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"You know what Pa told me... the day Gabe was born? 'It takes everything... to raise a child, mijo. And I don't mean money or time or patience. I mean... everything.' When you give everything, it's hard to know what to do when you... lose everything. Gabe... Take care of him, Javi. You have to take care of each other, please. My little boy... Te quiero, Gabriel. Te quiero, Mariana. Te quiero, Javier."
—David's last words to Javier and Gabe before dying. (Determinant)[src]

David García is a main character and former antagonist who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. He is the elder brother of Javier García, and was one of four leaders of the group known as the New Frontier, alongside Clinton Barnes, Paul Lingard, and Joan, before being framed, betrayed, and ousted by his fellow leaders. Embittered by the betrayal, David becomes more hostile towards the people around him, leading to him serving as the primary antagonist in the episode "From The Gallows". The situation is further complicated due to him believing his brother has been having a affair with his wife while they were apart.


David is a hot-headed and reckless man whose rash actions can get the better of him. Before the outbreak, he was a soldier in the military. Though he cares for his family, his relationship with them, especially Kate, is rocky. At one point, he confides to his brother, Javi, saying that he felt like he had more of a purpose when he was in the army and wanted to leave his family.

After the outbreak, David got separated from his family and became part of the New Frontier. He is very excited when he reunites with them, and is saddened to hear about the death of Mariana. David is one of four leaders of the New Frontier, and he initially tries to help Javi's group as much as he can. He is shown to be unaware of Joan's ordered raids on innocent settlements and confronts her about it. However, the other leaders of the New Frontier turn on David and strip him of his power, enraging him immensely.

Overtime David, becomes increasingly more hostile and feared by the group. His reckless actions gain the ire of many such as killing Clint despite them being allowed to go and breaking Fern's arm. David is not oblivious to this and talks to Javi about how everyone looks at him differently.

David's relationship with Javi is mixed. Through flashbacks, it is shown they got into many fights and disagreements. When Javi arrives after their father's death, David is angered at him and gets into a physical fight with him. David tries to make it clear he still loves Javi. Unbeknownst to David, when he reunites with his family, Javi and Kate have become very close while he was gone, and can even enter a relationship (Determinant). Eventually when it is revealed that they are/were in a relationship, David completely loses it and attacks Javi. Javi has a choice whether to fight back or show love to David, keeping a promise he made to their father to look out for David.

David is shown to have a selfish side. After Richmond is overrun with walkers, the group goes on a mission to help save it. However, David makes the decision that they should leave and that the walker horde is not their problem. Eventually he leaves with Gabriel, which can either lead to his death or being saved by the group at the cost of Kate's life. If David survives and comes back to Richmond, it is revealed that he has been avoided Javi and Gabe because of Kate's death.


Baltimore, Maryland

Little is known about David's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He lived with his second wife and two children and had a brother named Javier, an uncle named Hector, as well as his parents. His father Salvador passed away at the start of the apocalypse of natural causes. According to Kate, David was somewhat abusive towards her during their marriage, always demanding her to do the cleaning among other things.

David was also a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, made evident by his wedding picture with Kate. When he came close to retiring, his commanding officer gifted him a special glass that he treasured before he passed away.

Sometime after Javier was banned from baseball, David let him stay at his house. One night, he found Javier together with Kate, and his army glass broken. Angered, he began arguing with Kate for what she'd done; Javier either being passive or intervening and taking the blame. If the latter, David discovers that Kate was supposedly planning to run away with Javier or that he broke the glass, (Determinant) causing him to declare Javier will have to find another place to live for what he had done.

As the outbreak began to occur, David's father died in his house surrounded by his entire family (excluding Javier), who were present to witness his passing. Javier only arrives as Hector and Gabriel were comforting Salvador's widow.


A New Frontier

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

David encountered Javier outside his house shortly after their father's death. Heavily angered, he beats him to the ground and berated him for not being there, recalling how their father asked for Javier specifically, despite David being at his side, holding his hand. As he goes to beat him further, they are interrupted by Gabe, David brushing off the incident as he returns to drinking his beer.

David is soon told that his father is awake. Confused, he follows everyone upstairs to discover Salvador standing in his bedroom. Hector approaches him after keeping Mariana away, only to be attacked by his reanimated father.

