike doubts Daniel, he asks if she really wants to take that chance and Shrike relents, ordering her men to stand down. Daniel's people move in and disarm the PADRE forces and Diane addresses Dove as Alex, only to learn that Dove isn't her daughter and that Dove's mother is dead because of Madison. June tells Dove that she can still have a family even if it's not the one that she thought that what Madison made her believe in is still there. However, Dove chooses to stay with PADRE and Shrike tells the gathered parents that the rest of the kids will all make the same choice. Mo tells Shrike that the other kids won't, and Shrike will see, causing Shrike visible concern for a moment.

Madison apologizes to Daniel, while Diane tells him that this was a mistake and Madison can't help them. Daniel is sure that Madison can still help them, but she knows that Diane is right, and the kids will never follow her after everything that Madison has done. Diane makes it clear that the adults won't follow her either which Madison silently acknowledges. While Madison isn't the leader that they need, she thinks she knows who might be: Morgan Jones. Madison, Daniel, June, Diane, Mo and the others depart on the PADRE boat, leaving Shrike, Dove and the others on the shore.

"More Time Than You Know"

In exchange for helping to treat Grace's walker bite, Shrike asks Morgan to clear the PADRE Shipyard of walkers for her, even offering to let Madison, June, Dwight, Sherry and Daniel and his group to help which they all accept.

After having passed out, Grace awakens in the back of a PADRE truck. Morgan explains that they're on their way to the shipyard and Grace is then going to be taken to the train to meet June. Grace is shocked that Morgan surrendered to PADRE, asking how he knows that they will keep their word. Morgan reveals that they won't clear the shipyard until they're sure that Grace is safe with June, but Grace thinks that it's too dangerous despite Morgan's assurances that they've got it handled. Morgan radios Daniel who's people are armed and ready, but they need reassurances from Shrike that they're not walking into a trap. Shrike assures Daniel that the walkers are real and that she wants them dead, revealing that the contents of the shipping containers are valuable to her. Grace asks what they're going to help her do and Morgan tells her that they're going to help Shrike clear the shipyard, and they have the people and the weapons to do it with.

Morgan asks where the train is, but Shrike tells him that the job has to be done by hand, not with guns. The containers hold supplies that are needed to rebuild the world such as fertilizers and munitions. "One stray bullet and PADRE's entire legacy goes up in smoke," warns Shrike. Shrike didn't tell them before because she knew that Morgan had an army, but she didn't know that he had an armory too. Daniel backs out of the plan, telling Morgan that he's already told Shrike too much and it's too dangerous for Daniel to ask his soldiers to do this. Morgan begs Daniel not to back out on this now, but Daniel tells Morgan that he's not the one that Morgan should be angry with. Agreeing with Daniel, Grace takes the radio and reassures him that it's okay as Grace doesn't want anyone to die for her. Visibly saddened by the choice that he has to make, Daniel apologizes to his old friend as he genuinely wishes that they could help her.

After Finch becomes sick again, possibly of his walker bite infection returning, Dwight and Sherry carry Finch to Grace's repeater station, confused as to why Grace wanted to go there, but deciding that it doesn't matter as June's on her way. Dwight promises Finch, who calls Dwight "Dad" for the first time, that he'll feel better soon as he lays Finch down on the bed. Looking around at the well-decorated room, Sherry realizes that Grace must've been preparing for a life after PADRE, and Dwight promises that both Grace and Finch are going to get it. Sherry tends to their son as June knocks at the door and enters with Daniel, telling the couple that Madison and some of Daniel's people are standing guard outside.

Mo helps Grace into train car, laying her mother down on the operating table. Outside, the Prefects move Mo's car away and Hawk shoots flares into the air to draw in walkers. Mo blocks the door and Grace asks her daughter how she knew that the Prefects wouldn't hurt her, and Mo admits that while she didn't know, she had to take the chance. Mo contacts June for help and she confirms that Finch's infection is back. June didn't give Finch a high enough dose of radiation to kill it as she didn't want the radiation to kill him. However, June did come close to getting it and if Grace already has cancer, they don't have to worry about how much radiation she gets. As a result, the cure might work on Grace and buy her the time that she wants. June promises that they're working on a solution for Finch, but Mo can't let PADRE destroy her equipment.

Under June's directions, Mo performs the radiation treatment on her mother while June observes Sherry tending to a very ill Finch. June tells Mo that it could take awhile for the treatment to work, but they have to watch Grace's temperature. If it starts to fall, that's a good sign, but if it keeps going up, they'll deal with it. Dwight asks what that means for Finch and June explains that Grace had the infection for longer than Finch did when June treated him. If this dose of radiation works on Grace, then it might work on Finch too. Dwight is concerned by the might in June's statement while June has Mo power down the equipment and the generator so that Mo isn't exposed to anything that she doesn't have to be.

However, Grace grows increasingly weaker, and Mo discovers that her temperature is only going up. Mo discovers that Grace has a temperature of 106 degrees which June sadly reports means that Grace didn't get the radiotherapy in time. Even though Mo got her mother to the train car as fast as she could, it's not her fault: even if Grace had gotten the treatment right after the bite, it might not have been enough as it hasn't worked on anyone else. Mo desperately suggests giving Grace more, but both Grace and June tell her not to, knowing that Grace won't survive either way and more radiation would just kill her outright. June admits that she can't help Mo anymore and she instructs the young girl to enjoy the time that she has left while Grace reassures Mo that it's alright and that she did everything that she could.

"All I See Is Red"

Seeing more walkers coming from behind the containers, including a young girl, Morgan attacks them with his battle axe and staff in a frenzy, descending into red-tinged visions of those that he lost and Mo leaving. When Morgan snaps out of it, he is being helped to his feet and he is surrounded by Madison, Daniel, Diane, and the other members of Daniel's Resistance with Daniel holding Morgan's axe, Morgan having bloody hands and all of the walkers are dead. Morgan realizes that it had happened again, and Madison reassures her friend that she had tried to stop him, Daniel's people helped, no one got hurt and the girl wasn't Mo. While the prefects were here, no one got hurt and Morgan angrily demands how Madison knows.

Moving through a walker-infested river, Daniel explains that June is monitoring PADRE from Grace's Repeater Station. Mo and the prefects opened the shipyard gates, but they were overwhelmed by the dead and pushed back towards the water. Mo led the herd into the swamps, probably to slow them down so that she can get ahead of them. The island has been evacuated because Shrike believes that the current will wash the walkers ashore there. She has loaded the shipping containers onto a cargo ship and is meeting the prefects on the other side of the swamp. As Mo and the prefects move through the swamp and the others fight approaching walkers outside of the swamp, Morgan reaches out to his daughter over the radio, wanting to tell her something that a friend had once told him: "he said you can hide, but you can't run. He wanted me to know that hurt will follow you, it follows you wherever you go. And he was right. The only I know that will ease it is... the people you still have left. It's the same people you're running from, Mo. Just don't do what I did. Don't run."

Morgan tells the others that they have to move, but he is stopped by Diane and experiences another brief red-tinged vision. Keeping control of himself this time, Morgan explains that if the prefects make it to that ship, Shrike will send them out to establish settlements all over the country and Morgan will never see his kid again. Diane points out that there are thousands of walkers between Morgan and Mo, but Morgan is unconcerned. Madison steps in and asks Morgan to go instead as she was unable to stop him back at the shipyard without the help of a lot of people. If Morgan goes in there, he could hurt a lot of people, or worse, Mo. Madison wants to make right the fact that Mo ended up at PADRE because of her, but Daniel wants them all to go since everyone has children in danger.

