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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for her Tales Series, No Man's Land, Our World, Comic Series, Rick Grimes 2000, Road to Survival, or Survivors counterparts.

"Lydia was made for this. To be free. With me. (...) I have to do it because I love her. She will always be my baby. (...) Thank you."
—Alpha telling Negan why she believes she must kill Lydia, also her last words.[src]

Dee, better known as "Alpha", is a main character and an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She was the leader of the Whisperers and the mother of Lydia. She served as the primary antagonist for the second half of Season 9 and the majority of Season 10.


Alpha is shown to be a highly intelligent, cold, psychopathic, sadistic, cunning, and egocentric woman who is a hardened, determined survivor and a strong leader to those in her group.

She appears to enjoy being in a position of authority and does not take kindly to anyone who opposes her, as she brutally murdered her own husband in front of her young daughter after he refused to abandon their fellow survivors during a walker attack, Matias after he refused to listen to her by attracting unwanted attention, and Helen after she voiced disdain for her decisions as leader. Alpha appears to despise anyone she views as being weak and justifies cold-blooded murder as a way to eliminate weakness from her group. This was displayed when she slaughtered Sean due to him crying after Helen's decapitation at her hands shortly before. She is shown to have no qualms about killing anyone, whether they be adolescents or the elderly as shown by her brutal slaughter of members of the Coalition in order to send a message to her enemies. She is also a skilled knife wielder, being able to hold her own against Daryl and severely wound him despite suffering severe injuries herself.

Alpha is shown to have completely devolved into nothing but a hardened and primitive survivor. She doesn't even use her real name anymore and rarely reminisces about her past, showing that she has completely shed the identity and life she once had and has adapted fully to the post-apocalyptic hell. She sees no hope for mankind returning to its original state and views survivor communities as destined to fail, believing that devolving into wild animals is the only true way to survive. Alpha is also a great manipulator and psychological torturer who has successfully been able to manipulate and brainwash nearly a hundred survivors into becoming savage, psychopathic murderers almost completely loyal to her and the primitive lifestyle of the group while completely abandoning their previous lives and identities much like her.

Despite her extreme methods of survival, Alpha is a strong survivor and her effective leadership has kept many people alive, affirming the belief that her savage ways make people stronger. However, she does not appear to care for her fellow Whisperers on a personal level and Lydia herself reveals that those who are lost, taken captive, or killed are left behind and no attempts are made to rescue or avenge them. She will quickly murder any members who question her decisions or displease her. Her lack of personal care for her group was exemplified when she nearly allowed a helpless infant from her group to get eaten alive by approaching walkers simply due to it crying, viewing the act as a part of "natural selection".

Alpha is a terrible mother and is nothing but cruel to her young daughter and only remaining family, having psychologically abused her into thinking her father was the abusive parent and that she was kind and protective towards her, even allowing Lydia to be physically abused by their fellow group members as well as herself. Despite this, Alpha may not be completely heartless and may only want her child to survive, subjecting her to cruel treatments in order to make her strong and ensure her survival, regardless of the psychological torment Lydia has endured. She even actively kidnaps Alden and Luke and goes to the Hilltop in order for Lydia to be freed and returned to her, something she apparently has never done for any other Whisperer. Despite her cruelty towards Lydia, it is evident that Alpha sincerely loves her child as shown by her shedding tears in "The Calm Before" after Lydia refuses to leave the Kingdom with her and she murders a fellow Whisperer in order to prevent the group from learning her one true weakness: her love for her daughter. Despite this, her desire to maintain her power over her group is likely stronger than her love for Lydia, which is likely the primary reason why she murdered the Whisperer who witnessed her crying.

After disowning her daughter, Alpha begins to second guess her choice and it becomes apparent that she sincerely misses Lydia, even building a secret shrine to her at their former camp. She begins to show mercy towards others who are in a similar situation as her such as when Frances almost risked the Whisperers' lives by crying over having had to abandon her son thus leading her to comfort her in private. Another instance is when Carol attempts to shoot her to which she forgives, sharing the experience of a mother knowing what it's like to lose a child (though despite this she still sent a Whisperer to trap and kill Carol as revenge for this). Regardless however Alpha appears to have gotten over her feelings for Lydia as time went on and remains dedicated to keeping her dominance over her group and tormenting her enemies into respecting her territorial boundaries, though she is not completely without reason as she chose not to punish the Coalition for trespassing into her territory 3 times previously and instead chose to extend her boundaries as punishment.

However it is gradually revealed that it has been Alpha's intention all along to destroy the Coalition rather than simply keeping them from entering her lands as she personally entrusted Dante, a newcomer to her group, to infiltrate Alexandria and sabotage the community from within, tearing them apart through fear. She also has secretly been sicking herds on Alexandria and Hilltop to slowly wear them out, showing her strong desire to destroy her enemies. It is shown that Alpha holds personal vendettas strongly as shown when she personally lured Carol, Daryl, and their group into a cave containing her horde to kill them all.

Upon encountering her daughter again in "Stalker", Alpha again demonstrates her love for her child and expresses her desire for Lydia to succeed her as the leader of the Whisperers after her death, showing that her cruel treatment of Lydia has been leading to this and that Alpha truly respects her daughter's abilities. However after Lydia rejects her again and insults her by claiming her way of survival is not the only way, she appears more angered and bloodthirsty than ever and openly declares she will exterminate the communities and take utter pleasure in it.