Javier and David try to restrain their father when Salvador's wife storms in and asks what was happening. David tells her that Salvador had just attacked without warning. Mrs. García tries to comfort her husband, but gets bitten in the process. Stunned, she backs away into the arms of Javier and Kate and watches in shock as Salvador attacks David. Javier breaks a part of Salvador's bed-frame and strikes Salvador with it as the children scream.

David soon takes Mrs. García to Salvador's car where he takes her to the hospital, where she presumably succumbs to the infection, leaving David by himself.

Off screen, David gets roaded on his way to the hospital and his mother turned quickly. At some point David met up with Ava and they joined a community in DC where he met Joan and Clint. Their community didn't last long and soon David along with Joan, Clint, and Paul Lingard founded the New Frontier.

"Ties That Bind - Part 2"

David first appears in a flashback of when Javier was staying at his house. Kate accidentally broke the glass his commanding officer gave him, starting an argument with Kate, and insulting Javier by complaining about how he is judging him. Javier can choose to let him go or confess that Kate is planning on leaving him, (Determinant) in which case he will get angry at Javier and tell him that he wants him out of the house in three days.

At the end of the episode, David is revealed to be a leader of the New Frontier, as he exits their compound, he exclaims "Oh, my God," as he comes face to face with his younger brother, son, and wounded wife.

"Above The Law"

David stares in shock and awe at his family whom he believed to be dead. He is happy to see Javier and frantically questions Javier on what happened to Kate. Javier will tell David his "buddy" Max told him and his group to surrender their weapons. Without hesitation, David takes Kate, along with Gabe, to Richmond's Clinic. Meanwhile Tripp, Javier, Jesus, Conrad (Determinant) and Clementine (Determinant) go with the New Frontier, who takes them to the quarantine zone.

David then takes Javier to explore their base and get to Kate while Javier describes what happened to Mariana and how she died by the hands of the New Frontier. He tells him to keep it to himself while he deals with the leader.

Max is brought into the church meeting by Clint's orders to bring up his experience with Javier with the leaders to inform them of what he has Seen Javier doing outside of Richmond. Max is hesitant with his words, knowing that David is Javier's brother and trying to show no disrespect to David. Max reveals that he caught Javier "stealing" gas from them, despite Javier's claims, Max stands his ground trying to sound justified. Max then reveals more information about Javier's situation with Rufus: either he killed him or he let him go.

After hearing Max's claim, Clint objects to the idea of letting Javier stay in Richmond, but Javier can respond with the following options:

I got nothing to say: Javier goes by David's wishes to keep what happened to Mariana a secret so no harm can come to his position and he can handle what happened himself, by telling Clint and Joan that he has nothing to defend himself with Max's claim.

Your people killed my niece: Javier defends himself demanding justice as to what Max unfairly didn't reveal, Javier revealed that Badger killed Mariana who is also David's daughter, Max is shocked to hear this. David is upset that Javier revealed something that he was going to handle himself, but Javier defends himself saying that Max is unfairly accusing him so he has a right to say his piece to make things justified. Javier then reveals that Badger and Max destroyed Prescott, and can reveal that they flooded with walkers and tear gas, he can also mention that before doing so they unnecessarily killed Francine. Max tries to defend himself by saying that he tried to solve the situation peacefully and the violence was all Badger's fault as he did not have any part in it and was even shocked when he found out that Badger was keeping a hostage.

Javier gets kicked out of Richmond, but David speaks with him and tells him he has a plan for him. He has Ava come out with a packed bag that he packed for them. Javier and his group follow the map to a warehouse. As they go there, they meet with Clementine. She tells Javier how she was part of the New Frontier with Alvin Jr.

In a flashback AJ was sick, so Clementine snuck into the New Frontier's camp and tried to steal meds for Alvin. She then has the choice of taking the meds or putting them back. Paul wakes up and tells Clementine to put the meds back before anyone sees her, but Ava comes in and catches Clementine stealing the medicine. David approaches and yells how Clem put herself before the group, resulting in the New Frontier keeping AJ and exiling Clementine.

After Javier finds an entrance inside, and everyone rushes inside. David bangs on the door for them to be let in As Javier is opening the door, Clem points a gun at Javier, warning him not to trust David. David explains what he is doing there, to help them get a start. But before David can help, Jesus asks Javier where he got the box from. Javier tells him where they are, but they notice that all the supplies from different towns, including Prescott have been stolen, and raided by Joan's orders.