June radios in with the news that they're picking up chatter from the prefects that they're getting bogged down and surrounded by walkers on a couple of sides. Mo is taking the prefects to a houseboat and Morgan realizes that they're going to his houseboat which Morgan reminds Madison nearly sank the last time that they were in it. Madison is confident that they'll get to the houseboat before that happens again this time, but she has to admit that she doesn't know where it is. Daniel and Diane ask Morgan to show them on a map, but Morgan tells them that the houseboat is deep in the swamp, overgrown, and you could be standing 10 feet away from it and not know that it's there. Madison concedes that Morgan is going to have to be the tour guide, but he's worried that he'll lose control again. Daniel points out that they'd stopped him once at the shipyard and they can do it again if they have to and Morgan hands Madison his axe. The group heads towards the thousands of walkers making their way into the swamp after the prefects.

Outside of the swamp, Daniel and his people fight the walkers and Morgan tries to convince Mo to get to the houseboat and keep herself safe until he can arrive, but Shrike tells Mo that if she does that, everything they've fought for will be dead. Morgan and Shrike both insist that the other will get Mo killed with Shrike telling Morgan to walk away, that this is why she'd locked him in the train car and that she's trying to spare Mo's life like Morgan's. Morgan refuses to walk away and lose his kid like this, but Mo finally responds and tells her father that she's already lost her and to not make this any harder than it already is before she shuts off her radio.

Daniel and his people finish clearing out the walkers and he and Madison insist they can do this by finding Krennick and the coordinates before Mo, but Morgan knows that Mo can't take on that many walkers even with the prefects' help. Madison suggests that they fight their way towards her, and Morgan asks for his axe back, snatching it from Madison and descending into another series of red-tinged visions where he swings at Madison who disarms Morgan, telling him that it's happening again and swinging towards him. Grabbing Madison's weapon Morgan has several flashes of the word Clear before finding himself sinking into mud when Morgan finally snaps out of it.

Morgan is filled with new determination, declaring that they are not going to die and they are finally going to break the cycle instead. Mo is confused, but she believes that there's no way out and Shrike will kill Morgan if they call her for help. Morgan finds a Flare Gun as walkers break through a window and shoots a flare into the air, ordering Madison over the radio to look up as that was him. Madison spots the flare and begins heading towards a nearby boat to get to the houseboat as Mo puts down the two walkers that had broken through the window. However, Madison doesn't know where Daniel is and she is caught by Shrike, Ben and two PADRE guards who need to get to the houseboat too. Madison suggests that they work together as they all want to save Mo, but Shrike tells Mo that when they first found her, she had to make sure that Madison would do what it took. While Shrike thought that she was, she now believes that they should've just killed Madison instead.

As Shrike goes to kill Madison, Daniel's people open fire, killing the two PADRE guards. Daniel threatens to kill Shrike if she doesn't surrender and introduces her to the parents of the children that she stole. While Shrike claims that PADRE rescued the kids, Daniel assures her that that's not how the parents see it. Dove, Hawk and the prefects arrive, announcing that it doesn't matter how their parents see it as none of them are going back with them. Dove orders them to drop their weapons, confident that the resistance fighters won't shoot and that they're stuck trying to live a life that has been dead for a long time. Daniel orders Madison to get in the boat, explaining that "I was in the same situation they're in when I was young. I wanna try to get through to them." As Daniel, Diane, and the resistance fighters lay down covering fire, Madison dives into the boat and takes off.

Having overpowered Daniel's forces, Ben and the prefects have them kneeling on the ground, preparing to execute them. Mo arrives and Dove claims that the resistance fighters had tried to stop them from fighting the walkers because they didn't have what it took. Telling the kids that this is what they trained for, Ben orders them to shoot the adults, but they all hesitate. Dove reiterates the order, but the prefects continue to refuse to act. Over Ben and Dove's continued attempts to get the prefects to kill the adults, some of whom are likely their own parents, Daniel tells everyone that "they won't do it. Making a child kill for the first time is harder than you think. Don't listen to them! When I was young, I was in the exact same position you're in right now. I wish someone would have stopped me then. You do this, it will haunt you for the rest of your life, you will never be able to back away from it." Despite Ben and Dove's best efforts, the kids listen to Daniel's advice, and they continue to hesitate to fire. Ben and Dove focus on a nervous Hawk, pressuring him to do it.

Morgan and Madison arrive, ordering everyone to hold their fire. Mo asks what he's doing here and Dove orders her not to listen as Morgan had tried to kill her. Morgan reassures his daughter that he's not here to hurt her or anyone else which Ben doubts. Madison confirms that Madison is telling the truth, revealing that they've got the coordinates that Ben and Shrike had wanted. Much to Ben's surprise, Morgan and Madison reveal that they're just going to hand over the coordinates without asking for anything in return. Dove thinks that it's a trick while Daniel protests, but Morgan simply tells everyone that if handing over the coordinates are what it takes to end all of this, then PADRE can have them because Morgan is letting Mo go. "If that's what you want, if that's what you think you need, I'm not gonna stand in your way." As Ben orders her not to listen to him, Mo is confused as Morgan said that he didn't want to lose her which he confirms he really doesn't while Dove tries to convince everyone that Morgan is messing with all of their heads.

"The only head that's been messed with is mine. For the longest time since I lost my wife and my son, I lost myself. And then when your mom died, it started all over again, but I think I can finally break free of that cycle, I think this will do it. It was Madison that led me to it, told me that you never really lose people, not the people that matter." Ben turns his gun on Morgan in frustration, but Madison tells him that she saw it with Shrike who was going to kill them, but she didn't, and she couldn't. As Dove continues to protest listening to Morgan and Madison, calling them liars, Madison explains to a wavering Ben that "she saw your father coming out of the marsh. When she saw him, she remembered what he stood for. What he died for. What he wanted PADRE to be." Morgan adds that that part of Krennick is still alive, and Shrike saw it and remembered it, because the people who are closest to us, they become a part of us. Morgan tells everyone to get on the ship and see where the coordinates lead them, but an increasingly desperate Dove orders the prefects to hold their ground. "Just remember the people you leave behind. 'Cause those people are gonna remember you. And you might not realize today or tomorrow how important that is, but the day will come. It will, Mo." Pushing Ben's arm down, Mo tells her father that she doesn't just want to remember him, she wants to be with him and Morgan and Mo embrace each other while Ben and the prefects, realizing that Morgan and Madison are right, stand down.


After Madison goes missing while being chased by a hostile group, Daniel leads a search for her, trying to contact Madison by radio constantly.

Klaus pulls out a radio that Madison was carrying in her bag, and when he turns it on, Daniel is on the other end frantically trying to contact Madison, mentioning that he's trying to track down some people that are after her and asking where she is so that Daniel can get to her first. Strand orders his son to put it down as the man could be dangerous, but Frank, suspicious of his husband's increasingly odd behavior, answers Daniel and feeds him Madison's description. Frank introduces himself as someone who wants to help Madison, but Strand snatches the radio and shuts it off before Frank can tell Daniel where to look for her. Strand and Frank argue about Daniel, with Frank believing that Daniel could help them while Strand insists that he's protecting them by keeping him away. Strand wants Madison to go, but Frank wants her to stay, reminding Strand that they don't give up on anyone here. The other council members all side with Frank and he instructs Klaus to get Madison some soup and to make her feel at home. Strand doesn't want Klaus alone with Madison, but he refuses to explain what he's so afraid of, causing Frank to order Klaus to proceed.

Later, Russell explains that he and his men are looking for a woman named Madison who they heard was hiding out in the area. However, he refuses to explain what they want with her, and Frank tells Russell that they can't help. Russell reveals that Madison used to be one of PADRE's top Collectors and has been broadcasting how she's trying to rebuild PADRE. While Frank thinks that that sounds like a good thing, Russell insists that it isn't, and that Madison doesn't change. "The people I'm with, the head of this little outfit? He knows her for who she really is." Daniel comes over the radio trying to contact Russell's people, knowing that they were monitoring the channel, but Russell turns off the radio without responding to him. Frank once again insists that Madison isn't here, but Russell is sure that she is which means that this can go one of two ways: they let Russell and his people in and hand Madison over and they walk away, or Daniel will come after Madison and he's not alone and seems to be pretty determined. Russell and his people will fight Daniel if they have to to get to Madison which is a fight that will happen at the hotel if they don't turn Madison over. Strand recalls the people that he killed at the Tower, including Wes and Will and, much to Frank's shock, admits that Madison is at the hotel.

