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David is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Red Machete.


David is a strong, courageous, and caring man. Having to take care of his daughters, David tries his best to teach them how to survive in the harsh apocalypse. He specifically helps train Mandy in learning how to wield a machete. However, he couldn't always protect them, such as her other daughter Alyssa who was devoured by walkers. David also proved to be quite careless, as he was bitten by a walker he was trying to tie up when he put his arm too close to its mouth. Despite his death, David's teachings helped Mandy become a strong survivor, and she manages to survive on her own long after he is gone.



Nothing is known about David's life prior or as the outbreak began, except that he had two daughters, Mandy and Alyssa.


Red Machete[]

"Behind Us"[]

David is with his family in a hardware store as they witness a walker attack a young man and devour him alive. David secures the machete and proceeds to return home with his daughters. Time passes by as Mandy continuously practices with the machete. After running out of food, the family goes on a scavenging mission when Alyssa is grabbed by the hair by a zombie and killed, much to the horror of Mandy. Afterwards, David cuts Mandy's hair off using the red machete.


David later carved Alyssa's name on a grave. He is seen crying for Alyssa. Mandy watches her father crying, and approaches to comfort him. Mandy and David hold the machete and are seen going fishing. David teaches Mandy how to catch a fish to eat. Later, David watched Mandy training complete and gave her a kiss on her forehead. David writes Mandy's name on the machete handle and donates it to her. Later, Mandy and David return home where David is seen holding a walker trapped in the barbed wire. David holds the walker's neck, but it ends biting him and that makes David scream. As Mandy returns home, she sees that David is bitten. He later dies from the infection, and is put down by Mandy to prevent reanimation. Later, he is buried with the word "Papa" carved on his grave and near Alyssa's grave.

"We Find Ourselves"[]

David is briefly seen in a flashback while Mandy is touching her name carved on the machete. Later, Mandy's seen leaving the machete stuck in David and Alyssa graves. 


Killed By
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused)
  • Zombies (Alive)
  • Mandy (Before Reanimation, Off-Screen)

David holds a walker but gets bitten in the process and screams from the pain. When Mandy returns home, David is holding his arm in pain. He later dies from the infection. Mandy stabs him in the head him with a machete off-screen to prevent reanimation. Later, he is buried with a words "Papa" carved on the grave and near Alyssa's grave.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims David has killed:

  • Himself (Indirectly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies





Red Machete[]