The group sees Max, Badger and Lonnie putting more of stolen supplies from a town they just raided. They ambushed them and Javier chases Badger, David chases Max, and Lonnie escapes. After Javier finishes off Badger, guns go firing as they find David and Max fighting, David overpowers Max and forces the truth out of him. Max reveals that all of the mass raids and violence was ordered by Joan, he wanted to include David in it as he knew he would have a better way around it, but Joan wouldn't allow it. Max admits that he regrets what he did and tried to figure out a simpler way of fixing it and has come to the conclusion that he does not want a war to start and that he knows Joan is going too far. He pleads with David to spare his life, and that he will redeem himself by helping David expose Joan to the council. His fate is then left to decide by Javier or David:

Execute Him: After deciding he won't be useful for that, Javier coldly shoots Max dead, who spends his last moments literally begging for his life.

Spare Him: Max gratefully thanks Javier for sparing him, while David knocks him out. David in turn, thanks Javi for making the decision, telling him he "needed that."

Do Nothing: David shoots Max point blank in the head after the conclusion that Max does not deserve to live.

If Max is spared, he will go with the group into Richmond and stands with them as they discuss their plan. As the group splits apart Max goes with David. Max fulfils his promise and exposes Joan to the council that she was behind the raids, Lonnie is upset that Max revealed the scheme but Max admits that he is coming clean and no longer wants part of the raids. However, Joan manages to convince the council that her reason for ordering the raids is justified, because of this, the council decides to side with her and has Javier and David locked away.

If Max was killed, Lonnie will tell Joan and Clint that Javier and David murdered Max and Badger, Lonnie's defense begins to sound more credible after he blames David being the one who was ordering raids on communities, not Joan, and this results in David angrily punching Lonnie to the ground, and starts a shootout, killing Lonnie.

"Thicker Than Water"

In a flashback, Javier and David are at a park doing baseball practice. They are talking about Javier's recent ban and David's decision to leave the family. Suddenly, a kid comes and asks Javier if he can sign her baseball. Javier can choose to agree or disagree. The kid leaves and Javier and David finish their practice. David asks Javier if he can take care of his family, after he leaves to join the military.

If Javier agrees, David thanks him and he is glad that his brother is there for him. They decide to leave and David offers to buy Javier a beer. If Javier disagrees and tells David that it is his own responsibility, and should with that himself. David, angered by this calls him out saying he doesn't know a thing about family and he storms off and leaves the park without Javier.

Back in the present, David and Javier are trapped in the New Frontier's jail cell. If Rufus was spared in the first episode, he is seen putting Javier and David in the quarantine room. Javier pleads for his help but Rufus sarcastically says the only help he is getting is not being shot. David tries to convince them that Joan is making a mistake, but the Raider male tells David that it was his mistake for trying to attack her or killing Lonnie (Determinant).

Clint comes down and calm everyone down, he tells him Joan wants order and escorts the guards out of the room.

If Javier chose to attempt to leave with Kate, David will be furious and can briefly fight (Determinant) with Javier claiming he is just looking out for him and trying to leave with Kate, straining their relationship. If Javier stuck to David's plan he and Javier will reaffirm their close bond, with Javier telling him he is with David no matter what, Javier can also fist bump or hug David showing their bond. Joan comes in and demands to talk to David about some problems and issues, she takes David away. Javier tries to follow him but is locked out. He manages to escape the cells with Gabe/Kate's help.

David is bought to be executed in a public for his 'crimes' by Joan. The bodies Badger, Max (Determinant), Lonnie (Determinant) and Paul Lingard (Determinant) are shown to prove his crimes.

After being captured by the New Frontier, Joan forces Javier to choose between Ava and Tripp, allowing one of them to live while the other dies. After David witnesses Joan order the execution of either Ava or Tripp, Clint attempts to resolve the conflict between Javier's group and Joan in a non-violent manner. Angered by this, he shouts at Javier to kill Joan before he does. Javier then has to make a choice:

If Javier Shoots Joan: Javier will shoot Joan in the eye, killing her instantly and causing the crowd to panic and disperse. During the chaos, a New Frontier member kicks the chair out from under David, who begins to suffocate. Javier and Gabe quickly rush the stage in an attempt to save David. Reaching the stage, Gabe manages to hold David up by his legs as Javier cuts the rope, narrowly saving David's life. After being pulled behind cover, David spots Clint attempting to flee, prompting him to give chase, along with Ava (Determinant) and possibly Gabriel (Determinant).

