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"The world went to shit, and the CRM was the last, best hope for bringing it back. It was a cause worth dying for, worth killing for. You know, on the inside, they tell you everything you do is in service to the greater good, that what you do today... can help create the next 500 years. You go in not knowing exactly who you are, you lose perspective. You lose yourself. (...) No. There isn't. Not for a long time now. (...) No. You were going nowhere. Just like me."
—Dennis explains what being in the CRM does to a person to Silas.[src]

Dennis Graham is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is described as "a once dedicated and disciplined soldier who is now trying to pick up the pieces of his life."[1]


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Dennis' life prior to or as the outbreak began.


At some point after the outbreak, Dennis joined the CRM with his wife Jennifer Mallick. Dennis was a Master Sergeant on the fast track and a golden boy.

Around eight years into the outbreak, while Dennis and Jennifer were leading their team through some training maneuvers with walkers, things went wrong and Dennis made a tough call, causing people to get hurt, although Jennifer believes that his call actually saved lives. However, Dennis had been drinking at the time and faced an investigation. He promised to clean up his act if Jennifer would just take some of the heat off of him and Jennifer lied and said that the call was hers and destroyed evidence that proved otherwise, but she got caught after forgetting to erase the keycard logs. As a result, Jennifer took a two year undercover assignment in Omaha to redeem herself in the eyes of the CRM while Dennis ended up taking over the Civic Republic Cull Facility 1.

Season 2


Dennis will appear in this episode.

"Exit Wounds"

Dennis will appear in this episode.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

Dennis will appear in this episode.


Dennis will appear in this episode.

"Blood and Lies"

After Silas is arrested at the Detritus Terminal, Jadis has Dennis called in, shocking him to Jadis. Dennis is clearly not happy to see Jadis who confirms that she is there to check some issues out and comments that Huck wouldn't call her by her first name. Dennis dismissively states that Huck is a soldier and Jadis states that she's heard that Dennis makes soldiers now and she asks him if Silas could be a good one. Ignoring the question, Dennis tells Jadis that he's heard that Silas showed up the day before which means that Dennis should've been informed then and he questions why he wasn't and Silas was left locked up. Jadis explains that they were getting around to questioning him, but that long-range security had an incursion that resulted in a fatality which has taken priority. Jadis asks whether or not Dennis believes that Silas was lost and wondering if he should ask for directions and after looking at the young man for a moment, Dennis claims that it makes sense as Silas hesitates which Jadis tells Silas he can't do. Dennis starts to leave with Silas, but Jadis asks again if Dennis thinks that Silas would make a good soldier and Dennis states that Silas could be. Jadis agrees, saying that she has a feeling, but she warns Silas that if he makes her regret it any way, both Silas and Dennis will regret it more. Warning Silas that he won't get another chance and not to get lost again, Jadis promises to get his boots and lets Silas and Dennis go.

Returning to the outpost, Dennis tells Silas that he's on guard duty that night and that as there's a big supply drop the next day, Dennis needs the north pads cleared off. Silas admits that he wasn't lost, but Dennis already knows this and that Silas went trying to find his friends again. Silas is surprised that Dennis backed him up anyway, but Dennis states that he didn't know what would happen to Silas if he didn't. Silas assures Dennis that he wants this life before tentatively asking him "what if the CRM isn't what you think it is?" Dennis is confused by the question and Silas decides not to confide in him and instead dismisses his question and apologizes for lying to Dennis. Dennis calls Silas a good kid and says that he doesn't want to see Silas screw everything up for himself. In return, Silas calls Dennis a good soldier, one of the few good ones in the CRM. Dennis suggests that Silas could be too, but there's just some things that he's just gotta let go of. Dennis then walks away, leaving Silas standing in the doorway.

That night, Dennis is laying on his bed when Jennifer visits. Seeing how upset she is, Dennis hugs his wife and asks her what's wrong. Jennifer reveals the CRM's plan to wipe out Portland using poison gas that they've been storing at the research facility and using the walkers to cover it up like they did in Omaha and the Campus Colony. Dennis is horrified by this revelation and Jennifer admits that she doesn't know why yet, but she does know that the plan is to kill 87,000 people with no way to warn them of the threat. As Dennis struggles to process the information, Jennifer reveals that she intends to stop the CRM's plans, but she can't do it alone. Dennis hugs Jennifer as she cries.

