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Many deserted towns are seen throughout AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Nothing of each town's history before the outbreak is known, including their name and population.


Following the start of the outbreak, many towns found themselves overrun or abandoned by any surviving inhabitants and left deserted. Over time, buildings have fallen into disrepair and many of the stores have been looted for supplies.

Season 4

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Madison's group visits the town in search of Charlie's family, splitting up and finding the town stripped of supplies as well as the remnants of the camp at the nearby oil tanks.

"Good Out Here"

After spotting Ennis' El Camino, a vengeful Nicholas Clark chases after him with Morgan Jones following in an attempt to stop him. The two eventually reach the town where they put down two walkers outside of the drug store. Morgan uses the supplies inside of the store to rebandage his injured leg while trying, without success, to convince Nick to stop.

Later, walking through the town, Morgan spots the El Camino by a series of grain silos across the street from a furniture store with Ennis loading up on supplies. Morgan tries to warn Ennis to leave as Nick approaches, but he refuses to listen. With Ennis taunting the enraged Nick, Nick refuses to stop and Morgan decides to get out of his way and leave. Entering the silo, Nick engages in a brutal fight with Ennis that ends with Nick killing Ennis by impaling him upon a set of deer antlers.

Emerging outside, Nick is greeted by Morgan who tells Nick about his own experiences in losing himself and finding his way back. As Morgan goes to greet their arriving friends, Nick sits on the steps of a house and looks at a bluebonnet that he'd picked earlier before suddenly being shot in the chest by Charlie. As Alicia, Luciana and Victor Strand desperately try to help Nick, he dies of his wound.


Following Nick's death, Luciana stabs him in the head to prevent reanimation while Alicia puts down the reanimated Ennis after he emerges from the grain silo. The group then departs the town in Al's SWAT van with Nick's dead body.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Morgan has been away long enough to make this water tower his own sanctuary with mattresses and supplies, including medicine. He scribbles some coordinates on his bag and heads into town, limping along. He checks the inside of a police car and finds a gun, but the clip is empty. He looks up and sees a baby crib in a shop window. There's a little mobile hanging over it, and he is reminded about Grace and her baby. As walkers approach, he stumbles and lands away from his bag, but the dead continue to disregard him. Someone comes along and kills them, and he almost kills Morgan but he immediately stops him. The man says he's never seen walkers turn away from a meal. When he spots Morgan's wound, he asks an interesting question: "How long has it smelled like that?" Morgan isn't interested in his help because he says the man is in danger if he gets too close. He notices Morgan's wound is infected. It's gangrene. He offers Morgan some pickle chips and says his name is Isaac. Morgan is afraid of getting to know him because he has lost so many people. Isaac is more interested in why the dead ignored him. They're interrupted when Rufus and Emile wander through along with a few of the dead.

Emile calls out to Morgan, saying he has nothing to fear. He then chops off a walker head. Emile is scooping out walker guts when Isaac greets him. He sees that the walker didn't eat Morgan. He pulls out a drawing of Morgan and asks if he has seen him. Isaac asks why he wants to know, but Emile says it's part of the social contract that he answers him. Emile wonders if he knows Isaac, but Isaac would never forget someone with an axe like he has. Rufus is scratching at the door of the store where Morgan is hiding. Emile sees Isaac sweating and wants to go inside. The bloodhound charges inside and finds Morgan's scarf and blood, but Morgan is gone. Emile doesn't believe Isaac's story about getting tangled up in it when he fought off the walkers. Emile starts smashing things in the store, attracting walkers. He tells Emile that he better not be lying about Morgan being outside somewhere. Isaac runs outside and fights off walkers.


  • Many unnamed people (Pre-Apocalypse)



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