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"He'll live."
—Martinez to the Governor about Gorman.[src]

Dean Gorman is a character that appears in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is described as "a redneck farm kid from Augusta dressed in torn denim and heavy-metal tattoos".


Augusta, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Dean's life before or as the outbreak began, except that he was from Augusta, Georgia and a fan of the Augusta State Jaguars football team


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Dean started living in Woodbury.

The Road to Woodbury

"This Is How The World Ends"

One day in Woodbury, Johnny Pruitt criticizes the Augusta State Jaguar's football team. This angers Dean and a fight ensues. Martínez arrives and tries to stop it, but the men won't listen. Dean gains the advantage in the beginning of the fight, jamming his steel-toed boots into Johnny's sides. Pruitt then gets the upper hand and knees Dean in the groin. He gets ontop of Gorman and repeatedly punches him in the face. Martínez once again attempts to break it up, but Philip, seeing how the large crowd is greatly entertained by the violence, told him to wait. By this time, Johnny has started to strangle Dean and won't let go causing the crowd of bystanders to become increasingly excited. Dean's eyes soon begin to roll back in his head and he collapses. By this point the Governor tells Martínez to end it and he hastily does, disappointing the surrounding townsfolk. Martínez informs Philip that Dean will live. Their fight inspires the Governor to transform their useless racetrack into a brutal Roman gladiator arena, using the remaining National Guardsman as the fighters.


Killed By
  • Unknown

Dean isn't mentioned or described again after his first appearance, making it likely he died prior to The Fall of the Governor.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

This Is How The World Ends