A short time later, as Silas returns from his guard duty, he sees Dennis and Jennifer standing outside. Dennis wishes that he'd known sooner and Jennifer admits that she wishes a lot of things and that she should go. Jennifer pulls Dennis into a kiss and promises to contact him once she and the others have a plan. Walking away from Dennis, Jennifer approaches an angry Silas, acknowledging that they have some things to talk about.

"Returning Point"

Dennis and Silas help Jennifer load a jeep up with tools, weapons and explosives from the outpost. Dennis and Jennifer hope that it will be enough and Jennifer warns her husband that she's supposed to be on patrol and she can't risk another trip out to see him. Jennifer points out that Anne could trace all of the supplies back to the outpost and Dennis who is well aware of what will happen to him if she does. Dennis suggests that if she doesn't, they can figure out what comes after after it's all over. Dennis acknowledges that they both have things to be sorry about, but he reassures his wife that she's the one part of all of this that he doesn't regret. After she leaves, Dennis departs with Silas to begin their own part of the plan.

As Dennis and Silas make their way towards the Perimeter, Silas asks what Dennis told Grady and Tiga. Dennis tells him that they know nothing about their rebellion against the CRM. Instead, he has ordered them to stay at the outpost, keep their distance and to keep luring more walkers towards the outpost. Once they're done, they're going to report to Civic Republic Cull Facility 6 in Binghamton. Dennis feels that the less Grady and Tiga know the better as it keeps them safe in case they get caught. Angry, Dennis confronts Silas about the fact that Silas knew what had happened to Omaha for days and didn't tell him, but Silas tells him that he didn't trust Dennis with the truth because both he and his wife are part of the CRM. Silas tells Dennis that Jennifer had killed people and made Silas think that he did it and asks if Jennifer was just doing her job. Dennis explains that when the world ended, the CRM was the last, best hope of bringing it back which was cause worth dying and killing for. However, if someone went in without knowing exactly who they are, they could lose perspective and who they are. Silas reminds Dennis that there's right and wrong, but Dennis states that there isn't anymore, not for a long time. Silas accuses Dennis of taking him down that path, but Dennis claims that Silas was going nowhere, just like Dennis himself. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of some walkers. The two quickly put them down, but they are forced to hide when a whole herd approaches. With no other choice, they are forced to wait for the herd to pass before finally moving on.

At the Perimeter, as Will starts a firefight with Sergeant Mills' squad before they can execute the residents, Dennis suddenly appears, shooting one of the soldiers dead and engaging in a gunfight with the rest. On the other side, Silas kills two more soldiers and Dennis takes advantage of the confusion to call orders into his radio for the squad to fall back to the mill and abandon all of their other positions. Running to hide behind a cart near the mill, Dennis exchanges fire with the soldiers while Silas grabs a dead soldier's machine gun and joins him from another position as does Indira. Finally, as the other two lay down covering fire for him, Dennis grabs a grenade off of a dead soldier's body and tosses in into the mill, killing all of the remaining CRM soldiers.

In the aftermath of the firefight, Silas explains that he and Dennis had come to tell the others about the plan and had luckily arrived just in time to help out. Dennis orders Silas to get his friends and the supplies to the rendezvous and to be ready. As Will questions what the plan is, Dennis suddenly realizes that he's been shot in the side of his abdomen and collapses to his knees from the pain and blood loss. Worried, Silas rushes forward to help his friend.

"Death and the Dead"

Dennis will appear in this episode.

"The Last Light"

Dennis will appear in this episode.


Killed By

During a firefight with CRM soldiers at the Perimeter, Dennis is shot in the side and mortally wounded. Later, recognizing that he won't survive either way, Dennis orders Silas to kill him in order to make Silas look like a hero to the CRM so that he can survive. Silas then reluctantly shoots Dennis in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dennis has killed:

  • Himself (Caused, Sacrifice)
  • 6 unnamed CRM soldiers
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Jennifer Mallick

Dennis is Jennifer's husband who, as revealed in "Who Are You?", she took the fall for in order to save him from an investigation due to Dennis' drinking. However, this puts a strain on their marriage and causes Jennifer to take a two year assignment to redeem herself in the CRM's eyes.

