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"I'll give ya fifty dollars' worth of rice and beans, slab of bacon, and them Egg Beaters."
—Davy to Josh saying what his watch can buy him.[src]

Davy is a paralyzed survivor appearing in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is a resident living at Woodbury. He's described as having a "long, straggly beard". "He wears faded army dungarees, and a headband cinches his greasy, iron-gray ponytail. His face is a map of degradation, from his rheumy red-rimmed eyes to his ulcerated beak of a nose."


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Davy's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is unknown whether he was paralyzed due to an accident, or born unable to walk.


Woodbury, Georgia

It's likely Davy was in Woodbury at the beginning of the outbreak as it's unlikely he would have survived and been able to make it to the town after it's construction began. At some point, Davy became the barter in Deforest's Feed and Seed store.

The Road to Woodbury

"This Is How The World Ends"

Davy is first encountered by Josh Hamilton and Lilly Caul on their second day in Woodbury when they enter Deforest's Feed and Seed store to trade. Inside, Davy is protected by two armed guards who flank him. He immediately comments on Josh's remarkable size. Josh offers his Movado watch, worth 500 dollars easy, up for trade. In return Davy offers them 50 dollars worth of rice and beans, slab bacon, and Egg beaters. When Josh complains about the watch being worth much more, he also throws in some fresh white peaches. Josh continues to argue, but another man, Sam the Butcher intervenes. Sam asks what the problem is, and Davy tells him that the newcomers were just leaving, without their rations. Josh starts to apologize but Sam says that all decisions are final. Unless, he can contribute around the town in exchange for food. He also insinuates that they could get more food if Lilly sells her body. Josh tells him that the remark was uncalled for, but Sam says they would be swimming in food if she did. Lilly urges Joshua to take his watch and leave, but Josh just laughs off Sam's remark. He takes up their original offer, and they leave with Davy, Sam and the two guards all staring at her behind as they walk out.


Killed By
  • Unknown

Davy isn't mentioned or described again after his first appearance, making it likely he died prior to The Fall of the Governor.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

This Is How The World Ends