If Javier Accepts The Deal: Javier accepts Clint's deal. Clint then unties David, who ends up going against the deal by disarming a New Frontier member and holding Clint hostage. Clint attempts to break free of David's grip, causing the gun to go off, which sparks panic within the square. As the two struggle over the gun, Gabe and Javier attempt to reach the stage in order to help David. Upon reaching the stage, Gabe attempts to pull Clint off of David, distracting him long enough for David to grab the gun, who proceeds to shoot Clint in the head, killing him instantly. After taking cover from incoming gunfire, David notices Joan attempting to flee amid the chaos and angrily gives chase, along with Ava (Determinant) and possibly Gabriel (Determinant).

"From The Gallows"

David first appears in this episode in a flashback with Javier and Salvador Garcia. In the present day, Javier finds David still fighting New Frontier in town square. After everyone else is found and has taken shelter in a nearby building, depending on Javier's choices last episode, David will be berated by Gabe for killing Clint or not showing remorse for his friend's death. Eventually David, Gabe, and Clem will go and check the exits. Later on, everyone will meet up in a room with Eleanor, Fern, and Rufus (Determinant).

David antagonizes Javier even if he has been on good terms with him at this point or not, and will fight Javier once he finally pieces together Kate's attraction, regardless if Javier returns it, admits to it in the past, or outright denies it, to which David suspects he's lying, even if Javier rejected Kate's advances throughout the whole season (Determinant). He proceeds to strike Javier, stating he's going to teach him the true meaning of "family blood". Javier either fights back, leading a brawl that ends with David tackling his brother to the ground and choking Javier to near death with a wrench or Javier refuses to fight back, repeatedly saying "I love you" as David continuously beats him to the ground and chokes him. (Determinant) Regardless of Javier's actions, Clementine intervenes, either by shooting David in the shoulder or bolstering her gun at his head to make him get off of Javier. (Determinant)

David's fate depends on which path Clementine and/or Javier take.

In-Game Decision

Clementine and Javier stay with Kate (Dead): Javier and Clementine head out to find David and Gabe after the ordeal at Richmond is over, but they find David's body, who had been already put down after reanimation by Gabe.

Clementine goes after David and Gabe whilst Javier stays with Kate (Dead): Clementine manages to bring back Gabe to Javier and Kate at Richmond, but tells them that Gabe was forced to put down David, who had turned. Javier and Kate later find David's body and mourn him. David's body will then be buried with his dog tags (since David wanted them buried when he died) and Kate will leave her wedding ring on the grave.

Clementine stays with Kate whilst Javier goes after David and Gabe (Dead): Javier saves Gabe, but David is bitten in the neck by a walker. After a tearful reminiscing of what his father told him and a final farewell, Gabe puts David down before reanimation, regardless of whether Javier offers to do it for him or not.

Clementine and Javier go after David and Gabe, don't ask him to come back (Unknown): David and Gabe are saved by Javier and Clementine. Depending on Javier's choice to ask David to come back or keep on walking, David's final fate will differ. If David is told to keep on walking, he takes one final look and guiltily leaves for whereabouts unknown and is never to be seen again.

Clementine and Javier go after David and Gabe, ask him to come back (Alive): David and Gabe are both successfully saved by Javier and Clementine. Depending on Javier's choice to ask David to come back or keep on walking, David's final fate will differ. If David is asked to come back, he does return to Richmond, but hasn't been able to talk with Javier or Gabe ever since Kate's death.

Death (Determinant)

Killed By
  • Gabriel García (Indirectly Caused), (Zombified, Off-Screen, Determinant) or (Before Reanimation, Determinant)
  • Zombies (Caused, Determinant) (Off-Screen, Determinant)

Gabe attempts to stop David but ends up crashing the car due to the amounts of walkers.

David can die in multiple ways:

If Javier and Clementine don't get Gabe and David, both of them will be surrounded by walkers with no help until they are eventually overpowered. One of the walkers will bite David in the process. After the walkers leave, David eventually turns before being smashed in the head. When Javier and Clementine come to get them after helping Kate, Javier will find a dead David in the car. This outcome will also result in Gabe's death from his bite.