In Klaus' room, Strand finds Madison's bonds cut and his son and old friend both missing. Russell accuses Madison of taking Klaus while Strand reminds his husband that he'd told Frank that Madison had seemed to be dangerous. Strand notices the map is torn off of the brochure for the Wymberley Jones De Renne Georgia Library and realizes that they're going to the library rather than to PADRE. At the dock, they find one of Russell's boats missing and realize that Madison must've stolen the other one. Russell demands Strand and Frank's weapons before they leave, promising to return them once they arrive at their destination. Strand turns over his gun belt, but Daniel calls for Madison again on the radio, and Russell tells him that PADRE will be better off without Madison. Daniel warns Russell that hurting Madison would be a grave mistake, but Russell states that what happens to Madison isn't up to him and things will go a lot better for Madison and Daniel if he backs off. However, it's too late for that as Daniel is approaching with two armed men in a boat of his own. Russell frantically tells Strand and Frank to get in the boat as they can still lose Daniel if they leave now, but Strand recalls Daniel trying to kill him and runs off, followed by Frank. Unwilling to get caught by Daniel, Russell and his men leave on their boat.

That night, before Troy can swing the hammer, Daniel comes in using one of Troy's men as a human shield, ordering Troy to drop the hammer. June, Sherry and several others enter from another doorway with June reiterating Daniel's order. Troy complies and Daniel knocks out his hostage and Daniel cuts Madison and Strand loose. Strand thanks Daniel, greeting him as an old friend, but Daniel tells Strand that they're not friends. Troy comments that he'd hate to do to Daniel what he did to Daniel's daughter and Daniel finally recognizes Troy, promising to make sure that Troy really dies the next time that they meet. Troy asks if Daniel really thinks that what he's doing right now is going to stop them, pointing out that they know where the hotel is now, and they'll just keep coming back. However, Madison announces that if Troy does that, there won't be anyone left there for him to hurt. PADRE is about to expand with Madison offering to take in the hotel residents since they had helped her when Madison needed help. Troy asks how they can be sure that Madison won't do the same thing to them that she did to him, and Madison admits that she's done some things that she regrets, but the place that Madison is building is not about her, but rather about keeping something bigger alive. Troy asks what that is while Daniel warns Madison that they don't know how many people Troy has, and they have to get out. Madison tells Troy that she's going to build PADRE into what it should've always been for her kids, for Alicia.

As the group prepares to move out, Troy tells Madison that she can do that, but she's making a mistake "'cause that's the same thinking that got her killed in the first place." Madison angrily demands to know how Troy would know that and Troy claims to have been the one to kill Alicia. As proof, Troy kicks his duffel bag to Madison who opens the bag while ignoring Daniel's orders to leave and not listen to Troy, finding Alicia's Prosthetic Arm inside. Although Madison doesn't recognize it, Strand, June and Sherry are visibly devastated as they realize the implications of Troy having it. Troy reveals that it belongs to Alicia, claiming that he took it off of Alicia's corpse after Troy killed her. In grief and rage, Madison grabs the fallen hammer and charges at Troy, but Strand holds her back telling Madison not to let Troy get into her head. Troy states that he would've put Alicia down, but after all of the wandering around that Troy did in Mexico, he thought that it was only right that Alicia should do the same. Troy suggests that maybe one day Alicia will find Madison or vice versa and finish the job. Cradling the duffel bag while Strand carries the hammer, Madison and her allies back out of the room. "You want a fight, Madison? We'll give you that. Oh, we'll give you a fight. My question for you is... what are you even fighting for?"

"Iron Tiger"

Madison, Strand, Daniel, Hawk and a few others arrive at Lowcountry Landing in a boat. As the others spread out to search, Hawk confirms that this is where PADRE's forces would pick up the gasoline tankers, but he never saw where they came from. Daniel orders one of his men to check if the tanks are empty, but Madison argues that they're wasting their time and they should be taking the fight to Troy, but Daniel points out that their fuel reserves are low, and they have to find out where PADRE got their supply. Madison worries that they're just giving Troy time to regroup, and while Daniel sympathizes with her, having lost his daughter to Troy too, they must first do what they have to do to protect the island before making Troy wish that he'd died back at the dam. One of the men reports that the fuel tanks are empty too and, seeing a herd approaching, Strand suggests that they continue their debate inside.

Inside, the group finds that the gas station has power along with shelves full of supplies and Daniel calls out for whoever is there to show themselves, ordering his men to shoot anything that moves as they spread out to search. Madison is confused by the abundance of supplies while Strand finds a sign reading "take what you need, leave what you don't!" Recognizing the sign, Strand calls it "relics of a bygone era." Daniel confirms that the truck stop is clear, and Hawk is sure that this is where PADRE was picking gas up from. Noticing the sign, Daniel recognizes it as the same one that Clayton's Group, Morgan's Group and the Caravan had used to make and wonders who would want to resurrect that.

Looking outside at the walkers surrounding the gas station, Madison notices that a female walker that is approaching is missing its left arm and bangs on the window to grab its attention. Madison pulls Alicia's Prosthetic Arm out of her bag and holds it against the walker's stump through the window, thinking that the walker could be a zombified Alicia, although Strand insists that it's not her. Madison's actions cause the herd to bang on the glass harder, smashing it. The walker that Madison was examining falls on her, but Strand stabs it in the head and orders Daniel to take care of the rest of the herd. As walkers enter, the herd is suddenly gunned down and Daniel reports that it wasn't them. A lone walker survives and attacks Madison where she's hiding behind the shelves with the others, but Luciana suddenly grabs it and shoots the walker in the head before Madison can react to the threat. Luciana is shocked to see Madison alive, believing that Madison had died a long time ago. Madison quips that she's been getting that a lot lately while Daniel excitedly greets Luciana in Spanish, having not seen her since they were taken by PADRE seven years before. Daniel tells Luciana that he's been looking for her for years and Luciana confirms that Daniel has found her at last.

Outside, Strand treats Madison's injuries while the Gearheads clean up the mess left by the herd. Looking at the dead walker that she had thought was Alicia, Madison reveals that she feels guilty for not looking for Alicia who was still alive this whole time. Strand points out that everyone had thought that Alicia was dead, but Madison feels that as her mother, she should've known and never gave up on Alicia. Strand points out that, with the shape that Alicia was in when they last saw her, no one could've known that she Alicia had actually survived. However, Strand is sure that Alicia wouldn't have wanted her mother to end up like the walker. If what Troy had said was true about Alicia now being a walker, Madison is determined to find her, lay her daughter to rest and bury all of her so that Alicia won't be stuck like that forever. Giving Madison her daughter's prosthetic arm, Strand reassures her that she will and if Alicia is out there, they'll find her. Madison apologizes to Luciana for the damage that she had caused to the gas station, but having heard about Alicia from Daniel, Luciana promises Madison that there's nothing to apologize for. The two women share a warm hug and Luciana tells Madison and Strand that there are fresh supplies in the back if they need them.

Inside, Luciana explains to Daniel that her people were the ones making gas for PADRE. When PADRE brought Luciana in seven years ago, they realized what Luciana could do thanks to her experience with making gas at Tank Town. PADRE didn't give her a choice, threatening the people that Luciana cared about to make her do their bidding, specifically Daniel. Much to Daniel's surprise, Luciana reveals that she had asked for Daniel's freedom in exchange for making gas for PADRE. Daniel realizes that Luciana's deal is why PADRE had abandoned him in the swamp rather than killing Daniel who PADRE had thought was too old to be useful to them. Daniel thanks Luciana for saving his life, but is confused as he had thought that she was on the island with the kidnapped children. Luciana explains that the deal that she had made with PADRE meant that she had to work in the shadows. PADRE had military oil reserves, but they just needed someone to refine it.

