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"Deadeye" Driscoll (first name unknown) is a character mentioned in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.



At some point, John Dorie II killed him after a stand-off and got his picture in the paper for it.


Season 6


While telling June about the history of her husband's guns, John Dorie Sr. proudly tells her how John II used them to kill "Deadeye" Driscoll.

Season 7

"Sonny Boy"

John spots the boots that Deadeye Driscoll had died in amongst Howard's collection in the Tower.

John later wears Deadeye Driscoll's boots as part of his makeshift suit of armor.


Killed By

At some point, John Dorie II killed him after a stand-off.


  • The way he died is very similar to the incident that John Dorie had with the unnamed criminal at a gas station.