Despite this, Alpha's love for her child remains intact in spite of her final betrayal even though she vows that she will kill Lydia herself in order for her to be truly free. She even develops a genuine fondness and attraction to Negan and claims she wants to abandon the Whisperers and start a new group with him, showing that she is still capable of loving others in spite of her decent into a savage, primitive survivor. Ultimately however, Alpha's cruelty towards her daughter and desire to end her would ultimately be her undoing as she is lured into a trap by Negan through circumstances orchestrated by Carol and brutally murdered. She dies a psychopathic, cruel and savage mass murderer and a hated, despicable mother willing to kill her own child for refusing to conform to her barbaric ways of survival.


Mid-Atlantic, United States

Not much is known about Dee's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a husband named Frank and a daughter named Lydia and that, based on her accent, she grew up or lived somewhere in the Appalachia region of the United States, possibly somewhere in western part Maryland. She appeared to be an abusive but protective mother to her daughter, once slapping her after she nearly suffocated herself to death after being tangled in a plastic tarp to ensure she would never do it again.


Baltimore, Maryland

Dee, along with Frank and Lydia, survived the initial stages of the outbreak. After 23 days, she and her family remained in a moldy basement with a group of survivors. Dee was eager to leave, but her husband insisted that they stay. Dee eventually cut her hair off to spite Frank, who liked her hair long, explaining that she could do whatever she wanted since it was the end of the world.

After 43 days, the undead began to overrun the outside of the building. A fellow survivor, Matias, started to have a panic attack and wanted to leave the basement. Dee, knowing noise could draw them in, smothered Matias to death by crushing his windpipe, believing that he was too weak to survive this world. Later that night, unknown to the group about the virus infecting the living, a reanimated Matias began to attack the group. Dee then attempted to lead her family to safety by escaping, but Frank tried to save their friends, which resulted in Dee murdering him.

Season 1: Tales of The Walking Dead


Main article: Dee (Tales)

Eastern United States

According to Lydia, her mother watched many survivor communities thrive and then eventually fall and she thus evolved into a more hardened survivor willing to resort to whatever measures necessary to survive. In the years that followed, Dee would tell Lydia the reverse of events in the beginning, that Frank was the abusive one and she was the one trying to protect Lydia, that Matias killed her father and not Dee herself.

For the next couple of years, Dee and Lydia survived on their own by walking among the walkers using their blood to blend in. At some point, they were forced to seek shelter in an abandoned hospital and encountered a lone man wearing a mask. He reluctantly allowed them to stay one night but forbade them from entering his private quarters. Dee and the man eventually formed a bond due to them sharing similar views about the new world though after she tried to see his face, he demanded her and her daughter to leave. Lydia however eventually trespassed on his side of the hospital forcing Dee to follow her and ended up killing the man's zombified best friend to his fury. Dee calmed him down and welcomed him to join them, also convincing him to skin his friend's face off, and wear it to continue hiding his identity (to which she and Lydia learned). The man accepted and also took his friend's shirt.

Rural Virginia

At some point following this, the three eventually formed a large group of survivors that would eventually become known as the "Whisperers", with Dee being the group's leader and taking the name "Alpha", while the man took the name of "Beta" and became her second-in-command. Under their direction, they instructed their people to skin the walkers and wear their skin in order to mask their scents and move freely among herds in order to attack other survivor camps and settlements. The group members were also demanded to abandon their previous lives and beliefs and become nothing but hardened, primitive survivors. Despite her extreme methods of survival, Alpha was successful at keeping her people safe for years.

Season 9


In the woods, Alpha pretends to be a walker before staring motionless at Alden and Luke. Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by several Whisperers. Alpha approaches the two and throws them one of the arrows belonging to Yumiko that they have been following, having successfully led the two into a trap. She draws a shotgun and points it at them, saying, "Trail ends here."


Alpha leads a small group of Whisperers to Hilltop and makes her group stop at the gates. She introduces herself and claims that she only wants her daughter, Lydia, back.


Outside Hilltop, Alpha and the Whisperers wait for them to bring Lydia to her. Daryl asks them to leave and Alpha signals for more Whisperers to show up. Magna asks Alpha if they killed their people. Alpha says no and promises if they don't bring her Lydia there will be conflict. Daryl then decides to walk outside to talk to Alpha face to face.

Alpha instructs one of her people to bring someone as Daryl walks outside. He then informs Alpha he's ready to fight her people to ensure she doesn't get Lydia back, when he then spots one of the Whisperers with a baby. Alpha explains they're animals and "animals have babies." Suddenly, a couple of whisperers bring up a tied up Alden and Luke. Alpha offers to trade both of them for her daughter.

Meanwhile, a herd arrives and Alpha instructs her people to draw them away. Suddenly, a Whisperer's baby starts crying, which attracts the walkers over. Alpha shrugs at the mother, indicating she should leave the baby to die. Alden and Luke scream for them not to but Alpha explains it's natural selection. She then watches as Connie runs out of the cornfield, sling-shots a walker, and grabs it.

Later, Daryl goes outside and hands Lydia over to Alpha in exchange for Alden and Luke, who are embraced by Enid and Magna's group. Lydia apologizes to her mother and Alpha smacks her across the face, ordering her to address her as Alpha like everyone else. She then smiles at Daryl as they leave.


In the woods, Alpha questions Lydia about her time at Hilltop. She talks about their farmland, supplies, and weapons, but leaves out their dealings with other communities like The Kingdom. Alpha's disappointed over her lack of intel so Lydia asks if that's the only reason she came for her. "What a stupid question", Alpha says.

A while later, Alpha and the Whisperers stop in the woods to rest. unknown to her, Henry watches them from a close distance. Suddenly, Beta grabs Henry from behind and tosses him in front of Alpha. He says he's been tracking Henry for a while, but Henry's been tracking them for longer. Alpha questions him as Beta threatens to break his arm. Henry relents and reveals he came alone to get Lydia. She calls him stupid and punches him in the face. Alpha decides Henry's coming with them.

