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"Those places up there... they're about how we used to live. This... this is how I wanna live now."
—Derek to Wes about staying with the Doomsday Cult.[src]

Derek is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is a member of a doomsday cult and the brother of Wes.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Derek's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had a brother.


During the beginning of the outbreak, Derek traveled with his brother Wes. Both artists, the brothers pained inspiring messages on trees wherever they went.

During a run to get condensed milk for his coffee, Derek got attacked by a herd and was forced to leave his motorcycle behind. Derek took cover in a shed which collapsed on him, but he was eventually rescued by the Doomsday Cult. Finding Derek gone and only his motorcycle, Wes came to the conclusion that his brother had died in a walker attack and left with the motorcycle. By the time that Derek returned for his motorcycle, both it and Wes were gone.

Derek subsequently joined the cult and became a fanatical follower of Teddy. Derek painted murals around the Holding, including one of a tree with the message "The End is the Beginning" above it. Derek began coordinating the cult's efforts to destroy various communities under Teddy's leadership.

Season 5

"You're Still Here"

Derek is mentioned by his brother Wes to Alicia and Strand. It is revealed that Derek went out on a run to find condensed milk and was believed to have been killed by a walker. Following his presumed death, Wes wrote a manuscript in honor of his brother.

Season 6

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

After seeing "The End Is the Beginning" message during Tank Town's destruction, Virginia questions Wes about his painting supplies. Wes reveals that they had originally belonged to Derek and Virginia pushes Wes for more information on his brother, apparently suspecting Derek in the attack despite Wes' insistence that Derek is dead.

"The Holding"

Derek is seen returning with a team of cultists return and sees Wes with Alicia's group, who he recognizes as his brother. He cries and reunites with Derek. Wes and Derek catch up with each other. Derek explains his disappearance to Wes, saying he got trapped and passed out in a shed during a food run then woke up in the Holding. Wes asks Derek what Teddy is planning, but Derek says Wes isn't ready to hear about it yet.

Over dinner, Wes tells his group that Derek didn't reveal anything suspicious and wonders if Virginia had been paranoid about Teddy's people. Derek joins them at the table but is urgently called away by Riley. Al suggests they search Derek's bunk. Al and Wes search Derek's room and find a stash of maps. Al realizes that Derek's group has coordinates for Tank Town and other settlements and is trying to harm communities as much as possible. Some of the maps also reveal the whereabouts of Isabelle's people.

Wes confronts Derek and demands to know why his group is attacking settlements. Derek explains that the only way they can start over is by destroying everything and everyone above ground. Wes says that he nearly died during the attack on Tank Town. Derek insists he didn't know that Wes was at Tank Town. Wes invites Derek to join Morgan's community. Derek recognizes Morgan's name and asks what happened to Virginia. Wes says that Morgan helped bring her down.

Alicia's group escapes in the elevator with Derek. Alicia suspects that Derek is hiding something and refuses to take him back to their community. Riley captures Alicia's group as they exit the elevator. Riley brings Alicia's group to an embalming room and threatens to kill and embalm them. He offers to spare their lives if they reveal Morgan's whereabouts. Wes realizes Derek betrayed them. Derek gets Riley's permission to try and show Wes the truth.

Derek brings Wes to the displayed walker and asks what he sees. Wes realizes that Derek knew he was at Tank Town during the attack. He tries to grab Derek's gun. A struggle ensues. Wes overpowers Derek and slams him into the walker. The walker mauls Derek, killing him. Wes tearfully shoots Derek in the head to prevent his brother from reanimating.

Season 7


Arno reveals that Derek was the one who had recruited him into the Doomsday Cult and he attacks Wes for killing his friend. Wes defends his actions, stating that Derek had killed a lot of his friends and he wasn't going to kill a lot more if he hadn't. Wes attempts to find out if Derek knew that he was at Tank Town and ordered the attack anyway without success. Sage claims to have been friends with Derek, but Daniel kills him before he can give Wes any answers.


Killed By

During a struggle with his brother over Derek's gun, Wes shoves his brother backwards into the clutches of a bound walker who bites into Derek's neck. Wes pulls his brother free, but Derek dies from blood loss moments later.

  • Wes (Before Reanimation)

Taking Derek's gun, Wes sadly shoots his brother in the head to prevent Derek from reanimating.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Derek has killed:


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 6


  • Derek is mentioned by Virginia in "Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg" when questioning Wes if he was behind the attack on Tank Town. This foreshadowed the revelation of Derek's survival and his role in the Doomsday Cult.
  • On April 5, 2021, prior to the return of Season 6, AMC released a batch of promotional photos for episodes 9 through 11, including one photo of Derek and Wes sitting at a table in the underground facility, thus spoiling the fate of Wes' brother who was previously believed to be dead. However, shortly after the photo was released by AMC, it was quickly removed from its website.
  • In "The Raft", Derek was mentioned by Wes as he told Dwight how he should have joined his brother when he had the chance versus staying with the group at Valley Town.

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