Strand questions how Luciana ended up setting up in a place like this, pointing out that she can't have fond memories of the last gas station that they had inhabited. Luciana explains that the gas station is just an outpost while the actual refinery is miles away. If PADRE was getting the fuel that Luciana was making, Luciana had to make sure that she was helping other people too. The gas station is a waystation for travelers where they can get food, water, medical supplies and even fuel if they have a working car. Madison recognizes the supplies as being from PADRE's containers and Luciana reveals that the group has 23 active locations with 2 more being set up as they speak. The Gearheads have a network of roads running clear through to Arizona and, as long as they were getting fuel, PADRE didn't ask questions about what Luciana and her people were taking from them.

Daniel and Strand tell Luciana that if she supplies them with fuel, Troy will not be a problem for them anymore, but they will need more than they have in order to defend themselves. Luciana agrees to give them gas if they think that it's going to help as long as Troy doesn't figure out where it came from which Madison promises. Luciana tells them that she'll send a tanker to the main road, and they should wait for it there, confusing Daniel that she wants them to leave. Luciana insists that she needs to keep her operation safe, but Daniel wants to catch up with her, having not seen Luciana in seven years. Luciana tells Daniel that she needs to protect the people who made this possible and, assuming that Luciana is worried about Troy's people, Daniel reassures Luciana that they didn't follow them, but Luciana isn't so sure.

One of the Gearheads brings Luciana the news that Iron Tiger is about to pull up as a tanker truck drives up to the gas station, but Luciana orders the man to have Iron Tiger wait. Luciana's behavior suddenly strangely defensive, ordering Madison and the others to leave immediately. Picking up on the fact that something is wrong, Madison questions who Iron Tiger is, but Luciana orders the three to wait in the back, claiming that it's safer this way. Strand worries that Troy might've gotten to Luciana, but Madison reminds him that Troy is the one who kicked Luciana off of the ranch and had tried to turn Nick against her. Daniel believes that Luciana wouldn't lie to him and deal with Troy, but Strand points out that Luciana knew that Daniel was alive and didn't look for him, suggesting that Luciana has moved on and would choose protecting all of this over her old friends. Daniel pointedly tells Strand that she would certainly not choose him, and heads outside with his men to show Madison and Strand how mistaken they are.

Outside, Daniel approaches Luciana, telling her that Madison and Strand think that she's up to something and he wants to show them that they're wrong. Luciana insists that Daniel is making this harder than it has to be, and Daniel realizes that something really is wrong and demands to know who is in the tanker. Luciana tells Daniel that it's not whoever he thinks it is, so Strand challenges Luciana to show them whatever is inside so that they can be on their way. Luciana refuses and an increasingly suspicious Madison approaches the tanker to see for herself, creating a standoff as the Gearheads point guns at her and Daniel, Strand, Hawk, and the two men with them point guns at the Gearheads in return before Luciana has her people lower their guns, ending the standoff.

Hearing the commotion, Iron Tiger emerges from the tanker's cab, revealing herself to be Charlie who is alive and well despite have apparently been terminally ill when Morgan's group had left Texas seven years before. Charlie is shocked to see Madison alive, having believed her to have died in the Fall of the Stadium just like everyone else. Surprised but overjoyed to see Charlie again, Daniel hugs her while Strand notes that Charlie was just weeks away from death when Morgan's group got on the rafts. Charlie explains that June didn't have what she had needed to treat Charlie's radiation poisoning at Strand's Tower, but PADRE did. Since PADRE didn't know if the treatment would work, it was too dangerous to raise her on the island with the other kids and so they gave her to Luciana and Charlie helped Luciana to build her operation.

However, Madison is confused as to why Luciana didn't want them to see Charlie, asking if it's because of Charlie's role in the destruction of the stadium by the Vultures. Luciana realizes that no one told Madison what had happened, and Strand admits that, because he thought that Charlie was dead, he didn't think that there was a reason to tell her. Madison demands answers, rejecting Strand's attempts to get her on the boat before he finally tells her. Taking responsibility for her actions, Charlie admits to a shocked Madison that "I... I shot Nick. I killed your son. I was scared, and Ennis was dead, and I... I pulled the trigger. I'm so sorry, Madison. I really am." Flying into a rage, Madison attempts to attack Charlie in revenge for her son's murder, but she is restrained by Strand who begs Madison not to do something that she'll regret as Daniel leads Charlie inside. Luciana pleads with Madison to let them explain, but she shrugs off Strand's grip and refuses their explanation, ordering her friends to get the hell away from her.

Nearby, Madison takes her grief and anger out on an old tractor and a small herd with her sledgehammer, having various flashbacks of her son as she does and hitting two that are in a marsh below so hard that they're both decapitated in just one hit. Joining her, Strand points out an approaching walker that Madison had missed, and she knocks it to the ground and smashes its head with her sledgehammer. Strand provides the out of breath Madison with her oxygen tank, and she demands to know if Strand really knew the truth about Nick's death. Strand insists that he'd thought that it didn't matter since Strand had believed that Charlie was dead. Madison angrily asks if Strand thought that it didn't matter that the girl that Madison had brought into the stadium killed her son, but Strand insists that it's not Madison's fault as she didn't know how it was going to play out and neither did anyone else. Strand acknowledges that he should've told Madison and he apologizes, but Madison smashes the dead walker's head several more times in her grief.

Strand holds Madison, attempting to comfort her but, blaming herself for her kids' deaths, Madison breaks down and tells Strand that "if I hadn't brought her in the stadium, Nick might still be here! If... if I just -- if I hit Troy harder, Alicia might be here. If I just did it differently... they both might be here." Sympathetic, Strand suggests that he take Madison back to the island and that they leave Daniel to handle getting the fuel that they need. However, unable to let it go, Madison demands to know how Charlie is still here and how Strand and the others could let her back in after what she did. Acknowledging that it might be hard to hear, Strand explains that the group gave Charlie the same thing that everyone else wants: a second chance. Madison is surprised that even Alicia gave Charlie a second chance, and Strand reveals that Alicia was the first one to forgive her, something that Madison doesn't think that she can do, but Strand reassures Madison that no one is asking her to.

Charlie approaches Madison and Strand, asking to talk to Madison who agrees over Strand's objections, wanting to hear what Charlie has to say. Charlie doesn't blame Madison for feeling the way that Madison does, admitting that she had hated herself for a long time after what Charlie did to Nick. While Charlie doesn't expect Madison to forgive her or anything, she really needs to say this because Charlie doesn't know if she's ever going to see Madison again. Madison interrupts Charlie, accusing her of only doing this so that Charlie can feel better about what she did to Nick. Charlie explains that she was 11 years old, scared and being used by people who were older than her and Charlie's truly sorry that she took Nick from Madison and the world. Charlie has tried to turn all of the hurt and pain into something more and its why Charlie spends every day doing what she's doing and it's what makes things like Luciana's operation possible. As bad as Nick's death was, at least something good came out of it, and Charlie offers to do whatever it takes to make Madison see that good. Madison declares that there is something that Charlie can do, recalling how she had snuck into the stadium and fooled everyone. Madison wants Charlie to do the same thing with Troy Otto, not to find out what he's planning, but to kill him. Strand begs Madison not to do this to Charlie, but Madison spitefully declares that after taking the stadium and Madison's son from her, this is the least that Charlie can do. After a moment's hesitation, Charlie tells Madison that she's right and Charlie will do it. Madison walks away, leaving Charlie behind.