In the woods, Alpha asks Lydia why she didn't mention Henry, but she says he wasn't worth mentioning. Alpha reminds her that he just risked his life to save her, so she must be lying. They arrive at the camp, which is full of people without their walker masks. Alpha instructs Beta to tie Henry to a tree and to get Lydia a new mask.

Later, Alpha taunts Henry when two of her own approach her and question why they gave up two people for her daughter. "I don't like that math", Sean whispers. Alpha reminds them she did it to get information. Sean issues a challenge for her leadership role. Alpha laughs in his face and Beta grabs the man from behind and holds a long knife to his throat. "You're changing the rules again", he says calmly.

Alpha confirms he has the right to challenge her position, but she has the right to defend it. She then turns her attention to Helen and suggests it's actually her who wants to be the new leader. Helen tells Alpha she failed everyone by putting them in danger. Alpha tells her that her people voluntarily follow her because she keeps them safe. Alpha then wraps a wire around Helen's neck and decapitates her as Henry looks on in horror. Alpha then hands the head over to Sean, tells him crying is for the weak and stabs him in the stomach.

In her tent, Alpha tells Beta about the time before the apocalypse when she hit Lydia hard for almost suffocating in a dry-cleaning bag. She tells him that people do whatever it takes to protect those they love. "We need to be ready when they come for the boy", Beta says. They both agree Henry can be useful and they need to find out if Lydia truly has feelings for him.

At night, Beta takes Henry to Alpha. She makes Lydia pick up a knife and tells her to kill Henry with it to prove what side she's on. Lydia begins to cry as she approaches Henry. Alpha warns her not to be weak like her father and that if she doesn't kill him, Beta will kill them both. Suddenly, a small herd of walkers show up and begin eating the unmasked Whisperers. Alpha and the others quickly put on their masks to try to lure the herd away as chaos unfolds in the camp.

"The Calm Before"

In the woods, Alpha ambushes a couple from Hilltop and kills them. She then proceeds to scalp Hilde to use her hair as a wig and her dress as a disguise to infiltrate the Kingdom's fair.

Later that day, Alpha walks around the fair in her disguise. She observes the trading booths, paints and people celebrating. Ezekiel notices her and introduces himself. She presents herself as Deborah from Alexandria and asks him to show her around. Alpha is then somehow able to kidnap several residents and has them be taken away to a barn in the woods. That night, Alpha sits down next to Lydia in the movie theater and quietly tells her not to say anything. Outside, she confronts Lydia about being a traitor but she tells her this is a better way of life. She then threatens to scream if she doesn't leave and Alpha tells her she was never one of them. Lydia breaks down in tears as Alpha leaves.

Alpha then arrives at the barn as the kidnapped residents try to fight back and proceeds to kill them all. However, she lets Siddiq live to warn the others and to try to divide the communities by scaring them. She then decapitates her victims and places their heads on pikes in the middle of a border, separating the Whisperer's land and the communities.

Later that night, Alpha approaches Daryl and the group tied to a tree in the woods. Assuming the ambush is because of Lydia, Daryl tells her that she will not be getting Lydia back to which Alpha questions him if he thinks this is truly about Lydia. She tells them she ran into trouble on the road as she wipes her bloody knife on her pants. Michonne warns her if she tries to get Lydia back they'll respond in force, but Alpha assures her Lydia isn't her concern anymore, worrying Daryl who questions what she means. She takes out a shotgun and declares that Michonne's group is in no position whatsoever to threaten her and that this habit needs to be broken. She orders Daryl to follow her.

At dawn, Alpha forces Daryl to the top of a cliff where a massive horde of walkers and Whisperers walk beneath them. Alpha says Daryl's communities are a joke and that her way of life is best for her people. She then tells him his friends at the camp are fine, but the next time his people cross into her land she'll release the horde into theirs. She clarifies she marked the border and Daryl asks if she killed Lydia. Alpha tells Daryl she didn't and doubts he can protect her. He tells her she's wrong and leaves.

In the camp, Beta asks Alpha about Lydia. "I want to be alone", Alpha orders him, but a Whisperer accidentally witnesses her crying. She stabs him in the neck, making sure no one sees her being weak.

"The Storm"

Sometime following her attack on the communities, Alpha and the rest of the Whisperers move to a warmer state to avoid the harsh winter during the next months. In their camp, Beta tells Alpha "the time away has been good for the pack." Alpha reminds him she'll need to be strong for what comes next and Beta assures her she will be. He then whips her arm with a branch to make her strong, giving her very similar marks as what she did to Lydia.

Season 10

Several months after the blizzard, Alpha orders Dante, due to his loyalty and because Lydia doesn't know him, to join Alexandria as her spy and sabotage the community from the inside.

"Lines We Cross"

Alpha is remembered in a post-traumatic flashback Siddiq has to the prisoners' last stand. She looks at Henry with an evil smile and then holds her bloody machete following the decapitations.

In the present, Daryl and Carol visit the spot where Alpha showed Daryl her massive herd, now gone. As the two begin to leave, Carol notices something in the trees below. Alpha emerges and wordlessly glares up at Carol.

"We Are the End of the World"

In the past, Alpha and Lydia walk among walkers covered in blood when they come upon an injured woman being devoured. Alpha tries to mimic the walkers' behavior when Lydia drops her earmuffs and screams. They are forced to run and seek shelter inside an abandoned hospital, where they find a man wearing a ski mask.

In the present, Alpha and Beta talk about their enemies and the fear they possess on them. He says they should return so they won't forget about them, but Alpha questions his loyalty towards her decisions. Beta says he would never question her and is sent to collect walkers for their herd with the help of two sisters.

