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Dominic was the ex-husband to Michonne, with whom he also had two daughters. He was mentioned by Michonne when talking to Rick in Issue 139.


Atlanta, Georgia

Little is known about Dominic's life before or as the outbreak began, except for that he was once married to, and had two daughters with Michonne. He was an artist, and lived on the opposite side of town with his daughters.


When the outbreak first began, Michonne hurried to Dominic's home to get her daughters. However, when she got there, her daughters and Dominic were all gone. Michonne assumed all three were dead, as she claimed that Dominic "couldn't even use a screwdriver", implying that he was unfit for what the world would become and that they wouldn't have been able to survive.

Life and Death

Michonne mentions Dominic and her two daughters when talking to Rick.

New World Order



Killed By
  • Unknown

At some point after the outbreak Dominic died by unknown circumstances.


Spencer Andrea

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Michonne was Dominic's wife, so it can be assumed that they had a good relationship, until their divorce.

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