As Charlie prepares for her mission, Daniel objects that this is too dangerous for her as they all know what Troy is capable of. Daniel asks to do this in her place, but Madison points out that Daniel won't even get close as Troy knows them, but he doesn't know Charlie and he won't see it coming. Charlie agrees with Madison that Daniel can't do this, but Daniel tells her that he'd thought that Luciana and Charlie were dead for years and Daniel doesn't want to risk losing either of them after having just found Luciana and Charlie again. Charlie promises that he won't lose her and that she knows what she's doing, asking Daniel not to make this any harder, insisting that she wants to and needs to do this. Luciana asks what Charlie's plan is and she explains that she's going to exchange fuel so that it will be less suspicious for Troy if he gets something out of the deal. However, Charlie dodges Luciana's question about her plan after that, simply stating that she's going to fix this for Madison and that none of them will have to worry about Troy Otto again once she's done. Charlie also intends to try to find out what happened to Alicia, but Madison tells Charlie that she doesn't have to do that and pretend like she cares. However, Charlie tells Madison that Alicia was her friend too and that Alicia was the one who helped Charlie to see that she could start over. While Charlie knows that Madison doesn't believe her, she really is sorry about everything. Charlie wishes that she could take back what she did to Nick who was like a brother to her, but Madison angrily tells Charlie that she wouldn't have shot him if that was true.

Charlie silently leaves in her tanker and Luciana gives Madison the keys to another tanker parked just down the road containing enough gas to last PADRE for months. Madison and Strand go to radio the island while Daniel asks if he can stay with Luciana at least until Charlie returns. However, Luciana thinks that it's best if Daniel goes back to PADRE until then, telling him that there's a reason that her people stay hidden: to keep things like this from happening. Daniel sadly acknowledges that Luciana might be right and maybe they shouldn't have come here, but Luciana stops him, admitting that she had wanted to look for Daniel every day that he was out there, but Luciana had to protect him and her people by staying away. Daniel understands and expresses his pride in Luciana for everything that she's done, stating that not everyone could've done what she has.

Inside, one of the Gearheads has Madison and Strand wait while she talks to the radio operator. Noticing Strand's displeased look, Madison promises him that they're going to win this fight and they won't let Troy take the island from them, but Strand wonders what the point of saving it is if they turn PADRE into the opposite of what Alicia had wanted them to build. However, Madison states that if Charlie really meant what she said about Nick, then she will prove it by taking care of Troy for them. The radio operator informs them that the radio is all theirs, but as Strand calls the island, Madison notices a coffee can with a note on top of it addressed to her. Surprised, Madison draws Strand's attention to her discovery: Nick's ashes.

Madison asks Luciana about the coffee can containing Nick's ashes and she explains that they were clearing roads in roads in north Texas and Charlie wanted to see where Madison's Group had buried Nick so that she could tell him that she was sorry, and Luciana didn't realize how much she missed him until she was standing over Nick's grave again. However, when Charlie heard why the group had chosen that spot, she said that Nick deserved something better, and Charlie was right, so they cremated what was left of Nick and brought him with them. Luciana and Strand admit that they had buried Nick in a field in Hill Country, but they had only buried him there so that they could get to a weapons' cache while they were in a dark place. Madison is upset that the location didn't mean anything to her friends, and she declares that Charlie is right that Nick deserves better. Luciana tells Madison that that's what both Charlie and Luciana wanted, they just didn't know where a better place for Nick was with Strand adding that Charlie thought that Madison would know instead. Touching the can containing her son's ashes, Madison asks Luciana to contact Charlie for her.

Luciana makes contact with Charlie and Madison tells the girl to come back and that she was right about Nick, and he does deserve better. If Charlie brought Nick all the way back from Texas for Madison, then she should be there when they say goodbye to him. However, Charlie tells Madison that she can't come back. Having finally realized that Charlie was telling the truth about caring about Nick and regretting killing him, Madison forgives the girl, telling Charlie that she was just a kid and doesn't have to make up for what she did to Nick and do what Madison asked her to do. However, Charlie clarifies that she physically can't come back as several members of Troy's Group stand outside of the tanker pointing guns at her. Troy bangs on the door, ordering Charlie to turn off the radio and step out of the truck, and Charlie explains that Troy and his men had found her before Charlie could get to the hotel and that they're not going to let Charlie leave. Daniel furiously slams his hand on the table and Charlie explains that her plan didn't work, that Troy's men were patrolling the road. Troy opens the tanker door and reiterates his order for Charlie to get out. Charlie offers to trade her gas with Troy, but Troy intends to just take it from her. Hearing Madison asking Charlie for her location over the radio, Troy asks why he would trust anyone who is talking to Madison Clark. Troy tells Charlie that they have a lot to talk about and knocks her out.

Luciana disconnects the radio, telling Madison that they can't give away their location, and Daniel states that Madison should've never put that idea in Charlie's head. While Madison insists that she was trying to do the right thing, Daniel asks Madison to do the right thing now by helping him to rescue Charlie. Luciana agrees with Daniel, but Strand worries about Daniel having told them earlier that they would suffer major losses if they got anywhere close to the hotel. Daniel insists that they have to try, and Madison agrees, stating that it looks like they're finally taking the fight to Troy.

At night, on the road near the hotel, Madison and the others hear an explosion and pick up radio chatter between Russell and the rest of Troy's men in which Russell expresses concern that the explosion will draw back the walkers that the group had released and the whole tanker had gone up and the fire is spreading fast. Russell orders his men to look for leaking fuel and contain it and Daniel guesses that the tanker must've exploded. Strand tells the others that the hotel is 10 minutes away by foot, but Daniel refuses to drive in as Troy's people will hear them coming and they need to find a way to get in quietly.

Troy calls Madison over the radio, explaining that her tanker had just exploded outside of his hotel, but Madison claims that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Daniel realizes that Charlie had purposefully allowed herself to be captured as a part of her plan and Troy, aiming his gun at Charlie tells Madison that he knows that she sent Charlie to kill him, and she wasn't in the truck when it exploded, much to the relief of Strand, Daniel and Luciana. Troy admits that he was wrong about Madison as he'd thought that Madison would never be able to forgive the girl who had killed Nick, but he figures that Madison must trust Charlie if she had sent Charlie to kill him or maybe Madison had just thought that Charlie would die in the explosion. Madison orders Troy not to hurt Charlie, confirming for him that Madison does care about her. Troy wonders what Nick would think about that, but Madison believes that her son would get it, stating that people change and they can do shitty things and come back from them. Holding his gun to Charlie's head, Troy tells Madison that she'll have to do something that will upset a lot of people if Madison wants Charlie back alive: Troy wants PADRE's location. Strand warns Madison that Troy is going to hit them with everything that he's got if she does it, but Daniel points out that Madison knows that Charlie doesn't deserve this fate. Charlie yells at Madison not to do it and that she knew what she was doing, causing Troy to kick her chair over. Holding the radio near the gasping Charlie, Troy threatens to kill her if Madison doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Daniel furiously swears to strangle Troy with his bare hands and Madison accepts the deal, telling Troy to meet her in front of the hotel.

Madison's group parks near the burning tanker as walkers, drawn by the fire, begin to gather on the hotel grounds. Madison notices that a burned walker is missing an arm too before Strand stabs it in the head, leaving the two confused as to where the armless walkers are coming from. Troy, Russell, and several of his heavily armed men greet the group near the hotel entrance with Troy warning Madison that there are a lot more of them inside and it had better not be a trick. Madison promises that it's not a trick, but Troy doubts her word. Troy promises to hand Charlie over once they get the location of PADRE and has one of his men put Charlie on the radio. Daniel warns Troy that if Charlie has been harmed, he'll make Troy wish that Daniel only took his other eye. Charlie reassures Madison that she's fine, but she again tells Madison not to make the trade for her.

