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The Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium is a location that first appears in Season 4 "Another Day in the Diamond" of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. A settlement was built at the stadium and is now home to Madison Clark and her family, along with other survivors they've met in the area. Madison and the group lived at the stadium for at least 390 days before it fell. (see Fear the Walking Dead Timeline)

In "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now", the stadium is revealed to be overrun with hundreds of burned walkers, apparently in the aftermath of a Vulture attack led by Ennis. In "No One's Gone", its revealed that the only current survivors of the community are Alicia Clark, Victor Strand, Luciana Galvez, and June and that everyone else (with the exception of Nicholas Clark, who has died since) died when the stadium fell. In "Mother", it's revealed that many of the stadium's residents actually did manage to escape, forming a hostile group that is ultimately completely wiped out. Later, in "Gone", Madison is revealed to have survived as well and to have joined PADRE.


The Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium is located in Round Rock, Texas, about 20 miles away from Austin. The Dell Diamond served as the home of the Texas Rangers Triple A, affiliated with the Round Rock Express.


The stadium was abandoned after the apocalypse began. About a year after the Gonzalez Dam in Tijuana, Mexico was destroyed, Madison and her family regrouped and eventually built a settlement at the stadium, inspired by Madison's encounter with Al. Structures were built inside. An irrigation system runs from the pool on the upper levels of the stadium down through the stands into a water tank. The luxury boxes were outfitted as apartments for the community residents, while more apartments are being built in the dugouts.

One night, a group known as the Vultures arrived at the stadium with intentions to take everything from the settlement once they are forced to flee or starve due to the crop failure. After finding replacement fertilizer and seeds with the help of Naomi, the Vultures departed as they couldn't wait the survivors out anymore.

After the survivors help Charlie and the injured Vulture leader Mel, Ennis leads an attack on the stadium with an oil-soaked walker herd. With too many walkers to count, the stadium's residents panic and try to flee in a caravan, but the caravan is overrun and everyone dies. Naomi, who attempted to talk them out of it, went for supplies as she knew they would end up in trouble but returned too late. With the dead upon her and believing everyone else to be dead, Naomi fled until she couldn't run anymore. Alicia Clark, Nicholas Clark, Victor Strand, and Luciana Galvez were left trapped outside with no way to reach the inside, especially after Mel stole their car to rescue a trapped Charlie and flee. In a final effort to save her children, Madison used a flare to lure the walker herd inside the stadium whose walls were built to keep walkers out and thus could be used to contain the herd. Unable to escape, Madison locked herself and the herd inside before igniting the herd with her flare, sacrificing herself and setting the stadium partially ablaze.

After the stadium's fall, it is left so overrun with burned walkers that the Vultures are only able to take what they can from the outside and are left too afraid to enter and scavenge anything useful left inside.

Some time after the stadium's fall, Naomi led Morgan Jones, Al and Charlie back to get much-needed medical supplies for the severely wounded John Dorie as the stadium infirmary was the only place left to have what she needs. The group is quickly surrounded by hundreds of burned walkers once they reached the inside of the stadium. Followed close after by Alicia's group who wanted to kill Naomi and Charlie, Al's group struggled to reach the supplies and stay alive until Alicia discovered that Al had met Madison and inspired the creation of the community in the first place. Once Alicia was talked down from killing Naomi by Morgan, the group left the stadium together for the final time.

Sometime later, Alicia reveals to Charlie that when they got away from the Pioneers, she intended to return to the stadium despite it having been overrun by the walkers. Alicia wanted to take out the herd with Charlie's help and reclaim it but she now admits that she was only trying to hold onto something that's already gone. Alicia nevertheless attempts to leave with Charlie and Dakota for the stadium after an argument with Morgan, but ultimately changes her mind.

In Grace's dream, Alicia has rebuilt the burned out stadium and formed a new community there with Luciana and Wes in the sixteen years since Grace's death.

Over a year after the stadium's destruction, Alicia is taken by Teddy to recover his mother's corpse and spots a sign for the stadium on the way, believing that Teddy is taking her there at first. After hitting a trap in the road, the group encounters Cole who reveals that many of the stadium's residents actually survived and escaped thanks to Madison's sacrifice. However, many of the survivors died in an ambush a week later leaving 14 people who became a group of hostile bandits who rob survivors on a road close to the stadium and leave their reanimated corpses to road the woods around their ambush site. Teddy eventually admits that he was taking Alicia to find proof that her mother's sacrifice at the stadium was in vain, having not expected to actually find survivors. During a confrontation, many of the survivors fall victim to their own reanimated victims and Alicia kills Cole, leaving Alicia, Strand and Luciana the only survivors of the former stadium community.

Over two years after the stadium was destroyed, Morgan encounters Madison who had somehow survived the stadium's destruction and is now working as a Collector for PADRE. As a result of lung damage from the fire, Madison now requires an oxygen tank to help her breathe and, when Morgan asks how she survived, Madison only tells him that she's "full of surprises."

Seven years later, Ben Krennick reveals that Madison had survived by taking cover in the stadium's water truck which had been parked by Douglas near the gate in an attempt to put out the fire that the Vultures had started outside. Having heard Madison's last message, Ben and his sister had rescued her from the truck, seeing an opportunity to use Madison's love for her children to manipulate Madison to do their bidding. Madison is later reunited with Alicia for the first time since the stadium's destruction.




  • Possibly several unnamed residents


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  • The Vultures used over 3,000 walkers to attack the stadium. The flags that Victor Strand and Cole recovered from the Oil Tanks are labeled 457, 583, 233, 619, 378 and 765. This means that 3,035 walkers were imprisoned in the tanks total. However, several were put down by Madison and June in "Another Day in the Diamond" while trapped inside of one of the tanks.
  • A sign in "Mother" states that this stadium is the home of the armadillos. This may be a nod to the women's softball team the San Antonio Armadillos.