If Clementine goes to get Gabe and David alone, she will save Gabe but will tell Javier and Kate that David died in the process. Javier and Kate will then go to the spot where David died. Kate then proceeds to bury his military dog tags since it was his last wish if he were to die. Javier shares some words and asks Kate if she wants to say anything to the fallen. She does not say anything but instead, she takes off her wedding ring.

If Javier goes alone, he will kill the walkers on Gabe's side first. Since Clementine isn't here to help Javier, he will have to kill David's side of the walkers too, but David gets bitten in the neck. Javier and David will share some few words before dying from his bite. David tells Javi in Spanish that he loves Gabe, Mariana, and Javier before dying. Gabriel tells Javier he will prevent him from turning. Gabriel then shoots David in the head to stop the reanimation.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims David has killed:

  • Max (Determinant)
  • Lonnie (Determinant, Off-Screen)
  • Clinton Barnes (Determinant)
  • Rufus (Out of Mercy or Zombified, Determinant)
  • Tripp (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Gabriel García (Indirectly Caused, Determinant) (Caused, Infected, Determinant)
  • 1 unnamed Richmond citizen (Caused, Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of enemy soldiers (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Javier García

"Legacy, David. It's all anyone leaves behind. Figure out the kind you want."
—Javier to David. (Determinant)[src]

The relationship between Javier and David was complicated before the outbreak. David was noticeably frustrated with Javier not showing up at their father's deathbed, punching Javier in the face and scolding him for his behavior and choices. But he offered his hand to Javier to pick him up from the ground and confessed his jealousy of his father's love for Javier, expressing he ultimately loves his "little brother". He does feels judged by Javier during an argument with Kate though.

When Javier and David reunite, David is shocked and happy to see his little brother and family. However, later in the episode, depending on if you told the New Frontier leaders about Mariana and if you left with Kate or took the family to a safe house, David will be happy with Javi or he will feel like his trust is lost (Determinant).

In 'From The Gallows', your relationship with David will be strained regardless of the players previous choices when David finds out about Javi and Kate's relationship, even if the player denies it. Eventually, the two will fight and, depending on the player's choices, you can resist or fight back. No matter what happens, David will take Gabe and attempt to leave Richmond. Later David will either die or be saved by Javi (who can either tell him to walk away or come to Richmond with them) leaving their relationship at a positive or neutral level.

Kate García

"I can't face Kate, Javi. I can't see that different look in her eyes. Or yours. I can't. It's too much."
—David to Javier about Kate. (Determinant)[src]

David and Kate have an unstable relationship as husband and wife. They seemed to argue often, as expressed by David when he says "Here we go again" when they begin an argument. David also seems to have meticulous expectations, which exasperates and bothers Kate. It is hinted that Kate dislikes her marriage to David, Javier making David heartbroken if he reveals this to him (Determinant). When Javier asks Kate if she misses David after the outbreak, she will say that even though she thought about it a lot, she doesn't know (Determinant).

Kate is deeply concerned when David returns, wanting nothing to do with him and wanting to get far away from him. Kate is angered by lots of David's choices throughout the series. However, Kate seems to care a little as she was worried when learning that Joan plan to kill him. If David died, while she blames him for everything she was upset over his death and wanted to bury him. If Kate died, David become closed off and doesn't talk to Javier and Gabe.

Gabriel García

"I'm just... I'm trying to protect you, Gabe. I lost you once. I won't let it happen again."
—David explaining his actions to Gabe.[src]

Gabriel holds respect and reverence for his father. He expresses a wish early on to become "a man like [him]", implying that he considers David a good role model. David, in turn, loves his son dearly and enjoys spending time with him, such as seen when he and Gabe are seen playfighting in the background in Episode 3 in Kate's medical room. Like Mariana, David is very protective of Gabe, as Clint found moments before his life was taken after knocking Gabe aside during a fight between himself and David. Gabe becomes scared of father but still wishes to save him. If David dies, he will tell Gabe he loves him and Gabe will put his father down.

Mariana García

While Mariana and David are not seen interacting directly much, it is implied David is a loving and protective father towards her, just as much as he is to Gabe. He tries to avoid the topic of his dead father when she mentions him, which makes her grandmother tell her that "grandpa is sleeping". He also showed concern for her after the fight with zombified Salvador. He is devastated upon hearing about her death, and defends Javier for his brutal killing of Badger (Determinant) due to the fact Badger had killed Mariana.