Knowing that Charlie is only in danger because of her, Madison refuses and tells Troy to hand Charlie over and they'll give him the location of PADRE. However, Troy wants the location first and proposes having one of Madison's people take his right-hand man Russell to the location so that he can verify it at which point Troy will release Charlie. Troy tells Madison that he really doesn't care about Charlie, he just wants a safe place to live. Madison questions why Troy cares so much about PADRE, and he claims that Madison took everything from him, and Troy is just returning the favor. Madison wonders if it's about Madison's role in Jeremiah's death, but Troy makes it clear that he doesn't care about his father at all. Troy refuses to clarify his meaning, stating that PADRE is the only thing that matters and Madison orders Strand to escort Russell there. Strand insists that there must be another way to bring Charlie back, but Madison doesn't see another choice. Strand reminds Madison that there are other people to consider such as Frank and Klaus, but Troy promises that he's not interested in the people living there, just the settlement and everyone will have ample time to leave. Strand agrees and he and Russell prepare to turn over their weapons as a gesture of good faith to ensure that they won't try anything.

As Madison radios Charlie that they're getting her out of there, Charlie suddenly stabs the guard holding the radio for her in the neck with a piece of glass that she had picked up when Troy had shoved her to the floor, killing him. Grabbing the man's gun and radio, Charlie enters into a standoff with the other guard in the room, telling Madison that she took out one of Troy's men and she'll take out another. Madison tries to talk Charlie down, but Charlie refuses to let another place that Madison had built fall because of her actions. Madison promises Charlie that this is not on her, and this is not the stadium, reminding the girl that Charlie is only in this position because Madison had set her on this path. Troy tells Charlie that Madison is right and asks why she's taking the fall for Madison. However, Charlie explains that "it's not for her. This place she's building, it's what Alicia wanted. And it's how Nick's death can mean something. On the rafts, when we left the Tower, Victor told me that's what Alicia said to him when she thought she was dying -- make it mean something." Madison insists that they can do it someplace else, but Charlie points out that, since this is about Madison, Troy will just go after the next place that she finds.

Charlie knows that Troy's people won't kill her because they'll lose their leverage otherwise with Daniel pointing out that Troy will never find where PADRE is otherwise. Troy attempts to defuse the situation, telling Charlie that no one's going to shoot anybody and to just put the gun down so that they can work it out. Madison offers Troy a map to PADRE if he lets Charlie go, telling Troy to send Russell to verify it, but just don't hurt Charlie overruling Charlie's objections. However, Charlie knows that Madison won't have to give Troy PADRE if Troy doesn't have anything to trade and puts the gun to her chin, preparing to sacrifice herself to protect PADRE and Nick and Alicia's legacy. Charlie recalls several fond moments with Madison, Nick, Alicia, Daniel and Luciana ending with herself on the beach saying goodbye to Alicia. Ignoring Daniel and Madison's attempts to talk her down, Charlie shoots herself in the head, killing herself much to the shock and horror of her friends. Troy contacts the second guard to see if the shot was the man stopping Charlie, but he confirms Charlie's death instead. A heartbroken Daniel breaks down and has to be dragged away by Hawk and one of his men as he tries to attack Troy in retaliation.

Visibly affected himself by Charlie's actions, Troy promises Madison that he really didn't want things to go down like this, but he can't let her leave with the map. Madison refuses, putting the map away, and Russell interrupts with the news that Tracy's missing. Russell calls a young girl forward, shocking Madison that there's kids with the group. Troy reveals that they wanted PADRE for the same reason as Madison and the others and questions the girl who explains that Tracy had wanted to see the tanker truck as Tracy has never seen a truck running before. Troy orders his men to stay on Madison's people and frantically runs off shouting for Tracy as Madison's people and Troy's group enter an armed standoff.

Troy makes his way to the burning tanker truck through the fire and the growing herd. Troy shoots a few approaching walkers and, running out of ammo, switches to his blade as gunfire sounds from Troy's men fighting the herd that has been drawn to the hotel. Troy clears a path to the truck but is grabbed from behind by a walker that he had missed. As Troy struggles with the walker, Madison takes the walker out with her sledgehammer, saving a surprised Troy's life. Madison explains that Troy's men are overwhelmed, and that she wasn't going to let another kid die after what had just happened. Opening the cab door with a piece of metal, Troy finds it to be empty and realizes that Tracy wasn't inside, much to his relief. Russell reports that they can't hold back the dead who are everywhere, but Troy frantically orders his men to search the area for Tracy.

Madison realizes from Troy's behavior that Tracy is his own daughter which he confirms, asking why Madison thought that they wanted PADRE. Madison is confused as to why Troy didn't just tell them what they wanted instead of trying to take PADRE by force, but Troy once again accuses Madison of taking someone from him and admits that he's afraid that Madison would take Tracy from him too. Troy reveals that Madison is supposedly responsible for the death of Tracy's mother, but Madison has no idea what Troy's talking about. Troy frantically continues his search for Tracy, fighting off more walkers. Madison notices that the walkers coming from the direction of the hotel are all missing an arm, as are many of the corpses and puts the pieces together that it's Troy who has been cutting their arms off and purposefully making Madison think that she's been seeing Alicia everywhere that she looks. Madison attacks Troy with her sledgehammer, knocking him to the ground, and struggles with him, demanding once again to know who Troy thinks that Madison took from him. Troy identifies Tracy's mother as the woman who had rescued him from the dam and gave him a second chance before begging Madison to let him go to find his daughter. Madison spitefully tells Troy that he's now going to know what it's like to wonder where your kid is, but Troy points out that Tracy could still be alive. Knowing that they need to go, Strand pulls Madison off of Troy and drags her away as Troy's men rush around fighting the herd and searching for Tracy.

The next morning, the group arrives at where the Gearheads had parked the tanker for PADRE in the middle of the road. The devastated Daniel sits in the truck bed with Charlie's covered corpse as Luciana gives Madison the keys to the tanker, warning Madison to use the fuel wisely as she won't be getting any more. The Gearheads lost Charlie and Troy now knows about her people, putting them at risk because Luciana had allowed herself to get dragged into a fight that isn't hers. Luciana refuses to let anyone else end up like Charlie and Daniel asks to go with her. Daniel furiously tells Madison that she had sent Charlie to a viper's nest and there's something fundamentally wrong with her. Charlie is the second time that somebody dear to Daniel has died because of Madison and he refuses to let there be a third in Luciana. Daniel tells Madison that she doesn't need him but rather the army that he had assembled if Madison can convince the parents of the children that she had stolen that she had changed. However, Daniel can no longer defend that idea after everything that Madison has done. In Spanish, Daniel reminds Luciana that he had once told her that they were family, and he asks her to come with her so that Daniel can help Luciana and take care of her as he has wanted to for years. Luciana agrees and she and Daniel drive off together.

"Keeping Her Alive"

As Madison and Strand attempt to steal one of their trucks at Lowcountry Landing, the Gearheads arrive and Strand quickly puts Tracy in the back of the truck as Daniel, Luciana and her men confront them. Having been monitoring the radio chatter, Luciana demands to know why they've brought Troy's daughter to her truck stop. Madison promises that they're just passing through, but Luciana reminds her that she's made it clear that she doesn't want to drag her people into this fight. Daniel spots Tracy in the truck and Strand promises that they'll make sure that Troy knows that Luciana and her people had nothing to do with it. Luciana knows that Troy won't believe it and will think that the Gearheads had helped them to kidnap Tracy. Madison apologizes as they hadn't meant for Tracy to send that message, but they need Luciana to let them pass. Luciana refuses, telling Madison that she has already put them in danger by stopping here and Luciana can't let her travel on their roads too. Madison explains that Tracy is helping her to find Alicia so that Madison can put her to rest with Nick, but Luciana is more worried about the people that are still living that she has to protect. Luciana asks them to step away from the truck, intending to give Tracy back to Troy even though Tracy knows where PADRE is. Strand reminds Luciana that she knows better than anyone what Troy is capable of, but Luciana insists that that's why they have to give Tracy back to Troy and demands that they step away from the truck with the Gearheads aiming guns at them.

