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Dolsons is a location that appears in Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the base of operations for the Endlings and their allies.


Little is known about this location it is in before the outbreak occurred. It was once an shopping mall.


Season 2[]


While discussing an escape plan from the Civic Republic Research Facility, Will Campbell suggests using the underground mall to lie low for awhile, having been told of it by Dev.

"Death and the Dead"[]

Dolsons is used as a rendezvous point and is initially reached by Felix, Iris, and Hope where they expect the rest of the escaped Endlings to be here. However, when they notice that no one is there Felix goes to see where Leo's convoy went while the girls wait nearby. Hope and Iris are eventually joined by Silas and Elton before their reunion is interrupted by Huck with the news that she had found the CRM's Chlorine Gas.

"The Last Light"[]

Dolsons will appear in this episode.




  • None


World Beyond[]

Season 2[]