Salvador García

"You're a fucking coward! A selfish coward! "
—David outraged at his father.[src]

David is seen interacting with his father in a flashback. Upon discovering that his father has cancer, David is devastated. He pleads with his father to accept treatment, offering to pay for it, and is incensed when his father won't agree to chemo or radiation. After his father dies, David notes he was jealous of him loving Javier more than David, as he explains that Salvador didn't even notice his presence by his deathbed.

Mrs. García

They are not seen interacting much in the game, but David shows concern for her when she was bitten by a zombified Salvador, volunteering to take her to the hospital. In "Above The Law", David is shown to be visibly saddened when explaining to Javi that she didn't make it, showing that he is still affected by her death.


"I'll help you."
—Clementine to David after saving him from walkers. (Determinant)[src]

Clementine has a negative relationship with David, and deeply hated the man for taking AJ from her. Throughout the season, Clementine shows she doesn't trust David and tries to get Javier to not trust him as well. She will threaten and even try to kill him to get information about AJ. Later, David will reveal what happened to AJ and that he is still alive, at which Clementine will show a little more respect to him but is still hesitant to trust him. In "From The Gallows" she will start wondering how David could give up AJ that easily, when he loved him. David will than tell her that AJ was a brat and how he had to give him away due to a hard winter. Depending on Clementine's former decisions she will either understand and/or forgive David (Determinant) or angrily tell him that he made the wrong decision, on which he replies with "Yeah, maybe I did." When David wants to go back to their home with his family for a new beginning however, he offers Clementine to come with them, due to her helping to protect them. When David either attacks or fights with Javier she will beg him to stop but remains unsuccessful. When David chokes Javier with a wrench she will be remembered of Kenny's fight with Jane and put an end to the situation either by shooting David in the shoulder or by pointing a gun on his head. Nevertheless she will save him from a walker who tries to snuck up on him from behind. If Javier goes with Clementine to save Gabe and David, Clementine will kill the walkers on David's side of the truck while Javier kills the walkers on Gabe's side. (Determinant) If David dies however, she will be slightly sad about his demise, probably due to him having raised AJ during her absence. (Determinant)


"I would've died a long time ago, without her. Thank you, Ava. Goodbye, my friend."
—David after Ava is pushed off the bridge by a walker. (Determinant)[src]

David and Ava have a strong positive relationship. At some point after the outbreak occurred, they met up and joined a community located in DC along with Joan and Clint, although this didn't last very long. Later on David, Joan, Clint, and Dr. Lingard formed The New Frontier as the group began to grow in size and power. Due to her loyalty and trust, David self-appointed her as his right-hand woman.

After Joan's betrayal to David, Ava is shown to remain loyal to him and works alongside Javier and the rest to free him. After Eleanor decides to turn on the group and share information with Joan, Ava and Tripp are caught. Joan offers Javi a choice: save Ava or Tripp. However, the choice is a trick - Joan will kill who he decides to spare. If Javi decides to spare Ava (Determinant), she is then executed and shot in the head which enrages David, showing how close they were.


"You bitch! I fucking trusted you!"
—David to Joan. (Determinant)[src]

Initially, David and Joan were on good terms and shared a civil relationship as leaders of The New Frontier (Alongside Clinton Barnes and Paul Lingard). Unbeknownst to David and the rest, she is behind all the raids conducted on other settlements, namely The Kingdom as well as being responsible for the destruction of Prescott and the death of David's daughter, Mariana.

After the discovery of this, David shows disgust and loses any trust in Joan for her actions and demands justice, but is thrown in a jail cell alongside Javier. If Javi chooses to accept Clint's offer (Determinant), David will attempt to kill her by using Clint as an hostage, showing he passionately despises her.

Clinton Barnes

"One step closer and I kill him! I swear I will!"
—David threatening Clint. (Determinant)

Like Joan, David was on good terms with Clint as together they, Joan and Paul Lingard created The New Frontier in Richmond. After a while, Clint has a problem with his military leadership style and their good standing fully crumbles once Javi and his group enter Richmond and have a blowout with David's soldiers. Once David is kicked out of Richmond and learns of Joan's bloody raids, he holds contempt for Joan and seemingly Clint as well, not hesitating to kill him when he knocks Gabe aside during their fight (Determinant).