Suddenly, Daniel tells Luciana to let Madison and Strand go, stating that Troy already knows about this place. Even if Tracy is returned to him, Troy is still going to attack them to get everything they have because that's Troy's nature. Daniel instructs Luciana to set up a defensive perimeter which they have enough people to do, and which will be easier to do without the distraction that Tracy brings. A shocked Luciana pulls Daniel aside who suggests that Strand might've already made a deal with, that Madison might be in on it and Daniel needs to get close to them to find out what's going on. As Luciana signals her people to stand down, Strand questions why Daniel would want to help them. Daniel pointedly tells Strand that he knows what a parent goes through when they lose a daughter and offers his help to find and bury Alicia. Madison agrees, stating that they need all of the help that they can get, and Strand gives Daniel the passenger's seat.

On the road, Tracy has Madison stop the truck while she tries to figure out the exact location on the map. A frustrated Daniel tells Tracy that she's been looking at the map for 15 minutes, but Strand points out that Tracy is just a child. Tracy realizes who Daniel is, having heard about him from Troy. Daniel asks if Troy had also told her why Daniel wants to kill him against Strand's objections that he's scaring her as Daniel believes that even children deserve to know the truth, that they have to understand that what we do or not do creates consequences, and that they need to learn that no one get a free pass. Tracy reveals that her father had told her that Ofelia died because she had tried to poison a lot of innocent people, but Daniel corrects a surprised Tracy that Ofelia had died "because your lunatic father led a herd of the dead to destroy his own settlement" and Ofelia died fighting to defend it because of Troy. Strand realizes that Daniel doesn't care about Tracy or whether or not Madison buries Alicia, but rather Daniel wants to use Troy's daughter to make him feel what Troy had made Daniel feel. Madison tells Daniel that there's something fundamentally wrong with him and Daniel pulls a gun on Daniel, intending to leave with Tracy. Strand wonders why he's the only one trying to do the right thing, reminding Madison and Daniel that they both know how he'll go to do what he believes is right. Before Strand can escape with Tracy, Daniel grabs him and shoves him out of the car, the gun going off in the process and hitting Daniel's headrest. Madison drives off, leaving Strand on the side of the road, with Daniel asking if she wants to find Alicia or not when Madison questions his actions.

Madison, Daniel and Tracy stop outside of a frozen swamp area filled with walkers. Daniel protests that this is not a good idea, but Madison tells him that it's the only one that she's got. Madison notices that the entire herd is stuck, frozen to the ground, and Tracy states that Alicia was in the herd and Troy led it here before the weather got cold. Tracy claims that the herd was following them while they were traveling to the area and that Troy didn't want it to get near the hotel so, when the temperatures started dropping, Troy knew that the mud would freeze them here in the swamp. Madison points out that Troy had told her that he didn't know where Alicia was, but Tracy tells her that Troy had lied because he didn't want Madison to find Alicia and bury her. Madison asks how Tracy knows all of this and, looking at the medallion, she just states that it doesn't matter and the three head into the swamp to find Alicia.

Madison, Daniel and Tracy make their way through the trapped herd with one walker's attempts to move causing the bottom of its legs to break off before Madison smashes its head with her sledgehammer. Looking at the walker's clothes which indicate that the survivor was originally from Texas, Madison notes that it was a long way from home, but Daniel notices that all of the walkers bear similar clothing, and he questions Tracy on how long the herd had been following Troy's group for, but she claims not to have known about it until they got here. Daniel realizes that something's not right as it doesn't make sense and he urges Madison to leave, but Madison is determined to press on, pointing out that the trapped walkers can't hurt them. Tracy only says that Alicia is somewhere in the herd, and Daniel again urges Madison to leave, reminding her that Troy had previously led a herd of the dead against his own people. However, Madison refuses to give up the search for her daughter, with or without Daniel's help and he reluctantly follows her with Tracy.

Deep in the herd, Tracy points out a female walker that's missing her left arm as Alicia. An emotional Madison approaches "Alicia," apologizing for not looking for her daughter and for not being there to stop Troy from doing this to her. Moving the walker's hair out of her face, Madison has several flashbacks of herself with Alicia and discovers that the walker is not in fact Alicia. Tracy suddenly shoves Madison into the walker, knocking them both over and breaking off the bottom of the walker's trapped legs. Daniel restrains Tracy as she tries to escape and a furious Madison gets back to her feet, realizing that Tracy had played her.

Madison demands answers from Tracy who emotionally identifies the walker as her mother Serena, claiming that Madison had killed her. As a result, Tracy had wanted her mother to make Madison pay, but Madison doesn't recognize the woman at all, having never seen Serena before in her life. "But she saw you... and Alicia. She believed what you believed. That's why she's dead. "No one's gone until they're gone." It killed her, just like it killed your kids," Tracy explains, although Madison and Daniel are confused by what she means. Daniel wants to leave and use Tracy to make Troy pay for what he did to their daughters, but Madison is concerned that Tracy knows where PADRE is and so she can tell Troy where the island is if he ever gets her back. Much to Daniel's shock, Madison wants to kill Tracy in order to protect PADRE, but the fact that the girl had just tried to use her own mother to kill Madison eliminates any qualms that Madison has about killing a child. Daniel reluctantly binds Tracy to a tree as she begs for her life, but Madison is unmoved. Tracy desperately reveals the location that Troy had killed Alicia and where she might still be: an old mansion off of Route 26 near Fort Worth, Texas. Regardless, Madison still tries to kill Tracy for the danger that she represents to PADRE by using her sledgehammer to push a walker at the girl.

Madison is interrupted by the arrival of Strand, Ada, Della and Sara, and Madison furiously reveals to her old friend that Tracy had lied about Alicia being here. Strand apologizes, telling Madison that Alicia's body might not be here, but Alicia still is through the three women who are carrying on Alicia's legacy. One of the walkers breaks free and attacks Madison from behind, giving Tracy the chance to break free of her bonds and flee as Madison, Daniel and Strand dispatch the walker. Tracy tells Strand that the group is exactly as Troy had claimed since they were gonna kill her and she escapes. Madison attempts to go after Tracy who will tell Troy where PADRE is, but Strand restrains her, knowing that Madison will only get herself killed. As more walkers begin breaking free of the frozen ground between the group and where Tracy went, Ada promises that she and the other two women will help them to protect PADRE, telling Madison that they knew Alicia and she wouldn't want her mother to die like this. Realizing that Strand and Ada are right, Madison reluctantly agrees, and the group flees from the herd.

Madison, Daniel, Strand, Ada, Della and Sara arrive at Lowcountry Landing which has been destroyed by a gunfight that has left most of both sides dead and more wounded. Tending to a wounded woman, Luciana explains to Daniel that they had Troy and his men surrounded, but it was like they didn't care whether they lived or died. Daniel reassures Luciana that Strand and Madison had no part in this and June runs over with a medical kit to tend to the woman as one of the PADRE fighters dispatches a member of Troy's group who reanimates. Strand finds Frank desperately tending to a dying Hildy who has been shot in the chest and is bleeding out fast. Frank begs his husband to get more dressings, but Hildy dies, and Strand sadly informs Frank that it's too late. Frank refuses to give up on Hildy, but he quickly reanimates, so Strand grabs Hildy's knife and stabs his friend in the head with it. The devastated Frank declares that they need to stop the man who did this to all of their friends and Strand promises his husband that they will.

