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The Dead Sector is a location that appears in Season 1 of AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead.


Wiregrass Region, United States[]

Nothing is known about this location prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 1[]

The "Dead Sector" is a territory, demarcated by a 40-foot deep, 200-meter wide man-made trench spanning hundreds of miles in the Wiregrass region of the United States, specifically near the tri-point of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. It contains thriving, revitalized biodiversity consisting of escaped zoo animals that have managed to survive the last decade due to lack of human intervention.

Sometime after the initial outbreak, a research team of scientists devoted to studying the post-apocalyptic environment "fell out" due to disagreements, with Dr. Moseley being the first of the group to part ways and leave elsewhere. He eventually ended up in what would later be known as the "Dead Sector", establishing refuge in a ranger's station where he conducted isolated research on the Homo Mortis specimen for the next two years. Eventually, former colleague Dr. Chauncey Everett reunited with Moseley at the ranger's station and the two worked alongside one another for several months, until Moseley passed away from cancer. Honoring his colleague's wishes, Dr. Everett allowed Moseley to reanimate and serve as a subject in the study.

Over the next seven years, Dr. Everett lived in isolation and continued his research, growing increasingly unsympathetic of the human race while witnessing how the environment thrived without them. Despite the lack of humans in the area, occasionally a group of "skull hunters" were known to breach the sector and poach walker heads to be used as "trophies" and "scare propaganda", which Dr. Everett found to be vile and barbaric. At one point, Dr. Everett began filming and producing his own documentary intended to showcase the unique ecosystem of the Dead Sector, attaching cameras to his undead specimens and utilizing a drone for footage.

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