Back in the past, Alpha explains to the masked man that she and her daughter don't mean harm. He allows them to stay for the night. Later, Alpha cleans Lydia in a bathtub. Lydia is scared by the sound of walkers but Alpha insists she just listens to it. They look through supplies and eat. The masked man explains to Alpha that he doesn't want to hear her singing and that the sound of the dead is the only sound he never wants to end.

In the present, Alpha witnesses as Beta orders Frances to be killed and demands they leave her alone. Beta follows her and says she needs to punish Frances. Alpha angrily tells him to not question her and claims he would never understand what it feels to lose a child. She then orders him to send Frances to a tent where she will be waiting. In the past, Lydia tells Alpha that she wants to be like her. Alpha is thrilled by this but tells her to stop calling her mama. Back in the present, Alpha meets with Frances in a tent. She orders her to remove her mask and kneel. Alpha grabs Frances' head and prompts a scream heard throughout the camp, but ultimately pardons her.

In the past, Alpha walks around the hallways of the hospital and encounters some walkers. She starts killing them and is joined by the masked man. Afterward, he helps Alpha open the walkers' carcasses so she can use the blood later on. She jokingly decides to call him "B" and claims that makes her the "A". When she tries to see his face under the mask, he demands she leave at sunrise and not come back.

Back in the present the next day, Alpha leads a group of Whisperers to a field to gather more walkers. Suddenly, a satellite crashes through the sky and the herd starts to scatter. Frances witnesses a walker with a strapped baby carrier and starts having flashbacks to when she abandoned her son. She runs towards Alpha and jumps on her causing the herd to get riled up. The herd closes in and Frances is pulled off Alpha by her sister and thrown to the middle of the herd to be devoured.

At their camp, Alpha questions Frances' sister on whether or not she regrets letting her sister die. She confesses she will always be loyal to Alpha. Beta approaches and questions Alpha about why she is calm after losing three of their people and their herd. Alpha, however, claims she is proud of the woman. That night, Alpha anoints the woman a "Gamma" and the group praises her as Beta watches with jealousy from behind.

In the past, Alpha wakes up and looks for a missing Lydia around the hospital. She enters a room and finds photos of Beta with his face scratched out of all of them. Beta finds her and is mad that she wandered there. She then kills a walker wearing a smiley face t-shirt after it comes out another room. Beta loses it and starts wrecking the place. Lydia arrives and ultimately stops him from killing Alpha. He kneels by his friend's side as Alpha approaches him and declares "We are the end of the world." She lifts his mask to look at his face and chuckles, seemingly recognizing him. Beta doesn't want to leave his friend behind and she declares he won't have to, giving him a knife so he can peel his friend's face off.

In the present, Alpha is at a shrine she has made to Lydia and is followed by Beta. She breaks down and says she couldn't kill her daughter, before destroying the shrine. Alpha then pleads with him to keep Lydia's life a secret. He promises he will and informs her that the enemy has crossed the border. Alpha smiles and says they will return to teach them a lesson. Later, the Whisperers move around the woods with their herd as Alpha notices something in the distance. She wanders off and looks at Carol watching her from a distant cliff.


Alpha sends Gamma to inform Daryl and Michonne to meet her at the northern border to talk. That night, Alpha arrives with some Whisperers and reminds the group to stay off her land. Michonne explains the fire would have wiped out Oceanside and they only crossed one time, but Alpha reminds her of two other times they trespassed. Alpha declares that there will be no bloodshed, and instead announces she's moving the border up as punishment. Carol says they don't have to listen to her bullshit.

Daryl tries to get her to leave but Alpha says not until Carol lowers her eyes to her feet. Alpha tells Carol she should fear her but Carol says she feels nothing at all. Alpha reminds her how Henry feared her before she beheaded him, causing Carol to pull out her gun and shoot. Daryl manages to hit her arm so she misses as the Whisperers draw their weapons. Michonne apologizes to Alpha for Carol's behavior and Alpha says she forgives her "mother to mother." She then smiles evilly and orders the group to leave since they are in her land.

"What It Always Is"

Alpha instructs Gamma to take a walker and use its guts to contaminate the river where the communities take their water from. At the camp, she teaches a Whisperer how to skin a walker when Gamma arrives from her mission to ask for another guardian. The Whisperer then demands that instead of using more walkers for slower strategies, they should release their herd on the communities. Alpha allows the group to vote but nobody agrees with him. She then cuts the Whisperer on his arm and leg and hands the knife to Beta to kill him and be used as a new guardian.

Later that day, Gamma confesses to Alpha that Aaron gave her gauze for her wound. Alpha shushes her and instructs her to sit, before removing Gamma's mask. They discuss sacrifices and Gamma tells her that her sacrifice was much greater, in reference to Lydia. Alpha says Aaron might be useful for her plans and they might have to wear a new mask.


Alpha is informed by Beta about a captured Negan Smith who was found trespassing in her border. She argues with Beta that Negan should be tested to see if he is worthy to talk with her. When he objects, Alpha notes that Beta has been questioning her rather often lately and asks if he is finally challenging her. Beta kneels in submission and vows that he will never challenge her. Alpha forgives him and then orders him to test Negan for the rest of the day.

Later that night, Alpha watches as Negan is thrown to the ground after asking for food. She notices as he obeys and sits somewhere else. After a while, Alpha has Beta take Negan to walk among one of their herds in the woods as part of his final task. The next morning, Alpha is informed by Beta that Negan died because he was weak but is suddenly left in shock when a blood-covered Negan arrives back and kneels to introduce himself to Alpha. "I'm all in, whatever you want, whatever I got, it's yours," Negan tells her. Alpha leans down to sniff him and shushes him to signal she accepts him.

"Open Your Eyes"

Alpha is remembered in another post-traumatic flashback Siddiq has to when he was forced to watch by Dante as his friends were beheaded. She tells him to watch as she brutally decapitates D.J. and Enid.