Paul Lingard

"Paul. You have to stop her. Or the blood from those raids, it's on your hands. Don't let Joan get away with this. Paul!"
—David desperately pleading Lingard to stop Joan. (Determinant)

Lingard and David have an amicable relationship that maintains even well after David and his brother are exiled from Richmond. Lingard respects David and thinks highly of him, noting the times David supported him and gave him hope in the darkest of times. However, when David needs his help during various meetings with Joan and Clint, the other Richmond leaders, Lingard backs down and is unable to do so, fearing for the worst. When Lingard hears of David's removal from Richmond, he is deeply saddened and sympathetic of his situation, even going so far as to ask Javi and Clem to kill him to spare him from living in a place without a source of optimism and order people like David used to bring to it.

If Javi refuses to kill Lingard in "Thicker Than Water", and if David was killed in "From The Gallows" it is not shown if he is aware of his death or if he is saddened by it. The same goes for if Lingard was killed in "Thicker Than Water" but David survives "From The Gallows": it is unknown if he hears of Lingard's death nor is it shown if it affects him. (Determinant)


"It is too late for sorry, you backstabbing shitbag."
—David to Max upon learning of his betrayal.

Max is David's subordinate who follows his orders. He went behind David's back alongside Lonnie and Badger and carried out Joan's orders of raiding other settlements, destroying them and murdering innocents without question, including Mariana, David's 10-year-old daughter. When David eventually found out Max's deception, this ruined any ounce of respect he had for Max. Though Max pleads and begs for his life, if Javi refuses/is unable to decide Max's fate, David will ultimately kill him, showing just how meaningless and worthless Max is to David.


"What? It's good riddance... that son of a bitch killed Mariana."
—David commenting on Badger's death and defending Javier about it. (Determinant)

On the surface David and Badger have a neutral relationship, but it is later revealed Badger hates David and loathes working under him. David sees Badger's reckless nature and knows how much of a burden he is on his team and leadership, but has tried to sort it out before the other Richmond leaders get unruly. When David eventually discovers Badger is the one who killed his daughter Mariana, David completely resents and detests him, wanting him dead and allowing Javier to chase after him while he fights with Max. David is quick to support Javi's actions if he bashed in Badger's skull, saying "that son-of-a-bitch killed Mariana," and (along with Clem) will defend his actions against Jesus, who expresses an opposed opinion on the matter.


"I thought Lonnie was a friend. He turned on me."
—David to Javi about Lonnie (Determinant)

Lonnie is one of David's men and David considered him a friend. David was angered by his betrayal and his raids on other communites. David felt no remorse for killing him (Determinant).


"He was her husband. Until you shot him in the back."
—David blaming Javier for Rufus' death. (Determinant)

Rufus is one of David's soldiers, and it appears they had a neutral relationship. However when Rufus got bitten, David didn't even hesitate to put him down either alive or as a walker (Determinant).


"Easy, Fern..."
—David trying to calm Fern down.

Fern is one of David's soldiers, and it appears they had a neutral relationship. David tries to calm her down first when she was threatening the group. But he will later violently break her arm, and will attempt to kill her due to a perceived threat that the others do not agree with.


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  • David is one of eight characters to appear in all five episodes of Season 3, the others being Javier, Clementine, Kate, Gabriel, Eleanor, Tripp (Determinant), and Conrad (Determinant).
    • In "Ties That Bind - Part 1", he appears only in a flashback.
  • David and Kate are the only two members of the García family who can obtain an "Unknown" status by the end of Season 3.
  • It is impossible to have both David and Kate survive the events of Season 3, as the only ending in which David can survive is if Javier and Clementine both go after him and Gabe, in which Kate will be dead.
  • In an earlier version of the story, David was forced to join the New Frontier group and branded (against his will) in order to prove his trustworthiness/earn his place along with Mariana, Gabe and Javier. Javier escaped but had to go back to rescue the family.
  • David's deaths all have one thing in common, he gets a head damage. Whether he died from getting shot in the head by Gabe, when Javier allows Gabe to shoot David in the head or if Javier and Clem arrive after saving Richmond, David will have a head injury which resulted in his death.
  • It is confirmed David is still alive if he is survived and returned to Richmond in "From The Gallows".[2]
  • David is the first main character who later becomes an antagonist, with the second being Marlon, the third being Lilly, and the fourth being Minerva.