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This daycare center is a minor location in Georgia where Maggie Greene and Daryl Dixon scavenge for bottles and formula for a newborn Judith Grimes in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Rural Georgia

Not a lot is known about the daycare center before the outbreak except that is had a playground and was designed specifically for small children and toddlers. The staff would look after and tend to children in the community while providing the children with nourishment and formula.


Once the outbreak started, the parents of the children got them from the daycare center and searched for aid at any evacuation center, most likely heading towards Atlanta.

Season 3

"Say the Word"

After the events of "Killer Within", Hershel Greene informs the group that the baby is healthy but requires formula in order to survive. Daryl and Maggie hop on the motorcycle to scavenge for supplies. They eventually found the abandoned Daycare Center and got the formula and some supplies for Judith then heads back to the prison.


  • 1 possum


TV Series

Season 3


  • While the daycare was found abandoned, the names of students and staff can be seen displayed on the walls including: Sofie, Bella, Veronica, George, Alyssa, Dima, Chester, Crystal, Wez, Ty, D.J., Webber, Jacob, Lloyd, Tony, and Miss Sue.