Sherry dispatches another of Troy's men who had reanimated and tells Madison that Troy isn't here. Luciana explains that someone had stolen one of the Gearheads' trucks after the shooting broke out, and Madison knows that Troy is going to find his kid and PADRE. Luciana points out that Troy lost most of his men in the gunfight, wondering what it matters that Troy knows where to look, but Madison has realized that Troy isn't going to use his men to take it: Troy's going to do the exact same thing that he did at Broke Jaw Ranch 12 years before. "The dead. That's what they were for. They are his army," explains Daniel. Dwight doesn't know how many people they have left, and he and Sherry set out to do a headcount. Madison asks Luciana how far her roads are cleared, but Luciana doesn't want to get involved any further, having lost too many people already by getting involved. However, Madison is more interested in using the Gearheads' roads to reach the mansion near Fort Worth where Tracy had told her that Alicia was killed, and Luciana promises to take Madison there after this is all over.

Madison notices the awe with which Ada, Della and Sara look at her, and Ada tells Madison that she has no idea what it for them to be standing across from them right now. Della adds that until they had heard Madison's message on the repeater network, they had all thought that she was dead. Madison is confused by the fact that they know her, and Sara explains that they had watched Madison's interview with Al so many times that the tape had eventually worn out. However, Madison declares that neither Nick or Alicia are here and that nothing that she said on that tape means anything. Strand insists that it does and that she needs to hear it. When Strand came to Madison at the library, it was because he had thought that he needed Madison to face what was coming, but Strand doesn't. Instead, Strand needs Madison, pointing out that Madison had nearly killed Tracy. Madison angrily insists that it was to protect and that, unlike Strand, she doesn't have anyone left to disappoint, meaning that Madison can get her hands dirty. "Madison, I pushed Alicia away so she wouldn't get her hands dirty. That medallion, I gave it to her so she'd remember who she was because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to. I thought I was protecting her, but I was wrong, Madison. It wasn't about protecting her. It was about giving myself an excuse not to be the better man. I don't want that to happen to you. I won't let that happen to you," states Strand. Undeterred, Madison begins climbing into the back of the SWAT van, pulling a gun on Strand and stating that someone has to stop Troy. Madison refuses Strand and Daniel's requests to come with her, but Madison is worried that they'll just end up dead like everyone else. Madison declares that she can help them by finishing what she had started at the dam and, watched by Strand, Daniel, Luciana, Frank, Ada, Della and Sara, Madison drives off alone in the SWAT van to confront Troy.

"Fighting Like You"

Daniel will appear in this episode.

"The Road Ahead"

In the forest, Tracy hides inside a log, trying to flee from PADRE's forces following the murder of her father at the hands of Madison. Dwight and Sherry, looking for her, kill some walkers nearby as Tracy becomes scared of being noticed. They find Russell, who was grievously wounded from his group's fight with the Gearheads. Daniel is suspicious of him and advises the others to stop looking for Tracy, branding them both enemies and commanding them to return to the island to protect it.

Tracy gives Madison the St. Christopher's medallion, attempting to use it as a distraction to steal her gun to threaten her to leave, though Madison shows it has no ammunition. The commotion helps the group locate Luciana and Madison, with Daniel threatening Madison to stop putting the life of his loved ones at risk. Victor begs Tracy to join them at the island, deeming it safer. Enraged, Madison shoots at the sky several times and yells at Victor to get away. The noise draws in the dead, forcing the group to take shelter in the auto-shop following a brief attempt to stop them by Ada and Della.

Concerned about his family, Victor wants to take on the walkers outside and go help but Daniel disagrees, wanting to wait them out to negate any risk for themselves. Victor contacts Frank again who says that Russell wants to talk to Madison, offering to not release the herd if she hands Tracy over. "She's all I have left, Russell," Madison somberly says.

With the auto-shop cleared, Daniel shouts at Victor and Madison for their egotistical behavior, putting his loved ones in danger over and over. He tells them that they are to blame for every person he cared for dying along the way. The three exchange bitter words, regretting helping each other back in Los Angeles.

Luciana presents Madison with a map and gas for her to retrieve Alicia. Daniel lashes out again, stating that they are better off without Madison, having lost her mind to rage. Victor begs Madison to help defend PADRE but she refuses to help. Before leaving, Victor asks Madison to tell Alicia he tried to be a better man if she finds her.

Daniel and Victor bid each other goodbye, realizing they are more alike than they would like to admit. Victor hugs Luciana and she heads off with Daniel. Before leaving, Daniel finds Skidmark crawling towards him and picks up his pet in tears.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Daniel has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Daniel's relationships, read here; Daniel Salazar (Fear)/Relationships




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  • The casting call for this character used the name Salvador Pena.
    • Daniel was described as "60s. From El Salvador. He escaped the 80's civil war and moved to Los Angeles with his wife. He owns and operates a barber shop. He has raised an American daughter. A humble man who keeps to himself and shelters his family."
  • His name may be a homage to Miguel Salazar, a soldier who suffered from an emotional and mental breakdown in George Romero's Day of the Dead (1985).
  • In "Ouroboros", he is shown to be a proficient shooter, probably due to his military experience back in El Salvador.
  • In "Captive", Daniel tells Reed that "in my time, I've known men who inspire fear. Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are." Along with an insult towards Reed's grandstanding about Connor's Pirates, this appears to be both a reference to himself and a threat.
  • Daniel's younger self in the flashbacks in "Sicut Cervus" and "Shiva" is credited as Brown Eyed Boy.
  • Daniel possesses the highest direct kill count on Fear The Walking Dead with a total of 121 living people killed directly. Theodore Maddox has the second highest number of victims with a total of 107, with 24 being directly killed, and Troy has the third highest kill count with a total of more than 40 victims.
    • Additionally, he possesses the highest pre-apocalypse kill count with a total of 96 victims in his service of the Sombra Negra death squads.
    • He posses the second highest direct kill count in the Television Universe, only beaten by Donald Okafor who has killed at least 4,000 people.
  • Daniel seems to be a fan of English-American superband Traveling Wilburys, as he has played their music several times.
  • As of Ofelia's death, Daniel is the last surviving member of his family.
  • Season 4 is the only season where Daniel has not made an appearance.
  • Daniel has the most disappearances and reappearances out of any main character in Fear the Walking Dead.
  • In "The Dog", Daniel claims to have a cousin that will be picking his family up to take them to safety. However, this may have been a lie, as the cousin is never mentioned again once Madison's group leaves for the desert. Indeed, Ofelia comments that Daniel had once told her that all of their relatives are dead in El Salvador when confronting him about the cousin supposedly coming for them, implying that if there was a cousin, he would've died long before the apocalypse started.
  • Albeit unknowingly, Daniel is one of eleven known characters to have seen Beta's face.
  • "TEOTWAWKI" is the only episode where Daniel is listed under "Also Starring" and as a supporting character.
  • Daniel was held captive six times.
  • Daniel has met all the other main characters, except Jeremiah Otto and Jake Otto.
  • Daniel, Madison Clark, Alicia Clark, and Victor Strand are the only confirmed survivors of the outbreak introduced in Season 1 to not die in Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Daniel is one of six characters in the entire franchise to be trilingual as he knows English, Spanish, and German.
    • The other five characters to be trilingual are Gabriel Stokes who speaks English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, Victor Strand who speaks English, Spanish, and German, Fanya who speaks English, German, and French, Eun-Chan who speaks Korean, French, and English, and Yumiko Okumura who speaks English, Japanese, and American Sign Language.

International Dubbers[]

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French Gilbert Lévy Brion
German Abelardo Decamilli N/A
Hungarian Törköly Levente N/A
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Japanese Takehiro Hasu N/A
Portuguese Alex Teixeira N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Óscar Gómez (1-5)
Alejandro Mayén (6-Present)
Spanish (Spain) Miguel Ángel Jenner
Domenech Farell ("Things Left to Do")
Domenech Farell:
Theodore Maddox