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"I'm outta here... good luck, y'all... you're gonna need it with these motherfuckers."
—Detroit to the other Woodbury residents.[src]

Detroit is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is an Auto-Mechanic living in Woodbury. He is described "a middle-aged black man in greasy dungarees and gray beard" he is well over six feet tall.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Detroit's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He was an auto-mechanic transplant from up North and may have lived in or near Woodbury before the outbreak.


Woodbury, Georgia

Detroit was either in Woodbury as the outbreak began or found his way to the town within the first few weeks where he retained his job as a mechanic.

Rise of the Governor

"Chaos Theory"

During a town hall meeting, Detroit sits near the front of the room by a window. Gene Gavin tries to assume leadership over the town through fear and pushing the residents around. Detroit mumbles something under his breath which Gavin hears. Gavin asks the mechanic to repeat himself and speaks to him in a causally racist tone. Detroit almost inaudibly says he's "outta here" and gets up to make his exit. Gavin reaches for his gun, causing Detroit to involuntarily go for his holstered revolver, but the Major out draws him and orders him to sit back down by gunpoint with his bodyguards aiming their rifles at Detroit too. Gavin threatens to kill him and forces him to take a seat. Shortly after this, Detroit gets back up to make his exit again and begins to leave, ignoring the Major's bellowing orders and threats as he walks down the centre aisle. Gavin pulls out his sidearm and shoots Detroit in the back of the head causing a woman to scream, and sending him thrown forward into the vending machine where Brian stands. The black man bounces off the steel panel and folds to the floor, his blood spray-painting the Coke display, the wall above the machine, and even part of the ceiling. Almost immediately, three separate townspeople dart toward the exit with the Major's goons in pursuit.

After the Major's death, some of the townspeople gather by the vending machine, observing Detroit's body. Dr. Stevens feels for a pulse as another resident softly cries.


Killed By

Shortly after being told to sit down, Detroit gets back up and walks towards the courthouse exit while ignoring Gene Gavin's orders and threats to return to his seat. Gavin pulls out his sidearm and shoots Detroit in the back of the head, throwing him forward into the vending machine, bouncing off the steel panel and onto the floor.


Novel Series

Rise of the Governor

Chaos Theory