In the present, Alpha finds Gamma in the woods and watches as she kills a walker. She questions her about Aaron and Gamma says she learned his name and that he has a daughter. Alpha wonders if she asked about her sister's child but Gamma swears she didn't. Alpha then tells her to remove her mask and proceeds to whip her arm so she can remain strong. She goes on to tell Gamma that Aaron is tempting her with lies and she shouldn't be seduced.

"The World Before"

Alpha somehow changes her horde's hiding location to a cave after being uncertain of Gamma's loyalty. Later that day, she purposely attracts Carol's attention from across a clearing and runs into the woods to lure the Coalition group inside the building where they fall into the cave below and become trapped with the horde.


Having trapped members of the Coalition with her horde, Alpha looks at them from the top of the cave and smiles in pleasure as Carol shouts at her in anger. She leaves and orders some Whisperers to not let them escape. That night, Alpha arrives at her camp and informs Beta and Gamma that their enemy has crossed the border and they were heading to the National Park where the horde was located. She assumes that they've sent spies beyond the border and assigns more guards, before sending Gamma to carry a message to their spy in Alexandria.

The next day, Alpha is in the camp's bathroom when Negan arrives. He tells her about a possible traitor among them, and suggests that it may be Gamma because she is close to her. Alpha holds a knife to his crotch and tells him not to sow paranoia in the camp, warning if he's wrong she'll cut his balls off. She then tosses him into her bathroom ditch and leaves. However, she thinks about his words and realizes he could be right. Sometime later that day, Alpha asks Beta about Gamma's whereabouts and is informed she didn't make it to the border. She implies that Gamma is the traitor and wants Beta to track her down and bring her to the camp alive so she can kill her in front of the whole pack

Following this discovery thanks to Negan, Alpha takes him deep in the forest. When they stop, she orders him to undress. Negan, thinking Alpha's about to kill him, admits the power he had over the Saviors turned him into a monster. Surprisingly, he turns around to find Alpha fully naked. She says he deserves a crass reward for detecting the spy. Negan's amused because she will keep her mask on and wonders if she'll decapitate him like a female praying mantis afterwards, but she doesn't answer him and smirks. He says he'll take his chances and the two kiss.


Alpha and some of her Whisperers escort lead part of their herd of walkers from the cave towards an unknown point. While they are passing through a river, Daryl ambushes the group and manages to kill the escorts. The duo then engages in a fight where Alpha slices his face under the eyes, worsening his vision with blood. She is then thrown into the ground and impaled in the shoulder with a tree branch as Daryl yells for Magna and Connie's whereabouts. The fight draws nearby walkers' attention and Alpha stabs him in the leg as they flee the scene separately.

Weakened and losing blood, Alpha follows Daryl into an abandoned gas station where she looks takes a seat and bangs her shotgun on the wall to attract walkers in the vicinity which will protect her and attack Daryl. When three walkers are lured inside, she growls at one for them to hide her identity and watches as Daryl kills them before they both pass out. That night, Alpha remains bleeding out on the floor and starts a speech about light and darkness, stating that she's grateful for everyone who's made her strong. When Daryl says she drove Lydia away because she didn't love her, she becomes offended and tries to approach him, but faints due to the exhaustion.

Alpha briefly awakes and sees Lydia standing over her. She wonders if Lydia's real and starts to sing a lullaby while placing her daughter's hands on the knife above her heart, saying she's ready to lead the Whisperers after her death. Lydia tearfully declines to kill her mother and says she blames her for not letting her live a normal life like she always wanted. The following morning, Alpha wakes up alone and sees the words "Your way is not the only way" carved into a workbench with her knife. She stares at the inscription in frustration, before starting to laugh evilly. Sometime later, Alpha is surrounded and has her wounds tended to by some Whisperers. She stands up and promises to get revenge on the communities with their horde while pronouncing the Whisperers' anthem, officially declaring the war.

"Morning Star"

In the woods, Alpha hands Negan a branch and orders him to whip her arm, before she does the same to him. Later, the Whisperers march with their horde. Beta chants "We are the end of the world", and the other Whisperers follow. Alpha continues the chant by saying "We take them all", as Negan marches beside her, now equipped with his very own Whisperer mask.

Out in the woods, Negan approaches Alpha and proposes that she gets Alexandria and Hilltop to surrender instead of destroying them, thus adding their populations to the Whisperers' ranks. Alpha asks him to elaborate. When the Whisperers attack the Hilltop, Beta commands the Whisperers to launch the sap they collected earlier using makeshift catapults into the front lines, drenching most of the defenders as well as the Hilltop's walls. This is followed by the Whisperers launching fire-arrows into the front lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze.

Behind the Whisperer lines, Negan is puzzled, since he thought Alpha wanted the survivors to join them. Alpha assures Negan that they will, as part of her horde, much to his bemusement.

"Walk With Us"

In the aftermath of the Hilltop attack, Alpha and the Whisperers kill the survivors, though she has them aim for the heart so that the survivors will reanimate and become a part of the horde. Alpha chides Negan when he bashes a survivor's head in and isn't pleased with their victory as she still doesn't have Lydia. Beta informs Alpha that Lydia is not amongst the dead and promises to look for her.

Negan later approaches Alpha, revealing that he has captured Lydia. Negan leads Alpha to a shed where Lydia is located, though he tries to talk Alpha out of her plan to kill Lydia so that her daughter will always be with Alpha as part of the horde. Recognizing that Alpha still loves Lydia, Negan relates the story of his love for his wife Lucille, but Alpha refuses to be dissuaded. Negan apparently accepts and Alpha opens the door, only to find that Lydia had been kept somewhere else by Negan. As a confused Alpha turns to Negan, he suddenly slits her throat. Catching the falling Alpha, Negan gives her a kiss before gently lowering Alpha to the ground where she quickly bleeds to death.

