"Doctor's Orders" is the eighth episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


A new ally provides a route to much needed supplies, but getting to them means facing a dangerous foe.


With many of the Anderson Camp survivors wounded, Maya doesn't have enough supplies to heal everyone, until Reina says the Family has drugs and antibiotics they haven't use that could help the survivors, however it's all at the Family's old base, which the Brigade has taken over. Maya, however insists on getting the supplies to save everyone.

Anderson reminds the survivors the surgical supplies could save a lot of live and warns them to be careful of the Brigade. The survivors have to get past a gate that requires power to open, so they need fuel for the generator to open it. After this is done, they take out a few Brigade members and open the gate to the mall, using a dead Brigade member's keys. Once inside, the survivors shut the gate to prevent more Brigade soldiers from coming. The survivors have to use the security system to open one of the stores to find the supplies. The survivors gather up supplies throughout the stores and try to escape, however the gate is closed and they need fuel for the generator to open it. After the gate's open, the survivors fire a flare to signal Caleb, after taking all the supplies to Caleb's truck, the survivors escape.



  • Gary (Confirmed Fate)
  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


  • First (and last) appearance of Gary. (Corpse)
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