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Demimonde is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.


Paris, Île-de-France[]

Demimonde was originally a bunker built by the French inside the Catacombs of Paris during the Second World War and served as housing for both French and eventually German military officers during the course of the war.


At some point in the apocalypse, this nightclub was established by its owner, Quinn, as "a sexy underground nightclub".[1]

Season 1[]

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"[]

The group reaches the Demimonde nightclub where Fallou tells Daryl that people find all sorts of things there and since Daryl helped the Union of Hope, they will help him in return. Fallou goes looking for some friends who might be able to tell something, while Isabelle explains to Laurent that it's a nightclub and that they used to have a lot of them. Coco welcomes to the stage Anna Valery and Laurent, Sylvie, and Emile enjoy her performance while Daryl and Isabelle admire a painting hanging on the wall that was saved from a museum. Sylvie and Emile dance together and Emile explains that his grandmother was an Argentinian refugee who had taught him two things: to dance and to fight for freedom.

Fallou calls Daryl and Isabelle over to Bernard where they explain that Daryl wants to go to America and, since Daryl came by sea, there must be ships sailing. Bernard acknowledges that they hear things and Rodo has Isabelle show them what's in her bag as someone watches them from a nearby balcony. Bernard is impressed with Isabelle's stash, and tells Daryl through Isabelle that he knows people that can help him. Once Daryl pays him, Bernard promises to take Daryl to a connection who can hook him up. Daryl refuses after seeing the looks that Bernard and Rodo are exchanging with a man across the room, suggesting that they're about to double cross him, and a fight breaks out between Daryl and Bernard after the latter pulls a knife on Daryl. Daryl quickly subdues Bernard before they are interrupted by Quinn, much to the shock of Isabelle. Reminding Bernard of the rules against weapons, Quinn slices the man's face in punishment before giving the knife to Coco.

Quinn greets Isabelle, admitting that it's strange to see her again after so many years and she tells him that her life took some turns. Isabelle identifies Daryl as her friend that she's traveling with, and Daryl explains that he's looking for a way back to America. Quinn reveals that it's not impossible to do and that he's heard things, while Anna finishes her performance and is complimented by Laurent on her singing. Laurent shares the picture of his mom with Anna and admits that he wants to see the Eiffel Tower in person himself some day like Lily did on her birthday. Anna gives the boy her Eiffel Tower necklace to remember his mother by.

Quinn agrees to ask around and see what he can find out for his old friend and rejects Isabelle's offer of bartering with him. Laurent shows them the necklace that Anna had given to him, drawing Quinn's attention when Isabelle reveals that he's Lily's son. Quickly pulling her friend aside, Isabelle orders Sylvie to take Laurent back to the rooftop with the others, promising to explain later. Daryl asks if his friend is alright, but she just tells him that they made a deal and she'll keep up her end of the deal since Daryl kept up his end of it. Daryl was right: it turns out that Isabelle does have connections in Paris.

Quinn brushes off Anna's romantic advances and leads Daryl and Isabelle to his office, explaining that the nightclub was originally a bunker in World War II that was occupied by both sides of the conflict. Isabelle refuses a glass of champagne and reveals to her former boyfriend that she became a nun, much to his surprise. Isabelle admits that Lily had died giving birth to her baby which Quinn appears to be genuinely upset by. Much to Daryl and Isabelle's shock, Quinn reveals that he's actually Laurent's father and he's angry that his son was kept from him. Isabelle admits that Lily had never told her and accuses Quinn of being responsible for her sister's death. Becoming aggressive while Isabelle becomes more nervous and submissive, Quinn reminds Isabelle that he'd saved her life after Isabelle had slit her wrists in the bathtub. Quinn makes it clear that he'll only help Daryl if Isabelle and Laurent stay with him, but Daryl refuses to abandon the two to Quinn for a boat.

Leaving, Daryl tries to reassure Isabelle that they all have bad things in their past that they're trying to run from, but Isabelle angrily tells him that she was wrong earlier about them being the same. However, Daryl knows that he's not the one that she's really angry at. Isabelle reminds Daryl that they're in Paris because Daryl had wanted to come and she's only trying to help Daryl keep his promise, accusing Daryl of only caring about that. Isabelle asked for his help because she needed it, but she doesn't and never did need a hero.

Stéphane later arrives at Demimonde with two armed guerriers and Quinn reminds Stéphane of his arrangement with Genet that leaves the nightclub off limits to her people. Stéphane reveals that they are looking for an American named Daryl Dixon who has been there.

"La Dame de Fer"[]

Demimonde will appear in this episode.




  • 1 unnamed guard


Daryl Dixon[]

Season 1[]


  • The word Demimonde is a portmanteau of the French words "demi" (engl. "half") and "Monde" (engl. "world").