After Alpha's death, Negan delivers her severed zombified head to Carol. Upon seeing Alpha's severed head growling at her, Carol comments that it took Negan long enough, revealing that Negan and Carol had been working together to kill Alpha.

"Look at the Flowers"

Carol places Alpha's severed zombified head onto a pike at the border, apparently satisfied with her revenge. Carol heads off on her own as Alpha's head growls, angry that it took Negan so long to kill Alpha and fulfill their deal.

Alpha's severed head is later found by Beta and two Whisperers. After Rufus identifies Beta as the new Alpha, Beta forces the man to walk forward to "listen" to Alpha who bites off Rufus' ear before Beta removes and cradles her head in his arms. Beta carries Alpha's head to an abandoned hotel containing a guitar and a poster of Beta as his pre-apocalypse self Half Moon where Beta uses his old music to draw a herd to himself.

Wandering through the forest, Carol begins to hallucinate Alpha who tells Carol that she is "always watching." Alpha follows Carol taunting her about the deaths of Henry and Sophia and claiming that she respects Carol's method of killing her. Alpha suggests that Carol regrets her actions since people were hurt in the name of revenge and demands to know what Carol truly wants. After killing a walker that ambushes Carol while she is distracted, Carol claims that she wants to be alone, but Alpha doubts it.

Alpha continues to haunt Carol as she tries to get a boat to leave, but the distraction causes Carol to accidentally bring part of the boathouse down on herself. As a walker emerges from the water and makes its way towards Carol, Alpha tells her that no one is coming to save her after what she did to Connie and Carol always knew how it had to end. Alpha urges Carol to give up and reminds her of all the people she has lost already and could lose in the future if Carol goes back. Alpha suggests that Carol chose to hallucinate her in particular because she knew that Alpha could get the job done and convince her to allow herself to die. Alpha tells Carol to "just look at the flowers, like you're supposed to" and counts to three. However, Carol manages to free herself and kill the walker. Carol tells Alpha that its never too late and Alpha vanishes.

At the hotel, Beta talks to Alpha's zombified head, thanking her and stating that he sees now. Beta stabs Alpha in the head and cuts off a piece of her face to replace his ripped walker mask before leaving the hotel.

"A Certain Doom"

After being stabbed by Daryl, Beta flashes back on his life as a Whisperer, including meeting Alpha and holding her reanimated head.


Killed By

Carol lets Negan out of his cell, intending for him to find and infiltrate the Whisperers, where he eventually lands in a position close to Alpha.

After capturing Lydia, Negan leads Alpha to her supposed location. However, this proves to be a trap and Negan slits Alpha's throat, killing her. Rather than putting Alpha down, Negan cuts her head off which reanimates before he brings it to Carol.

After taking Alpha's zombified head to a bar and drawing in a herd with his old music, Beta thanks Alpha and stabs her in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dee has killed:



Lydia is Alpha's daughter. Despite this, Alpha is abusive, manipulative, and cruel towards her. She brainwashed Lydia into believing that her father was an abusive man and that she was the kind one. It's also implied that Alpha would disregard her daughter if she is killed or captured. However, Alpha has been shown to still care for Lydia in a way, notably when she wanted her to escape from the shelter with her rather than stay behind or escape with Frank and also her arrival to the Hilltop to save her daughter- something she has apparently never done for any other member of her group. However, she slaps Lydia upon her return when she calls her "mama" and insists she refer to her as "Alpha". She later appears suspicious of Lydia when she shows feelings for Henry and nearly has her kill him to prove her loyalty to her and threatens her that she will have Beta kill them both if she disobeys, possibly implying Alpha is willing to kill her own child and no longer views her as her daughter but a Whisperer like any other.

Despite this, after Lydia abandons the group to go with Henry, Daryl and Connie, Alpha sends Beta to bring Lydia back to her and after infiltrating the Kingdom, she personally tries to take Lydia back with her and Alpha is disgusted at Lydia's betrayal of her. Alpha is shown to be greatly upset that Lydia refuses to come back with her again and threatens to expose and have her killed if she does not leave though Lydia does not want her mother to be hurt and just tells her to go, showing she at least still loves her mother to an extent. Alpha declares that Lydia was truly never one of them and disowns her for good, reducing Lydia to tears. Alpha later declares that Lydia is no longer of concern to her at all but despite this she sheds tears of sadness due to Lydia's betrayal and kills a fellow Whisperer to hide the fact that her love for her daughter is her one true weakness. Alpha even goes to build a shrine like area for Lydia where she sneaks off at night to visit.

Despite this, after a conversation with Beta, Alpha appears to have gotten over her feelings for Lydia and appears more prepared than ever to destroy the communities. Despite this she still lies to her people that Lydia is dead and that she killed her in order to preserve her leadership over the Whisperers.


Frank was Alpha's husband and Lydia's father. It is unknown if they enjoyed a happy marriage before the apocalypse broke out, though their marriage was strained following the outbreak, with Alpha disagreeing with Frank's good nature and desire to help others. Alpha clearly had little love for her husband and personally murdered him after he attempted to save their friends following Matias' reanimation. Alpha shows no remorse whatsoever for her murder of Frank and brainwashed Lydia into thinking Frank was the real monster and that she was a helpless victim; further exemplifying her lack of care or respect for her former husband.


Beta is fiercely loyal to Alpha and follows her orders without question and she in turn appears to respect Beta due to his loyalty. Beta is also very protective of his leader as demonstrated when he immediately seized Sean when the latter challenged her leadership. He often advises Alpha on critical matters, and she, in turn, often confides in him.

