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"Ain't this the great granddaddy of all hangovers? The world's gone and fell apart. Lucky for me, I ran into my big brother, Merle."

Daryl Dixon is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game. He is also the brother of Merle.


Location Unknown

Hardly anything is known about Daryl's life before or as the outbreak began, except he has a brother.


"City Limits"

After you have finished a mission, Merle and Daryl will appear in your camp. Daryl will ask if this is the greatest hangover of all. He proceeds to talk about how his brother was in prison and how his brother thinks that the prisoners he's been with were much tougher than the undead. He also reveals how he thinks highly of his brother and that he has always been a tough guy best suited to push people around. Before leaving to hunt for fresh meat for the group, he reveals that he's always been looked out over by Merle and that he's beaten him a few times.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Daryl has killed:


Spencer Andrea

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Social Game


  • Chapter 2 Mission 20: Hunting Buddies.

As Playable Character

Blood Brothers

  • Low Vision
  • Moderate Stamina
  • Low Movement
  • Low Striking
  • Moderate Shooting

Hunting Buddies

  • High Vision
  • Low Stamina
  • Moderate Movement
  • Low Striking
  • Low Shooting


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