After Jennifer's return, she and Dennis somewhat strained relationship as Jennifer has a hard time getting over what Dennis did and the impact that it had on her life. However, Jennifer still deeply loves him and vice versa, going so far as to send Silas Plaskett to him because above all else, Dennis is a good man.

While planning to fight against the CRM with the Endlings, Dennis is the only person outside of the group whom Jennifer trusts with the truth about the genocides that the CRM has committed. This proves to be a well-founded trust as Dennis becomes an important ally in the fight, providing the growing resistance force with supplies, weapons and explosives. While discussing her plans for the future after the fight, Jennifer expresses hope that Dennis will be involved in it alongside her. Jennifer later sends Dennis and Silas away under a pretext to ensure that they don't die in the explosion that she is going to rig, although Dennis privately admits that he and Jennifer had already known that Dennis was mortally wounded and that he wasn't going to make it. Dennis is visibly devastated by her death and immediately understands that she had saved them while sacrificing herself.


While Webb is working at the culling facility, he and Dennis have a pretty good relationship with Dennis often relying on the young man as his second in command. However, when Webb joins the CRM, he's willing to let Dennis die rather than helping Silas or letting him go due to his orders to shoot anyone on sight.

Silas Plaskett

After Silas is sent to work for Dennis, the two quickly develop a bond and a friendship, with Dennis acting as something of a father figure and mentor to Silas. Dennis indicates that he sees something of himself in the young man, telling him that Silas was going nowhere, just like Dennis himself. Silas calls Dennis a good soldier and one of the few good ones in the CRM. In return, even though Dennis doesn't like Silas' search for his friends, he still covers for him with Jadis as he's worried about what Jadis and the CRM will do to Silas if he doesn't. Jennifer later tells Silas that she sent him to Dennis not because he was her husband, but because she knew that Dennis was a good man who would look after him, something that Silas recognizes even after learning the truth about Dennis and Jennifer's relationship despite his animosity towards Dennis' wife.

Despite their good relationship, Silas doesn't trust Dennis enough to tell him about the CRM's genocide of the Campus Colony and Omaha as he's still a part of the organization, although he does appear to consider it after Dennis helps him with Jadis. After learning the truth about the Campus Colony and Omaha, Dennis is hurt that Silas hadn't told him despite knowing the truth about it for days and opens up about his own experiences as part of the CRM and how it had changed him. The two fight together to save the Perimeter and Silas is deeply worried when Dennis gets shot, going so far as to sneak into the research facility with Elton's help to get him antibiotics.

Later, Silas volunteers to stay behind and join Dennis and Huck in their mission to warn the Civic Republic government about their military is doing. Mortally wounded and surrounded by CRM soldiers, Dennis orders a reluctant Silas to kill him in order to save the young man's life by making him look like a hero. Silas reluctantly and tearfully complies, but not before promising to continue Dennis and Huck's mission and to not lose himself. Before Silas shot him, Dennis told Silas not to carry Dennis' death with him. Jadis subsequently recognizes that Silas had only killed Dennis on Dennis' orders, but she is impressed by the fact that he went through with it anyway and recruits him into the CRM.


Not much is known about Dennis' relationship with Anne, but it doesn't appear to be a good one. Upon seeing Anne, his reaction was "you've got to be shitting me," indicating that he doesn't like her much or at all. During their conversation, Dennis was at the very least borderline hostile towards Anne, openly challenging her presence and her treatment of Silas. Dennis covers for Silas with Anne and later tells him that it was because he was worried what she might do to Silas if he didn't.


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  • In "Family Is a Four Letter Word", Silas comments that Dennis doesn't know Huck which is ironic because Huck is Dennis' wife.
    • Dennis not recognizing the nickname indicates that he is unaware of his wife being called by it despite "Huck" having apparently come from her days as a Marine.
  • Dennis is the last character to die in World Beyond.

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