However, due to the recent conflict with the survivors, Alpha takes notice in him regularly questioning her leadership and decisions. When Beta brought Negan to the camp, she came up to him once again about him not agreeing with her decisions and asking if it's time for "Beta to become the Alpha?"

Daryl Dixon

Daryl and Alpha are bitter enemies with each other. Daryl is shown to despise Alpha for her savageness and her cruelty towards Lydia and upon first meeting her face to face refuses to give Lydia back to her and threatens to kill her and all of her people if they want to fight, though he reluctantly lets Lydia go due to Alpha holding Luke and Alden as hostages. Alpha likely develops a stronger hatred of Daryl due to him attacking her camp and stealing Lydia away from her again and this was a contributing factor to her decision to slaughter members of the Coalition to prove the threat she and her people posses and to deter further trespassing into her territory.

Alpha encounters Daryl again in "The Calm Before" and personally brings him to view her mega-horde of Walkers, showing that she wants to torment and frighten him; possibly signifying that she has marked him as her nemesis. Alpha makes it clear Daryl and his people possess nothing she wants and that he and his people are a joke and that their communities are shrines to a long dead world. Daryl insults her and her people's way of life and claims her justifications for savagery are nothing but bullshit she feeds her sheep though she disagrees. Alpha threatens that should he and his people cross her border again the horde will cross onto their lands. Alpha reveals that she believes that Daryl is not capable of protecting Lydia though she hopes to be proven wrong, possibly showing that she somewhat has faith in his abilities. Daryl assures her she is wrong and leaves.

Daryl no doubt severely despises Alpha for slaughtering many of his friends, including Henry and likely wants to kill her himself along with all the Whisperers, although by the start of Season 10 he is shown to be wanting to respect Alpha's territorial boundaries in order to prevent more conflict. It is therefore possible Daryl to some extent fears Alpha.

However, Daryl later attempts to assist Carol in torturing one of Alpha's herd supervisors for information on the location of her horde, showing that he also wants to stop the Whisperers. Despite this, he is not as hell bent on killing Alpha like Carol is and tries to dissuade Carol from focusing too much on killing her, claiming she is not worth it.


Mary is shown to be fiercely loyal to Alpha and fully committed to the Whisperer way of life. Alpha likewise appears to respect Mary for her ability to sniff out key locations for walkers and views her as a valuable member of the group.

After saving Alpha's life in "We Are the End of the World" when her own sister attempts to kill Alpha as revenge for making her abandon her infant son, (to which Mary pushes her to be devoured by walkers) Alpha is impressed at her dedication to the group and her desire to protect her leader and for her remorselessness over killing her own sister. As a reward for her actions, Alpha personally gives Mary her title and makes her the group's third-in-command.

Despite this, it is evident that Mary is conflicted and remorseful over her decision to kill her own sister and it is apparent that she fears Alpha to an extent. After discovering that Alpha lied about killing Lydia (the reason for Mary's decision to kill her sister), Mary is enraged and heartbroken over her actions and causes a shift in her loyalty towards Alpha. In exchange for seeing her infant nephew again, Mary tells Aaron of the horde's location, possibly showing she now hates Alpha and wants her defeated.

Carol Peletier

Carol completely despises Alpha for her savage murder of her adopted son, Henry, and wants to personally kill her at all costs. Carol is also disgusted that the Coalition chooses to respect Alpha's territorial boundaries and their unwillingness to fight back.

The two directly interact in "Ghosts" to which Carol secretly plans to kill her with a revolver and declares they don't have to listen to her bullshit when Alpha declares new territorial boundaries. Alpha demands Carol look to her feet and declares she should fear her. Carol defiantly claims she does not fear Alpha at all and claims when she looks at her she feels nothing. Alpha then mocks Carol by claiming Henry feared her greatly before she murdered him and took his head and Carol attempts to shoot her for this though Daryl stops her. Alpha appears to forgive her for this "mother to mother" though she later sends a Whisperer to trap and kill Carol as revenge for this attempted assassination, though the Whisperer fails.

Carol expresses no remorse for her reckless attempt to kill Alpha, declaring "the bitch has to die" even though her actions could have lead to the Whisperers unleashing their mega-horde of walkers upon all the communities. This shows that Carol is dedicated to avenging Henry's death at all costs. She later kidnaps one of Alpha's herd supervisors and attempts to torture him for information on where Alpha's horde is though he refuses to provide information. Upon learning that he and all the Whisperers think Alpha killed Lydia, Carol attempts to use this to her advantage to turn Alpha's people against her though Dante kills the Whisperer before she can show him Lydia to prove Alpha's lies. However, Lydia's survival is later shown to Mary, Alpha's third-in-command who eventually betrays Alpha by telling Aaron of the horde's location.

Despite Daryl's attempts to dissuade Carol from focusing too much on killing Alpha, it is evident that Carol is too blinded by revenge and eventually falls into a trap by chasing Alpha into a cave where the horde is located, causing many of her friends to become trapped as well.

Carol eventually avenges the death of Henry, with it being revealed she freed Negan from his Alexandrian jail cell to infiltrate the Whisperers and eventually kill Alpha, which happens when Negan slits Alpha's throat, killing her, and then bringing her zombified head back to Carol, who shows no remorse and says "Took you long enough" with a smirk on her face.

Michonne Grimes

Michonne and Alpha are bitter enemies and Michonne likely greatly despises her and her people for their savageness and the threat they pose to the communities. The two first interact in "The Calm Before" in which Michonne threatens her that if she attempts to get Lydia back by force there will be retaliation. Alpha scoffs at this and declares Lydia is no concern to her anymore and declares Michonne and her group are in no postilion whatsoever to threaten her and that this habit must be broken. Michonne was shown to be utterly horrified by Alpha's murder of many of her allies and likely wants her dead for this.

