Danielle Burgio's diverse talents have led her down an exciting path from Broadway dancer to top Hollywood stunt woman, to up-and-coming actress of the moment, and as that path continues to wind and take its turns, the future can only be golden for this very talented young woman. At an early age, Danielle left the confines of Greensboro, North Carolina, where she grew up, and headed out to New York City to live with her grandmother. While in New York, Danielle found early success both on Broadway and touring nationally, playing Volta in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Starlight Express". 

After touring through Los Angeles, Danielle quickly realized where life's path was leading her. She quickly packed up her life and headed west finding herself performing alongside Cher at "The American Music Awards". Being the social butterfly that she is, Danielle quickly began to make friends all over town and it wasn't long before she encountered a couple of stuntman. A little interest led to a little help and before she knew it she was on the set of John Carpenter's Vampires (1998). This powerful experience quickly caused Danielle to switch gears. She hit the pavement running and enrolled in gymnastics and martial arts classes, letting the stunt coordinators around town know who she was. Her reputation led her to the producers of TBS Superstation's Worst Case Scenario (2000) (TV). They invited her to co-host as "Gear Girl", which enabled her to perform some of the most thrilling stunts of her career and put her face in the public eye. This exposure landed her one of the top spots on TV Guide's list of "Hot Picks" for the Boys and Girls of Summer.

Danielle has now stunt-doubled for such high profile talents including Jennifer Lopez (Monster-In-Law (2005)), Kelly Hu (Martial Law (1998)), Jennifer Gardner (Daredevil (2003)), Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor (2001)), Debra Messing (Will And Grace (1998)), and of course, her favorite project, "The Matrix" sequels where she landed the dream job of being the "Trinity" fight double. She has been profiled on CNN Headline News, Entertainment Tonight (1981) and Good Morning America (1975), and made numerous guest appearances on talk shows where she has been known to display her daredevil talents at a moment's notice. Chronicle/Quirk Books published Danielle's first book, The Stuntwoman's Workout, in May, 2005. In the video game world, she portrayed Trish in Capcom's Devil May Cry 4 as her voice actress and motion capture. She reprised her role again in Capcom's fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Utilmate Marvel vs Capcom 3 as her voice actress.

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