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Derick's Group is a group first encountered in Negan Lives, led by a man named Derick. They served as the primary antagonistic group of Negan Lives.


Nothing is known about this group before the apocalypse. It's likely that they didn't even know each other till after the apocalypse.


Derick, Lucy, and Barry went around looking for survivors to steal from. They'd use Lucy as bait before Derick and Barry would come and attack and kill the survivor(s) and then take their stuff.

Negan Lives

Negan enters his house and discovers a stranger inside. She apologizes for breaking in and asks him to spare some food, which he agrees to. The stranger introduces herself as Lucy, which surprises Negan due to the similarity of her name and his wife Lucille's.

Negan and Lucy share a meal and discuss how the apocalypse forces them to constantly adjust to new situations. Lucy moves closer to Negan and asks if he lives alone, which he confirms is true. She questions him about nearby communities; he tells her there are some places close by, but he doesn't trade with them because they dislike him. Lucy compliments his appearance, causing Negan to jump up. He asks where the rest of her group is, refusing to believe she's on her own. He suspiciously comments that she looks too well-kept to be a lone survivor in the wilderness, and that a woman half his age wouldn't fall for him so easily. Lucy tells him he's smarter than he looks.

Derick and Barry jump out of the woods, the latter strangling Negan with a rope. Lucy pleads for his life but Derick urges Barry to finish the job. Negan insults them, saying they're too weak to kill him even though he's not fighting back. Derick gives Negan a shovel and makes him dig up Lucille's grave, which they plan to bury Negan in. He begs them not to force him to continue, but he ends up complying after Derick threatens to kill Lucy. Derick asks him who's buried in the grave, saying they must be special if he'd rather die than dig them up. Negan tells him that it's his baseball bat, which is representative of his deceased wife. Derick says his story is the "stupidest shit [he's] ever heard".

Walkers attack, killing Barry. Derick shoots some of them, but gets bitten. Negan uses the shovel to kill the walker biting him, as he wants to kill Derick himself. He stabs him in the chest with the shovel, attempting to cut him in half. It doesn't work, but Derick still dies. A scared Lucy asks if Negan plans to kill her, but he instead invites her to join him on his newfound quest to lay his wife's bones to rest, telling her, "Don't you want to see what happens next?"



Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Derick's group has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



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