Despite this it is apparent that Michonne fears Alpha due to her mega-horde of walkers and by Season 10 is dedicated to respecting her territorial boundaries in order to prevent further conflict with the Whisperers. In "Ghosts" she admits they have no hope of defeating Alpha's horde of walkers and even apologizes to Alpha after Carol attempts to shoot her and later even orders three Whisperers supposedly seen by Carol to be captured and not killed, showing her commitment to avoiding a war with the Whisperers. Despite of this, Michonne still wants the Whisperers defeated and embarks on a mission with Virgil to retrieve an arsenal of weapons to use to defeat the Whisperers.

Negan Smith

It is unknown how Negan truly feels about Alpha or if he despises her for her savageness and the atrocities she has committed. Despite this, after he mysteriously escapes for the second time from Alexandria, he goes to the Whisperers' border and is taken as a captive by Beta.

At their camp, Alpha decides to test Negan to prove his strength and usefulness despite Beta's protests. Negan later admits to Beta that he is attracted to Alpha due to her baldness though it is unknown if he truly means this.

After surviving by being left to die by Beta, Negan proclaims his loyalty to Alpha and the Whisperers and she appears to be pleased about his strength and appears to accept him into her group.

Negan attempt to share knowledge to her by saying Gamma is a spy. At first Alpha does not believe him. However when Gamma does not return to the group Alpha believes Negan and gains her trust and rewards him by getting naked for him.


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  • Alpha is the fifth major recurring primary antagonist in the TV Series, the first being Shane Walsh, the second being The Governor, the third being Gareth, the fourth being Negan Smith, and the sixth being Lance Hornsby.
    • Alpha is tied with The Governor as having the third most appearances in the TV Series, appearing in a total of 17 episodes alive (she appeared as a undead/hallucination both in "Look at the Flowers" and also appeared in a flashback in "A Certain Doom"), behind Shane with 18 episodes and Negan with more than 40 episodes.
    • Alpha is currently the only major recurring primary antagonist in the TV Series to be female.
      • Alpha is also the second female character to be classified as a season's primary antagonist, with the first being Dawn Lerner.
    • Alpha is one of two major recurring primary antagonists confirmed to have a living relative (her daughter Lydia), the other being Shane Walsh who also has a living relative.
    • Alpha is the second major recurring primary antagonist to interact with another major recurring primary antagonist; Negan.
    • Alpha is currently the only major recurring primary antagonist to be killed by another major recurring primary antagonist; Negan.
    • Alpha is the second major primary antagonist to become a walker, the first being Shane Walsh.
    • Alpha is currently the only major recurring primary antagonist to die before the major recurring secondary antagonist.
  • Alpha currently holds the highest kill count of any female antagonist on The Walking Dead.
  • Alpha has killed the third most main characters with a total of 2: Enid and Tara Chambler. She is surpassed only by the Governor, who has killed 3 main characters and Negan who has killed or been responsible for the deaths of 6 main characters (including herself).
    • Alpha is the second main antagonist to kill more than one main character in one episode (Enid and Tara Chambler), with the first being Negan.
  • It's possible that her name is Deborah as that is the name she used while she infiltrated the Kingdom, although she could have also just randomly chosen the name in order to stay undercover.
    • Her name was revealed to be Dee in Tales of The Walking Dead. It's still possible that her full name is Deborah, as Dee can be a shortened version.
  • The term "Alpha" denotes the dominant role or position in a particular sphere or group.
  • She is one of nine people known to have seen Beta's face.
  • Just like her comic counterpart, Alpha's signature weapon is a sawed-off double barreled shotgun although she rarely uses it. A holster for the shotgun can be seen on her belt.
  • Alpha being decapitated by Negan is ironic as she now receives the death that she gave to the ten innocents in "The Calm Before".
    • Negan also jokes about decapitation before he had sex with her, foreshadowing Alpha's demise.
  • Alpha is the tenth main character to outlive her comic book counterpart, with the first being Shane Walsh, the second being Carol Peletier, the third being Tyreese Williams, the fourth being Beth Greene, the fifth being Judith Grimes, the sixth being Morgan Jones, the seventh being Abraham Ford, the eighth being Rosita Espinosa, the ninth being Ezekiel Sutton and the eleventh being Gabriel Stokes.
  • In the Memorium on Talking Dead for "Look at the Flowers", the zombified Alpha is credited as Head Of The Whisperers.
  • Unlike her comic book counterpart, this version of Alpha was put down after reanimation.
  • Alpha is the eleventh main character to become a walker, the first being Shane Walsh, the second being Merle Dixon, the third being Hershel Greene, the fourth being Deanna Monroe, the fifth being Spencer Monroe, the sixth being Sasha Williams, the seventh being Simon, the eighth being Enid, the ninth being Tara Chambler, the tenth being Siddiq, and the twelfth being Alden.
  • Alpha is the thirteenth main character to be killed by another main character, the first being Dale Horvath, the second being Shane Walsh, the third being Merle Dixon, the fourth being Hershel Greene, the fifth being Gareth, the sixth being Abraham Ford, the seventh being Glenn Rhee, the eighth being Spencer Monroe, the ninth being Simon, the tenth being Gregory, the eleventh being Enid, the twelfth being Tara Chambler, and the fourteenth being Leah Shaw.
  • Alpha is one of fourteen characters to appear in more than one TV universe show, the others being Morgan Jones, Rick Grimes, Carol Peletier, Paul Rovia, Dwight, Sherry, "Beta", Anne, Edwin Jenner, Negan Smith, Maggie Rhee, Daryl Dixon and Michonne Grimes.

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